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Ok so I'm join this contest at my school (long story but read that directions below) 7th Graders Against 8th Graders "The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn,the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss. PROGRAM GOALS •To motivate and ...


please check my work. 1. The number of words (x) Tina can type per minute is at Least 50. write and graph and inequality. (I broke it down to these 2 choices because the A & D was incorrect) B. x is less than or equal to 50 C. x is greater than or equal to 50 ~~~~ 2. Gavin ...

comp. sci. -MB

I cannot find the correct answer in my text book it's unclear. I know it seems like a simple question, but I want to make sure I get it right. In Database Design: The date format is a. DD-MMM-YYYY b. DD/MM/YYYY c. MM/DD/YYYY d. All of the above Thanks for your help I can't ...

Science Fair

For my gr.8 science fair project, I have to come up with a catchy title. My science fair project is on how sugar affects your everyday activities and if it can have a benefit to your productivity. Anyone have an idea for a good title?


Two im not sure on, please check? What is the true work of all scientists? Scientists ask testable questions and devise ways to answer those questions through experimentation or observation.*** Scientists research other scientists' discoveries and present their opinions for ...

yvette and marie

Read carefully. Read what Yvette says as the final answer before you give your answer. MY :QUESTION: CAN MARIE ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YVETTE DOES NOT THINK MARIE GAINED WEIGHT? READ CAREFULLY. No funny answers and no answers about Yvette is covering her tracks. My Question: (1) ...


Reiny Thanks for your help. But you lost me. I still end up with +/- 7 How did you get 1/16 I am con fused here. no 2 you have to take 1/2 of 3/2 which would be 3/4. then 3/4 squared is 9/16 so line 4 should read x^2 - (3/2)x + 9/16 = -1/2 + 9/16 . . . (x-3/4)^2 = 1/16 ( how ...


I need to understand how to read a river map. Please can you give me some help where to find this information. See my answer to your duplicate post.

Biology: URGENT

Can someone please explain the role of NAHD and FADH2 in cellular respiration, I don't understand, no matter how many diagrams/explanations I read. Thanks!


i have to search for a recent ocenaographic event to write a book report on has to be on the internet what is agood website or where should i go so i can read about it.....

Accounting Ethics: Keeping it Clean.

What did Arthur Andersen contribute to the Enron disaster? I have read about this and I am having trouble understanding it.

CRT 205

100 words per question in the future, how will thinking critically influence the ways that you read? Write?, Process Information?

U.S. History

Hey I am completely lost on these questions, I read the chapter, but still do not get it. I need to know how McCarthyism affected the lives and political thinking of people in the U.S.


Recently on the news, i read about the second man who got pregnant. I was wondering, how is that even possible? And how is he supposed to deliver the baby? -MC

4th grade math

When I am rounded to the nearest ten I am one thousand. I am the same when read forward or backward. I can be two different numbers who am I


Has anyone read the book begging for change by Robert Eggert. I am having a hard time analyzing chapter two and three. Can you please help me.


I saw this site Alliance for Young Artist and Writers. Do most schools in the use tell their students about this?????


Can someone please explain the exotic becomes erotic theory by daryl bem, i have read it but i cant understand what its really saying thank you

to writeacher

i read matthew's post earlier. what is the partnership thing up to friday. how can i join. well i am in 4th grade, but i want to start getting myself encouraged.


I read book water 4 eleph ants and it ask wat be the effect of taking a creature out from where it naturally live. it be that it cause lots of trouble?


Most often, these are words that evoke mental pictures as we read or play on other senses. A. Irony B. Puns C. Antithesis D. Imagery Is it C ?


as a result of the punic wars, rome's navy became? can someone give me something besides a wikipedia because I already read those


Read the situation and fill in the blanks with the correct TENER expression. 1.You studied for a test, but your friend didn't and got a better grade than you. Tu_______________________.


Pangaea can be used to explain the presence of similar fossils on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean.What other explanation was proposed? According to Science nelson probe 10


Fish- Amphibian- Mammal- Magma- Lava- Earthquake- Tectonic Plates- Ring of Fire- Tsunami- Tide- Could you please give me the definitions in science terms?

8th grade science

Hi! For a research project from my science class I'm having trouble trying to find an answer to the following problem. How does the Man-o-War care for their young? Thanks!

Mathematics lit, physical science, life science. Geography and englsh ,sepedi and l.o

What career m i qualify for it ?and where? And hw much m i g0ing to earn?? N how long it wil take me to learn??

Math and Science

Integration of curriculum areas can be pictured in a weblike structure in which mathematics is always at the center and science and other subjects are attached by radials true or false


In Julius Caesar, what is there about Caesar that attracts such a strong following? First of all, be sure to carefully read the character analyses at this site: Also, from history, we know that Caesar was an immensely ...

business mathematics

a prominent local politician for lusaka central constituency,and as his campaign manager, you need to decide how to promote the candidate. there are three ways you can you can do so: you can send glossy, full-color flyers to registered voters of the constituency,you can also ...


Why is the use of the inquiry process a practical way to approach science? 5 points My Answer: The inquiry process is a practical way to approach science because the inquiry process begins by asking questions and moving on from there. In science it is important to investigate ...


Insulin, antibodies, enzymes and progesterone are four of many molecules found in and around cells. Of these four__________ are/is not a protein. (Points: 4) a. antibodies b. insulin and antibodies c. antibodies and progesterone d. progesterone The reason you aren't receiving ...

Test taking Stratagies (2 questions) help me plz

1.)Which of the following is a good way to approach answering an essay question on a test? A.)Start writing your answer as soon as you have read the question B.)Jot down a rough outline before you start writing**** C.)Write as much as you possibly can about the topic D.)Do not...


I was curious about formaldehyde after reading somewhere online where this man went and drank a beer which was apparently contaminated by by formaldehyde. (He heard a story by some local that the water used was near a cemetery and thus the contaminated water) I have heard and ...


To determine a GPA: 2(credit( Hr. Art, 3Hr. History, 4 Hr. Science 3 Hr. Math, & 1 Hr. Science lab. The scores were B in Art, A in History, C in Science, B in Math, A in Science Lab. What was the GPA based on 4 point scale? I continue to get 3.2 but that answer is incorrect, ...

com 205 writing process

Read the following discussion question response written by Owen, a fictional Axia student. Identify areas of vagueness and ambiguity and discuss how you could clarify the email’s message using the writing principles addressed in the text. Hi class, I don’t have a lot of ...

resources for educating young children and diverse

when attempting to enhance the reading skills of a five year old child with a learning disability its important to? (a)read stories to more than one child at a time to facilitate group discussion (b)point out the components of the story such as the title (c)encourage children ...


Which of the following is not a benefit of scientific literacy? A. being able to make personal decisions B. being able to evaluate scientific information C. being able to rely on opinions about science related issues D. being able to take part in science related initiatives

math(check answers please)

please check my MATH. .Mr.jensen bought 2 2/3 gallons of gasoline he bought 3 1/2 more many total gallons of gasoline has he bought? A.5 3/5 b.5 3/6 c.6 1/6 d.5 1/6(i picked this) Mrs.peters bought 7 1/2 yards of fabric.She needs another 4 7/8 yards...


I have a hard time studying especially for science. Is there any where on the web i can find a good review sheet to print out I appreciate the help Ian strauss monroe NY 10950


What makes flatulence stink? Is it a gas or something? And why is it necessary to flatulate? Thanks -MC PS>>>Are there any science websites for children with fun facts and games? I need one for the library I volunteer for. Thanks again :D

Child Care

An inappropriate science activity for a toddler would be A.reporting on the weather B.caring for pets of the facility C.planting a flower D.watching a science show on T.V. I PICK THE LETTER D


answer to 5th grade science question: a man is in a boat and he loses his paddles, he has 10 fish, a beach ball, and 2 sandwiches with him, how does he get back to shore without getting wet?


Suppose you are presenting a science project that compares the temperatures of several different substances. Would you present your findings using degrees Farenheit, Celcius, or Kelvin? Explain.


Research suggests that American students lack a sufficient education in math and science to compete globally. How does the controversy about teaching evolution affect and reflect this problem?


Science To determine the acceleration of an object moving in a straight line, you must calculate the change in its stored during each unit of A. Velocity. B. Time. C. Motion. ******* D. Deceleration Please help


Which of the following questions is outside the scope of science? a. how are religion and philosophy different b.what is the diet of an american alligator c. how do humans digest protein d. how does gravity affect an airplane's motion

(19) Chemistry - Science (Dr. Bob222)

Use the following information to answer this question: Cu+(aq) + e- → Cu(s) E° = 0.521V Cu2+ (aq) + e- → Cu+ (aq) E° = 0.153 V. Given these half cell reactions, an aqueous solution of Cu+ ion in the absence of O2(g) : A. will be thermodynamically stable B. will ...

English- Miss Sue

Combine each group of sentences into a single cohesive sentence? ✓Follow publicly✓Follow privatelyUnfollow Socrates looks around the room. The room is full of men who are silent with thought. He poses the question of whether or not it is in anyone's best ...


I wanted to know how universities look at summer school courses. My guidance counseller told me that it dosen't matter whether the course you take is in (normal)school or summer school but others are saying that some universities don't accept it. Im taking a core grade 12 ...

English paper

I need to come up with a symbol for the book "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" by Betty Smith, but I can't think of any! If anyone has read it then PLEASE help me. i'm really stuck on this.


Does anybody know where on the internet I could find some short Robin Hood stories? I need something like that to read so I can write a speech or play scene.


Hi, I have read everything both of you sent me - I can only choose one answer - and the online says it caused Washingotn not to run again.


When creating an argument, regardless of type, you must write it to ensure it not just read, but also what? A. Understood B. Utilized C. Heard D. None of the above

chem lab

If a sample tube was smudged with a fingerprint when inserted into a spectrometer, what affect would this have on the value of A (absorbance) when you read it? explain.


What is the book The Breadwinner about? At school, my class is going to start reading it. I read it 3 years ago on my own but I forgot most of it lol.


How do hormones masculinize or feminize sexual development and behavior. I have read my chapter but do not know how to decribes this process or explain it, can someone please help me. Thanks in advance.


I need to know the four works that the creature in the novel Frankenstein read! Paradise Lost, Plutarch's Lives and Sorrows of Werter. I cannot remember what the last one is!!


I need a character summery of Bella from Twilight. I haven't read the book, don't have time to. quick little things about her really. thanks,


Use Pascal’s triangle to read off the coefficients of the powers of x in the expansion of (1 + x)n for different values of the positive integer n. Check the results for n = 3 by expanding (1 + x)3.


Read the poem "Annabel Lee" and write why you think Allan's grief for his wife has made him unable to go on with his own life. Use examples from the poems.-Thanks

interpreting what you read

The purose of loaded words in advertisement is to 1 create an image 2 compare two unlike things 3 influence the reader 4 illustrate bias


(a) What linear speed must an Earth satellite have to be in a circular orbit at an altitude of 153 km? m/s (b) What is the period of revolution? min Read the eBook

Finance(trying to dichper)

How would you read these two formulas? The 1/4 and 1/6 are throwing me off. These are example problems from what I need to do. Variance=1/4[(0.03 – 0.1)2 + (–0.14 – 0.1)2 + (0.27 – 0.1)2 + (0.22 – 0.1)2 + (0.12 – 0.1)2] Geometric average return =[(1 + (0.17))(1 + (...


I am writing an essay about my unique,distinctive and universal characteristics. I started my into and i was wondering if someone good proof read for an errors. Thank you

help please:)

In order to get an idea of significant subject areas in chapter, it is best to read the : A. subheads B. Graphics C.Captions D.table of contents i got A what do you think ?

to ms.sue

today i was trying to call my friend to read me her notes to copy down since i was at violin class. she gave me the wrong number. what does that mean?

Question (english related) - please read!

Progressing Gradually - The student is making less anticipated progress but may still achieve the goal. What does this mean?????


if thermometer is miscalibrated to read 1.0 degree celsius higher than actual temperature over its entire scale how will it affect molar mass of solute?

math Statistics

Suppose that 33 out of 300 selected american drivers read the newspaper while driving. what percent of sample proportions are greater than this?


In order to clearly read a book 16 cm away, a farsighted girl needs an image to be 36 cm from her eyes. What focal length is needed for the lens in her eyeglasses?

Penn foster 986825rr

According to the analyses of the stories you were asked to read a pair of silk stocking best represents literary c. Symbolism is wrong.


Copyright c1987 by Bloomfield Publishing Company ---------------------------- Actually the letter 'c' is in a small circle. In that case how can we read the expression. Is it a sentence without a period?

Great Expectations

What does Pip do after going to London? Does he join a school? How does he learn good manners? I've read the story, but these exact details aren't clear to me.

English Literature

I read William G Mcloughlin's essay "Pietism and the American Character" and I didn t understand anything I need a brief summary of the main ideas


what chinese inventions contributed to the spread of the ottoman and safavid empires?? I have no idea i read my book and did not find anything (this is not a test question)


I need to write a compare and contrast essay on global conflicts specifically Xinjiang, Chechnya, and Quebec, I have read so many articles and I still don't get it.


Please correct following sentences. 1. You can tell him. you will meet him today. when--- My answer is When you will meet him today? tell me. 2. I was ill. I went to the doctor. I went------------- My answer is I went to the doctor because I was ill. 3. "Please don't be late ...

T.V Prod

Anyone know where i can find a short story(treatment). Like a one page movie story about anything Are you looking for a short story? If so -- this is one of my favorites, "The Most Dangerous Game," by Richard Connell. ...

Language Arts

What Is the Secret to Reaching Someone With Words? In this discussion, you will post issues related to connecting generations. To support your ideas, refer to the texts in this section, other texts you have read, and your personal experience and knowledge. Begin your ...

Algebra 2

What point does the line y-3=2(x+7) pass through? Name the point that can be read from the equation.

english - Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue, How can thinking critically influence the way that you read in the future.


-3ln l-2xl/5+2x Please help. this shouldl read -3ln abs -2x over 5+2x

SAT Question

What are some good books to read in preparation for the SAT essay?

Algebra (y=kx)

just read my other question and u will find the question. but i really need he- lp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thankyou for your help would it be ok if i post my finished essay for you to read over. thankyou

ms. sue

ms. sue you read the book the glass castle a memoir by Jeannette Walls?

medical billing in coding

the first step in coding is to read the record for the purpose of

pharmacy tech

when measuring liquid in a graduated cylinder, where is the volume of liquid read?


Barack Hussein Obama II (How do we read II here? the second, second, two?)


Kyle reads 3/4 pages in 1 minute. How many minutes will it take him to read 4 1/2 pages?

HHS 265

Read appendix B and answer appendix c. I have attachments.

Help Please

For social studies I sent replies, please do read them Ms Sue, thanks


* Sat, June 3, 2012 How do you read 2012 in the expression above?


where can i find the answers to a book i read ? The book is shark girl.


1. They raise popular pets,e.g. cats and dogs. (How do you read "e.g." in English?)


(How do you read '2015' in the following sentence?) I will go over to the Philippines in 2015.


there are 20pages in jamal book he reads 1/5 of the book how many pages did he read?


How do I know why someone wrote a journal(history) or why we still read it today?

English - ms. sue

ms. sue have you read story small potatoes?


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