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Honors Geometry

You work for a fencing company. A customer called, wanting to fence in his 1,320 square-foot rectangular garden. He ordered 148 feet of fencing, but you forgot to ask him for the width and length of the garden (these dimensions will determine some of the details of the order, ...


I have been working on a paper for a week, the first day we found out. and It is due tommorrow. I have check and rewritten entire paragraphs because I didn't think that they made sense. I have worked countless hours and finnaly handed it into my teacher for a final revision ...


I think I have the subjunctive figured out now. Well, maybe not. Can someone check my work? I'm not very good at French either so it may have tons of mistakes. Thank you! I needed to use the subjunctive 7 times so can you check that too? Thanks! Quand nous sommes allés en ...


a power = work/time question. A broken car is being pushed to a garage. a) work out the drivers output if he takes 1 hour and 45 mins to push his car 2km with a force of 900N. b) work out the total power output if the driver has to stop for a 30 minute kip halfway. c) the ...


1. He will have finished the work by the time you come. 2. He will have gone to Japan next week. 2-2. He will have gone to Japan by next week. 3. He will have read the book three times if he reads it again. 4. He will have lived in Chicago for ten years next year. 4-2. He will...


a rectangle is to be inscribed under the arch of the curve y = 2cosx from x=-pi to x=pi. What is the length of the base of the rectangle with maximum area? can someone help me with this....i have a lot of problems to do just like this but i don't understand them. can someone ...


Can you please check these problems? 1. 5ã28+2ã45=_____ I got 10ã7+6ã5 2. -4ã75+3ã147=_____ I got 1ã21 3. -11ã8-7ã12=______ I got -11ã8-14ã3 4. ã150-5ã96 I got -15ã6 5. 9ã13-6ã11+ã13=___ I got -6ã11+10ã13


If it costs $75 to buy 3 video games, how much money will Jordan need if he wants to buy 12 video games? $75.00/3 video games=$25.00 for 1 video game $25.00 x 12 video games=$300.00 for 12 video games Can you please double check my answer to see if I got it correct. Thank you


Question Part Points Submissions Used The angle of elevation to the top of a very tall Building is found to be 7° from the ground at a distance of 1 mi from the base of the building. Using this information, find the height of the building.


What do we have for home work, 6th grade MR. Saccatello? october 17, 2006 People who read this message board live all over the country and have no way of knowing assignments in individual schools. Please contact your teacher or another student in your class for your assignments.


Calculate the area bounded by the x-axis and the function f(x)= -(x-a)(x-b), where a<b and a and b are constants. Please do it out in steps so I can understand it, and try to simplify the final answer and leave it in factored form. Frankly, I would multiply out the ...

Reimbursement methodologies

You work in the hospitals health care management department you assist by completing records. One of the residents complains that he doesnt understand why insurance companies need so much documentation and the reimbursement system is so complex. How do you respond? Please can ...


1. If a 30kg object experiences a normal force of 210N when traveling down a ramp, what is the angle of incline? Also, calculate the force of friction and the coefficient of friction. Answers: μ(mu)=0.98 Θ=44.5 degrees But please show work and all equations/variables...

Math for the middle school and elementary teacher

what number am I? I am a 3-digit number. I am equal to the sum of the cubes of my digits. I am between 100 and 200. My digits are odd. Explain whether or not other solutions to the riddle are possible. My answer was that correct? please let me know. could 135 work too?


1.) values of f(t) are given in the following table: t 0 2 4 6 8 10 f(t) 137 112 88 68 49 34 a. Does this function appear to have a positive or negative first derivative? Second derivative? * I think both derivatives are negative b. Estimate (f prime) f^' (2) and f^' (8) ...


A 45 g superball traveling at 28.0 m/s bounces off a brick wall and rebounds at 24.5 m/s. A high-speed camera records this event. If the ball is in contact with the wall for 3.60 ms, what is the magnitude of the average acceleration of the ball during this time interval? (Note...


Can someone please help me! A regular 6sided die is rolled three times. Find the probability of each event: a) Three 6s in a row b) 5,1,even c) Odd, greater than 2,5 Show all work I have been looking at examples and trying all night and I can't figure this out.


can someone please help me to writ an inequality for this wor problem? Mr.Kirkland receives $13/hr. for regular time (8hr./day) and double pay for working on holidays. He worked on Friday even though it was a holiday. If his week's pay was at least $650, how many hours did he ...

calculus - interval of convergence

infinity of the summation n=0: ((n+2)/(10^n))*((x-5)^n) .. my work so far. i used the ratio test = lim (n-->infinity) | [((n+3)/(10^(n+1)))*((x-5)^(n+1))] / [((n+2)/(10^n))*((x-5)^n)] | .. now my question is: was it ok for me to add "+1" to "n+2" to become "n+3"? = lim (n...

Website.need it please!

Can any one help me to find which website is good for high school student to learn more subjects online with others without paying or any good website for doing home work or school game?. thank you.


25) A 75-g ice cube at 0 C is placed in 825g of water at 25 C. a) What is the final temperature of the mixture? b) If the final temperature is 0 C, then how much ice remains? c) change the ice's mass to 300g, and repeat the problem I don't know how to work this at all!!! ...


Brent's normal wage is $672 for a 40 hour week. He worked overtime and earned $873.60 in one week. How many hours of overtime did he work if he was paid double time for the overtime worked? Method please

Math Geometry

a shipping crate carrying e readers has a length of 19 1/3 feet, a width of 7/23 feet, and a height of 7 5/6 feet. Whaat is the volume of the shipping crate? Show your work. i know V=lwh , but I'm getting the wrong answer! Please help.


I was wondering if my answers are correct. 1. A 50kg person is taking a ride on an elevator travelling up at a steady speed of 2.5m/s. Find the time fo the elevator trip if the elevator does 4900 J of work on the person. My answer: First I used the formula f=mg to find the ...


Which choice best describes the underlined word or words in each sentence? The ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, and Chinese each developed a unique system of writing. Underlined is: Sumerians Egyptians Chinese A- simple subject B- compound subject C- complete subject D- none of ...


The total weight of the shape blocks on both sides of Kim's pan balance equals 30 grams. Circles weigh 5 grams, squares weigh 10 grams, and triangles weigh 3 grams. The right side has circle and square. How many triangles are on the left side? A) 5 B) 4 C) 6 D) 10 Answer is 5...

Quick english help

Please check each of my answers from these short stories in "The House On Mango Street". Please correct me if I'm wrong! "Meme Ortiz" 2. What does the fact that Meme and his dog both have two names reveal about the neighborhood? A. People are desperately poor so they use their...

math word problem

Simon arrived at work at 8:15am anf left work at 10:30pm. If Simon gets paid by the hour at a rate of $10 and time and 1/2 for any hours worked over 8 in a day, how much did Simon get paid?

Check Work

A poll was taken of 10,439 working adults aged 40-70 to determine their level of education. The participants were classified by sex and by level of education. The results are shown below. Education Level Male Female Total High School or Less 2023 3264 5287 Bachelor's Degree ...

algebra 2

A bag contains 7 blue marbles, 5 red marbles, and 9 green marbles. A marble is taken at random from the bag. What is the probability that the marble is blue or red? Please check my answer 12/21


2. James spends 10% of his money for movie; he also spends 20% of his money for his lunch. Then he buys $20 in his office supplies. In the next day, he spends $10 for his breakfast. Now he leaves 40% of his original money. How much does he save originally? please show work.


find in degrees the value of Ө in the interval O¡ÜӨ¡Ü 360 for which 2cos^2Ө-cosӨ-1=sin^2Ө give your answers to 1 decimal place where appropriate

Spanish-please check

had to make up questions using the past tense of decir,querer, hacer 1. ¿Qué dijo el doctor ayer? 2. ¿Qué hicieron los profesores ayer en la escuela? 3. ¿Quisiste mirar la pelicula ayer? 4.Tú quisiste un coche nuevo? 5. ¿Tú quiciste la tarea ayer? 6.¿Tú quisiste ...


Will you please check my answers? 1. The largest lake in the world is located near the border of Asia and Europe. What is its name? Caspian Sea 2. What is the name of the country that shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain? Portugal 3. Name the Great Lakes that border Canada...


since 120/500 is equal to 100 that means ...............i still don't get it......... please..... i need help.can you at least give me the answer please tbhis is hohnors math and for me its hard........ Tom,Ted,Tony,Terry worked together on a job.The job paid $500.Each boy was...


PCl5 (g) <=> PCl3 (g) +Cl2 what is the property that might be observed in order to determine when equlibrium has been reached? The question is a little vague. Is the property visual or some other property? I don't think vision (color) will work for PCl5 is a yellowish ...


we are reading the scarlet letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. can you please tell me why Arthur Dimmesdale is the greatest sinner in the book and give examples and quotes (for quotes include what chapter it was found in) thanks! You should go to and read the...


A. Suppose you had an object that you suspected had a mass of one half of one of the washer+paperclip units. (In the rest of this problem we’ll call that a “washerclip.”) Describe how you could use the balance you used in tutorial and a single washerclip to check this. B...


Can you please help me solve this lab: Design an item no bigger than a 35 mm film conatiner that will float at the 400 ml mark in a 1000 mL graduated cyllinder with 800 mL of water in it. The item can only be made from "trash", recycled items and common household goods like ...

Hot Stuff

Please hot stuff could you stop answering because you are not helping me. You are annoying me. Missy, you are not showing any thinking, just homework questions. We are not going to give you answers. Show your best thinking on them, and we will gladly critique your work. Did ...


I've been working on this for an hour and I know it's more simple than I'm making it. Please enlighten me. Cyclist 1 is traveling at 20 mph, Cyclist 2 is traveling at 14 mph. How long before they're 15 miles apart? I've tried to fill in a block diagram and work from there, but...


i need help thinking of Criterion for my evaluative essay..i'm writing on a piece of literature..i need to write what criteria i'm going to use to evaluate the work.. i really need help with this..i need to come up with atleast 4 criterions and i'm stuck please give me some ...

distance problem

Suiz drove home at 60mph, but her brother jim, who left at the same time, could only drive at 48mph. when suzie arrived, jim still had 60 miles to go. how far did suzie drive? Please show work


(II) A grocery art with mass of 18 kg is pushed at constant speed along an aisle by a force F = 12 N. The applied force acts at a 20-degree angle to the horizontal. Find the work done by each of the forces on the cart if the aisle is 15 m long. Please help me solve step by step.


Explain why housing prices vary from city to city. Clearly explain how supply and demand affect the prices of the homes and be sure to show your work. I have tried everything and looked every where but I am having trouble with the graphs. Can you please help?


Explain why housing prices vary from city to city. Clearly explain how supply and demand affect the prices of the homes and be sure to show your work. I have triev everything and looked every where, but I am having trouble with the graphs. Can you please help me?


A sample of an ideal gas at 15.0 atm and 10.0 L is allowed to expand against a constant external pressure of 2.00 atm at a constant temperature. Calculate the work in units of kJ for the gas expansion. (Hint: Boyle's law applies) Please explain thoroughly! thank you!


A sample of an ideal gas at 15.0 atm and 10.0 L is allowed to expand against a constant external pressure of 2.00 atm at a constant temperature. Calculate the work in units of kJ for the gas expansion. (Hint: Boyle's law applies) Please explain thoroughly! thank you!


A sample of nicotine weighing 0.3204 g was vaporized in a flask with a volume of 487 mL. This sample exrted pressure of 74.3 mm Hg at 20 degrees C. What is the molar mass of nicotine? I know this has to do with N=P*V/R*T. and 1 atm=760 mm Hg. Please help and show work. ...

Chemistry HELP!!

A sample of nicotine weighing 0.3204 g was vaporized in a flask with a volume of 487 mL. This sample exrted pressure of 74.3 mm Hg at 20 degrees C. What is the molar mass of nicotine? I know this has to do with N=P*V/R*T. and 1 atm=760 mm Hg. Please help and show work. ...


How would you interpret the messages in the poem Anne received from her father for her birthday? I read them, but don't understand at all.. of course it makes sense I don't understand.. I am a 10 year old doing a 13 year old's work because I skipped a few grades. But anyway, I...


A compound is known to be a cesium halide, CsX. If 3.00 grams of the salt is dissolved in exactly 100.0 grams of water, the solution freezes at -0.735°C. What is the chemical formula for the salt? i know it would be -0.735= -1.86 * m m= 3g/ X g/mol/kg solvent however the ...

trig (pre-cal class)

Suppose è is an acute angle of a right triangle. For this function, find the values of the remaining five trigonometric functions of è. Round to four decimal places. sin è = 0.1 cos è = tan è = cot è = csc è = sec è =

English-Essay Writing

If someone could check this for me please. I'm writing an essay on To Kill a Mockingbird and have to have 3 conjunctives that follow the pattern-semi colon, conjunctive adverb, comma. I'm hoping I don't have to write the whole sentence so here goes: be killed; there, we are ...

math linear equations

suppose you earn 5.50/h at a bakery. From your first paycheck you discover that $1.15/h is withheld for taxes and benefits. you work x hours in a five day week and you spend $3.75 each day on lunch. Write an equationfor your earnings for a 5 day week after taxes and expenses. ...


President Bush signed the new Bankruptcy Reform Act into law around April of 2005. This law went into effect in October of 2005. This means that filing a chapter seven bankruptcy is not as easy as it once was. Let’s get on the Internet and do some research to find out: How ...

Check this please

Avondale and Newtown are 45 miles apart. How many inches is this on a map with a scale 1inch=20miles? I set up a proportion: in/miles= 1/20=n/45 n= 2 and 1/4 in on this map 2 1/4 inches is correct. 1 inch = 20 miles 2 inches = 40 miles 1/4 inch = 5 miles =) Thank you for ...

Math: please check

There are 30 fish in a pond. We know that 13 of these fish are males, 4 of these males are salmon, and there are 8 salmon in the pond. What is the probability that a randomly chosen fish is a salmon, given that it is a male? I think they are just asking about salmon and trying...

Early Child Ed. -- Need help!

Would you please check these questions and my answers? Let me know the ones I have wrong and need to recheck. 1. Many self-care tasks can be taught through: A. adaptive behaviors B. self-determination C. fencing D. chaining 2. The concept of "goodness-of-fit" would be most ...


The sum of the radii of two concentric circles is 40. A chord with length 36 of the larger circle is trisected by the smaller circle. The area of the smaller circle is k*pi. Find the value of k. Express your answer as an exact decimal. Please show work. Thank you very much.


A 65.0-kg skier coasts up a snow-covered hill that makes an angle of 27.4° with the horizontal. The initial speed of the skier is 6.37 m/s. After coasting 2.07 m up the slope, the skier has a speed of 4.06 m/s. Calculate the work done by the kinetic frictional force that acts...


Gemma has to complete her chores for the week. She must finish 10 hours of chores to receive her allowance. She can work on landscaping for 2 to 8 hours. She can also do laundry for 4 to 6 hours. Determine the graph that correctly represents this system of inequalities. PLEASE...


The chemical reaction for the generation of gas in an automobile safety air bag is 2NaN3(s)→ 2Na(s)+3N2(g) What volume of gas is produced if there are 130.0 grams of NaN3 used in the reaction? (The density of nitrogen gas is 0.916 g/L.) Please show your work.

Please Check My Math Answers. Thanks!

Can someone please be kind enough to check my answers? Thanks! :) I put stars by my answers. 1. Calculate the slant height for the given cone. Round to the nearest tenth. Diameter= 8cm Height= 9cm a. 10.2 cm b. 11.4 cm c. 9.8 cm *** d. 12.0 cm 2. Calculate the slant height for...


Hey Reed u told me u will check my essay and u didn't check it so i posting in this post! PLZ remove the last post which was Yesterday cause I posted my essay there and after u check let me know. Plz don't remove this until I reply so I can see ur reply! Thanks a bunch. Did ...


A straight trail with a uniform inclination of 17deg leads from a lodge to an elevation of 900 feet to a mountain lake at a elevation of 5500 ft. what is the length of the trail? (im soo stuck on this problem)


I'm trying to find out which quadrant some trigonometric functions lie in. The problem is one of them is equal to zero, and zero is neither positive or negative. How do I determine which quadrant it belongs in then???


fridge temp equation: T(x)=3sin(pi/10x)+36 What are the high and low temps that will occur in the fridge after its been chilled to 36 degrees? How many mins between these temps? What is the period length?


Water is being pumped at a 3 cubic feet/minute into a cylindrical storage tank with a circular base of a radius 4 feet. Find the depth of the water (d) as a fucntion of time (t)


If sinx = 1/4 Find the exact value of cos2x I used the formula for double angle identities : cos2x = 1-2sin^2x and got the answer 1/2 The book says the answer is 7/8 How would they get to that conclusion?


need help simplifying some trig identities such as: (csc t) (sin t) cos t = 0.75 and tan t = 0.88, find sec t and cot t; (cot2t) (sin2t) + sin2 t; csc2t - cot2t/sin2t


an airplane flies directly overhead at 540mph. 1 minute later is seen at an angle of elevation of 34 degrees. how far did the airplane fly during that time? what is the elevation of the plane?

Precalculus/Trig 3

The degree measure of an angle theta is 40 degrees. What is the radian Measure of theta? at what point P does the terminal ray intersect the unit circle (what is the ordered paid P(____, ___)?


Given that θ is an angle in standard position whose terminal side contains the given point, provide the exact value of the indicated function. (-2, -3) Find sec θ.

Physics (trig)

The height of an outdoor basketball backboard is 12 1/3 feet and the backboard casts a shadow 19 1/5 feet. Find the angle of elevation of the sun (answer in units of degrees). Can someone help me with the formula? Thank you!

Trig-Weird Geometry Problem

Determine all triangles ABC for which tan(A-B)+tan(B-C)+tan(C-A)=0. There's a hint: "Can you relate A-B to B-C and C-A?" Should I apply the tangent difference formula (tan(x-y))? Help would be appreciated, thanks.

Repost-Physics 1

Two railroad cars, each of mass 2.2 104 kg, are connected by a cable to each other, and the car in front is connected by a cable to the engine as shown in the figure below. The cars start from rest and accelerate to a speed of 1.7 m/s after 1 min. a)Find the work done by cable...


Can you please check these last two for me. Thank You and have a great evening. The tension that Irene has towards Bellew shows that she does not appreciate the fact that he is an racist individual, who does not take other people's feelings into perspective when he talks. When...

Written Communication

Your local bank made a mistake on your printed checks. Additionally, the bank charged you for the checks, even though the order was supposed to be complimentary for customers opening a new account. How would you draft a letter that follows your irritation to work for, rather ...


how do I find a value of x that will make each proportion true?? 12 = x ___ ___ 16 20 and 8 = 14 __ ___ 12 x See previous post. i still don't get it sorry Cross multiply to find x. Here's the first one; perhaps you can try the second one on your own. 12/16 = x/20 Take 12 * 20...

Physics (please check!)

A positively charged light metal ball is suspended between two oppositely charged metal plates on an insulating thread as shown below. After being charged once, the plates are disconnected from the battery. Describe the behavior of the ball. Would the ball remain in the center?

Physics 1

Two railroad cars, each of mass 2.2 104 kg, are connected by a cable to each other, and the car in front is connected by a cable to the engine as shown in the figure below. The cars start from rest and accelerate to a speed of 1.7 m/s after 1 min. a)Find the work done by cable...


please correct this sentence: A)HOPEFULLY, we B)WILL BE able to complete the building C)BEFORE the rainy seas sets D)IN. E)NO ERROR i already know the answer is A, but i'm not sure why. can u please explain, thanks. I believe the writer means when the "rainy season sets in." ...

maths-check my answers

Please check my answers 1) make c the subject of the formula a=b+cd----------b-a/d=c 2) make t the subject of the formula u=v+2t----------u-v/2=t 3) make n the subject of the formula m=3n+5--------m-5/3=n 4) make z the subject of the formula x=3y+z--------x-3y=z 5a) make t the...

Agility Training

Please check my answer thanks :) The organization that excludes mixed breeds from its agility competition is the A. United Kennel Club. B. American Kennel Club. C. North American Dog Agility Council. D. Agility Association of Canada My answer is B

Math - Exponential

Please check if my answers are correct! Thank you. Differentiate f(t) = √(36 ln(t) + 5t) f'(t) = (1/2) * (36 ln(t) + 5t)^-1/2 * (36/t + 5) f'(t) = (1/2)* (36/t + 5)/((36 ln(t) + 5t)^1/2 f'(t) = (36 + 5t) / (2t √(36lnt + 5t)) ----- Find the largest & smallest values...

language ms.sue could u please check these thanks

suffixes empty-empties monkey-monkeys security-securities holiday-holidays pity-pities friendly-i don't know this one strawberry-strawberries delay-delays birthday-birthdays say-says vocabulary-vocabularies conspiracy-conspiracies memory-memories candy-candys story-stories ...


Could you please check these few sentences. Thank you. 1) I'm forwarding you the link to the European Etwinning certificate of quality. Online projects carried out between two or more European schools can be eligible to receive both a national (in 2) Our participating students...


Check my translations please! 1. Aeneas was ordering the men to run. Aeneas viros currere iubebat. 2. The pretty queen persuades the Trojan to stay. Regina pulchra Troianum manēre persuadet. 3. A tyrant is not able to give freedom to the people. Tyranni populo liberitatem...


Which quote from the Declaration of Independence shows that the colonists were influenced by John Locke's idea of natural rights? "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."****** "Governments long established should not be changed for light and ...


Can anyone check my answers please True or false 927 is divisible by 3 and 9 true 13,012 is divisible by 9 false 7,434 is divisible by 6 false 2,064 is divisible by 2,4,and8 false 96,240 is divisible by 2,3,5, and 10 false Am I right?


Can anyone check my answers please True or false 927 is divisible by 3 and 9 true 13,012 is divisible by 9 false 7,434 is divisible by 6 true 2,064 is divisible by 2,4,and8 true 96,240 is divisible by 2,3,5, and 10 true Am I right?


Could you please check these thanks god bless. Directions: Describe your favorite outfit, including each item of clothing and its color. Ma l'ensemble favorite est un aeropostale t-shirt rose, un short bleu, et des sandales rose. Question: When I put un t-shirt, and un short ...

Math (please check my answer!!)

openstudy(.)com/updates/attachments/514a5d2ae4b05e69bfac38d2-mimisilly-1363828099165-ikk.png The dashed triangle is a dilation image of the solid triangle with the center at the origin. Is the dilation a enlargement or reduction? Find the scale factor. I know this is a ...

6 grade math

I need help in the setup teacher wants a guess and check table for the word problem. Just the set up I need help on . Please a wood board 156 cm long is cut into three pieces.the two longer pieces are the same length and are 15 cm longer than the shortest piece. How long are ...


Hello, could someone check my answers to the following 1.For the function f(x) = x^2 - 2x + 1, (a) find f(0) My Ans: (0) = 0² - 2(0) + 1 = 0 - 0 + 1 = 1 f(0) = 1 (b) solve f(x) = 0 My Ans: 0 = x² - 2x + 1 (x - 1)(x - 1) = 0 (x - 1)² = 0 x = 1 2. (Solve and check) The amount...


I have to add prepositional phrases to the following sentences. Please check to see if correct. 1.The carpenter repaired the roof. 2.The coach explained the play. 1.The carpenter repaired the roof in the house. 2.The coach down the street explained the play.

Chemistry(Please check answers)

1) The Ka for acetic acid is 1.8e-5. What is the pH of a 3.18M solution of this acid? I did 1.8e-5 = x^2/3.18 x=sqrt 1.8e-5 X 3.18 = 7.56e-3 pH=-log(7.56e-3) = 2.12 The pH is 2.12 2) At 25 degrees celsius, the pH of a 1.75M NaCN solution (the Ka for HCN is 4.0e-10) is ? 4.0e-...

Math question and answer check

Consider the probability function. (Give your answers exactly.) P(x) = 5 − x 10 , for x = 1, 2, 3, 4 (a) Find the mean. Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. (my answer was 1). (b) Find the standard deviation. (my answer was 1 also on this one. Please help, I just cant ...


Please check the following. 1. What is the empirical formula of the compound C6O6H14? A. C3O3H7 B. CO2H C. C12O12H28 D. COH2 My answer: A.C3O3H7 2. The diameter of an atom is approximately 1x10^-10 meter. What is the diameter in millimeters? A. 1 x10^-12 mm B. 1 x10^-13 mm C. ...


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