Trig check my work please?

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  1. trig

    Prove that if Sinx=5/13 and Siny=12/13, where x and y angles in Q1, then Sin(x+y)=1
  2. trig

    find the supplimentary angle of pie over 8
  3. trig

    solve 2cos^2x-sinx=1, 0 < or equal to x < 2pie
  4. trig

    find the exact value of the expression , sin-1(-0.5)
  5. trig

    How do you find the exact value of sin 5pi/8?
  6. trig proofs

  7. trig

    what is the exact value of this equation. cos(20) if it equals pi/4
  8. trig

    The radian measure of an angle of 182 degrees is ?
  9. Trig

    How do I find the exact value of sin (pi/24)?I am crying
  10. trig

    Find the first two terms a_1 =5 and an=3a _n-1+2
  11. trig

    Convert 11pi/5 radians into degrees.
  12. trig

    Convert 11pi/5 radians into degrees.
  13. trig

    how to do this? how much does this equals? 2cos160*cos140*cos100
  14. trig

    how many solutions (answers) does this equation has? sinx=sin1
  15. trig

    identify the quadrant in which 0 lies. sin < 0 and sec > 0
  16. trig

    simplify the expression. tan(π/2-x)tanx
  17. Trig

    Find the exact value of sin π/12.
  18. trig

    prove that: sinC+sinD =2sin((C+D)/2)*cos((C-D)/2)
  19. Trig

    how do you find the standard form of 7(cos255degrees + isin255degrees) ?
  20. Trig

    Find the 20th term of an arithmetic sequence with a=1 and d=1/2
  21. Trig

    What is the sum of the arithmetic series where n=100 , t1=7 and t2=205
  22. Trig

    What is the common ratio, r, for the sequence represented by the formula an = 3(2)^-n? 1/2 2 3 6 Is it 2?
  23. trig

    In 60 ft. Run sith a 21 degree slope what is rise(ft)
  24. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Solve using any method. 1. 2x^2+5x-3=0 2. -x^2+x+1=0
  25. Pre-Calc/Trig

    How would I solve this? x^2+10x+24=0
  26. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Have i solved this correctly? x^2+3x-28=0 (x+7)(x-4)=0 x=-7 or 4
  27. Trig

    Determine exact solution. x E (0, 2pi) 2csc^2x-8=0
  28. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Find S5 for a geometric series for which a1 = 81 and r = 1/9.
  29. trig

    How do I verify this? Cos^4x-Sin^4x=1-tan^2x/sec^2x
  30. Trigonometry

    Use trig form to find quotient 3/(2+3i)
  31. Trig - 9th grade

    Can you help me solve: 5sin2x + 3sinx - 1 = 0 Thanks
  32. trig

    what is the exact value of tan 105 degrees
  33. Math - Trig

    Solve for exact or to 1d.p of x E [0 ,2pi] 4cos^2x-3
  34. MATH

    Solve the integral using trig substitution (1/((x)(x^2+1)))dx
  35. Trig

    Given tan(A) = 2 and A is in Quadrant I, find cos(2A). A. 0 B. 1 C. 1/2 D. -3/5
  36. math trig

    how do you solve arcsin(3/5) without a calculator?
  37. Trig

    Write 3theta - sin 4theta as a product.
  38. trig

    sin, cos, and tan for −5x + y =​0, x is less than or equal to 0
  39. Trig

    what are the intercepts of the graph of f(x)=4cos^2 -3 on the interval [0, 2pi]?
  40. Trig

    Find the area of quadrilateral whose verties are A(0,2), B(2,7), C(6,10), and D (9,-2).
  41. Trig

    Find the area of a triangle whose vertices are A(0,2), B (2,7), C (0,10).
  42. trig

    secx = 4 in Q2 find sin2x,cos2x,tan2x
  43. Trig

    For which of the values of m do the graphs of functions y=x^2-mx+4 and y=x^2-19x+9 not intersect?
  44. Review job questions

    Before I email my resume can someone please review my response to these questions. Please submit your response to the following 5 questions along with your resume: 1. How many years experience do you have in office coordination and organization? I have 3 years experience. 2. ...
  45. English

    Could you please check these sentences, please? Thank you very much for your invaluable help. 1) This TV programme concerns young people with discipline problems. They are sent to different parts of the world and live with families with very strict parents. 2) The first ...

    I Tried looking these up on the dictionary for Jiskha it didn't help please help.. matching PLEASE HELP? 1. labor force. 2. open shop 3. yellow dog contract. 4. flextime. 5. job discriminiation 6.strike. 7. minimum wage. 8. right-to-work law. 9. collective bargaining. 10. ...
  47. English

    Please check this for me thanks so much for your time :) Write a letter To Mark Jones regardng your finanical hardships you are facing since you have been out of work due to a car accident. Make sure you give as many details as you can. June 17, 2008 Dear Mr. Jones I am ...
  48. grammar

    Could you check my sentences. Thank you very much 1. They used to work that she would forget them when she got famous. 2. She used to tell them that would never happen. 3. She would always call, and go to see them when she was in town. 4. They would thing about her every time ...
  49. Intermediate Algebra

    Solve using elimination method. If the system has no system or infinite number of solutions, state this. Please show all work. I need to show how I came about my answer. I need this as soon as possible please. I would appreciate any and all help!! 2x+2y=20 2x-2y=4
  50. Chemistry

    Ytterbium, atomic number, 70 is the first element in the periodic table to have the first four shells full. work out the number of electrons in the fourth shell/ level of ytterbium? Please show all working out with no abbreviations and please help
  51. calculus

    answer the questions about the following function f(x)= 10x^2/x^4+25 a. is the point (-sqrt 5,1) on the graph b. if x=3, what is f(x)? what point is on the graph of f? c. if f(x)=1, what is x? what points are on the graph? d. what is the domain of f? e. list the x-intersepts? ...
  52. Trig/Math

    f(x)=1/3sin(2/3x-π/4)+4 Find the amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical shift of the function. Amplitude:1/3 Period:?????? Phase Shift:??????? Vertical Shift:+4 Please Help ?
  53. Trig/Math

    f(x)=1/3sin(2/3x-π/4)+4 Find the amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical shift of the function. Amplitude:1/3 Period:?????? Phase Shift:??????? Vertical Shift:+4 Please Help ?
  54. Algebra HELP PLEASE

    A cylinder has a radius of 4x + 2 and a height of 5x — 4. Which polynomial in standard form best describes the total volume of the cylinder? A.80pix^3+144pix^2+84pix+16pi B.20pix^2+26pix+8pi **** C.80pix^3+144pix^2+84pix-16pi D.400pix^4+1040pix^3+996ix^3+416pix+64pi My ...
  55. Math

    Can you please check my work since my professor wont. Thanks 50% of 45 solution=90 Predict the height of a woman who's humerus is 40 cm long using H(x)=2.75x+71.48 solution= 181.48cm Trains A and B are traveling in the same direction on parallel tracks. Train A is traveling at...

    1. which of the following words best characterizes the relationship shared by mr. and mrs. winterbottom? a. affectionate b. distant c. indulging (i picked this one) d. nit-picking 2. What is the most likely reason that Mr. Birkway is not upset with Phoebe regarding her ...
  57. physics

    A 1-kg block is lifted vertically 1m by a boy. The work done by the boy would be one jule or would no work be done. I'm confused, I thought lifting wasn't considered work. The work done is actually about 9.81 joules. Think of gravity pulling on the block as an invisible string...
  58. Math-please check

    1. Write a rule for the sequence. 8, -1, -10, -19... A. Start with 8 and add -9 repeatedly B. star with -9 and add 8 repeatedly C. start with 8 and add 9 repeatedly D. start with 8 and subtract -9 repeatedly--- 3. What is the 7th term in the following sequence? 48, 40, 32, 24...
  59. English, check my answers

    please check if I have put the apostrophes in the right places or if I have forgot to put them in certain places in these sentences: 1. My dog's been so sick lately. 2. We've been having lots of fun in science classes. 3. Why's the dog eating from the cats' dish? 4. It's time ...

    ive done ten sentences, five are verb and five are adjective, please check. 1. Lily bought a pink cat mask for the halloween party. 2. Anna was covering her scar with makeup as she didn't want anyone to make fun of it. 3. Tory dressed up in disguise to scare his little sister ...
  61. math

    Please show all of your work in the space below. Please present and organized and complete solution. A garden will be made up of a parallelogram, a rectangle and a triangle. The garden must have an area of 500m square. Draw two possible gardens. Determine the dimensions of ...
  62. medical billing and coding

    This 35-year-old female patient has carcinoma of the upper-outer left breast. She had a lumpectomy performed and a sentinel lymph node biopsy of the axillary lymph node. The pathology report for the lymph node states no pathological change. What codes are assigned in this case...
  63. someone answer please

    Tracy Migre, a certified public accounting, has completed the following transactions. Ms.Migres assests , liabilites, and owner equity account titles and balances are shown in the table below. use the table on the page to show the effect of each transaction. Transactions: 1)...
  64. Algebra

    Andrew factored the expression 28x^3-42x^2+35x as 7x(4x^2+6x-5). But when Melissa applied the distributive law and multiplied out 7x(4x^2+6x-5) , she got 28x^3+42x^2-35x ; thus, Andrew’s solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help Andrew to understand this ...
  65. Math

    Andrew factored the expression 28x^3-42x^2+35x as 7x(4x^2+6x-5). But when Melissa applied the distributive law and multiplied out 7x(4x^2+6x-5) , she got 28x^3+42x^2-35x ; thus, Andrew’s solution does not appear to check. Why is that? Please help Andrew to understand this ...
  66. Math Check

    Hi! Can someone check my answers? Thanks! Directions: Solve each system by using the elimination method. Make sure to write your answer in (x,y) form. 1.) 3x-5y=2 2x+5y=13 2.) 3x+11y=4 -2x-5y=9 My answers: 1.) (3,7/5) 2.) (-17,5)
  67. Math

    Marilyn got a birthday check from her grandmother. She spent half of it on a soccer ball, and then earned $20 mowing a neighbors lawn. She now has $38. How much was her birthday check? A. 38/2=c+20 B. C+38=20/2 C. 2c=38-20 D. C/2+20=38
  68. Physics: Work

    1st question: I was solving a question and I was asked the work done by friction. It is natural that work done by friction (a retarding force)should be negative and in my answer it was. However, just to be sure, work can be negative? 2nd question: A block of m = 2.00kg is ...
  69. English; Help/Check.

    Check, Please? Select the one that is a Not a sentence fragment. A. Asking the interviewer how often he would have to work on weekends. B. To apply for a job at the new store in the mall. C. Shaking his new boss's hand, Tony knew he would like working there. Answer: C Modifier...
  70. Manuscript Speech

    How do I write a Manuscript speech on an article? What should it look like? Any examples? Check this site for a lot of information about writing a manuscript speech. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again...

    ADDITIONAL INO ADDED AT BOTTOM a spectator at a hockey game is sitting in a seat situated 10.4m above ground leve. if the spectator has a mass of 52.6 kg, calculate her gravitational potential energy relative to: a)ground level Eg=mgh =52.6X9.8X10.4 =5360.99J b)the ice surface...
  72. English

    Can you please check these sentences? I'm really doubtful about them. Thank you. 1) Look at the timetable on the departure board to see if your flight is delayed or if it is on time. 2) Then go to the check-in desk of the company you are travelling with. 3) I advise you to get...
  73. Algebra

    An inspector of weights and measures uses a special set of weights to check the accuracy of scales. Various weights are placed on a scale to check the accuracy of any amount from 1 oz. to 15 oz. What is the fewest number of weights the inspector needs? What weights are needed ...
  74. Physics

    You pull on a rope that is attached to a box. The rope makes an angle of 25 degrees with the ground. You are pulling the box at a constant velocity. The force you are pulling with is 78N. The box weighs 25N. You pull the box a displacement of +16m. What is the work done by you...
  75. Art

    I need to let you check a few things later. I hope you'll be there, Writeacher. 1) I need your help for a project work on Emily Dickinson and the theme of anorexia. Could you suggest one of her poems? 2) I also need your help to find a short description (four-five paragraphs ...
  76. Pre-Calc P lease check

    Please check my answers; 1.Which of the folowing is another representation of (-3,pi)? (3,120degree) (3,0 degree)I think it is this one?? ((-3,0 degree) 2.Which is not a representation of (5,150 degree) (-5,-30 degree)I think it is this one? (-5,330 degree) (5,510 degree) 3....
  77. math-volume

    I'm confused with how to solve this problem, so help would be great! The volume of any spherical balloon can be found by using the formula V= 4/3 pi r^3. Write an equation for r in terms of V and pi 4/3*pi*r3 = V Multiply by 3 3*(4/3)*pi*r3 = 3*V 4*pi*r3 = 3V r3 = 3V/(4*pi) r...
  78. English

    1. Hello. May I speak to Tom? Speaking. Who's this? Hi,Tom. This is Sam. How are you doing? Just fine. How about you? I'm so-so. How is your school? Oh, it's great. I like it very much. 2. Hello. May I speak to Tom? He is not in now. Can I take a messsage? OK. Ask him to call ...
  79. Physics

    A bicycle starts at the origin of a circular track that has a circumference of 126 m and travels at a constant speed a distance s = 38.0 m in a time t = 12s. a)what is the angular displacement (in rad) of the bicycle from its starting position? r=20.1 so theta or angular ...
  80. technical writing

    how to wrtie a home work ? Please clarify. I don't know what you are asking for. Thanks. Bandar. It is difficult to answer you. Is there another student in your class you can ask?
  81. math

    Not sure how to complete my home work tonight my first question is 2+8=4+ ___ I don't no how to answer please help thankyou
  82. Math

    How do you factor "0 = x^4 - 6x^2 + 5"? Please show all steps. Here's my work, but I just went around in circles..... 0 = x^4 - 6x^2 + 5 -5 = x^4 - 6x^2 -5 = x^2 (x^2 - 6) -5 / x^2 = x^2 - 6 (-5 / x^2) + 6 = x^2 (-5 + 6x^2) / (x^2) = x^2 -5 + 6x^2 = x^2 * x^2 -5 + 6x^2 = x^4 0...
  83. Chemistry

    What volume of 0.5M HNO3 is required to neutralize 25 cm3 of a 0.2M NaOH solution? please show work and detail.
  84. 9th grade algebra

    This is for my daughter. find the product of x^2 -4/5 X x + 2/x - 2 could you please show us the work so we can try to understand how it works?
  85. math

    divide $ 680.00 among three children with the ratio 2:4:6 please show me how to work out the answer
  86. Algebra 2 URGENT

    Solve the equation using the method that seems easiest. Please Show All Work! x^2+12=0
  87. reactions

    if you have 66.6g NH3 how many grams of F2 are required for a complete reaction? PLEASE SHOW ALL WORK AND/OR STEPS!!!!
  88. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of a potassium chloride solution that has a volumeof 400.0 mL and contains 85.0 g KCl? Please show work.
  89. 8th grade

    which of the following is an irrational number? A. 1 B. 9/17 C. 0.4166666666 D. Both A&C with showing work please or putting it in to words.
  90. 7th grade

    Simplify each of the following expressions using the distributive property. need help please show work 5(x+y) -3(5+t)
  91. algebra

    d=(1/2)at^2; solve for a. i got a=d/([1/5])t^2) but i don't see that in any of the possible responses: a. a= (2d)/t^2 b. a= 2dt^2 c. a= (dt^2)/2 d. a= d/2t^2 What did I do wrong? & can you please show detailed work?
  92. Art

    what is the meaning of "Tango C.1918-24" of Elie Nadelman? why did he make it? I need some information for that work. Please help me!!!
  93. math

    What are the measures of the angles of a right triangle with side lengths of 1, 2, and sqroot of 2? please show/explain work
  94. physics

    What is the mass of a lead sinker witha volume of 3cm3? please show work I calculated 11.3*3 = 33.9 Is this correct.. Thank you.
  95. Math

    Solve the following equation in the complex number system. Please show all of your work. x^4 – 13x^2 – 90 = 0
  96. pre-algebra

    Given the linear equation y=-5x-2. Find the y-coordinates of the points (-1), (-2), and (1). Please show all of your work.
  97. Math - urgent

    Evaluate the definite integral 8 S (3x^2 + 3)/(x^2) dx 5 Not sure which substitution to use. Please show your work & explain. Thanks
  98. calculus

    Find the derivative of the function. y=cos((1-e^x)/(1+e^x)) Please show all work and explain. I am very confused
  99. chemistry

    what mass of water is required for the formation of 175 grams of carbon monoxide? please show work
  100. statistics

    Find the (two) z-scores that bound the middle 40% of the standard normal distribution. please show the work.
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