Science HELP! (plzzz read!)

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Any advice for a book to read"" for a 13 year old? :) something interesting please


Do anyone read the story "the road" or watch the movie? i have some questions.


Anyone read I am looking for the queen's dream in Aeschylus' Persians;what was interpreted as and the meaning of it

general chemistry

In an appropriate reference read a dicussion of mass and volume measurements


How can you determine (approximately) a serving size if you do not have a nutrition label to read?

Social study's

What made it a crime to teach enslaved people to read or write?


Has anyone here read the Gift of the Magi? I want some confirmation on a few parts.

Poetry 1

Which one of the poems you've read uses the words floats, fluttering, and dancing?

Ms. Sue

have u read the book "the little prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

language arts

Does anyone here read "The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963"? If so, I have a question.


Mercury has a melting point of - 38. 9°C. what would this read in degrees Fahrenheit the and kelvin


Kyle reads 3/4 page in 1 minute. How many minutes will it take for him to read 3 pages?

Language connections academy

Has anyone read walk two moons by Sharon Creech?


In science, my question is What is the volume of a pea? 1)What does pea means? i think it is a fruite, buut i am not sure.. 2)I forgot what volume means in science. 3)i don't know what to do. AND 4)I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!


Pls help, my assignment is to name alkalis around the home so far I have got toothpaste(bathroom), mouthwash (bathroom), indigestion tablets (bathroom), soap (bathroom & kitchen), bleach (kitchen), oven cleaner (kitchen). Can you help and think of anymore? Thanks I would ...


Dear Antell I have read Liane Beam Wansbrough’s article on the topic of cosmetic plastic surgery, and I am writing to express my viewpoint and feelings as I feel so strongly about this subject. Whilst I can appreciate why you would choose to help young teenagers who have a ...


Over a one-week period, there is a rapid increase in the number of patients entering the emergency room complaining of high fever, lethargy, muscle aches and diarrhea or vomiting. Which method of scientific inquiry would the doctors use to determine the root cause of the ...


My son is going into the 2nd grade. I am having trouble getting him to read. He tells me he cant do it. The school is wanting to put him in special Ed. How can i help my son and his reading? Before a child is assigned to special education, he must be thoroughly evaluated by an...

Java Programming

I am trying to finish this final problem on my Java homework. Due to a death in the family I've missed a class and now am trying to get back on track. Write a driver class called GasPumpDriver that meets the following specifications: • Prompt the user to enter a 16 digit ...

how concepts develop

Which of the following is the crux of the interrelationship between mathematics and science? A. About half of the basic math concepts are related to science concepts. B. The basic concepts of mathematics are the basic process skills of science. C. Basic mathematics process ...

Mathematics, geography, agricultural science, life science, English, Life orientation And sepedi

I'm doing grade 11 but still I don't know what or which kind of job careers that needs these subjects Agricultural science, Geography, life science, mathematics (pure), Sepedi, English, And lastly life orientation..Help me please and appreciation will bless you.


I have a science exam tomorrow for 9 Space Science. I was wondering if you could help me find free practice exams, tests or questions to review for my exam. We have no way of knowing what your exam will cover. Your best bet is to review your own text, notes, and handouts.

Science 8R

What is Combustion? this is not homework (please give me a good definition for 8th graders like me to understand) BTW - I'm creating a study guide for the NYS Science Test I'm taking at the end of the year. We started taking notes in my science class that we can use to study ...

AP environmental Science

Can someone please explain what this means to me in english? i've read it a million times and i have no idea what it means. Thanks for any help!!! "Scientific evidence shows a direct relationship between sea level and the global mean atomospheric temperature during the past ...


I would like some help if that is OK, like soon!:) 1.) A group of scientists proposes an idea that a chemical compound will enable bean plants to grow faster. They grow one group of bean plants in the presence of the compound and another group in the absence of the compound. ...


please check my answers. Mrs. Walters drove 160 miles on 5 gallons of gas. How many gallons of gas will she need to travel 256 miles? (ANSWER):160 divided by 5=32 256 divided by 32=8 Stephen read 90 pages in 6 days. If he continues reading at that rate, how long will it take ...

English Essay

i was wondering if anyone can help me with an essay that is a comparison between the Rapunzel by the Grimm Brother's to a story called "Rapunzel Rapunzel" by Jean Ryes. The prompt is: Compare the two essays with the hair,tower and princ and how it is related to feminist ...


Sharing the names of the authors and illustrators allows children to see: A. that books are created by people. B. that books are real. C. that writing books can be a profession. D. that illustrating books can be a profession. I would think its A Having students visit a petting...

english really hard

Ondaatje’s work in “The English Patient is so beautiful and absolute that every sentence in his book has a sense of power in its meaning. His novel gives us mysterious and memorable tales of his characters’ lives. Instead of presenting the story in present tense, he ...


I have to find research about Jan van Helmont's work on Spontaneous Generation and I am having trouble finding info. about it and how he conducted the experiment..also i have to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the experiment and is it considered good science or bad ...

Foundations of Measurement

Approximately 400,000 students took the GRE in 2009. Observed mean for the Verbal score was 540 with a standard deviation of 80, and the observed mean quantitative score was 500 with a standard deviation of 100. Assuming distribution was normal, answer the following: How many ...


are the following command sentences get into the car sit down and read your book

geography please atleast read it

maybe i worded it wrong, what types of grain is used FOR THE CEREAL


are there any books I can read online about bank robberies or hostage situations for free

Read this becca

which one do you think i should present for school 2morrow it's so hard to choose


Please someone read my poems I posted I am really desperate, and I need a response. thanks

Literacy development

Why is the home-school connection during the early stages of learning to read?

CRT 205

How does thinking critically influence the ways you read, write and process information?


Find the domain of the function. g(x)=5/5-4x. I think that it would read {x|x is a real number and x does not equal 5/4}.

4th grade

What generalizations can you make about the temperature that is read on the thermometer and the heat index?


what is the antecendent and pronoun in the sentence. You have probaly read or heard aesop fables.

9th grade

find the domain and the range of the relation age of person 65,36,36,29 books to read 42,37,37,17

read and write

what does the word stoically mean in the book Iron and Silk by Mark Salzman


Can someone help me solve this question? I've read the book, notes, I still don't get it... Simply each of the following. a) n!/(n-1)! b) (n-r)!/(n-r-1)!


Thank you . I just need to know if it is right to say "Read pp. 71-75 and then do the following gap-filling activity".


fill in the blanks with appropriate (suitable)determiners 1.he did seem to have read----scriptures.


How do i read in a vector of integers with a space inbetween (i.e. 0 1 2 3) and make it an integer array? in java

U.S. History

What was the whole point behind the Hull House?? I read an article about it but did not understand


pictures of jacimain people earing their clothes in organge


What was the Clinton Healthcare plan in the early 1990's? Know of any links or info that I can read up about it? Thanks!

Social studi

I need verb sentence .Juno (read, reads) a letter from his grandma.

music read

After completing your study reading, it is vital that you complete which of the following steps?


For anyone who has read the Kite Runner, why did Amir not contact Hassan sooner when he got the letter?

Introduction to Hospital Billing - 8

The first step in coding is to read the record for the purpose of ______________.


What will a spring scale read for the weight of a 75 kg woman in an elevator that moves upward with acceleration 0.30 g? w=?


is there anywhere i can read the story "my first free summer" by julia alvarez online?


How do you solve 5/8*3 4/5 It should read five over eight multiplied by three and four fifths


You should read this book. Everybody likes it so it must be good" may commit which fallacy?


read the volume of three objects and sort them in increasing order , then print their values ?


Write a c proram to find rhme words ? So, how to do it and i need a database dictionary to read from..


Does the Commutative Property apply to this situation? I ate dinner and read a book. I got = Yes.


I am looking for help. I have read this article on They Shut the door on My Grandmother; By Andrew Lam


Sarah and Noah work at Read On Bookstore and get paid the same hourly wage


A tuberin skin test should be read within 24 hours administered. since-from-as

Algebra Please Help

I have read and read this promble and I just am not understanding it, could some one please help. I have been out of school for a long time. The length of the Statue of Liberty's index finger is 8 feet while the height to the top of the head is about 111 feet. Suppose your ...

Texas State History

Plzzz Help!!!!! If you answer plz be right!!!! The Caddos were an American Indian group in Texas that practiced agriculture and built permanent houses. What can be inferred about the group? (1point) A it created large populations . Bit formed a small and defenseless population...


1. With night coming on, we started for home. 2. Because night came on, we started for home. 3. Night came on, and we started for home. (Does #1 mean #2 or #3?) 4. With his legs crossed, he read a book. 5. His legs were crossed, and he read a book. (Does #4 mean $5?)

Children's Lit.

I asked this question today, and made a mistake in my question. I should have said"reread instead of "read" When children ask for a book to be reread,it is probably NOT because: 1. it is developmentally appropriate 2. they feel a sense of knowledge 3. they enjoyed the book 4. ...

biology -nervous system

According to the book, "Surviving the Extremes" ch. High Altitude, explain the following: PS-its ok if you've never read it but aslong as you can answer the qeustions well. ok here there are: 1-Why is so much heat lost from, head, hands, feet? 2-Why would the body cool down at...

Science 5

What are the characteristics of globular cluster stars? stars as hot as our Sun B.old age and hundreds of thousands to millions of member stars main sequence stars left, with billions of member stars D.a few hundred stars, most still on the main sequence E.hundreds ...

GRAMMAR HELP plz check ;-;

Which sentence contains an item that is either incorrectly italicized or should be italicized? A. On the ship's deck was women reading a novel called (Mystery at Sea). B. He painted the seaplane blue and named it "Kingfisher." C. In (Newsweek), I read an article called "The ...


What would be the definition of the word science through a 7th graders eyes?


Im doing a science fair project on how fertilizer and sun effect the growth of grass


I am doing a science project on density and buoyancy. What would be a good hypothesis for this topic?


I really need some please give me an acrostic for the word; "science"


i am doing a science project and i need to kno how flares work, and what the ingredients are. can someone help me?


Why do many science instructors suggest that younger students cannot develop adequate hypothesis


I am doing a science fair project could you tell me some information on paper towels?


define the following 3.innovations 4.measurement system or S.I


This question is not a science queston though, but have you watched the movie AVATAR


i need to preapare a project on science .... any sort of experinment.... what can be done that is intresting and then easy....


need a science project for 7th grade using toy train.


Why is it so important to know your students even before planning your first science lesson.


how would you measure out 25 grams of sodium chloride for a science experiment?

Science 7

What is Ohm's Law? The exact definition please! This is for 7th grade science.


What I can include in a science brochure for a trip to Mars to sound more attractive?


good morning. i am looking for a science fair project for my son who is in kindergarten.


How can science be used to help discourage seagulls from attacking students during lunch?


Hi, tomorrow is my science practical and i need help with independent and dependent variables. PLEASE HELP

Bachelor in Science

If I takeB achelor in Science How many years it will take and what field it relates to?


What is a good way to study science? To be more specific Bellwork quizzes?


i need help with a reason for the season science lab of how earth orbits sun

Maths literacy,life science,physical science,consu

careers for this subjects


chemistry Science.what can be deduced from the temperature change during the different reaction?


Three major branches of earth science: Meteorology Geology Oceanography


Discuss scientific and technical concepts related to materials science for plastics


Science an organized way of studing things and finding What is your question?


please can you find me a word that is science related with these letters pamouseen


Explain something about science and tecnology?(IN 80-100 words)


i need help to unscramble some words for my science homework pls help me


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