Trig check my work please?

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What is the supplement of 3pi/5?


Find the supplement of pi/6




U=5i+11j and V=2i-3j, find 2U-7U

math trig

ln(2x-5)= 4 how do i this problem? thanks!


How is it that sin90 is negative?


what is the value of sin 70

algebra 2 trig



cos^2 A/ 1+sin A


Sinxtanx = sec x


8x^3+4x^2-4x solution sets


If cot x = .78, what is tan x?


solve tan2x = -28/45 Thank you


10sinB+5 = sinB+5


cos è = 0.9659 A = ? H = 20


Sin^2 b(1 +cot^2 b) =1






(x+1)(x-4) is greater than or equal to (x-2)^2


write a formula f*g*h when f(x)=x+1, g(x)=3x, h(x)=4-x


sin 60 ka man


If f(x)=cos^2x and g(x)=sin^2x, what is (f+g)(pi/15)


three forces


If f(x)=1/(x+2), what is f(3+h)? A. 1/(3+h) B. 1/(h+5) C. 1/(x+2)(3+h) D. (3+h)(x+2)


from a top of a hill


sin 2x-cot x=


Trig ientities


Thank you Steve for all your help.




can sec θ = negative 5

math trig

Point P(k

Math-check my answers!!!

Check my answers please!!!! I really don't know how to do these but I tried my best 1. Simplify. 3x^2+ 5x-5x^2-4x+5-2 A.-8x^2-9x+3 B.2x^2+x+3 C.-2x^2-9x+3*** D.-2x^2+x+3 2. Add or Subtract.(8x – 2y) + (3x – 4y) A.11x+8y B.4x-y C.11x-6y*** D.5x+2y 3.(5x^2-4x-1)-(-4x^2-4) A...


Write S if the sentence is simple .Write C if the sentence compound. 1) Paul plays on the basketball team and works part time at the grocery store. Compound 2)He is an assistant manager in the deli.Simple 3) The store manager hired him as a bagger,but Paul wanted more ...


Which of the following statements about "life without gravity" explains why it is a expoistory essay. 1. It is a short work of nonfiction that does not express the writers opinion 2. It is a short work of nonfiction that uses examples to make its points 3. It is a short work ...

physics please help

How many grams of carbohydrate does a person of mass 75 kg need to metabolize to climb five flights of stairs (15 m height increase)? Each gram of carbohydrate provides 17.6 kJ of energy. Assume 10.0% efficiency—that is, 10.0% of the available chemical energy in the ...

math(check answers please)

please check my MATH. .Mr.jensen bought 2 2/3 gallons of gasoline he bought 3 1/2 more many total gallons of gasoline has he bought? A.5 3/5 b.5 3/6 c.6 1/6 d.5 1/6(i picked this) Mrs.peters bought 7 1/2 yards of fabric.She needs another 4 7/8 yards...


1)Under ideal conditions, if 300 J of work are required tolift a mass to a certain height, the same mass should provide ___ J to do work as it falls back to Earth. Can you please comment as to whether my answer of 300 J is correct? 2)___ is conserved during an inelastic ...

6th Grade Math

Carmen received some money for her birthday on Friday. That night, she took her friend out to dinner. She spent half of her check for dinner. Then she tipped the waiter $6. The next evening she went to dinner alone, she spent half of the money she had left, and she tipped the ...

1 Out Of 100 Math Trick HELP PLEASE!!!

1. Choose a number between 1 and 100. 2. Multiply the number by 5. 3. Add 15 to the number. 4. Divide the number by 5. 5. Subtract the original number. How does this work, please help!

Math ; please please help.

1. Explain in detail how to determine the value of the independent variable in a quadratic relation if the value of the dependent variable is known. Please check my answer - You would substitute the value for the dependent variable, then you would solve for the independent ...


Please help me with the following by checking my answer. The length of the hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle is √6 inches. How long, in inches, are the legs of the triangle? A. 3 B. 6 C. √3 - (This is my answer.) D. √6 I am not sure on my answer, ...


I am writing an essay and am not sure If I should combine these two sentences with a semi colon or just leave them separate. Please help! (It may take...will be fruitful) I have found that nothing can be accomplished without hard work. It may take a large amount of persistence...


if you have a certain amount of work to do each day, and you can complete that work AND spend an hour on a social networking site, then why not? Why don't offices let their employees use social networking sites if their work is done?


If you drop a feather and a steel hammer at the same moment, they should hit the ground at the same instant. Why doesn’t this work on Earth, and why does it work on the Moon? Will it work on Phobos, a moon of Mars?


I need to check my work on diagramming this question. How many players are on a team? I think it should be as follows: How (adverb) many (adjective) players (direct object) are (past tense verb) on (proposition) a (definite article) team (subject of proposition)? Does this ...

business mathematics

Check My Work (No more tries available) The Book Nook makes four times as much revenue on paperback books as on hardcover books. If last month's sales totaled $124,300, how much was sold of each type book?


how much work is required to lift a 98-N block of ice if A) it is lifted a vertical distance of 5-m.? B) you push the same block of ice up a 7-m long ramp using in acompare to the work required in b.? C) How does the work required in A compare to the work required in B.? D) ...

7th grade science Ms. Sue please check

Hi! Can you check my answers please and I need help on 4 and 5 I cannot find the answers!!!! Please help! 2. _____ transports materials within a cell and between cells and makes up ______ percent of most organisms. (1 point) Fat; 60 Protein; 40 Sugar; 75 Water; 50 3. Which of ...


ANSWERS FOR THE FOLLOWING ASSIGNMENT MATCHING THE DESCRIPTION WITH CORRECT KEY TERMS. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. However, there is nothing here for us to look at! Many times copying and pasting does not work. Check after you post to be sure it DID post...


list the period, amplitude, interval, and phase shift of: g(t)=5/2sint-pi i know the amplitude is 5/2 but everything else im not getting. the regular formula for these is y=Asin(Bx+C)+D A is the amplitude B is the period which you use (2pi/b) to solve. C is just a constant i ...

CHEMISTRY..please help..thanks

Calculate the new molarity if each of the following dilutions is made. Assume the volumes are additive. (a) 52.3 mL of water is added to 27.1 mL of 0.124 M KOH solution (b) 110. mL of water is added to 54.2 mL of 0.808 M NaCl solution ((please show work, thank u so much)

art appreciation

I have to do this essay and I can't find anything on this topic. I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong places or what but I would like some help if you can. This is the topic that I have to write on please help. How does symbolism expand the meaning of an art work? 1-3 ...


Find the equation of a line that passes through the points (1/3, 2/5) and (–4/5, 1/2). Please put your final answer in standard form (Ax + By = C) and please make sure that there are NO fractions (or decimals) in this answer and that the “x” term is positive. Make sure ...


You commute 56 miles one way to work. The trip to work takes 10 minutes longer than the trip home. Your average speed on the trip home is 8 miles per hour faster. What is your average speed on the trip home? And please go through the steps and give me an answer.

make check

Consider the following. (Give your answers correct to four decimal places.) (a) Determine the level of confidence given the confidence coefficient z(á/2) for z(á/2) = 1.65. Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. . 0.90 is what I got and it was wrong, I have several like this ...

Math- check my answers pls

Find the area of blue portion of the irregular shape to the right. Round to the nearest tenth. connexus . com /content/media/642756-212012-23145-PM-1090153268.png i'll upload to imgur if it doesn't work A. 2.7 in2 B. 9.7 in2*** C. 3.4 in2 D. 8.3 in2 i think it's c


2. What is the purpose of the separation of powers? A) to keep ordinary citizens involved in politics B) to prevent any branch from dominating the government C) to distribute work between state and federal levels of government D) to ensure that every president is supported by ...


Please help solve the below problem Show work please! Thanks. On Dec 28,2007,you could buy a 10-year U.S.Treasury note(a kind of bond)for $10,000 that pays 4.21% simple interet every year through Dec 28,2017.How much total interest would it earn by then?




If you got paid $15 for 3 hours of work one day and $45 for 8 hours work on another day. Find your hourly rate of pay for the 2 days. My work: 15+45=60 8+3=11 60/11=5.45 What was done wrong?


If 20 J of work is done in compressing a spring from 0 cm to 6 cm, then find the work done in compressing the same from 3 cm to 6 cm. My solution If 0.5kx^2= 20, & newx=0.5x, Should the work done be (0.5kx^2)/4=5 joules ? Pls explain. Thanks.

language arts(CHECK ANSWERS)

please check these answers there really quick. 11.the zoo has recently acquired pandas,giraffes and lions. were does a comma belong? A. After and B. After zoo C. After giraffes(I PICK THIS) D. After acquired 12.Hector would you please relax? where does a comma belong? A. After...


Please check my answer THe cat licked it's paws while the dog watched. Does this sentence show the apostrophe used crrectly ? I said yes


Please check my answer thanks :) In research , you must document the source of all specific information unless it's common knowledge. I said True

sensory abilites of the dog

Please check my answer thanks Because dogs are pac animals, they prefer to eat A. Alone B. In the evening C. at dawn D. with others I said D

Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

please check my answer thanks what is the normal range of a pulse rate of an adult A 60 -80 B 60-110 C 75-120 D 80-140 I picked B

Health/Specialty Exams and Advance Techniques

please check my answer thanks What can be done while performing a cystoscopy of the bladder ? A. biopsy B. U/A C pyelogram D. catheterization I think it is A


please check: "Te gusta cantar?" "Claro que si! Soy miembro del _____ de la escuela." a. equipo b. anuario c. orquesta d. coro D?


Please double check me. Terry went on a 60 mile canoe trip. on first day, he traveled 21 miles. what percent of the total distance was that? 35%


Please double check me. Brett saved $670 at the bank. he want to save $3800 for a trip to disneyland. what percent of his goal has been reached? 17.6%

Math check answer please

Amy paid $60.12 for a pair of running shoes that were 15% off. What was the regular price. I am coming up with 69.14 (round to nearest cent)

Math(Please check)

Translate the following sentence into a mathematical equation: "The area, A, of a circle is the product of the number pi and the square of the radius, r." A=pi X r^2 Is this correct?

math(Please check)

Find the real solutions of the equation: 14x^2 - 5x^2 - 1 = 0 I know that you have to use au^2 + bu +c = 0 so u^2 - 5x -1 which is prime. So would the answer be that the solution is the empty set?

Comprehensive English

Writeacher please check my last post, you never replied.. it kind of left me wondering.. you said you would give me some ideas.


Can you check these sentences, please? "I've always loved animals and felt I could communicate with them. To become a veterinarian, I must carefully choose the right school."


Hello. Will you please check the sentence for me? "The two sides have conducted negotiations and reached a compromise." Is it grammatically correct? Thank you very much for help.


Which of the following reactions have a positive ΔSrxn? Check all that apply. A(g) +B(g) -----> 3C(g) A(g)+ B(g)------> C(g) 2A (g) +2B (g)-----> 3C(g) A(s)+B(s)------> C(g) I picked the first one and it marked me wrong. Please help(:


Can you please check these two sentences, Writeacher? Thank you. 1) Each answer must be developed in no more than ten lines. 2) Only a monolingual dictionary is allowed.

Teacher Aide-Pennfoster

Im almost done finishing this course online and I need to check my answers for Exam number 02604500 Helping Abused Children please.


will someone check to see if I have this question correct please. divide and simiplify to lowest terms. __2x^2-8_ divided by __x-4__ 5x-8 5x-8

Polynomials check my answer please

I need help bad i been doing this homework since i got home at 4:00 and am stuck on this problem. X -1 : X-2 =sum (x+1)+(x-2)=(x+x+1-2) diff (x+1)-(x-2)=(x-x-1-2) Product (x-1)(x-2)=(x^2-1)


Of the following, which BEST characterizes India 1Single-party state 2Socialist 3Multicultural 4Authoritarian I think the correct answer is 4 can you please check

math - pls check!!!

29) 4k - 1 >= -3 30) 6(c - 1) < -18 31) 3t > 5t + 12 32) -6/7y - 6 >= 42 33) 4 + x/2 > 2x 34) 3x + 5 <= 2x -8 35) 13.5a + 7.4 <= 85.7 36) 42w > 2(w +7) ANSWERS: 29) k >= -2 30) c < -12 31) t < -6 32) y <= -56 33) x < 8/3 34) x <= -13 ...

please check my answers!!!

All of the following advances in technology contributed to the Age of Exploration EXCEPT the mariner's compass. circumnavigation. the astrolabe. the caravel. ***


Mary gulps down a cup of tea quickly. I am not sure whether use present or past tense. Please help to check. Thanks & regards,


Please check this Apostrophe: 1) Kates' sister 2) the giraffe's neck 3) the parent's anniversary 4)the senator's cars 5) Toms' folder 6) the deer's habitat

Math (please check my answer)

Write a proof for the following. I have 2 answers but I don't know what the other 2 would be? Can anyone help?i68.tinypic(.)com/k2nw9.jpg

Social Studies

In this section of the Mahabharata, Krishna talks about doing one's duty. 1. Ramayana*** 2. Veda 3. Upanishad 4. Bhagavad Please check my answer

Can anyone check this? - Math(integration)

The question can be found at display.cgi?id=1501575066 I can't post website addresses. Please add the site name to the front. Thank you!


If the edge of a cube is increased by 50%, then the volume is increased by x%. Find x. PLEASE HELP. THANK YOU. Let Y = edge of a cube. Y + 0.5Y = 1.5Y = new edge of the cube. Then old volume is Y^3 New volume is (1.5Y)^3 = 2.375Y^3. %increase = ([3.375Y^3 - Y^3]/Y^3) x 100 = x...


1)The velocity of sound in air is 332 m/s. If the unit of length is km and the unit of time is hour, what is the value of velocity? m/s bobpursley said he would be happy to check my work but I don't know what they're looking for I thought they are looking for the unit which is...


Can you please check if everything is OK, please? Thank you 1) At first, the three witches prophesy to Macbeth that he will be Thane of Cowdor and then king of Scotland. In the fourth act they tell Macbeth to beware of Macduff. 2) They also tell him that no man born of woman (...

chemistry - Can you please check

Calculate the amount (g) of each of the following salts that need to be added to a 200 mL volumetric flask to produce a 2 M solution of S. CaSO4 (NH4)2SO4 Fe2(SO4)3 Dr. BOB222, Could you please check the following? Thank you. CaSO4: moles x atomic mass = .0400 x 32.066 amu = ...

ethics question 2

if you have a certain amount of work to do each day, and you can complete that work AND spend an hour on a social networking site, then why not? Why don't offices let their employees use social networking sites if their work is done?


In which of these cases is a youngster doing work in the school gymnasium? 1. climbing up a rope 2. hanging motionless from a chinning bar. 3. lifting a set of weights from the floor to overhead WHICH ONE & WHY? A BRIEF EXPLANATION WOULD BE NICE. thank you all =] I will be ...

Trig. Law of Cosines

Show that any triangle with standard labeling... a^2+b^2+c^2/2abc = cos(alpha)/a + cos(beta)/b + cos(gamma)/c I don't get it. Can someone please help me. Start here with the law of cosines: a^2 = b^2 + c^2 -2bc Cos A b^2 = a^2 + c^2 -2ac Cos B c^2 = a^2 + b^2 - 2ab Cos C Add ...

Math, Trig

The high level bridge, a railway bridge that crosses the Oldman River is over 1km long. From one point on the river, the angle of elevation of the top of the bridge is 62.6 degrees. From a point 20m closer to the bridge, the angle of elevation of the top of the bridge is 72.8 ...


how many grams of CaCl2 need to be dssolved in 100g of water to prepare a solution which freezes at -2.0 degrees? Work this problem just like the previous one EXCEPT there is another part to the formula. Delta T = i*Kf *m i is the number of particles and CaCl2 will have 3. In ...


A worker pushes 25Kg crate a distance of 5m along a level floor at constant velocity by pushing horizontally on it. The coefficient of kinetic frication between the crate and the floor is 0.23. (a) What magnitude of force must the worker apply? (b) How much work is done on the...


Question # 1 Marks = 12 A worker pushes 25Kg crate a distance of 5m along a level floor at constant velocity by pushing horizontally on it. The coefficient of kinetic frication between the crate and the floor is 0.23. (a) What magnitude of force must the worker apply? (b) How ...


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