The relative frequency for a class is computed as: A. class width divided by class interval. B. class midpoint divided by the class frequency. C. class frequency divided by the interval. D. class frequency divided by the total frequency>

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  1. math

    it takes about 20 minutes to grade a student's paper. How long, in hours, does it take to grade papers for a class of 25 people?
  2. 6th Grade Probability

    A class of 21 students has 9 girls and 12 boys. What is the probability of a teacher randomly picking on a boy? A. 3/4 B. 4/7 C. 3/7 D. 4/3 The correct answer is B. 4/7
  3. english

    What does frivolity mean in this sentence After a year of serious work, Mr. David's grade 8 class enjoyed the frivolity of a party.
  4. math

    How many different ways can you and six of your friends sit in your assigned seats in math class? (A)6!; 120 (B)6!; 720 (C)7!; 2,520 (D)7!; 5,040 C OR D?
  5. math

    How many different ways can you and six of your friends sit in your assigned seats in math class? (A)6!; 120 (B)6!; 720 (C)7!; 2,520 (D)7!; 5,040 C?

    Write an algorithm and flowchart that will accept score of 30 student in a class calculate and print the average mark in basic program.
  7. value

    Aclass has 14 boys and 6 girls.suppose three students are selected at random from the class.find the probability that they are all boys
  8. Math

    I don't get where u got the 1:80 from 2:20 the time left in math class? Why and how did u change 2:20 to 1:80? I'm 25 yrs out of school trying to help my 5th grade daughter
  9. History

    I'm doing blog on rise of middle class in England what interesting title should I give my blog? I'll be doing posts throughout the month.
  10. English

    Class 11. Textbook is reflection. Chapter is the gentleman of the jungle. Every fable ends with a moral . What moral do you find in this story?
  11. Math

    I am not understanding Frequency Tables and Line plots. I need to complete a frequency table, but the dta given does not have any repeats. HELP!!
  12. Physics

    A closed organ pipe has a fundamental frequency of 380 Hz at 30C. What would be its next higher resonant frequency at 18C?
  13. chemistry

    what is the minimum frequency that will produce the photoelectric effect for rubidium(Rb)? (if it matters the frequency=5.2E24Hz or greater and I'm solving for the binding energy)
  14. Law!

    Hi Everyone, I have to deliver a presentation on euthanasia, which requires a creative aspect that may involve the class as well. (My position is against euthanasia by the way). I was thinking that I could have a game or bring something in that could act as an analogy for the...
  15. physics - SHM

    Two sinusoidal waves with identical wavelengths and amplitudes travel in opposite directions along a string with a speed of 11 cm/s. If the time interval between instants when the string is flat is 0.33 s, what is the wavelength of the waves? wavelength = (wave speed) / (...
  16. Socials

    Did the industrial revolution improve conditions for women? No, the industrial revolution did not improve living conditions for women. The women had to work very hard, for long hours to receive payment. They often had to work in dangerous conditions. Even though, they worked ...
  17. Trig

    Find all solutions in the interval [0,2pi) 4sin(x)cos(x)=1 2(2sinxcosx)=1 2sin2x=1 2x=1/2 x= pi/6, and 5pi/6 Then since its 2x i divided these answers by 2 and got pi/12 and 5pi/12 However, when i checked the answer key there solutions 13pi/12 and 17pi/12 were included ...
  18. English

    Thank you very much for your corrections. Here are some more sentences for you to check. 1) Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837 and reigned constitutionally until she died in 1901. She never overruled (synonym?) Parliament and was beloved (synonym?) by the middle class...
  19. Physics

    Suppose that a police car on the highway is moving to the right at 20 m/s, while a speeder is coming up from almost directly behind at a speed of 31 m/s, both speeds being with respect to the ground. The police officer aims a radar gun at the speeder. Assume that the ...
  20. Physics

    How do you calculate the wave speed of waves that are 0.15 m apart, and have a frequency of 2 Hz? Wavelength is given, frequency is given. frequency*wavelength = wave speed. Thanks a whole lot
  21. physical

    You are driving along a highway at 27.7 m/s when you hear a siren. You look in the rear-view mirror and see a police car approaching you from behind with a constant speed. The frequency of the siren that you hear is 1830. Hz. Right after the police car passes you, the ...
  22. programming

    write a program to calculate the amount of a server's tip given the amount of the bill and the percentage tip ovtained via input dialog boxes. The output should be a complete sentence that reiterates the inputs and gives the resulting tip. here is my attempt: Public Class ...
  23. chemistry

    I'm sorry, but this is a re-post. I couldn't find the original post;-( so, does anyone have any suggestions for helping a student make a passing grade in college chemistry? She took it twice and didn't pass. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I thought maybe some websites ...
  24. physics

    A child plays on a bungee cord and oscillates with a certain frequency f. An adult with a mass that is 17.8 times greater than that of the child then uses the same bungee cord. What is the ratio of the frequency with the adult to the frequency with the child?
  25. maths

    each of the students in a class writes a dirrerent 2 digit number on the whiteboard. the teacher claims that no matter what the students write, there will be at least three numbers on the whiteboard whose digits have the same sum. what is the smallest number of students in the...
  26. maths

    Class 5G is having a pizza party. Mrs Baker asked all the children to bring in 50c for their share of the pizza.The next day all the girls came with their 50c but Mrs Baker noticed that every girl had brought their 50c using different coins. Whatis the most number of girls ...
  27. language

    hi, im doing a project for my language class. can anyone please tell me what is the first line on page 3 in the book curious george goes to a chocolate factory? thanks
  28. riting/spelling

    wat duz liberal meen? sorrey about mi spelling. I just need too kno fore my english class.
  29. Java

    I am trying to write an algorithm for my JAVA class and am having some issues....if I were to post my program is there anyone on here that could help me figure out what I am doing wrong? Thanks
  30. english

    i have to do an essay in class linking 3 texts AWAY, SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET and A TRACK WINDING BACK i have no idea how to do this
  31. MATH

    the class president plans to randomly select a committee of three people from three boys and five girls. How many committees are possible?
  32. Wellness, puberty

    Do we really need to know about the breasts,ovaries, vagina, and having sex in wellness class? I don't understand when we use this knowledge.
  33. pigskin geography

    i need ALL the answers to pigskin for the games played on November 9, 2008 i don't know what week that is though. PLEASE HELP ME! i cant fail this class.
  34. science

    Can anyone think of a fun experiment to do with blood for a 9th grade science class? Try not to be too flashy-my teacher has a rather limited budget
  35. government

    How would one distinguish successful from unsuccessful assertions of judicial power? What is it that puts Marbury in one class and Dred Scott in another?
  36. Identify the substance

    There was a substance I used in a lab for chem class and I`m not too sure what it was. They were tiny white balls about a millimeter in diameter. What would they be?
  37. essay

    How can I write an introduction to an essay about a very out of control class I was in and how by that whole experience I was giving the opportunity to graduate early
  38. english

    Did you know that Paul Revere rode through the countryside calling men to arms class? where does the comma belong? how can i rewrite this sentence with a comma?
  39. pre-calculus

    2y^-3 = 4e^(-x/2)/(1+e(-x/2)) my teacher gave this problem in my chem class and i don't know what he is really asking , does any one have an idea if i have to solve for y or what's going on.. how would this be done..
  40. geometry

    to all the people that helped me with my recent geometry questions thankyou my grade I received was 45 out of 50 points best I've ever done in my class.
  41. Health

    in class, we have to do a presentation on something health related . do you think i should talk about where babies come from ? i'm in 6th grade . thanks
  42. english

    a poem on any inanimated thing like snow, chalk candle etc. in about 8-1o lines poem should be of class 9th level
  43. Sociology

    A major reason why children of upper-middle class families do well in school is the pressure that is placed on them by their families. a.True b.False a I guess..
  44. Culturally Diverse Backgrounds

    a young Asian child would probably be less engage in backchanneling than a middle class American child does because?
  45. eng

    What is the pronoun in this sentence: Me Smith gave it one more try before giving up on the mower How does the noun function and what is the pronoun class?
  46. statistics

    Assume that the class has 60 students and that the examination period is 90 minutes in length. How many students do you expect will be unable to complete the exam in the alloted time?
  47. Probability and Stats

    A graduate class consists of six students. What is the probability that exactly three of them are born either March, June or November?
  48. English - Writeacher

    Thank you so much! Because you helped me with the articles my performence in class was pretty good. I just have to train my pronunciation. So just thanks a lot.
  49. MATH - URGENT!!!

    There are 5 boys and 4 girls in my class. In how many ways can they be seated in a row of 9 chairs such that at least 3 girls are all next to each other?
  50. Anatomy & Physiology

    For my class, I need a to make a human bone such as a femur or any other bones in the human body. Any suggestions on a website?
  51. grammar

    Identify the italicized word according to its class in structural linguistics. I do (not) know what to say. conjunction preposition auxiliary interrogative empty word
  52. Math

    Here were 25 words on a recent vocabulary test in Enhlish class, and Owen got four words wrong. What percent did he get correct?
  53. statistics

    Mary can choose 2 books out of a selection of 9 books to read for her English class. How many different possibilities would there be in choosing the committee?
  54. Maths sums of 8 class

    From a ribbon which is 22m long,two pieces of length26.4m and 32.10m are cut off.what is the length of the remaining ribbon?
  55. Math

    In a class of 28 sixth graders all but one of the students are 12 years old. Which two data measurements are the same for the students ages?
  56. english

    how doyou find out abut prefixes it is so anoyying when i have to think twice and try to rember what my techer says at school in class and well can any one help me here thanks a million
  57. Writin

    The assignment is to write opinionated questions that are arguable for a class discussion. One subject is the prisoners treatment during war time - can you give me an example of a possible question?
  58. U.S HIstory AP

    I have to make a DBQ for my class on women's changing roles in america in the era of 1877-1945. I can't find any documents that i can put in it. Please help me. This is due tuesday. Im so desperate! :(
  59. science

    My grandson is in 4th grade. His teacher assigned the class to make a container that will keep an ice cube frozen for several hours while inside. Do you have any ideas?
  60. english

    can someone help me with grammar: Notice, the professor told the class, Cassius' choice of imagery when he asks, Upon what meat doth this our Ceasar feed that he is grown so great?
  61. English

    This is set up for my interview class and I just need some help .. please and thank you. You are encountered with a guest who is upset and clearly has a complaint.. what do you do? & You see a co-worker receiving food without paying for it.. what do you do?
  62. math

    Twelve randomly-chosen students were asked how many times they had missed class during a certain semester, with this result: 2, 1, 5, 1, 1, 3, 4, 3, 1, 1, 5, 18. For this sample, the median is _____. A. 2.5 B. 3 C. 3.5 D. 2 need help please
  63. Language Arts/English

    What is the adverb and what word(s) does it describe? 1.Keep away from the acids in the science room. 2.Your parents will probably give you permission. 3.We will soon be going to computer class.
  64. world history

    2. In forming his government, Asoka recruited what group to serve as bureaucrats? A. Traditional Brahman elites [B. The Buddhist clergy] C. The military elite D. The rising merchant class
  65. chemistry help plz

    H / benzene ring-N \ CH3 select the class of compound from the choice below. 1-acetal 2-alcohol 3-alkene 4-amide 5-amine 6-carboxylic acid 7-ester 8-haloalkane
  66. math

    The box-and-whisker plots show data for the test scores of four groups of students in the same class. Which plot represents a group with a median grade below 65?
  67. Biophysics

    Estimate the flux of oxygen from inside a capillary to the interior of an adjacent muscle cell. Use the estimated sizes and values from class. (just in terms of moles is enough)
  68. Physical Education

    I'm looking for Practice Methods for P.E. class. What is the best way to improve endurance and Muscular strength? I need some webpage (reference) Please help me------
  69. Statistics

    A study in England attempted to determine the "right" method for teaching mathematics. A random sample of 248 students was chosen from the school at large. The students were randomly assigned to one of two classes. At the beginning of the research, the students had experienced...
  70. MATH HELP?!?!?!

    1. Maria has the following scores in her mathematics class: 86 75 97 58 94 and 58 a: Find the mean median and mode b: Should Maria's Mathematics class teacher use mean median or mode of the exam to convince Maria that she needs to study more regularly? 2. A researcher tagged ...
  71. Physics

    A violin string vibrates at 196 hz. what frequency will if vibrate with if it is fingered at 1/4 of its length? Four times as high the original... Frequency*lambad= vp
  72. Osciallations

    A harmonic oscillator has mass 0.530km and an ideal spring with force constant 146N/m . Find the period, frequency, and angular frequency.
  73. Physics

    Does a police cars frequency become higher moving toward a stationary observer or away from? I am confused as to how we hear the frequency anyways..
  74. physics

    the lowest frequency we can hear is about 20hz. calculate the wavelength associated with this frequency for sound that travels at 340m/s. how long is this in feet.
  75. physics

    The number of times a wave vibrates per second is called: A. frequency B. period C. wavelength D. amplitude E. rarefaction This is frequency right? (A)
  76. Physics (Sound)

    Cellist Yo-Yo Ma plays a note at 250 Hz. A studio technician performs an analysis of the frequency spectrum and reports that she measured the SIL of its peaks (those of the frequency spectrum): 63 dB at 250 Hz, 58 dB at 500 Hz, 56 dB at 750 Hz, and 51 dB at 1000 Hz. Assuming ...
  77. physics

    (a) Two microwave frequencies are authorized for use in microwave ovens: 900 and 2560 MHz. Calculate the wavelength of each. 1 cm (frequency = 900 MHz) 2 cm (frequency = 2560 MHz) (b) Which frequency would produce smaller hot spots in foods due to interference effects? 3 MHz
  78. English

    Can you please check these sentences for me, please? It's urgent. 1) What do you think about going to the cinema? How about meeting at school? 2) How do I arrive at the school? I put the clothes back in the wardrobe. I put (is "take") the rubbish out once a day. 3) I must have...
  79. Math

  80. Sociology

    1. List two or more messages you received from your parents about who you are and what you were about. Discuss how the messages were conveyed. Messages can be delivered directly through what our parents say to us or say to others about us. They can also be conveyed through ...
  81. science

    I am in middle school and we are doing a catapult projectile lab. The question is, using knowledge of force, motion and projectiles, can a catapult be built to accurately project a marshmellow toward a designated target. We have to change the angle of release and measure ...
  82. English expression

    I am a first grader at New York Middle School. I am a first year at New York Middle School. I am in the first grade at New York Middle School. I am in the first grade at New York Middle School. I am a student in Class 1-2 at New York Middle School. I am a student of Class 1-2 ...
  83. school

    41) When planning a music activity, teachers should I. think of a fun activity. II. know the functioning level, musical abilities and interests of individual children in the class. III. align the activity to one or more of the National Standards for Music Education. IV. ...
  84. Math

    Which number is equivalent to 14/4? A 3.2 , because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of 2 B 3.5 because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of 2 and 2/4 = 0.5 C 3.3 because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of 3 D 3.6 because 14 divided by 4 is 3 with a remainder of...
  85. English

    I just want to see if these are correct. Orig.1.He was sad to leave. (superlative) S/B 1. He was saddened to leave. Orig. 2. She ran as fast as the others on the team (comparative) S/B 2. She ran faster than the others ran on the team Orig. 3. Throughout school, they were good...
  86. Physics

    A guitar string has a tension of 100 N and is supposed to have a frequency of 110 Hz. When a standard tone of that value is sounded while the string is plucked, a beat frequency of 2 Hz is heard. The peg holding the string is loosened (decreasing the tension) and the beat ...
  87. Physics

    Calculate the frequency of an electron traveling at 1.85 X 10^7 m/s. Since the velocity and mass of the electron are known, I tried to use the De Broglie wavelength formula: let L = lambda, h = plancks constant L = h/mv and I got 3.94*10^-11 for the wavelength Since frequency ...
  88. Java Panel Problem

    I am supose to draw a grid and center it with a 10 pix border all the way around it. I have done this but no matter what I do I cannot get a 10 pix border. Here is my code. You will notice i have added 20 to the setsize param to account for 10 pix on both sides and use the "...
  89. math

    how do i do variables in math i don't figure it out your self:) Do you have a specific problem you want help with? The subject should be covered by your text and your teacher's in-class explantions.
  90. Psychology

    We (3) have to lead half hour class discussion on introduction to Psych., ask 3 questions, make a case study. We don't know where to start. It's only introduction?? Help!! tx
  91. Math

    In a class of 28 sixth graders, all but one of the students are 12 years old. Which two measurements are the same for the student's ages? What are those measurements?
  92. spelling

    My class needs to write a report that starts with: I had trouble finishing the assignment because___. I always turn in my assignments in time, so I don't know what to write.
  93. U.S.History

    i need help with this Colonial American society was organized according to a belief in a. a stron middle class b. a classless society c. equality of opportunity d. inequality ?
  94. health

    I have to make a 3D model of the urinary system for health class. I'm thinking clay might be best to use, but I'm not that artistic. Any other ideas??
  95. math equation

    umm i learned this abt 6 months ago in an advanced class but i totally 4got, so help plz? the equation is: 420=x^2+x how do i solve for x? thx for the help :)
  96. Marketing

    for a class assignment I am creating a marketing program for a company that is selling motor scooters. what types of stragtey should I consider including in this plan?
  97. Chemistry

    I need to perform a chemical demonstration on thermochemistry or kinetics or colligative properties for chemistry class. However I cannot have demonstrations involving fire.
  98. litature

    Need assistance with lit class checkpoint for week 8 rough draft of final paper for A raisin in the sun and the lottery Lit/210 wk 8
  99. Navigation...

    Hi! I am in a NROTC Navigation class and I am having trouble finding the deviation when converting compass readings to true degrees...idk if anyone can help me...thought I would ask..Thanks
  100. 12th grade

    How would one distinguish successful from unsuccessful assertions of judicial power? What is it that puts Marbury in one class and Dred Scott in another?
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