Prepare an income statement for the year ended December 31, 2009. (Assume that

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  1. math

    During the playoffs you score 2 goals per game. By the end of the second playoff game you had 22 goals for the year. Find an equation that gives you the total number of goals scored for the year in terms of the number of playoff games. How many goals did you score before the ...
  2. statistics

    In a city, 20% of the workers have incomes over $40,000 per year. A researcher chooses 1600 workers at random (with replacement) and finds that the mean is 320 and standard deviation is 16. what is the chance that between 320 and 336 of those have incomes over $40,000 per year?
  3. College Algerbra

    the value of a particular investment follows a pattern of exponential growth. In the year 2000, you invested money in a money market account. The value of your investment t years after 2000 is given by the exponential growth model A = 1600e^(0.052t). By what percentage is the ...
  4. Math

    1)The break-even point is the ticket price for which the event's income will equal expenses. Another way to think of the break even point is the ticket price when profit is $0. The equations given in an earlier problem were: P=((4000-25X)x)-7500 I=((4000-25x)x) S=4000-25x S=...
  5. College Summit

    Where can I find examples of good personal statement letters. Which can help me write mines
  6. bio

    can someone help me with find the website to explain the cause of this statement "Eating too much yogurt will cause catareact" Thanks
  7. algebra

    Write an algebraic equation for the English statement "Add 5 to the sum of 2 times x and the result is 21."
  8. science

    I need to find the term for this statement: process by which substances pass in and out of cells
  9. Math

    Complete the statement, using a metric unit of weight. A television weighs 30______.
  10. AP World History

    In a DBQ the should the thesis statement include the group part of the essay in it?
  11. math

    what would be a counterexample of this converse statement: If a and b are not consecutive odd numbers,then a+b is not an even number.
  12. apwh

    how can i devolp an thesis statement for an dbq essay comaring modern mongolians and their ancestors.
  13. economics

    Explain this statement: the most unlikely problem of the national debt is that the government will go bankrupt.
  14. AP English

    I have to write a thesis statement on the meaning of the title of Pride and Prejudice. Any suggestions?
  15. business

    When making a financial statement analysis on something what are some of the things I sound be looking for?
  16. Accounting

    How would I journalize the following statement: Paid July rent for Office, $2,000.
  17. accounting

    What are the circumstances in which other sections of the statement of cash flows might be important to investors?
  18. COM 220

    I need someone to help me identify the thesis statement in the article A Nation Apart
  19. Spanish

    What is wrong with the statement? El va de Miami a Buenos Aires. Esta tomando un vuelo nacional.
  20. Math

    Determine whether the statement is true or false. Show or explain why. If n is a natural number and 4 | n, then 8 | n.
  21. Math

    Determine whether the statement is true or false. Show or explain why. If n is a natural number and 4 | n, then 8 | n.
  22. Math 156

    Decide whether the following statement is true or false and justify your answer. if n(A) < n(B), then A( B
  23. Math

    use addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division to make a statement true 3 3 3 3 3 3=100
  24. english 1

    The underlined statement is a prepositional phrase. Leslie stood with his back against the wall.
  25. English II

    I really need some help on a good thesis statement on offshore drilling, and I am against it!
  26. college

    Needs help with writing a thesis statement about depression within teen suicide.
  27. 4th grade

    what is a command, statement, question, and exclamation sentences please show me some
  28. adult education

    formulate both a numerical and verbal hypothesis statement regarding depression
  29. English

    How do i write a thesis statement about greed for the novel The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe?
  30. GEOMETRY 4.6

    USE THE GIVEN SET OF POINTS TO PROVE EACH CONGRUENCE STATEMENT E(-3, 3), F(-1, 3), G(-2, 0), J(0, -1), K(2,-1), L(1, 2);<EFG=<JKL
  31. english

    How do i make this a stronger thesis statement? There are many circumstances that effect the actions of fictional characters.
  32. Geometry

    Suppose PQR RST. Which congruency statement of the two triangles is not equivalent to the others
  33. algebra

    Solve for the unknown:8/26=m/13 Complete the statement, using the symbol < or >. 12/19 ___ 0.625 ---------------- 8/ 2= 4, 26/2=13= 4/13 right?
  34. algebra

    Is this statement true or false? The constant of proportionality, k, in the direct variation model y=kx is the slope
  35. Writing

    Aristotle observed arguments only have two parts: statement and proof. T/F
  36. business

    Discuss the pros and cons of the following statement: "Egalitarian companies are more innovative".
  37. Geometry

    Write the negation of each statement. Every student at Hammond High School has a locker.
  38. Geometry

    Write the negation of each statement. Every student at Hammond High School has a locker.
  39. english

    A good strong thesis statement about the children's book Corduroy by Don Freeman
  40. Geometry

    A conditional statement is always logically equivalent to its a.) contrapositive b.) converse c.) conjunction d.) inverse
  41. math

    What is the missing dimension in this volume statement? 24cm3(3 squared)=3cm x____ cm x 4cm
  42. social 10

    what would be a good statement to describe the differences between globalization & imperialism? PLEASE HELP!
  43. Math

    Write this statement out as an equation and solve. Two thirds the sum of 30 and a number is 26.
  44. Adding & Subtracting Expressions

    How do I use the distributive property to show that the following is a true statement? 8.5m + 1.3m = 9.8m
  45. Biology

    make a statement relating hydrogen ion concentration to the acidity and basicity of solutions
  46. Science

    make a statement relating hydrogen ion concentration to the acidity and basicity of solutions
  47. High School Math

    Use >,< or = to complete the statement. |-10| |11| A. > B. = C.< I chose C is that correct I get confused because they are enclosed
  48. Elementary Math

    -0.1<=y<=0.1 <= means less than or equal to So if I break the statement up is y <= -0.1 y>=0.1 Correct? Please help I'm confused.
  49. s.s.

    "unemployment leads to wastage of man power resource" justifythe statement with suitable examples.
  50. Health

    Below are descriptions about the programs that are designed to help prevent suicide. Which statement is true?
  51. Grammar

    Is tthe following statement dependent clause? So Chad bought a new bat
  52. physics

    Your friend says his remote control car travels at a velocity of 1.5 m/s. What is wrong with that statement
  53. government

    What does this statement means? He believed that political liberty threatened the efficiency of the stare with anarchy.
  54. business math

    Translate the following statement into an equation: A number (X) decreased by 4 is 25. (Points : 2)
  55. English

    1. Attention Grabber for Odyssey: 2. State/Explain topic: 3. Thesis Statement: Please help me with this!
  56. maths (geometry)

    decide whether the statement is true or false, A line has length and breadth
  57. Geometry

    Use the Division Property of Equality to complete the following statement. If 5x=2y, then x=? Mom in need of help
  58. Math

    Write this statement out as an equation and solve. If you multiply a number by 5 and then add 8, the result is 68.
  59. 3rd grade math

    write EACH division statement 3 different ways twelve divided by 3
  60. Physics

    Make a predictive statement about the path dependence of accelerations due to gravity
  61. math 209

    which of the following conclusions is true about the statement below? x^2= square root x
  62. Algebra 1

    If 111 -> 13, 112 -> 24, 114 -> 46, and 115 -> 57, complete this statement: 117 -> ____. Explain.
  63. Math - PreCalc (12th Grade)

    What is the first natural number that causes the statement:(2+3)^n<=4^n+3^n to fail? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 E) 5
  64. Geometry

    Name the property of equality that justifies that statement "If m<1 + m<2 = m<3 + m<4 and m<2 = m<4, then M<1 + m<4 = m<3 + m<4" A. Subtraction B. Transitive C. Symmetric D. Substitution
  65. Discrete Mathematics

    b) Determine whether or not the statement “for all integers a, b, c, if a | bc, then a | b or a | c” is false. Justify your answer.
  66. English

    can someone explain to me what my professor is asking when she say underline the focus or or phrase in the thesis statement
  67. Exam week 4

    The relativist would agree with which statement about stem cell research?
  68. Health

    Below are descriptions about the programs that are designed to help prevent suicide. Which statement is true?
  69. 5th grade math

    Find the value of 'n' to make each statement true. 1. 22 times n is between 80 and 85
  70. Business

    Can someone verify which of the statement is most accurate regarding reinforcement theory My ans is A

    patient complains of a fast heart rate. Which diagnosis does this statement indicate?
  72. Language Arts 8 A

    Which statement best expresses a central theme of "The StoryTeller"? I can not figure out
  73. programing in basic

    the computer will accept what statement, if four statements are entered with the same number?
  74. Social studies

    Which statement does not describe an advantage of the Union forces during the Civil War?
  75. Math

    What makes the statement true? 8-^2=? 64**** 16 -1/26 1/64 Evaluate the expression 4-^2x2^0 8 16*** 1/16 -64 Write 5^2•5-^1•5^3 as a single exponent 5^4 5-^6**** 5^5 5^2
  76. math

    plss help equation for this statement the distance D travelled by a car varies directly as its speed s
  77. Writing help

    I need ideas for a thesis statement with the topic of "Helping Small Businesses Succeed."
  78. Financial Accounting

    Explain the reason for creation of provision, how they are accounted for, and where it is presented in the funancial statement.
  79. social studies

    acording to this quote wich statement best sumierizes the souths agenda
  80. ELA

    What would be a good thesis statement for comparing and contrasting Pop and Christian music?
  81. English

    A thesis statement clarifies the main point an essay will make. I say true
  82. math

    76 divided by ? = 100-12 = What number should be placed in he box to make the statement true
  83. Social Studies Check Answer

    How were U.S. interventions in Somalia and Northern Ireland most similar? A. U.S. troops fought alongside U.N. forces in both places. B. U.S. policy worked to end conflicts between local groups in both places.**** C. U.S. efforts successfully ended civil rights and ethnic ...
  84. english

    For the Unit 1 Discussion Board assignment, you will: (1) select a topic from the list below, (2) develop a thesis statement from your topic selection and post your writing strategies for developing your thesis, (3) explore the features of the MyCompLab and summarize your ...
  85. Math- practical purpose

    For many years, China has been the world's most populous country. However, India has been catching up, with 1132 million in mid-2007 and growing at 1.6% per year, versus China then with 1318 million and growing at only 0.6% per year. If these rates continue, when will India ...
  86. math

    Marvin Company has a beginning inventory of 12 sets of paints at a cost of $1.50 each. During the year, the store purchased 4 sets at $1.60, 6 sets at $2.50 and 10 sets at $3.00. By the end of the year, 25 sets were sold. Calculated (a) the number of paint sets in stock and (b...
  87. Science - Chemistry

    Calculate the amount of energy a woman takes in during a year on a 2200kcal a day diet (1 calorie = 4.18J). Calculate the amount of energy she spends in driving 5000 miles a year at 40 miles to the gallon of octane, given 1 gallon of octane weighs 3.12 kg, and standard ...
  88. Hm. Essay Writing?

    Okay, I am in Essay writing and I need to write a conclusionary paragraph on firewood, I need to first write a thesis statement with it using oak, willow and fir I must end with a recommendation about their relative efficiency as a heat source. x_x A.k.a sometihng I know ...
  89. Calculus

    It is estimated that the demand for a manufacturer's product is increasing exponentially at an instantaneous rate of 5% per year. If the current demand is increasing by 4000 units per year and if the price remains fixed at $850 per unit, how much revenue will the manufacturer ...
  90. math

    Suppose there are 100 rabbits on an island and that the rabbit population can triple every half-year. Write an equation you could use to find the number of rabbits, R, after t, years. Using your equation, determine the amount of rabbits on the island in year 10. For the ...

    Cash conversion cycle American Products is concerned about managing cash efficiently. On the average, inventories have an age of 90 days, and accounts receivable are collected in 60 days. Accounts payable are paid approximately 30 days after they arise. The firm has annual ...

    Thank you Reiny. I really appreciate the help but I am not really understanding the the exprssions well enough to explain the answer. Also at first I was thinking that the answer has nothing to do with actual money but only how much inventory or merchanise that Anna has to ...
  93. Math

    The systolic blood pressure of 18-year-old women is normally distributed with a mean of 120 mm Hg and a standard deviation of 12 mm Hg. What percentage of 18-year-old women have a systolic blood pressure that is within 3 standard deviations of the mean on either side? Apply ...
  94. Math

    Luis is 10 years older than his brother. Next year, he will be three times as old as his brother. If the brother's age is represented by a, what is Luis' age? What will be the brother's age next year?
  95. Physics

    You plan to fly a model airplane of mass 0.655 kg that is attached to a horizontal string. The plane will travel in a horizontal circle of radius 5.50 m. (Assume the weight of the plane is balanced by the upward "lift" force of the air on the wings of the plane.) The plane ...
  96. Physics

    You plan to fly a model airplane of mass 0.655 kg that is attached to a horizontal string. The plane will travel in a horizontal circle of radius 5.50 m. (Assume the weight of the plane is balanced by the upward "lift" force of the air on the wings of the plane.) The plane ...
  97. Math

    For each 10-degree adjustment on your water heater thermostat, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 500 pounds a year. By how many pounds will you reduce your carbon dioxide footprint if you turn down your water heater thermostat from 140¢ªF to 120¢ªF over a 5 year ...
  98. Math

    when i was 18 Year old ,My sister was Half my age,now i Am 82 Year old .how old is my sister now.
  99. math

    Mr. Jain is 3 year older than Mrs. Jain .One fifth of Mr Jain's age is 3 year's more than 1/8 of Mrs. Jain's age how old ARE Mr. and Mrs. Jain ???????????
  100. Corporate Finance

    I have answered all of the following except for the payback period, I do not understand how to do it. Can you please explain how to do the payback period? Texas Roks, Inc. is considering a new quarry machine. The costs and revenues associated with the machine have been ...
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