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  1. Science 7

    What is Ohm's Law? The exact definition please! This is for 7th grade science.
  2. science

    What I can include in a science brochure for a trip to Mars to sound more attractive?
  3. Science

    good morning. i am looking for a science fair project for my son who is in kindergarten.
  4. Science

    How can science be used to help discourage seagulls from attacking students during lunch?
  5. science

    Hi, tomorrow is my science practical and i need help with independent and dependent variables. PLEASE HELP
  6. Bachelor in Science

    If I takeB achelor in Science How many years it will take and what field it relates to?
  7. science

    What is a good way to study science? To be more specific Bellwork quizzes?
  8. science

    i need help with a reason for the season science lab of how earth orbits sun
  9. Maths literacy,life science,physical science,consu

    careers for this subjects
  10. science

    chemistry Science.what can be deduced from the temperature change during the different reaction?
  11. Science

    Three major branches of earth science: Meteorology Geology Oceanography
  12. science

    Discuss scientific and technical concepts related to materials science for plastics
  13. Science

    Science an organized way of studing things and finding What is your question?
  14. science

    please can you find me a word that is science related with these letters pamouseen
  15. science

    Explain something about science and tecnology?(IN 80-100 words)
  16. science

    i need help to unscramble some words for my science homework pls help me
  17. science

    what are the formulas for speed, distance, and acceleration for 8th grade science
  18. Science

    Can you give me some science project ideas that can be experimented quickly? Thank you!
  19. anthropology

    There are anthropological links between social science and natural science
  20. Science

    exsamples of the meaning of -Reliability, -Accuracy, -Precision. in a science experiment? thanks
  21. Earth Science

  22. science

    Explain and give examples as to how these tenets support science literacy
  23. Environmental science 275

    worl view of environmenatl science and how it affects you
  24. science

    How would you interpret the influence of culture on learning science education?
  25. science

    I need a slogan for neon for this science project my teacher assigned
  26. science

    Can anyone help me???? What affect do clouds have on humans beings??? It's for a science project
  27. 6th science

    does any body have an idea on a science project to do with enrgy?
  28. science

    compare and contrast the two main branches of physical science
  29. physcial science

    three term why physical science is used in life
  30. 5th grade Science

    Please unscramble this word "qrtueo" its for science
  31. Science

    I need to know how Science is invovled in this: How The color of your test affects your grade.
  32. Science

    What roadblocks might you face, working outside the science community?
  33. Science

    How can you use technology in your elementary science instruction to help children in their inquiries?
  34. Science

    Where can I find AP Environmental Science old AP exams? I need to study.
  35. science

    1:an example of chromotography? please i need these science questions by tomorrow :(
  36. Science

    Do you have an example or format for a science project literary review?
  37. physical science

    is the study of the moon's phases a pure or applied science
  38. Science

    Ms. Sue this is Ava will you please check my science answers that i posted
  39. Science

    WHat fraction of the earth is covered in water? Forgot my science book HELp
  40. science

    Explain what science is. Give an example of a type of scientist and what they study .
  41. science

    explain what science is give an example of a type scientist and what they study
  42. Science

    Why is the use of the inquiry process a practical way to approach science?
  43. Science

    Scientific methodology is what distinguishes science from other disciplines. Explain
  44. Science

    How science has been used to improve the vehicles that we drive today?
  45. maths, science,geography,life science

    Calculate the tension T2 in string?
  46. Science

    I need an example or suggestion for a Controlled Experiment for a science presentation
  47. Science

    May someone please review my last to science parts and let me know what is right and wrong
  48. Maths, agricultural science, life science and e on

    What job can i do while am doing this sujects?
  49. science

    what is the defenition of benifit SCIENCE wise. i need answers quickly!!!
  50. science

    science depends on which of the following hunches evidence**** imagination philosophy
  51. Unix Script

    "Using "if" statement checks for a file called "student.txt" in the current directory. Removes (deletes) the file if it exist. This file will collect last name, first name, and grade for 5 people. Use a while loop to get the information (last name, first name, and age) for 5 ...
  52. English

    1. How long did it take for him to read the book? 1-1. He finished reading the book in 5 days. (If this is the answer to the question, #1-1 mean that it took the whold 5 days to read the book. Am I right? In that case, we can not use 'within' instead of 'in.' What about this ...
  53. programming

    Write a Java application that computes and prints the grade of a student according to the following algorithm: 1) It should read from the user TMA score and MTA score. 2a) If their sum is less than 15, the grade "FC" should be printed and the program will stop. 2b) Otherwise, ...
  54. Physical Science

    What is the value of science to society? How much should an ordinary citizen understand it and why?
  55. science

    im 11 years old do you know a science fair project i can do for magnetism. or a website. im in six grade
  56. Science

    I am doing a science project but i need to know what is inside a flare stick and how it relates to alkine metals.
  57. science

    i need this questioned answered or... i will flunk out of science HELP ME!!! What are the end products of respiration????
  58. Science Check

    Can someone please have a moment to look at my other science posts, thanks :-)
  59. science

    Why do you think that the Scientific Method is so important when we talk about the development of Psychology as a science?
  60. Science(science project info)

    How does colored cellophane light affect plant growth?
  61. Science 8R - help!

    I need a definition for Lines of force (8th grade science regents level, ny)
  62. science

    ______________ can prevent some bacterial cells? 7th grade science please help me.
  63. pure maths, life science, physical science, geogra

    what can you study with those subjects
  64. Science

    Pomology is the science of what? 1. wrinkles 2. oil mixtures 3. bean development 4. growing apples
  65. Edward Phatudi

    Am doing physical science.geography and maths lit i want to know which career can i do
  66. Maths literacy,life science,physical science,consu

    what careers I can follow with this subjects?
  67. Maths literacy,life science,physical science,consu

    what career I can follow with this subjects?
  68. science

    I really need help, I don't understand the question from my science assignment. If anyone is available that would be great.
  69. physical science ,maths ,life science,geography

    Which marks I must get to become a doctor?
  70. Science, Nature Science

    Can you give me three examples of things that photosynthesize that live in oceans?
  71. Science

    How do calculate specific heat and thermal energy?Science is hard in the 8th grade .
  72. Geography,maths lit,life science,physical science,xhosa,life orientation and english

    Will i be able to do law with the following subject maths lit,geography,life science,physical science and english
  73. Language Arts

    I am almost finished with my books vs movies essay and I am team books all the way, however I am not sure how to conclude my essay. Any help is very appreciated! Heres my essay: Never Judge a Book by its Movie For all of cinematic history book lovers have been frequently ...
  74. Grammar-Writeacher

    My last set of Questions: Match the part of speech for each word. a. noun b. pronoun c. antecedent ???? d. adjective e. adverb f. verb g. preposition h. conjunction 1. I read Moby Dick and Wuthering Heights last semester. a. read = f. verb b. last = d. adjective c. and = h. ...
  75. Science

    When reading science articles in newspapers, magazines, or on the Internet, why should you look for the authors' biases?
  76. science

    can anybody give me an explanation of the kinetic theory. My science is due on friday 16th november. please help!
  77. Science

    Hi any info on water purification that can be done in the science lab would be real helpful... thanks a heap Minnie
  78. science

    i have to write a science acrostic poem on the word sublimation can any one help me with this please. thanks in advance.
  79. Science

    I have a question re: my Science final: How do "human activities" affect the carbon oxygen cycle? Thank you!!!!
  80. science

    my teacher has set us some science homework which i don't undrestand What is the chemical change when a candle is lit
  81. *Science-Check*-Help

    Can someone please have a moment to look at my other previous science posts, thanks :-)
  82. Science

    Can any one list the tasks and the precautions and give details of the job of a technician in the science industry. Many thanks.
  83. science

    what are some good high school science fair project ideas that i can do in one month?
  84. political science

    is politics an art or a science? give proper reasons for chosen side.(its an essay)
  85. science fifthgrade

    FORCE AND MOTION. wHAT GOES INTO DESIGNING Vehicle? can u tell me any science sites
  86. Maths lit,geography,physical science and life science

    Wich career should i follow
  87. maths,science,geography and life science

    What is restorative justice intention in process of human rights?
  88. Science, Nature Science

    Can you please give me three examples of things that photosynthesize that live in oceans?
  89. science

    What are the science requirements needed to graduate from High school?
  90. Science

    What is a science fair topic for high school that is not too hard? Thank You
  91. physical science

    In science, what kind of ideas are generally accepted?
  92. Science

    Why do we use the metric system to measure things in science?
  93. Science

    I NEED Steve Turek's e-mail for science class!! But I don't know how to get it. HELP!!
  94. science

    Why is the naming of created things important(esp in science)?
  95. Science

    hi i have a science exam on tuesday and i don't understand what isotopes are??
  96. science

    Can Ms. Sue go back to my science question and see my response?
  97. science

    I don't understand how to answer USE OF DATA in science labs.
  98. science

    what is the meaning of -Reliability, -Accuracy, -Precision. in a science experiment? thanks
  99. science

    im having a problem right here what exactly is science
  100. science

    what are the four major fields of earth science? please help and thank you
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