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  1. science

    pls. give me an acrostic for the word " "science"
  2. physical science

    Does technology always follow science?
  3. 7th grade science

    A Majory Theory in Science
  4. Science

    Why is water used as a contant in many science experiments?
  5. science

    what science project can i create in the category of space?
  6. science

    What does in science the 'cross' mean in the warning sounds?
  7. science

    How does the portuguese man of war contribute to science?
  8. science

    what should i wrt about the science center
  9. science

    Does anyone have BC science 10 workbook answers (assessments)?
  10. science

    what have you learned in elementary science with meaning?
  11. science

    How to properly format a science procedure paper
  12. science

    In science wwhy is that when they say what is the meaning of friction?
  13. science

    i still don't know what to do for my science fair please help thank you justin
  14. science help

    where are the science helpers is this a connection for math help only
  15. science

    what are examples of science in your everyday life please help
  16. science

    Why it is important to know the history of science in 300 words?
  17. Science

    what the definition of age range in earth science?
  18. Science

    What science field is Vantablack considered to be part of?
  19. Science

    Is there anyone that has done the physical science b virtual momentum lab that can help me with it?
  20. Science 7R

    Tomorrow I have a science test on circulatory system and is there a practice test THAT IS ON 7TH GRADE SCIENCE REGENTS LEVEL!?!? please i really want to do well on the test if take a pre-test thanks ;) btw --- i'm going over my notes for the test just that i want to take a pre...
  21. Essay, please proofread.

    I went back and re-read it and made some changes. Weather Gone Wild
  22. Literature

    Has anyone read the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and/or The Time machine ?? if so,please let me i have some questions thank you
  23. transfer

    I am appealing for alate application review to UCD i was wondering if anyone could read over my essay and give me feedback?
  24. Poems help pplz

    What similarities are between the grandmothers in The Courage That My Mother Had, and Lineage. I read the poem but I'm not so sure.
  25. Language Arts

    _________ __________ help you "see" or "envision a play" (drama) you read. If you could help me out with this answer it will be well apriciated, thanks.
  26. alpha beta identities?

    I read on an assessment book that a^3-b^3 = (a-b)[(a-b)^2-ab] Can someone tell me how is a^3-b^3 converted into (a-b)[(a-b)^2-ab]? Same for this: a^3 + b^3 = (a+b)[(a+b)^2-3ab] how do i get this??
  27. math

    How to find a number sentence other than 10989 x 9 = 98901 that is the same when you read its digits from either direction
  28. College Physics

    What will a spring scale read for the weight of a 73 kg woman in an elevator that moves upward with constant speed of 5.4 m/s?
  29. early childhood literacy

    the belief that children learn to read the same way that they learned to talk is the basis for the:
  30. litureature

    According to the analyses of the stories you were asked to read, "A Pair of Silk Stockings" best represents literary
  31. English

    For whoever has read the book "Midsummer Night's Dream" by Shakespeare, could you help me think of another name for the title for a child?
  32. Paralegal

    Been reading on to contracts. What is the simplest way to do it without any complications but still understandable to read or process?
  33. SCI ANS. Qs. (plzz read)

    The bodies of almost all organisms are 50 to 95 percent what? answer - water am i correct????
  34. math

    When i am rounded to the nearest tens I am 1,000. I am the same when read forward or backward, I can be two different numbers. Who am I?
  35. reading

    Please this is super duper important do you know where i can read the full book of room one by andrew clements
  36. Hospital billing

    The first step in coding is to read the record for the purpose of identifying the main term for each condition
  37. physics URGENT

    3. Using conceptual meaning of g = Fg/m [N/kg], answer the following: a) What does the spring scale read on the surface of the Moon?
  38. English

    However, the game is called soccer in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. --------------------------------- In the sentence, how do you read 'U.S.' generally? 1. you. es. 2. United States
  39. Criminal investigation

    I read an article on an informant killed by a gang leader. What motivates informants to do a job like that? Thanks
  40. English

    Read the definition. Need Help the result produced from an event Which term is defined? A.cause B.exposition C.effect D.elaboration
  41. English

    Has anybody read "A Sound of Thunder" by Ray Bradbury? I have, but I just want some confirmation on a couple of sentences.
  42. English

    Has anyone on here read Dragonwings by Laurence Yep and could look over some of my answers to homework questions?
  43. math

    Multiply and simplify I've read the book a million times and still feel confused as to how to do everything a^3+a^2b+a+b/9a^3+9a * 16a^2/8a^2-8b^2
  44. general ed

    What modality has been the predominant traditional way of learning? A. Aural B. Kinesthetic C. Read/write D. Visual
  45. calculus need help

    solve d^2y/dx^2+y=tanx plz help me aldo i was given a link to read on but i cant even acess it just help
  46. English

    Can someone give me a summary of one of the books they read for the 8th grade unit? Ex: The Mazerunner ? This will help me with my answer. Thank u
  47. la

    Lesson 9: Second Read: A Christmas Carol, Act II CE 2015 Language Arts 7 B Unit 3: Dramatic Transformations help
  48. Physics

    A 60-kg person begins to accelerate upwards on an elevator at a rate of 3 m/s^2. What does the scale read at this time? My answer: 768 N
  49. Child Development--I Need Your Help!

    When attempting to modify a child's behavior using negative reinforcement, the desired result is that the child will: A. Withdraw from certain social activities B. repeat behavior for which they get the desired result C. avoid behaviors that carry undesireable consequences I ...
  50. Spanish

    5. ¿Qué haces en el gimnasio? *a. Hacen ejercicio. b. Hacer la tarea. c. Hago ejercicio. d. Hacemos estudiar. 6. ¿De dónde vienes? a. Vienes de la heladería. b. Vienen de la heladería. *c. Vamos a la heladería. d. Vengo de la heladería. Español I: Unidad I 7. Viene ...

    I need to make sure I understand this. I need to rewrite each sentence twice, once as a periodic sentence and once as a cumulative sentence. To me, both look like cumulative sentences though, so I am a little confused. If someone could check my work I will be very grateful. 1)...
  52. Math

    In a class of 550 students, students may take all, none, or a combination of courses as follows.? Draw a Venn diagram to find how many students are not in any of these courses. Mathematics-280 Science-200 Technology-230 Mathematics and Technology-110 Science and Technology-100...
  53. Science

    Read an article, and use the article to jump-start your thinking about designing your very own space mission. Think about what you want to explore in the solar system (and why!) and how you might get there. Click on the link below to read the Science NetLinks article “...
  54. science help

    A scientist plans to find out the percent of teenagers who like science. She interviews 500 teenagers leaving a science museum and finds that 450 of them like science. The scientist concludes that 90 percent of teenagers like science. Why is the scientist's conclusion most ...
  55. Plzzz help ----Career

    Match the following terms with their definitions. A. using the connections among people to help one another reach important goals B. personal readiness and ability to take action C. a meeting in which you gather information from another person D. the total of activities ...
  56. English III

    Hi it's me again! Could someone proofread this for me? Thanks so much! HOW ABOUT BETTER PARENTS? BY: Thomas L. Friedman In Thomas L. Friedman’s column “How About Better Parents” he discusses parent’s influence in their child’s education. He states that “Parents ...
  57. science

    i really need to know the table for science like, H2O and the rest to know what they mean be more specific what does C6H12O6+6C02+6H2O?
  58. science

    I need a really cool unusual idea for my 5th grade science fair project - any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you,
  59. science

    what are the layers of the earth's interior in order??? Please send asap I am making a science study guide for my huge exam!
  60. Science

    Could someone please have a moment to look at my science posts as well; I want Jiskha tutors to help me with them, thank you very much for all the help you could give me:-)
  61. science

    I'm in 5th grade and I need a cool, unusual science fair project. I have 3 days to do this. It has to be a question with a variable, not a demonstration. HELP!
  62. English

    I have to write a Haiku with has to do with Science, please let me know if this is good. Science is great fun you get to use chemicals, but safety is first. Thank you.
  63. Science

    Whats a good name for my science fair project? Im going to put a brick,wood,and chicken bone in vinegar.
  64. Science

    Really need help with my science homework Name and briefly define each of the three energy roles organisms can play in an ecosystem. Thank You
  65. writing

    find information about a hurricane that occurred within the last week? A newspaper science journal science magazine encyclopedia
  66. Science

    What would be better topic for me to choose for my science fair project ? ( Anything except which ones i don't know about and wont get grades
  67. science

    Explain the following statement: "scientific knowledge is the result of a great deal of debate and confirmation within the science community."
  68. Science

    Hello,could somebody help me with my science homework,please.Explain, how a substance will dissolve differently if the temperature changes?..Thank you very much for your help.
  69. Life science,agric science,geography,history,maths

    I'm doing these subjects and my career is to be a dectective,so now I just want to know regarding coarses.
  70. Science

    Which of the following is a way to practice safe science? A. Rewrite directions. B. Taste chemicals. C. Wash your hands. D. Discard your apron.
  71. Physical Science, Science

    The barometric pressure in Breckenridge, Colorado (elevation 9600 feet) is 580 mm Hg. How many atmospheres is this? How do we find the answer for this?
  72. Math, Physics, and Science

    What are the Fundamental Laws of Biology? How is it so different to the cultures of science itself? Explain in an equation or in a matter of writing.
  73. English/Grammar

    In an essay I recently wrote, I wrote the following two sentences: "Natural selection. By examining the meaning of each of these words, the meaning of the entire phrase becomes pellucid: natural selection is the selection of traits by nature." I understand that "natural ...
  74. math/everything

    do you know any website that can help me with all this 1.Language Arts, Writing, in two parts. •Part 1: Organization, Sentence Structure, Usage, and Mechanics •Part 2: Essay 2.Language Arts, Reading •Poetry •Drama and •Fiction •Non-fiction •Workplace documents 3....
  75. Language Arts (english)

    1.In general terms, how do the townspeople in “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World” react to the body which washes up on their shore? 2.Why do the townspeople react to Esteban as they do? What is he to them? 3.What is a fable, how might “The Handsomest Drowned Man...
  76. Critical thinking

    I have finished my assignment I just need someone to read it over and check my logic, please and thank you! 1. Read the following argument and answer the question that follows: 1. According to the 2010/11 Statistics Canada census aboriginal Canadians constituted 4.3% of the ...
  77. 3 questions~~~

    1. What does the term "fair-use exception" mean? (1 point) to use only material that has never been published the ability to use material made by others for educational purposes an exception to copyright restrictions for images only Educational material is no longer under ...
  78. chemistry

    The postulates of the Bohr model of the hydrogen atom can be stated as follows: I. The electron can exist only in discrete states each with a definite energy. II. The electron can exist only in circular orbits. III. The angular momentum of the electron is nh/2pi where n is any...
  79. Social Studies

    In what way is geography an integrative science? a. Geography is an integrative science because it examines Earth in both physical and human terms.*** b. Geography is an integrative science because it borrows from physical sciences such as chemistry, biology, meterology, and ...

    WHAT SPURS MEURSAULT'S REVELATION ABOUT THE GENTLE INDIFFERENCVE OF THE WORLD? This sounds like the question you are supposed to answer -- perhaps write an essay about -- after reading the entire book. Have you read it? "What spurs ... " -- those are words asking you to write ...
  81. Reading

    I have to write a NewsPapper on a book I read consisting on the main charter ect. and I am not that great at writing pappers.
  82. human services

    I need help in understanding a nontraditional outlining plan about Domestic violence. Is there a web site that I can go to read.
  83. Social Studies

    I replied again for the Socials thing, please do read it and poat ehat you want to say about it here.
  84. Question

    Yesterday, I posted about doing an Antigone dialogue well... I finished it. Would anyone on the internet be willing to read the dialgoue. It's not that long. Thanks
  85. computers

    Hey mathmate is it posible to make the computer read my powerpoint presentation and thanks again for answering my other question
  86. Literature

    How does Poe use foreshadowing to prepare the readers for what's coming in The Cask of Amantillado...I've re-read the story but I'm really stuck on this. Thanks -MC
  87. govt 2302

    i have read the summary of federalist paper no 10 but im still not understanding madisons stand on the constitution. does he favor it?
  88. language arts

    Has anyone read the book Missing by Catherine Macphail? I need to know the setting and six adjectives describing Maxine.
  89. Grammar and Composition

    Hi, Can someone please read my huge post below and complete the last part for me (it is to be done by an adult), thank you sooo much!
  90. English 1301

    I have a 1 paragraph exemplification paper that I would greatly appreciate having proof read. Can anyone help...please?
  91. Reading

    Please help me! I really need to find a place to read 'My Side Of The Mountain' online. Or at least a chapter review. (ch.12) Thanks.
  92. 8th grade

    did anyone read the barcode tattoo by suzanne weyn? if you did, can you help me find 2 hyperboles and the page numbers? the help is greatly appreciated. thank you
  93. Language Arts

    What is the adverb in this sentence: We read a very good Japanese folk tale called "Green Willow."
  94. com/156

    Read the essay and write a paragraph of at least 200 words in which you discuss how effectively the author persuaded you.
  95. math

    Only 40% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 read a daily newspaper. Write the percent as a fraction in simplest form.
  96. L.A.

    Has anyone here read A Retrieved Reformation? I have to write a dramatic scene about a conflict in that story. What conflicts can I use?
  97. chemistry

    what part of the meniscus must be read to accurately record the volume of a liquid in a graduated cylinder??? the lowest of the bubble?
  98. Physics

    I've read all my resource materials and looked for outside resources already and i can't find an equation for this. I would appreciate any help
  99. English

    In Scotland and Northern Ireland, is the contracted form 'amn't' used? In a book, I read such a story? Is it right?
  100. english

    8 - 10 paragraphs on The Odyssey part 1. PLEASE, I WONT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. god bless. i tried but i cant read it very well
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