Science HELP! (plzzz read!)

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1. Yesterday was his 100th day. 2. one hundredth day 3. a hundredth day (How can we read '100th day'?)

Walk two moons need help

does anyone here read the book walk two moons because i need help

Informal Logic-Pls chk ans

The sentence "P → Q" is read as (3) P or Q P and Q If P then Q Q if and only P 2. In the truth table for an invalid argument, (2) on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the conclusion is true. on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the ...

science !!!!

does anybody know some quick facts about earth science (Broken Link Removed) http...

Math/Science(Short Question 10th grade))

[History Homework] Please answer 1. What are 2 pieces of technology essential today? 2. If you could give a prehistoric person one item from today what would it be? 3. Why is writing important for civilizations? 4. Why is theater/drama important to society? 5. What are some ...

celebrating Diversity

Julie has a speech delay and is often shy with other children. The group activities is to A. provide an art activity for Julie and two to three other children. B. provide her with some books to read while you work with the other children. C. let her watch an educational video...


HOPE THIS IS BETTER John Loads A Collapsed Inflatable Boat Into A Two-wheel "grocery Type" Handcart and wheels it down the lake. (A) while the cart is being wheeled it is tipped at about a 45-degree angle (in other words, about halfway between horizontal and vertical) John ...


Read a news story about religious conflict somewhere in the world. Do some research to determine the history behind the conflict. i don't need help with the essay, just cant find a good news story. can someone help me find a link for a good story??


After school, Laura baby sits a neighbor's child for 50 minutes. They rest for 10 minutes,read for 15 minutes,and play the rest of the time. Write the total baby sitting time, the resting time and reading time, as fractions of an hour.

language arts

in " all together now " , Jordan uses appeals to emotion and appeals to reason to try to persuade her readers that her views are important . in a paragraph , site one example of each king of appeal in her work . then , explain whether you find jordans appeals convincing , ...


I have to write a 3 paragraph wisdom anecdote; a short story that teaches a lesson. I needed some help coming up with ideas for my anecdote. I have read examples of anecdotes, but I can't make up any story that teaches a lesson. Any help?? Story or moral ideas? Thanks!!!!!

US history

what role did benjamin franklin play in the disputes with england prior to the boston massacre? Read the last three paragraphs. =)

Early Childhood Literacy

Children with many experiences with stories: A-can accurately sound out words. B-tend to know stories have predicitable segments and features C-can read simple words as was or am by late preschool years. D-realize words are separated in sentences and that sentences end in ...

Creative thinking in preschool

Creative thinking in children is like creative thinking in adults in that they both: a. have experiences that are complex, challenging, and creative. b, have intelligence that develops onto skill. c. lack inhibition when responding to external stimuli. d. have preconceived ...

achieving academic excellence

1 This course is designed to a)introduce you to college life b)teach you to be an online learner c)provide you with acaademic skills and strategise to succeed d)be a prerequisite for another course My answer is b) 2 To focus on your most important goal is to a)be Smart B)BE ...


Tim is a first grader and reads 28 words per minute. Assuming he maintains the same rate, using the double number line to find out how many words he can read in 5 minutes. Words 0 28 --- --- ---- ---- Minutes 0 1 5 This is basically completing I assume a ratio table. So my ...


Read the following line from "Not Waving but Drowning." "Poor chap, he always loved larking And now he's dead" a. detached b. pleased c. objective d. critical NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING Stevie Smith Nobody heard him, the dead man, But still he lay moaning: I was much further out ...


Read the articles from The New York Times on p. 33 in the text. According to this article, the American military does not represent an accurate cross sections of Americans. How would a sociologist view the reasons for the uneven representation in the military? What would a ...

English (plz read)

I'm creating is HUGE book series. Can you check to see if the blurb is good. The series follows the journey of a teenage girl who is determined to have best year ever in the 8th grade and to have the best 4 year experience in high school. Please make sure if they any grammar ...

Language Arts

Read the following excerpt from "Saving Water." “Abandon the bathtub, and hit the showers. Sometimes it just feels great to soak in the tub, but the tub holds between nine and 33 gallons (40 to 50 liters) of water, depending on how full we fill it.” What kind of argument ...

Texas History

In the Texas Revolution, why is the capture of Goliad significant ? a) it provided the Texans with valuable supplies and a strategic stronghold b) It demonstrated the ruthlessness of the Mexican forces c) It caused the Mexican government to grant Texas independence d) It ...


Post your answer to Study Question 5.2 on p. 180 (Ch. 5). As you read your classmates’ responses, consider the following scenario: If you compared two different companies that utilized two different valuation methods, how might the quality of the results differ? Also, ...

Preschool-Creative Thinking and Arts Based Learnin

Read the book, but could not find this answer. Creative thinking in children is like creative thinking in adults in that they both: a. have experiences that are complex, challenging, and creative. b. have intelligence that develops into skill. c. lack inhibition when ...


The sentence "P → Q" is read as (3) P or Q P and Q If P then Q Q if and only P 2. In the truth table for an invalid argument, (2) on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the conclusion is true. on at least one row, where the premises are all true, the ...


A student didn’t read step 4 in the procedure and assembled the cells based on Figure 1, connecting the device to the ammeter right away. When she gets to step 5 she realizes her error, but instead of estimating the initial reaction time she simply notes note the current ...


Persuasive Writing Assignment: Imagine that you are an agent who is interested in publishing new authors. Choose any book you like and present the book to a publisher in New York. You want to be the person responsible for putting the book on the shelf. You should convince the ...


For our homework we had to read this one section which demonstrated the location principle (just in case this has a different name, I'll post it here:) "If P(x) is a polynomial with real coefficients and a and b are real numbers such that P(a) and P(b) have opposite signs, ...


i need 3 more sentences using nimble! plz help! Go to and read some of the sample uses (usually partial sentences) there. They will give you good ideas. =)


Read "is misleading your spouse fraud or tact?" In looking out looking in 13th edition(p.329). Discuess whether either party was justified in his/her behavior. What are the effects of benevolent lies, silence, equivocation, or hinting, as alternatives to disclosing what could ...


Read the following passage from “The Oxcart”: The governor of Settsu had three outstanding samurai in his service. Their names were Taira no Hidemichi, Taira no Suetake, and Sakata no Kintoki. Once in late fall, when the time of the Kamo festival was approaching, the three...


8.   Which one of the following provisions was part of the first draft of the Articles of Confederation submitted to the Second Continental Congress?  A. Appointment of George Washington as commander of the Continental Army B. Limited and restricted functions for the ...

Language Art

3. Which of the following quotes from the text best reveals Windrider's approach to living? A- "I don't know much about being a father." B- "It's hard to put things to a letter, especially when the letter is read to your family by another person." C- "Then we must both be as ...

LA - I really need help, guys. :C

Which of the following quotes from the text best reveals Windrider’s approach to living? a. “I don’t know much about being a father.” b. “It’s hard to put things into a letter, especially when the letter is read to your family by another person.” c. “Then ...


Read the following opening sentence of an introductory paragraph and answer the question that follows. Should you ever find yourself in a situation in which you suspect that someone is listening in your private conversation, you might not be as paranoid as you think. What ...


A college freshman must take a science course, a humanities course, an elective course, and a mathematics course for the first term of the school year. If he or she may select any of the six science courses, any of the four humanities courses, any of the five elective courses...

Environmental Science

List at least two benefits and two drawbacks of each form of perst control for: Pesticides, Genetic engineering, Biological control, insect birth control through sterilization, Insect sex attractants (pheromones) Insect harmones, Food irradiation, and Intergrated Pest ...


6. Read the following lines from the poem "Love After Love.""you will greet yourself arrivingat your own door, in your own mirror,and each will smile at the other's welcome,"In these lines, the mirror most likely symbolizes (1 point) a) a show of vanity. b) a sense of comfort...


In this unit you have read writings by three people who lived at a time when the idea of human equality was widely discussed but who nevertheless experienced enslavement or belonged to families who experienced enslavement: Benjamin Banneker, Olaudah Equiano, and Phillis ...

Please read 6 part government question

please read my 6 part question it is 6 parts but its only 1 question. that was the only way I could post it I am sooo sorry for the inconveinence I've only recently heard the term "interest groups." For a long time, I've thought of them as "lobbyists" or "lobbying groups," but...

Comp. Tech

I need help with this question. You are doing web searches for real estate offices in a number of cities across the country. You notice that no matter what city you type into the search engine, a RE/MAX broker page is always listed at the top. What is the most probable reason ...


what does it mean: literary journal The term "literary journal" can mean two things, I think. 1. A magazine or journal that is published and focuses only on literary works, current and past.


Your Mathematic school teacher want to use a program that can read the name and the mark of a student. Your teacher want the program to automatically find the grade of the mark and display the result(name, mark and grade). Help your teacher to develop a program that can solve ...


I read the Earth/Moon Barycentre is located 74/100ths from the centre of the earth towards the earths surface. As the moons orbit varies from Perigee to Apogee by more than 30,000 miles I would have thought the Barycentre would move around according to the moons position in ...

english 12

This is 3 our of 5 stories that I have to read and the questions are getting tougher and tougher. The story is called "Bless this house" by Christianna Brand. The question is try your hand at explaining Brand's way of handling setting in this story. Think about the story as ...


I have a paper I must do and have been trying all summer to finish. I have read the book The Story of Sacagawea and now what I need to do is write what the main idea/topic is ( which I know is Sacagawea) but then I have to write a main idea's # 1 and # 2 and details to support...


Mark read that the ancient Greeks use to arrange pebbles to represent numbers. He used square on a grid instead of pebbles to model both triangular and square numbers How can you divide a square number into q two triangular numbers? (6 triangular number) and (9 sqaure)

Science 8R - help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (anyone????)

Homework - Draw a graduated cylinder with different liquids in it (different colors) and different densities. Write the densities next to the liquid. What kind of liquid???? How will I know the densities???? What's the color of the liquid???? please help me *****look I'm sorry...


I need help thinking of something to put on my poster board for an archetypal journey project over Their Eyes Were Watching God. I want a creative poster with something symbolic on it that represents the novel. If you read it you will know how and why she told it in three ...


For this Discussion, read the following scenario, and then address the following question in 1–2 paragraphs: For the month of August, 12 new cases of tuberculosis and 12 new cases of West Nile virus infection were reported to a county health department. You are not sure if ...


For this Discussion, read the following scenario, and then address the following question in 1–2 paragraphs: For the month of August, 12 new cases of tuberculosis and 12 new cases of West Nile virus infection were reported to a county health department. You are not sure if ...

Physics help please!!!

The angular speed of digital video discs (DVDs) varies with whether the inner or outer part of the disc is being read. (CDs function in the same way.) Over a 133 min playing time, the angular speed varies from 570 rpm to 1600 rpm. Assuming it to be constant, what is the ...

eth drbob

Can you help me I read your post on Pyne and culturism. I don't think I am qualified to critique your paper the way it should be critiqued. Some general suggestions are as follows: Start sentences with capital letters. Watch the spelling. You have a number of sentences that ...


Hello! I'm a French student,I'm 17, I've learned the beginning of Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Sometimes, it seems confused as it's my second language. So I need help, please. Can you explain what happened with Patty, Eliza, Carter, Richard and Walter in the chapter 2: best ...


Read this sentence from "Kids in Action: Dalie Jimenez." "She decided to lobby to restore funding.” In which of the following does the word restore have the same meaning as in the sentence above? A. Renee was hired to restore the antique paintings in the hall. B. There is ...


I am trying to figure out details as to when groom service (short story) has taken place any help with examples would be great or even a lead? Ive read the story numerous times and I know it was before th 1940s but I cant figure out further.. I have found that the story ...

English 101

A question of faulty parallelism 1)) Activities on Wednesday afternoons include fishing trips, dance lessons, and computers. 2)) Hannah told her rock climbing partner that she bought a new harness and of her desire to climb Otter Cliffs. Did you read through the webpage at the...


I have to fix sentences. these are the ones i am stuck on.. It was a surprise to both Marys and I to learn that Switzerland didn't give women the right to vote until 1971. Each of the young women in the Family Life class decided not to marry after they read that couples today ...


Can you please read this for me and tell me if it's right. I don't know if it is suppose to be those or these. Thank you for your help. No matter what topic is being discussed, the first thing that people look for is the positve benefits.These benefits provide humans with a ...

3 grade english

ideas stated in text you are sometimes alike in several ways. to generalize, you use the individual ideas to make a general statement about them. look for clue words, such as most,many,all,or few. directions read the following passage. then answer the questions. a saguro ...


Read the sentence from "Zoos: Joys or Jails?" Which best describes the author? "Though zoos are meant to be a joy to viewers and teach lessons about our earth, the zoo jails its inhabitants and passes on faulty knowledge. The wild animals in our world are a wonder, and they ...


(Whoever answers this question will earn a great deal!) - ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO READ WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM - 1963 1. Which of the following events is a part of the novel's exposition? A - Byron tells Kenny to check out the World-Famous Watson Pet Hospital. B - Byron rescues ...

statistical probability411

Please help. I didn't get the right answer with this question before: Your English teacher has decided to randomly assign poems for the class to read. The syllabus includes 4 poems by Shakespeare, 5 poems by Coleridge, 2 poems by Tennyson, and 2 poems by Lord Byron. What is ...


Julie has a speech delay and is often shy with other children. The best way to include her in your daily group activities is to A) Ask a volunteer to provide her with individual attention.B) provide her with some books to read while you work with the other children. C) let her...


I'm writing an essay involving analysis of a short story. I need to put in-text citations after quotes, etc. The short story was read online so there is no page number, etc. How do I cite this-I'm really confused. I looked in Purdue Online Writing Lab but that's not helping. ...

language arts

"this question asks about your independent reading selection. compare and contrast your independent reading selection with one or two other selections you have read this unit. support your response with at least two pieces of evidence from your independent reading selection. ...


Most people have probably read the play "The Crucible". in his autobiography, Timebends, Arthur Miller writes that "the real story" of the Salem witch trials is to be found in "the breaking of charity" within a human community. i need help understanding what Miller means by ...


A meterstick is held vertically above your hand, with the lower end between your thumb and first finger. On seeing the meter stick released, you grab it with those two fingers. You can calculate your reaction time from the distance the meterstick falls, read directly from the ...

Federal Reserve System

I read this on Wikipedia.. The Federal Reserve System is a part of government that regulates the private banks And I am stuck at this question. The Federal Reserve System c. regulates only national banks. e. None of these answers is correct.


HELP! I need to do a science project this year and have no clue what to do. The project has to follow the scientific method. Please give me some good ideas! I don't care what subject, as long as they're scientific. Thanks


Read the following passage by Picoult and identify the metaphor. Quote the metaphor in your response and explain what makes it fit the definition of metaphor. “My mother moves so fast I do not even see it coming. But she slaps my face hard enough to make my head snap ...

Language art

What type of infinitive phrases are shown below (noun, adverb or adjective) 1.George wants to take Lea out tonight. adv 2.Would you like to read this detective novel? adj 3. Fifty years ago,people didn't know to avoid "bad"cholesterol. adv 4.My grandmother taught me to make ...

language arts

Which of the following phrases from the novel best describes Johnny's status, to place, in the household as the book begins? A. most of the boys in the other shops around Hancock's wharf liked Johnny B. Of the three boys, only Johnny read easily and well C. His ability made ...


a 4.369g sample of metal is placed in a flask. water is added to the flask and the total volume in the flask is read to be 126.4ml. the mass of the water, flask, and metal is 268.5g. if the mass of the flask is 139.3g and the density of water is 1.000g/ml, the density of the ...

educational technology of online learning

the little builders company creates colorful plastic blocks for toddlers boys and girls to play with. based on what you learned in this lesson, which of the following statements describes strengths and weaknesses in the Lego design? choose all that apply. A:The colors do not ...

Scholorship (plz read)

Is it possible to earn a scholorship in middle school? What kind of scholorship can you earn in middle school?

2nd grade oral report

My daughter is eight years old and in 2nd grade. She has to do a 3 minute oral report. She is doing it on a famous sports person. We read the book, and she has to dress in character. She is taking in her soccer ball. She is allowed to use note cards. They have not shown them ...


Water falls without splashing at a rate of 0.220 L/s from a height of 2.20 m into a 0.720 kg bucket on a scale. If the bucket is originally empty, what does the scale read 3.20 s after water starts to accumulate in it? The answer is supposed to be in Newtons but I don't see ...


Effects of Religion (Word count: 250-300)  Read Chapter 1: Religious Responses  Post a response to this prompt: Religion may affect people in many different ways.  List at least two effects that organized religion has had on society and provide examples...


two students are playing a math game. the object of the game is to make the least possible number by arranging the given digits inside absolute value bars on a card. In the first round, each player will use the digits 3, 5, and 7 to fill in the card. One student arranges the ...


hy!nedd some help.. need summary of poems goldsmith the deserted village and crabbe the village i've searched the internet but nothing..has anyone read these 2 poems?


I need help thinking of Highschool science fair topics Please try browsing the following link:


I am writing an essay about James Baldwin's Go Tell It on the Mountain, but the essay prompt asks me to disagree or agree with the interpretation of an critical essay we read about this book. For my essay, do I state whether I agree with the article and then use other evidence...

English (3rd grade)

Where can I read Berries, Berries, Berries ? Wasn't given the author from 3rd grader and her school is August Ahrens Elementary School. The book has a bear on the front cover and the bear is looking for berries for Spring. I have already searched the book on google and I gave ...


1. Saying hey, the foreigner walked toward me. 2. The foreigner walked toward me, saying hey. 3. The foreigner, saying hey, walked toward me. (Are they all grammatical?) 4. When I was given the mug, I felt happy. 4-2. Given the mug, I felt happy. 5. Because it was written in ...

Law and ethics in med

please help me thanks :) If an employer hires some who is deaf but is able to lip read the employer needs to do what in terms of the employee's job duties (They must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.) My answer They need to provide reasonable accommodations for ...

ancient history

what were the achievements of senwosret lll His name is usually spelled Senusret. You can read about him at

TO BETTY Please note that B is incorrect. If you read the webpage that Ms. Sue gave you, you'll know that A is the correct answer. Sorry for the mix-up. =)


(1)When you are in school any subject seems a potential area for a good job.(2)But when you are out on your own,you may find it difficult to land a job.(3)When you are told time after time that there are no jobs.(4)And it is time for some creative thinking and acting. (5)Do ...

is it possible to read too much

ive been reading a ton of books, and now my speech is far more sophisticated than any of my friends. im only 14 years old, and the fact that i use some advanced vocab turns them off. so basically is it possible to read too much? i fear if i keep reading ill be too smart. i ...


Can someone please read the intro to my essay and tell me if it makese sense? The topic of the essay is to see whether nonfiction novels can equal or surpass fiction novels. THE BATTLE OF BOOKS: FICTION VS. NONFICTION What makes a book good to read? Is it the fact that ...

ap chemistry

what would have happened to the calculated molar mass if some benzoic acid was spilled before adding it to the lauric acid? also, what would have happened to the calculated molar mass if the thermometer used actually read 1.4C too high I NEED HELP PLEASE THANKS

US history HELP

The use of atomic bombs against Japan had what significance? 1. They rendered the entire island of Honshu inhabitable for twenty-three years. 2. They prevented the Soviets from entering the war in Asia. 3. They shocked Germany into surrendering before facing the same fate. 4. ...

Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards (plz help)

I need help and I'm a bit confused. How to Submit Your Work Regional Programs Students first submit work to regional programs administered by affiliates of the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Students and teachers can connect with their regional programs HERE. Deadlines ...


Hello! I will type 2 exercises from the lesson I am teaching on Wednesday-english as a foreign language - 8th graders ( it will be graded) I need you to help me with some ideas. It says: LEAD- IN: A Here is a list of some natural sciences: BIOLOGY CHEMISTRY PHYSICS BOTANY ...


Find a six-digit even number containing no zeros and no repeating digits in which the first digit is four more than the second digit, the third digit is one less than the sixth digit, and the fourth and fifth digits when read as a single number equal the product of the first ...


it is now 8:59am but when the bell rings at 9:00am Suzete will be late for Science class. She must get from one side of school down three different hallways. She runs down the first a distance of 35.0 m at a speed of 3.50m/s. The second haallway is filled with students and she...


How can I draw the bellow molecule showing all the orbitals?? 2HC=C=CH2 (both 2s in the beginning and end are subscripts) Take a look at the sp2 compounds on this page:


who invented or discoverd the first microscope? robert hooke I think i just need help for my science project fair and i don't know haow too do it cause im new and i don't speak alot of inglesh!!!!!please help me cause ...


"Did you read his analysis in Sparknotes? What have you found about him by reading this novel? " he tries to see the good in everyone and never the bad he defends Tom Robinson Atticus practices the ethic of sympathy and understanding that he preaches to Scout and Jem and never...


What modern city, once called Constantinople, lies partly in Europe and partly in Asia? a. Istanbul, Turkey b.Damascus,Syria c. Athens, Greece d. Skopje, Macedonia Read 1st paragraph


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