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  1. Hydrogen peroxide

    Under phycal properties I read Lola mass 34.0147 g/mol Where does "lola stands for?
  2. read and write

    how does puerto rico communicate different than the United States? Need atleasts 5 different ways.
  3. Amer lit

    Is there any website online where I can read the full book "Betty Crocker Picture Cook Book"? thanks
  4. english

    fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition are asked to read _______books you have with you. (few?afew?the few)
  5. Statistics

    I'm having a problem with this problem. Please help. Thank you.. Find the probability that more than 13 people will read the morning newspaper..
  6. Grade 10 English

    We need to read the story The Stone Carvers I need help with finding important quote s in chapter 1 to 2
  7. LA

    has anyone read the book Walk Two Moons because i need help? Does anyone know what id the difference between Phoebe's story and Sal's story?
  8. Science repost for Eva

    Posted by eva on Tuesday, October 2, 2007 at 2:56pm in response to Science. i need i help i don't know what characteristic of animals are can u help me
  9. Middle School Science

    I can't find the definitions for the following science terms anywhere: known sample positive test negative test can anyone help?

    Hello! I have a question!!! And its a good one!!!!!!! 1. What should I do a science experiment on?? Please help me out...... I ran out of ideas...:-(
  11. Science

    Approximately what percentage of the estimated age of Earth does the Cenozoic Era represent and how do you know? look at pg. 9 in Earth Science Reference Tables? a. 1.4% b. 5.0% c. 11.9% d. 65.0%
  12. science

    how might scientist from the 3 main branches of science interact with their study of the flood, its effect, and how future flooding might be controlled.
  13. Science of Biology

    Name three ways that the science of biology has/does, or might impact you as an individual. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ANSWER THIS QUESTION!!! THANKS :)
  14. science project

    I need help writing my abstract for my science project and it's the only thing I have left to do. It's very fustrating, so is there anyone who can help me plz?!!!!!!!
  15. to writeacher

    can you help me with science. we usually have science on wednesday, but during that time, i have to go to violin. i don't get aything about electricity or magnets.
  16. to writeacher

    can you help me with science. we usually have science on wednesday, but during that time, i have to go to violin. i don't get aything about electricity or magnets.
  17. Science

    I need help in Science Project. The topic is called "How does the size affect the force of magnetism". I didn't see any procedure in how to do this particular topic can you help me?
  18. Science

    Help / Research with my science fair project ? what type of music best stimulates plant growth,classical or pop music ?
  19. SCIENCE Biology (urgent)

    1.Do organisms benefit from being classified as a different species?How? 2.Importance of classifying organisms.. I;m not good in science...
  20. science!

    Does weight + height affect force? Please explain!! I am doing this to explain for mg science essay! I will furthermore add on to the current info.
  21. Physcial Science

    Standing on top of a tall building a student drops their physical science book. How far has the book fallen at 5 s?
  22. Setlhwane

    Maths lit,life science,agricultural science,geography.....can i qualify for law school with this high school subjects?
  23. Science

    Give one example of a question that science would not be able to test. Then, explain how it could be changed into a testable question.
  24. Science repost for Tomari

    science - Tomari, Sunday, October 14, 2007 at 3:26pm what element is atomic number 11 ?
  25. Science

    I can't find 2 examples of suspensions from household items and 2 solutions from household item for Science class tomorrow!
  26. science

    tenets or principles of constructive teaching explain and give examples as to how these tenets support science literacy
  27. CSC 111 Intruduction to Computer Science

    What does it imply to pursue a computer science major in the 21st century?
  28. science

    ________ is the study of the earth. Just need to know if my answer or right or wrong. Thanks! :) Geology (Earth Science)
  29. Math

    Science is the favorite subject of 73% of student at a school. There are 700 students at the school. How many of them like science best?
  30. MATHS

    The entrance fees to the Science centre is as follows: Adult :$ 10 Child :$7 A group package of 1 adult and 2 children can be bought at a discounted price of $21. One day, 234 adults and 456 children visited the Science Centre. What is the minimum amount of entrance fees that ...
  31. English

    Could I get some check on my answers? Read these lines from Macbeth: The west yet glimmers with some streaks of day: Now spurs the lated traveller apace, To gain the timely inn; and near approaches The subject of our watch. Which of the following correctly describes how the ...
  32. Science

    Science project: how does the type of liquid affect weathering. Where do I find info on this subject? I am not sure what questions to ask/answer to start this project
  33. science

    Hi! I need some help with science stuff. I cant figure out what the frequency is for radio waves, UV rays, Gamma and X-ray waves. Please help me. Thank you! :)
  34. science

    Hi! I need some help with science stuff. I cant figure out what the frequency is for radio waves, UV rays, Gamma and X-ray waves. Please help me. Thank you! :)
  35. Science-PsyDAG

    PsyDAG, could you please check my post on that science experiment thing, if you have time. I posted it yesterday on here, but you were never on. Thanks:-)
  36. science

    What would be my control in my science fair experiment if the problem statement is "Which brand of bread molds the fastest, "Bimbo" or the "Walmart Brand?"
  37. English

    Had to write a haiku related to science, is this ok? Chemicals make boom Chemicals should not be ate It makes good science Thank you!
  38. Science

    For my science project, it says to write a "Future Research" section to go on the board. Could you just explain to me what exactly goes in that section? I'm so confused!
  39. Science

    Is the meaning of an application in science 'how is it used in the real world'? Yes or No. If no, please write what the real definition is, in 6th grade language for me to understand.
  40. Science

    What is my control in my science experiment I am running mice and hamsters threw a maze to which one can do it faster I can't figure out my control though?
  41. Science

    For my science (biology) coursework i am doing an experiment involving photosynthesis- the cabomba experiment. I need to know 1- the variables that are controlled and why 2- what equipment is used and why PLEASE HELP... THANK YOU
  42. English!

    What is the effectiveness of having a straightforward diction in a short story? It's probably more realistic, especially if the story is told in a 20th or 21st century setting. If you want to know what the difference would be, read a bit of Shakespeare, and then read a bit of ...
  43. science

    Would the following question apply in Science (or only Physics?): Why liquid soap dispensed through a small spout by pressing on it, solidifies interfering with its smooth ejection? Thanks very much!
  44. Naural Science

    My science teacher asked me to write a paragraph. can you please explain to me what processes take place before we receive the suns energy. it's hard for me o understand if it's not presented in the form of a diagram.
  45. Science

    Which star shown on the luminosity and temperature of stars graph in the Earth Science Reference Tables is currently at the Sun's final predicted stage of development, and how do you know? a. Polaris b. Procyon B c. Sirius d. Rigel
  46. Science

    If you thought you had discovered a new element, how could you get the scientific world to accept your discovery? What roadblocks might you face, working outside the science community? How could you avoid being labeled a "crackpot"?
  47. Literacy

    Which of the following publications are both listed under the "Magazines" results? A. Science News and Earth Island B. Astronomy and Science C. Odyssey and Natural History D. The Economist and American Scientist my answer is D
  48. Science

    Hi , I am doing a written science assessment on burning magnesium metal - one of the questions we had to answer was:explain the reaction using the big idea of energy . Would you have any clue what that means ? Thanks x
  49. Literacy

    13. Which of the following publications are both listed under the "Magazines" results? A. Science News and Earth Island B. The Economist and American Scientist C. Odyssey and Natural History D. Astronomy and Science ANSWER IS A
  50. Science

    I have been thinking of something to do for my schools science fair for weeks and my teacher keeps telling me that i can't do my idea because its too easy for an honors student. I'm all out of ideas and I need help! Please!
  51. science

    My teacher is teaching us about Punnet Squares. But I don't quite understand how to do it? I have a test before christmas break. I know I need 2 be smart in 7th grade, but I don't know everything. Can u help me Jiskha? I don't want 2 fail science.
  52. science

    sound and light prentice hall science Explorer book 6th grade page 15 section 2 assessment 1.c. comparing and contrasting which wave properties are distances? which are measured relative to time
  53. science

    Unit 33 discusses a natural way to reinforce science process skills and introduces the scientific method. This strategy, especially appropriate for primary grades, is to have children do which one of the following?
  54. History

    Why were eastern American Indians more adaptable to the “civilizing” influence of Christian missions while Plains Indians were less adaptable? A. Eastern American Indian belief systems resembled Christianity much more than Plains Indian belief systems, which tended to be ...
  55. English

    For one of my homework assignments I had to read 3 different narratives. I then had to choose one of the narrative essays that I had read and explain what the point is with that essay. Can you please read over my answer and let me know if their are any grammatical errors that ...
  56. Life science,tourism,pure maths and agricultural science

    Which collage can i study?when i doing life science,tourism,pure maths and agriculte
  57. Repost: Science for Hector

    science - Hector, Thursday, September 6, 2007 at 6:31pm 109 g =_____kg
  58. Science

    Does anyone have a science fair idea that doesn't explodes because i will have to present in front of people and it can't be a volcano.
  59. Science-Urgent

    Can someone please have a moment to look at my other science posts, Please and thank you :-)
  60. 7th grade science

    I'm not sure if I can post my question about science. Can I post it? I don't know if it'll get taken off
  61. science

    Discuss how materials science has advanced to the stage where materials can be engineered to fit a specific purpose.
  62. Science

    I have a science question
  63. Science

    Why is science always changing?
  64. science

    how is science related to hamburgers?
  65. science

    How is science related to penicillin?
  66. science

    definition and concept of science
  67. science

    What are the main characteristics of science?
  68. Science

    Abbreviations you can use for science?
  69. Science

    in science, what does steepness mean?
  70. science

    what is a bird in science terms
  71. science

    how do we use science as a tool?
  72. science

    what is 25 science careers with their definitions
  73. science

    can you explain the science of cooking
  74. science

    what is the science behind quidditch
  75. science

    what does heads mean in science
  76. science

    What are alloys in science? i forgot

  78. Science(Computer Science)

    K-Map IF f(A,B,C)=AB+BC+AC
  79. science

    What are the major parts of science?
  80. Science

    How do you do a Leg table in science?
  81. science

    science is very important for us because what
  82. science

    whats conditioning in science
  83. Science

    What arrangement means in Science?...Thank you for your help.
  84. Science

    What arrangement means in Science?...Thank you for your help.
  85. Science

    What arrangement means in Science?...Thank you for your help.
  86. science

    any science projects??? please help!!!
  87. science

    I don't know what to do 4 science in my honners class
  88. Science

    What does H2O stand for in science
  89. math

    posted by rfvv Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 6:11pm 1. A dot is one-dimensional. 2. A surface is two-dimensional. 3. A cube is three-dimensional. 4. At is one-dimension. 5. At is the first dimension. 6. On is two-dimensions. 7. On is the second dimension. 8. On is two ...
  90. English

    What is the name of the island in the latest Lemony Snicket book "The End" I'm sure it tells you in the book. Have you read it?? ??

    imean you know how sedanetery and metamorphic rocks care i mean how many rocks like coal and limestone are there
  92. FRENCH

    ugh... what does this mean, En lisant en écoutant la chanson "Je réalise"? i think it means "in read in hear the song "je réalise""?
  93. English

    What is an essay-style question, and how would I write one about a book I read? I don't have to answer the question
  94. read and write

    what part of speech is bench in this sentence? Fred gave the player on the opponents'bench the game ball.

    What is the probability of rolling a 1, 2, 4, 5, or 6 on a six sided dice? MAKE SURE TO READ THE QUESTION CAREFULLY!
  96. Books

    are Dean Koontz books appropriate for 12 year olds?- even if he/she is an advanced reader that read college book?
  97. English

    e.g. In 2012 1. In twenty twelve 2. In two thousand twelve (Can we read either way? Are both readings correct?)
  98. English

    Our learning style refers to: A. how much we know. B. how we best understand information. C. how fast we read and write. D. what we are learning. is it B
  99. reading

    what does the quote help us understand, or explain "reading furnishes the mind only materials of knowledge it is thinking that makes what we read"
  100. Anthropology

    I read article by Emily Martin on sperm and egg but I don't understand can someone please explain to me about this article thanks
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