Rank the crystal lattice structures in order of decreasing efficiency of space in the structure.

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  1. science

    Define deductive reasoning. using general theories or principals to make predictions about more specific situations using specific observations in order to come to more general conclusions using specific observations in order to come to specific conclusions using general ...
  2. Physics

    A 64.3 kg astronaut is on a space walk when the tether line to the shuttle breaks. The astronaut is able to throw a 10.0 kg oxygen tank in a direction away from the shuttle with a speed of 11.9 m/s, propelling the astronaut back to the shuttle. Assuming that the astronaut ...
  3. math

    p. 84 no.10 (from Solid Mensuration: Understanding the 3D Space book by Earnhart) Plane A which contains an isoceles right triangle forms a dihedral angle of 60 degrees with another plane B. If the hypotenuse of the triangle lies in plane B and measures 8 inches, find the ...
  4. Math

    p. 84 no.10 (from Solid Mensuration: Understanding the 3D Space book by Earnhart) Plane A which contains an isoceles right triangle forms a dihedral angle of 60 degrees with another plane B. If the hypotenuse of the triangle lies in plane B and measures 8 inches, find the ...
  5. FIN

    Brady Corporation is a leader in identification, safety, and material solutions. In 1998, the firm was hit hard by faltering foreign markets, so it embarked upon an aggressive campaign to redesign its cost structure. The firm believes this will help it to enhance future ...
  6. Chemistry

    X(g) + 2 Y(g) + 2 Z(g) -->3 M(g) + 2 N(g) I've already found the orders for the following to be: X is 2nd, Y is 1st, Z is 0 and overall of course is 3. But I am confused about the below question. I initially guess that No it doens't occur in one step..but the reasons why I ...
  7. college

    unadjusted trail balance(December 31,2008)(Bed Bugs R Us Ltd): prepaid rent $8,000 rent expense $24,000 adjusting entry question: 4 months worth of prepaid rent had been purchased on September 1 2007 in an adjacent building to b used as thier office. The rent on this space was...
  8. Physics

    A capacitor has two overlapping plates of width 4.9 m and length 3.5 m separated by 1.3 cm. A dielectric of dielectric constant ê = 58.0 fills the space between the plates. If this capacitor is connected to a 35 V battery, how much energy is stored in the capacitor when it is...
  9. chemistry

    Why is caffeine only soluble in water that is strongly acidic? Is that true? I think the solubility of caffeine is about 180 mg/L in water @ 100 Celsius. I guess it depends upon your definition of solubility. At any rate, look at the structure of caffeine. There is a N in one ...
  10. chemistry

    The space shuttle environment control system handles excess CO2 (it is 4.0% by mass of exhaled air) by reacting it with lithium hydroxide, LiOH, pellets to form lithium carbonate,Li2CO3, and water. If there are 7 astronauts on board and each exhales 20. L of air per minute, ...
  11. accounting

    Evaluate the asset, debt, and equity structure of Lucent Technologies, as well as trends and changes found on the common-size balance sheet. 3. What concerns would investors and creditors have based on only this information? 4. What additional financial and nonfinancial ...
  12. Physics

    In a lightning bolt, 16 C of charge flows in a time of 1.5 10-3 s. Assuming that the lightning bolt can be represented as a long, straight line of current, what is the magnitude of the magnetic field at a distance of 24 m from the bolt? please tell me where I am going wrong. B...
  13. Science, gr9

    Hi, I have to write an opinionated article on the safety problems in space. I have to wrtie the issues that occur during a lift-off which are ignored I have been unable to find a website that tells me issues that occur but are ignored or thought that because they have back up ...
  14. physics

    Two large circular metal plates are parallel and nearly touching, only 4.1 mm apart. The two plates are connected to the opposite terminals of a 9 V battery. (a) What is the average electric field strength in the space between the plates? V/m (b) What is the electric force on ...
  15. stats

    Cushman and Wakefield accounting that the average annual rent for office space in Tampa was $17.63 per square foot. A real estate agent selected a random sample of 15 rental properties (offices) and found that mean rent was $18.72 per square foot and s= $3.64. At a= 0.05, test...

    In a chess variant, a "lord" can move one space at a time, either upward, or to the right, or diagonally upward and to the right. How many ways are there for a lord to move from the bottom left to top right corner of the 8 by 8 chessboard? This seems like a really hard ...
  17. Math

    Kimmy's toy box is 3 feet tall, 6 feet long and the width is half of what it is tall. How many cubic feet of space are inside Kimmy's toy box?
  18. physics

    1) Obtain the binding energies of 4He and 18O in the Hartree-Fock aproximmation. Use as variational space three oscillator shells for every occupied orbit. Don't use the spin-orbit coupling term. 2) Calculate (using oscillator wave functions with the appropriate frecuency), ...
  19. cultural diversity

    NAEYC supports "third space" thinking as a desirable technique for use in A. stimulating children's right-brain processes. B.enhancing staff performance in the early childhood setting. C.Resolving conflicts, especially those involving cultural issues. D.training children to ...
  20. Database Design (SQL)

    Hi I need help creating an SQL query to display each faculty member's last name, comma, first name as a CONCATenated element, then their salary as CONCATenated element with a dollar sign and comma. Then, the boss's last name, comma, first name as a CONCATenated element, then ...
  21. Database Design (SQL)

    Hi I need help creating an SQL query to display each faculty member's last name, comma, first name as a CONCATenated element, then their salary as CONCATenated element with a dollar sign and comma. Then, the boss's last name, comma, first name as a CONCATenated element, then ...
  22. chemistry

    Which of the following statements is NOT true in regards to water, ethanol, and isopropanol? A. Water has the highest boiling point. B. H-O-H and C-O-H bond angles are all equal to 1095. C. Dispersion forces affect all three molecules. D. Two lone pairs of electrons are ...
  23. PHY103

    Write 2 arguments in english, one in the form of modus ponens and one in form of modus tollens. Then write the arguments in symbols using sentence letters and truth functional connectives. What advantages does being able to symbolize our arguments provide? Are there ...
  24. Environmental Science

    Are there any good websites on coral reefs ? I'm working on my research paper, and this is what I have so far. Coral reefs, also called the rain forests of the oceans, are the second richest ecosystem on Earth. They have this nickname because of the prosperous diversity of ...
  25. Algebra 1

    1.the number of bacteria present in a colony is 180 at 12 noon and the bacteria grows at a rate of 22% per hour. how many will be present at 8pm? 2.A 1970 comic book has appreciated 10% per year and originally sold for $0.35. What will it be worth on 2010? 3.The cost of a high...
  26. Math

    A company has factories located in New Jersey, Ohio, and Georgia where it manufactures handbags, shoes, and belts. How many days should the company operate each factory in order to exactly fill the order of 2150 handbags, 2300 shoes and 2500 belts? Use the information below. ...
  27. college Macroeconomics

    consider a country with an economic structure consistent with the assumptions of the classical model. Suppose that businesses in this nation suddenly anticipate higher future proftability from investments they undertake today. explain whether or how this could affect the ...
  28. quantitative methods for business

    Metropolitan Bus Company purchases diesel fuel from American Petroleum Supply. American Petroleum Supply charges $250.00 to cover delivery expenses. The lead time for a new shipment from American Petroleum is 10 days and the cost of holding a gallon of fuel in storage is $0.04...
  29. earth

    HELP? Two students are given cubic boxes, measuring 10 cm on a side. Robert puts a single glass marble with a diameter of 10 cm in the box. Susan puts 1,000 1-cm glass marbles in her box. 1.Whose box has more empty space? Explain. 2.Whose box will be heavier? Explain. Can you ...
  30. math

    Jeff put a small box that is 12 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 4 inches tall inside a box that is 20 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 9 inches high. How much space is left in the larger box?
  31. geometry

    A cylinder has a height of 16 cm and a radius of 5 cm. A cone has a height of 12 cm and a radius of 4 cm. If the cone is placed inside the cylinder as shown, what is the volume of the air space surrounding the cone inside the cylinder? (Use 3.14 as an approximation of π.)
  32. operation management

    A firm is planning to set up an assembly line to assemble 40 units per hour. Assume that 57 minutes per hour are productive. The time to perform each task and the tasks preceding each task are as follows: Task Preceding Task Time to Perform (Min) A - 0.69 B A 0.55 C B 0.92 D B...
  33. Chemistry

    Acid Question!? An unusual category of acids known as superacids, which are defined as any acid stronger than 100% sulfuric acid, can be prepared by seemingly simple reactions similar to the one below. In this example, the reaction of anhydrous HF with SbF5 produces the ...
  34. English

    Hello! Need some ideas and suggestions.How can I explain to the learners of English as a foreign language (4th grade, 4th year of learning) the following two things: 1.They have a picture of a traffic in the street in their books. First they are repeating the names of the ...
  35. AP BIO

    a scientist plans to use a microtome to cut sections of a particular type of tissue so then that typical cell will be cut into about 20 sections. to help him make careful observation of internal cell structures, he considers staining the sections with a dye. which of the ...
  36. Chemistry

    Explain, using collision theory, the effect of decreasing temperature on the rate of a chemical reaction. Explain, using collision theory, the effect of increasing concentration on the rate of a chemical reaction. Explain, using collision theory, the effect of adding a ...
  37. math

    You are designing a web page for you school's biology club. You want to include photos of the members on the page, which has a width of 640 pixels. You've decided that the left and right magins should be 24 pixels each and the space between each picture should be 16 pixels. ...
  38. medical office

    please check my answer thanks Harper Clinic's filing system generates a gap in the filing space when the medical records are moved forward to the most recent assigned medical record number What type of numbering filing system does this clinic use? I think it is unit number
  39. Statistics

    Suppose that in the city in which the survey is conducted, 50% of adults are married, 15% are single, 25% are divorced, and 10% are widowed. a. Assign probabilities to each simple event in the sample space. b. Which approach did you use in part (a)? Find the probabilities of ...
  40. physics

    1.A certain spacecraft is 3.3 AU (Astronomical Units) from Earth. How long in seconds does it take for a signal to reach the Earth after it is transmitted from the spacecraft? Hint: An AU is about 149.9 Million Km, and light moves at 299,800 Km/s. {Indicate your answer to the ...
  41. Science: Space

    I'm having trouble finding the answers to these fill-in-the-blank questions: Our understanding of the solar system has changed from an Earth-centered model of ____ and ____ to the sun centered model of _____ and _____. I was thinking for the first 2 blanks: rocks; oxygen and ...
  42. science

    A satellite in space experiences direct sunlight and heats up. During periods when it receives no sunlight, The satellite cools off by radiation The satellite cools off by conduction The satellite maintains a constant temperature The satellite cools off by convection ***
  43. Chemistry

    1. The reaction, CO(CH2COOH)2 CO(CH3)2 + 2CO2, follows first-order kinetics and has an activation energy of 96.6 kJ mol-1. At 293 K, k = 0.133 s-1. Find the temperature (in K) at which half-live will be 0.00692 min? Round your answer to 3 significant figures. Okay so i tried ...
  44. CHEM

    if you were to draw a Lewis dot structure for HOCl...would it be H:Cl:O: (with double dots above & below the Oxygen & Chlorine) or would it be: H:O:Cl: (same thing for the double dots being above & below the Cl & O? Basically...is Oxygen the central atom in this case or is Cl ...
  45. Spanish

    Each sentence needs to follow the structure: subject pronoun + verb in the present tense. ¿Que hacen Mary y Lisa? ¿Que hace Lola? ¿Que hace Carlos y Sam? Mary y Lisa are singing together Lola is studying Carlos y Sam are on the phone together
  46. Physics .. hard problem

    An overly eager physics student wants to confirm that the acceleration of gravity is ag=9.8 m/s^2. To check this, the student steps off the roof of the Sears Tower (height at the sky deck 427m). The rocketeer (who arrived five seconds after the student stepped off) uses a ...
  47. Science: Chemistry

    1. The element gold, Au, has a face-centered cubic structure. (Density - 19.3 g/cm^3) (a) What are the # of gold atoms in 1 unit cell? (b) What are the # of unit cells in 1 mol? (c) What is the volume of 1 mol gold unit cells? (d) What is the volume of 1 unit cell? (e) what is...
  48. math in spanish

    can someone translate this for me so I can understand the problem in English? Puedes doblar para multiplicar 7 x 3? explica. Can you double in order to multiply 7 x 3? Explain.
  49. math

    If you put all 720 permutations of the digits 1 through 6 in numerical order from least to greatest (ex. 123456, 123465 etc.) What would the 409 permutation be? How do I do it?
  50. social studies

    what does the quote " History, in brief is an analysis of the past in order that we may understand the present and guideour conduct into the future." Sidney Mead
  51. Chemistry AP

    How many moles of sodium hydroxide would have to be added to 125 mL of a 0.411 M nitrous acid solution, in order to prepare a buffer with a pH of 2.990?
  52. chemistry

    How fast must a 56.5 g tennis ball travel in order to have a de-Broglie wavelength that is equal to that of a photon of green light (5400 Angstroms)?
  53. Math

    I cannot figure this out I keep getting the order pair(1.24,-3.44), but it does not work when I check. Can you help me? 5x+5y=-11 7x-3y=19 The other oneI needed to solve is this Question: 4y+3y<-35 I got -5>-35...is that right?
  54. economics

    Suppose velocity is stable, What would the Federal Reserve need to know in order to keep output at its natural level following a supply shock?
  55. Need help with study technique

    Can someone help me think of a sentence to help me remember the letters D,K, P, C, O, F, G, S, in that order. I am tryin to memorize the organizations of microorganisms, Domain, Kingdom and so forth. Thanks!
  56. Math

    Just checking to make sure I understand this. Absolute value bars are grouping symbols. Use the order of operations to evaluate the expression -3 + /-x + 2/ when x=12 -3 + /-12 + 2/ = 11 Thanks!
  57. math

    put these in order from least to greatest. 0.145,0.15,0.155,0.1 1/12,0.12,1/20,0.20,1/6,0.6,0.06,0.16 Can someone please help me somehow a tip would be more useful than the answer though
  58. sociology

    What social policies would be likely to be recommended by a sociologist who favored Merton’s strain theory in order to reduce property crime by the poor?
  59. General Chem

    Describe in each case what you could add to the following aqueous solutions in order to separate one or more cations or anions in NaNO3 and Ba(NO3)2?
  60. chemistry

    Arrange the following aqueous solutions in order of increasing freezing points (lowest to highest temperature): 0.10 m glucose, 0.10 m BaCl2, 0.20 m NaCl, and 0.20 m Na2SO4.
  61. Managerial Accounting

    . In order to improve the accuracy of unit costs, most companies recompute the predetermined overhead rate each month. True or False
  62. Physics

    An advertisment claims that a certain 1200 kg car can accelerate from rest to a speed of 25 m/s in 8.0 s. what average power must the motor supply in order to cause this acceleration?
  63. Chemistry

    What weight of glycerol C3H5(OH)3 molar mass is 92 would have been add to 1000g of water in order to lower the freezing point
  64. Chemistry

    What weight of glycerol C3H5(OH)3 molar mass is 92 would have been add to 1000g of water in order to lower the freezing point
  65. help please:)

    In order to get an idea of significant subject areas in chapter, it is best to read the : A. subheads B. Graphics C.Captions D.table of contents i got A what do you think ?
  66. alegebra 1

    in some states in order to drive you must be at least 16 years old to obtain a driver's lisense. write an inequality to express this situation
  67. Chemistry

    If 30% of a sample of radioactive isotope decays in 24 hrs, what is the half-life? How do i know which order to use? and do I convert hr to mins or seconds? Pls help for my exam tomorrrow
  68. Maths

    For ghana lotto if 44-88 play closed in the first and second position respectively what order two number must follow in the next draws.
  69. math

    How much money should be invested today in order to have $100,000 in an account after 40 years if the rate is 6.8% compounded quarterly?
  70. Algebra

    .428571428571 with the digits 4,2,8,5,7,1 repeating indefinitely in that order. What digit is in the 200th place. To the right of the decimal point? Is the answer 8? Please show your work. Thanks:)
  71. Algebra

    .428571428571 with the digits 4,2,8,5,7,1 repeating indefinitely in that order. What digit is in the 200th place. To the right of the decimal point? Is the answer 8? Please show your work.
  72. chemistry

    If the half-life of a first-order decomposition reaction is 24.2 minutes, how long will it take for 10.0 moles of the reactant to decompose so that only 2.5 mol remains?
  73. 7th grade math

    The question is simplify -9=1(36divided by 2 x3-4) I did -9+1(18x3-4) _9+1(54-4) -9=1(50) -9+50 41 Is this correct I did this with a friend and we both got different answers. Maybe I di the wrong order of operation?
  74. Computer (Programming Logic and Design)

    How do i Create a program that devtermine the shipping cost for an order based on the following chart: From To Price $0.00 $19.00 $2.95 $20.00 $49.99 $3.95 $50.00 $74.99 $4.95 $75.00 $1000.00 $Free
  75. chemistry

    To what temperature, in degree celsius, must 10.0 grams of ammonia gas (NH3) have to be heated in a 15.0 L container in order for it to exert a pressure of 3.50 atm?
  76. physics

    A 50.7 kg student climbs a 6.35 m long rope and stops at the top. What must her average speed be in order to match the power output of a 130 W lightbulb
  77. Data Management

    How many ways can the manager of a baseball team put together a batting order of his nine players, if the shortstop must bat 3rd?
  78. physics

    In order to clearly read a book 16 cm away, a farsighted girl needs an image to be 36 cm from her eyes. What focal length is needed for the lens in her eyeglasses?
  79. Math

    I'm a 5th grader and I'm having a hard time writing the above fractions in order. They are 3/10, 1, 1/4, 5/8, 2/3, 1/8, 5/6, 3/4, 0, 1/6, 7/8, 1/3? Am I suppose to find the least common denominator first?
  80. life orientation

    identify three courses or study fields/ career paths in order of preference and provide two reasons for eeach choice.
  81. chemistry

    Arrange the three metals in order of their relative strengths as reducing agents, placing the strongest first. Write each metal as a half reaction.
  82. college algebra

    How much should be deposited in an account paying 3.5% interest, compounded quarterly, in order to have a balance of $ 6,000after 17years and 3months?
  83. chemistry

    Calculate the volume of NaOH 0.1M that needs to be calculated to be added to a 30ml o-phosphoric acid 0.1 in order to prepare solutions of pH 7.5 and pH 6.9? pKa3= 2.15; pKa2=7.2; pKa1 = 12.1
  84. Physics

    You can run 8.8m/s,20% faster than your brother. How much head start should you give him in order to have a tie race over 110m?please help:(
  85. Social Sudies please help

    workers mostly sell there labor in order to earn income --------- grow their productivity become entrepreneurs avoid inflation
  86. math please tutor Maddie

    What is the least possible value of the expression if two of the values 1, 2, 4, and 8 are substituted in any order for the variables x and y? 1/9^x÷9^y=9^z Enter a power of 9 in the box.
  87. American History

    Georgia's Continued use of the dealth penalty is an attempt to fulfill the governments purpose of _____. A.)Democracy B.)Order C.)Freedom D.)Equality
  88. solomon mahlangu high

    Identify three courses or study fields you are interested in following after grade12 write them down in order of preference
  89. calculus

    Tom buys a rare stamp for $500. If the annual rate of inflation is 4%, how much should he ask when he sells it in 5 years in order to break even?
  90. Algebra

    manuella likes pepperoni, mushroom, and extra cheese on her pizza. how many different pizzas can she order with one, two, or all three of these toppings?
  91. chemistry

    Determine the order of reducing agents (strongest to weakest). A) Mn(s) > Zn(s) > Cr(s) > Fe(s) B) Fe(s) > Cr(s) > Zn(s) > Mn(s) C) Mn(s) > Fe(s) > Cr(s) > Zn(s) D) Zn(s) > Mn(s) > Cr(s) > Fe(s) I know the half reaction for the following: - ...
  92. chemistry

    the half time of a radioisotope is found to be 4.55 minutes. if the decay follow first order kinetics. what percentage of isotope will remain after 2.00 hours?
  93. Science

    In order to reproduce, flowering plants must do what? A. split into two cells B. release seeds C. regenerate D. mate I think the answer is b.
  94. Math help

    Most states require students to pass an algebra course in order to graduate high school. Why do you think this is? Explain why you agree or disagree with this requirement
  95. 7th grade language arts Ms. Sue please

    1. If you were writing a persuasive essay about the need to install solar panels on top of big apartment buildings, what counterargument should you address? (1 point) Homeowners can get tax breaks for installing solar panels on their homes. People are getting very interested ...
  96. Science

    Hormones and Homeostasis 1) The human endocrine system is made up of which of the following structures? :Vessels. :Receptors. :Glands.*** :Chambers. 2. Which of the following best describes the function of the endocrine system? :It secretes chemical messengers that travel ...
  97. finance

    the target capital structure for QM industries is 45% common stock, 5% preferred stock and 50% debt. If the cost of common equity for the firm is 18.9%, the cost of preferred stock is 10.7% and the before tax cost of debt is 7.7% and the firm's tax rate is 35% QM's WACC is_____
  98. Project Management

    you are to prepare a network diagram using the Activity on the Arrow technique. You must use as many concurrent activities as you can and you must show the critical path. (A network diagram with no concurrent activities will result in no grade points being earned.) You will be...
  99. Chemistry

    I can't seem to get this problem, i really don't understand it Chemical reactions can also be coupled. The decreasing free energy of a spontaneous change can be stored in substance whose formation would not ordinarily be spontaneous. Living organisms have a remarkable ability ...
  100. History

    How did the development of the caste system affect society in India? Select all that apply. (I need to select 3) connected people through shared identities******** ensured equality among men and women of the same class********* ensured job specialization among people protected...
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