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AP English

I have to read the Grapes of Wrath and find 24 quotes to analyze. Some of the quotes have to be biblical allusions (from even-numbered chapters), and the others have to be a rhetoric device. I'm almost done with the book, but I've only found maybe 13 quotes. Even our teacher ...

English 8R - help!!!!!

the princess diaries movie "reviews" in quotes???? you know how in movies trailers they say the movie review quotes "5 star" or "best film this year" I couldn't find any movie reviews in quotes can you help me, i need about at least 3 for my movie poster


I would like to know everyone's favorite quotes. My favorite quote is: This is a miracle that happens everytime to those who really love; the more they give,the more they possess. Out of all the quotes, I have to pick top 6, and then everyone in my class will vote for the best 3.


Do you know of any website that has important quotes from poems? because I have tried searching on google for like important quotes from "The World is Too Much With Us" but I can't find any and sparknotes doesn't have important quotes for poems just summarys. thanks


I'm doing this essay, and I would really like a few names on women who have gone to war and a couple of their quotes. Thanks


Are these two quotes direct quotes? "Mom," asked Jill, "how long until we can leave?" "About 10 minutes, hon."


Why are these quotes a metaphor. Quotes are from "shooting an elephant." They were watching me as they would watch a conjurer about to perform a trick. Standing in front of the unarmed native crowd seemingly the leading actor of the piece


Help with the following sentence please! Instant quotes is what? Some synonyms explanations? There are now a lot of car rental comparison websites that can provide you with instant quotes.

english romeo and juliet

I am writing an essay which has to have 3 character traits of romeo and 2 quotes to support each trait. I still need quotes for impulsive and fearless. Can you please help?

English (quotes)

hi! uhmm i am working on quotes right now. i have to identify who the speaker is and then state the significance of the quote to the play (shakespeare) i was just wondering if somebody could give me some points on how to write significance? thanks!

operation management

A quoting department for a custom publishing house can complete 4 quotes per day, and there are 20 quotes in various stages in the department. Applying Littleā€™s Law, the current lead time for a quote is how many days?


I need some help finding quotes with explanations of the quote for a greeting card. Can anyone list some quotes with the explanations?

lang. arts

so, I am doing a collage and was wondering if I could get some of your guys "quotes" that are uplifting. The point is to take pictures, poems, quotes that were made y me, are famous, made by friends or what-have-you. and that are uplifting and cheerful. Was hoping you could ...

English 1

I have to write an essasy about "The Man to Send Rain Cloids" and "The Rules of the Game". In my essay I have to identify 3 examples of cultural differences creating conflict. For each of the 3 examples, I have to point out how it helped to create an understanding and a deeper...


I have an Enlish test tomorrow on Romeo and Juliet. My teacher said he's gonna put 5 questions about 5 different quotes on the test. What are some highly likely testable quotes from Romeo and Juliet?

Question For GuruBlue

When you told me to write: Time is the ally of truth, or the worst enemy of a liar, and revenge is having the truth presented to public and the liar made obvious. Are any of these quotes? No, none of those are quotes coudl you give me an example of a situation in the novel ...

english romeo and juliet

I need a artifact for the story with quotes and the artifact can not be in the story just has to represent quotes from the story


Where can I find quotes by Sir Thomas More? I've only come across two: "Lawyers -- a profession it is to disguise matters." "For this is one of the ancientest laws among them; that no man shall be blamed for reasoning in the maintenance of his own religion." Are there any ...


What is the value of life? pelase help I need to write 5 pages on this Although this is morbid, why don't you try from the approach of "do you want to die?" If you reply no, then write why not. If so, well, I think you need to go to a counselor. no I suggest you take three to ...


we are reading the scarlet letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. can you please tell me why Arthur Dimmesdale is the greatest sinner in the book and give examples and quotes (for quotes include what chapter it was found in) thanks! You should go to www.sparknotes.com/lit and read the...


i need john locke quotes on secession please and thank you. :)


Hi, I am writing an essay about "Disneyfication" of folktales, and I searched for quotes and resources but I didn't find any useful information. I really need help in finding quotes and resources about "Disneyfication" of folktales.

English - To Ms. Sue

The teacher wants us to express our answer to this question in a quote, then underneath that, she wants us to tell what we mean by it. I have expressed what I mean, but I just can't turn these into quotes. What would be two advantages of being immortal, and two disadvantages ...


I need 3 themes and 4 quotes per theme for the book the bluest eye by toni morrison. i have one theme completely done. my other theme is sexual initiation and abuse, but i have no quotes for it. and i still need one more theme. help?


If you are using a song title in an essay is it in italics or quotes? If you are using lyrics from a song is it in italics or quotes? Song titles and lyrics should be enclosed in quotation marks. okay, thanx

Literary Devices

When an author quotes another author in his novel, writes a poem in his book that he was reminded of when the events happened and that corresponds with what is happening in the text, what is that called? Is it a literary device? It can't be allusion.. I'm talking about where ...


I'm looking for three examples (quotes would be a big help) of the following three traits that Ralph displays: Courage Rationality Strong-will Any quotes and examples from the book are INCREDIBLY APPRECIATED. Essay due tomorrow and I cannot think of examples for Ralph in my ...

speech help: quotes

I'm trying to find quotes for my speech. One point i'm saying in my speech is that the gas supply is going down, so gas prices will always increase, because people demand it. I was wondering if there's a quote by a person that says something familiar to this: The more you want...


So I am answering some questions regarding the motifs of Macbeth. I was wondering if the quotes I have chosen are the right choices for each motif. I'm supposed to find quotes from the closing lines of Malcolm after killing Macbeth 1. Fair is foul and foul is fair (Not really ...


Would I need to put (Emerson) for each one of the quotes in this sentence? And is the commas placed correctly? This is for an reflection essay and I have already mentioned the title of where I got these quotes from before this sentence and I am only talking about only one of ...

Quotes about English language origin

So I wanted to start my etymology paper about fascinating word origins with a quote as my attention grabber. I am looking for a quote that talks about the english language and the origin of most of its words. Some interesting quote. I don't even know if there is a type of ...

Intro to World Religions

Hi, for my review and response paper on gospel of mary I have to inegrate it with other readings that we've done in class: Crow, Osage, Seneca, and Gikuyu creation stories. Eliade. Hymn to Aton (Egyption). Rosemary Ruether: Three Classical Creation Stories. Quran 7:11-31, 54-...


I need to summerize a research paper that is mainly made up of quotes. How do I summerize it when is consist of quoting a quote. How do I structure my paper when the person that wrote the paper has so many quote. I hope this makes sense? Is there a way to summerize a quote ...

quotation marks

Notice, theprofessor told the class, Cassius' choice of imagery when he asks, upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed that he is grown so great? http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/question/index.php?qid=20070524215848AAk2aqq This is the correct punctuation for quotes and quotes ...


In the novel; Twelfth Night A quote is stated: "And thus a whiligig if time brings in his revenges" I am to write an essay on this. I have put some ideas together, yet I am unable to create an intro. Could you help by giving me a few hints on how to start an essay revolving ...


Anyone know any quotes with adverbs in them?


What do i do to find a quote?


How would I cite quotes from books like The Hunger Games and Fahrenheit 451 in MLA Format? I have quotes I have to use in a comparison paper about Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. But The Hunger Games is written in the point of view of ...


What are some quotes by Louis XVI?


do movie titles have quotes


R "3" T "-7"/ T "5" the quotes mean it is an exponent thx,

Shurley English

What are Single Quotes and when do you use them?


I don't know what the quotes R for the poem the city is so big


do you underline book titles? or put them in quotes?


what are some good quotes about life?


for each of the five quotes identify the literal meaning , how this quote develops theme and the sources. these quotes are from hamlet by the way 1.A litte ere the mightiest Julius fell, The graves stood tenantless, and the sheeted dead Did squeak and gibber in the Roman ...


When handwriting the name of a play, should it be underlined or in quotes?


Does anyone know any good websites to help find out the meanings of quotes


Does anyone know any or know where I may find some quotes by General George Meade?


Does anyone know of any Scarlet Letter quotes that sum up the theme of isolation? Thanks


Can anyone give me some quotes for writing a para about 9/11?


For a in -citation did you put last name in quotes like this (Mary)


The book thief chapter 1. quotes about death.


do you underline or put in quotes the name of a book? What about it's subtitle?


satirical quotes from midnight's children and The God of Small Things


I have an English project on Julius Caesar. I'm a sophomore in high school, by the way. I have to have a quote from act five of the play and connect it to something that happened in the last fifty years. I have absolutely no idea what to do and I have to have the quote picked ...


I thought he was "counting his chikens" what does the phrase in quotes mean. It`s not meant to be literal


When writing about movie titles, are they underlined, italicised (sp?), or put in quotes? Thanks.


Can you name some good quotes from Macbeth which are relevant to The Witches or Duncan. Thanks.


I'm writing a short story, and was wondering how you use quotes when characters talk?


What are some good key quotes (about 6-8) for Reverend Hale in The Crucible?


Can anyone give me some quotes for writing a para about water scarcity

Computers C++ (2)

1.) Assume c is a char variable. What value does c hold after the following statement executes? (Type the answer without quotes.) c = toupper('a');___________ 2.) Assume c is a char variable. What value does c hold after the following statement executes? (Type the answer ...


when citing long quotes do i put the parentheses with the page # after the period or before? thanks for ur help.


"most men lead lives of silent " what does that quotes mean to you write 5-7 sentences


I want an essay on United we stand,divided we fall along with some quotes used in it


who's more powerful- Juliet Capulet or Lady Macbeth I need some quotes too


From Dragonwings Which of the following quotes from the text best reveals Windrider's approach to living?

quotes for gr 8

i need to have a quote to put in my school yearbook for grad. anyone know any good ones that i will understand?? :P


What are a few of the Literary Devices in the book Uncle Tom's cabin. Can I have the direct quotes?


decribe the setting of dr jekyll and mr hyde. how does it effect the characters? give two quotes from the book

Quote Question

What are some really good quotes about the Latin American Revolution? Thanks -Allyson


Can anyone give me some quotes which i could use for writing a para describing the story 'the model millionaire'?


Give me some quotes for writing a para about oscar wilde's caught sneezing


I need help finding quotes about haunting past in the book The Stone Carvers. Please.


Hi, my teacher doesn't teach us too well and we have a few packets to hand in for tomorrow that I really don't understand much of. If someone could give me the answers to all of the problems on the first link if you search "the electrical energy converted to thermal energy in ...

Lang. Arts

What are some quotes that pertain to life in the book Whirligig, by Paul Fleischman. I need 6. Thankk you(:


The identity you stand up for can enslave you and close you to the rest of the world. -Murathan Mungan What does this quote mean?

English/ Lit and Comp

If you are citing two quotes from the same page in subsequent sentences do you cite after the last sentence?


I'm having trouble finding quotes from Romeo and Juliet that relate to the themes of Hierarchy and Injustice/Prejudice.. please help :(

English 8R - Book Project

Is there any movies quotes about The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. I need it for my movie poster.


if anyone has read the book " The Last Book in the Universe" , i have a question. I forgot the book at home and i have to find quotes from the book to match up with the 7 stages of a hero, but i only need 3 more. 4) The hero must overcome obstacles / enemies. ( i know that the...

us history

hi. can someone please help me find some good quotes that justify american imperalism in the late 1800s and early 1900s thank you


How would Hume criticize a proof of God (St. Anselm or St. Aquinas)? 2-3 pages min 500 word essay with quotes.


I desperately need examples and quotes of land imagery from the play A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt. Please.


You are evaluating this when you are looking for a clear, compelling message. A. Use of quotes B. Structure C. Length of speech D. Speaker commitment to subject


I need six quotes that descibe the main character anita de la torre on before we were free novel by julia alvarez please thanks


could you tell me 2 quotes describing a women who is honest,nice and beautiful( they cant be already written we have to write our own) thankss:)

public speaking

You are evaluating this when you are looking for a clear, compelling message. A. Use of quotes B. Structure C. Length of speech D. Speaker commitment to subject


please help me with this presentation on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn!! I have to basically do a facebook page for a main character of the book. I chose Jim, a runaway slave. Bio: write a short biographical sketch of your character or short summary of his adventures in ...


Is a movie title italicized, put in quotes, or underlined? I've googled this and looked in books, but I've heard different things. What is the most recent rule? Thanks.


i need to compare theatres technology from today and in the elizabethan era. but i have to also use proof or quotes from the book cue for treason. help?

gcse english

compare these two quotes they fight tybalt falls he gave me a tremendous dip and roll so that the church jumped over its weathercock


in the book to kill a mockingbird what chapters (15-25) can i find quotes that support what boo radley, mayella ewell, and tom robinson had in common?


An invoice quotes a price of $620, subject to discount of 30%, 15%, and 5% what is the selling price


how is Juliets death similar to Lady Macbeths death with quotes


I don't get this quote from Mark Twain. "Golf is a good walk spoiled." What does he mean by spoiled?


Comparisons between Lady Macbeth and Juliet + some quotes to explain the comparisons


3 quotes for fiction signposts. For the book called Bird by bird by anne lamott


i need to write an essay about General Haig include quotes from him,use examples from battle of the somme-how many casualties there were tactics used. thankyou


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