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Math question and answer check

Consider the probability function. (Give your answers exactly.) P(x) = 5 − x 10 , for x = 1, 2, 3, 4 (a) Find the mean. Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. (my answer was 1). (b) Find the standard deviation. (my answer was 1 also on this one. Please help, I just cant ...


Please check the following. 1. What is the empirical formula of the compound C6O6H14? A. C3O3H7 B. CO2H C. C12O12H28 D. COH2 My answer: A.C3O3H7 2. The diameter of an atom is approximately 1x10^-10 meter. What is the diameter in millimeters? A. 1 x10^-12 mm B. 1 x10^-13 mm C. ...


Ten cousins share 3 pizzas equally. What fraction of a pizza does each cousin get? Answer: 3/10 Four boys share 9 yards of fishing wire equally. How many yards of fishing wire does each boy get? Answer:9/4 Please check on the above answers.


While blowing its horn of frequency 477 Hz, a car accelerates at 0.94 m/s2. The car starts from rest by your side and moves away. How many seconds does it take for the frequency you hear to decrease by 5%? Hint: Do not forget to include the time it will take for sound to reach...

Government US

38. Regarding Soviet foreign policy, President Harry Truman believed that the Soviet Union was a. an implacable foe that required direct opposition. b. a regional threat. c. not a threat to its neighbors, Europe, or the United States. d. likely to evolve into a true democracy ...


Look at the pictures and mark an O on the picture in which you can do the activity. However, if you cannot do the activity in the picture, mark an X. And then say as follows. (Is the passage above grammatical? Check the sentences,please. Do we have to use 'an' before "O"? Do ...

Physics (Please check)

Calculate the index (n water) of refraction of water given the angle of incidence and the angle of refraction. I know that the accepted value for n is 1.33 but I am not sure how to calculate the index. Would I use Snell's law: na sin Qa = nb sin Qb? Thank you!


1. He is pretending to try to hit a ball. 2. She is pretending to play the guitar. 3. She seems to pretend to play the guitar. 4. He has put his right fingers around his chin. 5. It seems that he tries to hit a ball. (Are they grammatical? Check them please. Thank you.)


Thank you very much for your corrections. Can you please help me check these sentences, please? 1) Don't write long-winded sentences.Your sentences must contain no more than two subordinate clauses. (or two subordinates at the most?) 2) You wondered off the subject. You were ...


A straight trail with a uniform inclination of 17deg leads from a lodge to an elevation of 900 feet to a mountain lake at a elevation of 5500 ft. what is the length of the trail? (im soo stuck on this problem)


I'm trying to find out which quadrant some trigonometric functions lie in. The problem is one of them is equal to zero, and zero is neither positive or negative. How do I determine which quadrant it belongs in then???


fridge temp equation: T(x)=3sin(pi/10x)+36 What are the high and low temps that will occur in the fridge after its been chilled to 36 degrees? How many mins between these temps? What is the period length?


Water is being pumped at a 3 cubic feet/minute into a cylindrical storage tank with a circular base of a radius 4 feet. Find the depth of the water (d) as a fucntion of time (t)


If sinx = 1/4 Find the exact value of cos2x I used the formula for double angle identities : cos2x = 1-2sin^2x and got the answer 1/2 The book says the answer is 7/8 How would they get to that conclusion?


need help simplifying some trig identities such as: (csc t) (sin t) cos t = 0.75 and tan t = 0.88, find sec t and cot t; (cot2t) (sin2t) + sin2 t; csc2t - cot2t/sin2t


an airplane flies directly overhead at 540mph. 1 minute later is seen at an angle of elevation of 34 degrees. how far did the airplane fly during that time? what is the elevation of the plane?

Precalculus/Trig 3

The degree measure of an angle theta is 40 degrees. What is the radian Measure of theta? at what point P does the terminal ray intersect the unit circle (what is the ordered paid P(____, ___)?


Given that θ is an angle in standard position whose terminal side contains the given point, provide the exact value of the indicated function. (-2, -3) Find sec θ.

Physics (trig)

The height of an outdoor basketball backboard is 12 1/3 feet and the backboard casts a shadow 19 1/5 feet. Find the angle of elevation of the sun (answer in units of degrees). Can someone help me with the formula? Thank you!

Trig-Weird Geometry Problem

Determine all triangles ABC for which tan(A-B)+tan(B-C)+tan(C-A)=0. There's a hint: "Can you relate A-B to B-C and C-A?" Should I apply the tangent difference formula (tan(x-y))? Help would be appreciated, thanks.


Could someone please tell me if I got the following problems correct? 1. 7+(-9)+(-5)+6 = -1 2. |-27+14|= -13 3. |-8|+|2|=|-3+2| is this statement true or false? I said false 4. Jean deposited a check for $625, wrote two for $68.74 and $29.95 and used her debit card to pay for ...

cultural diversity

1. Native Americans are ambivalent about early intervention programs for children with disabilities because they: A. Have a high tolerance for human imperfection. B.have their own tribal healing ceremonies and rituals. C. Believe programs of that type result in greater ...

Spanish-Please check answer

We are just learning about travel and I'm not sure if I answered these correctly-especially the second question Cuando vas a otro país necesitas pasar por la ? Would answer be la advana (customs) Tienes que_______el cinturón de seguridad mientras estás en el vuelo. Would it...


Can you check my answers please? 1. Who has sunrise first, eastern or western Europe? Eastern Europe 2. What is the capital of the country that has a border with Hungary and a coastline on the Black Sea? Bucharest, Romania 3. Is the Arctic Circle closer to the equator or the ...


There are seven books. A series of eight movies based on the novels has been made by Warner Bros. They started making the movies in 2001. The first one was released on November 16th 2001. The second to the fifth were released respectively on 2002, 2004, 2006 and 2007. (Would ...

English - check my answer, please. Last one :)

"Dr. Smith had argued that the cure for insomnia could be found in the seeds of apples, and although it was not true, he had made money giving lectures." This statement: *** includes a shift in tense. is a sentence fragment. includes an inappropriate use of a comma. includes a...

3 grade english

when you read you can somethimes make a general statement, or generalization,about inividual ideas in the text. a generalization tells how ideas are mostly alike or all alike. directions read the following passage. people of all ages can play basketball young children join ...


Ariel's garden is planted in the shape of a square and has an area of 81 square feet. If she plans to put a fence around the perimeter of the garden, how much fencing will she need? A) 18 ft, B) 41 ft C) 36 ft D) 9Ft I came up with D 9 foot but apparently I didn't work it ...


elbow raises a 1200 N piano a distance of 5 meters using a set of pulleys. elbow pulls in 20.0 meter of rope while exerting a force of 340 N. a) what is the work output? b) what is work input c) what is the mechanical advantage of this machine? d) what is the efficiency of ...


you accept a new job with a starting salary of $34,800. You are told you will receive an annual raise of least $1,500. What is the maximum number of years you must work before your annual salary will be 45,000? (** SHOW WORK SO I CAN KNOW HOW YOU GOT THE ANSWER....)


When kevin commuted to work one morning, his average speed was 45 mph. He averaged only 30 mph for the return trip because of an accident on the highway. If the total time for the round trip was 50 min determine the distance between his place of work and his home.


Let's pretend the Work variable is normally distributed, with a mean/median/mode value of 22 and a standard deviation of 17. Based on these numbers, we can say that approximately 50 percent of SOC 390 students work more than ____ hours per week (round answer to the nearest ...


Let's pretend the Work variable is normally distributed, with a mean/median/mode value of 22 and a standard deviation of 17. Based on these numbers, we can say that approximately 50 percent of SOC 390 students work more than ____ hours per week (round answer to the nearest ...

Algebra 1A

3 with the check mark symbol that goes over 375 divided by 3 that goes over the check mark symbol that goes over 3. Sorry can't remember what that sign is

AP Chemistry

Could you please review my work and see what i'm doing incorrectly? Thank you Given this information: CxHyOz (s) + O2 (g) ----> CO2 + H20 given: 2.165 g of the unknown hydrocarbon v = 1.868 L P = 130.2 kPa T = 65.0 degrees C g of H2O = 1.818 a)find g H in hydrocarbon 1.18g/...


How did the Cold War(period that begun immediately following WWII) affect the Congo? Please check the Cold War article in this encyclopedia.

Math(Please check!!!)

1) Evaluate (if possible) the sine, cosine, and tangent of the angles without a calculator. a) 10pi/3 Sin = -sqrt 3/2 Cos = -1/2 Tan = sqrt 3 Are these correct ? I do not understand when to make them negative. b) 17pi/3 Sin = -sqrt 3/2 Cos = 1/2 Tan = - sqrt 3 Are these correct?

Chemistry(Please check)

1) If exactly 100.0 grams of NaCl (mm=58.44g/mol) are dissolved in 300 grams of water (mm=18.02g/mol), the mole fraction of NaCl is? a) 1.71 b) 0.0932 c) 0.250 d) 0.103 e) 4.75 I did 100g / 100g + 300g = 100/40 = 0.250. Did I do this correctly?

Science - Check my answers please (6th grade)

When are tides in Earths oceans the highest? 1. during the moon's waning gibbous phase 2. during the moon's waxing gibbous phase 3. when the moon is at a right angle to the sun 4. When the sun, Earth, and moon are in a line.


1. Two-thirds of the books are novels. 2. One-third of the water is sweet. 3. Most of some pencils are short. 4. Most of some water is salty. 5. Half of every apple is rotten. 6. Half of each apple is rotten. -------------------------------------- Are they gramatical? Check ...


A local salesman receives a base salary of 675 monthly. He Also receives a commission of 11% on all sales over 1900. How Much would he have to sell in a month if he needed to have a monthly income of 3000? My Work: 1900*.11=209 3000-675=2325 2325/209=11.12440191 1900*11....


ok if your 13 and your friend is 12 can you both still get into a pg13 movie??? My experience is that anyone can get into a PG-13 movie. PG 13 means parental guidance is needed for those under 13. I believe the theaters expect the parents to decide who can see these movies. ...

Physic please check

A piece of copper wire has a resistance per unit length of 6.50 10-3 /m. The wire is wound into a thin, flat coil of many turns that has a radius of 0.170 m. The ends of the wire are connected to a 12.0 V battery. Find the magnetic field strength at the center of the coil. ...


I have to make up my own standardized questions for a project, and I wanted to make sure I did my math right. Can someone please check it? Thanks!! If your mass was 60 kg, the earth’s mass was 6×10^24 kg, the radius of the earth was 6.4×10^6 meters, and the universal ...

dog behavior re post

please check my answer thanks so much Which of the following best describes when extinction occurs A When a CS is repeatedly prsented and periodically followed ba a US B When a CS is repeatedly presented without the prsention of a US C CS and US are presented together D CS is ...

Assistance Dogs

Please check my answer thanks:) After a dog learns to perform a specific task, the task must then be generalized to various locations. The task must then be _______, so that the dog is able to perform the response despite any distractions such as crowds, noises, or moving ...

Math(Please check)

During the month of February, a flu epidemic hit the University. The number of people sick at time t (measured in days) is given by the function P(t). The rate at which the epidemic is spreading on February 3 is 110 people per day. How is the information best represented ...

biology /check please

(stimulus v. response)? Which of the following is a stimulus, which is a response? Thanks 1)the recess bell ringing in an elementary school 2)your mouth watering at the sight of food on a plate 3)a sudden drop in air temperature 4) a flu virus entering your body 5) getting ...


I am doing a project on Dawn Dupree. I have to find works she has done. The title of the work and the date completed. I have tried to find this information but have had no luck. Please help, deadline for project has now been set.


Hi, I am writing 6 pages about these questions please me help to understand them so that I can start writing them, thanks! 1)What is political racism, What is institutional racism? Why is Reverse Racism in the U.S. a myth, How does racialisation work? How is racialisation, ...

Alg 2

a rectangular picture frame measures 8 inches by 4 inches. You want to triple the frame's area by adding the same distance, x, to the length and width. Find the value of x and find the new dimensions of the frame. How do you do this?? Please show work


It is possible to determine the ionization energy for hydrogen using the Bohr equation. Calculate the ionization energy for an atom of hydrogen, making the assumption that ionization is the transition from n=1 to n=infinity. I don't know how to solve this problem. A. -2.18 x ...


A clock is 4 minutes fast when the correct time is 10am,but it is losing 2 minutess every half hour.What time will it show when the correct time is 4pm.the same day?would u please show me how to work it out,thanks

english help please!!

Which of the following is an example of an evaluative question? Where does Marcus go to school? Why did Marcus have such a hard time in school? Is it wrong for Marcus to work around the school's security systems? How does Marcus react when he is called to the office


What is the area of a regular pentagon with an apothem 14 inches long and a side 20 inches long? Round the answer to the nearest inch. Answer choices: 1400 in.^2 700 in.^2 175 in.^2 140 in.^2 Give work, not answer, please.

Chemistry(Please check answer)

The Ksp values for three salts are given: AgCl = 1.0e-10 Ag2CO3 = 6.3e-10 Ag3PO4 = 2.0e-21 Determine the order of solubility for these three salts. My answer is AgCl > Ag2CO3 > Ag3PO4. Would you agree? Thank you.

Math(Please check)

The value of an automobile was $15,780 in 1994 and depreciated to $5400 in 1999. Let y be the value of the automobile in the year x, where x = 0 represents 1994. Write a linear equation in slope-intercept form that models the value y of the automobile, x years after 1994. ...


Line from "To Her Father With Some Versus", Yet for part payment take this simple mite possible answers 1)bedbug 2)a coin of little value ** 3)physical strength 4)possibility How many couplets are in this poem? 1)five 2)six 3)seven 4)fourteen*** Which of the following best ...

basic geometric

The width of a rectangle is 6 centimeters less than the lenght. The perimeter is 64 centimeteres . would you please help me, answer these work. than you. L = length W = width ================ eqn 1: 2L + 2W = perimeter = 64 cm eqn 2: W+6cm = L Solve the two equations ...


when i do the quadratic equation i get -17 plus or minus the square root of 193 all over 2. where do i get the two "cos 3x" roots?? solve the equation to the nearest tenth, where 0 degrees < or equal to x which is < 360 degrees. 8cos^2 3x-17cos3x+3=0 this doesnt factor, ...


A 50 kg boy picks up a 11 kg stereo and raises it 0.75 m from the floor to a tabletop. How much work did he do on the stereo? How much work did he do to raise his own center of mass 0.40 m in the process? I'm assuming you use W=mgy equation but do you consider the weight of ...

Health/ Basic Clinical Procedures

please check mey answer thanks which of the following patient's need special attention by the medical assisnt while measuring height A 19 year old B 77 year old C 15 year old D 25 year old I think it is C because they are young,however the 77 year old may also need some help


PLease HeLP! You work for a moving company and are given the job of pulling two large boxes of mass m1 = 112 kg and m2 = 287 kg using ropes as shown in the figure below. You pull very hard, and the boxes are accelerating with a = 0.21 m/s2. What is the tension in each rope? ...

Economics (inflation)

Hello! Could someone please check my answers for the first 2 problems and help me out with the 3rd? Thanks! 1. If the CPI in 1863 was 9 and the CPI in 2000 was 171.9, how much has inflation increased (%) since 1863? I used the inflation rate equation and got a 1898.89% ...


In my original version I had the simple past and past perfect. I tried to use the simple present (in place of the simple past) and nearly always the present perfect (in place of the past perfect). However, I’m still unsure. Could you please check them again? 1)The following ...

English - check my answer, please.

"Martha, Gates, and Zuggy lifted the piano onto the bed of the truck and Kate tied the legs to the frame with ropes and grounding cable and I watched from the sofa." This statement: includes an inappropriate combination of modifier and noun. includes a subject and predicate ...


1. Write down four friends' names in the name column in the table. 2. You can communicate with others in groups with the five questions on the blackboard. 3. What is her mother asking of her? 4. I'd like you to introduce one of your friends in the table to the classmates. 5. ...

Trig help?

The question is: State the vertical shift and the equation of the midline for y = 4cosθ-1? I have NO idea what to do here. Can someone possibly show me step by step? I am more of a visual learner, if I see something done I can usually understand it.

Math - Trig

I need to find the solutions in the interval [0, 2pi for: 2sinx + cosx = 0 Im trying to get it where I can split two things up and set them equal to zero but that can only be done when they are being multiplied to each other, but as you can see they are being added, so they ...


Find the value of the six trigonometric functions. t = 7(pi)/4 Can you show me step by step so I can see how this is solved? Also, do I need to graph this first in order to understand or begin the problem? I am trying to self teach - but having problems.


A 40 foot high flagpole sits on the side of a hill. The hillside makes a 17 degree angle with horizontal. How long is a wire that runs from the top of the pole to a point 72 feet downhill from the base of the pole?

Precalculus/Trig 5

A radio transmission tower is 120 feet tall. How long should a guy wire be if it is to be attached 15 feet from the top and is to make an angle of 26 degrees with the ground? Give your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot

Precalculus/Trig 5

A radio transmission tower is 120 feet tall. How long should a guy wire be if it is to be attached 15 feet from the top and is to make an angle of 26 degrees with the ground? Give your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot

Math - Calc/Algebra/Trig

I'm trying to find all the points on the graph y=4/3cos^3x-cosx where the tangent line is horizontal. I took the derivative, which gave me: -4cos^2(x)sin(x)+sin(x) Now I need to solve it for x and I'm not sure how. Can you help?


1. Identify which description below is untrue of a good thesis A. A thesis mentions a broad topic. B. A thesis narrows the broad topic to a single statement C. A thesis very briefly mentions the factors that contribute to the writer’s position D. A thesis belongs in the ...

part of speech

Select the antecedent of the pronoun in the following sentence. The strikers will return to work when the union representatives have completed their negotiations. A. strikers B. work C. negotiations my answer is D. representatives


Is the work needed to bring a car's speed from o to 10km/h less than, egaul to or morethen the worked needed to bring its speed from 10 to 20km/h. If the amounts of work are different, what is the ratio between them?


Using the equation: work = force x distance tell me how much work is done when a boy applies 5 Newtons of force over a distance of 2 meters. A)10 Watts B)10 Joules C)10 Amps D)10 Newtons


According to a college survey, 22% of all students work full time. Find the mean and standard deviation for the number of students who work full time in samples of size 16.


A spring with constant speed of 3.5x10^4 N/m is initially @ its equilibrium length. (a)How much work must u do to stretch the spring 0.050 m? (b) How much work must you do to crompress it 0.050m?

math 115

Automobiles and small trucks account for 84% of the travel to and from work in the United States. What fraction represents all other means of travel to and from work in the United States?


a cord is used to lower vertically a block of mass M a distance d at a constant downward acceleration of 1\4 g, find the work done by the cord on the block ? FIND THE WORK DONE BY THE FORCE OF GRAVITT


a rectangular water tank has a length 20 ft, width 10 ft , and depth 15 ft . if the tank is full , how much work does it take to pump all the water out (using calculus)?

English to Brady

13. Select the antecedent of the pronoun in the following sentence. The strikers will return to work when the union representatives have completed their negotiations. A. work B. strikers C. representatives D. negotiations C?


a spring has a natural length of 20meters. a) find the work required to stretch the spring from 20m to 30m b) from 30m to 40m c) how is the work from part a and part b related?


A truck carrying a 57 kg crate accelerates uniformly from rest to 86.5 km/hr in 18.4 s. Calculate the work done on the crate by the truck (in J). I got 16454 J right. Now why is it positive? K-K = negative if Velocity from rest is 0.


Please check if the following conversation is correct: ¡Hola! ¿Como estas? Muy bien, ¿y tu? Fenomenal. ¿Qué hiciste el fin de semana pasado? Yo compré ropa nueva en la tienda el fin de semana pasado. ¿Qué compraste? Yo compré una nueva chaqueta y estos guantes son ...

Pre-cal (Please Check)

1) Evaluate (if possible) the sine, cosine, and tangent of the angles without a calculator. a) 10pi/3 Sin = -sqrt 3/2 Cos = -1/2 Tan = sqrt 3 Are these correct ? I do not understand when to make them negative. b) 17pi/3 Sin = -sqrt 3/2 Cos = 1/2 Tan = - sqrt 3 Are these correct?


Use logarithms and the law of tangents to solve the triangle ABC, given that a=21.46 ft, b=46.28 ft, and C=32°28'30" I have to use logarithms and law of tangents . and then provide the check. which says law of sine or mollweids equation. I can't us the cosine law. If you ...

Chemistry-Please check

When the kidneys secrete hydrogen ions, does the pH of the urine drop or is carbonic acid formed in the blood? Secondly, when the kidneys secrete hydrogen ions, it would raise the pH of the blood, correct? I'm really confused onthis and would appreciate some help


Applications of derivatives A rectangle has its base on the x axis and its upper two vertices on the parabola y=12 - x^2. What is the largest area the rectangle can have, and what are its dimensions. Support your answer graphically. Thanks. Well, the parabola is symettric ...


If theta is the measure of an angle in standard position with the given conditions, find the quadrant(s) in which the terminal side of theta lies. a) cot theta < 0 b) cos theta > 0 , csc theta < 0


discuss how interactions between the Earth systems affect the climate Mary or Bob or whoever, Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. If there's not a tutor with this...


this is my answer to this question is it right. select the sentence that is punctuated correctly. 1.Paloma did not make it to work for, her car broke down on the freeway. 2.Paloma did not make it to work for her car,broke down on the freeway. 3.Paloma did not make it to work, ...


Describe Gouverneur Morris's early childhood uprising? "uprising"??? Do you mean "upbringing"? Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Our tutors try to give you the information to help you complete your assignment on your own. If there's not a tutor with ...


John currently has a square garden. He wants to redesign his garden and make it into a rectangle with a length that is 3 feet shorter than twice its width. He decides that the perimeter should be 60 feet. Determine the dimensions, in feet, of his new garden. Please show work.


I forgot to include the following sentences for you to check. Thank you very much in advance. 1) The Black Death was caused by unhealthy living conditions, lack of sanitation and, above all, by fleas living on black rats which infested the ships travelling with Europe. 2) It (...

Social Studies

1. Which statement best explains why the Louisiana Purchase of 1803 was important to the development of the United States? It created new taxes on imported goods. It resulted in immigration from France to the United States. It doubled the size of the country. It encouraged ...


1) Both carbon dioxide and water are pure substances. How are they similar to each other? A. both substances have a set ratio of atoms that cannot be separated by physical means. B. both substances have a set ratio of atoms that can be separated by physical means. C. both ...

secend grad math

if 3+x=6 what is x You can turn that around. Work it as a word family. 3 + ___ = 6 6 - 3 = ___ What do you think? ?? What number can be added to 3 to make 6? 3 + ? = 6? Sorry! I should have written "work it as a number family"!! =)


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