Pre- Calculus

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  1. Calculus

    Evaluate the definite integral (low) (high) -π/6 ∫ π/6 2sec(x)tan(x) dx
  2. Calculus

    Find the values of c guaranteed by the mean value theorem for integrals. f(x)= x^3 [0,3]
  3. Calculus

    For which pair of functions f(x) and g(x) below will the lim(x->infinity) f(x)g(x)≠0 a)f(x) = 10x + e^-x; g(x) = (1/5x) b)f(x) = x^2; g(x) = e^-4x c)f(x) = (Lnx)^3; g(x) = 1/x d)f(x) = √x; g(x) = e^-x
  4. Calculus

    Find all values of c that satisfy the Mean Value Theorem for f(x) = x^3 + 1 on [2, 4].
  5. Calculus

    Find the area of the region in the first quadrant between the curves y=x^8, and y=2x^2-x^4
  6. Calculus

    If the line 3x-4y=0 is tangent in the first quadrant to the curve y=x^3+k, then k is? I got 1/4 is this correct?
  7. calculus

    find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of -x^2+2y^2+3x=-2 at the points with x-coordinates x=4
  8. Calculus

    Find the value of the derivative of the function f(x)=7-|X| at the extrema point (0,7)? A. Does not exist B. 0 C. 7 D. -7
  9. Calculus

    Find all the values of (x) in the interval [0, 2Pi], such that sec^2 (x) = 4
  10. calculus

    find the limit without using L'Hopital's Rule Lim(X->-4) (16-x^2 / x+4)
  11. calculus

    Define h(x)={x^2 if x>=-1 {ax+b if x<-1 If f(-2)=-1, how do i determine the values of a and b for which h(x) is continuous in the set of real numbers
  12. calculus

    define f(x)={x+a if x>2 {-1 if x=2 {ax+b if x<2. How to determine the values of a and b for which f(x) is continuous in the set of real numbers.
  13. calculus

    find the limit x-->inf (x^2+x)^1/2-(x^2-x)^1/2 so I know I multiply by the conjugate 2x/(x^2+x)^1/2+(x^2-x)^1/2 then I don't know where to finish problem
  14. calculus

    find the average rate of change of the function f(x)=x^3+1 over the interval [-1,1]
  15. calculus

    find y' if x^2y^4+3y-4x^3=5 cos x-1 (2x-y^4)+(dy/dx4y^3*x^) +dy/dx+12x^2=5(-sin x-1) is this started correctly
  16. Math Calculus

    Find critical points and extreme values on the interval [-1,5]: f(x)=|x^2-4x+3|
  17. Calculus

    Find dy/dt where y = 2 sqrt(2)− 4 and dx/dt = 9 when x = 4. I found the derivative of y=2sqrt(2)-4 but I am stuck as to where to plug in dx/dt
  18. calculus

    y' = 2y(1/2) , y(0) = 8 The function starts with y0 = 4 ,what is Euler’s method for computing yk+1 from yk with step size ∆t.
  19. Calculus

    Find the area of the region under the curve y=x+2 over the interval [1,4].
  20. Calculus

    A particle is moving as given by the data below 4sin(t)-3cos(t); s(0)=0
  21. Calculus

    Find an equation of the curve that satisfies dy/dx=150yx^14 and whose y-intercept is 6.
  22. Calculus

    Sketch the regions bounded by the following curves and find their area: y=2x^2 y=-x^3+3x
  23. calculus

    find the parametric equation of the line that is tangent to the parabola y=x^2 at the point(-2 , 4)
  24. calculus

    Find the length of the curve defined by the parametric equations x = 2/3t, y = 2ln((t/3)^2−1) from t =6 to t =7.
  25. multivariate calculus

    Q.NO.1: Show that the function z=ln(x^2 + y^2)+2tan^-1(y/x) satisfies Laplace’s equation. (∂^2z/∂x^2)+(∂^2z/∂y^2)=0
  26. Calculus

    Give an example of a function that is integrable on the interval [-1,1], but not continuous on [-1,1]. Explain.
  27. Math/calculus

    Tan 165° Use appropriate identity and evaluate
  28. Calculus

    Find dy/dx and express the final answer with a common denominator y=lnx^2(4x-12)
  29. math calculus 2

    Find the area of the region RR bounded by y=sin(x), y=cos(x), x=−π/3, x=13/6.
  30. Calculus

    For approximately what values of x can sinx be replaced by x - x^3/6, with an error of magnitude no greater than 8 * 10^-3?
  31. Calculus

    The length of the graph of f(x) = 2/3x^(3/2) over [0,p] equals 52/3. Find p. I think p is about 8.09.
  32. Calculus 2

    Find the area bounded by the curves y=sin(4x) and y=0 for x between x=0 and x=3pi/8.
  33. Calculus 2

    Find the area of the region. Please show work so I can understand. 2y=5x^(1/2),y=3,2y+4x=9
  34. Calculus help

    Use the graph of f(t) = 2t + 2 on the interval [–1, 4] to write the function F(x), where f of x equals the integral from 1 to x of f of t dt. F(x) = x2 + 3x F(x) = x2 + 2x – 12 F(x) = x2 + 2x – 3 F(x) = x2 + 4x – 8
  35. Calculus

    Evaluate slope of a tangent line: y=1-(1/2)x^2, P(2,-1) The answer is supposed to be -1, but I'm getting -2. [1-2-2h-(1/2)h^2]-[-1]/h [-1-2h-(1/2)h^2+1]/h [h(-2-1/2h)]/h -1/2(0)-2 =-2
  36. AP Calculus AB

    If f(x) = |(x2 - 4)(x2 + 2)|, how many numbers in the interval [0, 1] satisfy the conclusion of the Mean Value Theorem?
  37. Calculus

    If ∑ n=0 to inf of 3x^n/n! is a Taylor series that converges to f(x) for all real x, what is the value of f ''(0)?
  38. Calculus

    If f is a vector-valued function defined by <sin2t, cos2t> then what is f '' (pi/4)? I think it is <-4, -√2/2>.
  39. Calculus

    Find a function f such that f '(x) = 3x3 and the line 3x + y = 0 is tangent to the graph of f. f(x) =
  40. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral by interpreting it in terms of areas. bounds from -1 to 0. 3+sqrt(1−x2) dx
  41. pre-calc

    A ball is dropped from the top of a 25-m ladder. In each bounce, the ball reaches a vertical height that is 3/5 the previous vertical height.Determine the total vertical distance traveled by the ball when it contacts the ground for the sixth time. Express your answer to the ...
  42. Pre algebra

    when a skydiver jumps from an airplane, the distance of d in feet the diver falls in t seconds before opening the parachute is given by the formula d=16t^2 (the formula asumes that there is no air resistance) find the time it takes a skydiver to fall 1,296ft before openening ...
  43. Pre-Cal (Help Please!!!!)

    [Note: i need help really badly. I only have 2 hours left] Find all solutions of the following equations. Be sure to check for extraneous solutions. show work 1). 3cosθtan^(2)θ-cosθ=0 2). tan (3θ)+1=0
  44. pre-algrbra

    The following table represents the total cost, in dollars (y) to join a gym for x number of months. The cost includes a one-time joining fee of 10$. Does the data in the table represent a proportional relationship or a non-proportional relationship? how do you know? X= 1 2 3 4...
  45. Pre-Calc

    Does y=1/x have an inverse? It is a one-to-one function, so it should be the inverse equation is the same??? yes, the inverse is the same. Check it with G(f(x)) So, when drawing the inverse, it is just the same graph?
  46. pre-calc

    Find an angle between 0 and 2ð that is coterminal with the given angle. -8pi/3 A sector of a circle has a central angle of 60°. Find the area of the sector if the radius of the circle is 3 mi.
  47. Pre-Algebra

    Your baseball team has won 6 games and lost 4 games. If the team does not lose any more games, how many games must the team win to have a win: loss ratio of 2:1.
  48. Pre-Algebra

    Andyis putting together alien toys called Zergs and Borgs for a display window in the toy shop. He has a box of body parts that contains 45 heads and 55 feet. One Zerg has 1 head and 3 feet. One Borg has 4 heads and 2 feet. How would I go about doing this? Thank you in advance.
  49. pre-calc

    A ship travels 200km west from port and then 240km due south before it is disabled. Illustrate this in a vector diagram. Usa trigonometry to find the course that a rescue ship must take from port in order to reach the disabled ship. i don't know where to begin, could someone ...
  50. Pre Cal.

    Evaluate tan(cos^(-1)(ã3/2 )+tan^(-1)(ã3/3))? arccos(sqrt(3) / 2) = pi / 6 arctan(sqrt(3) / 3) = pi / 6 tan(pi / 6 + pi / 6) = tan(pi / 3) = sqrt(3).
  51. Pre-Algebra

    Four times the sum of three times a number and 5 is the same as the sum of 11 times the number and 5
  52. pre algebra

    the midpoints of each side of triangle NOT are connected to make a smaller triangle inside triangle NOT. If the area of triangle NOT is 16 in squared, what is the area of the smaller triangle?
  53. pre cal

    A toy rocket is launched straight up from the roof of a garage with an initial velocity of 56 feet per second. The height h of the rocket in feet, at t seconds after it was launched, is described by h(t)=−16t2+56t+17. Find the maximum height of the rocket.
  54. math

    i need some serious help with limits in pre-calc. here are a few questions that i really do not understand. 1. Evaluate: lim (3x^3-2x^2+5) x--> -1 2. Evaluate: lim [ln(4x+1) x-->2 3. Evaluate: lim[cos(pi x/3)] x-->2 4. Evaluate: lim x^2+x-6/x^2-9 x--> -3 5. ...
  55. history 103

    Summarize the major factors that allowed the Incas to conquer and rule their large empire. Some suggest that, in many ways, the Incas were like the Romans or other Pre-Columbian American Civilizations. Evaluate whether they were more similar or different, and why. Make sure to...
  56. Social Studies

    Summarize the major factors that allowed the Incas to conquer and rule their large empire. Some suggest that, in many ways, the Incas were like the Romans or other Pre-Columbian American Civilizations. Evaluate whether they were more similar or different, and why. Make sure to...
  57. pre algebra

    If the sum of an integer and a greater integer is 19.What is the greater integer? 9+10=19
  58. Pre-calc

    Use the given information to determine the values of sinθ, cosθ​, and tanθ. tan2θ=7/11 ​; π<2θ<3π/2 Please show work +answer. Thank you, ​tutor.
  59. History

    I have read the suggested link you and my conclusion is writting below. Thanks,for all your suggestions. Question 2 During World War I the most striking break from pre-war conditions on the home front was Answer (A)the use of volunteer armies. (B)central planning of the ...
  60. Chemistry

    a)The Young's modulus for a material is 5.0*10^10 N/m2. The material is stretched to a strain of 4.0*10^-3. How much elastic energy will be expended? (Express your answer in J/m3) Knowing that the energy associated with the formation of 1 mole of vacancies in copper (Cu) is ...
  61. Pre-calc Solve logarithmic

    ln sqrt(x-8)= 5 I would like help to solve this what i did was to take away the square root i squared both sides coming up with (ln sqrt(x-8))^2= (5)^2 ln(x-8)=25 am i alowed to do this with ln in the equation? then i subtract 8 from both sides ln x = 17 e^(ln x)= e^17 e ...
  62. Pre-Calc

    An open gift box is to be made from a square piece of material by cutting four-centimeter squares from each corner and turning up the sides (see figure). The volume of the finished gift box is to be 324 cubic centimeters. Find the size of the original piece of material.
  63. Pre-Calc

    An airplane’s velocity with respect to the air is 630 mph, and its heading is 𝑁 30° 𝐸. The wind, at the altitude of the plane, is directly from the southeast at 45° and has a velocity of 45 mph. Draw a figure that gives a visual representation of the ...
  64. Pre geometry

    The cross country bike trail follows a straight line where it crossess 350th and 360th streets. The twonstreets are parallell to each other. What is the measure of the larger angle formed at the intersection of the bike trail and 360th street. explain only angle give is 48 ...
  65. economics

    First,label the following scenarios as to whether they would create a producer or consumer surplus. Then, after you have labeled each scenario, calculate the ensuing surplus. Alice is willing to spend $30 on a pair of jeans, and has a coupon for $10 off she found online. She ...
  66. Pre-Calc

    Two farmers were plowing along the edges of a triangular cornfield. They both started at the same corner of the field. The first farmer plowed directly West for 0.5 miles and then stopped. The second farmer doesn't know how far she traveled, but she knows it was N45E at a ...
  67. pre-algebra(algebra)

    I'm not sure if I have the correct answer to this problem...All I have to do is use the Distributive Property to write each expression as an equivalent algebraic expression. Here is the problem: b(c+3d) Is the answer: bc+3bd
  68. pre-cal

    Solve. (sqrt. x + 1) - (sqrt. 2x -12) = 1 The answers I reached were x = 8 and 24. If you plug in 8, you will get 1 as an answer. If you plug in 24, however, you will not get 1 as an answer. Please see if 8 is the only solution. If not, please show me how to solve to find the ...
  69. Pre-Cal (Please help)

    Find all the soultions of the equation in the interval (0,2pi) sin 2x = -sqrt3 /2 sin -sqrt3 /2 is 4pi/3 and 5pi/3 in the unit circle 2x= 4pi/3 + 2npi 2x=5pi/3 + 2npi I do not know what to do at this point
  70. pre algerbra

    question: write the expression for a number used as a factor seventeen times being multiplied by the same number used as a factor fourteen times.then write the product as one power?
  71. Pre Calc

    Dr. Black is standing 15 feet away from the street lamp. The lamp is making his shadow 8 feet long. The angle of elevation from the tip of the shadow to the tip of the streetlamp is 50 degrees. How tall is the streetlamp?
  72. Pre-algebra

    A pole that is 3.1m tall casts a shadow that is 1.64m long. At the same time, a nearby building casts a shadow that is 50.25m long. How tall is the building? Round your answer to the nearest meter.
  73. Pre-Algebra

    Write the expression for a number used as a factor fifteen times being multiplied by the same number used as a factor ten times. Then, write the product as one power. Thanks, Michaela
  74. Pre-Algebra

    Write the expression for a number used as a factor fifteen times being multiplied by the same number used as a factor ten times. Then, write the product as one power. Thanks, Michaela
  75. Pre Algebra

    A wooden railing is 82 feet long. It is to be divided into 4 pieces. Three pieces will be the same length, and the fourth piece will be 2 feet longer than each of the other three. Find the length of each piece.
  76. Pre algebra

    A bag of balloons contain 2 red balloons, 1 green balloon, 17 yellow balloons, and 8 orange balloons. What is the probability that a randomly selected balloon would be green or orange? I got 9/28, but I think that's wrong
  77. pre-cal

    Find the EXACT VALUE of csc(-11pi/12) If that angle is in radians, it is easy. A full circle has 2PI radians...or 360 deg so 22PI/24 is the same as 22*15 deg, or -30 deg. The 30 deg triangle is well known. The sin is 1/2, so the csc is 2 Figure out the sign of the csc from ...
  78. pre-algebra

    I need to figure out how to convert 11inches to the actual length of 550 to scale. Please help 550 what? miles? feet? inches? If you want 550 of some length unit to be represented as 11 inches on a map or scale drawing, divide all lengths by 50.
  79. Pre-Calc

    Ok, so the problem was about a person with 300 feet of fence to make a rectangle enclose. The person also wanted to use the fence to split the enclose to two parts with the fence paralel to two of the sides. Find the dimensions So I am confuse on how to solve this.
  80. Pre-Algebra

    The treasurer of the student body at a college reported that the receipts from a recent contact totaled $916; Furthermore, he announced that 560 people had attended the concert. Students were charged $1.25 each for admission to the concert, and adults were charged $2.25 each. ...
  81. pre algebra

    all 500 students at robinson junior high were surveyed to find their favorite sport how many more students played baseball than soccer soccer is 10% basketball is 27% football is 38% baseball is 25% a. 50 students b. 175 students c. 75 students d. 125 students i think its a or...
  82. pre calc

    You ingest a certain dangerous bacteria at dinner by accident. When more than 1,000,000 of these organisms are in your gut, you will become violently ill. Their population doubles every 20 minutes. You ate dinner at 7pm and by 5am you are sick. At least how many of these ...
  83. Pre-Algebra

    Okay so I have no clue how to determine if a relation is a function. Here is an example can you tell me how to determine this? D: Example: Determine whether the relation is a function. {(-5,5), (-2,5), (0,5), (2,5)} Thanks in advance
  84. pre-calc

    Find a cubic polynomial if p(0)=0 and p(2)= -4 and p(x) > 0 only if x > 4, find the cubic polynomial.
  85. Pre-Cal

    Find all the soultions of the equation in the interval (0,2pi) sin 2x = -sqrt3 /2 sin -sqrt3 /2 is 4pi/3 and 5pi/3 in the unit circle 2x= 4pi/3 + 2npi 2x=5pi/3 + 2npi I do not know what to do at this point.
  86. Pre-Calc

    The peak of a mountain is observed from the base and from the top of a tower 180 ft high. Find the height of the mountain above the base of the tower is the angles of elevation of the peak are 21 degree 35’ and 24 degree 48’
  87. Pre-Algebra

    Three individuals form a partnership and agree to divide the profits equally. X invests $9,000, Y invests $7,000, Z invests $4,000. If the profits are $4,800, how much less does x receive compared to having the profits divided in proportion to the amounts invested by X, Y, and Z?
  88. Pre Calc

    I have no idea how to do this problem I thought you would have to do something with the diagonals but not sure... The parallel sides of a trapezoid are 4 and 10 centimeters long and the oblique sides are 8 and 12 centimeters long. Fi9nd the angles and the area of the trapezoid
  89. Pre Cal

    find the surface area of a box of hieght h whose base dimensions are p and q, and that satisfies either one of the following conditions: a) the box is closed. b) the box has an open top. c) the box has an open top and a square base.
  90. pre calc

    A navy destroyer is exactly 68 miles North of an aircraft carrier, which is travelling West 21 degrees North at 18 mph. what speed and bearing must the destroyer maintain if it is to reach the aircraft carrier in exactly 3 hrs?
  91. Pre-Calc-please check

    Please check this for me expand (3z-2b)^5 using Binomial Theorem (a+b)^n = n on top sigma in middle k=0 to right (n/k)a^(n-k)b^k (3a-2b)^5 = 5 on top sigma in middle k=0 on bottom(5/k)(3a)^5-k(-2b)^k (5/0)(3a)^5(-2b)^0+(5/1)(3a)^4(-2b)^1 +(5/2)(3a)^3(-2b)^2 +(5/3)(3a)^2(-2b)^3...
  92. Pre-Cal

    In terms of x, write expressions for the length, width, height, and volume of the boxes created in the activity. I just need an example, so i'll just give one box. X-1 length-20 width-14 height-1 volume-280
  93. Pre-Calc

    If sin θ=5/13 and cos x=4/5 Find cos (θ+x) So far, I came up with the answer: (±48 - (±15)) / 65 And I know that the answer was marked out as wrong, did I go wrong with the signs? If so, what signs should I have used, is there a way of telling which quadrant is it ...
  94. pre algebra

    A flower bed is in the shape of a triangle with one side twice the length of the shortest​ side, and the third side is 30 feet more than the length of the shortest side. Find the dimensions if the perimeter is 138 feet
  95. Pre-Calc Helppp!!!

    Use the Law of Sines to solve for all possible triangles that satisfy the given conditions. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE. Round your answers to one decimal place. Below, enter your answers so that B1 is smaller than B2.) a = 39, c = 40, angle A = 36° angle B1 = ° ...
  96. Pre-Calc

    Could somebody please check this for me? Dtermine whether the graph of each equation is symmetric with respect to the origin, the x-axis, the y-axis, and the line y=x or the line y=-x. I came up with the line being symmetric to the x-axis, the y-axis, and the line y=x. I'm not...
  97. Health Care Fnancial Accounting

    the local school system asks to submit a proposal to do pre-employment physicalsfor 60 bus drivers. What financial or accounting informaton is needed to submit the proposal? what shall I charge the school system?
  98. 7th grade math pre algebra

    I'm confused about this math question my teacher gave us today. Bowser's dog food is 40% meat. How much dog food would Bowser eat in order to get 11 kgs of meat?
  99. pre algebra

    An area has been reforested. After 5 years , one of the tree is 2 meters tall. After six more years, the same tree is 3.2 meters tall. name 2 ordered pairs that can be used to to graph the information?
  100. pre calc

    A navy destroyer is exactly 68 miles North of an aircraft carrier, which is travelling West 21 degrees North at 18 mph. what speed and bearing must the destroyer maintain if it is to reach the aircraft carrier in exactly 3 hrs? is it 226mph?
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