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One time business investment

Bobbie Rae is lending Tommy Lee $4,500 to open up a bait shop at one of the nearby lakes. Tommy Lee says he will repay Bobbie Rae at the end of 4 years with 7% interest compounded quarterly. How much will Bobbie Rae receive at the end of the 4 years? Hint: Treat this like a ...


Has anyone ever read Native Speaker by Change Rae Lee.

7th grade

How do I find the muscial notes for doe, rae, me, fa, sol...on a staff?


the sunlight rae about 46 degree in a tree if the hight of trre is 8 what is length of the shadow

Emma Rae

2Mg + O2--->2MgO If more oxygen is added, the amount of magnesium a.will increase. b.will decrease c.will not change. and why? Thanks for your help


the populaaion of oak fores is increasing a a rae of 2% per year. If the populaion is 64,242 today, wha will it be in three years?

Algebra 2

The Question(s):: Write the polynomial 2-2x+5x^2-2x^5 in standard form. a.) What is its degree? b.)What is the leading coefficient? I missed this lesson in class. It's very confusing. Could someone please explain what to do? Much appreciated, Rae


The sides and classifications of a triangle are given below. The length of the longest side is the integer given. What value(s) of x make the triangle? x,x, 8; right Please provide an explanation as well. Thank you.


Write an exponential function to model the situation. Then predict the value of the function after 5 years (to the nearest whole number). A population of 210 animals that increases at an annual rae of 19% Can you explain your answer please?


Rae runds a mile 20 times. Her average time is 5.2 mins. She wants to drop her slowest time 5.8 mins and find the ew average. Write and equation to find are her new average running time


Student A ran all her standards through the AAS at a specified C2H2/air flow rate. Just before she was to run her Cu sample, Student B turned down the flow rae of C2H2, thus lowering the flame temperature. Would students' A results of Cu in their sample be high, low or ...

Computer Science

An advertising agency wants to send a letter to all of its clients announcing a new fee schedule. The clients' names are in several different lists (arrays). The company merges the various lists to form one array, but clients could be listed in the array more than once. Design...


Write a system of equations to match each of these problems. Then solve the equations using the method... Substitution, or linear combinations. 1. Maria started her savings account with $105. She adds $10 to it each month, including the first month. Jana Rae started her ...

tax accounting

bruce wilson won 2 million in the state lottery. the lottery pays out the prize money in 20 annual installments of 100,000 each. After receiving three 100,000 installments, bruce sold the remaining 1.7 million of payments for 1 million. He wants to report the 1 million as long...


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