Trig check my work please?

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A does 8/15 of a work in 8 days and the remaining work is finished with the assistance of B in 4 days . how long will B take to do the work alone


The current, I, in amperes, for an electric circuit is given by the formula I=4.3sin120(pi)t, where t is time, in seconds. a)At what time is the current at its max volume? How does your understanding of co terminal angles help in your solution? b)What time is the current at ...

Math>>>>if anyone could check my answer

this problem is difficutl for me i have an answer but im unsure so if someone could check my answer please. heres my problem: A light year is the distance that a light travels through a vacuum (space without matter) in one year. A light year is about 9.46 x 10^12km. The ...


12) The regression equation Credits = 15.4 - .07 Work was fitted from a sample of 21 statistics students. Credits is the number of college credits taken and Work is the number of hours worked per week at an outside job. A) Interpret the slope. B) Is the intercept meaningful? ...

Physics (Work)

The work required to stretch a certain spring from an elongation of 4.54 cm to an elongation of 5.54 cm is 31.1 J. (a) Is the work required to increase the elongation of the spring from 5.54 cm to 6.54 cm greater than, less than, or equal to 31.1 J? (b) Verify your answer to ...


Okay, I've been getting some of these, but I can't seem to verify this identity... any help? Here's the problem Sin(x+y) + Sin(x-y) = 2sinxcosy Okay, I've been working on the left side, and distribute, getting: Sinx + Siny + Sinx - Siny And, the sinx's add up to the 2sinx that...


Can someone please check my work? ¿Qué hacen? Write complete sentences using the elements below. 1. entender el español/nosotras Nosotras entendemos el españl. 2. no querer sombreros amarillos/Ramón y Antonio Ramón y Antonio no quieren sombreros amarillos. 3. preferir la...


In triangle ABC, A is a right angle, and m b=45 degrees. What is the length of BC? If your answer is not an integer, leave it in simplest radical form. a. 16 ft b. 16 sq 2 ft c. 16 sq 3 ft d. 32 ft I'm really confused as to how to do this... Could someone please explain and ...

Phyics Word Problems

Could you please check my work and help me with two of the problems. An airplane that flies at 100 km/h with a 10 km/h tailwind travels at 110 km/h relative to the ground. If it instead flies into a 10 km/h headwind, its groundspeed is 100km/h-10km/h = 90 km/h The average ...


Can someone please check my work? Calculate the mass of (NH4)2S2O8 needed to prepare 250mL of a 0.100M solution. I got 5.705 g. Calculate the volume of 2.00M KI needed to prepare 250mL of a 0.200M solution. I got 0.025L or 25mL. Calculate the volume of 0.100M Na2S2O3 needed to...


I can't seem to solve this for x correctly...I got 128 over 55 as an answer which can't be correct. Please help me find the correct answer! Thanks! The equation is: .05x-.6(x+2)=.08 Please show the work as well as the answer. Thanks again.


A 5.3-kg block is pushed 2.3 m up a vertical wall with constant speed by a constant force of magnitude F applied at an angle of θ = 30° with the horizontal, as shown in the figure below. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between block and wall is 0.30, determine the...

math- check


@ Online Students

A student recently posted this. Please think about it. "quick backstory; i've been cheating on all of my work except portfolios this whole year cause i'm in online school. but i'm wanting to learn since there's gonna be ACT test in REAL so... please help me on how to do this!"


Posted by rfvv on Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 2:09am. 1. How about goind economics camp? 2. How much did you spend? I bought a $50 shirt and a $5 socks. (Would you check the expressions? Please correct incorrect expressions?) English - SraJMcGin, Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 2:11am...


Starting from rest, a 5kg block slides 2.5 m down a rough 30o incline in 2 seconds. Find a) the work done by the force of gravity. b) the work done by friction. c) the work done by the normal force Do part b last


Three moles of an ideal gas are compressed from 5.5*10^-2 to 2.5*10^-2 m^3. During the compression, 6.1*10^3J of work is done on the gas, and heat is removed to keep the temperature of the gas constant at all times. Find the temperature of the gas. I posted this question few ...

Business Fiance

On November 1, 2009, Broom Company received a bank statement that showed a $2950 balance. Broom showed a $4010 checking account balance. The bank didn't return check No. 124 for $1080 and check No.138 for $720. A $3200 deposit made on October 30 was in transit. The bank ...

Spanish 7th grade Please check

We are doing double verbs and leaving the second one infinitive form and also present participles with cantar becoming cantando-Could you please check these questions I need to answer? Thank you 1.¿Sabe tu padre hablar inglés? Sí, mi padre sabe español. 2. ¿Cuándo vas a ...


4tan^2u-1=tan^2u 3tan^2u=1 tan^2u=1/3 sq. root of (tan^2u)=sq. root of (1/3) tanu=sq. root of (3)/3 tanu=sq. root of 1 Did I do this one right? If not, could you please show me the correct method?? Thanks!


Suppose the annual expected mortality rate from coronary disease is 500 per 100,000 individuals. In a specific community of 600,000 individuals, how many deaths are expected to be attributed to coronary heart disease over a one year period? my work: 600,000/100,000=6 6x500= ...


Convert the rectangular coordinate (2,-2) to polar form and find two additional representations of this point. Can you check my work and explain how to finish the question? r=√(2)2+(-2)2 r=2√2 tan theta = (-2)/2 theta = -1 polar coordinate= (2√2, -1)

6th grade math

Please check to make sure I did these correctly, so confusing. Thank you. Rename each fraction as a terminating or repeating decimal 13/20 .65 1/3 0.3333333333333333 2/9 0.2222222222222222 5/12 0.4166666666666667 1/16 0.0625 Rename each mixed number as a terminating or ...

Grammar Check

Can you please check this to see if my grammar is correct. Thank you :) Thank you for all that you have done & continue to do, for me. I wouldn't be where I'm at today, if it wasn't for all your help. I feel like I have improved so much, since the first day that I came to see ...

Language Arts - Please Check My Answer For This

Please help me with the following: Read the sentence. Juanita used her affinity for numbers to help her design a computer program that relied on college-level math formulas, even though she was only in middle school. Based on the context clues in the sentence, what is the best...

dog behavior

please check my answer thanks so much :) What is the suggested method of testing a dog for graduation requirements? A. Observe the dogs during classes and check off when they properly perform a command. B. Test the dogs privately during the class before the graduation exercise...

chemistry calorimetry

how can i get the mass of a liquid when i'm given the heat enrgy that is added, and the specific heat of the liquid to which is added, plus the increase in temperature. q = mass x specific heat x (Tf - Ti) q is heat in Joules. mass in grams specific heat in J/g*C Tf = final T ...

Math 2(Please Check)

Problem: (x+2)/2x^2+5x+2 + (x-3)/2x^2-5x-3 What I Got: 0 at x=0, one gets 2/2 + -3/-3 which is not zero. You messed up a sign, I suspect. you are right girl


Could someone please check this for me? It's supposed to be a presentation/speech, but I think I've made quite a lot of mistakes. Thanks for any help you can offer :)

Maths - Affine transformations

Can you check my calculations please g maps points (0,0),(1,0),(0,1) to (6,-2),(6,-1),(5,-2) So, g(x) = (0 -1) .....(6) ..................(1 0)x + (-2) f is a reflection through y=x-2 so, f(x) = (0 1) .....(2) ...............(1 0)x + (-2) So; f o g = g(f(x)) = (0 -1)(0 1) ...(...


We endorsed the settlement on condition with no dispute arised thereafter. Please check the above sentence if it is correct in grammar.


Can someone check this for me please... 4x + 8 >= (that is greater and equal to) 4 and 2x - 13 >= -5 the solution: {x|x>= 4} on the graph the highlighted line goes to the this correct?

Grammar and Composition

please check: A popular even in the Olympic Games is the PENTATHLON, which consists of _____ events. five?


for ax^2 + bx + c with gradient 4x + 2 and a stationary value of 1 find a b and c and nature of point i think that its a minima and that its 2x^2 + 2x +2 but im not sure can someone check this please


In how many different ways can you roll doubles in a monopoly game when you use two die? Please check my answer = 6


Please check my answer: Multiply and simplify (8a^7)/(11p^3) * (121p^8)/(64a) I got (968a^7p^8)/(704ap^3) Is this correct?

To DrBob222(Please check Chem)

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Check whether the given number is a solution of the equation or inequality. 2x+6=18;9 I know that I have to plug 18 into x but then i don't know what to do next. Help please? Thanks!

socials please check

how many time zones are there in canada? My options are: a.) 5 b.) 10 c.) 7 though i tried answering this and i got 6? what is the correct answer


Please check if the following are metaphors: A yellow lantern lost at sea Along a taut and singing string

Math please check my answer?

This is my last question. What is the domain of the function below? f(x)= e^(x-4)-2 I got all real numbers is that correct?

Language Art (Please Check)

i pick D. which of the following contains a base word? A.empty C.arcade D.cartoonish

P.E. help please

It is important to(blank) thr victim before calling 911 A. Call B. Care C. Check D. Catch Is the answer C?


What is the lowest common denominator of the four fractions listed below? 20 7/10; 20 3/4; 18 9/10; 20 18/25 a. 2 b. 40 c. 50 d. 100 Answer-a Please check the above.

Algebra 2

Will someone please check if I am right???? find the second and third term of the arithmetic sequence -7, __,__,-22,-27... Options: -12,-15*** My Answer -17,-12 -10,-17 -12,-17


In the Eastern Orthodox Chrurch icons were once forbidden by the Pope true ** false check my answers please.

Math (please check my answer!!)

Which of the following is the point of concurrency of the medians of the triangle? A. The incenter B. The circumcenter C. The orthocenter D. The centroid <<<


A bottle contains at least 4 times as much juice as a glass contains. The bottle contains 32 fluid ounces. Write an inequality that shows this relationship. Please help me show your work please and thank you

Medical Physics

A block is acted on by a force that varies as (2.8*10^4 N/m)x for 0<=x<=.21m, and then remains constant at 5880 N for larger x. 1. How much work does the force do on the block in moving it from x = 0 to x = 0.30 {m}? 2. How much work does the force do on the block in ...

algebra2 help

Please explain to me how to work both these problems. Thank you. x+x^2/2 +2x^2-x= and y^2/4 + y/3 +y^2/3 -y/5= 7y^2/12 + 2y/15


Simply: Please show me how to work the problems. (7/2)^-3

math ( show work please )

117.11 divided by 4.9


simplify this expression and please show work. 2(3x+y)+5(x+2y)

possessive noun

please help me with my home work i am trying


please show me how to work this problem 76 x45


factor completely. please show work. a^2-a-6


solve the equation. please show work 3x^2-2x-4=0


-6(1+2x)=78 Please work the problem out, so I can see how it is done. Thank you!

6th Grade Math

8w-11=45 Please work this out for me Thanks.


how would you factor 5x^2+x-3x-3 because I got x(5x-1) -3(x-1) which doesn't work. Please help.

Algebra 1

Help me work these right please, I'm totally lost?


-4/5 + (-3/4) how do I work this? Will the answer be positive or negative? Please help me!!!!!


If UV = X+6 and UY = x - 1 Find YV. Y is the midpoint of U and V. Please show work.


Lim= x-Infinite x+0/(x2+1)=? please show work


10,000(1-n/20)=6500 please show work


m = 4,(7,6) can anyone show me how to work this problem please and thank you in advance


simplify -4(c+3)2c Please show all work


Solve -6(5-2z)+5z=8z-3(16-3z) . Please show all of your work.


^ = to the power 1. 8^1/2*8^-5/2 2.3^5/3(divided by) 3^2/3 **please show work


(8/3-1) is a solution to 8x-7y=10 . Please show all of your work


Simplify. Please show all of your work. 12* 1/4 +2/-2^3


Simplify. Please show all of your work 9c^3+7c-(3c^3-12+c)


Solve 4x- 3(5x-8)=23-9(x+2) . Please show all of your work


u = m*g*h find the value of h show work please


what is 216.3 divided by 10.5? please show the work

Algebra- Please Help!

Solve and show work for each proportion. 2x-2/14 = 2x-4/6 x+2/6 = x-1/12


Can you please show me the steps to work this problem? 2(4+6)+4(2-3)=


Find The Derivative y= 9e^(x)/ 2e^(x)+ 1 Please Show Work


Find The Derivative y=5x^(2)e^(3x) Please Show Work


Does (-18) balance with (-6)+ 3(-4)? Show work to answer please


How do you transform formulas? Please explain what your doing on your work. Ex. 7x=t


3k/5+44=12k/25+8 Please help me solve this and show your work thanks


10x >2(7x+3)+2 Please help me solve this and show your work thanks


Solve the equation. Show your work. 3m^2=-6m


The work of---is the foundation of psychotherapy. Can someone please help?


What is the result when (4x^2-5x+7) is added to (x^2-3x-6)? show your work. PLEASE HELP ME!!

pre algebra

11 - 8 ÷ (1/3 + 1/5) Please show work I am stuck. Thank you


Simplify. Please show all work. 6b^2 - 4b + 3b^4 - (7b^3 + b^4 - 4b)

math refreshers

show work please 6/25 divided by (-3/5) =?

math refreshers

show work please 6/25 divided by (-3/5) =?


what is (-x-3)+(4x-7)simplified? please show the work, thenk you.


Combine and show all work please 3/2y+2/y-1-2/y


If (a,-12) is a point on the graph of y=x^2+7x, what is a? please show work


What is the molarity of 5g of O2 in 250 mL? Show work, please.


I have to solve for "x": bx/c=2-cx/b please show your work! Thank you!

Algebra ASAP

Elimination ( show work please) 6x+5y=39 3x+5y=27

math integers

-2-(-3)-(-4)+5+6= Please show work I get 14 and when I do it on a calculator its 16


v-7/5=2 What does v equal? Please show all work.

Math- urgent

1/2 (8-6h)=h what does h equal? Please show your work.

Math- urgent

X-30=14-3x What does x equal? Please show your work.


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