Rank the crystal lattice structures in order of decreasing efficiency of space in the structure.

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  1. pre- algebra

    Use the digits 1-9 in order. Insert operation signs and grouping symols to get a value of 100.
  2. need help math

    a. Evaluate the following. Remember to use the order of operation 16 ٪ (-2) • (-4) 23 + 4 b. Explain the steps taken
  3. World geo

    i do not understand this question and do not know how to respond... arrange the seven countries of Central America in alphabetical order.
  4. math

    arrange in order from smallest to largest. 2.05,25/10,2.0513,2.059,251/100,2.0515,2.052,2.051
  5. Psychology

    How can we go about recognizing values influencing biases in order that more open debates can take place?
  6. Chemistry

    In gas chromatography, what would be the order of the retention times for your mixture (hexane and toluene)? What is the basis for your answer?
  7. Math

    What happens to the value obtained for the slope if the coordinates of the two ordered pairs aren’t subtracted in the same order?
  8. calculus

    How large does N have to be in order to approximate the integral of cos(x^2) from 0 to 1, using the Midpoint Rule, with error at most 10^(-6)?
  9. chemistry

    .predict and expalain the order of melting point for propanol, butane, and proanone with refernce to their intermolecular forces.
  10. chem 121

    arrange in order of increasing vapor pressure lowest to highest Nacl, ch4 ch3ch2oh c
  11. poetry part 1

    during the romantics period, poets places ar emphasis on a) order b) nature c) discipline d) hierurchi
  12. Math

    What is 12/6 x 3-5? If following order of operations (PEMDAS) you would multiply 6 times 3 and which is 18 and then divide by 12 but this will not give you a whole number?
  13. Physics

    The established value for the speed of light in a vacuum is 299 792 458 m/s. What is the order-of-magnitude of this number?
  14. math

    How many ways are there to write 7 element data lists of integers in # order with Median 21, mean 20 range 10 and the Mode 22 and what are they?
  15. science

    (1) what measurements and what calculation would you need to make in order to determine the density of a rectangular wooden block? (2)
  16. chem

    Arrange the following 0.10 M solutions in order of increasing H+ : HClO4 , H2SO4, NH4Br , KCN, KBr, KOH
  17. ap chemistry

    Arrange the following 0.10 M solutions in order of increasing H+ : HClO4 , H2SO4, NH4Br , KCN, KBr, KOH
  18. Chemistry

    how can i find out how many moles of oxygen are in 9.85g of (NH4)2CO3 ? i want to know what steps to take and in what order.. please help
  19. Chemistry

    After 79 mins 20.0% of a compound has decomposed. What is the half life of this reaction assuming first-order kinetics?
  20. math

    use the order of operations and the digit 4 four times to write problems that have the following answers 44 and 12
  21. English

    How does Shakespeare work loyalty and betrayal into the play King Lear. Context of order vs. chaos?
  22. Math

    If there are 9 flavors of ice cream and each student orders 2 scoops with noone getting the same order - how many students are there?
  23. Math

    Record 7 digits (0-9) in ascending order that have a mean of 3 and a median of 1. Explain how to come up with the answer as well please and thank you.
  24. 6th grade math

    Put the following decimals in order from least to greadest. 0.480, 0.495, 0.523, 0.54
  25. 6th grade math

    Put the following decimals in order from least to greadest. 0.480, 0.495, 0.523, 0.54
  26. science

    which form of classification groups animals based on their phylogenetic similarities? a) order b) cladistics c) linnaeus d) systematic
  27. chemistry

    After 56.0 min, 25.0% of a compound has decomposed. What is the half-life of this reaction assuming first-order kinetics?
  28. chemistry

    What mass of potassium nitrate would you have to heat in order to produce 1.00dm of oxygen at rtp?
  29. Biology Science

    Arrange the following in correct order in food chain- Fish,Plankton,Shark,Crab

    Are these listed in the correct order of increasing average molecular speed? NH3<N2<CO2<SO2<Cl2 ???
  31. Chemistry

    how much chlorine, Cl 2, do you need to order to react completely with 500 kg of platinum, Pt, to make cisplatin, PtCl 2(NH 3) 2?
  32. chemistry

    what is the formula to determine the mass of propane that must be combusted in order to produce 188.23kJ of energy?
  33. Calc 2

    Use Taylor’s Estimate to bound the error of the n-th order Maclaurin approximation of sin(a), where a 2 [��; ].
  34. Math 109

    How many ways can the manager of a baseball team make up the batting order, assuming the pitcher bats last?
  35. Chemistry

    Selenium Express your answer in condensed form, in order of increasing orbital energy. For example,[He]2s^22p^2.
  36. physics

    How tall would a water-filled manometer have to be in order to measure blood pressures up to 300mm Hg?
  37. math

    in order to be able to ride a roller coaster you must be 48 inches tall .which inequality represents this situation?
  38. Science

    What subjects, other than astronomy, would astronomers have to study in order to discover black holes?
  39. Life orientation

    Identify 3 courses or study field / career paths in order of preference and provide 2 reason for each
  40. PLEASE HELP !!

    Which of the following would require a cash receipt? A. Credit memo B. Purchase order C. Check D. Refund
  41. Chemistry II

    Arrange the following 0.10M solutions in order of increasing pH: a. Nacl b. NH4CL C. HCL D. NaCH3CO2 e. KOH
  42. phyisics

    If approximately 70% of the Earth's surface is covered with water, what is the order of magnitude for the number of raindrops in the world's oceans?
  43. Chemistry

    List in increasing order of expected Rf values in a TLC experiment: salicylic acid, toluene, and benzophenone.
  44. Math

    A marching band has 36 members. What arrangement could they use in order to have equal numbers of players in each row?
  45. Chemistry 12

    Calculate the volume of 12 M Na2SO3 which needs to be added to 500.0 mL of water in order to produce a solution in which [Na+]= 0.200 M.
  46. English

    It is too late to cancel my order. (What does 'it' refer to in the sentence? Is 'it' a false subject or the impersonal pronoun referring to 'the time'?)
  47. Calculus

    List the critical numbers of the following function in increasing order. Enter N in any blank that you don't need to use. f(x) = (6x+6)/(5x^2+5x+5)
  48. Chemistry

    After 53.0 min, 14.0% of a compound has decomposed. What is the half-life of this reaction assuming first-order kinetics?
  49. Precal

    Find all values of x such that x-6, x+6, and 10 x -6 form a geometric sequence. Give your answers in increasing order
  50. Chemistry

    The half-life (t1/2) of a first order reaction is 0.100 s. What is the rate constant? a. 6.93 s-1 b. 0.693 s-1 c. 0.0693 s-1 d. 0.144 s-1 e. 3.01 s-1
  51. english

    need help with writing a five-sentence paragraph using chronological order on signing on to my homepage is simple
  52. algebra

    Solve the system by graphing: In order to receive credit for this problem you must show all your work. y=x+6 y=-3x+6
  53. Chemistry

    which of the following sets of elements is arranged in order of decresing electronegativity? O,S,As Cl, B, CL Br, Cl, P Be, C, O please explain correct answer
  54. Life orientation

    Identify three study fields in order of preference and provide two reasons for each choice.
  55. English

    What order would you be using if you were an AABB pattern? answers are. Chronological Spatial Compare -and-Contrast Developmental Thanks
  56. life orientation

    Identify 3 study fields/paths in order of preference and provide two reasons for each choice
  57. Health

    nutrition is the process of the body using foods that we eat in order to sustain life true or false
  58. math

    order the numbers from least to greatest. _ 1 4/5, 1.78, 1 5/6, 7/4, 1.7, 1 8/11 I am confused on going back and forth between decimals and fractions.
  59. social studies

    List these power sources in chronological order: 1.Steam 2.Animal 3.Hand 4.Water 5.Electric
  60. math

    Adam wants to compare the fraction 3/12, 1/6, and 1/3 he wants to order them from least to greatest and rewrite them so they all have the same denominator
  61. study unit main ideas

    witch one of the folowing clue words indicates choronological order?
  62. Chemistry

    After 62.0 min, 11.0% of a compound has decomposed. What is the half-life of this reaction assuming first-order kinetics?
  63. Science

    Name the components of the respiratory system in the order incoming air would encounter then during breathing.
  64. Chemistry

    Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing Boiling point: CH4, CHCl3, CCl4, CH3Cl
  65. Yo please answer this!

    Order these from least to greatest importance. Tea and Clock and Silk making and Porcelain and Gunpowder
  66. Chemistry -Dr.Bob222

    Arrange the solutions in order of increasing acidity. NaCl, NH4Cl, NaHCO3, NH4CLO2, NaOH
  67. Algebra

    What is the order of the numbers from least to greatest? A=4.6x10^-4 B=2.4x10^-3 C= 3.5x10^5 D=6.3x10^-4 A.C<A<B<D B.D<A<C<B C.B<C<A<D D.A<D<B<C**** Correct me if I'm wrong please
  68. Algebra

    What is the order of the numbers from least to greatest? A=4.6x10^-4 B=2.4x10^-3 C= 3.5x10^5 D=6.3x10^-4 A.C<A<B<D B.D<A<C<B C.B<C<A<D D.A<D<B<C**** Correct me if I'm wrong please
  69. math

    show that abc is a right angled isosceles triangle prove that AD>AC and AC>CD also arrange in ascending order
  70. Physical Science/ Chemistry

    Which of the following shows the correct order of Family #1 elements from least to most reactive? A) Li, Na, Rb, K B) Li, Na, K, Rb C) Rb, K, Na, Li D) Li, Na, K, Ba
  71. Physics

    How much energy must be removed from 30 L of liquid water at 0-degree celsius in order to convert it to ice?
  72. computer applications (commerce)

    draw a flow chart to print odd numbers below 20 in descending order
  73. Global Studies

    Humans migrated to the following areas in which order? A. 1,2,4 and 5 B. 1 and 3,6,2 C. 3,1 and 4,5 D. 3,6,1 and 2 The map is here: imgur. com/a/AuOMb
  74. Statistics

    by what factor should the sample size in a poll be increased in order to cut the margin of error in half
  75. Statistics

    by what factor should the sample size in a poll be increased in order to cut the margin of error in half
  76. programming

    Write the pseudocode for an application that accepts enter eight friends’ first names and displays them in alphabetical order
  77. physics relativity

    How fast would you need to be travelling relative to an observer in order for them to see a 15% increase in your mass?
  78. Math

    Evaluate the integral of (x^3 + x^4*tanx) from [-pi/4, pi/4] How do we know which one to let equal to u in order to start this whole process? The answer in the book is 0.
  79. physics

    If you dropped the ball, cylinder and the ring at the same time from a height of 6.35 cm, in what order would the hit the ground?

    PLEASE SEE ADDITIONAL QUESTION AT BOTTOM. A pendulum was set up and measurements were made to enable the mechanical energy to be calculated at the start position S and the lowest point of the pendulums swing L. The mass of the pendulum bob was determined on an electronic scale...
  81. Algebra

    A homeowner wishes to insulate her attic with fiberglass insulation to conserve energy. The insulation comes in 40-cm wide rolls that are cut to fit between the rafters in the attic. If the roof is 6 m from peak to eave and the attic space is 2 m high at the peak, how long ...
  82. Landscaping Business

    Imagine you are a homeowner getting ready to sell your home. You realize there are some landscaping problems you want to address so your home will sell quickly and you can get the best price. After making this decision, you realize there are many things to consider when ...
  83. physics

    It is falling. It has to fall, that is the law of gravity. Otherwise, it would leave Earth in a straight line. But if it falls at exactly the rate it needs to fall to travel in an orbit, we call that "orbiting". If if falls faster than that, it crashes into Earth. If if falls ...
  84. Physics

    A certain parallel capacitor consist of two identical aluminium plates, each of area 2times 10^-4m^2. the plates are separated by a distance of 0,03mm, with air occupying the space between the plates. CALCULATE THE CAPACITANCE OF THE CAPACITOR. AND ALSO CALCULATE THE CHARGE ...
  85. Physics

    To create artificial gravity, the space station shown in the drawing is rotating at a rate of 0.600 rpm. The radii of the cylindrically shaped chambers have the ratio rA/rB = 3.00. Each chamber A simulates an acceleration due to gravity of 5.10 m/s2. Find values for (a) rA, (b...
  86. stats

    In a straight 3 lottery you choose a 3 digit number. A 3 digit number is chosen at random, If your number mataches you win $250. 1. There are two outcimes in the sample space($250,$0) using these write down a probability model for the straigjt pick three lottery. SOMEONE ...
  87. Genetics

    Researchers at the University of Rochester studies children born with an infection called roseola. The children also have the causative herpesvirus inserted into their chromosomes. At least one percent of each child had the virus in a chromosome of a sampled hair cell. a. How ...
  88. c++ programming

    I need some help with my homework please Write a C++ program to prompts the user to enter the first character of shape name (Cycle, Rectangle, or Triangle). Then calculate the area of that shape. „h If the user enters another character the program should print: You should ...
  89. nursing

    i have to do matching and i can not figure theses out please help me!!! __1. annual evaluations __2. positive attitude __3. self- discipline __4.medical assistant __5. break-time __6. cooperation __8.team work __9. job descriptions __10.good rapport c. results in quality ...
  90. Physics

    a . rather then taking the elevator a a 65kg student decided to climb 276m vertical height of stairs to the observation deck of the effiel tower. How much work does the student do against gravity climbing to this level? b. It's estimate that 1kg of fat will provide 3.8x10^7 J ...
  91. Business

    Explain why the cost structure associated with many kinds of information goods and services might imply a market supplied by a small number of large firms. (At the same time, some Internet businesses such as grocery home deliveries have continually suffered steep losses ...
  92. Waves (8th Grade)

    Predict: How resonance can cause earthquakes to do greater damage to some buildings than others. Analyze: If two astronauts were able to go on a space walk without wearing suits. Explain why they would not be able to talk to one another. Describe: How could you use ...
  93. Science help

    Will someone please check my work for me? Molecules involved in a chemical reaction must meet to react. What is this concept called? entropy enthalpy collision theory<---- reaction rate 2. Which of the following equations is used to describe reaction rates? ∆H - T&#...
  94. chemistry quick question

    I need help with something and can't find this anywhere online. my structure looks like this OH CH2 CH3CH2CH2CHCHCH2CH3 CH3 So that OH looks like it is on a ethyl group. I need to write the IUPAC name and I wrote 3-methyl-4-heptanol but realized my mistake as that would ...
  95. Chemistry

    Got another practice question but I'm really stumped on this one: If the [ZnCl4]^2- ion is diamagnetic what must its structure be and why - octahedral, tetrahedral or square planar? I know that diamagnetic means that all its electrons are paired and that makes it low spin (I ...
  96. physics

    A charge of -8.9 µC is traveling at a speed of 7.8 106 m/s in a region of space where there is a magnetic field. The angle between the velocity of the charge and the field is 60°. A force of magnitude 4.0 10-3 N acts on the charge. What is the magnitude of the magnetic field?
  97. international studies

    Table 1: Production Efficiency: Number of Units of Output per One Standardized Unit of Input Wine Cheese France 60 36 Germany 30 24 1.Which country should specialize in the production of Wine? Which country should specialize in the production of Cheese? Why? Calculate the ...
  98. Chemistry (equlibrium direction) urgent

    Consider the endothermic reaction 2 NO(g) <-> N2(g) + O2(g) -If I decrease the volume of the vessel and increasing the total pressure in the vessel, what direction will the equilibrium will shift? (left/right) (I know that decreasing the volume would shift to produce ...
  99. Fluid Mechanics

    A closed tank, rectangular in plan with vertical sides, is 1.8m deep and contains water to a depth of 1.2m. The enclosed space above the water is pressurized with air up to 35kPa. If the length of one wall of the tank is 3m, determine the resultant force on this wall and the ...
  100. physics

    A rocket has a per-ignition mass of 1100kgs-1 producing a thrust of 10000N. How long after ignition of the fuel will the rocket lift off? also explain how is it possible for a rocket to accelerate in space. (i cant work it outt. i know it involves the rocket thrust equation ...
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