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Any topic (writer's choice) Research paper Science 3 pages / 825 words Discipline: Science Type of service: Writing from scratch Format or citation style: APA


What is useful when exact data is not required???? An estimated value? A ball park number? An approximation? An order of magnitude? No, it's a 10 letter word. None of those fit. Do you know what letter it begins with or any of the letters between the beginning and the end? The...


1. 2(x – 3) = 2x (1 point) one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 2. 3(y – 3) = 2y – 9 + y (1 point) one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 3. 10x – 2 – 6x = 3x – 2 + x (1 point) one solution no solutions infinitely many solutions 4. 4(x...


Could you please check these sentences? Thank you. 1) "It's a pity you didn't read that book," he said. He regretted that I hadn't read that book. (Is it the only possible form?) 2) Try eating less. Try to eat less. (Are both possible?) 3) He was seen stealing the watch. He ...


I studied science last night. I had a good time with my family. I called Eunhui and talked for a long time. I took a shower in the bathroom. I made cheese cakes with my mother. I sent some e-mails to my friends. I bought a wallet at Home Plus. I read a newspaper. I listened to...

about this site please read

im trying to post something but it says I cant because youre not allowed to post internet addresses but I don't have any in my post please help. You likely have a www in the text. nope read it over and over .is that the only thing it could be because I really need to post this...

Leiningen Versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson.ASAP

Okay, so I really need help, I have read the story, but I realy need help. Has anyone read "Leiningen Versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson. Before. I really need help so please help.


Read the following example. What is the effect of the meter in these lines? I wandered lonely as a Cloud That floats on high o'er vales and Hills. When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden Daffodils; Beside the Lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the ...


Posted by rfvv on Monday, October 4, 2010 at 2:24am. 1. Cut long rice cake into 4-5 cm pieces. (How do you read '4-5 cm'?) 1-1. four to five centimeter 1-2. four and five centimeter 1-3 four or five centimeter 1-4 from four to five centimeter (Which one is right? Do we have to...


What is science when it is applied? Science that is applied has several names: Applied Science Technology Engineering Construction


Which sentence segment contains a punctuation error? Alicia, doesn't pay attention to her penmanship; therefore, her writing is often difficult to read. A.) to her penmanship; B.) is often difficult to read. C.) Alicia, doesn't pay attention D.) therefore, her writing


I am SOOOO stuck on this science question!! It's not that hard but, science isn't my forte..... here it is...." If the mass of the brick is 50 grams and it's volume is 9cm cubed, calculate the density of the block using the formula D = m/v." HELP PLEASE!!!!

Intro to Physical Science

Define physical science Andrew: I went to and typed in physical science. The following is what it returned.I hope this helps. physical science  1. any of the natural sciences dealing with inanimate matter or with energy, as physics, chemistry, and ...


give 3 examples of pure science vs applied science


what is the difference between science, non-science and psuedoscience?

Intro to Law

I need some help for a mock trial in class. I am supposed to write a direct examination for a man by the name of Farley on the plaintiff. I read on the internet that direct examinations are conducted by the attorney on the witness's side. But I also read the goal of the direct...


For each day of the 5-day working week Tom can choose any one of 6 newspapers to read at the lunchtime. (i) How many different choices are possible in a week? (ii) If Tom wants to read a different title each day, then how many different choices are possible in a week?


1. Is Kelly a male name or a female name? 2. What is the difference between the two sentences? 1) He lost his watch. 2) He has lost his watch. 3. My father reads the newspaper every day. (What is the meaning of this sentence? Does the father read the same newspaper every day? ...

literature (bejamin Franklin)

As a poor boy, Franklin realized that he could not buy many books, but he came up with an idea that could give people access to as many books as they wanted. This idea was essentially.. a) get a government grant b)get the government to buy the books c)have all your friends ...


A researcher wants to develop a new pharmaceutical compound to treat pain. Which of the following strategies will likely be the most effective process? A. Test extracts from newly discovered plants for pain-killing substances. B. Read anthropological studies to discover plants...

cultural diversity

Read the material carefully including quotations on slavery from each president, and write a 3-5 page paper double-spaced answering the following questions 1. Did you already know how many slaves the presidents held? 2. Were you surprised by any of the information you read? 3...


How would you compare and contrast the three different teaching methodologies: expository, guided inquiry, and free discovery, in a science lesson with respect to a) the amount of learning likely to occur, and b) the amount of prescribed science content likely to be learned? ...

Health Information

What is the best answer to this question. I have read, and read many times and can't figure it out. Please help! Judge Jones is hearing a motion to order release of substance abuse records pursuant to a subpoena. The hearing: A. must be in open court because the records were ...


Are the "Notes on Punctuation" by Lewis Thomas actually about punctuation? We were asked to "close read" it and I'm sure the author had other messages to get out other than punctuation. I looked Lewis Thomas up on google and found that he was quite into biology. Can anyone ...


Using evidence from Orwell’s essay, respond to current events, and draw from personal experience in order to write a well-organized paragraph in which you persuade your reader that the English language either is, or is not, improving over time? Can someone please help me ...


In the following sentence, which words should be in quotation marks? Did you read the chapter Chemical Reactions in our science textbook, Understanding Chemistry? A. chapter Chemical Reactions B. Chemical Reactions C. Understanding Chemistry I think the answer is B, as it is a...

Strategies for the independent learner

1.When you approach a text, you should A. survey it, using the technique called SQ3R. B. dive right in at the first page and read the assigned section. C. skip over words you don’t know. D. read only the boldface type. 7.You might want to review as you exercise because A. it...


in this section of the lab report you are given an opportunity to explain any results you received which are different that expected. SOme of the discreptancies are due to carelessnesss, reading instructions incorectly, porrobservation, basically they all stem from not ...

computer programming

write a program that can read 10 interger values into an array and find the total for that array in the program , write 3 fiunctions: a function to read values , a function to find the total of element value and a function to print value

computer programming c++

write a program that can read 10 interger values into an array and find the total for that array in the program , write 3 fiunctions: a function to read values , a function to find the total of element value and a function to print value


1. On the show, Mattie read his poems and talked about his love for life. 2. On the show, Mattie read his poems and talked about his love abou life. -------------- Which preposition can we use, 'for' or 'about'? Are both OK?

Social Studies 7R

Decline of the Puritans During 1700s, the Puritan tradition declined. Fewer familes left England for regligious reasons. Ministers had less influence on the way colonies were governed. Even so, the Puritans stamped New England with their distinctive customs and their dream of ...

Brothers Karamazov

I do not understand why Dmitri originally doubted that Smerdyakov murdered Fyodor but later changed his mind and thought Smerdyakov murdered Fyodor. Be sure to go into and find this book under the B's -- then read the section called Analysis of Major ...

English debating

Hi we are doing debates tomorrow and my debate group's topic is "should school be voluntary"? I am 3rd speaker on the negative team and I need help finding information and sources for it please. I would also appreciate some rebuttal tips, thank you. Try the whole "nature vs. ...

please check it writeacher

Volunteering is an amazing experience that not only allowed me to help my community but also myself. For example, at first I wanted to become a veterinarian so I volunteered at an animal shelter. I loved working with dogs, but not with cats so I realized I could not be a ...

Social Studies

I am having a problem with the following question. I have read and re-read my text book in search of the proper answer to no avail, so I turn to this board for assitance please. In comparison to political life on the continent, the British system was A. Generally more free and...


1) Which two of the 12 science processes do you feel are the most important for students to understand early in their science studies? Defend your rationale. 2 What do you see as some benefits to teaching and learning science through an inquiry approach?

Science Olympiad

I don't know if you can help me but i am in science olympiad and i don't now what to bring for the second part of physical science lab. I already tried going on their website so that did not help.


Engineering Science Project ideas and some thing cool interesting and new not that has been popular as a science project!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


please help me i am in 4th grade and i need help on my science project. my science project is, is smiling contagious and i have no idea what to do for research and data


What is a good science project to do? I am in 8th grade and am studying earth science. I need to present the project in front of class. Im really nervouse.


How can you use technology in your elementary science instruction to help children in their inquiries? Name three children's literature stories. How can they help to support science concepts?


Read each sentence. Then underline each term that calls for italics The twins like to watch Tomas & Friends Thomas & Friends? This book, The Higher Power of Lucky, won an award, and it is a good read. The higher Power of Lucky? Do you mean course or coarse? course or coarse? ...


CAN SOMEONE PLEASE CHECK TO SEE IF I HAVE DONE THESE CORRECTLY. Thanks for your help. Solve by completing the square 1. X^2-6x=16 X^2-6x + (-6/2) ^2=16+ (-6/2) ^2 X^2-6x+36/4= 16+36/4 (X-6/2)=100/4 X-6/2= +or - 10/2 X=6 + or - 10/2 X=-4, X=8 2. 2x^2-3x+1 2x^2-3x=-1 X^2-3/2x=-1...


How can you provide relevant hands-on learning in a science classroom when few resources are provided by the school? How can you ensure student safety and involvement in the science classroom?


May somebody help and explain please with 2 question explain why science is a continuous progression of study and y is the use of the inquiry process a practical way to approach science


What is the definition of Mathematics? a.adding and subtracting numbers b.the science of patterns and relationships c.the science of numbers d.a really hard subject


You place a piece of paper on a balance and find that its mass is 0.63 g. You add a lump of NaOH to the paper and get a mass of 22.21 g. You remember that you forgot to tare the balance before taking this measurement. You tare the balance, add another lump of NaOH, and read 20...


You place a piece of paper on a balance and find that its mass is 0.63 g. You add a lump of NaOH to the paper and get a mass of 22.21 g. You remember that you forgot to tare the balance before taking this measurement. You tare the balance, add another lump of NaOH, and read 20...


out of 250 students interviewed at a community college, 90 were taking mathematics but not computer science, 160 were taking mathematics, and 50 were taking neither mathematics nor computer science. Find the probability that a student chosen at random was a. taking just ...


C++ Program to read, print name and other details of 50 students ? Problem Statement : The annual examination is conducted for 50 students for three subjects. Write a program to read the data and determine the following: (a) Total marks obtained by each student. (b) The ...


Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 10:03pm. Is he doing well in class? 1. - No, he isn't. You see, he can't read or write. 2. - No, he isn't. You know, he can't read or write. ----------------------- Are both the same? Which one is commonly used, 'You see' or 'You ...


1. As he was sick, he could not go out. 2. Being sick, he cound not go out. 3. Sick, he could not go out. (Are they all the same? Is #3 grammatical?) 4. Reading a book, he chew gum. 5. Shaking hands, he said hello. 6. Smiling brightly, he greeted me. 7. Walking in the park, he...

Ap english

I have to answer a few questions about the essay Ralph Waldo Emerson From Education. (a copy of it is provided on google when you type in -what does emerson mean when he says "nature loves analogies, but not repetitions"?- ) If you have read it or can read it now please help ...


Most of the following sentences lack at least one period, question mark, exclamation point, comma, semicolon, or colon. Add the correct punctuation where it is needed. I have added punctuation in second set of sentences. 1.African American author Maya Angelou read from her ...


Which test should be used one samples t test, independent samples t test or dependent samples t test and how to set up the hypothesis An educational psychologist was interested in whether using a student’s own name in a story affected children’s attention span while ...


Today's fossil fuels began forming 300 million years ago. What allowed the process to begin? A Mammals ate all of the plants B Rainfall eroded huge mountains C Dinosaurs roamed the land D Many huge plants grew, died, and decayed (Broken Link Removed) um a little more help ...

4th grade Science

My daughter is learning translation and rotation in science right now...what is translation in regards to science?


Which quote from "The Morning of June 28, 1948" bes supports the conclusion that the public strongly disliked "The Lottery?" A. "this, as any writer of stories can tell you, is not a usual thing." B. "your story has kicked up quite a fuss around the office." C. "later that day...


Hello I'm looking to do easy and fast science fair projects? Something environmental Science fair project if you can just suggest some websites that's fine also c:

Earth Science

I need help with igneous rocks and the rock cycle. Is there a web site that will help me. One question is When magma cools below Earth's surface, it forms __________-grained, _________ igneous rocks. fine grained for your other word read:

english (gurublue or anyone)

I'm stumped on what seems to be a fairly easy question that has been asked of me after reading about "Mike Rose". I will summarize the story and provide the question that has given me the mental block. Simple story... Mike Rose as a kid didn't do well in grammar or mathematics...

Please help (Science) Scroll to photosynthesis and read. Then think about how most plants and algae use chloroplasts to photosynthesise. Cellular examination of a cyanobacterium and a diatom reveals that the diatom has (which structure?) that is absent in ...

Of mice and men

Would you say that the diction is simple and straight forward? The text is pretty easy to read and comprend. Steinbeck's style would be described as what? Read especially the section subtitled Significant ...


1. I didn't read Harry Potter yet. 2. I haven't read Harry Potter yet. 3. I don't know anything yet. 4. I didn't know anything yet. 5. He is not singing yet. 6. He was not singing yet. (Which ones are grammatical?)

science help plzzz

Multiple Choice 1. Which of the following images shows a living organism interacting with a biotic factor in its environment? (1 point) bird drinking water koala eating leaves plant in the Earth whale in the ocean 2. Which of the following shows the correct order from smallest...

science fair

I need to do a project for the science fair but I don't know what to do. My science teacher says it has to be like the water dancing on a penny, everything has to be the same but you have to change one thing. What can I do?????? HELP ME PLEASE :/


1. I prefer to play soccer with them. 2. I prefer playing soccer with them. (Are both grammatical?) 3. I prefer spring to fall. 4. I prefer palying tennis outdoors to reading books indoors. 5. I prefer to swim rather than read a novel. 6. I prefer to swim rather than to read a...


I need to relate Fyodor Dostoevsky's "Crime and Punishment" to socialism, but haven't the slightest idea where I'd start. Obviously Nihilism and Nietzsche's theory play a role... but how does socialism play a role? Anyone have any ideas? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework...


Sorry to keep asking but these answers are not in what I am supposed to read! What are some similarities shared by green algae and plants? Select one: a. They make their own food, store energy as starch, and have a two-stage life cycle. b. They make their own food, are plants...


my paper says give an example of a person that has two different genes for genotype (hint: a hybrid)...whats that mean? First reaad: Then read: (Broken Link Removed) ESPECIALLY SCROLL DOWN TO TONGUE ROLLING (which is a dominant trait) ...


I'm in 6th grade and I need help for my science project. I don't even know what to do. Any fun science projects for 6th graders?

Chemistry - Kc question

What would happen to Kc values in an experiment if the Beer's law constance (k) value used was low ( e.g you used 4000/M when the actual constant had a value of 5000/M)? Explain your answer Absorbance = k*length cell*concentration Cell length is constant. You read an ...

Maths Lit, Agic Science, Geography & Life Science

Hi, Im in grade 10 in Ngodini High School at Mpumalanga. I'm doing Life Science, Agricultural Science, Geography & Maths Lit - I want 2 know that which career path I can do?


*I really don't know how to get started. I have done lots of the homework, but this one (and a couple of others) are really giving me PROBLEMS.* A large fish hangs from a spring balance supported fromthe roof of an elevator. If the elevator has an upward acceleration of 2.65 m...

Struggling in Writing

Should I be ashamed for being a poor writer and reader,since I am in 12 th grade this year? Today,in writing class I struggled.. I could not identify the thesis of an article nor could I spot counterclaim that the author makes. I think I have dyslexia because I have a hard ...


science is the mixture ilearneed the science on the time she give my on fast day me is go for the killer and gave my juck on wag friends like the opportunity go as the preaper good life and good shade


science is the mixture ilearneed the science on the time she give my on fast day me is go for the killer and gave my juck on wag friends like the opportunity go as the preaper good life and good shade


Hey everyone I need some omework jelp as you can see.I'm not that well in Science so could you give me some tips? And i would like somr homework help for the following passge and answers. DIRECTIONS Read the paragraph and answer the questions. You can find examples of the ...

learning skills

According to the text, why should teachers of young children share science activities with parents? A. Everybody should know the facts of science. B. Parents want to learn science. C. Science relates to all aspects of a child's life. D. Parents are their children's first ...

Science help please...

Each element has a different set of energy levels. Use this fact to explain why the colour of the light emitted by an element in the gaseous stare is characteristic of the element? Ive read and researched Quantum physics for over a week now and i still don't understand this ...


I need informatiom on when the Holocaust began and ended. Scroll down to the Contents and read section 4. =) Please remember that posting several times with the same or very similar topic -- and for which you receive the same responses...

using skills

According to the text, why should teachers of young children share science activities with parents? A. Everybody should know the facts of science. B. Parents want to learn science. C. Science relates to all aspects of a child's life. D. Parents are their children's first ...


I was trying to figure what propagate meant. Can sound exist in a vacuum? Why or why not? Sound is a matter wave, it requires matter to propagate. Yes but i am 10 and trying to figure it out, i am sorry if i upset you. Did you read, or think about my response? It told you the ...

Early Childhood

When reading aloud to a group of toddlers at the beginning of the year, why would the teacher choose to read a book that students may have already heard at home? A. The teacher wants the students to feel comfortable and it will help create a rapport. B. The teacher doesn't ...

English expression

1. Paying attention to punctation marks, write the following sentences in short words. 2. After you read the following passage, mark appropriate punctuation marks. After that write them again. 3. After you read the following passage, using short words, answer the question...




How does earth science overlap with life science?


1. I can't do the science project myself. It's too difficult? What does it refer to? #2 or #3? 2. doing the science project myself 3. the science project --------------------------------- 4. I'm going to Tom's house to work on the science project. 5. I'm going to Tom's house ...


DESCRIBE CYTOPLASMIC STREAMING IN PARAMECIUM. WHAT IS THE BENEFIT OF CYTOPLASMIC STREAMING? In the ameba it allows movement, but in the paramecium it distributes nutrients and other key metabolic processess...


i read the book the dark and deadly pool but i have need to kno 3 chraters and 2 conflicts about it THANKX Since you read the book, I'm sure you know three of its characters. Those are the main people in the book. Mary Elizabeth was the main character. Who were two other ...


Is this poem good? How can I make it better? As I read the stories I find out about her dark past Some are hard to believe Now I see her in a different way A way I’ve never looked at her before I don’t know what to say to her Now that I know what I know I read the message ...


Aubrey has a shelf full of books. • Exactly 1} 3 of the books on the shelf are mysteries. • Aubrey has read 10 of the mysteries on the shelf. • The number of mysteries Aubrey has read is greater than }1 5 of the number of mysteries on the shelf and less than }1 4 of the ...


What part of science is genomics part of? and what should i list it as under in my science fair project

Science 1

At apparent magnitude -3, Jupiter is 100X brighter than second magnitude Polaris. True False Read. hint: - signs mean brighter but the rule of times 2 still holds If leaving a rference like I did helps you, pleas leave a thankyou...


Two old watches were found. Both watches were set for the current time. Forty-five minutes later one old watch was 1 minute ahead and the other old watch was 2 minutes behind. The next morning one watch read 7am and the other read 6am. At what time were the two old watches set?


1. Reading this poem, I can picture the speaker, who has so much to say. 2. When I read this poem, I can picture the speaker,and he has so much to say. 3. While I read this poem, I can picture the speaker,and he has so much to say. (Does #1 mean #2 or #3? Are the all the same?)


During a competition, a 60kg cyclist rides along a horizontal road on a bike with a mass of 5kg. During her ride, she changes gears and uses the chain wheel with a radius of 7.5cm and 36 teeth, and the rear sprocket with 18 teeth. The pedal handle is 20 cm in length. a) ...

U.S. and Global economics; involving math problems

I've been working on this problem for "hours" and I can't quite figure out how to solve it; can anyone help plzzz? I would appreciate it. :) Two college students went on spring break to Guadalajara, Mexico. One took the vacation in 2002, while the other went in 2006. Each ...


What is basic science? What is applied science? What traits to people need to be successful in basic science psychology fields? applied science?


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