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  1. world literature

    How do poets utilize literary devices and conventions to develop themes in their poetry? I don't understand how to read a poem so I understand what it is really saying either?
  2. essay

    im including Sonny Bono in the essay im going to write... i googled him and read his wiki page but could you tell me more about what he did in what you said earlier ms.sue
  3. critical thinking

    i have to read an article"Controlling Irrational fears after 9/11" how do i identify two arguments in the article and outline the premises and the conclusion of each argument
  4. writing

    Iam having trouble coming up with a thesis and Ineed help , the book i read Ethan Frome and the essay topic "How does Mattie feel about Ethan"?
  5. English

    Which of the following is correct when analyzing a story? ignore internal inconsistencies resist the obvious meaning of the work ignore ambiguities do not read skeptically my answer D
  6. Comm/215

    Have you ever read the story, "The Tell-Tale Heart," by Edgar Allan Poe? Dave asked. Have I written this correctly?
  7. English

    I have to write a paper about how Through The Looking Glass is a sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. How are they different and how is it a sequel to it? I read the books but I don't know where to start
  8. english

    Hi I need help and I appreciated it. am kind of confused and don't what to write. I have to do journal where I see, read, explore, observe about Intersecionality. How can I start writing about this? Thanks
  9. 6th grade english

    I was just checking to see if anyone read my response to the information that you all gave me. I was asked to check back with you all. My post was at 5:49pm Thanks
  10. history

    plz read and tell me if i answered the ? well enough and if any changes could be made. the assignment was to examine the reconstruction and identify why it occured and if it made appropriate gains in society. Thanks
  11. business

    Read “Hi-Ho Yo-Yo, Inc.” on pages 771-772 in your text. Explain your analysis in a 2-4 page APA style paper using the rule definitions on page 746.
  12. chemistry 11

    if a solution is contanimated with a chemical that causes a larger amount of solid, opaque particles floating in the solution, would the absorbance read too high or too low, and why?
  13. phy

    an ungraduated mercury thermometer attached to a millimeter scale reads 22.8mm in ice and 242mm in steam at standard pressure. What will the millimeter read when the temperature is 20
  14. phy113

    An ungraduated mercury thermometer attached to a millimeter scale reads 22.8 mm in ice and 242mm in steam at standard pressure. What will the millimeter read when the temperature is. 20oC?
  15. English - Animal Farm

    What negative traits are visible in the pigs after the rebellion in Chapters 1-3? I have read the chapters, but I can only come up with one example.
  16. English

    Discuss how SQ3R reading strategy is similar to and / or different from the way you read course materials previsously. Explain how using SQ3R improved your comprehension of the course material.
  17. English

    Decide if the quotation marks are used correctly. Have you read the story "A Rose for Emily"? correct incorrect I think it is correct but I am not sure...please help
  18. Nat Sci

    why when the granite decompose it converts to clay? and what is the simplest meaning of B horizon. i don't fully understand the things i've read about b horizon on net. please help me
  19. pascal programming

    read the cost of a meal at a restaurant. if a 10% service charge were added to the bill, write an algorithm to calculate and return the total amount on the bill
  20. English

    Here is another approach .. Can someone tell me a book that you can read during the 8th grade unit? Example: The Maze Runner. What is another book we got to choose ?
  21. Science

    How does the silly putty made up of glue gel differ from the silly putty made of soap in terms of texture ? How would the touch be different and why? Chemical structure? .....? Science:Chemistry - bobpursley, Friday, February 21, 2014 at 9:53pm Have you made the two masses? ...
  22. literature

    In Agatha Cristie's And then there were none, how does she use suspence to further the plot? Oh, my! Have you read this story? Killing off the people one-by-one involves the reader and creates suspense as the reader knows that another character will be killed. Who is murdering...
  23. Algebra

    I am so confused with some word problems math is not my strong point here is the problem if you know how to solve it please tell me how to solve but just don't give me the answer Austin has 42 paperback books that are either Mysteries or science fiction. If he has 16 more ...
  24. Language Arts Check

    1. I MET a traveller from an antique land Who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in the desert ... Near them, on the sand, Half sunk, a shattered visage [face] lies, whose frown, And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command, Tell that its sculptor well those ...
  25. science help plzzz

    Multiple Choice 1. At the chromosomal level, what is the difference between human males and human females? (1 point) All males have a Y chromosome, and females do not. All males have an X chromosome, and females do not. All males have 47 chromosomes, and females only have 46. ...
  26. computer science

    Write an Assembly program to determine the price of a car rental. The car being rented costs $45 per day and frequent renters get a $15 discount on the total bill. Get as input, the number of days rented and whether the user is part of the frequent renter program (have user ...
  27. History-Constitution

    I read the constitution many times, it is hard to understand- how did the constitution address the flaws of the Articles of Convederation? thanks!
  28. Jeremy: read this

    Please stop posting answers. Homework help is not for mooching answers, it is to learn how to get the answers. Thanks.
  29. write teacher

    I need you to help me write a paragraph about Frederick douglass and how he learned how to read and write
  30. Science

    so first of all, not really sure if this is Science =S Okay, could someone please name 4 or 5 animals that are now extinct? and please, more well known ones =D and don't be too general please, ex. dinosaur. Thanks!
  31. Science

    Hello, Have you seen the new app MarkSharks Class 8 Science? I like it a lot.It's very interactive and makes learning fun. Please try it and tell me what you think. You can download it here and use it on any android device.
  32. science help plzzz

    Multiple Choice 1. Which of Earth's spheres contains mountains, valleys, and other landscapes? (1 point) atmosphere biosphere geosphere hydrosphere 2. Which of the following are examples of destructive forces? (1 point) ice wind both ice and wind neither ice nor wind 3. Earth ...
  33. science

    can anyone direct me to a site or help me find a good science project? The best science projects are the ones invented by yourself. Find something to explore, and do it. One of my favorites is testing local drinking water for nasty things: lead, cadmium, bacteria, cloroform, ...
  34. English

    I need to find specific questions and specific answers about these two books: 1- Tangerine, by Edward Bloor 2- Gilda Joyce-Psychic Investigator I don't need stuff like "What is the setting and theme?" but more specific q's and a's, like "What COLOR was her shirt on November4th...
  35. Macbeth

    Hello, I have to do an essay about Macbeth the question is who is to blame for the tragedy we read about in Shakespears macbeth. Do you believe the witches were to blame for the tragedy. Thanks, chris Probably greed and ambition. Read about Macbeth's character here: http://www...
  36. math

    28 students,all of whom study either science,language or both.18 students study language and 14 study many students study acience and language? and how many study only science?
  37. biology

    You have a green solution and you are trying to read the absorbance. However, when you use the spectrophotometer at 680mm, you get a reading of “HIGH”. You address this problem by diluting your samples __Describe how & why you will make a 1/100 dilution
  38. english

    I am having a hard time coming up with a topic for an essay. The theme is 'A Day in the Life of ___' It has to be read aloud, so I am trying to think of something fun and am drawing a blank. Any ideas out there?
  39. To butterfly - re business

    Your long and complicated assignment post has been removed. Please understand that no one here will do your work for you. However, we will be happy to read over whatever you come up with and make suggestions and/or corrections.
  40. Psychology

    As much as I have tried (and I've read several different articles) I do not understand the Epigenetic View....the development of ongoing, bidirectional interchange between heredity and environmnet. Can anyone put it in simpler terms.
  41. World History

    Every man of sense must be convinced that our disturbances have arisen more from lack of government power than the abuse of it. I read the context, but I still don't understand what this means?
  42. Question (plz read)

    how many copies of a book is being sold on harpercollins & Random House since they're one of the world's must biggest publishers I'm curious I know the average of publishing is 500-1000
  43. us history

    African American troops in the Union army: A.were from the begining an itergral part of mnay fighting units. B.distinguished themeselves in battles in Louisiana. C. None of these I read first. And I came up with B. is this right.
  44. education ece

    A. his printing ability and scholarship. A child’s oral vocabulary is closely related to: B. reading comprehension and ease in learning to read. C. creativity and motivation. D. attention span and distractibility. Im thinking it's A.
  45. Math

    1. Find the length of a diagonal of a rectangle ABCD with vertices, A (-3,1), B(-1,3), C(3,-1) and D (1,-3). A) 5.7 B) 6.3 C) 3.2 D) 4.5 Hello! I don't understand how to solve this question since the unit I just read barely went over this. If anyone could help that would be ...
  46. Science

    I am doing a report on biomes in science and my paper says, Be sure to include one specific adatation to each biome by plant and animal specie per biome. I don't really understand what my teacher is trying to tell me. Can you help??
  47. Deciding on a H.S. Science Course

    I'm currently a sophomore, and I need to plan a science course for next year. Do you know if colleges require physics? Would a college prefer to see physics on my transcript in oppose to Environmental Sciences or Astronomy? Thanks!!
  48. Science

    I`m a 5th grade student and we are haviing a Sound Science test.I`m looking for defenitions to study from.such as vibrations, decibels, frequency and questions dealing with sound travel. is there a site you could recomend? thank you, cassidy
  49. MATH

    I can't figure out some of them, and I need help! m - 7 < 6 1. m< -13 ** 2. m< 1 3. m< -1 4. m< 13 n - 8 > 5 1. n> 13** 2. n> 3 3. n> -3 4. n> -13 p + 5 < 10 1. p < -15** 2. p < 5 3. p < 15 4. p < -5 The science class is taking a ...
  50. Science

    Explain why science is a continuous progression of study. No, I'm not trying to plagiarize, I just want an example of what you would write, so I can figure out what I'll write in my own words. I learned that plagiarism has consequences the hard way.
  51. Read

    Do you think all people in real life are all good or all bad? Why?
  52. math

    Mike took four tests: English, Math, Science and History. He scored a 74 in English and an 84 in History. The average of the four tests was 72. Math had a better score than Science by 6 points. What was his Science score?
  53. Science Fair

    What can i do for related topics in my science fair for preserveation of cucumbers
  54. Science

    What affect do clouds have on humans? I have a science project to do.
  55. social science

    What is an example of an interdiciplinary social science? explain please
  56. Science of Biology

    What exactly is the Science of Biology?? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME ANSWER THIS!! :)
  57. Science Fair

    Is there any science fair contests that are going on in spring valley????
  58. English/Reading

    Read the following statements and then determine whether they are facts, unsound opinions, sound opinions, or authoritative opinions. Select the correct answer for each statement. Are any of these correct/incorrect? If so please help. 1.)Due to Einstein's findings in the study...
  59. Need someone's opinion

    If you had to pick any 2 books which would you pick because I have to read two books over the summer and write two reports. I don't know which two I want to read. I like books that have a shocking ending, and I like books that have action and mystery. Which two would be right ...
  60. english

    fallen angels we read that book in class. now my teacher want us to build a handbook for new recruits on surviving vietnam. k my question is how do u make a handbook i am so lost thanks
  61. english

    Hello - I am not sure you can help me ...I have to write an essay which I did for an english class which I already did, but I was wondering if you know of any free websites that can proof read my work? Just thought I would ask :)
  62. Math

    Mike had done a division problem which was scribbed on a piece of paper and it involved 3 mixed numbers. ? / 2 3/4 = 4 1/2. He couldn't read the first mixed number. Find out what ? is ______________
  63. law and ethics in medicine

    the officer hires an employee who's deaf, but who can lip-read. what will the employer have to do in terms of this employee's job duties to comply with the americans with disabilities
  64. Literature

    1. Poetic images help readers to a. think logically b. understand history c. read carefully d. see things freshly ...not at all sure about this..but I think it might be..D? Thanks -MC
  65. english

    This is an example of a metaphor. Once more in her bed beside the warm cocoon of her sister. What kind of reaction or feeling does this give when you first read it and what is this metaphor saying. Thank you
  66. Sociology-

    I do not understand the reading"what happened to the American Social Compact?" of Robert Reich although I have read it many many times. Could you please explain it in main ideas? please help me.
  67. health/help me please

    I am confused because it depend on the quantity and in my question they did not list it . It can be too the METHAMPHETAMINE as 1st offense please help me pick the write answer I read it more than one time
  68. reading

    from the perspective on the black passenger what possible beginning hooks (or sentence that would make people want to read the essay) and possible endings. idk what to write please help
  69. research

    what is the research problem discussed in the article: UNDER SURVEILLANCE: AN EMPIRICAL TEST OF THE EFFECTIVENESS AND CONSEQUENCES OF ELECTRONIC MONITORING? I have read this and I am totally lost. Please help
  70. Post the poem?

    Refugee in America" by Langston Hughes So I cannot follow links, if someone could copy and paste the poem here so I can read it for school, I would be so grateful. Please and thank you.
  71. english

    poor reading comprehension skills lead to a. failure to remember what was read b. failure in academic performance c. lack of interest and concentration d. inability to relate sentences
  72. logic and programing

    1.An algorithm and a flowchart is required to obtain the average weight of a group of N-students. It should read and show each student’s name, age and weight in kilograms.
  73. Chemistry 112

    Can someone please explain to me how to calculate reaction order with respect to something? I've read this in my textbook, and I watched videos on YouTube, but I still don't understand. Please help.
  74. art

    Read the statement. Artists have depicted religious and mythological stories as _[blank]_ in their work. Which correctly completes the statement? compositions subjects mediums forms B?
  75. math

    John has $20 to spend at a used bookstore. He wants to buy twice as many science fiction books as mystery books. Mystery books sell for $1.25. Science fiction books sell for $1.75. Tax is included in the prices. What is the greatest number of science fiction books that John ...
  76. logic

    Arthur: The solutions to most mystery novels I read are not believable. However, my enjoyment of a mystery novel depends only on its suspenseful mood and colorful characters. Norton: Roughly 80% of the mystery novels I read have believable solutions, which is good since I do ...
  77. Comparative Essay HELP!

    Hello all... I am in a bit of a pickle at the moment. I have my English (4U) ISP due on Tuesday - a 1000 word comparative essay on the novels "Angela's Ashes" and "The Woman Who Walked Into Doors" ....and I'm a little lost. What to compare? The authors style? The main themes? ...
  78. Science

    What did Oprah Winfrey do for 152 exceptional girls in South Africa? Select one: a. She gave each of them college scholarships. b. She helped them attend school in the United States. c. She invited them to attend her new school. d. She convinced them to leave South Africa. ...
  79. Science

    We have to draw a "element superhero" for science, I was thinking about doing mercury, but all i know about it, is it used to be in thermometers and it is silvery. What are some other things about it and is it in the group, metals?
  80. Repost: science for Misquiannah

    science - misquiannah, Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 5:40pm hello my name is misquiannah wixon and i am 10 years old and i need help with my sience homework like fast
  81. Science-Help-Universe/Stars

    Can someone please check my previous science posts. I think that I only had one which no one responded to. It is latest one, and I posted it 2 times, thanks in advance :-)
  82. health

    What is a medical scientist,if you want to study medical science,what are the minimum requirements?and how can you briefly describe medical science?
  83. science

    Can you recommend a good website for Deep Ocean Currents. I already went to all of the government run sources, like the Oceanic and Naval. Books also if you can think of any. I am working on my science project and it is about the 'Global Conveyer Belt'.
  84. 4th grade science

    I am supoose to write some information about Micheal Forada for science, concerning magnatism or electricity. I can't find anything on the internet about him. Could someone tell me were to look? Any help would be appreciated.
  85. child care

    I have a questions please 1.An inappropriate science activity for a toddler would be:A:reporting the weather B:caring for pets of the facility C:planting a flower D:watching a science show on TV(I answered B) Thank you for answering my questions
  86. science

    i need help at these. thx 1.the statement, " all living things are made of cells" is an example of _______. 2. a controlled experiment helps to eliminate the effects of unwanted ________. 3. ________ science emphasizes inquiry and observation.
  87. Science

    If one rabbit had brown fur and another has black fur, what conclusion can you draw about the rabbits' genetic codes? A. The order of bases in the section of DNA that codes for fur color in the brown rabbit cannot be read by mRNA. B. The genetic code of the rabbit with black ...
  88. QBASIC, Computers

    The following is a list of salaries of the six employees in a certain company: Name Salary T. Angel $43,000 F. Smith $31,000 K. Johnston $22,000 P. Miner $18,000 C. Altman $27,000 A. Lu $19,000 Read a single dimension array for name and another array for Salary. Calculate and ...
  89. math

    I just do not understand how to figure this out. Find the number of subsets of the given set. {math, English, history, science, art} Would I do something like this: 1. {} 2. Math 3. English 4. history 5. science 6. art 7. Math and English 8. math and history 9. math and ...
  90. Help plzzz

    Choose one of the biological systems described below. What health problems might the giants in the land of Brobdingnag have, or the giant child in the movie Honey, I blew up the Kid? Transportation system--Your body generates heat according to its volume. But the rate of ...
  91. english

    Has anybody read the poem Calgary 2am? If so, can anyone help me analyze the poem? It seems that it is very confusing and I can not "solve" the poem. Thanks! No one has answered this question yet.
  92. Readin Reed plz read

    Umm.. Reed if it is ok with you I can copy and paste my essay and then u can check it then tell me and then remove it. Reed u helped me yesterday for the hook!
  93. Math

    Alice reads an equal number of pages of a story each day. After another 4 days, she has 180 pages left to read. How many pages are there in the storybook?
  94. English

    1. Read the following lines from the poem "Eve to Her Daughters" in which the speaker describes Adam. In the process he had to on reveal everything, because he believed that mechanism was the whole secret- he was always mechanical minded. He got to the very inside of the whole...
  95. Something to read (No subject)- post your comments

    First -- I don't agree with you. Second -- this is not the place to complain about your text -- whatever it is. Third -- document your complaints, rewrite them in a more organized fashion, and send them to the textbook editors.
  96. Math

    What is the least three digit square number? 100 I think like 10 times 10 do your squares until your answer excedes 999 the previous one is it. Im sorry I read most, Anon is correct :P
  97. soclal studies

    how were goods and services traded by barter I teach your children how to read and write; you provide me with room and board for the school term. It's a trade! =) what tools do Native Americans used? it is chaper ten
  98. Reading

    I am a teacher. I teach the fifth grade. Dose any body have an idea of a good book I could read them. Thank YOU. Please check the many books listed at this site. (Broken Link Removed) Thank You very much
  99. Trigonometry

    31). Find the area of the sector of a circle with a radius of 18 inches and a central angle of pheta=120 I put the info in A=1/2r^2pheta so that it read A=1/2(324)9pi/10. But I got 458.04, not the answer of 339.29. What did I do wrong?
  100. HCA/210

    The assignment says to describe 2 approaches to measure patient outcome. I have read the chapter several times and I am still confused. Has anyone taken this class? If so do you know of a website that I could maybe research for more information? Thanks!
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