Super Easy Science - SUPER SIMPLE QUESTION!!!!!

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Super Easy Science - SUPER SIMPLE QUESTION!!!!!

how do I do i stay focused while writing a report??????!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Easy Math Question

3x^2-12x+11=0 Solve for x.


Super Bowl XLIV, which aired on February 7, 2010, included a record 47 minutes and 50 seconds of advertising in 104 commercial messages, the most of any Super Bowl. What was the average length, in seconds, of an ad shown during Super Bowl XLIV? Express your answer as a decimal...


Mr. John has a dangerous relationship with a new type of Hot Cheetos Product, called Super Hot Cheetos Limon. He is so obsessed that he wants to cover his entire classroom floor in a 2-foot layer of Hot Cheetos and spend his whole summer break eating them. The classroom is in ...

super quick easy question

does anyone know of a website translating english to shakespearean language? or to elizabethan language?

um...... STicky Situation

Yow do you get super glue off your skin? I was doi9ng a project and it is stuck to my fingers. My step-sister is typing this because my hand is super glued. How do i get it off???


I have heard that trig CAN be super easy, that there are just, like, 10 rules you need to memorize then all the problems are easy. ... Does anyone know what these are? Thanks!


Comment s'appelle l'argent qu'on utilise en Haiti? Que veut dire le mot? Pourquoi y a-t-il des fenêtres et des portails sur les billets européens? Regarde tous les pays don't l'argent est le franc. Qu'est-ce qu'ils ont en commun? Est-ce que le dollar canadien a la même ...


The length of Super Bowl commercials is said to be Normally distributed with a mean of 36 seconds and standard deviation of 8 seconds. a. Find the probability that a randomly selected Super Bowl commercial is shorter than 45 seconds? (2 points) b. Find the probability that a ...


Problem: A Super Ball is thrown to the ground with an initial downward velocity of 0.70 m/s and pops back up to the hand of the thrower; the total time elapsed is 0.71 s. What height was the Super Ball thrown from? Do I use the formula x = x0 + v0*t-0.5*g*t^2? x0=0 v0=-0.70 t=...

Math (help)

Mr. John has a dangerous relationship with a new type of Hot Cheetos Product, called Super Hot Cheetos Limon. He is so obsessed that he wants to cover his entire classroom floor in a 2-foot layer of Hot Cheetos and spend his whole summer break eating them. The classroom is in ...


A super-Fibonacci sequence is a list of whole numbers with the property that, from the third term onwards, every term is the sum of all the previous terms. For example, 1, 4, 5, 10, ... How many super-Fibonacci sequences with 1 involve the number 2016? A.1 B.3 C.5 D.7 E.9


My question is "¿Qué le diste a tu madre o a tu padre en su cumpleaños?" This is my answer, please tell me if I wrote it right. "Para los cumpleaños de mis padres le di a mi padre una taza super hombre y mi madre una pintura enmarcada de una mariposa." I'm wanting to say "...


N2 + O2 -> 2NO enthalpy change = +180.6kJ c) what is the enthalpy change for the formation of one mole of nitrogen monoxide? Okay, I know this question is super easy, but I don't know how to do it; if someone could please give me a detailed explaination on how to do a full ...


Which simple machine has more mechanical advantage a pulley or a inclined plane? PlEASEE HELP SUPER CONFUSED

Math - 3rd grade summer work

A Super-Duper ball bounces twice its height when it is dropped. Carl dropped a Super-Duper ball from the roof of a 12-foot garage. How high will the ball bounce after 5 bounces?


super mouse steals a large piece of cheese by rolling it across the floor with a force of 5.0 N. If the cheese has a mass of 50 kg with what acceleration does the cheese move? If super mouse's force remains constant, what will be the speed of the rolling cheese


A turbo-jet flies 50 mph faster than a super-prop plane. If a turbo-jet goes 2000 miles in 3 hours less time than it takes the super-prop to go 2800 miles, find the speed of each plane. I do not understand how to do this at all. Please explain as well as you can! Thanks.


A super-hero is leaping from the roof of one building onto another. The first building is 120 meters high and the second building is 80 meters high. The horizontal velocity of the super-hero is 12.0 m/s. What is the maximum possible distance between buildings that the hero can...

Business Communications (English)

Please check punctuation for periods and semicolons to make sure they are correct. This is a letter which we had to proofread (keeping same sentencing). Semicolons, for some reason, are difficult for me. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP!! Dear Ms. Santiago You will be interested to ...


The cost for a 30-second ad during the 2010 Super Bowl was $2.8 million. Assuming the rate per second to be constant, what was the average cost per ad that was broadcast during the Super Bowl in 2010? Express your answer as a whole number to the nearest thousand dollars.

Java programming

List all overloading methods (including constructors) in this coding.. public class Circle { private double radius; private String colour; public Circle() { radius = 0; colour = ""; } public Circle (double r) { radius = r; } double getRadius() { return radius; } double getArea...


Patrick and Spongebob love to blow bubbles! The ads claim that Super Bubble soap will produce bubbles that are twice as big as regular bubble solution. Sample is made with 5 oz of Super Bubble soap and 5 oz of water, while the other is made with the same amount of water and 5 ...


A 30-second commercial during this year’s Super Bowl costs $4.5 million. B) Doritos is running 2 thirty-second commercials. A 16-ounce party-size bag of Doritos costs $3.98. If after paying the production costs of making and packaging this snack the company earns $1.80 ...


Passive Voice Sentence: More concern was shown (by television viewers) over the Super Bowl than over the outbreak of an international conflict. Is this correct for an Active Voice: The Super Bowl had more concern over the outbreak of an international conflict.

Algebra 1

Mr. Jones got his car washed at super clean. The wash started at 1:55pm and ended at 2:05pm. It cost $7. Mr. Smith got his car washed at Super Clean for $12. the wash started at 9:30am and ended at 9:50 am. Write an equation for the line that represents this situation. Part 2...

Earth Science

What are two forces that cause the Earth's surface to constantly change and what are their effects on the planet? Please help I do homeschooling and I'm super behind in science please answer before 12:00 p.m. on 11-17-09

math, correction

Problem #1 Directions: Find the GCF for 14 and 21. My answer is: 7 Problem #2 Directions: List all the prime numbers between 25 and 60. My answer: 29,31,37,41,43,47,53,59 41 what do you mean by saying 41? I MEAN THAT'S 41 AND THAT IS SUPER -DUPER EASY, GOT IT LITTLE DUMB GIRL


A movie theater has a super ultra combo meal. It includes the option of a large popcorn, a soda, a slice of pizza, and a box of candy. There are 12 types of toppings for the popcorn, including no topping. There are 5 types of toppings for the pizza, including no topping. The ...

8th grade homework

Please help me I beg of you! My math teacher is awful and I have no idea how to do my pretest and she's picky about showing my work so it would be helpful if you could explain :) 1.six is subtracted from a number. The result is devided by four. This result is added to 10 to ...


Hello! I am having some trouble with this one question. I know that the Earth's gravitational force pulls the train towards the ground, but I do not know how the other forces act on the train. Any help is super appreciated:) Q: Explain how gravitational, electrical, and ...


n 5 x 3 - 15, 30, 45, 60 - 5, 15, 45, 135 - 0, 15, 45, 135 ** - 15, 45, 135, 405 Im just super confused about this question, i dont understant it, can someone explain it to me?

Last math question of the night plz help quickly!

Find the domain and ranges of the following: f(x)=(2/3)x-3 f(x)=-3x+7 Thank you in advance, this helps me a lot because I really suck at finding domain/range and it's super late rn.


y*x=30 I need super help please


How do you do ledger lines they are super confusing


4x7-9^4= please help me im super stuck


patrick and spongebob love to blow bubbles! patrick found some super bubble soap a sail-mart. the ads claim that supere bubble soap will produce bubbles that are twice as as bubbles made with regular bubble soap. patrick and spongebob made up two samples of bubble soulution. ...


I am looking for the correct sentence use of the Semicolon 20a. The Bears lost the Super Bowl to Indianapolis; worse yet, I lost a bet with my brother about the outcome of the game. 20b. The Bears lost the Super Bowl to Indianapolis; worse yet; I lost a bet with my brother ...


To make a large-scale representation of a hydrogen atom in its ground state, you start with a super ball (D=3.78 cm) to represent the nucleus. How far away, R, in km will you have to put the representation electron?

Super quick english question

last one! We will need the following supplies for our school garden: Shovels, rakes, wheelbarrows, and compost. does school need to b capital?

6th grade math

What is the definition of "super arrays".


What is the benelli super 90 12 gauge submachine gun?

Science grade 8

Which chemical equation is balanced? 1. H20 H 2 + 20 2 2. 2H20 2H2 +0 2 3. 2H20 H2 + 20 2 4. H2O 2H2 + 20 2 Im super confused... But I think its 4?? Im probably wrong so please help?!?!


Identify the word in italics. This is the dog I was telling you about. demonstrative pronoun indefinite pronoun interrogative pronoun relative pronoun not a pronoun


um...wasn't it the colts? wo won the super bowl in football no lik i sed

9th grade

what does the sun become after super nova

Maths(Surface integral/flux)

Let S be the funnel shaped surface defined by x^2 + y^2 = z^2 for 0<z<9 (a) Sketch S (b) Determine the outward pointing normal to S (c) Evaluate ∬F.ds where F = -yi + xj + zk This is a super long question, but if you could help... it will be great.. Answer for (b): x(x...

English Pronouns

Identify the pronoun which has an unclear antecedent in the following sentence, if one exists. After you give the balls to the players, let me take a look at them. a. you b. me c. them d. all pronouns have clear antecedents How do I answer this question? I am super confused.

math super confused

9 is to 3 as 49 is to_? (9:3::49:_?) Please show and explain the answer

8th grade math

According to one survey, the number of consumers who planned to purchase a television for the purposes of viewing the Super Bowl rose from 1.4 million in 2005 to 4.5 million in 2011. Suppose that in 2005 the average purchase price for a television was $935. In 2011 the average...


super easy (I think) but I must be missing some concept... A race car starts from rest on a circular track. The car increases its speed at a constant rate at as it goes 5.00 times around the track. Find the angle that the total acceleration of the car makes with the radius ...


What does the subscript "s" on H2O(s) signify? A. seconds B. Super hard C. It is in its standard state. D. It's a solid

lenasia secondary school

reseach project chemical system: phosphates what is a super phosphate?

US history

explain how government,buisnessm and induviduals are important to the existence fot he imformation super highway


Did tilting of the Grand Canyon Super Group occur after deposition of the Tapeats Sandstone.


How would I go about finding the limit of this sequence: (e^(2n)+6n)^(1/n) Please explain the steps, it'd be super helpful! Thanks!


I go to Conexus and I am super duper behind do you happen to have the answers for the proportions quiz???????? PLEASE A c d c b a d


1. After extensive research and development, Good Days Tires Corp., has recently developed a new tire, the Super Tread, and must decide whether to make the investment to produce and market the Super Tread. The tire would be ideal for drivers doing a large amount of wet weather...

english (gurublue or anyone)

I'm stumped on what seems to be a fairly easy question that has been asked of me after reading about "Mike Rose". I will summarize the story and provide the question that has given me the mental block. Simple story... Mike Rose as a kid didn't do well in grammar or mathematics...


Please this is super duper important do you know where i can read the full book of room one by andrew clements


Convert each statement below into symbolic form and generate its truth table: If the New York Yankees win the world series or the New York Jets win the super bowl then New York fans will be overjoyed and dance in the streets. Y: The New York Yankees win the world series. J: ...

PHYSICS ~so confused~

so i'm going to try my hardest to type this out. which of the following system of forces provides the block the highest net force? a.) 11N--->[box]<---71N b.) 405N--->[box]<---403N c.) 227N--->[box]<---153N d.) 22.7N--->[box]<---15.3N I thought this was...


the difference in the outcome was Jefferson's missed field goal. If he had put it through, we'd be going to the Super Bowl

ALgebra 2

Okay Im super confused about how to do this Give three points that lie on the line 3x + 2y = 6 can some one please explain it to me? thank you


The difference in the outcome was Jefferson's missed field goal. If he had put it through, we'd be going to the Super Bowl.


The Super Bowl trophy is named after Vince Lombardi the head coach of what norther NFL Team?


Use the given sorted values below which are the numbers of points scored in the Super Bowl for a recent period of 24 years. 36 37 37 39 39 41 43 44 44 47 50 53 54 55 56 56 57 59 61 61 65 69 69 75


a solution containing 100.0 mL of 0.135 M CH3COOH (ka=1.8E-5) is being titrated with 0.54 M NaOH. calculate the ph: at the equivalence point

Math Calc

given the relationship 2x^2 + y^3 =10, with y > 0 and dy/dt = 3 units/min., find the value of dx/dt at the instant x = 1 unit. SUPER CONFUSED DONT GET THE EQUATION!!!!!!!


44. Super tires Full set special $ 175 30,000 plus 10, 000 miles warranty Balance, rotation, and Alignment included Free disposal of old tires ($50 value) Good Tread Tires Four tires $ 150.00 40,000 miles warrantly Balance, rotation and Alignment $25 Free replacement for Flat ...


for 1960 i draw atomic bomb and write beside that it kept super powers from attacking eachother i think that not good caption i not know


A line has a slope of 2. It passes through the point (1,2) and (3,y). What is the value of y ? Please help. Is there like a specific difference I'm suppose to find? I'm super confused.

Social Studies/ History

Can someone please write a short paragraph for each event, explaining what they are and how they led to the civil war to help me study? Just a simple paragraph, not a super long one. -Missouri Compromise -Nat Turner's Rebellion -The Wilmot Proviso -The compromise of 1850 -...

operations mangement

Johnson chemicals is considering two options for its supplier portfolio option one uses to local supplier such a unique event risk of 5% the probability of a super event that would disable both at the same time is estimated to be 1.5% option to use it to suppliers located in ...

Algebra 1

What is the slope of the line that passes through the points (-2, 5) and (1, 4) a.) -3 b.) -2 c.) -1/3 d.) 1/3 I think it's b, but I feel like it could also be a. Please help? My dyslexia is making this problem super tricky.

Organic Chemistry

Why doesn't liquid CO2 decaffinate coffee and super critical CO2 does?


Today 4% of employees vat Super Toys were absent,how many employees are there in all?

college speech

i need a super funny entertainment speech topic...

Chemistry II

Why is YBa2Cu3O7 a super conductor? Explain Chemistry and Structural bases.


if a super dense material with a refractive index of 1.76 x10^7 what is the speed of light in this material

Super Hard Math

What multiplication fact can be found by using the arrays 2 times 9 and 5 times 9


A 25.00 mL sample of a soft drink was titrated using 12.10 mL of 1.50 M NaOH. Given that the soft drink's monoprotic acid has a Ka value of 2.8 x 10^-5, predict the pH of the soft drink. I know that the answer is pH 2.85 (our practice questions have an answer key) but I'm ...


Ok...this is a super dumb question, but is an electric field best described as fact, hypothesis, theory or all of these? I think that it is fact, since there are means of measuring the electric field of something, but I could be wrong. They have found fossils of our ancestors...

English 9

Ok. well i we have to make a poem for Shakespeare birthday and it has to be 2 lines but i have no ideas and its super confusing !

simple easy math question PLEASEEE HELPP!!!

is this true? log^2 x = (logx)^2


Hello! I am having some trouble with this one question. I know that the Earth's gravitational force pulls the train towards the ground, but I do not know how the other forces act on the train. Any help is super appreciated:) Q: Explain how gravitational, electrical, and ...


Consider the role of the US as the world's only super-power and explain the the opportunity cost of having this role.

Spanish but need super help

Explain how to form the usted form of the imperative of the regular ar verb hablar. Pls help

college math

sam bought 1 of 250 tickets for $2 in a raffle with the prize of $400. Was $2 fair price? Can someone show me the formula on how to get this answer. My text is super confusing.


This is regarding to the super long post. Dr.Bob, did you actually check all of my answers? Do you want me to make several small posts now? By the way I don't understand how #1 is wrong!!!!!


what is the cost: performance: reliability: size: installed in numbers: of super computers, main frame, personal computers and PDA'S ?


Use the diagram to answer question 13. so substance A looks like a row of three little circles on the top and bottom all organized (total six dots). substance b is all clumped together circles and is disorganized. 13. How can substance A and B be compared? Choose all that ...


Can someone please help me figure out the mean, standard deviation, raw score, and z-score of 27,3,4,16,0.. Any help is super appriciated.. thanks sooo much.

social studies

"India we all know is a super diversified state,different varieties are visible here."In the light of this statement what is the role of politics and how far it unities and divides the country?

7th grade Lang. Art

Which word in caps makes more sense? Every year the professional football season (CULMINATES, BROODS) in the super bowl. Please help thank you


Super man lived on Krypton where acceleration due to gravity is 23.6 m/s^2. If a woman falls from a building that is 88.3 meters tall, how long does he have to save her before she hits the ground?


What are the subjects, predicates, adjective phrases, adverb phrases, infinitive phrases, etc. in these sentences? Manteris, author of Super Bookie, was responsible for making proposition bets a huge business when, in 1985, he offered 20-to-1 odds at Caesars Palace that an ...


A "super ball" dropped from a height of x feet bounces to a height y that is 80% of x. Can anyone please teach me how to find its numerical, algebraic, and graphical representations? Thanks a lot!!!


collect the annual sales of a super market for 10 years and fit a straight line trend to the data collected and find the trend values


Assuming zero drag, how long, in seconds, would it take a super ball to fall 25 feet? What would its velocity be at that point (in mph)?


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