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  1. English

    Signal Phrase: Read "Too Much Pressure" by Colleen Wenke (564-568). Consider it a model for using signal phrases to introduce quoted material as explained on pages 508-512 of the Bedford Handbook. 1. Copy two good examples from Wenke's essay of signal phrases that name the ...
  2. english

    Read the excerpt from O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi. " Which three sentences in this passage reflect traditional stereotypes of men and women? A. White fingers and nimble tore at the string and paper. B. And then an ecstatic scream of joy; and then, alas! a quick feminine ...

  4. poems

    for english class i have to write a poem personifying something. I chose to personify a picture in a picture frame. I am not at all good at poems and was wondering if you guys could read mine and tell me what changed i should make and if its really bad and i should just start ...
  5. Global

    Stalin said that ideas are more powerful than guns, we don't let our opponents have guns why should we let them have ideas. How are ideas more powerful and wat are some examples of this. Also why is it more important Here's one idea to draw on:
  6. Calculus (please help I really need to check this)

    Consider a window the shape of which is a rectangle of height h surmounted a triangle having a height T that is 1.3 times the width w of the rectangle. If the cross-sectional area is A, determine the dimensions of the window which minimize the perimeter. h=______ w=______ What...
  7. Theme of "Fly On the Wall"

    I have to come up with a theme for the book "Fly On the Wall" by E. Lockhart. I can't think of one though! If anyone has read the book and knows the theme of the book, let me know please! Thanks!
  8. writing process part 1

    I need this paragraph proof read if that's OK. also need to know if it's a fully devolved the topic a high school diploma is important to my future. A high school diploma is important to my future for a number of reasons. The First being to attend college it is required I earn...
  9. again...

    how about this sentence? After breakfast, before we'd had time to scatter. Is that we would? One way to tell is to read the sentences aloud to yourself without the contraction. It'll be obvious to you. After breakfast, before we had had time to scatter ... or After breakfast, ...
  10. physics

    A bothersome feature of many physical measurements is the presence of a background signal (commonly called "noise"). In Part 2.2.4 of the experiment, some light that reflects off the apparatus or from neighboring stations strikes the photometer even when the direct beam is ...
  11. science

    Which of the following organs remove nitrogenous waste from the body?
  12. science-biology

    why do we study the human organ system?
  13. science

    How many hydrogen atoms are in a molecule of C8H10N4O2? wouldnt it just be 10?
  14. science

    The gravitation pull of a object depends 2 factors what are they
  15. science

    Explain how sonar radars work in boats
  16. science

    why is the pressure more on ground when a person is walking than when he is standing ?
  17. Science

    What tool/instrument is used to measure liquid volume?
  18. science

    The changing or giving way of one plant group to another is called?
  19. science

    In what form are most elements (in the periodic table) in nature? What does this mean?
  20. Science

    Does sound travel through a solid, liquid, gas or all of the above
  21. Science

    What is a 7 letter word for a tentacled marine creature
  22. physical science

    filtration can be used to separate mixutures based on?
  23. Science

    what standards are used to measure temperature? WHAT DOES THIS QUESTION MEAN? and i would like an answer too
  24. science

    why would a spinal cord injury leave someone paralyzed?
  25. science

    2Zn+O2=2ZnO. What type of chemical reaction is it
  26. Maths,geography nd science

    What are four factors that cause each of the social issues
  27. Science

    Explain in one paragraph how does climate affect weathering ?
  28. Science

    What forces act on a ball rolling down a slope?
  29. science

    what is the rock name clay settles in nearly still water shale
  30. Science

    How to create an organism, using CYCLO, Ocular and PLAST
  31. science

    if there is 63 protons,89 neutronsand 60 electrons so what is his net charge
  32. Science

    How to complete SWOT analysis of a sea turtles?
  33. Science, Biology

    How does DNA encode the characteristics of an organism?
  34. History

    What impact did learning about classical science have on chirstinaity
  35. science but not really!?

    how heavey is a marble (in grams)?please answer quick!!
  36. science

    experiment to demonstrate that expired air contains carbondioxide
  37. 9th grade science

    what is the loudness of sound called?
  38. science

    can making ice more reflective slow its melting?
  39. Science

    Please for diagrams to show the terms associated in the study of levers.
  40. science

    why are natural languages not suited for programming of computers?
  41. science

    how does chlamydomonas carry out the 8 characteristics of living things
  42. science

    What are 2 ways resources are brought up from under Earth's surface?
  43. science/atmospheric heating

    name two ways that air gets heated
  44. science

    i need to write a poem about nitrogen. please help. i'm not good at poetry.
  45. Science

    Think of 5 adaptations for a made up animal in an aquatic environment
  46. Science

    At which point is more silt in the water in the mountains or on flatland why
  47. Science

    How do you use nitrogen to determine the radioactive age of a fossil?
  48. science

    What are the similarities and differences between the three major wind systems? Thanks!
  49. Science

    How are fish,amphibians,reptiles,and birds not alike
  50. science

    identify the best way to display statistics in a research report
  51. science

    how does a star life form pls write it and tell me
  52. Science

    What will happen to the path of a toy rocket when it's lauched.
  53. science

    What is the recommended amount of fat for: a)men b)women
  54. Science

    Is neon and oxygen written as neonide and oxide?
  55. science

    How does radiation from the Sun affect Earth’s atmosphere?
  56. Science

    Which solution below has the highest concentration of hydronium ions? pH = 9.82 pH = 12.6 pH = 7.93 pH = 3.21 pH = 7.00
  57. Life science

    Investigate the effect of the environment on phenotype
  58. Science

    explain why the upper skin of a leaf is transparent
  59. Science

    can the mass of an object be used to indentify what substance it is made out of?
  60. Earth Science

    What two things are used for determining how a rock was formed??
  61. Science

    A 0.2 kg falcon hits a mouse with a force of 5 N. What was its acceleration?
  62. Science

    Which group of organisms includes only multicellular heterotrophs?
  63. science

    how does the watershed affect our environment? please help a not to short answer thanks
  64. Science. HELP!!

    If you decrease the frequency of a wave, how does the velocity change?
  65. science

    21) - Granite, shale, coal, and limestone are commonly known as?
  66. medical science

    How long do numbing treatments for lacerations last?
  67. science

    which part of a plant cell is made of cellulose
  68. Science

    Are there scientists studying the population of organisms? If there is, what are they called?
  69. science

    part of a plant which was once a bud. i thought it was petal is that right?
  70. Science

    Explain how xykem tubes help support a plant.
  71. science

    how is magnesium supported the theory of seafloor spreading?
  72. science

    what businesses would be affected if biogeochemical cycles change.?
  73. Science

    Explain what is meant by closed system of circulation
  74. Science

    Force of a 1500 kg rhino to accelerate to 4m/s2 How do I figure this out?
  75. science

    reasons for the increase or dissipation of hurricane strength
  76. Science

    When the Sun is directly over the equator, we experience either _ or _ ? I'm not getting this. Do they mean what two seasons?
  77. science

    What are 4 examples of physical systems designed by people?
  78. Science

    Give reason-why current pass through the water
  79. Science

    Can someone please help Thank you. What are the main goals and strategies of green intelligence?
  80. science on weather

    how would earth be affected if its axis were not titled?
  81. Science

    Compare and contrast the Moon’s maria and highlands
  82. Science

    What are 3 ways resources are brought up from the earth's surface?
  83. Science

    How many hydrogen atoms are in a molecule of C8H10N4O2? wouldnt it just be 10?
  84. Science

    What does the Space Shuttle use to land when returning to Earth ?
  85. science

    give three examples of equipment used when heating objects
  86. science

    During condensation, what must be changed, temperature or heat energy?
  87. science

    looking for some adaptations the chinese golden pheasant might have made
  88. science-electromagnetism

    Find the current density J at (2 m, 1 m,3 m) if H=2xy^2k Am^-1.
  89. Science

    What propity makes a metal useful in a electical devices
  90. science

    which of the following is to used to measure 10.8cm3 of dilute hydrochloric acid?
  91. science

    What is the actual size of a red blood cell
  92. Science(maths)

    How many H atoms are contained in 1.50g of glucose

  94. science

    What is the relationship between DNA, chromosomes, alleles and genes?
  95. science

    Please someone answer this question for me .If you want to work in the lab what were you trying to demonstrate............... Thanks
  96. Science

    Does nano3 turns phenolpthalein indicator pink?
  97. Agriculture/Science

    Hi all, basically im stuck with a part of my assignment •
  98. science

    What is the difference between Light and Sound and what are the same. write sentences
  99. Science

    I need an acrostic poem of the word Biotic Factors
  100. SCIENCE

    What is the movement of a water particle in a wave called?
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