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  1. math,factoring,help

    Can someone please show me step by step how to do these. I've read the book and there examples and It is just not clicking. Directions: Factor each of the following polynomials completely Problem:#1 14x^2-20x+6 Directions:Find all positive values for "K" for which each of the ...
  2. Lang Arts

    Have you read this book called the outsiders well i need to do an oral presentation on it Here is a poem i need to know how this poem relates to the story and some other details with evidence from the story. Poem: Nothing Gold Can Stay Natures first green is gold Her hardest ...
  3. Lang Arts

    Have you read this book called the outsiders well i need to do an oral presentation on it Here is a poem i need to know how this poem relates to the story and some other details with evidence from the story. Poem: Nothing Gold Can Stay Natures first green is gold Her hardest ...
  4. Physical Science

    I had a couple of questions for homework and I answered them the best I could. Can someone check and tell me if they are correct? 1.To describe the position of an object accurately, scientists use what? Ans- Coordinate Systems 2.In science, we have to describe the motion of an...
  5. Physical Science

    I had a couple of questions for homework and I answered them the best I could. Can someone check and tell me if they are correct? 1.To describe the position of an object accurately, scientists use what? Ans- Coordinate Systems 2.In science, we have to describe the motion of an...
  6. English Colons

    Read the items If an item is correct write C otherwise rewrite it using a colon We bought apples,milk, and bread We bought: apples,milk,and bread Warning: Slippery When Wet C? The menu includes the following salmon,beef,and pork The menu includes the following: salmon,beef,and...
  7. The Merchant of Venice

    Shy-lock Hi everyone, I'm reading Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" and I am wondering how to pronounce Shylock's name. Is it pronounced like "Shy-lock" or like "Shlock?" Has anyone seen the play performed live and can confirm how to say the name? Thanks, Poplar Macintosh...
  8. math

    what is the value of the underlined number? 170- the 0 is underlined, I know the place is the tens, thanks so much! The VALUE of the underlined number is zero. The place is the ones. It's not the tens place...didn't you read what I posted before? The underlined # is also in ...
  9. English- Frankenstein

    If you have read Frankenstein please help me me with some review questions pertaining to chapters 17-end. 1.How does the settings in these chapters, especially nature reflect the events and character development of the chapter. 2. How are victor and his creature alike in these...
  10. Preschool/Kindergarten

    Which of the following is a reason why kindergarten was started in the United States? a. Kindergarten was designed to be affordable to most people. b. Kindergarten was designed to be universally available for all. c. Kindergarten was designed to make a difference in the later ...
  11. for Ms. Sue and Writeacher

    thank you! I followed both of your guys advice. I also got enough sleep that I need, I am still getting good grades(i am not slacking off in any subject) I have all A's no B's. I haven't really been able to get to read alot of the links because my computer will make me exit ...
  12. English

    Read the following lines from the poem "a contribution to statistics" "glad to lend a hand if it doesn't take too long -as high as forty-nine, always good because they can't be otherwise -four, well maybe five, the speaker shares high and low statistical data most likely to? A...
  13. algebra 1

    v(v-3)= v^2+6 Does any one know if this is in the quadratic form or not The v^2 means v second power No it is not. Please read:
  14. elderly people

    Which were the roles of elderly people in mesopotamy,egypt,greece or rome? Here are previous answers to this question. Please read through as many as possible. =)
  15. 5th grade

    1. Why do many boys like to read stories about Davy Crockett? 2. Who were some of the famous people from Virginia? 3. Why did Sam Houston like to live with the Native Americans? 4. How did Sam Houston help his Indian friends? 5. What is a statesman? 6. What other people in ...
  16. Help Please - Science

    I'm stuck on this thing in science. It's a lab report so its kinda hard to explain. We did a topographic map experiment. We had a big rock, and put it in a plastic bin. We then marked centimeters on the bin and filled water to the first centimeter. We drew the water line on an...
  17. Computers (Programming by Python)

    Problem 1: Multiplication Drill Computers can perform calculations extremely quickly and accurately, but it's often handy to calculate with the computers we carry around inside our heads. Write a program to drill you in multiplication tables. Your program should read a single ...
  18. philosophy

    What makes a same person over time according to Thomas Reid. I know that for locke, a same person over time means that your personal idenity and consciousness stay the same. Like you can cut a hand off, but you are still the same person. I read all the website online, but I ...
  19. earth

    for this question: Put the folloing words together in a few sentence to explain their meaning and relationship to one another: seismic waves, seismograms, seismoghaps, and seismologists. is this answer suitable: Seismic wave is an elastic shock wave that travels through the ...
  20. Algebra 1

    Minnie is painting her wall-in closet. Each gallon of paint covers 275 square feet.The closet is in the shape of a right rectangular prism. The floor is 9 feet wide and 7 feet long. The ceiling is 8 feet high. How many gallons of paint should Minnie buy to cover the four walls...
  21. Science-Chemistry

    I did a lab on Elements and Compounds and I would be grateful if u could provide and tell me some information on my work. Lab --Investigation--Elements and compounds. Can an element be separated from a compound? Can an element form a compound? In this investigation, you will ...
  22. govt

    give an example of a charismatic leader. Why this leader? Osama Bin Laden. Barak Obama Adolf Hitler Rev Sun Myung Moon Sgt. Alvin C. York, US Army General Robert E. Lee, CSA General Bob Pursley, USAF General Curtis Lemay, USAF Admiral Hyman Rickover, USN You can do an internet...
  23. Physics

    An elevator's cable is cut causing the elevator to slide down thhe elevator shaft on the emergency brakes and wheels. Suppose that the mass of the elevator and passengers were 1500 kg, and the frictional force (wheels on tracks)was 9000N Draw a force diagram determine the ...
  24. Chemistry

    Okay so my lecturer has this in our slides and there are no notes just a heading saying speaciation, I have tried google and everything I have read does not include pH in their question. Please help me Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of the different species in a 0....
  25. Science

    As an environmental science teacher, how would you respond to someone who tells you (a) that he or she does not believe in biological evolution because it is “just a theory, “ and (b) we should not worry about air pollution because through natural selection, the human ...
  26. Ionic compounds Scinece

    3. What happens to the change on individual ions when they form ions? 11. Write the names of the two ions in each of the following compounds. (C) Na2O (E) Na3PO4 (G) NH4OH (H) Ca (NO3)2 8. Use the tables of metals, non-metals, and polyatomic ions and the Periodic table to name...
  27. peer review

    My teacher wants to know how I would encourage a reluctant peer reviewer? I am not sure what she means. Why would anyone not want to have a peer review thier work? From previous answers: -------------- Posted by SraHendry on Tuesday, August 22, 2006 at 9:56pm. http://www....
  28. english

    What is the correct punctuation for this sentence? Free of the restrictions of the real world,her characters reveal theirselves like they truly are. That punctuation is correct. Although the punctuation is correct, there are errors in the sentence. It should read this way: ...
  29. English

    Read each sentence. Underline the compound subject compound verb or compound direct object Shakespeare wrote plays and sonnets I underlined plays and sonnets That musician writes and plays his own music I underlined writes and plays People ski and snowboard in those mountains ...
  30. science

    CheckPoint: Terrestrial Resource Plan · Resources: Ch. 12-16 of Visualizing Environmental Science and Appendix F · Due Date: Day 5 [Individual forum] · Choose a terrestrial resource issue discussed in Ch. 12-16 of the text. · Post a 5- to 7-slide PowerPoint® presentation ...
  31. Language Arts

    (Use the passage to answer the question.) 8. Read lines 5 – 9 from “The Olympic Swimmer.” Swimmers swivel, splash, and kick Back and forth in a clear, blue pool; Like fish at play in Neptune’s sea. Swimming relaxed, and calm, and free. These stars, like sharks, cut the...

    Read the following information and ask yourself what is the most important or interesting fact. Write a focus sentence identifying that newsworthy angle: a. The New England Journal of Medicine released a study today. The study says people who abruptly quit drinking coffee may ...
  33. English

    I have read an excerpt to Legendary King Arthur. I'm trying to find the theme. I am debating on either a true hero never dies, or family can not always be trusted. In the story, they say that King Arthur might rise, and they believe that he has set a good bit of history for ...
  34. Language

    Write each group of sentences as one sentence. Use (and) or (or) to join the predicates in each compound predicate. Add commas where needed. 1/ Architects discuss ideas. Architects draw plans. They work with owners. Answer: Architects discuss ideas,draw plans and work with ...

    Mrs Walsh is seeking legal advice. A friend of her recommended two law firms - Legal Eagles, which charges a consultation fee of $100 plus $40 per hour and A-1 Attorneys, which charges a consultation fee of $60 per hour. A) Write an equation for the cost (C) of Legal Eagles in...
  36. Environmental Science

    What steps do you think can be taken to reduce the harmful effects of human activities on biogeochemical cycles? Which businesses would these changes impact the most? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some links on life and biogeochemical cycles. Use...
  37. english .. please rely ASAP thx

    1) The tone in the song of myself number 52 is best described as a. lighthearted b. bombastic c. detached d. intimate 2) Which images best appeals to the sense of hearing or sound? a. "the spotted hawk swoops by and accuses me he complains of my gab and my loitering". b. "I ...
  38. Physical Science [repost]

    I had a couple of questions for homework and I answered them the best I could. Can someone check and tell me if they are correct? 1.To describe the position of an object accurately, scientists use what? Ans- Coordinate Systems 2.In science, we have to describe the motion of an...
  39. health

    Help!! I am doing an assignment with 3 scenarios and I have got the first 2 but having trouble with the last. I have read through my chapter and searched webmd and other sites and still can't figure it out. Richard has noted over the past several weeks that he is having more ...
  40. English

    So for the summer I had to read cat's eye by Margaret Atwood and this happened to be a hard book to understand for me. I need help writing an essay in which I have to write an analytical essay detailing 3 events in the story where the author notably develops specific character...
  41. History help?

    1.Southern states began to leave the Union not long after this event: a.Lincoln read and established the Emancipation Proclamation b.the fighting at Fort Sumter in South Carolina c.The Battle of Gettysburg was lost by the South d.the election of Abraham Lincoln 1. A or B? I ...
  42. English-Poetry

    Which of these phrases best decribes rhythm? A.repeated sounds across lines of poetry B. a poem's cadence, pace, or ongoing momentum C.a collection of lines in a poem D.the regular or irregular rhyme scheme in a poem The book section we read today disn't define the word well, ...
  43. Psychology

    Nisa has grown up in a small village in the foothills. There was no electricity and water had to be hand pumped. They seldom saw people from the "outside." When she entered school the bus had to pick her up at 6:30 am in order for her to arrive at school by 8:30 am. During the...
  44. science

    How does mines affect our environment?
  45. science

    how are monerans and protists the same? how are they different?
  46. Science- -ASAP!

    d=m/v v=m*d m=d*v The triagle clockwise from top-m-v-d
  47. science

    No question was posted. Try again.
  48. science

    how do u find out the purity of sand
  49. science

    What food is a common ingredient of dynamite?
  50. science

    What is archaebacteria and eubacteria's nutrition and reproduction?
  51. Science

    Which of these statements regarding enzymes is FALSE?
  52. Science

    Where is the Jenolan Caves and how big is it and when was it formed?
  53. Science

    How do we write numbers in standard notation?
  54. science

    what is used for storing acids and bases?
  55. science

    what is the difference between molarity and molarlity
  56. science

    what is modification of plant explain with examples
  57. science

    unscramble the following word: staketrnemvei
  58. science

    what is something that has the same pH as milk of magnesia?
  59. science

    wat is the structural organisation of cell.
  60. science

    the diostance between two points
  61. science

    what are 3 possible ways in which a hypothesis may arise?
  62. Science

    Instrument used to find mass _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ?
  63. Science

    What is the name of the "curve" in measuring liquids?
  64. science

    1. give a detail note on nucleus.
  65. Environmental Science

    What are renewable energy sources?
  66. science

    how do u convert tons into kilograms?
  67. science

    used for first focusing on a microscope
  68. Science

    What are 5 differences between Vertebrates and Invertabrates
  69. science

    what is an example of an unseen receiver of a force?

  71. Physical Science

    "Can energy be created/destroyed
  72. science

    What is the difference between height and elevation?
  73. science

    can you explain to me what menopause is and what it means please
  74. science

    What are 4 basic needs of every organism
  75. Science

    What is the difference of Kinetic and Potential Energy???
  76. Life Science

    What land animal is not a species?
  77. science

    How might sand form in nature?
  78. science

    how does clod currents affect climate?
  79. science

    how does the intertidal zone influence humans?
  80. science

    how many electrons does a carbon atom have?
  81. science

    if you were an ion where were you born and where do you hang out?
  82. science

    whats the formula for dicarbon tetrahydride
  83. science

    how do you draw C2H6 as chemical structure?
  84. Science

    How do i find the valence electron for Chlorine.
  85. science

    How do I multiply using sig figs?
  86. Science

    4 plants that can be used to make shelter.
  87. science

    A tomborg is most like what animal?
  88. science

    why ch3coona + h2o release heat?
  89. science

    name some of the simple machines!!!
  90. science

    does a metal mass change when it's heated
  91. science

    5 reasons that the eagle helps the ecosystem?
  92. science

    whats an example of an electric discharge
  93. science

    An example of a substance's property would be
  94. physical science

    is a property of metals luster
  95. science

    how does the human reprodutive system work?
  96. physical science

    O = oxygen o2 = ??? it ask for us to name the substance.
  97. physical science

    What is the substance name for NH3
  98. science

    What is the quality overall locally(USA)?
  99. science

    what are the future effects/impacts of landfills?
  100. Science

    what is the water quality overall (USA)?
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