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  1. Science

    My first in van but not in pan
  2. science

    how many moles of h2 can be prepared from 3moles of Fe ?
  3. Science

    How does a cockroach protect itself?
  4. basic science

    3 component of environment
  5. Science

    What is a scientist who studies humans???
  6. Science

    What is the result of c6h5ch2cooh +H^+/KMnO4
  7. Science

    What is the result of c6h5ch2cooh +H^+/KMnO4
  8. Science

    What is the function of eustachian tube?
  9. science

    how many atoms are in 10.0 grams of sulfur?
  10. science

    How many moles are in 44 grams of cao (ca=40,o=16)
  11. Science

    Name 2 of each types of resources
  12. Science

    What structure traps the pollen
  13. science

    Define the photoelectric effect?
  14. science

    what are all the types of clouds
  15. science

    what causes clouds to form?
  16. science

    What is the momentum of a 20.0 kg scooter traveling a 5.00 m/s?
  17. Science

    How do you fix an ink machine
  18. science

    10. How does a star's life begin
  19. Science

    What are the uses of reactivity series??
  20. science

    Where are the major zones of volcanism? Thanks!
  21. science

    What is the momentum of a 10 kg mass at rest.
  22. Science

    What happens at the root tip?
  23. science

    why ice floats on water
  24. Science

    Why is the KI solution added in excess
  25. science

    Why is refraction so important in eyeglasses.
  26. integrated science

    what is soil profile?
  27. science

    What is the pH of a 0.05 M solution of potassium hydroxide??
  28. science

    The ozone layer is located
  29. science

    What is the molarity of 7.30g HCl
  30. science

    what measures the quantity of matter
  31. Science

    Describe the process of decomposition
  32. Science

    The no. of nitrogen atoms in Zn(NO3)2
  33. science

    give 10 example of suspencion
  34. Science

    How can we approach life scientifically?
  35. Science

    Unscrsmble this word atsetlectoicnp
  36. science

    How is this equation balanced Fe2o3+co
  37. Science

    How many atoms of zerconium are there in 1 gram of it?
  38. science

    He many isomers can be obtained from C4H10

  40. Science

    animals with bilateral symmetry
  41. Science

    Rate of change in velocity is known as
  42. Science

    Economic importance of noctiluca

    How long is a fish DNA?
  44. Science

    Can you help me? what iss 42.1 pounds eqaul to?
  45. science

    enzymes are important because they _____
  46. science

    What caues acid rain
  47. science

    Name the parts of the flower
  48. Science

    Where dose water come from and how?
  49. Science

    How many atoms are in 0.64 moles of strontium
  50. Science

    Three isotopes of hydrogen
  51. Science

    what is the function of the small intestin?
  52. math /science

    how do I convert 2.56m/s^2 to km/s^2
  53. Environmental Science

    What is an extreme thermophile? Thank you!
  54. Science

    what is the ph range of red cabbage
  55. Science

    Can't undcramble these words-buuafau
  56. Science

    What are the criticisms of empirical research?
  57. Science

    Why is Mercury a hazard in the environment?
  58. Science

    How many elements are therein FENO3
  59. Science

    How is an action potential propagated?
  60. Science

    How is velocity different from speed?
  61. science

    is the world flat or round?
  62. moral science

    unscramble ineisfsirdne
  63. science

    How many protons are in the isotope Oxygen-20?
  64. science

    how do we make Static Change?
  65. Science

    thermal energy is cause by the motion of ?
  66. Science

    How are fossil fuels formed
  67. Science

    How do people benefit from coastline?
  68. science

    how many cells in the human body?
  69. Science

    Insert six G.M's between 8/27 and -81/16
  70. Science

    What is a transport system in plants
  71. science

    Calculate the density of the wood?
  72. Science

    How to determine for an empirical formula?
  73. science

    what is meant by efficiency of a machine is 60%?
  74. science

    What plants grow in mountains??
  75. science

    why is chlorine added to water
  76. world history A

    Read the summary. The social structure of city life during the Neolithic period was very different from hunter-gatherer society, as it often restricted individual freedoms (1). At times, personal or family autonomy was replaced with the outside authority of unrelated strangers...
  77. science

    Hello! I need help with some Science things. 1. Where is a good place to find a picture that describes radioactive decay, fussion and fission/ 4. Scientists use the amount of radioactive isotopes found in rocks and fossils to calculate their ages. This process is called_____ 5...
  78. biology

    are the people with diabetes I normally skinny? because their body is unable to produce insulin, they must turn to other sources of energy like stored fat? Read the above site. Bear in mind...
  79. LA - 1 question

    Read the following stage directions and dialogue from Billy Elliot: [Billy suddenly sees DAD and freezes. His reaction puzzles Mrs. Wilkinson for a second. The music comes to a standstill. Mrs. Wilkinson turns to see Dad.] DAD: You.Out.Now What do these directions and dialogue...
  80. English

    Read each sentence. Put the word in () that should be followed by a comma. Then add the comma After school today we'll go to the mall today in () and a comma after it Oh what a mess I've made! Oh in () and a comma after it Jordan can you help me with the clean-up? Jordan in...
  81. english

    Write a four paragraph literary essay in response to the following question. Be sure to include a thesis statement in your introduction, provide textual evidence in the body paragraphs, and end the essay with a strong conclusion. You may use your books and other notes you have...
  82. 12th Grade world history

    With regards to the mining and agriculture industry, in the nineteenth century, which of the following statements is false? A. Large companies tried to be paternalistic to keep workers from rebelling B. Specialization became more common C. Private investment grew D. Reliance ...
  83. Science - Please Check This Answer

    My problem is: When Christy takes her pet dog for a walk, the dog walks at a very consistent pace of 0.45 m/s. There are 20.1 m between the front of Christy’s house to the nearest dog park. How far will Christy’s dog have walked toward the park after 25 s? My answer is: ...
  84. English

    I can stand that much to help the environment. --------------------------- What is the part of speech of 'that much' in the sentence? English - Writeacher, Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 7:53am The sentence doesn't make sense. What does "can stand" mean here? It's unclear what "...
  85. 4th grade science

    my science teacher showed us a diagram of a tiny light bulb on top of a D-cell battery,there was an electric wire touching the bottom of the light bulb.the electric wire was touching the bottom of the light bulb to the bottom of the battery.BUT, the other end of the electric ...
  86. science I NEED HELP....WORTH 45%OF MY GRADE

    wat is blasstoff like???? earth's orbit???????? wat do they do to stay healthy???? wat type of exercise do they do????? effect on weightlessness?????? atmosphere of the moon???? lunar soil and craters???? transportation on the moon???????? science experiments??????? reentry ...
  87. ece

    It is likely that a preschooler who learns to read early: A) will watch a lot of tv B) will enjoy playing outdoors as do other children C) will watch less tv than other children D)will enjoy playing outdoors as do other children and will watch less tv than other children I ...
  88. English

    Could you check if the punctuation is correct? Thank you. 1) Revise last year's summary of the abdridged edition of Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. (in italics) 2) Read, translate and do the while-reading and post-reading activities of the following passages: 3) "Robinson and ...
  89. Social studies

    explain the reasons for the proclamation of 1763. The proclamation of 1763 was created on October 7, 1763 by king George the III. The proclamation of 1763 was an attempt to avoid the colonial balance with the Native Americans by creating Western boundaries. The King issued the...
  90. science

    What are the consequences of avoiding stress management? Consider all six dimensions of wellness. Here are some results I have come up with? Is there more? Science and medical studies have substantiated that we can avoid the detrimental outcomes of unmanaged stress. Being ...
  91. geology

    if gabbro cut across sandstone and schist and schist is the oldest meaning the bottom layer of sediment would the gabbro be the youngest layer im getting really mixed up ive searched on the web for a diagrame but they show intrusions of all kinds i need help in finding a ...
  92. English

    Read the passage below and choose the answer that best describes the result of the honest man’s decision. “The honest man could hardly object to such reasoning. He took to going out in the evening and coming back the following morning like they did, but he didn’t steal. ...
  93. Of mice and men

    Would you say Steinbeck uses indirect or direct characterization of the characters? I think it's direct. For example he says, "The first man was small and quick, dark of face, with restless eyes and sharp features," (Steinbeck 2). I think you're right. That's very typical of ...
  94. Literature

    'A symbol is a person, place, or thing, or an event that stands for itself and for something beyond itself as well. What do you think the abalone shells symbolize or represent? Consider how the narrator describes the outside of the shell as well as the shell's interior. ...
  95. physics

    A CD has a diameter of 12.0 cm and a mass of 15.8 g. The motor in a CD player causes the disk, initially at rest, to spin. When in operation, the CD spins in such a way that the laser scans the tracks at a constant tangential velocity of 1.20 m/s. The first track of the CD is ...
  96. English

    i just want to check the answers the years between 1920 and 1930 could be described as a time that showed an increase in methods of communication i think it is false i think the new fashion and dance are not the way of communication most of the authors listed for 1920-1930 ...
  97. CS

    build a program that produce a bar chart showing the population growth of prairieville, a small town in the midwest, at 20 year intervals during the past 100 years. the program should read in the population figures (rounded to the nearest 1000 people) for 1900, 1920, 1940, ...
  98. Statistics(Please help)

    I have a chart that has 4 columns across the top and 33 going down. The colunms on the top read: predicted number, selected number, (col 1 - col2)^2, and the mean of x. Their are 32 predicted numbers and 33 selected numbers. I need to fill in the column that says the mean of x...
  99. criminal justice

    Read Chapter Four in The Courts in Our Criminal System and then write a 200 -300 word response comparing your home state court system and the federal court system. In your response, describe in detail how the court system in your home state structured, how the Federal court ...
  100. critical thinking

    how will thinking critically influence the way I read? how will thinking critically influence the way I write? how will thinking critically influence the way I process information?
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