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  1. Science

    What animal is on top of the food chain
  2. chemistry, science

    how many moles of he atoms are there in 0.02g of he?
  3. Science

    What do we mean when we say, "The speed of the car is 90 km/h."?
  4. Science

    Which is more harmful tannin or caffeine?
  5. science

    three equal charges 2.0×10^-6 each ae held
  6. Science

    When are tides in the earth's oceans the highest
  7. Science

    What is similarity between meiosis and mitosis.
  8. Science please help

    1. What is an example of a stable system?
  9. Science

    If I live in Louisiana, what is an ecosystem near me?
  10. Science

    Clasify this reaction Zn(s) + 2HCl(aq)-ZnCl2(aq)+H2(g)
  11. science

    i want a few examples of true solutions.
  12. science

    State a suitable hypothesis for this investigation
  13. science

    What is the main function of glycoxisomes (is organell) ???
  14. Science

    What is the formula of calculating linear expansion
  15. science

    Why is avogadro's law reffered to as hypothesis
  16. Science

    A mouse that eats grass is called a ......
  17. science

    a1.5m high has a potential energy of 44.1 what is the mass
  18. science

    What is the sum of multiples of 8 in the given calender

  20. science

  21. Science

    What is the relationship between energy and work?
  22. science

    What is the cell structure involved photosynthesis
  23. science

    how is scientific method applied in healthcare
  24. Science

    2. what is a factor that limits a technological design?
  25. science

    Which one of the following is a chemical change?
  26. Science-9

    The weight of the nucleus is known as the? atomic mass?
  27. science

    I need an acrostic on the word eukaryotic
  28. science

    Caculate the mass of photon with wavelength 3.6 A^
  29. science

    this system gives the body its shape
  30. Science

    Difference between prokaryotes and eukaryotes
  31. Science

    Why does pressure change with elevation and depth
  32. science

    where does energy come from in north carolina
  33. Science

    HOW to convert ethanol into chloroform
  34. Science

    What is bacteria causing peptic ulcer
  35. Science

    Contrast mitochondria and chloroplasts. Please. Thanks.
  36. science

    how does a grassland follow conservation of mass
  37. Science

    What is the raw materials of metamorphic rocks?
  38. science

    A powerpoint about four landforms
  39. science

    Name all type of machine
  40. Science

    Lenticels are represent on __________ in plants
  41. science

  42. Science

    Is sustainability achieved in the film Lorax?
  43. Science

    What are the important steps in empirical research?
  44. Science

    Rate of evaporation depends on blowing of
  45. science

    how does subduction change the ocean floor
  46. science

    how does mass and aceleration affect force???
  47. Science

    I don't know anything to put for "Y" for Eukaryote. Help please.
  48. Science

    Why do meteors start to burn in atmosphere?
  49. science

    The location of poles in FIR filter is at z=0 z=∞ z=1 z=−1
  50. Science

    What is the effect of hunting in the gender of species?
  51. social science

    who kill to Mahatma Gahandi
  52. Science

    How is the equator similar to the prime meridian?
  53. Science

    What is the relationship between HIV and AIDS?
  54. science

    A what will the vibration of air mileules produce
  55. science

    what is an example of mutualism in a cave dwelling?
  56. science

    which physical properties are characteristic of metal
  57. Science

    Why is Earth is the omnipresent conductive surface?
  58. Science

    What motion causes thermal energy?
  59. Science

    HCl with Cu ,net ionic equation
  60. Science

    Why are leaves able to get gases in and out
  61. health

    Help!! I am doing an assignment with 3 scenarios and I have got the first 2 but having trouble with the last. I have read through my chapter and searched webmd and other sites and still can't figure it out. Richard has noted over the past several weeks that he is having more ...
  62. English

    So for the summer I had to read cat's eye by Margaret Atwood and this happened to be a hard book to understand for me. I need help writing an essay in which I have to write an analytical essay detailing 3 events in the story where the author notably develops specific character...
  63. History help?

    1.Southern states began to leave the Union not long after this event: a.Lincoln read and established the Emancipation Proclamation b.the fighting at Fort Sumter in South Carolina c.The Battle of Gettysburg was lost by the South d.the election of Abraham Lincoln 1. A or B? I ...
  64. English-Poetry

    Which of these phrases best decribes rhythm? A.repeated sounds across lines of poetry B. a poem's cadence, pace, or ongoing momentum C.a collection of lines in a poem D.the regular or irregular rhyme scheme in a poem The book section we read today disn't define the word well, ...
  65. Psychology

    Nisa has grown up in a small village in the foothills. There was no electricity and water had to be hand pumped. They seldom saw people from the "outside." When she entered school the bus had to pick her up at 6:30 am in order for her to arrive at school by 8:30 am. During the...
  66. physical science

    If 500 kg of water at 200 degrees F is poured into a lake that is 50.0 degrees F, how much heat is added to the lake? Joules added = mass x specific heat water x delta T. mass = 500 kg Look up specific heat water in cal/kg delt T is 200. Solve for Joules added. Isn't the ...
  67. economics

    Read the Case Exercise Cost Analysis (pp. 327-328 of the Textbook) - Answer the following questions: 1. Calculate the incremental, or marginal, cost per chair to Leisure Products of accepting the order from Southeast? 2. What assumptions did you make in calculating the ...
  68. literature

    umm, i need possibly a little help. This question asks about your Independent Reading selection. You may use your reading selection to help you answer the question. What impact did your Independent Reading selection have on you as a reader? Would you recommend your selection ...
  69. math,algebra

    I'm not understanding so the answer should read as follows and steps: 15x^4y^9 divided by 3x^2y^2 = 5x^2y^7 Can you check this one for me. Direction. Simplify each of the following expressions where possible. 6x^2y^3+9x^2y^3 divided by 3x^2y^2 My answer: 15x^4y^6 divided by 3x...
  70. math

    my daughter is doing homework using greatest common factor, greatest common divisor, and prime factorization. She has this problem: Computers in the research room of the history museum are 30 wide, 30 inches apart and at either end of a row 30 inches from the wall. How many ...
  71. English

    On the table lies a very hard old bookmark. 2.You should not fold any pages in a library book. 3. Lately, I have been reading more nonfiction books. 4. During the week Mom is entirely too busy to read. 5. She recommends especially enjoyable books to all her friends. adverb=...
  72. English

    Identify the word or phrase that should be in italics. 1.) Riding the Orient Express toward Istanbul, Tom read the novels of Mark Twain. A.) Orient Express B.) Istanbul C.) Mark Twain D.) none 2.) He felt like a character in a Steven Spielberg movie as he listened to a Strauss...
  73. LAC Help Question

    1. Write a four paragraph literary essay in response to the following question. Be sure to include a thesis statement in your introduction, provide textual evidence in the body paragraphs, and end the essay with a strong conclusion. You may use your books and other notes you ...
  74. English

    Which excerpt from the play best supports the answer to the reason Anne spend time with Peter in the third read of the diary of Anne Frank? A."I'm sorry Mother, I'm going to Peters room. I'm not going to let Petronella Van Dann spoil our friendship." B."I mean, every time I go...
  75. law

    Did the police conduct a lawful search and seizure under the guidelines described in the text. Why or why not? o Was the suspect’s Fourth Amendment rights violated?  Was it reasonable?  Was there probable cause? o What evidence in the case study led you to ...
  76. Sociology/Social Responsibility

    How can I connect the three "Classical Theories of Morality" to my own cultural identity? How will they align or not align with my cultural identity? How does cultural identity impact social responsibility. The Three classical theories of Morality are Nicomachean Ethics- ...
  77. English

    1. I do math, science, and English homework every day. 2. I do much / a lot of homework every day. 3. I do much homework every day such as math homework, science homework, English homework, Chinese characters homework, etc. (Are they all grammatical?)
  78. English

    What are the strong points of the subway? The subway is clean, safe and fast. We can go to work or go to school with ease. We do not have to worry about traffic jam when we go by subway. It is comfortable to go on the train. The subway fare is cheap. We do not need to worry ...
  79. PSY 240

    •Post a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation summarizing the different perspectives on sexual orientation and identity. Here's my problem. I have read the entire chapter regarding this assignment and didn't come across any perspectives on the topic. I asked my...
  80. Grammar...Writing

    Hello, Does the following sentence contain a relative clause? The audience applauded the ambassador, who spoke for one-half hour. Thank You Scroll down a bit and read about relative clauses. What are the words they begin with...
  81. English

    .) Read the following sentences from "The Pin". "That all changed when my family moved. My new school is three times bigger than my old school. At first, no one here knew me. The kids were polite, but they did not treat me like a good friend. For a few days, I felt sad and ...
  82. English

    Do these work? We have to pick quotes from a book I read. Do you see these as representing the chosen items? Bravery: (This quote talks about how she is going to plead innocent,knowing she will die anyway for being a witch) “If I do not do this thing, then it may go on and ...
  83. physics

    When the lights of an automobile are switched on, an ammeter in series with them reads 9.70 A and a voltmeter connected across them reads 12.20 V. When the electric starting motor is also turned on, the ammeter reading drops to 7.30 A and the lights dim somewhat. If the ...
  84. LA

    Choose two poems from either one of the collections you read during this unit. In an essay, compare how the speakers of the poems might answer the question: What makes you happy? Use the reading selections to help you answer the question. (The poem I chose was "Haiku" by ...
  85. 6th grade science

    My son has to Compare and Contrast a normal fault and a reverse fault. Can you tell me if there is something he has left out in his answer? After reading in his science book this is what he wrote---- In comparing and contrasting a normal fault and a reverse fault it is known ...
  86. Economics

    A buyer is usually not willing to spend a lot of time and energy researching the market when: c. savings to be made are small or d. prices vary but quality is still the same I read the text but I couldn't really find this exactly, both answers seem like they could be right but...
  87. college

    1. Critically evaluate the job analysis that Mary conducted for the position of assistant manager. Has she used appropriate methods? What are the strengths and weaknesses of her efforts? 2. What kind of factors about Today's Fashion and its operations should Mary have examined...
  88. English THE GREAT GATSBY

    1. Fitzgerald creates purpose in Chapter 1. What was his purpose and how does he go about doing it? 7. Write a Gatsby-esque sentence. Make it colorful. My sentence is below... does it make sense? Life to some in New York may seem very Gatsbyesque, what with their tall ...
  89. reading connexus help

    Which of the following passages from The Cay best indicates that Phillip will manage to survive without Timothy? But the two small bars of chocolate that we had been saving for a “feast,” were ruined. I’d found one lone coconut in a mass of sea grape and broken sticks. I...
  90. english

    17. Read the following lines from “the love song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” And indeed, there will be time! To wonder, “do I dare?” and, “do I dare?” Time to turn back and descend the stair, With a bald spot in the middle of my hair – (They will say: “how his hair...
  91. Math

    The mean of Susan's math and science scores is 74 points. The mean of her math and English scores is 83 points. How many more points did Susan score in English than in science?
  92. English

    I only have one question on this script that I need help on. This script is different and is called NO SMOKING by jacinto benavente. It is pretty good. I actually found a link to this script and here it is: I can't actually post the link on here but you go to Google Books and ...
  93. Please proof read using commas

    I use a computer for producing final drafts but I can't actually write on it. I turn it on listen to it boot up put my fingers on the keyboard and the.....nothing. On the other hand writing on paper makes me feel as if I can conquer the whole world. When I see the ink on the ...
  94. History

    Which of the following best describes the role of women during the civil war? A.They waited at home b.they built railroads to transport food to troops C.they fought alongside men D.they mangaged families,businesses,and hospitals During the war, many southerners were afraid ...
  95. Business

    1) Why is it an excellent idea for anyone, to ALWAYS pay their credit card bill off, at the end of each month 2) Describe what kind of interest (simple or compound) should you look for in an investment, state why. 3) Lan-Sun just received a notice indicating that his credit ...
  96. Business English

    which is a sound recommendation for creating a professional business document? a. Use color to highlight small points that would otherwise go unnoticed. b. Use as many highlighting and decorative devises are possible to make the document look busy. c. analyze your audience ...
  97. english

    Read Article IX of the United States Bill of Rights: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. What is the main effect of setting the phrase of certain rights off with commas following the...
  98. english

    Read Article IX of the United States Bill of Rights: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. What is the main effect of setting the phrase of certain rights off with commas following the...
  99. English

    Please read for any errors. And correct them. The premium on your disability insurance policy is overdue. Don’t let his valuable policy lapse. If you become disabled you will receive a monthly income from this policy. This disability policy provides importance security for ...
  100. LA - pronouns

    Which kind of pronouns are used in the following sentences? After staying up all night to read the complete works of Poe, Tyler managed to scare himself. reflexive intensive personal possessive I asked you if you'd given her the documents yet. reflexive intensive personal ...
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