The relative frequency for a class is computed as: A. class width divided by class interval. B. class midpoint divided by the class frequency. C. class frequency divided by the interval. D. class frequency divided by the total frequency>

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  1. Math

    Seven students are running for four junior class representative positions in the upcoming student council elections. How many different ways can the students be chosen?
  2. Word problem maths

    The average age of a class of 21 boys is 14year 3month.if the oldest boy is not counted in.the average drops to 14years 2month,how old is he???
  3. College Algebra

    The winning candidate for president of the freshman class received 2988 votes. If that was 150 more than half the votes cast, how many freshmen voted?
  4. Java

    Need help how to do this not sure how or anything can someone help please. Which class contains the function pow ? Write the statement to use the method pow to compute and output 6.5 3.5.
  5. Math

    A teacher tallies up the grades on a math test in a class of 34 students, the results are A1, B11, C16, D3, F1. What is the empirical probability of a student getting a C? Express as a fraction.
  6. math

    There are 3 boys for every 4 girls in school. If there are 200 girls, how many pupils are there in all? Help me please. This is my homework and I need it right now because we have a class for tomorrow.
  7. PreCalc

    When the polynomial p(x) is divided by (x–2), the remainder is 3 and when p(x) is divided by (x+1) the remainder is 9. Given that p(x) may be written in the form (x–2)(x+1)q(x) + Ax + B where q(x) is a polynomial and A and B are numbers, find the remainder when p(x) is ...
  8. math

    15. 3/8 divided by 9=1/24 17. 2/5 divided by 4/7= 7/10 19. 6/7 divided by 3/11= 3 3/21 21. 5/6 divided by 5/12= 2 23. 7/9 divided by 1/7= 5 4/9 35. 3/5 divided by 9/11=33/45
  9. algebra w o r d Problem

    1) the seventh grade class has been collecting aluminum cans for recycling. the class has collected 210 cans. their goal is to collect 520 cans. write an equation and estimate the number aluminum cans needed to reach their goal. i got this: c + 210 = 520: 350, 320, 310 c = 310...
  10. Stats.....plz help me.....

    Given the following frequency distribution, find the mean, variance, and standard deviation. Please show all of your work. Errors Frequency 51-53 9 54-56 19 57-59 16 60-62 24 63-65 25
  11. English

    Writeacher, can you please check these sentences? Thank you very much. 1) My list included 27 students, including an older student from class IV F who would like to be involved in a science project to be carried out in English. 2) As you can see 17 of your students sent email ...
  12. Stats Class HELP!

    Twenty-five blood samples were selected by taking every seventh blood sample from racks holding 187 blood samples from the morning draw at a medical center. The white blood count (WBC) was measured using a Coulter Counter Model S. The mean WBC was 8.636 with a standard ...

    I Need to write a letter to a girl in spanish for my spanish class. how do i start? how do i say, hi i really like you?
  14. Health

    Umm, this is in health class, but it's not exactly health... I just need a few quick facts on cyberbullying Thanks!
  15. statistics

    80% of students passed a class. 90% of those 80% did homework. Of the 20% that didn't pass, 60% of them did the homework. What is the probability of a student having done the homework?
  16. maths

    if the seventh term of an AP is zero,prove that its 27th term is five times its eleventh term of class 10
  17. English

    Writeacher, I'm glad you are with us again. I'm finding it difficult to check 2-4. I wonder if you could help me. Thank you 1) The teacher took two points off for each/every (any is a mistake) grammar mistake. Edward got back at his brother for being rude to him (because he ...
  18. math

    A class has 35 students, there are 9 more boys then girls. how many girls are there? write an equation to find the girls
  19. Math

    A teacher has 27 students in her class.she asks the students to form as many groups of 4 as many students will not be in a group
  20. C++

    For each of the following problems, write a program or a program segment that performs the specified action.Each problem refers to class Polygon (Fig. L 11.15). This class contains a dynamically allocated array of x-coordinates and a dynamically allocated array of y-...
  21. Java Programming

    Add 2 constructors to the Course class. One that takes no arguments and initializes the data to all 0’s and “” (empty strings). And one constructor that takes all 4 arguments, one argument for each property and then sets the properties to these arguments that are passed ...
  22. soc320

    Which of the following is among the impediments to government action on health care? (Points : 1) Frequency of divided government and the resulting decentralization of the legislative process Magnitude of disagreement between citizens and the insurance industry Ideological ...
  23. math

    What strategies can you use to help students cope with math anxiety? How can you make math class interesting and fun as well as relevant?
  24. Java Programming

    Don't know how to start.. Can anyone help me? For this program you are to create a two class application - a driver and a principal class - that reads in text interactively from the keyboard, and then reports on two aspects of the entered text. First it should print a table of...
  25. Probability/Statistics

    The teacher of a mathematics class has written up the final exam, but wants the questions to be random for each student. There are 28 students in the class, and the test has 100 questions. Each question has four possible answers. a. After reading carefully reading the scenario...
  26. Probability/Statistics

    The teacher of a mathematics class has written up the final exam, but wants the questions to be random for each student. There are 28 students in the class, and the test has 100 questions. Each question has four possible answers. a. After reading carefully reading the scenario...
  27. Economics

    I need to write a 300 word essay that argues for or against international trade. My class reading is vague. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some web sites to research.(Preferably unbiased)
  28. OneMoreTime: S.S.

    Sorryy, but we just started talkin bout this todayy in class, ... How did the wayy of life in the Industrial Age impact the population size?? (e.x. method of food production) once again SORRYYY!
  29. English 10 Cp

    what are some examples that would be good at persuading that high school athletes must maintain a passing grade in each class to be eligible to play? like bing resposible for doing both...what else? please help!!
  30. Pioneer Foods

    I need some ideas! Describe in detail for at least 3 subject areas how food history and Dutch oven cooking can be used for hands-on instruction and as an extension to in-class curriculum.
  31. English

    The learner will distribute color coded index cards with the three main types of rocks written on them to be used in class question and answer session. Is this sentence correct or does it need a comma?
  32. Microeconomics

    I am writing a paper for this class but I am have trouble finding some pros and cons of government-controlled health care as they relate to the income of individuals and households. Can someone please help me out with this?
  33. Reading

    What does this sentence mean? I dnt understand what it is saying As for the Sasanid rule, a well-engrained class system was in place defining from birth whether one would be a priest, warrior, secretary, or commener.
  34. statistics

    The scores on an economics examination are normally distributed with a mean of 66 and a standard deviation of 14. If the instructor wishes to assign a grade of A to the top 10% of the class, what is the lowest score a student may have and still obtain an A?
  35. math help please

    2. A teacher asks her class of 22 students, “What is your age?” Their responses are shown below. 19, 19, 14, 14, 16, 19, 19, 16, 16, 15, 17, 16, 17, 16, 15, 14, 15, 15, 17, 14, 16, 15 Find the mean, median, and mode for the data. If necessary, round to the nearest tenth. (...
  36. math

    Every member of a high school class of 150 students was polled to see whom they would vote for in the election for student body president. The poll results are shown below.
  37. English

    In today's society, many middle class people argue that they cannot build wealth because of wrong choices , over spending, own a car, and rather go to school than work. Ms Sue is this better thesis
  38. physics

    1.calculate th speed of waves in water that are 0.4m apart and have a frequency of 2hz? 2. sound waves travel at approximately 340m/s what is the wavelength of a sound with a frequency of 20Hz? what is the wavelength of a sound with a frequency of 20 kHz? 3.a bat flying in a ...
  39. math new question

    15. Which of the following would best display information in a frequency table that has been divided into categories? bar graph**** pictograph circle graph histogram 14. The mean of a set of four test scores is 85. If three of the test scores are 81, 83, and 85, what is the ...
  40. Quick question?

    Is anyone good in Spanish?? I take a Spanish class so I need some help!! If not could anyone refer me to a site or something that helps in Spanish?? Thank you!!
  41. Spanish repost

    I might have to shorten it up a little because I don't think I have enough room. I have a really outgoing peronality. One of my favorite things to do is play basketball with my friends. Sometimes they get angry at me because I am very competitive. My least favorite thing to do...
  42. Please proofread my essay and make corrections

    Public schools vs. Private schools Private and public schools education differs in many ways, there are many difference of both types of schools such as their academic reputation, class sizes and admissions requirements. Student’s performance in public and private schools ...
  43. college

    Here are heart rates for a sample of 30 students before and after a class break. At α = .05, was there a significant difference in the mean heart rate? (a) State the hypotheses. (b) State the decision rule and sketch it. (c) Find the test statistic. (d) Make a decision. (...
  44. Math

    Mary was making sandwiches for the class picnic. 13 of the sandwiches had a slice of cheese. 14 had a slice of salami. 13 had a slice of tomato. 8 had a slice of cheese & a slice of tomato. Only 3 had a just a slice of salami. 5 had a slice of tomato, a slice of cheese, & a ...
  45. Math

    Ms. Jones wrote the equation below on the board. x divided by 42=21 If the equation Ms. Jones wrote is true which of the following equations must be true? Answers: a. x=21 divided by 42 b. x=21 x 42 c. x=42 divided by 21 d. x=21 plus 42 I am not sure where to begin on this at ...
  46. Math

    Quick survey assignment for math class regarding significant age gaps. Last minute assignment that requires me to collect raw data for the class, if anyone at all would be willing to spare a few moments to answer these questions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ...
  47. physics

    A harpsichord string of length 1.60 m and linear mass density 25.0 mg/m vibrates at a (fundamental) frequency of 450.0 Hz. (a) What is the speed of the transverse string waves in m? (b) What is the tension in N? (c) What are the wavelength and frequency of the sound wave in ...
  48. english

    fallen angels we read that book in class. now my teacher want us to build a handbook for new recruits on surviving vietnam. k my question is how do u make a handbook i am so lost thanks
  49. english

    Hello - I am not sure you can help me ...I have to write an essay which I did for an english class which I already did, but I was wondering if you know of any free websites that can proof read my work? Just thought I would ask :)
  50. English Expression

    She has six classes every day. Each class is 40 minutes. Between classes there are a ten-minute break. ---------------------------------- Would you check the sentences? Which one is incorrect?
  51. Agility training

    Please check my answer thanks :) Which one of the following obstacles may be part of a Jumpers Class? A. A-frames B. Weave poles C. Seesaws D. Dog walks My answer is B
  52. Accounting

    What account class would cash prize payment be under? A. Operating expense B. Cost of Goods Sold C. Asset D. Expense E. Liability I'm stuck between A, B, D. Help. thanks.
  53. English 1

    Add an adjective to modify all the nouns in this sentence: Theresa's interest in science began when she attended the class. Should I put an adjetive in front of Theresa's?
  54. Algebra 1

    Lately I just have blacked out in my algebra 1 class. Here's a equation on my worksheet, and I would be happy if you could show in steps how you got your answer. Thank you. (2x²+5x+3)-(x²+2x+1)
  55. LA cont

    5)The class approved the decision to offer tutoring services to YOUNGER children:adverb 6)Kara's plan is to take a trip to AUSTRALIA next year:adverb
  56. college

    I need to write a 3 page paper for my computer class that identify and describe how information systems are used to support the business processes in an organization. I don't know what to write about.
  57. maths

    these marks were obtained by class of 28 students in a science test. the maximum mark possible is 25. 20,17,21,15,16,15,12,14,15,19,21,17,20,22,16,19,21,13,22,15,14,18,20,13,18,16,15,19. a.calculate the mode b.what would you give as the pass mark? explain your answer
  58. math

    i need help with this geometry prblem my math book is online on this site: w w w . k e y m a t h . com / D G 3 the class passcode is: 1574-4c524 The chapter is 0 Lesson 0.2 pg. 9 problem number 6 URGENT !!!
  59. Chemistry

    Please help I am 11 and lost.y question is a piece of tungsten has a volume of 5.2cubic centimeters and and mass of 100 grams. What is the density of tungsten? I am in sped class don't understand how to solve it.
  60. 8th grade science

    Hi! For a research project from my science class I'm having trouble trying to find an answer to the following problem. How does the Man-o-War care for their young? Thanks!
  61. Math

    Your friend is taking an algebra class that began after ours. Write your friend an email explaining a general strategy for factoring in a very organized way.
  62. programming

    How to write a program to create a class roster using an array? The program prompts the teacher to enter student’s names and GPA values. Display the results.
  63. Science

    In class, an experiment was conducted to see what type of material erodes faster. Using the data, what type of environment would a river most likely form in
  64. Science

    In class, an experiment was conducted to see what type of material erodes faster. Using the data, what type of environment would a river most likely form in
  65. Science

    Can someone please help me solve this homework problem for my chemistry class.Thanks A 4.0*10^1kg sample of water absorbs 308KJ of heat. If the water was initially at 25.5 C, what is its final temperature?
  66. Algebra Grade 7

    there are 10 students in Mr. Alvarez's art class. Throughout the year, each student must pair up with every other student to complete a project. How many projects will be completed? 45?
  67. Math

    Ryan brought a red milk snake to show during science class. Then snake is 56 centimeters long. Find its length to the nearest whole inch.
  68. Chemistry

    Calculate the density of atoms along [011] in molybdenum (Mo). Use only the information provided in your class Periodic Table, and express your answer in units of atoms/cm.
  69. chemistry

    Calculate the density of atoms along [011] in molybdenum (Mo). Use only the information provided in your class Periodic Table, and express your answer in units of atoms/cm.
  70. chemistry

    Calculate the density of atoms along [011] in molybdenum (Mo) . Use only the information provided in your class Periodic Table, and express your answer in units of atoms/cm
  71. english

    hey everybody!I will make a presentation in the class few days later.Anyone watched The others(2001)?I got a question.Who is the woman in distress in the film and why is she in distress? thanks..
  72. Introduction of Psychology

    Mr. Lunn's class is walking down the hall using walking feeet. This is an example of an: a.permissive disicipline awareness of registers c.rule bonding d.altruism
  73. 4th grade math

    mary's class collected cans for recycling. they put 2 dozen can in each sack. they had 104 sacks at the end of the year. how many cans did they collect
  74. English

    Which sentence is correct? A. Has everyone brought their stapler? B. Neither of the girls brought their book to class. C. None of the glasses were in its place. D. Some of the children forgot their notebooks. D
  75. hsm 220

    Can someone please help put a budget together for this class. Working on creatibg a budget for department of efucation with a buget of 1.6 million for high school dropouts
  76. statistics

    suppose that the teacher of this class graded solely on a curve - 10% get A, etc. How might this effect students getting into into study groups to prepare homework or tests?
  77. Math

    Elizabeth has 256 guests coming to her class reunion. The basic meal for one meat and one side is $9.25 per person. I am still confused what to do please help!
  78. Math

    In health class, students recorded the weights of the sandwiches they have for lunch. The weights are shown in the line plot below. What is the average weight of one sandwich? X X X. X. X. X X. X. X. X 1/8. 1/4 3/8 1/2
  79. Civics

    Which of the following is NOT part of the naturalization process? a. Filing a Declaration of Intention b. Taking a US history, gov't, or English language class c. Living in the US for 10 years d. Taking an Oath
  80. Java

    Need help with this it my first time and not get it can someone please help here. Which class contains the function pow? Write the statement to use the method pow to compute and output 6.5 3.5 .
  81. physics

    A 145-lb student races up stairs with a vertical height of 4.8 m in 5.5 s to get to a class on the second floor. How much power in watts does the student expend in doing work against gravity
  82. physics

    A world-class sprinter can burst out of the blocks to essentially top speed (of about 14.9m/s) in the first 11.6m of the race. How long does it take her to finish the 200m race?
  83. grammar

    I like the new layout of the website. It looks very clean. I need help with this. "My family were of the middle class" Is this correct in terms of grammar? And is there a better way to write it?
  84. Chemistry Drbob222

    Dr. Bob222 Please don't get frustrated with me, I'm really trying to figure this out... UGH!! I'm starting over again... Please advise... . Consider the following chemical equation: TiCl4(g) + 2Mg(l) → Ti(s) + 2MgCl2(l) 3.54×107g of TiCl4(g) were reacted completely and ...
  85. grammar

    I have learned how to formulate personal learning goals SMART. Specific: a learning goal can only useful if it describes what you want to do; how you think, you will do it, when and where. A learning goal must be specific. During the class we must written down our SMART. I ...
  86. statistics

    using the 68- 95-99.7 rule: Assume that a set of test scores is normally distributed with a mean of 100 and a standard diviation of 20. Use the 68-95-99.7 rult to find the following quantities: percentage of scores less than 100 relative frequency of scores less than 120. ...
  87. Physics

    A series circuit contains only a resistor and an inductor. The voltage V of the generator is fixed. If R = 15 and L = 5.6 mH, find the frequency at which the current is one-half its value at zero frequency. ?? Hz Thanks!
  88. Physics

    The larger the frequency of the tuning fork, the smaller the length of the tube at which you hear the resonant sound. Explain why this is so (think in terms of the relationship between frequency and wavelength).
  89. application statistic

    assume that a set of test score is normally distrubuted with a meanof 100 and a standard deviation of 20 find the quantities using the 68-95-99.7 rule to get: the percentage of scores less than 100: B) relative frequency of scores less than 120 c) percentage ofless than 140, D...
  90. Foreign languages

    I left out a few sentences. Thank you veru much. I need to make sentence 5 shorter. 1) In 1766 William Pitt the Elder was elected Prime Minister and he made England a strong and flourishing commercial country. 2) During the 18th century the middle class gained more and more ...
  91. Fractions/Math

    7/8 divided by into 3 1/2 please help I got 0.014 is this correct and 2 1/4 divided by 1 1/7
  92. Math

    Rewrite each problem as a multiplication question. Model your answer. 1. 2/5 divided by 5 2. 3/4 divided by 2
  93. marh

    Daryl reaned 426 points out of 500 points in English class. Which represent approximately represents Darl's points?
  94. Physics;Doppler

    If the bat emits a sound at a frequency of 80.0 kHz and hears it reflected at a frequency of 83.3 kHz while traveling at a speed of 3.9 m/s , calculate the speed of the insect. So using the doppler effect I got that 1.04=(344+3.9)/(344-vbug) This is because 83.3/80=1.04 and ...
  95. human resources

    I do not understand the assignment my teacher gave me if possible can you find me an article so i can do my presentation that meets the standards that my teacher wants. You are required to report on one (1) What’s News article this semester. Five minutes will be allotted to ...
  96. biology

    1. A population which meets the hardy- weinberg requirements: a. Evolves b. is small and usually isolated c. has allele frequency in equilibrium d. changes genotypic distribution from generation to generation e. always has 75% A and 25% a allele frequencies 2. In a ...
  97. proofreading English

    Public schools vs. Private schools Private and public schools education differs in several ways. There are many differences of both types of schools such as their academic programs, class sizes and admissions requirements that makes a private school better than a public school...
  98. English 8R - Homework Check - Part 2

    Here's the second one: Please check to see if there any grammar errors and if it's good. BTW ---- If you NEVER heard of the movie Google it and read about it on Wikipedia. Urban Unit 2012 - Stand and Deliver Response Would you be willing to give up your mornings, afternoons, ...
  99. math

    b divided 6= 36 b=? I assume you mean "divided by". b/6 = 36. Multiply both sides by 6. 6*(b/6) = 36*6 b =??
  100. Math

    Use Cramer's Rule to solve: 3x-5y=21 and 4x+2y=2. a=3, b=-5, c=4, d=2, e=21, f=2 21(2)-(-5)(2) divided by 3(2)-(-5)(4) =52/26= x=2 3(2)-21(4) divided by 3(2)-(-5)(4) =78/26= y=3 answer: (2,3)
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