Prepare an income statement for the year ended December 31, 2009. (Assume that

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  1. acc

    Which of the following is a true statement about manual and electronic accounting systems?
  2. science

    a negative charged atom is called an ion. is this statement right?if not how can i fix it?
  3. American Govt.

    Which of the following is an inaccurate statement about americans' exposure to news?
  4. algebra

    Which linear equation represents the statement "the quotient of 17 and y is 9 less than four times x"?
  5. math

    how to solve this equation by inserting the brackets to make it a true statement -20+4x2+7-35 = -19
  6. Geometry

    Identify the hypothesis and conclusion of the if-then statement. If the doorbell readings, then the dog barks.
  7. English

    What 3 elements and introductory paragraph in an essay have? 1 hook 2 thesis statement 3????????
  8. math

    how to go by doing a personal cash flow statement is it like the regular budgetfor your house.
  9. maths

    choose the correct operations to make this statement true;1000[?]81[?]190=10
  10. Algebra

    How do I find the unknown digit to make this statement true 2.48 > 2.4 ____1 > 2.463
  11. math

    How is testing a conjecture like finding a statement true or false? How is it different?
  12. math

    the Pearson r and Spearman rho corretation coefficients are related. Is this statement correct?
  13. Ethical Dilemmas/Criminal Justice

    which statement about hypothetical imperatives is true?
  14. Trig

    In ΔABC, a = 19, c = 10, and m∠A = 111. Which statement can be used to find the value of C?
  15. reading

    what general statement you make about Babe Didrikson and women athletes?
  16. Teachers aide

    Which one of the following is an accurate statement regarding the “transition to school”?
  17. English

    Come up with a thesis statement which could be supported by 3 points using: humans and greed.
  18. biology

    How could you explain this statement "An ecosystem is constantly changing ,yet it remains the same."
  19. Geometry

    If you live in Australia ,then you have been surfing. Is it a true conditional statement?
  20. Math

    Is this a true statement? x+x+x+2+3=3x+5 I think this is could you tell me if I'm right? Big test comming! Thanks
  21. math

    Which point represents a number that makes this statement true? 64.8 < < 65. 4 assessment graphic
  22. english

    How can this thesis statement be written better? Rap music is the best ever.
  23. sci207: dependence of man on the environment

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy
  24. math

    Replace the___with<,>, or = to make a true statement. 7^4\7^2_______49 A. < B. > C. = D. None if the above A?
  25. Math

    Find the unknown digit to make each statement true 2.48>2.4__1>2.463
  26. Math

    Replace m with a whole number to make each statement true. m*10+m*13=138. What does the m represent?
  27. math

    for each mathematical statement below determine if it's always, sometimes, or never true. a. |m-n| = |m| - |n| b. b + (-b) = 0
  28. Social studies

    which statement best describes the location of south west Asia
  29. math help

    which measure correctly completes the statement. 1,127.5 milligrams = ? grams (1 point)
  30. English

    ''Thank you so much for you're patiently waiting.'' 1. Is the statement grammatically correct? 2. What is its sentence patterns? ;)
  31. Math

    find the brackets in the right place to make the statement true. in the expression 4*15-11+8-2=20
  32. social studies

    which statement best summarizes the paragraph's main point . question 22
  33. Math

    Check My Answer Please. Which statement is an example of the Identity Property of Multiplication? 8 • 0 = 0 8 • 1 = 8 8 • –1 = –8** –8 • –1 = 8
  34. 7th grade Math

    Which of the following is a true statement? A. -8 > -6 B. 10 < -12 C. -5 > -7 D. -9 >6 This is integers, and I'm stumped. Please help! Thanks.
  35. Math

    what is the vale of 14 - a² given a = -3 A 23 B 11** C 8 D 5 what symbol is needed between -2 ? |-3| to make a true statement? A < B >** C =
  36. chemistry

    explain the meaning of this statement"specific heat capicity of alumminium is 900J/kg°C"
  37. Social Studies

    Which statement best explains the significance of the signing of the Mayflower Compact?
  38. Algebra help pls

    Which equation matches the statement: "The sum of -4x and 2 is 9"? A -4x+2=9 B -4x+9=2 C -4x(2)=9* D -4x-2=9 Solve. 1 ___ x = 12 3 A x=4 B x=15 C x=36 D x=39* Am i correct on these?
  39. Algebra help pls

    Which equation matches the statement: "The sum of -4x and 2 is 9"? A -4x+2=9 B -4x+9=2 C -4x(2)=9* D -4x-2=9 Solve. 1 ___ x = 12 3 A x=4 B x=15 C x=36 D x=39* Am i correct on these?
  40. Math

    Which statement justified the given ordered pair as a solution to the system of equations (-1, -13), (y=3x-10), (y=-2x-15)
  41. Art

    Match the image with the appropriate descriptive statement about cultural function.
  42. SCIENCE!

    last worksheet for SCIENCE! for today analyzing elements of a scientific method read the following statements and then answer the questions. 1. you and your friend are walking along a each in maine on january 15, at 8:00 am. 2. you notice a thermometer on a nearby building ...
  43. PSYCH

    Milfont (2009) found that desirable responding did not impact the self-reporting of environmental attitudes and behavior. What methodological issues might decrease the credibility of this claim? A. Ecological behavior was self-reported instead of measuring actual behavior. B. ...
  44. Word Problem

    A developer wants to enclose a retangular grassy lot that borders a city street for parking. If the developer has 336 feet of fencing and does not fence the side along the street, what is the largest area that can be enclosed. I went back and worked the problem again to make ...
  45. math

    The out-of-pocket costs to an employee for dental insurance and dental expenses for one year are as follows: Premium, $4000; Deductible, $300; Co-payment, 17% (after the first $300 the employee has to pay). According to the plan outlined, total annual dental care costs, c, ...
  46. Finance

    United Technology Corporation (UTC) has $40 million of convertible bonds outstanding (40,000 bonds at $1,000 par value) with a coupon rate of 11 percent. Interest rates are currently 8 percent for bond of equal risk. The bonds have 15 years left to maturity. The bonds may be ...
  47. fin

    28. Describe the general relationship between net income and net cash flows from operating activities for the firm. . Has the buildup in plant and equipment been financed in a satisfactory manner? Briefly discuss.
  48. Statistics

    Please tell me which test would be best to use in a nonparametric test of hypothesis for (is the average income of men and women greater than 30000). Here are the tests: Kruskal-Wallis Mann-Whitney
  49. Math

    Isaac gets paid $400.00 per week plus a commission $10.00 for every item he sells. Write the equation that shows the relationship between the number of items he sells and his weekly income.
  50. U.S Gov. & Ec.

    All of the following are goals the Federal Government seeks to achieve in the economic realm except A. full employment. B. price stability. C. income equity. D. economic growth I think B.....but not 100% sure
  51. Biology

    Imagine that you have a stock solution with a concentration of 4.6 M glucose (C1). You want to use the stock solution to prepare a diluted solution of 0.22M glucose (C2). You need a total volume of 10mL of 0.22M glucose (V2). What volume of water you need to use for making 0....
  52. Chemistry

    Imagine that you have a stock solution with a concentration of 4.6 M glucose (C1). You want to use the stock solution to prepare a diluted solution of 0.22M glucose (C2). You need a total volume of 10mL of 0.22M glucose (V2). What volume of water you need to use for making 0....
  53. Physics

    A crate of mass 40 kg is pushed up a ramp by a person as shown in the figure below. The person pushes the crate a distance of 14 m as measured along the ramp. Assume the crate moves at constant velocity. Assume the coefficient of kinetic friction between the crate and the ramp...
  54. Puerto Rico (AGAIN)

    I need to know some Laws to be aware of.. I found some sites, but i'm having difficulty breaking it down, so i need a site that is pretty easy to comprehend or perhaps maybe u can retype what the site says so that it is easier to comprehend I also need to know what are some ...
  55. math

    A calculator requires a keystroke assembly and a logic circuit. Assume that 83% of the keystroke assemblies and 92% of the logic circuits are satisfactory. Find the probability that a finished calculator will be satisfactory. Assume independence of keystroke assemblies and ...
  56. math

    A calculator requires a keystroke assembly and a logic circuit. Assume that 83% of the keystroke assemblies and 92% of the logic circuits are satisfactory. Find the probability that a finished calculator will be satisfactory. Assume independence of keystroke assemblies and ...
  57. economics

    Wilpen Company, a price- setting firm, produces nearly 80 percent of all tennis balls purchased in the United States. Wilpen estimates the U. S. demand for its tennis balls by using the following linear specification: where Q is the number of cans of tennis balls sold ...
  58. accounting and finance

    unadjusted trail balance(December 31,2008)(Bed Bugs R Us Ltd): prepaid rent $8,000 rent expense $24,000 adjusting entry question: 4 months worth of prepaid rent had been purchased on September 1 2007 in an adjacent building to b used as thier office. The rent on this space was...
  59. Statistics

    ) Laura McCarthy, the owner of Riverside Bakery, has been approached by insurance underwriters trying to convince her to purchase flood insurance. According to local meteorologists, there is a 0.01 probability that the river will flood next year. Riverside’s profits for the ...
  60. Law

    A retirement plan based on age in which an employer offers $10,000 as a base early retirement incentive for 55-year-olds, $8,000 for 56-year-olds, and so on, and nothing to persons age 60 or older. Does such a plan amount to illegal age discrimination? My Response: No, its not...
  61. Business

    3. Sam's Watch Shop sells 2,500 watches a year. The store estimates that it costs $4 per year to carry a watch in inventory and $100 to place an order for watches. (a) Determine the total inventory costs associated with an order size of 500 and (b) compute the economic order ...
  62. math

    A person a pair of shoes is purchased each year and has noticed that the price has increased as a geometric progression. If the price increase in the last two years was 25 dollars and in the last year was 15 dollars. a. What was the price of the pair of shoes two years ago. b...
  63. College Algebra

    The equationS = 1.3x + 6.4 represents the amount of sales of statin in billions of dollars in 2005. a. According to this equation, people in the U.S spent ---- billion dollars on statins in the year of 2011. b. According to this equation, sales of statin will reach 20.41 ...
  64. Math

    You plant a 4 foot maple tree that grows at a rate of 6 inches per year and a 2 foot birch tree grows at a rate of 8 inches per year . In how many years after planting will the two trees be the same height? How tall will each tree be?
  65. math

    Vanessa deposited money into a bank account that earned 1.25% simple interest each year. After 1212 year, she had earned $5.00 in interest on the account. If no other money was deposited into or withdrawn from the account, how much was her initial deposit?
  66. Multimedia

    Not sure if you will get this right away.. but here is the question... Prompt the user for their name and then prompt the user for a number between 1 and 12. After getting the input, you will display the user’s name and then display the number with the appropriate month. (e....
  67. Solar Energy Help ASAP

    Let's assume that solar light reaches a silicon solar cell with an angle of incidence of θi=0o. For simplicity, let's consider the refractive index of silicon to be nSi=3.5. The refractive index of air is nair=1. What percentage of light would be lost due to reflection at...
  68. mathematics

    Allan makes two payments a year of $337 each for real estate taxes. He makes six payments a year of $216 for auto insurance. How much must he budget monthly to cover these fixed expenses? 2 How much will it cost to mail a first-class letter that weighs 2.8 oz? The rate is $.22...
  69. Pre Calculus HELP!?

    The length of a day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is given by the sinusoidal function, f(t), which represents the number of hours of daylight t days into the year: f(t)= 10+2.8sin(2pi/365)*(t-1.35). How many hours of daylight are there on the 100th day of the year? Round the ...
  70. probability

    The vertical coordinate (“height") of an object in free fall is described by an equation of the form x(t)=θ0+θ1t+θ2t2, where θ0, θ1, and θ2 are some parameters and t stands for time. At certain times t1,…,tn, we make noisy observations Y1,…,...
  71. Finance

    Your great aunt Mary passed away and left you and inheritance of $5,000.00. Since you don't have a need for the money in the near future, which of the following would be the best place to put the $5,000.00? a) a savings account earning 1% interest b) a checking account c) high...
  72. biology 110

    you are making a standard to be used to measure protien concentration. you have added 2ml of protien, 3ml of water, and 4ml of an indicator dye. How would you prepare the blank for this experiment? we are using the Spectrophotometer
  73. Chem

    Could someone explain to me how to prepare (a) zinc chloride by an acid-base reaction and (b) by a gas formation reaction. If the starting materials available are ZnCO3, HCL, CL2, HNO3, NaCL, Zn(NO3)2, and Zn. Thanks so much for any info.
  74. Anatomy and Physiology

    What should the patient with recurrent urinary tract infections be instructed? A. Avoid eating undercooked meat. B. Prepare for a kidney transplant. C. Drink plenty of water. D. Expect treatment with kidney dialysis.
  75. Accounting

    Q.2. A company that uses the perpetual inventory system purchased $8,500 worth of inventory on September 25. Terms of the purchase were 2/10, n/30. The invoice was paid in full on October 4. Prepare the journal entries to record these merchandise transactions.
  76. Chemistry RUSH, Please

    1) How many grams of CH4 (MM = 16.043) are needed to react with 50.0g of CL2 (MM=70.91)? 2) What is the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 20.0 g of methanol, CH3OH, oara sufficient water to prepare 500 mL of solution? Show calculations
  77. Accounting

    I need some help with this question… It is confusing me… I have parts of it done but would like someone to help explain it to me. A truck was purchased on January 2 at a cost of $60,000. It’s expected to be used for five years and to have a residual value of $5,000 after...
  78. College General Chemistry

    How would you prepare each of the following solutions? a. 100mL of a 155ppm solution of urea, CH4N2O, in water. b.100mL of an aquaneous solution whose K+ concentration is 0.075M
  79. geography

    i donot understand your answer drwls actually i feel difficulty in this project.please give me a hint how i prepare this and ialso feel difficulty in making pie chart
  80. AP CHEM

    You need to use KH2PO4 and K2HPO4 to prepare a buffer with a pH of 7.45. Which of the following ratios of [base]/[acid] is required? For phosphoric acid, (H3PO4), Ka2 = 6.2 × 10–8. Do I use the Hasselbach equation?
  81. chemistry

    Moles chemistry? Calculate the mass of solute required to prepare ib the solution 200cm^3 of solution containig 0.50 mol dm ^-3 cl-iond prepared by dissolving cacl2.6h2o in water.
  82. chemistry

    2. Determine the pH if 0.02 mol of HCl is added to 1.0 L of the buffer described in question #1 question1: 1. How many grams of NaHCO3 should be added to one liter of 0.100 M H2CO3 (Ka = 4.2 x 10-7) to prepare a buffer with pH = 7.00?
  83. chemistry

    3. Determine the pH if 0.02 mol of NaOH is added to 1.0L of the buffer described in question #1. question1: 1. How many grams of NaHCO3 should be added to one liter of 0.100 M H2CO3 (Ka = 4.2 x 10-7) to prepare a buffer with pH = 7.00?
  84. Algebra

    ARE THESE CORRECT? Over the yrs, the O'Connell Company has been switching from typewriters to computers. At once time the company had 815 typewriters which were wearing out at a rate of about 60 per year. At the same time, they had 500 computers and were adding 75 per year. ...
  85. chemistry

    Assume that no heat is lost to the surroundings and calculate the enthalpy involved when 200. mL of .10 M potassium hydroxide and 200. mL of .10 M hydrochloric acid are mixed. Both solutions began at room temperature, 24.5 degrees celsius, and have densities very close to 1.00...
  86. finance: retirement planning

    Tyrone, age 25, expects to retire at age 60. He expects to live until age 90. He anticipates needing $45,000 per year in today's dollars during retirement. Tyrone can earn a 12% rate of return and he expects inflation to be 4%. How much must Tyrone save, at the beginning of ...
  87. Economics

    Which of the following statements would come from someone classified as unemployed? A. I'm not working. I had three interviews this week, and I'm trying to find a job. B. I haven't had a job in a year, and I stopped looking for a job nine months ago. C. I'm not working because...
  88. Computer Programming using python

    Assume s is a string of lower case characters. Write a program that counts up the number of vowels contained in the string s. Valid vowels are: 'a', 'e', 'i', 'o', and 'u'. For example, if s = 'azcbobobegghakl', your program should print: Number of vowels: 5 For problems such ...
  89. algebra

    Your research the average cost of whole milk for several years to look for trends.the table show your data what is the equation for a line of best fit how much would you expect to pay for a gallon of milk in the year Year 1998-2000-2002-2004-2006-2008 Cost 2.28-2.76-2.94-2.91-...
  90. Science need help

    all but one of the following statement about the melting and crystallization of magmas is correct.identify the one statement that is incorrect. 1)the presence of water decreases the melting temperature of magma. 2)the upper part of magma in a magma chamber will be richer in ...
  91. math

    Your math test has 38 questions and is worth 200. points. The test consist of multiple choice questions worth 4 points each and open ended questions worth 20 points each. How many of each type of question are there?
  92. math

    Sam invested $5000 in a GIC earning 8% compound interest per year. The interest gets added to the amount invested, so the next year Sam gets interest on the interest already earned as well as on the original amount. How much will Sam's investment be worth at the end of 10 ...
  93. Math Problem (please help)

    The simple interest on an investment is directly proportional to the amount of the investment. By investing $4250 in a certain bond issue, you obtained an interest payment of $106.25 after 1 year. Find a mathematical model that gives the interest I for this bond issue after 1 ...
  94. policy issue

    I have to come up with a issue statement about a policy and make a chart. For example: if the issue is to maintian the same tuition cost from 1980 to 1982, then all the groups of people that are involved include adminsitration, board of trustees, students, parents, faculty, ...
  95. Language Arts

    1. Which of the following is not part of the rising action in "Raymond's Run"? (1 point) A. Squeaky and Raymond confront Mary Louise and her friends on Broadway. B. Mr. Pearson hints to Squeaky that she should consider letting the new girl win. C. Squeaky is responsible for ...
  96. accounting

    1. Please refer to the worksheet below. Trial Balance Adjustments Adjusted Trial Balance Income Statement Balance Sheet Account Title Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Cash $1,700 $1,700 $1,700 Accounts receivable 8,500 $2,000 10,500 10,500 Supplies 100 $80 20 20 ...
  97. pharmacy calculations

    prepare 500 ml of a 1:5 solution using a 1:10 solution and a 1:4n solution. what quantities will be used of each stock solution to make the 1:5 solution?
  98. pharmacy tech.

    Prepare 500ml of a 1:5 solution using a 1:10 solution and a 1:4 solution. What quantities will be used of each stock solution to make the 1:5 solution?
  99. chemistry

    Describe how to prepare a 1M solution of sodium hydroxide from concentrated sodium hydroxide (17.6 M)
  100. chemistry

    Starting with a 2.0 M NaOH solution, determine how you would prepare 1 L of a 0.1 M NaOH solution.
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