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  1. Class 11th Physics

    My question is that, I read about Instantaneous Speed "Instantaneous speed of an object at an instant of time (t) is defined as the 'limit of the average speed as the time interval delta(t) at the given instant of time becomes infinitesimally small.'" What does this paragraph ...
  2. reading

    In the book Rachel Carson I'm suppose to agree or disagree about "a person can be a professional scientist or writer but rarely both".the chapter is 3 it says use details and examples from the chapter to support your decision and it's hard for me and I don't know what to write...
  3. Science

    1. Which statement best describes the relationship between science and technology? >>A. The goal of science is to gain an understanding of the natural world, while the goal of technology is to use that understanding to improve people's lives.<< B. The goal of ...
  4. Social Studies

    How did the Spanish-American War change the role of the United States in the world? Im stuck.... Read the section called Aftermath. =) Thanks! Sure helped- Never thought of Wikipedia!
  5. English

    I have to write an essay on refugees and I was thinking about writing about identity. We read a text about refugees that get alienated in class and I also found a text about labelling refugees. Other than that I can't find anything on the internet so I don't have enough ...
  6. Writing

    I have an educational campaign to write that has to be 750-1000 words. I was mostly just wondering if I have to use a standard essay format (ex. Intro, Body 1, Body 2, Body 3, Conclusion), or if there was a different set up to use. It's also supposed to be read as a speech, so...
  7. ethnics

    What is a current issue between Native Americans and the federal government. What legislation is linked to the issue, and why you think there is a connection. You can look into many of these linked articles and see if ...
  8. Riddle

    IF YOU HAVE READ HARRY POTTER YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!! A person in disguise, who tells naught but lies The middle of middle and the end of the end The sound often heard when searching for a hard to find word. ONE WORD ANSWER! a wand A wand The answer is not wand
  9. physics( PLEASE READ)

    a bicyclist is finishing his repair of a flat tire when a friend rides by at 3.5 m/s. two seconds later, the bicyclist hops on his bike and accelerates at 2.4 m/s^2 until he catches his friend? (a) how much time does it take until he catches his friend? (b) how for has he ...
  10. math

    in roman numerals, letters represent numbers. for example, I=1,V=5,X=10,L=50,C=100. letters in roman numerals are written next to each other; this is how the value of the number is shown. to read the numbers below, add the values of all of the letters. what numbers do the ...
  11. science

    What is homeostasis? Which animals have homeostasis? What does it have to do with science?
  12. English

    Hi, I'm reading "A Room of One's Own" (Chapter 3) and being asked what this quote means: "Perhaps now it would be better to give up seeking for the truth, and (!) receiving on one's head an avalanche of opinion hot as lava, discoloured as dish-water.(!) " I don't know what she...
  13. history

    Which of the following best applies to religion in the High Middle Ages? 1. Pilgrimages to holy shrines declined as the practice of indulgences increased 2. The Bible was translated and widely read in the vernacular (every day, spoken) languages 3. The popular interest in ...
  14. English

    Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? I did some of the corrections myself. 1.He hoped to find Kurtz dead on his arrival at the inner station. He hoped that Marlow would find Kurtz dead by the time he got there. 2.The manager wanted to take Kurtz’s ...
  15. Psychology 20 (HELP)

    Read the Ages and Stages online journal article, The Wild Boy of Aveyron. 3. What does this case study say about the relative influence of Nature (genetic inheritance) or Nurture (social environment) in terms of human development? 4. What aspects of human development are ...
  16. Business mangement and leadership

    Read through the 12 principals for Manging Change .Then select three principals you feel are most important to follow when managing and describe why you feel these are essential. Describe some specific techniques that can be used to manage change in an organiziation. explain ...
  17. English

    1. The finalists in the chess tournament were her and I. 2. Them and Jack want to go to the circus on Friday night. 3.Sara told him and I about the new restaurant. 4.Did Lawrence read the article about volcanoes to she and her sister. 5.Whom will bring the refreshments for the...
  18. Early Childhood

    Studies show that early readers: A. watched educational television more than two hours a day. B. had access to a variety of reading material and watched educational television. C. knew all of the letters and sounds by age 2. D. were read fiction and non-fiction books during ...
  19. Early Childhood Education

    Studies show that early readers: A. watched educational television more than two hours a day. B. had access to a variety of reading material and watched educational television. C. knew all of the letters and sounds by age 2. D. were read fiction and non-fiction books during ...
  20. English

    Hawthorne uses dialogue in chapter 4 to help the reader better understand the personality traits of both chillingworth and hester prynne. For each character, select the two quotes that best display their personality traits. I read the original and translation of the text and ...
  21. Three Posts Below

    The total essay was too long to post. I had to post the essay as three parts. The bottom of the three is the beginning of the essay and the top of the three posts is the end of the essay. Can you proofread my essay? It is on the novel, The Scarlet Letter. Have done so. <G&...
  22. Chemisty (please read soon)

    which will become a buffer in 1L of H2O? a) 0.3 mole KOH & 0.3 mole HBr b) 0.5 mole NH3 & 0.5 mole HCl c) 0.2 mole NaCl & 0.3 mole HCl d) 0.2 mole NaOH & 0.2 mole HBr e) 0.4 mole HC2H3O2 & 0.2 mole NaOH I think that the answer is e. Is that correct?
  23. English

    The fire lasted for four days, from 2 September until 5 September. ------------------ How do you read '2 September' and '5 September'? 1. Second September, fifth September 2. September second, September fifth
  24. Calculus

    The question will first read in English followed by a reading in French. *************************************** If alpha + 2 beta = pi/4 AND tan beta = 1/3. What would tan alpha mesure? (Keep in mind that pi/4 is the same as 45 degrees.) Si alpha + 2 beta = pi/4 ET tan beta...
  25. Science

    Which of the following is an example of how economics can affect science? A. Limited funding may lead scientists to research one topic instead of another. B. Legislators may create new laws about the use of natural resources based on the recommendations of scientists. C. A ...
  26. science

    if current theory predicts global warming what do you think might be contributing to temporary global cooling?how could this happen? Global cooling is a myth, at least as for as mainstream science is concerned.
  27. Science / Biology

    How does modern science explain the evolution of abiotic to biotic matter? How would the first life form have survived in the first day / week of its formation? What kind of system of organelles / biological functions would it have to form in the first day / week of it's ...
  28. science

    A science teacher tells her class that their final project requires the students to measure a specific variable and determine the velocity of a car with no more than 2.5% error. Jennifer and Johnny work hard and decide the velocity of the car is 34.87 m/s. The teacher informs ...
  29. MATH

    Joe puts 5 books in his backpack as he leaves for school. He has 2 math books, 1 science book, and 2 history books. What is the probability that he will grab his science book out of his backpack without looking? I think 1/5 Jacquie has 4 sweaters that go with her new jeans. ...
  30. math

    Joe puts 5 books in his backpack as he leaves for school. He has 2 math books, 1 science book, and 2 history books. What is the probability that he will grab his science book out of his backpack without looking? I think 1/5 Jacquie has 4 sweaters that go with her new jeans. ...
  31. algebra probability34

    Your English teacher has decided to randomly assign poems for the class to read. The syllabus includes 4 poems by Shakespeare, 5 poems by Coleridge, 2 poems by Tennyson, and 2 poems by Lord Byron. What is the probability that you will be assigned a poem by Coleridge and then a...
  32. Science

    i have to make an energy converter for a science project. it should include at least four energy conversions and the energies should include a renewable energy...i did a research and found a website that shows how to make a hydroelectric generator>;i made the hydroelectric ...
  33. Language Arts ~CHECK MY ANSWERS~

    Read the following passage to answer #1 and #2. April 15, Miss Kinnian says I'm learning fast. She read some of the Progress Reports and she looked at me kind of funny. She says I'm a fine person and I'll show them all. I asked her why. She said never mind but I shouldn't feel...
  34. Art and History

    Can anyone please help me design a memorial for three civil rights workers? Creativity is very important to me. The civil rights workers are: James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman. A little background info: James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, Andrew Goodman were civil ...
  35. 4th Grade - Science Fair Project

    Which brand of band-aid sticks best? How does Generic vs. Name brand differ in the way the band-aid sticks? Is one better than the other? Is there a site to help me with this Science Fair Project? Can't find one about Band-Aids????
  36. 4th Grade - Science Fair Project

    Which brand of band-aid sticks best? How does Generic vs. Name brand differ in the way the band-aid sticks? Is one better than the other? Is there a site to help me with this Science Fair Project? Can't find one about Band-Aids????
  37. Interpretation of fiction

    I was wondering if anyone has read the novela "Aura" by Carlos Fuentes. If so I am writing a paper about what the purpose was for the use of magic in the story. I think that magic was used in order to seduce the main character Felipe. I think that the creation of Aura was ...
  38. English 2b

    Read the paragraph. The snow began falling early in the morning. Tiny, weightless crystals. By early afternoon, the ground was covered with several inches of snow. Snow flurries continued throughout the day. When the evening came, the snow was still falling. At least a foot of...
  39. math

    Am I missing something here. They way I read this is that the answer is already given 9.5m. or are they after the angle of the ground to guy wire? The guy wire is 13.4m long. It supports a vertical power pole. The wire is fastened to the ground 9,5m from the base of the 8.7m ...
  40. Math

    luc has 1 h of homework to do. He has assignments to complete for social studies and math, and a science test. he sepends 2/5 of the time completing the social studies assignment, and 1/3 of the time on math. How much time does Luc have left to study for the science test?
  41. Math

    mike spends 2/3 of his time studying. on tuesday spends 1/6 of his time studying for his science test. what is the value of the combine time Mike studied for his science test?
  42. Battle of the 7 oaks

    Miles Macdonnel issued the Pemmican Proclamation because his group was running out of food and he didn't want them to starve. This caused a lot of troubles and the result was a war.... Could I know more about the war? I already read some things on the net about this, but I ...
  43. Language Arts

    Think about the various conflicts in the novel. Identify and describe one event from the novel that represents a cause-and-effect relationship that creates conflict. Explain the effect the conflict has on other characters in the story. I know some of y'all are gonna say, 'read...
  44. Science

    mismatch error to be repaired? Which is the best answer, I think it's A. Can someone who know's science tell me if I am right? A)Damaged DNA must be identified by DNA repair proteins B)The sequence of nucelotides in the damaged DNA sequence must guide the synthesis of the ...
  45. 3 grade english

    graphic sources are sources of information such as maps charts illustractions,and captions. graphic sources help us understand information in a text,or they can provide information on their own. directions read the following chart. then answer the questions. michael jordan ...
  46. accounting

    Can somebody help me figure out how to calculate the profit or loss on 12,000 bags and 25,000 bags in this problem? The problem is Healthy Foods, Inc., sells 50-pounds of grapes to the military for $10 a bag. The fixed costs of this operation are $80,000, while the variable ...
  47. pre-cal

    find all solutions in interval [0,2pi] tan²x = -3/2 secx This question may look tricky, but its actually quite simple. First: rearrange the pythagorean identity tan²x+1=sin²x so that it reads tan²x=sin²x-1 Then replace the tan²x in the original problem with the sin²x-1 ...
  48. Government

    The Supreme court is most likely to grant a hearing when a case involves: issue of state law as opposed to an issue of federal law. issue of private law as opposed to an issue of public. issue that is being decided inconsistently by the lower courts. D.the ...
  49. English passage ques

    I have read this paragraph several times and cannot decide between two interpretations. Mr. Tulliver is the father who is afraid his daughter will become to upper class to be married off well. The question asks about the relationship between Maggie (daughter) and father (Mr. ...

    Which sentence uses quotation marks correctly for a title?Select one of the options below as your answer:A. “Cinderella” is my niece's favorite movie of all time.B. I think I'm going to read "Moby Dick" when I finish reading my current book.C. I wrote an article for the ...
  51. Social Studies

    Outline the achievement for Marguerite of Navarre. I have got : Marguerite Navarre was the sister of the king of France. She spoke and read six different languages, and was one of the best poets in Europe. She was attracted to the ideas of the Protestants and criticized the ...
  52. Literary Analysis and Composition I

    1. What roles do the adults or older figures play in the lives of the various narrators? Select a figure from each of the four memoirs and write one sentence answering the question for each memoir. Answer: 1. Barrio Boy- 2. A Cub Pilot- 3. No Gumption- 4. The Caged Bird Sings...
  53. Physics

    In exercise physiology studies, it is sometimes important to determine the location of a person's center of gravity. This can be done with the arrangement shown in the figure below. A light plank rests on two scales that read Fg1 = 440 N and Fg2 = 320 N. The scales are ...
  54. reading

    My teacher made us read Anne Frank Remembered and I was absent for a few days so now I have to do a presentation tomorrow on something I found that related to the novel but the novel just confused me ALOT and I have no idea what to do for my presentation.... it only has to be ...
  55. English

    Read the following sentence: Moses was a hebrew prophet and led his people out of captivity. What is the simple subject of this sentence? A: Hebrew prophet B: people C: Captivity D: Moses Answer A ?
  56. science

    How does osmosis explain the fact that a watery syrup forms when you put sugar on strawberries? I searched Google under the key words "osmosis" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link Removed) I hope this helps. Thanks for asking. i ...
  57. math

    Joe and Sam went to a canoe rental store. the sign read "canoe rentals: $10 canoe insurance fee plus $15 per hour". Joe and Sam wanted to know how much it would cost for them to rent the canoe for different numbers of hours, so they made a table and recorded the cost of 1-5 ...
  58. reading and math

    why do kids have to read math and reading thare should be less homework less reading and less math
  59. psy

    Ms. Sue I need some data to help me discussed this question. How have you used the scientific process (unsystematic observation, building theories, and evaluating propositions) in your life to better understand your personality? Provide an example. I read the material given in...
  60. grammar

    If I put a sentence here listing the dependent and independent clauses within the sentence can you tell me if I am correct. Here is the sentence. I have read several fairy tale collectionthat include th Cinderella story, but my favorite is a book that belonged to my great-...
  61. English

    In The Importance of Being Earnest, Jack and Algernon clearly have a preoccupation with food. In this lesson, you explored the deeper meaning of this preoccupation. Using what you learned in this lesson and what you have read in the text, discuss how food serves as a symbol ...
  62. Chemistry 1111

    To determine the molarity of NaOH solution, student took 3.5 g of KHP (KHP – Potassium hydrogen phthalate; Molar mass = 204.22 g/mol) and dissolved in 50 mL of water and titrated with the given unknown molarity NaOH solution loaded in burette. His burette volume read 1.85 mL...
  63. Science question

    for my science project I have to chose a planet that I would like to visit. I choose "Venus." I know it's not possible to travel to Venus, but I don't believe man has visited in other planet in our solar system, besides the moon. and the moon isn't really qualified as a planet...
  64. English

    1. Read the following paragraph from "Five Hours to Simla." After the cacophony of screeching brakes and grinding gears, there followed the comparatively static hum of engines, and drivers waited in exasperation for the next lurch forwards. For the moment there was a lull, ...
  65. English

    1. Yesterday was his 100th day. 2. one hundredth day 3. a hundredth day (How can we read '100th day'?)
  66. Walk two moons need help

    does anyone here read the book walk two moons because i need help
  67. Informal Logic-Pls chk ans

    The sentence "P → Q" is read as (3) P or Q P and Q If P then Q Q if and only P 2. In the truth table for an invalid argument, (2) on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the conclusion is true. on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the ...
  68. english

    I've read both and a few articles and still haven't formed a decent answer In what way is the character of Sir Gawain different from other epic heroes such as Beowulf? Beowulf is Anglo-Saxon Sir Gawain is Medieval Beowulf is strong, monster fighting, courageous, a prince Sir ...
  69. science !!!!

    does anybody know some quick facts about earth science (Broken Link Removed) http...
  70. Math/Science(Short Question 10th grade))

    [History Homework] Please answer 1. What are 2 pieces of technology essential today? 2. If you could give a prehistoric person one item from today what would it be? 3. Why is writing important for civilizations? 4. Why is theater/drama important to society? 5. What are some ...
  71. celebrating Diversity

    Julie has a speech delay and is often shy with other children. The group activities is to A. provide an art activity for Julie and two to three other children. B. provide her with some books to read while you work with the other children. C. let her watch an educational video...
  72. history

    Read a news story about religious conflict somewhere in the world. Do some research to determine the history behind the conflict. i don't need help with the essay, just cant find a good news story. can someone help me find a link for a good story??
  73. Math/Fractions

    After school, Laura baby sits a neighbor's child for 50 minutes. They rest for 10 minutes,read for 15 minutes,and play the rest of the time. Write the total baby sitting time, the resting time and reading time, as fractions of an hour.
  74. Fashion design

    Read the sentence. The saturation of a color is called its _[blank]_. Which option correctly completes the sentence? hue intensity shade value When white is added to a color to lighten it, what is the color now called? value intensity a tint a hue A,C?
  75. Science/Physics

    HOPE THIS IS BETTER John Loads A Collapsed Inflatable Boat Into A Two-wheel "grocery Type" Handcart and wheels it down the lake. (A) while the cart is being wheeled it is tipped at about a 45-degree angle (in other words, about halfway between horizontal and vertical) John ...
  76. language arts

    in " all together now " , Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important . in a paragraph , site one example of each king of appeal in her work . then , explain whether you find jordans appeals convincing , ...
  77. English

    I have to write a 3 paragraph wisdom anecdote; a short story that teaches a lesson. I needed some help coming up with ideas for my anecdote. I have read examples of anecdotes, but I can't make up any story that teaches a lesson. Any help?? Story or moral ideas? Thanks!!!!!
  78. US history

    what role did benjamin franklin play in the disputes with england prior to the boston massacre? Read the last three paragraphs. =)
  79. Early Childhood Literacy

    Children with many experiences with stories: A-can accurately sound out words. B-tend to know stories have predicitable segments and features C-can read simple words as was or am by late preschool years. D-realize words are separated in sentences and that sentences end in ...
  80. Creative thinking in preschool

    Creative thinking in children is like creative thinking in adults in that they both: a. have experiences that are complex, challenging, and creative. b, have intelligence that develops onto skill. c. lack inhibition when responding to external stimuli. d. have preconceived ...
  81. achieving academic excellence

    1 This course is designed to a)introduce you to college life b)teach you to be an online learner c)provide you with acaademic skills and strategise to succeed d)be a prerequisite for another course My answer is b) 2 To focus on your most important goal is to a)be Smart B)BE ...
  82. Math

    Tim is a first grader and reads 28 words per minute. Assuming he maintains the same rate, using the double number line to find out how many words he can read in 5 minutes. Words 0 28 --- --- ---- ---- Minutes 0 1 5 This is basically completing I assume a ratio table. So my ...
  83. English

    Read the following line from "Not Waving but Drowning." "Poor chap, he always loved larking And now he's dead" a. detached b. pleased c. objective d. critical NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING Stevie Smith Nobody heard him, the dead man, But still he lay moaning: I was much further out ...
  84. axia

    Read the articles from The New York Times on p. 33 in the text. According to this article, the American military does not represent an accurate cross sections of Americans. How would a sociologist view the reasons for the uneven representation in the military? What would a ...
  85. English (plz read)

    I'm creating is HUGE book series. Can you check to see if the blurb is good. The series follows the journey of a teenage girl who is determined to have best year ever in the 8th grade and to have the best 4 year experience in high school. Please make sure if they any grammar ...
  86. Language Arts

    Read the following excerpt from "Saving Water." “Abandon the bathtub, and hit the showers. Sometimes it just feels great to soak in the tub, but the tub holds between nine and 33 gallons (40 to 50 liters) of water, depending on how full we fill it.” What kind of argument ...
  87. business

    Post your answer to Study Question 5.2 on p. 180 (Ch. 5). As you read your classmates’ responses, consider the following scenario: If you compared two different companies that utilized two different valuation methods, how might the quality of the results differ? Also, ...
  88. Preschool-Creative Thinking and Arts Based Learnin

    Read the book, but could not find this answer. Creative thinking in children is like creative thinking in adults in that they both: a. have experiences that are complex, challenging, and creative. b. have intelligence that develops into skill. c. lack inhibition when ...
  89. Logic

    The sentence "P → Q" is read as (3) P or Q P and Q If P then Q Q if and only P 2. In the truth table for an invalid argument, (2) on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the conclusion is true. on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the ...
  90. chemistry

    A student didn’t read step 4 in the procedure and assembled the cells based on Figure 1, connecting the device to the ammeter right away. When she gets to step 5 she realizes her error, but instead of estimating the initial reaction time she simply notes note the current ...
  91. Writting

    Persuasive Writing Assignment: Imagine that you are an agent who is interested in publishing new authors. Choose any book you like and present the book to a publisher in New York. You want to be the person responsible for putting the book on the shelf. You should convince the ...
  92. Precalculus

    For our homework we had to read this one section which demonstrated the location principle (just in case this has a different name, I'll post it here:) "If P(x) is a polynomial with real coefficients and a and b are real numbers such that P(a) and P(b) have opposite signs, ...
  93. vocab

    i need 3 more sentences using nimble! plz help! Go to and read some of the sample uses (usually partial sentences) there. They will give you good ideas. =)
  94. speech

    Read "is misleading your spouse fraud or tact?" In looking out looking in 13th edition(p.329). Discuess whether either party was justified in his/her behavior. What are the effects of benevolent lies, silence, equivocation, or hinting, as alternatives to disclosing what could ...
  95. English

    Read the following passage from “The Oxcart”: The governor of Settsu had three outstanding samurai in his service. Their names were Taira no Hidemichi, Taira no Suetake, and Sakata no Kintoki. Once in late fall, when the time of the Kamo festival was approaching, the three...
  96. Civics

    8.   Which one of the following provisions was part of the first draft of the Articles of Confederation submitted to the Second Continental Congress?  A. Appointment of George Washington as commander of the Continental Army B. Limited and restricted functions for the ...
  97. Language Art

    3. Which of the following quotes from the text best reveals Windrider's approach to living? A- "I don't know much about being a father." B- "It's hard to put things to a letter, especially when the letter is read to your family by another person." C- "Then we must both be as ...
  98. LA - I really need help, guys. :C

    Which of the following quotes from the text best reveals Windrider’s approach to living? a. “I don’t know much about being a father.” b. “It’s hard to put things into a letter, especially when the letter is read to your family by another person.” c. “Then ...
  99. English

    Read the following opening sentence of an introductory paragraph and answer the question that follows. Should you ever find yourself in a situation in which you suspect that someone is listening in your private conversation, you might not be as paranoid as you think. What ...
  100. ELA

    While browsing the local library's bulletin board, Sophia read the following announcement: You must be fond of Narnia, hobbits, and Harry Potter. If you pore over Dr. Seuss, then you need not bother. Please come to Weldon Hall on Saturday morning. There will be a book club ...
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