Trig check my work please?

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  1. English

    Please check this paragraph.please. Wrongdoing and wickedness are as old as first man born in the world. These problems are so great that man cannot cope with it himself. Man can not escape way from wrongful act and the bad conscience without the help of Almighty God. When we ...
  2. Math Check My Work Please 2

    15. Lisa takes a loan of $10,500 at a 9% simple interest rate for 7 years. a. How much interest will she pay after 3 years? b. How much interest will she pay in total for the loan? $2,835.00; $6,615.00 $8,280.00; $9,720.00* $13,598.00; $19,194.00 $28,350.00;...
  3. Math(Check Please)

    1. Which line is the flattest (or is less steep)? Why? a.
  4. More Math To Check Please

    4c^2 - 12c + 9 This is what I got: (2c+3)(2c-3) *Is that correct.? No, it is (2c-3)^2.
  5. college algebra

    can someone check my answer for me please! 5x+6y=18 solve for y 6y=18-5 y=3-5/6x
  6. for bobpursley please check

    ok So The American Association of Labor legislation did what then n
  7. Algebra 1

    Please help me check my answer. Solve by completing the square. x^2-4x=10
  8. Math 116 algebra please check

    Evaluate x+y/6 for x =57 and y=3 the answer is x+y/6=10
  9. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve -0.8x < -56 The solution is x<70
  10. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve 8x - (5x + 7)= 17 The solution is x= 8
  11. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve 5/2x + 1/4x = 9/4 + x The solution is x 9/10
  12. math - scientific notation

    please check. thanks. (8.3 x 10^-15) (7.7 x 10^4) = 6.391 x 10^-10 Is that right?
  13. math

    Could someone please check these for me? 1. Find the function value if x=2 f(x)=x^3 F(2)=8
  14. math

    can someone check this please find indicated outputs for f(x)= 4x^2 - 2x f(0)=0 f(-1)=6 f(2)=14
  15. algebra

    Find the slope, it it exists x+7y=14 x=7y/14=2 check this problem for me please
  16. Math

    Can you please check to see if these are right? We have to set each of them to y. Thank You. x-y=-3: y=-3x 2x+y=5: y=5-2x 2x+y=8: y=8-2x
  17. Alg 2 Please can Someone Check this???

    1) 8^2y = 52^4y+3 2) 2^3(2y) = 2^26(4y+3) 3) 6y = 104y+78 4) -98y = 78 5) y= -0.796
  18. Math(please check)

    Simplify each expression: 1) (x+8)^2 = x^2 + 64 2) (x-2)^3 = x^3 - 8 3) (x-2y)(x+y) = x^2 - xy -2y^2 4) (x+2)(x^2+3x-2) = x^3 + 5x^2 + 4x-4 Are my answers correct?
  19. Algebra, ( check please)

    A/3+4=6 I subtracted 4 from 4, and 4 from 6. and I got A/3+2= But how do I solve it from here?
  20. Math

    Check please Rewrite using distubutive property 3(x-2) 8(z-3) (t-4)5 -2(x-7) 3x-6 8z-24 5t-20 -2x+14
  21. 5 th math

    what is 1/8= ? Equivalent fraction THIS IS WHAT I GOT ? = 2/16 ,4/32 AND 8/40. CAN YOU PLEASE! CHECK IT FOR ME MS. SUE THANKS!!
  22. Math Can anyone check my answer please

    4z-24/6-z=-z,-4 <<<this is in simplifield form am I right???
  23. Math Can anyone check my answer please

    4z-24/6-z=-z,-4 <<<this is in simplifield form am I right???
  24. Ms. Sue Help me with my poem

    Please look at my last post, so you can check my answers.
  25. aLGEBRA 2 help please would appreciate

    x/x+3 -x/x+3=x^2+9/x^2-9 solve for x and check your answers
  26. Maths

    Quadratic Graphs Can you please check if my values are correct? y=x^2-4x x= -4 so y= 0 x= -3 so y= -3 x= -2 so y= -4 x= -1 so y= -3 x= 0 so y= 0 x= 1 so y= -3 x= 2 so y= 14 Thank you
  27. Math

    Quadratic Graphs Can you please check if my values are correct? y=x^2-4x x= -4 so y= 0 x= -3 so y= -3 x= -2 so y= -4 x= -1 so y= -3 x= 0 so y= 0 x= 1 so y= -3 x= 2 so y= 14 Thank you
  28. Mrs.Sue

    Could you please check my answers down below.
  29. Mrs.Sue

    Can you please check my answers down below?
  30. Math

    add or subtract. P.s this is a polynomial. (2x^2 + 6x + 1) + (-7x^2 + 2x - 3) A. -9x^2 -8x + 2 B. 5x^2 + 8x - 2*** C. 5x^2 - 8x + 2 D. 5x^2 -4x -2 i choose B. check please
  31. math

    y-x=1 2x-y=1 changing it to y y=-x+1 y=2x-1 can someone check if I did it right? If not, please correct me.
  32. Math

    which of the following expression is true? 2^4*2^3=2^12 3^3*3^6>3^8 4^2*4^2>4^4 5^5*5^2=5^10 i think is the c but please check for me.
  33. English Check please

    Ravenous and cavernous italicized meaning is
  34. math please check

    (13-2)squared + (14-12 divided by 3) (11 * 11) + -.6 121+ -.6 =120.4
  35. Math

    Find the area of the following rectangles. 7/2 mm ×14/5 mm. I can up with 98/10 mm. Please check
  36. Music

    In homophonic textures , how many melodies are there 1 2* 3 4 Please check my answer
  37. trig

    it says to verify the following identity, working only on one side: cotx+tanx=cscx*secx Work the left side. cot x + tan x = cos x/sin x + sin x/cos x = (cos^2 x +sin^2x)/(sin x cos x) = 1/(sin x cos x) = 1/sin x * 1/cos x You're almost there. thanks so much! i could not figure...
  38. math

    if the percent was 56 what would the fraction value be I will be happy to check your work on this. Percent means per 100, or /100
  39. Math

    Theo made the table below to show the number of middle school students who attented the last football game. if this data were displayed in a circle graph, how many degrees would be in the sector representing the 8th grade Grades 6,7,8 # of students in 6th grade: 375 7th grade...
  40. english

    Please check my work. How did I do? Also, please correct me on any gramatical mistakes. Thank you. Summary, Analysis, Synthesis, and Evaluation...... Write a paragraph explaining the key differences between the four types of writing. An analysis is your own interpretation of ...
  41. trig

    Two airplanes leave a airport at the same time , one going northwest ( bearing 315degrees) at 422 mph and the other going east at 341 mph. How far are the planes after 4 hours ? Please help have no idea of how to solve?
  42. Algebra help+check please?

    Graph the function. Compare the graph with the graph of f(x)=x q(x)=x-1 How would I do this? Cause, I do know that f is the same thing as y and so that in the problem it'd be y=x-1 right? Could somebody please explain how to do this STEP by STEP?
  43. precalculus

    can you check my work Given: r = 4/-2-6sintheta What is the eccentricity of the function? r = 4/-2-6sintheta r=4/8sin theta r=2sintheta the eccentricity is 2
  44. Math...just curious

    In connections academy is a quick check count as a sample work? just curious
  45. chemistry check

    please check Write the balanced equation, with the enthalpy component, for the rusting process, given that Hf for iron and oxygen is 0 and Hf for ferric oxide is -826 kJ/mol. 4 Fe (s) + 3 O2 (g) --------> 2 Fe2O3 (s) You need to add the heat one of three ways. 4 Fe (s) + 3 ...
  46. U.S History

    In the road to independence, Were any of the protests, etc. successful? How dou you know? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a response to these questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will ...
  47. mass communication

    who is target audience of sex and the city? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once YOU have come up with a response to YOUR questions, please re-post and let us know what you think. Then someone here will be happy to critique your work. =)
  48. calculus-can someone please help me with this ques

    Given the following polynomial f(x)=(x-1)(x-5), find A.the zeros and the multiplicity of each one b. where the graph crosses or touches the x-axis c.the number of turning points d. the end behavior Please show work.
  49. college algebra

    Can someone please help me find the x-intercepts and y-intecepts of this equation. I have the radius, and center but I can't seem to get the intercepts. x^2+y^2=16x-18y+145=25 Please show work. Thanks!!
  50. Algebra 2

    Q: (x^2-9/x^2-5x)(5x-x^2/x^2-x-12)(x^2-8x+16/x-4) my answer: -1 How i solved: crossed multiplied 2 of the 3 sets of fractions the multiplied the answer to the remaining one and simplified. Can you check that my work is correct?
  51. physics

    please check these; a container of gas is at pressure of 3.7*10^3 Pa. How much work is done by the gas if its volume expands by 1.6 m. 5.92 * 10^5 A 0.10 kg piece of copper at an initial temperature of 95degC is dropped into 0.20 kg of water contained in a 0.28 kg aluminum ...
  52. physics

    please check these; a container of gas is at pressure of 3.7*10^3 Pa. How much work is done by the gas if its volume expands by 1.6 m. 5.92 * 10^5 A 0.10 kg piece of copper at an initial temperature of 95degC is dropped into 0.20 kg of water contained in a 0.28 kg aluminum ...
  53. Algebra

    I've been trying to figure out this equation for over an hour but all the answers I get are wrong. The equation is 0.9=-10I^2+6I . The answer is supposed to be 0.3 and it does work out, but I have tried all different ways to solve for I and nothing seems to work. Could someone...
  54. matn

    need help with word problem? half add it Find a number such that when added to numerator and denominator of 2/11 yields a fraction equivalent to 1/2? thanks for any help (x+2)/(x+11) = 1/2 x is the number you want. Now do the algebra. I will be happy to check your work. thank you
  55. Chemistry-check my work

    The equilibrium constant kc for the equation CS2 + 4H2 <--> CH4 +2H2S at 900 C is 27.8. what is the value of kc for the following equation? 1/2CS2 + 2H2 <---> 1/2CH4 +H2S sqr root of 278=5.27?
  56. physics problem-check

    do i have the following answer right? a tv set is pushed a distance of 2m with a force of 20 N that is in the same direction as the set moves. how much work is done on the set? would it be (2 m)(20 N)= 40 J
  57. HELP Please. Geography.

    I found some links for the geological history for the appalachian mountains BUT it confuses me. Can you please simplify the formation of the Appalachian mountains?? please? thanks. Basically the mountains were created due to the merging of the continents into Pangea. I know ...
  58. Physics ~Work Kinetic Energy~

    1.)A ball (m 0.5 kg) starts from rest and has 300 J(joule) of work applied to it. a) what is the initial kinetic energy of the ball? b) what is the final kinetic of the ball? c) what is the final velocity of the ball? 2.)A boy is doing chin-up. If the boy does 450 N of work to...
  59. chemistry

    the Ksp of Bi2s3 at room temmperature is 1.60x10-72, what is its solubility in g/100 ml? Please help me with the solution. Our teacher haven't discussed this yet so I have no idea how to solve this.. and if i ever got the answer with your solution. could you please check my ...

    James bought 5 baseball cards at a garage sale for $0.65 each. He sold them to a collector for $2.25 each. what was his profit? A. $3.25 *** B. $8.00 C. $11.25 D. $14.50 Serena has 7/8 yd of fabric. To complete her craft project, she needs 3 times that amount. How many yards ...
  61. Social Studies

    What bordered the Gupta Empire to the north? 1. Ganges River 2. India 3. Himalaya*** 4. Bay of Bengal The Hindu Kush are near which river? 1. Ganges 2. Nile 3. Arabian 4. Indus**** Please check my answers Ms.Sue please
  62. Math/Physics(Please check work)

    For an experiment on specific heat capacities of metal in physics, I am trying to calculate my percent error but am having some trouble. After collecting my experimental data for c (cal/g) for the object that was used which was aluminum my results are: trial 1 = .19 trial 2...
  63. math

    Here's my question: Fireworks are to be launched from a platform at the base of a hill. Using the top of the platform as the origin and taking some measurements, it was determined that the cross-section of the slope of one side of the hill is y=4x-12 If the path of the ...
  64. Spanish

    Hi there, I need to answer a few questions and I want to make sure I wrote them out correctly. Can you please check my answers? 1. if you were president, what would be your most important decision Si yo fuera presidente, me gustaría bajar los impuestos 2. Do you work hard? S...

    Please check for commas errors, speling and any other grammar error. Please provide the correc answer. The quality in the air in our community interests all of us. We must all work together to keep the air safe for our children. During the past six months we have observed that...
  66. Statistics

    Suppose that about 25% of those called will find and excuse (work, poor health, etc) to avoid jury duty. If 12 people are called for jury duty, what is the probablity that 4 or more will not be available to serve on the jury? Please show work Thank you
  67. ENGlish

    Please check for errors and correct them. Thanks!!! I received your proposal concerning our collaboration on a play. Your basic plan sound fascinating. I have a cabin on the north shore of Lake Michigan, and if we decide to write the play together I would be happy to offer you...
  68. Chemistry

    Can you check if this is correct please? a) How many moles of sodium hydroxide are there in 19.00 cm3 of 0.100 mol dm3? My answer: 0.0019 mol b) How many moles of hydrochloric acid are, there in 25.00 cm3 of the acid solution? My answer: 0.0019 mol c) How many moles of ...
  69. Physics Problem

    Could you please check my work? 2. A 2 kg ball of putty moving to the right at 3m/s has a head-on inelastic collision with a 1 kg ball of putty moving to the left at 3m/s. What is the final magnitude and direction of the velocity of the stuck together balls after the collision...
  70. English

    Please check my last post as well. I typed a reply. Moreover if I were to come up with an Original and creative essay title. What should it be. For the topic Banning Cellphones while driving. 1. Who is to blame? 2. Blame the cellphone 3. I just wanted to text a friend 4. My ...
  71. English

    1. He logged on to check his e-mail. 2. He logged in to check his e-mail. 3. He logged on to check his e-mails. 4. He logged in to check his e-mails. --------------------------------------- Which ones are grammatical? Can we use all of them?
  72. Spanish Could someone please check my work? Thank

    Mi primera clase que tengo es la orquesta. No es difícil pero el profesor es muy estricto. Mi segunda clase es el álgebra. Es difícil pero es muy importante. Mi tercera clase es la geografiá. Antes mi clase, tengo el almuerzo. Después del almuerzo, tengo mi cuarta clase. ...
  73. Chemistry

    How many moles of compound are present in 17g of Fe2O3? I think I know how to do this, so if someone can show me so I can check my work against it. My answer was .106 moles of Fe2O3.
  74. physics (mechanics)

    find the constant force necessary to accelerate a car of mass 1000kg from 15m/s to 20m/s in 10s against resistance of 270N ? pls show work (answer is 770N just in case to check)
  75. College Algebra/pre-calculus

    The question is to evaluate each logarithm: My professor wants us to show work. Could you please tell me if I'm on the right track? Thank you!!! 1. log6^(1/36)= -2 2. ln(1/e^4)= 1/e^2 3. log7^1= 0 4. log4^64= ln64/ln4= 3 5. log10^8= ln8/ln10= .9031 6. log3^(radical 3)= I wasn'...
  76. fine arts

    Describe what work the three brothers from Flanders are known for and how this work was illustrated. i think their most known work is the "Book of Hours" . but i need help in the second part
  77. economics

    Does Marx's essay help illuminate any of your own work experiences? Can you relate to his discussion? Why or why not? what if i don't have any work expericence could i just said that or is it talking about another work
  78. Physics

    A grocery cart with a mass of 18 kg is pushed at constant speed along an aisle by a force F = 12 N. The applied force acts at a 20° angle to the horizontal. Find the work done by each of the forces on the cart if the aisle is 14 m long. work done by the applied force work ...
  79. trig

    (3 tan^2x-1)(tan^2-3)= 0 can someone please explain how to do this problem and then explain the whole pie thing at the, this is suppose to equal pie/6 b/c it's soooo confused.....
  80. trig function

    Suppose f(x)=cos x - sin x and g(x)=cos x + sin x. Explain why the graph of (fxg)(x) is equivalent to the graph of h(x)=cos x after it has been horizontally compressed by a factor of 1/2. Please help, thank you!
  81. 11th garde physics

    A grocery cart with a mass of 18 kg is pushed at constant speed along an aisle by a force F = 12 N. The applied force acts at a 20° angle to the horizontal. Find the work done by each of the forces on the cart if the aisle is 17 m long. a)work done by the applied force=? b)...
  82. ENGLISH 11

    1. When Thomas Paine writes about reconciliation, he is referring to (1 point) {A.}the southern Colonies staying peacefully connected to the northern Colonies. B.the Colonies staying peacefully connected with Great Britain. C.the Colonists staying peacefully connected to ...
  83. English

    Could you please check these few things? Thank you, Writeacher. Here is the password connected to the students' class email address. If you want you can check the names of the students who have sent email so far. Could you please ask them all to send a short message so that ...
  84. Calculus

    let f(x)=x^3(e^-x) Answer using calculus, use graphing calculator only to check work. a) Find the local and global extrema of f. b) Find the intervals where f is increasing/decreasing. c) Find the inflection points of f. d) Find the intervals where f is concave up/down. e) ...
  85. French- another check-over

    A group of friends spent the weekend in Paris. Say where they each went, using the passe compose of aller. 1. Nathalie est allee au Louvre. 2. Eric et Jerome sont alles au Musee d'Orsay. 3. Caroline et Claire sont allees au Centre Ponpidou. 4. Vincent est alle au Quartier ...

    help pls, check my work asap!?? 1) Which of the following is a chemical change? (1 point) Boiling of water*** Melting a cube of ice Dissolving 10 grams of salt in water Splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen 2) What is the mass of water that results from combining 2.0g of ...
  87. English

    Writeacher, thank you very much for giving me advice. Can you please tell me if my sentences are possible? 1) "What about making pizza for dinner”,he said. He suggested making pizza for dinner. 2) “OK. It was me who broke the vase”, she said. She admitted breaking the ...
  88. Check these ASAP please!!!

    Please check these: 1.A 2.C 3.C 4.B 5.B ----------------------------------------------------- 1.Which part of speech is the parentheseised word? (Set) the table for me, please. A.verb B.pronoun C.noun D.adjective ---------------------------------------------- 2.Which part of ...
  89. TRIG

    Can someone please help me? Use identities to find the indicated value for each angle measure. sin θ = 12/13, cos θ > 0 Find cos (2θ).
  90. Math Trig Please Help!!!

    Find exact values for all the solutions to the equation cos theta = sqrt 3/2 for -2pi <= theta <= 2pi Theta = Theta = Theta = Theta =
  91. Trig

    Verify each trigonimetric equation by substituting identities to match right hand side of the equation to the hand side of the equation. Please help. -tan^2x+sec^2x=1
  92. physics

    Please see if I am doing this problem right. A mixture of gasoline vapor and air is placed in an engine cylinder. The piston has an area of 7.4 X 10^-3 m^2 and is displaced inward by 7.2 X 10^-2 M. If 9.5 X 10^5 Pa of pressure is placed on the piston, how much work is done ...
  93. English 10 Check

    Someone please check! * is the answer I chose. For each of the following pairs of topics select the one that is more focused. 1.)Topic. a.)Why beaches are fun *b.)Why I love Miami Beach 2.)Topic. a.)The wonderful world of vegetables *b.)The health benefits of carrots 3.)Topic...
  94. Powers!

    1. Should be 8a15 but I think that is just a typo because the * and 8 are on the same key of the keyboard. 2-4 look ok to me. 5. What you have looks ok to me; however, can't these two terms be multiplied to give 200x8y9 ? Yeah sorry about #1 that's what I FOr number ...
  95. socialstudies(CHECK ANSWERS)

    PLEASE CHECK MY ANSWERS please check my answers and if there wrong maybe you could tell me the correct one.but thanks anyways. 1. How did the formation of the National Action Party change Mexican politics? A.It ended the one-party system. B.It consolidated power among a few ...
  96. English

    Thank you very much for helping me. Can you please check these last two sentences, please? 1)Pamela’s father believes that a girl’s beauty should be evaluated on the basis of virtue and goodness . It should therefore not be confused with vanity or prettiness. 2) She was so...
  97. calc: avg value

    Find the average value of the function "f(x) = x^2 sqrt(1+x^3)" on the interval [0,2]. and this is what i did.. please check for mistakes. thanks :D f(x) = x^2 sqrt(1+x^3), [0,2] f ave = (1/(b-a))*inegral of a to b for: f(x) dx f ave = (1/(2-0))*integral of 0 to 2 for: x^2 ...

    which of the following elements would have the highest melting point?> a)K b)Mg C)Na D)al e)Ca Calcium would have the highest, follwed by aluminum, magnesium, sodium, lowest melting point-potassium. Please double check thank you i found that you are correct with the melting...
  99. Algebra

    x-8/x-9-x+1/x+9+x-17/x^2-81 =x^3-81x^2-7x-27/x^2. Can some check this my answer and see if it corre4ct please.
  100. Math 116 algebra please check

    Solve -8¡Ü4x-7¡Ü-2 The solution is -1/4,5/4
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