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Problem Solving: Make a Table

Eileen likes to keep scrapbooks. She already has 4 scrapbooks filled with 40 pages each. If she fills 5 pages every month, how many months will it take her to fill up 2 more 40-page scrapbooks?

Problem Solving

John bought a shirt on sale for 25% off the original price and another 25 % off the discounted price. If the final price was $16, what was the price before the first discount?

problem solving

Suppose that two current exchange rates are US $1= 117.9 Japanese yen and 1 Cuban Peso= $.0476. What is the value of 1 peso in Japanese yen?

Acid/Base Chemistry

A 497 mL sample of 0.9960 M HI is mixed with 443 mL sample of KOH (which has a pH of 13.51). What is the pH of the resulting solution? What are the steps to solving this problem? I think you need to find the concentration of OH by taking 10^-pOH, and then do an ICE table from ...

mathematics of investment

plss help this problem approximate accumolation method,step by step solving much must be paid on due date june 26,2010, on a loan of 3,5,000 made on december 26,1989 with interest rate of 4 1/2% cnverted semianually


I saw this question asked, but I didn't understand the answer format. My prof doesn't use dx and dy after he has differentated the problem. He just uses (for example) 8x+2+y+xy(prime) The question is this: 4x^2+2x+xy=12 and y(2)=-4 find y(prime)(2) by implicit differentiation.

Math Word Problem

Riding on a school bus are 20 students in ninth grade, 10 students in tenth grade, 9 students in eleventh grade, and 7 students in twelfth grade. Approximately what percent of students on the bus are in ninth grade? How do I go about solving this?

exponential and logarithmic graphs question

hi, i desperately need help solving this question: Find the values of A and k if the general equation of the graph shown is y=Ae^kx where the graph goes through the points (-1,-4) and (-2,-10) do i solve it using simultaneous equations? because i have attempted this yet failed...

problem solving fractions

jim ate 1-4 of a pie and helen ate 1/8. how much pie was eaten altogether? how much pies was left?


y=arccos(sin(x)), find dy/dx and sketch it's graph(I guess I can do this on wolframalpha after I'm done solving the question). And by arcsin I mean inverse of the expression(written like cos^-1(sin(x)), but is not 1/cos(sinx) but the inverse of cos). I am not getting this ...

Math check 3

f(x) = 1/(x+7)+15/(x-8). Find all a for which f(a)=f(a+15). I understand this so far f(a)=f(a+15) 1/(7+a) + 15/(a-8) = 1/(a+22) + 15/(a+7) I have multiplied the LCD of (a-8)(a+7)(a+22)by both sides with no luck. This is a multiple choice question a.) -161/8 b.) 120/7 c.) 161/7...


Hi, I have a math question that I need help with: g:-> 3(1.3)^x State equations for any asymptotes to the graph of g. I know what an asymptote is, but I do not understand this lost. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much I'm a little unsure what ...


A line L with a slope of 1/4 passes through the points (0,1/2) and (4,y). What is the value of y? This is an SAT prep question, and the answer is supposed to be 3/2 (1.5), but there's no explanation as to how the problem was solved.


What is the line of thought or sequence of thought for solving simple algebraic expressions? When I'm asked to solve the expression (5k)k^3....first I check with my list of exponent rules, and there are always a few that could be used to solve the expression.I just don't know ...


Which pattern is most effective to deliver a persuasive message when the audience may resist doing as you ask and you expect emotion to be more important than logic in the decision? The problem-solving pattern The sales pattern The direct request pattern The threat pattern


If 40.0 g of water at 70 degrees C is mixed with 40.0 g of ethanol at 10.0 degrees C, what is the final temperature of the mixture? How does one go about solving this problem? I found the specific heat of water and ethanol, but now what?


Pvap (mm-Hg) of 100g 24%NaOH in H2O @100C? When Pvap pure H2O @100C is 760mm-Hg Pls where to start solving this problem? What is the equation? What are the staeps to get to the right answer?

problem solving - math

timothy owns 13 chains, each chain having 3 links. timothy wants to use all the small chains to make one circular chain of 39 links. he needs 4 minutes to cut open a link and 10 minutes to close it by smoldering. timothy makes the big chain in 140 minutes. how?


Please explain how to solve this question, and why you use your method to solve it. I am very very stuck. Gold is present in seawater to the exteen of 0.15mg/ton. Assume the density of the seaswater is 1.03g/mL and determine how many Au atoms could concievably be extracted ...


I have a problem that i need help solving. I had to drop beginning and intermediate algebra because of low test grades. I was thinking of taking a couse below that to get a good foundation and base upon professor decision, now professor thinks i should take the same course ...


hello Can someone please help me with solving simultanaous equations using graphs My problem is that i don't know how to plot them on the actal graph and nor I know how to plot the gradient withing this paticular situation I need help with some steps please MY IGCSE's are ...

college physics

using the quadratic equation on a 2 dimensional projectile motion problem... i am solving for tf and i have it worked all the way down to: -100m(tf)-100m(tf) / -10m/s^2(tf)^2 or -200m(tf) / -10m/s^2(tf)^2 is the answer 20 seconds? algebra is not my strong suit =(

social studies

To develop your self-confidence: learn to rely mostly on intuition. develop a base of knowledge for problem solving. use enough negative self-talk to appear humble. downplay acquiring a lot of facts.

Algebra 2

How would I go about solving the following problem? There were different questions with matrices in them, but this one was different from the others. For the matrix product [ -5 , 3 ][ 6 , -3 ] p = [ 2 , -2 ][ 4 , -3 ], determine the expression that gives the value of p12. I ...


I've went over many search engines and I still cannot find anything to do with competetion betweeb employees can someone help thnnkx Please state your complete question. If you posted something earlier, I don't remember the question. Thanks. =)

Calculus question please explain

I know the answer to the first one is "e" and the answer to the second one is "a "but I have no idea why please explain how to do these two problems. I am very confused with this method. Thank you! The “Cobb-Douglas” productivity function for a factory is q = 100x0.8y0.2, ...

Maths Problem solving

when a cross tile is placed on a number chart, the number covered by the centre square is the average of all the numbers covered, no matter how large the cross is. Explain why.


Please show me step by step on solving this problem? log₅(2x-9)+ log₅(x+2)= 1 Thank you I'm getting 2x²-5x-28=0 which is a empty set. Trying to make sure I'm correct if I am. Thanks so much for your help


The length of a rectangle is 3 more than twice the width. The area of the rectangle is 119 square inches. What are the dimensions of the rectangle? If x = the width of the rectangle, which of the following equations is used in the process of solving this problem?

problem solving with fractions

mr. rosen needs to make 1 1/2 times as many pizza tonight as usual because he expects ta large crowd. if he usually makes 24 pizzas, how many pizzas should mr. rosen make?


V = Radical The expression: V2(V5-12V3)-V3(V8-2V30) can be written in simplest form aVb-cVd, where a, b, c ,d are all positive integers. The value of a + b + c + d is ________. So after solving all this out, I arrived at 7V10 - 14V6. That - is beside the 14, and Im only ...


Please judge my answer, thank you Question: What is the pH of a 1.24 mol/L solution of HCN(aq) if its Ka = 6.2 x 10-10? Answer: It is imperative to initially set up ionization. THen, it becomes important to write the Ka expression, after which setting up an ICE table becomes ...


pls. explain how to get this: A number x is the harmonic mean of two numbers a and b if 1/x is the mean of 1/a and 1/b. a) Write an equation to represent the harmonic mean of a and b. b) Determine the harmonic mean of 12 and 15. c) The harmonic mean of 6 and another number is ...


the number of students in a school doubles every month. if there are 14000 students in the school, how many students were there in the school four months ago?


Young and Company owes bond holders $5,500 interest at the end of each quarter for the next five years. How much must they deposit now at 8% interest compounded quarterly to yield an annuity payment of $5,500? -- I am pretty sure I know how to do the problem but I am just ...


An electron is a subatomic particle (m = 9.11 *10^-31 kg) that is subject to electric forces. An electron moving in the +x direction accelerates from an initial velocity of +5.31 * 10^5 m/s to a final velocity of +2.21 * 10^6 m/s while traveling a distance of 0.040 m. The ...


• Identify a problem in your day-to-day life that you would like to solve (e.g., time management). • Using the information from your Week Three readings as a guide, prepare a 700 to 1,050-word paper in which you develop a research strategy to find a solution for your ...


can someone please tell me if I am right Like optical scanners, capacitance fingerprint scanners generate an image of the ridges and valleys that make up a fingerprint. But instead of sensing the print using light, the capacitors use electrical current. (Points : 1) True False...


Dear sir, madam, I am having a little problem with the solution my chemistry book gives on the following problem: We have a person whose body vitamine C concentration decays according to the following formula: 1500*0,974^t. Question A is no problem, but then question B: "...

Administration of Criminal Justice

You are the captain in the police department’s special response unit. Your unit normally handles many special projects for the chief of police, from providing officers for parades and demonstrations to targeting an area in which there is a serious ongoing crime problem. Your...


A 1.33 m solution of the solute diethyl ether dissolved in the solvent tetrahydrofuran is available. Calculate the mass(kg) of the solution that must be taken to obtain 0.4716 kg of diethyl ether. Name/Formula: diethyl ether = (C2H5)2O tetrahydrofuran = C4H8O Molar Mass(g/mol...


A girl sits on a merry-go-round at the position marked by the brown circle. A boy gives the merry-go-round a constant tangential push for 0.21 seconds as shown in the animation (position is in meters and time is in seconds). What is the magnitude of the tangential acceleration...

mathematics - problem solving

Andy took a reading test.He read 97 words per minute.If a book has an average of 250 words on a page,how many pages can Andy read in one hour ?

Col. Algebra

I'm needing help with understanding /solving this problem. Can you please help? In triangle ABC, the angle C is six times as large as angle A. The measure of angle B is 20 degree greater that that of angle A. Find the measure of the angles.

Problem Solving

Lindsey has 75% as her final grade, but after she writes her exam she gets 85%. If her exam is worth 7.5%, what is her final grade.


I am having trouble solving this problem. In 1994, the population of the Las Vegas metropolitan area was about 1,076,000 with an average annual growth rate of 6.5%. Assume this growth rate continues into the future. I have to estimate the population of Las Vegas each year. I ...

math-solving for x with e

1.) e^(2x) - 3e^(x) - 4 = 0 2.) e^(1-2x) ((e^(3x+6) - e^(2x)) = 0


These three questions I am having difficulty in solving. Can you help me here. Question 1 - a) Whenever children in the United States turn on the tv, B) they are more likely to encounter violence on the screen. A is an independent clause. A is a dependent clause B is an ...


4th grade math problem: Paper route money collected Monday $4.00 Tuesday $2.50 Wednesday $6.00 Thursday $7.50 Friday $4.00 She's being asked for the "median" and the "mode" of this table. Really my question is, what is a mode?


We are doing solving polynomials using the zero factor property and here is the question: Marie has a rectangular board 18 inches by 23 inches around which she wants to put a uniform border of shells. If she has enough shells for a border whose area is 282 square inches, ...

Chemistry (Dr.Bob222)

The half-life of P-32 is 14 days. How long after a sample is delivered can a laboratory wait to use a sample in an experiment if they need at least 10 percent of the original radioactivity? I need help on how to set up this problem. What is the general equation to use for a ...

5th math

jim can pack a bag of groceries in 6 seconds how many can be packed in 15min solve as a fraction division problem to answer the question? Would it be 25?

Algebra Math

Thank You, Declan for answering my question, but I am still haiving trouble on the problem, could you explain to me of how you went about getting the answer -55/4, in deeper detail.


how would i go about solving this problem? what formula shoud i use? can you please show me in steps how to do this, thanks a lot: The critical angle of refraction for calcite is 68.4degrees when it forms a boundary with water. Use this information to determine the speed of ...

Algebra II

Find (f+g)(x),(f-g)(x),(f*g)(x), and (f/g)(x) for each f(x) and g(x) Now we were working well on this until we got to this f(x) and g(x). This was something our teacher didn't bring up. f(x) = 8x^2 g(x) = 1/x^2 How would you go about solving the problem with the fraction as g(...


what do you need to know to solve this? you have kite ABCD. angle B is at the top of the kite and measures 80 degrees. angles A and C are on the sides and angle D is at the bottom of the kite. what is the largest siza that angle A or C could be?


what do you need to know to solve this? you have kite ABCD. angle B is at the top of the kite and measures 80 degrees. angles A and C are on the sides and angle D is at the bottom of the kite. what is the largest siza that angle A or C could be?


For Mathguru_ from statistic question on Tuesday April 10, 2007 follow up question- what if I wasn't given the standard deviation either- how would I solve this problem Other tutors can help, but without the previous information, it is impossible to help you. Please repost ...

Buffer solution

Solve an equilibrium problem (using an ICE table) to calculate the pH. a solution that is 0.205 M in CH3NH2 and 0.110 M in CH3NH3Br. i used th Ka of CH3NH2 and set up the problem as Ka=[H3O][CH3NH2]/[CH3NH3Br], but that was wrong. So i switched the equation to Ka=[H3O][...

Grade 11th Maths

(Second Time posting this problem)This problem is related to Chapter-Sets. Please solve the question using x method. x method means x ∈ A ∩ B Q. If A-B=A then show that A∩B=Ø

English literarure(a streetcar named desire)

infact my problem is that i dnt know how to start answering this empathy question.Can you please help me??th question is thet; Imagine you are stanley.write your opinion about Blanche (scene 1).please help me.

math, help

how do i write the equations so i can solve it i will do the solving but help me out with the equation please.for the following: Four pencils and five pens cost$2.00. THree pencils and four pens cost $1.58. Find the cost fo a pencil and the cost of a pen. and then also for ...


The Varignon parallelogram of the Varignon parallelogram of quadrilateral ABCD is a 3*4 rectangle. Find AC+BD. I don't understand the Varignon parallelogram, so solving this problem is difficult.


Given the equation xy = 2, set up an integral to find the length of path from x = a to x = b and enter the integrand below. I did the integral from b to a and set it equal to the sqrt(1+4/x^4), because I found y to equal 2/x and the derivative to be -2/x^2, but I think I am ...

Calculating Quarts from Pints in a Ratio Help

Can someone please explain the steps to solving this problem without a calculator? Seth drank three pints of water a day for 6 days. How many quarts of water did he drink

chem II

0.959 g of a hydrocarbon is dissolved in 10.00g of benzene. The freezing point of the solution is 1.16C. Find the molecular mass of the hydrocarbon. Benzene has a Kf of 5.12 and a freezing points of 5.53 degrees C. Not sure how to go about solving this problem? Thanks!


Rewrite each problem as a multiplication question. Model your answer. 1. 2/5 divided by 5 2. 3/4 divided by 2

problem solving - math

3 persons are to divide among themselves 21 equal cask, of which 7 are full, 7 are half full, and 7 are empty. how can an equitable division be made, without pouring the wine from any cask into any other, in such a way that each person receives the same amount of wine and the ...


Hi thanks for your help The answer to this problem is supposed to be 1870 [N (m^2)/ c] but im getting 1497 instead. If you could help me get the right answer that would be super. The problem says that there is a pyramid with a square base whose side lengths are 6 m and the ...


Hi thanks for your help The answer to this problem is supposed to be 1870 [N (m^2)/ c] but im getting 1497 instead. If you could help me get the right answer that would be super. The problem says that there is a pyramid with a square base whose side lengths are 6 m and the ...


Hi thanks for your help The answer to this problem is supposed to be 1870 [N (m^2)/ c] but im getting 1497 instead. If you could help me get the right answer that would be super. The problem says that there is a pyramid with a square base whose side lengths are 6 m and the ...


Please help f(x) = 3x² + 2 x= 3 my question, do I start by solving x² first then multiply by 3 and adding 2 f(3= 3 * 9 + 2 = 29 or do I multiply first 3*3 =9² +2 = 83 I'm pretty sure we resolve the exponents first but need some help


A spring 20cm long is stretched to 25cm by a load of 50N. What will be its length when stretched by 100N assuming that the elastic limit is not reached? I want the answer abd solving to this question and also the formula for young modulus of elasticity


i need help with this problem:2x-y=-4 -x-y=5 when you answer this question can you plz include the steps you did to get the final answer?

math - question

In a television game show, there are five questions to answer. Each question is worth twice as much as the previous question. If the last question was worth $6400, what was the first question worth? is the answer 400


Water (η = 1.00E-3 Pa·s) is flowing through a horizontal pipe with a volume flow rate of 0.0153 m3/s. As the drawing below shows, there are two vertical tubes that project from the pipe. Assume that H = 0.0477 m and L = 0.670 m I know how to plug in everything but, my ...

Need guidance on how to solve Michaelis Menten

The question is below. If someone could at least give me an idea of where to start, or some steps of how I should go about solving this problem, I would be so extremely grateful. Thank you! You isolate an enzyme from teddy bear liver. The enzyme catalyzes the following ...


Help solving this question, please help me on how to do it. Don't give me the answer... If the banking system has $15,000 of total reserves and a reserve requirement of 20%, the money supply can reach a maximum of $30,000. $65,000. $75,000. $150,000.

children's literature

Creativity supports problem solving in children and is what type of activity? A. Cognitive activity B. Physical activity C. Social activity D. Emotional activity D?

Grade 11th Maths

(Second time posting this problem)This problem is related to Chapter-Sets. Please solve the question using x method. x method means x ∈ A ∩ B Q. If A⊂B, then prove that B'⊂A'

College Algebra

Hello - I am stuck on this problem and I'm in serious need of some help. I don't understand this question at all. The problem is: Find the equilibrium quantity and equilibrium demand function for the given: Supply: P=45q Demand: P=q^2+10,000

Math - Algebra

Am completely stuck on this one, so am having a hard time explaining the step-by-step instructions for solving the problem below. Help would be greatly appreciated. Two travelers are 220 kilometers apart at noon and are headed toward each other along a straight road. They meet...


As of July 2004, the population of the United States was 293,027,571. If more than half of these people live within 80 kilometers of an ocean, about how many people live within distance? I guess I have to look to find the conversion of kilometers to diatance. I had no luck in ...


You jump from the end of a diving board that is 3 meters above the water. You spring upward from the end of the board with an initial velocity of 5 m/s. How long are you in the air? What is the speed as you hit the water? I need to know the steps in solving the problem. Thanks!

ALGEBRA again still need help !

need help solving this word problem, converting from words to an equation 48 equals a number increased by 6, and the sum, all multiplied by 5. I have the answer, but I am unable to set up an equation. answer - x=3 3/5

Algebra, Solving inequalities

1. 5h - 9 = -16 + 6h 4 7 -7 10*** 2. 4x + 4 = 9x - 13 -8 -7 8 -3 3. Which of the following equations has an infinite number of solutions? 3x - 3 = -4x 2y + 4 - y = 16 7x + 5 = 4x + 5 + 3x *** 6y - 2 = 2(y - 1) 6. q - 12 ≥ -13 q ≥ 1 q ≥ -1 q ≥ 25 q ≥ -25 7. 12p < ...

math word problem

"Adult tickets are $6, Kids are $3. If the total sales are $585, but only 120 tickets were sold, how many adult tickets were sold? If this was 130 it would be easy: $3+$6 =$9; $585/$9 = 65 tickets. The problem is the question specifies 120 tickets.


1) The type of learning that involves reasoning, problem solving, language, memory, association of ideas, and other mental processes is Cognitive learning. Is this correct? 2) When you are figuring out how to memorize information for your college tests, you are engaging in ...


In solving the equation (x + 3)(x + 1) = 48, Eric stated that the solution would be x + 3 = 48 => x = 45 or (x + 1) = 48 => x = 47 However, at least one of these solutions fails to work when substituted back into the original equation. Why is that? Please help Eric to ...


1. In solving the equation (x + 3)(x + 1) = 48, Eric stated that the solution would be x + 3 = 48 => x = 45 or (x + 1) = 48 => x = 47 However, at least one of these solutions fails to work when substituted back into the original equation. Why is that? Please help Eric to...


In solving the equation (x + 3)(x + 1) = 48, Eric stated that the solution would be x + 3 = 48 => x = 45 or (x + 1) = 48 => x = 47 However, at least one of these solutions fails to work when substituted back into the original equation. Why is that? Please help Eric to ...


I need help solving for all solutions for this problem: cos 2x+ sin x= 0 I substituted cos 2x for cos^2x-sin^2x So it became cos^2(x)-sin^2(x) +sinx=0 Then i did 1-sin^2(x)-sin^2(x)+sinx=0 = 1-2sin^2(x)+sinx=0 = sinx(-2sinx+1)=-1 What did i do wrong?? the real solutions are ...

science and medicine

I don't have any idea how to solve this. Could someone show me the steps in solving this word problem? I am at a loss! Abus leaves a station at 1 pm., traveling west at a rate of 44 mi/h. One hour later a second bus leaves the same station, traveling east at a rate of 48 mi/h....

Math (Algebra)

The Problem is that 3 people go to lunch. They decide to share the $12 bill evenly. How much does each person pay? The Equation is 3x=12 #1. What is the value of x? #2. Solve for x #3. Answer the question.


4x-y+z=-5 2x+2y+3z=10 5x-2y+6z=1 solving x,y,z with Matrices


Need help in solving 0.5b+3.4=0.2b+12.4

math 116

Help solving this: 8x-(2x+5)=25


solving this equation...0.9x + 9 ¡Ü 1.3x-6


what is solving mean


Solving the proportions b : 16::6 : 4


  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
  4. 4
  5. 5
  6. 6
  7. 7
  8. 8
  9. 9
  10. 10
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  12. 12
  13. 13
  14. 14
  15. 15
  16. 16
  17. 17
  18. 18
  19. 19
  20. 20
  21. 21
  22. 22
  23. 23
  24. 24
  25. 25
  26. 26
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  40. 40
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  48. 48
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