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Google Search

Dear all, If you do not understand a science, math, writing, grammar, history, etc. problem, you can easily find the explanation of the concept you are struggling in on the internet or Google.


How does photosynthesis work? wikipedia has stuff type photosynthesis in google! or type this in google "how stuff works photosynthesis" Well,basically just go to google and search it up!LOL! Go search it on Google!


Find the following product. (.11111)(12)(9)(.44444)(235) I don't undrstand the difficulty here. Take the statement: (.11111)(12)(9)(.44444)(235) put a * between each term like this (.11111)*(12)*(9)*(.44444)*(235) Now put this into the Google search window and see what you get...


This is quite confusing... I'm helping someone with math. They have a problem, -4^2, and the people we're both talking to can't agree on whether it's -16 or 16. Google returns -16, my calculator returns 16. Google, however, changes it to -(4^2). I figured it was 16 since -4...

For drwls

I reposted again down below, if you wouldn't mind looking. Thanks, much appreciated :)

answer a question

Why has no one answered my two math questions i put on here. Please look again UNDER your postings because I see answers there! Ashley, Be sure to look above this post. I reposted them so the math teachers might find them more easily. =)


I'm looking for an explanation of the clotting cascade. It is supposed to be complete, but not 5 pages long! I put "clotting cascade" into Google search and received a wealth of information. Check these out.

DrBobb222!! Help!!

Please look at my Chemistry problems again, I reposted them with the constants and such. I am still confused!


Hey there! I need some cool Australian Search engines. Could anyone post some? Thanks! I went to Google and searched for Australia search engine. This is the first site.


Where can I get good info on Colonial times Here's a whole bunch of them! =) i have a test


What is a bar graph? Here is an example of a bar graph the screen on a stereo is a bar graph


hi I reposted this question to see if I would get the answer the person who posted this one last time says that 9sqrt3 is wrong (and I check if they were right) do here is the question again Given: ∆PQR, m∠R = 90° m∠PQR = 75° M ∈ PR (meaning that m in on segment PR...

Algebra 2- reposted no one answered

look at the function and answer the questions. x y -3 2 -1 0 0 5 1 2 2 7 What is x when f(x)=2 ? What is a zero of this function?


Given: ∆ABC is isosceles m∠ACB = 120° m∠BMC = 60° CM = 12 Find: AB M is on line segment AB I saw that someone has already post this question, but I didn't find the answer so I reposted it to c if someone could put the answer

History (HELP)

I need to find an overview of life living under foreign rule of madagascar africa. Here are gobs of sites with good info:

Reposted: Maths - Trig

I've been told that sin(c+h)=sin(c)xcos(h)+cos(c)xsin(h) but how? please explain


where can i find a script of troy? Place the URL below into your browser. You can do that by copying and pasting.

U.S. HISTORY i really need someones help!

i need to know what mary chesnut thought of patriarchy and other opinions of hers. i've looked everywhere and cant find anything, i already know her opinion of slavery tho Looks as if there are several good ...


Jiska-homework help? I don't seem to have any help. they just search the google and attached the website of the google search


adjusted book value? market value? Yes, I just want a better understanding. Google is driving me google!

English Grammar

1. Type Jennifer on Google, and you can find a lot of free videos of her. 2. Type Jennifer on Google, and you can find a lot of free videos of hers. 3. Type Jennifer in the address box on Google, and you can find a lot of free videos of her. 4. Type Jennifer at/in Google, and ...


Anybody know good web site to look up soccor. Here are a number of really good soccer sites:


in the novel Bearstone, What color is the horse, Blueboy??? If you can't tell by reading the book, maybe one of these websites can help. =) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. In case you don't ...

to HELPER advanced funtions

that answer wasn't the one I looked for. i didn't want to be mean so i reposted it. can you please help me! THANK YOU SO MUCH !! describe the similarities and differences between y=x^2 and a power funtion with a even degree higher than two?


i need a picture of a basketball court. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. At "" you will find dimensions, stencils, etc. You could always google it in Google images

Reposted math question

"what do you call numbers that cannot be arranged into 2-row arrays? " (The person who originally posted this question needs to choose an appropriate name to post under. Thanks.) I believe it's odd numbers since odd numbers are not evenly divisible by 2.

eco 205

What other organizational structure within our government resembles the structure of the Fed? How are they the same? How are they different? I tried google but where can I find the answers maybe how to ask google question?

Social Studies

I need to locate a map that will clarify latitude and longitude as it is need for Africa Climate Region Might I suggest downloading google earth at:


Should Gorbachev be blamed for the current economic woes of Russia? I need lots of opinions becuase I am writing a debate thanks! Here are a number of sites with opinions on that question.

mayflower pictures

CAn i plz have a picture or pictures of the mayflower? Whenever you are hunting for pictures, here's an easy way: 1. Go to 2. Click on the word Images above the search box. The screen will adjust to an images search page. 3. Enter your search terms and ...


Hello, what is the format of "affiliation" in a lab report? A lab report? Are you sure this isn't a science assignment?? ??

jewelry markings

I just purchased a piece of costume jewelry. It has 5 large, rectangular stones with large links between each stone. The clasp has what appears to be 885 with a fish symbol behind it. Any ideas on what this means? These sites might give you some information:


Given: KLMN is a trapezoid, KL = MN, m∠LKM=m∠MKN, LM:KN = 8:9 , Perimeter KLMN = 132 LM and KN are parallel Find: The length of the legs. I reposted this question because the last time was not vary clear, and I got 49 but it is wrong

Ms. Sue Business

I reposted to the other question but this is the exact directions: Analyze & summarize the origin and subsequent evolution of our team's collective personal and workplace values and how they compare with your chosen company (ours is Microsoft)

Environmental Science

What is another cause of artificial eutrophication? Since you haven't told us what other causes are, it's impossible for us to find "another cause." Please tell us the causes you've found -- and we'll try to help you. fertilizer from farms, lawns, and gardens are the largest ...


What was the influence of King Louis XIV and Versailles upon other monarchs in Europe? There are a number of excellent articles on this page:


complete a paper on Hinduism. The paper will allow you to focus on the religion’s cultural and societal influences and compare them to its origins. You are also asked to explain the Hindu desire for liberation from earthly existence. We don't write papers for students here. ...

Science Reposted for Jessica

Posted by jessica on Monday, November 19, 2007 at 4:16pm in response to Science. is some friction good for life on earth??

Pre algebra

How do I complete each ORDERED PAIR solution to the given equation? y=-x+9;(4),(9),(0) I looked up math ordered pairs at, and these are the results. There may be a site in here with an explanation to help you.

Math, Science, Writing, Language, Test Preparation

I was wondering can I receive website to help me prepare for vocabulary, geometry, chemistry, PSAT, SAT, and ACT Thanks Study skills are number one, as far as I can see. Subject areas are included in these sites, too:

World Bank

Where could I find information on the negative effects of the World Bank? I tried to search google and google scholar but I was not successful....


What was the ultimate result of Zheng He's voyages of discovery in the 1400s? a- expanding China overseas b- spreading the Japanese language c- spreading the Islamic religion d- expanding trade with Native Americans


I need pictures of molecular structures like Adenine to draw 4 homework search google images using the name of the structures you have to draw...

Science (I am new in this website)

Is there any website I can find pictures of MAMMALS? I need Mammmals Pictures for a science project in school. PLEASE HELP BECAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST TIME IN JISKHA!!!!!!! (I AM NEW) THANK YOU! Try going on Google, clicking on Images, and type in Mammals. You should see pictures...


how do the purpose and function of the board of directors in a human service organization affects day-to-day operations Normally, a board of directors sets overall policies, receives fiscal and other reports to review, hires major management people. The day-to-day operations ...

Social Studies/English

Hi! I'm writing a research paper for my AP English class. My topic is abolishing the British Monarchy. I am trying to prove that the monarchy should be maintained. Does anyone know any good sources of information to help me or any ideas to help me prove my thesis? Any help at ...

Literature question

Can you give me a summary to the story Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God? Thanks. By the way if you do give me a link please don't give me a google link because for some reason my computer doesn't want to pull up google's homepage. Thanks.


Why is google innovative ?


P (in millions) = 250 x 2^( y-1990)/66 What was the approximate population of the United States in 1960? p=250x2^-.4545 How do i figure this out from here 2^(-.4545) = 0.729763045 Put 2^(-.4545)into the Google search window, and the google caculator will do it for you. If you ...

math project...PLEASE HELP...

I am doing a math project on Leonardo Fibonacci, the creator of the Fibonacci's Sequence. I was wondering if someone could please tell me a website where I could get more information about his marriage. can someone help me?


I need to find a site for these: 1. microscopic images of plant mitosis. 2. microscopic images of animal mitosis. I went to and clicked on Images before entering my search terms: plant mitosis --


I am writing a story for school about a French lady-in-waiting. What kind of job would her mother, father, and younger sister have? I would appreciate it if you do not give me a Google search, because last time I asked this question, I was given a Google Search that did not ...


e^x+2=13 solve by logarithm Take the ln of both sides. x*ln e = ln 13. You can do this on your calculator. If you don't know the value of e, go to and type in e and search. The value is about 2.7. or type this in the google search window ln(13) / ln(e)

pictures of juliette low

Can someone please help me by getting a picture of juliette low and girl scouts/guides? For searches like this, go to http://www...

#2 on msn

I just noticed that if you search for homework help on m.s.n, we're number 2. ... and #8 on Google! =) # 4 on Yahoo And #1 with me. For a couple weeks now, if I search for homework help on my own connection, jiskha is ranked at #11 or #12. But if I go to the library, jiskha is...

English - Haiku reposted for Jean

English - jean, Monday, December 10, 2007 at 9:41pm What is the format to write a haiku?


Reposted under Physics... I've tried for hours to solve for v, but can't get the rearranging right. I'm using L= Lo sqrt 1- v^2/c^2 Can anyone suggest the first couple of steps? I can get the answer by the way, by substituting values 'til I get the contracted length. Original ...

Bus law

In 1991 the Tailhook Association (mostly male military aviators) hosted their annual convention at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, despite the fact that they had known that during previous Tailhook conventions rowdy men in the hotel hallways had accosted young women. There was an ...


can you direct me to some sites for helping with college statistics? thanks


what ruling or decision did the government make this week about greenhouse gases?

@ Angie - math

Angie, I've reposted your question. You've posted this several times on other people's questions. That's called piggy-backing here and we delete posts that interfere with others' questions. Name: Angie Subject: math Message: Chad climbs a 57-foot tower to ride a straight water...

Intro. to Comp.

I tried them on Google -- and # 3 got me lots of sites with poodles. See how I found dog sites without any references to poodles. Can you help with this question? You want to do a search on the internet for dogs but ...

Math--I need help!

I have these two questions on my assignment. Please help me. 80 mi. = _______ km. 9 cm. = _______ m. 9cm (1m/100cm)=??? 80miles (1 km/1600m) one mile = 1.6093 km so 80 times 1.6093 = what? one cm = 1/100 m or .01 m so 9 cm = 9 times .01 = what? 9 cm = 0.09 m. 80mi.= 128.72km. ...

Mid age art history

I have a project on the early Christian catacombs. I have to describe the elements of (line, shape,value, etc)and compare these catacombs to Byzantine and Islamic architectural structures of the same time. Can anyone help me find some pictures or articles about theses ...


How do you solve 3 variable equations using augmented matricies

Medieval castles

Anyone know where I can find some good info? does anyone have any info? Googling Medieval Castles, I found some wonderful sites. These are pictures of castles.


I need help in making homework easier dealing with prime numbers is there any help you can give me to try


can anyone direct me to a site or help me find a good science project? The best science projects are the ones invented by yourself. Find something to explore, and do it. One of my favorites is testing local drinking water for nasty things: lead, cadmium, bacteria, cloroform, ...


I have to do a project and need info. about mean, median, mode, range, freqency tables line plots, and stem and leaf plots. I would like historical facts like how, who, where and why these methods came to be. I want to get a good grade so I am willing to do do extra research. ...


Is There more chickens in the world or people?


She gave birth to her first child by her uncle at age 14 in 1990. This is showing a sign of being raped. Does this works? The psychologist help Alesha to break through her issues by using cognitive-behavioral therapy. Is "to" necessary or should take it out? Or both are ...


In metric units what is the thickness of a dime, the width of a little finger, and the length of one big step?


What is a "sample space" when you are listing outcomes? Pls respond!

Reposted Questions

I asked these questions yesterday, and need to repost to see what others seem to think. 1. Asking children to place red and blue teddy bear counters into red and blue dishes helps them learn to: A. discriminate B. classify C. count D. remember 2. Which one of the following is ...


Does anyone know where I can find the last chapter in A Clockwork Orange? Perhaps online? Thanks! Since that book is not out of copywright, you will not find it on line. But this site has a good synopsis of the chapters. If you ...

Geometry..... reposted ques by me

in the diagram AB=20 cm, BC=21 cm, AD=10 cm and DE= 10.5 cm. Angles ABC and ADE are right angles. if triangle ADE is removed from triangle ABC.What is the area of shaded region that remains?

English Essay

CAn someone please find an analytical essay on David Sedaris' "ME Talk Pretty One Day". I would greatly appreciate it. You should be able to find something useful in this collection of sites:


I am having lots of trouble with SIMPLFYIGN RADICAL EXPRESSIONS can anyone help>? Please

Science Fair

I'm doing my AMAZING (my teacher is hovering over me right now, I don't think that) project over dissolving sugar into different liquids in different temps. It's super boring, but I'm forced to do it anyway. Does anyone here know of some science fair helper websites? Like, ...

Anatomy and Physiology

Which organic compounds and cellular organelles are involved in protien synthesis? For these answers please browse:


do other countries have programs similar to worker's compensation in states such as West Virginia? I found this when looking up OSHA on Google yesterday. You might get some information from some of the links in here. ??

u.s history

how did the u.s force japan to surrender and bring an end to the war world two The US dropped the atomic bombs on Japan, and they surrendered. Go to and look up enola gay -- it'll be crystal clear!!


Does anyone know where i can find pictures of old clothing brands from the 90's? Especially Eclipse Jeans, Spliffy Jeans, Naf Naf co 54, Paco sweaters, Kickers shoes and sweaters, Fido Dido shorts etc... anymore pics of any more brands would be amazing! You can go to www....


What is an analogies for Mitochondria,Chloroplast, Cytoskeleton and Ribosome.

Science Definitions

I need short definitions for these words be 4 2morrow. proton- neutron- electron- nucleus- atom- periodic table- atomic number- Go to They have all of these words listed. Example how to find answers using Google: Word Proton


I'm doing a project on Medieval nights- please help! How did chivalry reflect medieval culture especially religon? Its due on Monday and i still have HEAPS to do!!!!! Please help me! You mean Medieval knights, right? If you spell it wrong during a search on Google or any other...

Social Studies

where would I find pictures of the pueblo indians and information about the food they ate back in the 1600's? and


anyone know some controversial issues in the news papers lately?if so, please tell me.i really need it.=) thanks! Go to Read through the stories. Find one that interests you. It might be a local, national, or international story. Matt

Calculus Reposted

A point is moving along the curve xy=12. When the point is at (4,3), the x-coordinate decreases at the rate of 2cm/sec. How fast is the y-coordinate changing at that point? dy/dx=-y/x is my change rate so far, should i substitute the coordinates (x,y) to the equation or just ...


Can you drop your email for my math question?Its on Google classroom and it has a picture that does not copy onto jiskha's homework help


these aren't in my book and i have a term quiz tomorrow -farm bloc -wickersham commission -agricultural marketing act -securities -hoover-Stimson doctrine -Hawley-smoot tariff -Clark Memorandum I think you can just use a dictionary. Try searching in google or something ...


what is 30 divide by 6? Put 30/6 in your Google search window. 5

U.S History

In the Revolutionary War, what happened at the Battle of Trenton? Try and enter battle trenton -- then let us know what you decide. ??


e^3x-5=17 Dee: You need to use closure marks. It is impossible to decipher your questions without them. Is this: e^(3x-5)=17 e3x-5=17 or e^(3x)-5 =17 e3x-5 =17 Sorry for the confusion. It is e^(3x-5)=17 e^(3x-5)=17 Take the ln (log base e) of each side. 3x-5= ln17 3x= ln 17 + ...


you start with a cell that has a 2N number of 84. this cell goes through meiosis. for each of the following stages, determine the number of chromosomes, chromatids, and bivalents present a single cell. a. Prophase I b. Anaphase I c. Metaphase II d. Cytokinesis II I think if ...


squareroot of 24 Type this in the google search window: sqrt 24


What is the Riemann Hypothesis? I've looked it up on Google but don't completely undestand it. -MC

calculus reposted

Given the graph of f(x) find the graph of 2 f( -3x - 2) - 4 Is this correct??? First, compress the graph horizontally by 3. Second, reflect the graph over the y-axis. Third, shift the graph 2 units to the right. Fourth, stretch the graph vertically by 2. Lastly, shift the ...


What are Igneous Rocks. Here are a couple of sites that may help. tell about how humans have an effect on plants ...

U.S. History

I TOTALY NEED HELP..... i have to answer 4 questions in a paragraph or long enough to fully explain it.... the questions are 1) Discuss the economic and financial programs of secretary of the treasury alexander hamilton. What id they include? What was Hamilton trying to ...


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