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  1. chemistry-Dr Bob

    is that a -56? Dr. BOb. thank you When 27.20mL of .5 M H2SO4 is added to 27.20 of 1M KOH in a coffee cup calorimeter at 23.5 degrees C, the temp rises to 30.17 degrees C. Calculate delta H of this reaction. (Assume that the total volume is the sum of the individual volumes and...
  2. Reading

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Tremain. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you completed help you ...

  4. Physical Science

    In which of these processes is an element of matter changes into a completely different element.....nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, neither, or both? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have attempted to come up with a response to each of YOUR ...
  5. chemistry check

    A) Write a balanced chemical equation for the reaction between sulfuric acid and potassium hydroxide. I got H2SO4 + KOH ---> H2OH + KSO4 B) Write the ionic equation for the reaction. H2 + S2O4-2 + K + OH- ---> H2 + OH + K2SO4-2 C) Write the net ionic equation I'm not ...
  6. physics

    Hi, could anyone help me please, Thank. Gas in a container is at a pressure of 1.3 atm and a volume of 1.0 m3. (a) What is the work done on the gas if it expands at constant pressure to twice its initial volume? (b) What is the work done on the gas if it is compressed at ...
  7. physics

    Hi!could anyone help me please, Thank. Gas in a container is at a pressure of 1.3 atm and a volume of 1.0 m3. (a) What is the work done on the gas if it expands at constant pressure to twice its initial volume? (b) What is the work done on the gas if it is compressed at ...
  8. FACS - Reading Assignment Help!

    7. Explain - Why is it important to evaluate the work plan? What might happen if team members fail to evaluate it? Answer - The reason why it's important to evaluate the work plan is because so that they understand what did correctly, what could be improved, and whether they ...

    SHOW WORK PLEASE!!! The displacement (in centimeters) of a particle moving back and forth along a straight line is given by the equation of motion s = 2 sin πt + 3 cos πt, where t is measured in seconds. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) (a) Find the ...
  10. English 7 - Journal Entry Check

    Please check my journal entry to see if it's good and if there any grammar mistakes. This is an assignment for English. Art Therapist When I was doing some research on the computer two weeks ago, I saw the word "art therapist". For a moment I thought being a Art Therapist ...
  11. Math check my answers please

    1. x/5=-2 A. -45 B. 35 C. -10 D. 21 2. 13x - 7= 136 A. 11 B. 15 C. 8 D. 9 Solve the following equation 3. 3x - 3=15 A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7 4. Ernesto loses 14.5 pounds in 7 months. Now he weighs 156.5 pounds. Which equation can be used to find how much he weighed before? A. x+14....
  12. Science (please check my answers)

    7. During the process of photosynthesis, plants convert carbon dioxide and water into glucose. Covalent bonds hold the glucose molecules together. The breaking of the covalent bonds during digestion releases energy. The type of energy released is (1 point) • kinetic energy...
  13. Math

    Hi could you please check my answers? Find the lateral of the square pyramid (I don't have a picture so I'll describe the figure) the square base is 8m around each side of the square and the slant height is 22m, my answer is 352 cm^2. Am I correct? Plz and thx Find the surface...
  14. physics.

    Heat engine X takes four times more energy by heat from the hot reservoir than heat engine Y. Engine X delivers two times more work, and it reject seven times more energy by heat to the cold reservoir than heat engine Y. Find the efficiency of heat engine X and heat engine Y. ...
  15. Math

    (1) 4/5 Multipled by 5/7 in simplest form. My answer is 1.9 don't really know if its write show work. (2) -1 1/6 divided by 2/9= -5 1/4 need help showing work. (3)-6 2/5 divided by (-2 2/7) = 2 4/5 (4) 2 2/3 divided by (-4 1/4) = -11 1/3 i nedd help showing my work
  16. maths

    A and B can finish a piece of work in 16 days and 12 days respectively. A started the work and worked at it for 2 days.He was then joined by B.Find the total time taken to finish the work.
  17. maths help needed!(urgent)

    find the equation of the tangent to y=x-(a^3/x^2) at the point (a,0) how to i work this out??can someone please show me how to do it step by step?thanks!!! Take the dervative of y y= x- a^3 x^-2 y'=1+2a^3/x^3 so the equation for the tangent is y= mx + b where m is y' above ...
  18. Pre-Algebra

    I need to check my work... estimate the following products or quotients 17 11/12 divided by 6 1/10 The first step I did was convert to improper fraction then I multiplied after changing the reciprical, and then I multiplied the numerators and then multiplied the denoninators ...
  19. calculus

    I got half of this problem wrong and I DO NOT know where and how to fix. I cannot use my calculator and have to show my work. Question: You have a 500 metre roll of fencing and a large field. You want to construct a rectangular playground area. a.) using optimization ...
  20. 7th grade math Ms.Sue please check my answers

    1. Mac’s farm has a total of 18 horses and 27 cows. What is the ratio of horses to cows in simplest form? (1 point) 6 over 9 18 over 27 2 over 3 three over two 2. A class has 27 students. Fifteen are boys and the rest are girls. What is the ratio of girls to total students...
  21. chemistry(check my work)

    Calculate the value of the equilibrium constant (Kp) for the reaction displayed if the following equilibrium pressure data were measured at 25.00 °C: P(H2(g)) = 0.2282 atm, P(I2(g)) = 0.1646 atm, P(HI(g)) = 5.462 atm. H2(g)+I2(g) = 2HI(g) is it like this, (5.462)^2/(0.2282x0....
  22. Leadership-Check #2

    Please check: I believe the essential qualities a leader must possess are to set a vision and to be able to lead. A leader must be able to set a vision to seek for improvement. Seeking for improvement helps make the idea grow better and better. A leader must be able to lead in...
  23. Math (Check answer)

    Please check the solution below: X, is assumed to be a random variable by placing letters of the word “YACHT” in a hat. If these letters are withdrawn then it gets replaced. A value of 1 is given when a vowel is retrieved, and a value of 2 is given when a consonant is ...
  24. Trig

    #1 (1/sinx)(sin^2x + cos^2x(sinx/cosx) )/(sinx + cosx) = (sinx + cosx)/(sinx+cosx) = 1 Reiny helped with this question but I don't how Reiny did it. Please explain
  25. Algebra

    Choose 1 set of points from the choices below. Then, solve the problem and post your solution, showing your steps. Write an equation in point-slope form for the line that passes through one of the following pairs of points (you may choose the pair you want to work with). Then...
  26. physics

    A 280 kg piano slides 4.3 m down a 30° incline and is kept from accelerating by a man who is pushing back on it parallel to the incline. The effective coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.40. Calculate: (a) the force exerted by the man, (b) the work done by the man on the ...
  27. language arts(CHECK ANSWERS)

    PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS /.,. the dependen clause that best completes the sentence below. jeff and his parents went to a nice Italian restaurant________. A.located down town near the river.(I PICK THIS) B.even though his mother prefers Chinese food. C.after his piano ...
  28. English

    Can you please tell me if the following expressions are possible? 1) Would it be all right with you if I got my book from the other room? I left it in my backpack. 2) Can you wipe the blackboard off? 3) You should return the book to the library in two week's time. 4) Can you ...
  29. physics - so important

    In which of these cases is a youngster doing work in the school gymnasium? climbing up a rope lifting a set of weights from the floor to overhead PLEASE HELP ME? i NEED TO KNOW THiS FOR A TEST TOMORROW iN PHYSiCS & i CANT SEEM TO FiND THE ANSWER ANYWHERE & i HAVE SO MANY ...
  30. Spansh #2 (URGENT)

    Can someone please check my work? Julieta's friends all have different personal tratis. Complete the sentences below using the verb in parenthesis. 1. Maria <es> intelegente. (ser) 2. Julio y Marcos <están> en Ecuador. (estar) 3. Norma y yo <estamos> ...
  31. Math

    On 9/1, you take your paycheck into the bank and decide that you want to open a checking account with $400.00. The bank gives you some starter checks so you can start using the account until your first order of checks come. On 9/2, you pay your electric bill of $57.38, using ...
  32. math

    carrie says that one solution to y=3x-5 is (4,7).Describe two ways to check if her statement is true.use at least one way to check her answer.
  33. vocab

    does anyone have improving vocabulary skills 4th edition? all i need is sentence check 2 answers and the final check answers and i'll be done with my homework for tonight.
  34. physics

    A swimmer is capable of swimming 0.45 m/s in still water. (a) If she aims her body directly across a 75 m-wide river whose current is 0.30 m/s, how far downstream (from a point opposite her starting point) will she land? (b) How long will it take her to reach the other side? ...
  35. Health care

    The annual list of the OIG's planned projects for sampling billing in various settings (such as hospitals, doctor's offices, and long-term care facilities) to check for potential fraud is called the A. triggered review. B. OIG Work Plan. C. Deficit Reduction Act. D. corporate ...
  36. Math Please Check

    Please tell me if this are right. Thank you! Find the exact location of all the relative and absolute extrema? h(t) = t^3 - 3t^2 domain: [-1, + infinity) For this one I got x=2 as the minimum, and x=0 as the maximum. g(t) = 3t^4 - 16t^3 + 24t^2 +1 domain: (-infinity, +infinity...
  37. Physics

    As you lift a chair to store is upside down on a desk, gravity exerts a force, mg, downward and you exert a force of the same magnitude upwards. The two forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction. From this is would appear that no work was done, but you know you ...
  38. Physics

    you lift a chair that weighs 50 n to a height of 0.5cm and carry it 10 m across the room how much work do you do on the chair. I just want to make sure is it 25J because you are only doing work if you are lifting it but walking with it isn't work because the direction of the ...
  39. Physics

    you lift a chair that weighs 50 n to a height of 0.5cm and carry it 10 m across the room how much work do you do on the chair. I just want to make sure is it 25J because you are only doing work if you are lifting it but walking with it isn't work because the direction of the ...
  40. Physics

    you lift a chair that weighs 50 n to a height of 0.5cm and carry it 10 m across the room how much work do you do on the chair. I just want to make sure is it 25J because you are only doing work if you are lifting it but walking with it isn't work because the direction of the ...
  41. English

    Plagiarism is borrowing wrring from other people or literary theft. I said literay theft. Please check my answer tanks :)
  42. Health

    Please check my answer thanks :) True of False A problem with lumbar plexus may cause pain in the posterior part of the thigh. I said False
  43. Health

    please check my answer thanks True or False Fungi is a type of route that a microorganism can travel from one place to another I said True
  44. Pre-calculus-check answer please

    Write the standard form of the equation of the circle that is tangent to the line x=3 and has center at (-2,-7). Answer: (x+2)^2+(y+7)^2=49 Is this correct?
  45. math

    I've worked these problems but I was just wondering if someone could check over them to see if they're correct...if not please help! (u-2)(u+7) my answer: 7u^2-49u (5t-4)^2 my answer: 25t^2-40+16 Thank you :)

    I NEED SOMEONE TO CHECK THESE PLEASE!!! IF B IS REPLACED WITH A NUMBER THAT SHOWS THE RELATIONSHIP INDICATED IN THE TABLE, ARE THESE ANSWERS CORRECT? Y = -X + B X Y 1 0 2 -1 8 -7 10 ? 20 ? 40 ? SO, y=-1+1=0....y=-2+1=-1.......y=-8+1=-7........y=-10+-3=-13...y=-20+1=19.....y=-...
  47. math

    PLEASE HELP Could someone check my answer? I need to figure out the equation of the circle given the center of (-9,0) and radius of 7. (x-(-9))^2 + (y-0)^2 = 7^2 answer(x+9)^2 + y^2 = 49 is this correct?
  48. algebra

    Check whether the ordered pair is a solution to the equation x =3/4; (1/2, 3/4). Please show me step by step how you came up with this answer because I am really confused.
  49. chemistry (please check fornula)

    Sorry about that. So would this be right? Change 1.00 kg to 1000 grams. q=(.449)(1000)(1490)= 669010?
  50. To: DrBob222

    Can you please check my previous science post. As of right now, you are the only science teacher on this site--which is why I am pleading you to. Thank you very much:-)
  51. algebra

    Please help me! Sorry there are 4 questions I need to check my attempts with to see if I am on track. Thanks!! 1. 5-3[2(3x-4)+3] 2. Evaluate when x = -3 and y = 2 3x squared - 4y squared _______________________ 4x - 7y 3. -3/4y = -24 4. m + 1 + 5 = 2m - 1 ______ _ _______ 4 6...
  52. math grade 11

    I need help with this question determine the values in k for which the function f(x)= 4x^2-3x+2kx+1 has two zeros. Check these values in the original equation. i don't get how to do it please help me.
  53. math grade 11

    I need help with this question determine the values in k for which the function f(x)= 4x^2-3x+2kx+1 has two zeros. Check these values in the original equation. i don't get how to do it please help me.
  54. Algebra -Please check

    How do I simply 4^-1x^0/y^-1 possible answers: 1/4y 4y y/4 4 I really don't get these- but I think it might be y/4 because you take the negative to the top and the negative to the bottom, right?
  55. Math - translate (please check)

    4. The sum of two numbers is 50. If twice the larger is subtracted from 4 times the smaller the result is 8. Find the numbers is it this x+x(2x-4=8)=50
  56. English

    Could you check this sentence, please? 1) Great Britain became the master of a powerful empire that brought her (Britain) in contact with various cultures.
  57. spanish/check please

    Mis hermanos y yo los ( oimons/ oyeron) ______ hablar unos minutos en la cocina. answer :oyeron
  58. Chemistry(Please check answer)

    The solubility product expression for mercury(I) iodide, Hg2I2 is Ksp = ? My answer is [Hg2^2+^][2I^-^]^2^ Would you agree?
  59. Physics(Please check thanks)

    Two vectors have magnitudes 4m and 3m. Which choice is not a possible magnitude for their resultant? 3m, 1m, 7m, 12m I chose 12m. Is this correct?
  60. fractions

    Write the following fraction as a numeral: One piece of pie from a pie that is cut into six parts. Please check: 1/6
  61. Simplify (Another Question/problem) 3

    Simplify. (27a^(-6) )^(-2/3) I got 1/(9a^4 )as my answer, but can someone again please check this. I will appreciate it. I am just unsure if it is correct or not.
  62. Math-please check

    Determine if a true bioconditional can be written from each conditional statement. If not, gove a counterexample. 1. If a = b then |a| = |b| Is this true? 2. If y^2= 64 then 3y=24 Is this false? Because if you do -8 both of them aren't equal
  63. Math! Please check!

    Suppose angle PQR and RQS are adjacent angles. Whats side do these angles have in common? A: -> PQ B: -> SQ C: -> QR D: -> RQ My choice is D
  64. French

    Please check this sentence for grammar. Après que l’invité est venu, il a vu que le chat a dormi sur le lit.
  65. geomertry

    i am at connexus and on lesson 10 unit 1 in pre-algebra b. we are at the unit test and i want to know what are the awsers please to 1-18 i have the rest, i just need to check.
  66. English

    The sandy area is 1.5 km in length, 40 km in width and has an area of 60,000 square meters. ------------------- Would you check the sentence an correct errors, please?

    Use Green's Theorem to evaluate C F · dr. (Check the orientation of the curve before applying the theorem.) F(x, y) = y2 cos x, x2 + 2y sin x C is the triangle from (0, 0) to (1, 3) to (1, 0) to (0, 0)
  68. Check my answer please

    Blank are nutrients that are needed for growth and repair of the body's tissues A. carbohydrates B. Fats (My answer) C. Fiber D: Proteins
  69. physical science

    what is transferred by a force moving an object through a distance? a. force b. mass c. motion* d. energy please check my answer
  70. biology

    1. The number 1,2 and 3 are the nucleotides of the anticodon for the mRNA codon 5' AUG 3'. Thus in order of 1, 2 and 3 the sequence of this anitocodon is...... a. UTG b. ATG c. GUA d. CAU I believe the answer is "d", Please check
  71. Law and Ehtics in Med

    Please check my answer thanks :) Which of the following is most pertinent in a legal or courtroom context? 1. Confidentiallity 2. Etiquette 3. Pt's expectaion of privacy 4. Privileged communication I picked 4
  72. Assistance Dogs

    Please check my answer thanks :) . Which of the following is not an important job for a puppy foster family to teach? A. Socialization B. Housetraining C. Appropriate chewing D. Play bowing I think it is D
  73. U.S.History

    please check Lee won a brilliant victory at Chancellorsville through the tactic of a. dividing his forces b. taking a defensive position c. holding the high ground d. relying on artillery A
  74. English please check the grammar of this sentence!

    The Philippines has constantly experienced typhoons, but Typhoon Durian that struck on December, 2006 has taken away the hope of 800,000.
  75. Vocabulary- check my answer

    The shirt that Jack stole was worth just three dollars, so he was only charged with a _________. a) ruffian b)misdemeanor.... Is this right??? c)extortion d)condemnation PLEASE HELP
  76. Foreign languages

    Can you check these two questions, please? 1)Who coined the term Lost Generation? Who were its most representative writers? 2) Can you briefly summarise the plot of Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby.
  77. Math! Please check!

    Fill in the blank. A pair of intersecting planes ________ intersect in exactly one point. A- always B- sometimes C- never D- not enough information My choice is C.
  78. check my science hw please.

    25. All of the following factors affect an area's biodiversity EXCEPT A. areas B.number of endangered species C. climate D. diversity of niches. I got C for my answer.
  79. please check Ms.Sue

    4.   Ancient cyanobacteria released ______, which assisted in creating the atmosphere as we know it today.   A. oxygen  B. lead  C. hydrogen  D. ore  A? Reed told me yes for A,but I still was not sure!
  80. Math (please check my answer!!)

    What other information must be given in order to be able to prove the two triangles congruent by ASA? i.imgsafe(.)org/c64c59dad9.jpg 1. T=S 2. P=S 3. P=R<<< 4. PQ=QR

    Help Please Can u check my answers? < = my answer If you do not experience some pain from your workouts, you are probably wasting your time: A.myth < B.fact You should still watch what you eat when you are exercising, in order to maintain a healthy weight: A.myth B.fact...
  82. ELA

    t the library, the quickest way to locate varied, reliable information for your research paper is to      A. check the encyclopedias. B. search the card catalog for related titles. C. ask the reference librarian. D. check the Readers' Guide.
  83. physics (cross product vectors)

    Two vectors are lying in the xz plane: A=2.00i + 3.00k and B= -9.00i + 2.00k. a) What is the value of AxB? Check my solution: I found through calculations that the value is 23j. b) What is the magnitude |AxB|? I could do ABsin theta, but I have no angle between. So am confused...
  84. English

    1. I got out of my car to check the engine. 2. I got off my car to check the engine. (Are both the same? In #2, what is the part of speech of 'off'? Is 'off' an adverb or a preposition?) 3. I got out of my car to check the engine. 4. I got out of my car to check out the engine...
  85. maths PLEASE HELP

    how to work out partial fraction decomposition when given 1/x(x^2+1) and 2x-1/(x+4)(x-3) if you could give me an idea of the formula and what changes i need to make to the formula when the denominator changes that would help and please use idiot speak because the text books ...
  86. Intermediate Algebra

    solve equation (x+1)(x-2)=54 Eric stated that the solution would be (x+1)=54==> x=53 or (x-2)=54==> x=56 However at least one of these solutions fails to work when substituted back in the orginial equation. Why is that? Please help Eric to understand better, solve the ...
  87. Trig

    From an observation tower that overlooks a runway, the angles of depression of point A, on one side of the runway, and point B, on the oppisite side of the runway are 6 degrees and 13 degreess respectivel. The points and the tower are in the same vertical plane and the ...
  88. Math ~CHECK MY WORK~

    You have $60 in your wallet and want to buy some new CDs. If the CDs are $11 each, what number of CDs, x, can you buy? Write and solve an inequality. Then explain your answer. My Answer: 11x <= 60 divde by 11 x <= 60/11 or 55/11 x is an integer x<=5 5 CD's, which will...
  89. trig

    if sin2x=3sin2y, prove that: 2tan(x-y)=tan(x+y)
  90. trig

    Graph the followiing function from x + 0 to x = 4 pi y = 3 cos squared x/2
  91. Trig

    Find the exact value of: tan(-3pi).
  92. trig

    eliminate the parameter t from the following x = 9sin t y = 9cos t
  93. trig

    If a = 5 cm and b = 3cm, use the Pythagorean Theorem to find c
  94. trig

    If an angle is 1 radian, what is the arc length in radians?
  95. Trig

    What is sin^2 - cos^2 x/ 1-2cos^2 x, using the identities.
  96. trig

    solve 2sin^2x+sinx-1=0 in the interval [0, 2pi0
  97. algebra with trig

    how do you solve an inequality and graph it's solution?
  98. trig

    for a tangent graph is one of the asymptotes AWLAYS at - pi/2 ?
  99. trig

    simplify cosecant (2(square root of 3) divided by 3
  100. Trig

    given sin(4x)=5/13 in Q II find Tan(2x) and cos(2x)
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