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  1. Science

    So I'm in 7 grade and doing a science project. I have a question: What does it mean when it says: RESEARCH? I am required to have this on my board. Does it mean what I looked up to help me on this project? Also, what does it mean when it says: DATA? Do I just summarize what ...
  2. Science

    In the experiment water clock : what changes (independent variable) , how does it responds to the changes made(dependent variable), and what is being controlled (controlled variable). Pleas I really need this by today. And also my question for science fair is what part does ...
  3. Science

    I urgently need to talk to one of your science teachers. In particular, I need help to define the objectives for our two-year Comenius project concerning biodiversity in water. This comparative study will be carried out in English. 1) As you know, it will involve 17-year-old ...
  4. Public Speaking

    To avoid speaking in monotone, a strategy to use can include: A. changing pitch and tone of voice. B. voice inflection. C. varying rate and pace of speaking. D. All of the above I read through my notes and I see A and B as answers, I don't see anything about C... But I'm going...
  5. History

    9.)Though life in the late 1700's was completely different for most white women & slaves, what one thing did they typically have in common? A.)Not being able to travel B.)Not being able to read & write C.)Not Being Allowed free time to relax D.)Not being able to care for ...
  6. Geometry

    You find an old scale drawing of your home,but the scale has faded and you cannot read it. How can you find the scale of the drawing?
  7. Help please!!

    Read the sentence below. Harry didn't know that his actions would affect so many people. He now regretted his choice. This is an example of ____________. A. first-person point of view<--- B. second-person point of view C. third-person point of view
  8. Physics

    how are the fundamental laws and principles of physics related to the complexity that we see in nature? 2) How do the laws of physics apply to other sciences such ad biology, chemistry, and earth science? Give a specific example to show the connection - is it because there ...
  9. statistics

    Among the 500 first year students of college, 270 students study computer science, 345 students study mathematics, and 175 students study both computer science and mathematics. If one student is selected at random, find the probability that he did not take either of these ...

    So I'm in 7 grade and doing a science project. I have a question: What does it mean when it says: RESEARCH? I am required to have this on my board. Does it mean what I looked up to help me on this project? Also, what does it mean when it says: DATA? Do I just summarize what ...

  12. History-Aristophanes Clouds and Science

    My assignment for history is to pick one of the following examples from aristophanes clouds and explain how it may seem silly, but it is actually scientific. I don't know how I can explain these scientifically. 1. The example of the flea. (Socrates asked a student how many of ...
  13. senior courses

    this is a reply to Ms.Sue's question yesterday. my college and career goals are to do with Foods. cooking, culinary arts .. but i don't think that i can chose my next year (12th grade) courses according to that, can i? those are my plans for college right now i'm having ...
  14. Language Arts

    I'm starting a new research paper and I thought my topic should be Dr. Seuss. My teacher agreed that this way a good topic, but now my only problem is that I need an introduciton that will be interesting and will make a person read it further. Can you please give me some ...
  15. Topic Sentences

    Aren't topic sentences supposed to be generalized? Ex: The definition of proto science fiction is still debatable. Post-Modernism occurred following World War II. If not, please help me! I wouldn't read it if it were that general as you wrote above. examples: 1) The literary ...
  16. macroeconomics

    State the four sections of a buisness cycle. state endogenous and exogenous conditions that affect the buisness cycle. Explain the reasons that inventories of producers are an impoertant in the growth-and decline-in a buisness cycle. Take a shot. Be sure to do a little ...
  17. literature

    Read the following passage from act 3, scene 2.       So we grew together,       Like to a double cherry, seeming parted,       But yet an union in partition; In this passage, Helena is referring both to herself and to A. ...
  18. Chemistry

    I am soo lost on this one, I don't even know where to begin! I have read the chapter and it's just not clicking! If you start your reaction with 0.083 g of salicylic acid, what theoretical yield of acetylsalicylic acid would you predict? If your experimental yield of ...
  19. Language Arts

    Underline the main verb in each sentence. Write present, present participle, past, or past participle to label the main verbs. 1. Randy's class studies world history. - underlines class studies and this is present participle 2. The students are reading about the Renaissance. -...
  20. science fair

    in my science fair report school layout they want us to write a paragraph on testing my hypothesis and before that they asked us to write the procedure. i wrote the procedure now do i rewrite it for testing my hypothesis? or do i write something else
  21. science fair

    in my science fair report school layout they want us to write a paragraph on testing my hypothesis and before that they asked us to write the procedure. i wrote the procedure now do i rewrite it for testing my hypothesis? or do i write something else
  22. Language art

    What type of infinitive phrases are shown below (noun, adverb or adjective) 1.George wants to take Lea out tonight. 2.Would you like to read this detective novel? 3. Fifty years ago,people didn't know to avoid "bad"cholesterol. 4.My grandmother taught me to make lentil soup? 5...
  23. SCIENCE HELP!!??

    Hi Please any one can help me in my science homework It is Imagine that you were driving in a car and it was raining, what would be the froces acting around the car and what would the electrical charges bee around the car, on the base and in the sky. I will be happy to ...
  24. Jimmie

    I am nearly done with my Red Badge of Courage Analysis, but I would prefer one more thought from someone other than me. If you have read the work, could you tell me what you think Crane felt about soldiers as individuals? I think he thought they were ignorant people fighting ...
  25. Grammar

    Which sentence contains an item that is either incorrectly in quotation marks or that should be in quotation marks: A.Read the chapter entitled "The Hidden Life of Molecules." B.Why did you call the painting "Wildlife Number 57"? C.The short story about learning to play the ...
  26. History

    I have read the suggested link you and my conclusion is writting below. Thanks,for all your suggestions. Question 2 During World War I the most striking break from pre-war conditions on the home front was Answer (A)the use of volunteer armies. (B)central planning of the ...
  27. ap history

    what was john walthall alleged offense?how might one account for the ferocity of the assault on carter's family walthall? I believe he sleeps with white women but i don't know what he stole. I don't understand the second question. please help me coz i need to submit the answer...

  29. Environmental Science

    #52. In two or three well-developed paragraphs, list and describe the importance of the four steps in a simple environmental decision-making model. my answer: A decision-making model is a conceptual model that provides a systematic process for making decisions. The four steps ...
  30. drwls, math ,algebra

    should i take then away the 1, and 16 from the question of the listing all the factors of 16. so i should leave it as: list all the factors of 16: 2,4,8 I would leave out 1 and 16, since the pair is obvious and does not divide up the number 16 into smaller integers. I can't ...
  31. vocab

    Can the word uncanny have any prefixes or suffixes? i also can not think of any sentences using the word or a visual representation of it! plz help! How about? uncannily It was uncanny how my best friend seemed to read my mind. sweet thanks so much does anyone know if there ...
  32. American History

    As Section 3 of this chapter explains the Declaration was divided into four parts right down the first phrase of each of those four parts. That is the question and I read section three and I looked it up several time phrased several different ways so can someone please help me?
  33. ,math

    Find the number of subsets of the given set. {math, English, history, science, art} Is this correct: 1. {} 2. {math} 3. {English} 4. {history} 5. {science} 6. {art} 7. {m, E} 8. {m,h} 9. {m, s} 10. {m, a} 11. {e, h} 12. {e, s} 13. {e, a} 14. {h, s) 15. {h, a} 16. {s, a} 17. {m...
  34. math

    Find the number of subsets of the given set. {math, English, history, science, art} Is this correct: 1. {} 2. {math} 3. {English} 4. {history} 5. {science} 6. {art} 7. {m, E} 8. {m,h} 9. {m, s} 10. {m, a} 11. {e, h} 12. {e, s} 13. {e, a} 14. {h, s) 15. {h, a} 16. {s, a} 17. {m...
  35. math

    sharon completed her reading homework in 2/3 hour.she completed her science homework in 5/6 hour. how much longer did it take sharon to complete her science homework
  36. World History

    It would be nice if someone could please help me find a good map of East Egypt near the Red Sea, this map needs to include the peninsula names, the river's names, the mountain's names, and the desert's name. that i can read.... thanks :] These don't have as much detail, but ...
  37. Human Service

    My assignment was to design a Reward System for a human service organization. I had to indicate how I will ensure that, basic needs are met, competitive benefits are offered, benefits are equally distributed, and employees ar treated as individuals. I was wondering if someone ...
  38. Literature

    I need help writing a free verse poem on a newspaper article I read about a cat being stuck in a vending machine for three days. Can I please get some links that can help me start off? Free verse poems are really easy to write, but I'm not sure how to gather all my thoughts ...
  39. please read

    My, My, My My, My, My The World running by Way too fast fo your eye Could we slow it down Just to say goodbye Or am I even justified because of all the lies Could we slow it down Or will we just die My, My, My I will miss my life as the days go by And yet, I still wont cry I ...
  40. Aerospace

    In case you didn't already know VASTS has to do with aerospace and what not...this was one of the questions on our discussion forum....this is exactly what it says-- Rags, tie wraps, and safety wire are examples of ______ contamination? ....there was a similar question that ...
  41. History

    Read the sentence. The printing press helped people to ___________. Which option correctly completes the sentence? find employment hand copying books from Latin to native languages understand their religion by reading affordable printed Bibles learn and understand Latin spread...
  42. Persuasive Writing

    How do you paraphrase "an entire article" and then reference it in APA format. This instruction confuses me. Can anyone explain? Yes, you can, but it would need to be completely and carefully paraphrased. Here's a good section from a college website -- it's explaining the ...
  43. theology

    what is the ordained clergy? Scroll down and read about Priests/Vicars. =)
  44. Precal

    How do you find all the polar coordinates of P=(-1, -2pi/3)? I've read that you're supposed to add 2pi to find the coterminals but when I do that I get different answers then in the book. The book answer is (1, 2pi/3+ (2n+ 1) pi) and (-1, -2pi/3+ 2npi). How in the world do you...
  45. English

    Identify the word or phrase that should be in italics. Riding the Orient Express toward Istanbul, Tom read the novels of Mark Twain. a. Orient Express b. Istanbul c. Mark Twain d. none***
  46. English

    1. Violence on television is more of a recent problem. (What other similar expressions can we use instead of 'more of'? Do you use 'more o' often?) 2. There is only so much (that)you can read in magazines and newspapers. (Can we insert 'that' in this sentence? What is the part...
  47. lit

    imelda knows a lot about the story of the gold rush of 1849. she wants to know more about how individual people felt and acted during that time what type of passage should she read first? narrative expository would it be a Narrative? because narrative tells a story or account ...
  48. Literature

    What lessons do Julie learn in the novel Julie of the wolves. I already read the story several times, looked at a few study guides, but couldn't find two lessons. I actually found one obvious one: Julie learns to survive in the cold arctic. What is the other lesson? Please help.
  49. critical thinking

    When determining whether or not to use a source for your research, which of the following is the best choice? A. Use statistical data from a credible source B. If two opinions are similar about something, they must be right C. Use whatever you remember about the topic D. ...
  50. Health Care Statistics

    A census is defined as which of the following? A. A collection of data B. A survey conducted with a small group C. A bureau of research specialists D. A count of a particular population B. I did my studying and it sows survey but I am hesitant of the choice since its saying ...
  51. English

    Underline the subject and verb. Does the verb agree with the subject? In my garden, the first flowers has bloomed. subject:flowers verb: has The verb should read: have
  52. Social Studies

    how many Us representatives are there? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Read carefully for your answer:
  53. Children's Literature

    Mrs. Edwards read "Owl Moon" to her class. As she read, she paused from time to time to allow the children time to think about the story. She used a different voice for each character. When she finished, she asked questions that helped her students understand the story better ...
  54. Probability

    Charlie joins a new reading club, from which he receives books to read. Suppose that books arrive as a Poisson process with rate λ=1/2 books per week. For each book, suppose that the time it takes for Charlie to finish reading is exponentially distributed with parameter μ=1/...
  55. ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Read each sentence. Select the BEST option that describes the sentence. Some options will define a structural flaw and may or may not suggest a way of fixing the problem. Some sentences have correct structure, and you may find that is the best option. Christina and Christopher...
  56. Science

    I recently got a project to do on a country other than the U.S. my teacher sucks at explaining things, so in literal terms the instructions say "reasearch a country other than the US, draw two maps: 1, a map that has all borders and rivers and 2, a Biome map. Your research ...
  57. Religion

    Read Genesis 1-3 Before the incident with the fruit, is there evil in the world (or outside of it)? What is the nature of the first sin, and why was it such a problem? (i no the first sin is eve taking the fruit but why is it such a problem?)
  58. world issuse

    I'm a 7 letter word u read daily,my 5th 6th and 7th letter increase each year,my 3rd n 4th letter are the same,my 3rd 2nd n 5th letter cover 75% of the world.
  59. math

    Davey reads 45 pages in an hour. Sally reads 55 pages in an hour. If Davey begins to at 2pm and Sally starts to read at 2:40pm, at what time will they be reading the same exact page?
  60. history

    What acts brought the United States into World War 1? Read the section on causes. =)
  61. physics: Torque

    1. A plank of negligible weight 3.5 m long rests with one end on a rock and the other end on a scale. A woman is standing on the plank 1.0 m from the rock making the scale read 120 N. How much does the woman weigh?
  62. English

    World Literature help please 1. In the "The Old Chief Mshlanga" how does the narrator's opinion of the natives change? 2. How does this affect her relationship with her father? 3. How did the books that the narrator of "The Old Chief Mshlanga" read affect her attitude toward ...
  63. Socials Ms. Sue please help!

    Is the longhouse the best lodging choice for the people of the Plateaus? -they had forestry: adequate supply of wood - large flat land - nomadic during the summer not sure about winter Wold tipis be a better choice? Is it ok if a link isn't provided this time? I have tried to ...
  64. World History

    Among the factors that brought about European colonialism, which of the following supported concepts of racial superiority? A. The introduction of the steam engine and the telegraph B. Social Darwinism C. Economic and trade opportunities D. the machine gun I have read till I ...
  65. Native Studies

    I am to read "Final Statement of Louis Riel at his Trial in Regina, 1885" and list the TWO main ideas that Riel attempts to get across but am having trouble finding what they could be. I did notice he spoke highly of "God" and the "creator" and how he had a mission but am not ...
  66. 6th grade math

    Can you check these inequalities? 1. Chancellor is saving $15 each week for at least n weeks to buy a skateboard that cost $150. Write an inequality to represent this real life situation. Ans: 15n >= 150 2. Write an inequality to represent the possible speed allowed fi the ...
  67. math

    A total of 121 people came to the school science fair this year. This is 7 more than twice the number of people who came to last years science fair. How many people came last year?
  68. math,economics,geography and life science

    what courses can i apply for with the following subjects Math Geography Economics Life science
  69. Science/English/Math

    I was selected to the Math Academy at my school. I have it every wednesday after school. They are going to prepare me for the NYS Math Exam!!! :) I got a 80 on my Science Quarterly Exam!!!! :) (i didn't know some of my friends and other people were saying good job laruen on ...
  70. medical records

    my question has to do with medical records in this case in computerized database, when corrections are made I know they have to be dated and timed but what i don't know is they are stamped but reasonable if they are computerized cant be stamped right or wrong? Please read your...
  71. english

    4 Surprising Findings About Kids' and Teens' Reading, Plus What You Can Do to Help Kids Read More Can I determine the Author’s Purpose and/or Type of Nonfiction from the title? i can dertemine the authors purpose which is third but idk about the type of nonfiction
  72. English

    1.Read the following Papago song. Identify the purpose. No talking, no talking. The snow is falling. And the wind seems to be blowing backwards. A. To inform B. To persuade C. To analyze D. To express 2.which of the following statements about early American and Colonial ...
  73. AG

    14. Read this quote from Alexander Hamilton. The interpretation of the laws is proper and peculiar province of the courts. A constitution is, in fact, and must be regarded by the judges as a fundamental law.... If there should happen to be an irreconcilable variance between ...
  74. A big one!

    Using logarithmic differentiate technique, find dy/dx y = [(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³] raised to the power of 1/5 I don't know how to type this. It is the 5th root of all those. You have y = [(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³]1/5 so ln y = (1/5)ln([(x-3)³(x²+1) / (2x+5)³] = (1/5){ln...
  75. english

    Read the faculty’s rubric comments and the Turnitin® report provided in Appendix D. Write one paragraph of at least 200-words explaining what the student could have done differently to avoid the plagiarism concerns raised by the faculty member. How could the use of ...
  76. math

    Tim needs to apply 21/2 gallons of herbicide per acre of soybeans. How many gallons of herbicide are needed for 360 acres? A worker has readings that take 22/3 minutes each to read and record. How many readings can be completed in 192 minutes? A grocer sold 16 bags of potatoes...
  77. to ms.sue-project part 2

    •On the cover include the names of the author and the book in the lower right hand corner of the book. Your title across the top should read “Name of Character’s Trait Flip Book”. Example - “Big Bad Wolf’s Trait Flip Book” What does this mean? where do i put it?
  78. Language Art

    Read this sentence from the third paragraph: First, it has large fins at the top of its head that look like ears. What is the main purpose of this sentence in the paragraph? A: To introduce a list of features B: To introduce a new topic C: To make connections to earlier points...

    True or False Test have been conducted to mine uranium from seawater. Just not sure. Pat== I checked at by typing in "uranium sea water" without the quotation marks and I received a lot of "hits" but almost all that I saw (all but one) were studies to extract U ...
  80. science,technology and the environment

    describe,compare and contrast induction and deduction as methods of science.using examples where appropriate.Identify and solve a problem using both induction and deduction.where appropriate illustrate why and how one would use experimentation and cycle of proof to solve the ...
  81. Stephen

    A company called Acme, has hired you to design their new computer network. They have told you fault tolerance is essential;they cannot afford to have their entire network go down. Which topology would you utilize for them? A Ring, Node, Star, or Bus. I say a Ring, but my ...
  82. 8th Grade Space and Earth Science

    I have two questions about my study guide for my science test tomorrow. Thank you for any answers that I can get! How does the atmosphere give evidence for divine design? How can a satellite telephone user communicate if radio waves reflect off the ionosphere? Perspiration ...
  83. Second Grade Reading

    Hello. I am a tutor. I tutor second grade students. I need a good website that will give me great tips on how I can better teach my students how to read, spell, and pronounce words. Can you please help me find a website like that?
  84. Literature Essay (Writeacher)

    Writeacher, I truly need your help. I must finish this essay tonight but I am struggling. I read my thesis statement along with the first body paragraph, but it doesn't correspond whatsoever! I think I may need to rewrite the entire first paragraph. I don't know what to do.
  85. Literature Essay (Writeacher)

    Writeacher, I truly need your help. I must finish this essay tonight but I am struggling. I read my thesis statement along with the first body paragraph, but it doesn't correspond whatsoever! I think I may need to rewrite the entire first paragraph. I don't know what to do.
  86. Focus on the Caregiver

    The most effective way to help a child learn new behavior is to A. teach it during story time. B. model the behavior whenever appropriate. C. read about the behavior to the child. D. show videos that teach the new behavior. my answer is b.
  87. geometry

    Hello I have an assignment were I have to answer the following questions. I have posted the questions and their answers below can someone please read over them and see if what I wrote is correct and if it is not how do I fix it? Thank You ! 1.Who was Blaise Pascal and how did ...
  88. science

    I need help on science project ideas ,please give ideas on what I can do. The answer to this depends on how much time you have, your interests, and your background. I have always been rather favorable to testing the school and home drinking water for lead, cadmium, mercury and...
  89. Critical Thinking

    Does anyone have time to read over an article and help me identify any fallacies or rhetoric. Google "We could, for example, save lives by denying drivers' licenses to those over 65, but we do not" (without quotes) and click on the De-Demonizing Rum: What's wrong with '...
  90. Critical Thinking

    Does anyone have time to read over an article and help me identify any fallacies or rhetoric. Google "We could, for example, save lives by denying drivers' licenses to those over 65, but we do not" (without quotes) and click on the De-Demonizing Rum: What's wrong with '...

    Why are we able to use the same problem analysis categories mentioned in Ch. 1 of Social Policy and Social Programs to analyze historical problems as well as problems facing modern society? I have read the whole chapter and I still can not find the answer to this question can ...
  92. CJS230

    Will someone please help me find a website to read to answer the following questions? What were women’s prisons like before the 1800s? How have they changed? What are the three basic arguments established in the 1800s that supported the separation of juvenile prisoners from ...
  93. History

    During the Carter administration, Zbigniew Brzezinski A. tried to reverse the policy of détente. B. tried to get Carter to roll back taxes. C. was directly involved in continuing the SALT talks. D. rejected the adoption of the MX missiles to replace the older Minute Man ...
  94. English

    Read these lines from Siegfried Sassoon's "Dreamers." "And mocked by hopeless longing to regain/Bank holidays, and picture shows, and spats,/And going to the office in the train." which of these can be found in this excerpt? Which of these can be found in this excerpt? A. ...
  95. General

    I just learned that my first semester GPA is a 2.4. This is pretty devastating for me since I am a junior in high school. I read a lot, I listen in class, I used to take ritalin, etc. But my ACT score is a 25. I'm afraid that because of this I'm going to have trouble getting ...
  96. English

    If you hang back and reserve and criticise at first, you are preventing yourself from getting the fullest possible value from what you read. But if you open your mind as widely as possible, then signs and hints of almost imperceptible fineness, from the twist and turn of the ...
  97. English 11

    I need help choosing one character from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and one character from The Glass Casle whose minds are pulled in conflicting directions by two compelling desires, ambitions, obligations, or influences. I read both books and understand a lot but It's ...
  98. English

    Which of the following statements by General Zaroff from “The Most Dangerous Game” adds to the suspense of the story? a. “After the debacle in Russia I left the country, for it was imprudent for an officer of the Czar to stay there.” b. “I was about to have my dinner...
  99. Chemistry

    I think I have identified these right but I am confused on the why part of my question. Am I on the right track or should I read some more? Are these organic? If they are why? KMnO4-no CH3Oh-yes C6H6-yes PdCI2-no Ch3CO2H-yes Because they are carbon compounds, have covalent ...
  100. science research

    for my science project i have a research project report due tomorrow. can somebody please help me find atleast three reseach web links that can help with what i am searching about, how does color effect taste preferences or does color effect taste preferences. plpease help me...
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