Trig check my work please?

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  1. English

    Can you please if the following instructions on how to carry out a project work are grammatically correct? Thank you very much in advance. 1)Your dissertation should include five chapters. The first should contain the introduction to your work, followed by a literature review...
  2. vocab

    improving vocabulary skills textbook chapter 7 sentence check 2 and final check answers
  3. advancing vocabulary skills third edition

    i need help on sentence check 2 and final check chapter 1
  4. Geometry check my answer?

    Wilbur Wrong is flying his remote control plane in a circle with a radius of 28 meters. His brother clocks the plane at 16 seconds per revolution. What is the speed of the plane? Express your answer in meters per second. The brothers may be wrong, but you could be right...
  5. Trig

    I need help with my vectors unit. I'm really confused about how to set them up. Please help. a.) Given u=2i-5j and v=-i+3j, determine -6u-3v? b.) Find the component form of v if |v|=4 and the angle it makes with the x-axis is 60 degree. c.) Given u=5i+3j and v+3i+2j, find (u)(...
  6. aig math(please answer)

    4 kg of apples and 1 kg of berries cost $5.75 altogether. 2 kg of apples and 1 kg of berries cost a total of $3.25.How much must i pay to buy 5 kg of apples and 5 kg of berries?please show work. my answer is $10.50 am i right if not please tell me why and how?
  7. English

    1. Did you know? + Where did he go? => Did you know where he went? 2. Did you think? + Why was he late? => Did you think why he was late? => Why did you think he was late? - I thought he was late because he got up/gotten up late. 3. Did he know? + When did he come? =&...
  8. Physics

    Alright, I can't figure it out, here's the problem. 3. A boy is giving his little sister a ride in the wagon. He pulls with an applied force of 20N. The frictional force against him is 20N and the sled is traveling 2m/s. If the boy pulls the wagon 45m, how much work does he do...
  9. Physics

    What is the average useful power output of a person who does 5.90×106 J of useful work in 7.90 h? I got 207 W Working at this rate, how long will it take this person to lift 2400 kg of bricks 1.30 m to a platform? (Work done to lift his body can be omitted because it is not ...
  10. Physics

    A worker applies a constant force of magnitude F = 339 N on a crate in a direction è = 26.1o above the horizontal as he pulls it across a level floor through a distance of s = 7.20 m. The mass of the crate is m = 53 kg and the coefficient of kinetic friction between the floor...
  11. To Cheryl

    I removed your post about tooth whitening because it doesn't have anything to do with school work. Please see a doctor about your symptoms. can u help me Please click Post a New Question and explain how you'd like us to help you.
  12. calculus

    I have two questions please 1.for the given equation list the intercepts and test for symmetry 49x^2+y^22=49 2. for the midpoint of the line segment from p_1 to P_2 is (-5,4). if P_1=(-2,2) what is P_2? Please show work
  13. Algebra

    Can you please help me factor these expressions? Completely factor the following expressions. Please show work. 4x^2 - 8x - 12 + 6x 144 - 9p^2 5c^2 - 24cd - 5d^2 w^2 - 17w + 42 256z^2 - 4 - 192z^2 + 3 2a^2 c^3 - 14bc^3 + 32c^3 d^2 35g^2 + 6g - 9 3j^3 - 51j^2 + 210j Thank you ...
  14. Physics

    Please help me with these choose the best answers since I'm not sure of my answers. A current element produces a magnetic field in the region surrounding it. at any point in space, the magnetic field produced by this current element points in a direction that is a) radial from...
  15. Physics

    Please help me with these choose the best answers since I'm not sure of my answers. A current element produces a magnetic field in the region surrounding it. at any point in space, the magnetic field produced by this current element points in a direction that is a) radial from...
  16. Language Arts - Please Check Answer

    Please help me with the following question: A paradox is a literary device often used to A. emphasize or make readers think about important ideas. B. provide hints or clues about events that occur later in a story. C. explain a character’s reason for doing or saying ...
  17. Science ~CHECK MY WORK PLEASE~

    Felipe made a toy boat out of clay, but it kept sinking in water. He changed the boat's design by making it slightly wider than before. Why did Felipe's newly designed boat float on water? A. He decreased the density by increasing the volume. B. He decreased the density by ...
  18. chemistry

    A Work-Study student was hired to check and test some new CHEM 2020 experiments. One task was to check the reproducibility of the polarimeter. She was asked to repeat the resolution experiment by exactly the same procedure three times in order to estimate the experimental ...
  19. physics

    A sledge weighing 30 kg is pulled with a rope that makes 60° with the horizontal. The tension on the rope is constant and it is 37N. The sledge is moved horizontally for 13 m. There is no friction and cos(60°)=0.5 a) What is the work done by the tension on the sledge in ...
  20. boitumelong

    Eddie took 3over5 hours to finish a work but john finished the same work in 7over9hours who finished the work in less time .give reasons
  21. English

    Which one of the following sentences uses pronouns correctly. A. Please give Paul and I your undivided attention. B. Jacob and me are going to set a meeting date. C. Carol told Sylvia and he the good news. D. Send the package to Tanya and him.
  22. Language arts

    . This question asks about your work in your reading role. You may use your novel to help you answer the question. Think about the work you completed in your reading role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about The Giver. Provide ...
  23. Chemistry

    I don’t know how to do this because I was sick when this was thought. If someone could please explain how to do or set up the first problem. A. Measure out 0.130 moles of salt (NaCl) into a blue, dry cup. You need to convert to mass in grams. Show work: B. Put 4.03x10^23 ...
  24. CHEM

    Can you please check my work? I got -4.3KJ/mol If this is not right can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Thank you! Questions. 1.a. Use Hess's Law and the measured mean enthalpy changes for the NaOH-HCl and NH3-HCl reactions to calculate the enthalpy change to be expected ...
  25. English

    Could you please check these sentences, please. Thank you. 1. Connect the sentences with a relative pronoun and make any necessary changes. 2. Write in brackets the relative pronouns that can be omitted. 3. Complete the sentences with a suitable word. (8 pts) pts stands for ...
  26. chemistry check

    What is the sum of the coefficients (including “1”) of the following reaction? Sodium sulfate + calcium hydroxide ??? Na2SO4 + Ca (OH)2 --> 2 NaOH + CaSO4 a. 4 b. 5 c. 6 d. 7 e. 9 the sum of coefficients are = 1 + 1 + 2 +1 = 5 Goodness, you add the digits well. Good ...
  27. world history

    1)Who became Da vinci,s rival in Florence? -Michelangelo 2)What was the mistake Leornardo made with his work the last Supper? -leornardo chose to sit Judas in with the rest of the disciples 3)What was the name Da Vinci gave to his appertentice? Can you check my answer? And ...
  28. Busienss

    Hello My name is Sara and i,m work in marketing and i have get offer from some company from all world about some product for import and export and i do like to know how i can check this company its real or fake wait your reply Thanks
  29. Calculus

    Can someone check my work on this problem? I'm studying for the AP test and I would really appreciate any help. Let f(x) = the definite integral from [-2,(x^2-3x)] of e^(t^2) dt At what value of x is f(x) a minimum? a. For no value of x b. 1/2 c. 3/2 d. 2 e. 3 The answer I got...
  30. Physics please check repost

    The pressure and volume of a gas are changed along a path ABCA in the figure. The vertical divisions on the graph represent 4.0 x 10^5 Pa, and the horizontal divisions represent 4.5 x 10^-3 m3. The diagram is a upright rectangle divided into small squares (8 up and 6 across). ...
  31. Physics

    A 2.32 kg block slide down a ramp from a height of 4.19 m. The block has a speed of 3.25 m/s when it reaches the bottom. There is friction. What is the work (in J) done by gravity? What is the work done by friction? I found the work of friction already. KE= .5m(v^2) KE= .5(2....

    could you please check my work? thanks. For the reaction between reactants A and B below, if 4.925 moles of A is placed into a flask with excess B it is found that the amount of A remaining after 6.85 seconds is 2.737 moles. 2A (g) + B (g)-----> 3 C (g) a. find the rate of ...
  33. math

    A different eight grader has been asked to work at the face painting booth every half hour. Use division to find how many eighth-graders are needed to work at the face painting booth during the fair. Show your work. I don't understand the division part, the way I did it was 1:...
  34. physics

    please check my answers. 20. does the international space station have gravitational pe? ke? explain? -It has gravitation pe. I thought that Gravitational potential energy is the energy stored in an object as the result of its vertical position or height? 30.a moving hammer ...
  35. Math

    I cannot come up with the right answers for my matrix. I need to write as a system of equation and solve the system. 1 2 3 x 1 1 1 1 y = 12 -1 1 2 z 2 The answers I come up with are 31 15 15 when I check these, they will not work, what I am doing wrong?
  36. Social Studies 7R (Please Read!)

    Please check my homework I have to read each statement and determine if it's federalist or Democratic Republican 1. F - The role of government should be limited 2. DR - The economy should focus on farming 3. F - No one person should have too much power 4. F - There should be a...
  37. Physics

    Does it take twice the work to stretch a spring 2cm from its equilibrium position as it does to stretch it 1cm from its equilibrium position? Yes it does. (Just want to double check my answer)
  38. physics

    8.01 homework. I have difficulty with question no. 2. all my equations do not work-Rough Surfaces. Also, the period of oscillation got part a the rest is confusing and my answers do not check out. I thought this was a very difficult assignment to say the least. So far, I am ...
  39. Trig

    Thanks for letting me know about wave seperation. Could you tell me more please. What exactally is meant by wave seperation. Does it mean above and below the midline or does it mean seperation between wave cycles? What does it mean?
  40. math

    49 divided by n = 7 ( please show work thank you)
  41. Algebra

    Solve for x and y: 2x + y = 1 x - y = 8 PLEASE HELP. and show work.(:
  42. Algebra

    Please solve: Show work 6x^2 = 36
  43. math

    If r=t/2 and t=w/2, what is (r+w) in terms of t? (A)t (B)t^2 (C)3t/2 (D)5t/2 (e)5t/4 Please show work. Thanks.
  44. math

    matrices: A=[-5 4 -6 B=[-2 4 -5 9 -8 7 8 9 3 4 -3 9] 5 -2 2] AB=? please show the work if you can.
  45. math

    matrices: A=[-5 4 -6 9 -8 7 4 -3 9] B=[-2 4 -5 8 9 3 5 -2 2] AB=? please show work if you can.
  46. math

    let A=(3 x) (-2 -3) if A=A^-1, what is x? please show work so i can understand
  47. Algebra

    12(74y - (6+5Y - 8Z) = Please show work
  48. Algebra

    12(74y - (6+5Y - 8Z) = Please show work
  49. Algebra

    12(74y - (6+5Y - 8Z) = Please show work
  50. math

    what is 5 3/4 divided by 1/3? please show work.
  51. Algebra

    -4p-10(2p-3)=22-7(1-2p) Please show all work
  52. Calculus

    Graph f(x) = 4^(x - 1) Please show work
  53. Calculus

    Differentiate f(x)=(x^(3)-8)^(2/3) Please Show Work
  54. Mathe

    4m/9+13-1m/3=4 Please help me solve and show your work
  55. Math

    14-w/8=3w/4-21 Please help me solve this and show work
  56. Math

    2x-9/3=8-3x Please help me solve this and show your work thanks
  57. Math

    1/2(6x-4)=4x-9 Please help me solve and work it out thanks
  58. Math

    Y/3+11=y/2-3 Please help me solve this and show your work thanks
  59. Math

    2m+6=2m-1 Please help me solve this and show your work thanks.
  60. Math

    r/3+7-r/5=-3 Please help me solve this and show your work
  61. Math

    w/4-w/5-1/3=16/15 Please help me solve this and show your work. Thanks
  62. equation

    4x + 3(29-x) = 100 please show work
  63. Math

    multiply: a)(2x+5)(2x-5) b) -4x^3(6x-3x^4) show your work. please help me!!
  64. Math

    multiply: -4x^3(6x-3x^4) show your work. please help me!!
  65. physics

    Eric can you show the work please
  66. math

    Find 4.84 * 39 + 61 * 4.84 show work please
  67. fractions

    What is the quotient of 5/22 and 6/11 ? please show work
  68. ALG 2!!!

    please solve and show work 5(2x - 7) = 33 - 3(6x + 4)
  69. math

    e/7-3=-5 What does e equal? Please show work!
  70. Please help me work it out!!! Maths

    solve for x: ln(x^2-6x-16)=5
  71. Math

    Solve for x. x/(x-2) + (2x)/[4-(x^2)] = 5/(x+2) Please show work!
  72. s.s

    mrs sue can you cheak my work please
  73. Math

    If x<y, z=x/2 and a=y/2, then please show work/ explain A.z<a B.a>z C.a=z D.2a>y E.2x>2z
  74. math

    If x = 1/x^2, then 2 + 3 = a. 13/36 b. 1/5 c. 5/6 d. 1/8 e. 5/13 please answer and show work
  75. Math

    What is 23 - 4/6 =? Please show all the work.
  76. Algebra

    Please Answer this and show your work! (3h+2)(2h^2-7h+1)
  77. Math

    Please explain and show your work 2 3 -+- 3 4
  78. Math

    How do I work out this problem 8 3/4 + 2 1/2 please help me.
  79. math

    3x5+10x3/ 20-(5+6) my work 45/9=5 yes or no please help
  80. MATH!

    Estimate 18% of 50. Show your work. Please help me.
  81. economics

    What were the original causes of the u.s. trade deficit? Help please ASAP Check this site. (Broken Link Removed)
  82. physics...please check my answer...

    4.A mass of one kg of nickels has a monetary value in the US $ of approximately: a. $1 b. 10 cents c. $10 d. $1000 is it c?
  83. physics Again

    bobpursley can you please check my reply to your post about my question? I am not sure if I did my equation correctly. Thanks
  84. English

    Please check my answer Is this phrase correctly capitalized ? Martin Luther King day I said yes
  85. math

    please check my answer thanks :) The monthly payment on a $90,000 mortgage at a rate of 7.5% interest for 30 years is $630.00
  86. math

    Hi! I am trying to solve an order of operation question would you please check my answer... 36+9/3*5 I soved it to equal 51 9/3=3 3*5=15 36+15=51 Thanks for your help!!
  87. Health

    Normal urine is____________ as indicated bt it's ph value I think it is slightly alkaline please check my answer thanks
  88. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve using the addition and multiplication principles 5 + 6x < 53 The solution set is < 8
  89. Romeo and Juliet Help (24 hours and no response)

    I posted questions yesterday and it's on the next page. Could you please check them and get back with me thanks.
  90. math

    tell whether the ordered pair is a solution of the equation y=-4x+3 1. (-2, -5) 2. (3, -9) 3. (1/2, 1) my answers: 1. no, 2. no, 3. no but I don't think they're right... can you please check??

    The force applied by the e-brake is F(eb) = m*a(eb) = -8.13*1452 = -12,100 N I didn't get the same answer - I got 11,804.76....please check
  92. Algebra

    Solve using the multiplication principle. Don't forget to check. -x/2=8. Here is how I did the problem but I think it's wrong. (-2/x)-x/2=8(-2/x) x= -16. Could you please help? Thanks.
  93. Math(Please check)

    Sorry I forgot a question. 2) rationalize the denominator. 4/sqrt6 My answer is 4sqrt6/ 6 Am I correct?
  94. Math-Algebra-Please check

    What is the solution of 3 times the absolute value of x + 5 <= 6 I think the answer is x <= - 3 and x >= -7 If I'm not right, could you tell me why?
  95. Algebra 1 help, check please?

    Okay, so the problem is.. x^2+6=13 Would I just subtract the 6 from the thirteen.. So. x^2=7 Divide by 2? I'm kinda stuck from that point
  96. algebra

    please check answers and change if wrong thank you. The absolute value of 3 times a number x is greater than 33. |3x| > 33 3x > 33 x > 11 what about -11
  97. algebra

    please check my problem and make changes as needed. thanks solve ineqality: 3/7(2p-14) > 6/7p-6 Clear fractions mult. by 7/1 3(2p-14) >6p-6 6p - 42 > 6p - 6 6p - 6p -42> 6p - 6p - 6 0 -42 +42 > -6 +42 0 > 36
  98. Spanish-Please check answers

    Él no va nunca.He never goes Él ve alguien.He sees someone. Él no ve nadie.He doesn’t see anyone.
  99. math

    hi ms.sue could you please check my answer in problem The perimeter of a square is 64ft. Find the length of a diagonal. c=22.62
  100. Physica

    if A=12x - 16y and B= - 24x + 10y,what is the magnitude of the vecror C=2A-B? Please check out the necessity to solve them and thank
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