Pre- Calculus

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  1. calculus

    a security camera in a bank is mounted on the wall 6.2 ft above the level of the counter and 9.4ft behind the front edge of the counter. What is the angle of depression of the camera if it is to be aimed 2 ft beyond the front edge of the counter. i understand the problem but ...
  2. Pre-algebra

    If m is the number of minutes a taxi ride lasts, then 2 + 0.35m can be used to find the cost of a taxi ride with Bill's Taxi Company. How much will it cost for a 12-min taxi ride? I don't understand how to calculate this, thank you!
  3. Pre-calculas

    A conical tank of radius R=19 feet and height of H=16 feet is being filled with water at a rate of 9ft 3 /min . (a) Express the height h of the water in the tank, in feet, as a function of time t in minutes
  4. Math(Pre-algebra)

    Ok, my question is ‘ last year the price of a certian computer was 150$ more than it is now. This year's price is 3/4 of last year's price. How much does the computer cost this year?‘. Can someone explain to me how to create an equation for this?
  5. Math

    A craft store needs 5,126 yards of special order ribbon and 2,654 yards of a velvet ribbon. The ribbons come pre-packaged on rolls of 30 yards each. How many rolls will be in the order?
  6. Pre-Algebra

    The Jaspers collect nickels, dimes, and quarters in a jar. When they count the change in the jar, there are twice as many nickels as there are quarters. If there is $15.30 in dimes and $74.80 in all, how many quarters are there. Please include an equation and steps.
  7. Pre-Algebra

    A 5-foot parking meter has a 4-foot shadow from a nearby streetlight. The streetlight is 15 feet tall. How far is the streetlight from the parking meter? Don't want answer, just want formula for figuring out
  8. pre algerba

    Tom was engrossed in his 340 page book. He stopped on page 127 at noon to eat lunch. He stopped on page 253 to eat dinner. How many pages did tom read during the afternoon
  9. Pre-cal

    Sketech the graph of the equation y^2+4y+2x+10=0. Identify the vertex, the focus and the equation for the directrix. Use the completing the square to put the equation into standard form as your first step. This is what I did. y^2 + 4y = -2x-10 y^2 + 4y + 4 = -2x-6 (y+2)^2= -2(...
  10. Pre-Calc

    After release at ground level, a balloon rises 100 feet in 30 seconds. During each succeeding 30 seconds, it rises 9/10 as far as it did in the preceding 30 seconds. What is its maximum altitude above ground level?
  11. Pre Algebra

    During a sale, the regular price of a CD was reduced by $3. Let p represent the regular price of the CD. Write an algebraic expression that represents the sale price. Having trouble with this one, don't quite understand how to write it as an equation
  12. Pre-Calc

    A large painting in the style of Rubens is 3 feet longer than it is wide. If the wooden frame is 18 in wide and the area of the picture frame is 286 ft^2, find the dimensions of the painting. I have the basic idea down of what I'm supposed to do to solve it.. But I just can't ...
  13. American Government

    As the country has grown and evolved, so too has the Executive Office of the President and the independent agencies. Give FOUR specific examples demonstrating how the evolution of the executive branch has mirrored the evolution of the nation. Include at least ONE pre-twentieth...
  14. Pre-Algebra

    You drop a rock off a bridge. The rock's height, h(in feet above the water), after t seconds is modeled by h=-16t2+541. What is the height of the rock after 2 seconds?
  15. Math (pre Algebra)

    The perimeter of a rectangle picture frame is 30 inches. The length of the frame is three less than twice the width. What are the dimensions of the frame? I know that the perimeter is 30 in., the length is 2w-3, and the width is w, but I don't know what to do after that?
  16. pRE calc

    A Determine the location of the turning pints for the cubic y= x^3 - 3x^2 +2x+10 B) Use the fact that a cubic is symmetric about its point of inflection to determine the location of the pint of inflection of the cubic in part (a)
  17. Pre Algebra Review

    Thirty-five students belong to the science club. This 1/4 the number in the 5 sections of the eighth grade. How many students are in the eight grade? How many in each section if each section has the same number of students?
  18. Pre-cal

    Determine two positive integers such as 5 less than two times the first number is the second number. The sum of the second number and the square of the first is 115.
  19. math

    Baseball Nick throws a baseball upward with an initial velocity of 60 feet per second. What is the maximum height of the ball after Nick releases the ball? Formula for the problem - h(t)=v0t-16t^2, h(t)= the height of an object in feet, v0=an object's initial velocity in feet ...
  20. Pre Cal

    Two tracking stations are on the equator 158 miles apart. A weather balloon is located on a bearing of N 41degrees E from the western station and on a bearing of N 21degrees E from the eastern station. How far is the balloon from the western station.
  21. Pre Calc

    the units digit of a 2 digit number is 4 less than the tens digit. the number it names is 3 less than 9 times the sum of the digits what is the number?
  22. Pre-Calc

    1.) Suppose that y varies directly as x. If y is 5 when x is 30, the constant of variation is 150. True Or False 2.) If w varies directly as z and w = 9 when z = -6, find w when z = 3. 3.) If y varies directly as x and y = 2 when x = 4, find x when y = 4.
  23. calculus - ratio test

    Posted by COFFEE on Sunday, July 29, 2007 at 6:32pm. infinity of the summation n=1: (e^n)/(n!) [using the ratio test] my work so far: = lim (n->infinity) | [(e^n+1)/((n+1)!)] / [(e^n)/(n!)] | = lim (n->infinity) | [(e^n+1)/((n+1)!)] * [(n!)/(e^n)] | = lim (n->infinity...
  24. Pre-Calc

    A pizzeria sells a rectangular 18 X 24 inch pizza for the same price that it sells its large 24" diameter pizza. If both pizzas have the same thickness, which option gives the most pizza for the money. Gosh I'm really rusty on my geometry. Can you give me an idea of how to go ...
  25. Pre-Ap Physics

    During World War I, the Germans had a gun called Big Bertha that was used to shell Paris. The shell had an initial speed of 2.65 km/s at an initial inclination of 41.9◦ to the horizontal. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . How far away did the shell hit? Answer ...
  26. pre calc

    The population of a Midwestern city decays exponentially. If the population decreased from 900,000 to 800,000 from 2003 to 2005, what will be the population in 2008? Please help I got 670,422 and the computer marked it round i then tried rounding it to 671000 but it was still ...
  27. Pre Algebra

    Here is another one I need help with. -5x+20=-60 ( remember it is a equation with variables and integers.) Thank you once agian add -20 to both sides -5x=40 then multiply both sides by -1/5 x=-8 Lance, Nice job, but you missed a negative sign. -5x+20 = -60 Add -20 to both ...
  28. Pre Algebra

  29. Pre- Algebra

    7.)The stem–and–leaf plot shows the number of fish that were caught by several ships in a fishing fleet. How many ships caught 37 fish or fewer? stem Leaves 3 | 0 3 3 5 6 4 | 0 2 4 5 8 9 9 5 | 0 1 2 4 key: 2|4 means 24 A.)12 B.)16 C.)14 D.)13 I think B is the answer but my...
  30. pre-algebra

    Which is the better buy: Brand A with a regular price of $15.98and a 30% discount or Brand B with a regular price of $18.50and a 40% discount -thanks
  31. pre-algebra

    Which is the better buy: Brand A with a regular price of $15.98and a 30% discount or Brand B with a regular price of $18.50and a 40% discount -thanks
  32. pre algebra

    Ryan is thinking of a number. When he multiplies this number by 6 and then subtracts 15 from the answer, he ends up with his original number. What number is Ryan thinking of?
  33. Pre algebra

    A coin is tossed and a number cube is rolled. What is the probability that the coin shows heads and the number cube shows 6?
  34. Pre-Algebra please help me!!

    X- 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Y- -7 -4 -1 2 5 8 11 this is a x and y table I need to find out wat the rule is to get y. So the equation would start out like: Y=?????? wat do u need to do with x to get y? and I need help badly! so please!
  35. Pre algebra

    A cyclist rides her bike at a speed of kilometers per hour. What is this speed in kilometers per minute? How many kilometers will the cyclist travel in minutes? Do not round your answers.
  36. pre-cal

    The angle of elevation from a car to the top of an apartment building is 48 degrees. If the angle from another car that is 22 feet directly in front of the first car is 64 degrees. How tall is the building?
  37. Pre Calc - Probability

    Let S = {2, 8, 14} be a sample space associated with an experiment. (a) List all events of this experiment. A) {2, 8}, {2, 14}, {8, 14}, {2, 8, 14} B) {2}, {8}, {14}, {2, 8}, {2, 14}, {8, 14} C) {2}, {8}, {14}, {2, 8}, {2, 14}, {8, 14}, {2, 8, D) 14} E) ∅, {2}, {8}, {14}, {2...
  38. Pre-Algebra

    I need to check my work... estimate the following products or quotients 17 11/12 divided by 6 1/10 The first step I did was convert to improper fraction then I multiplied after changing the reciprical, and then I multiplied the numerators and then multiplied the denoninators ...
  39. Pre-Algebra can you please help?!

    Lester deposited $400 into a savings account earning 4.5% simple interest, and $450 into an investment account earning 3.2% interest compounded annually. What was the total interest he earned in 3 years? A $986.00 B $89.06 C $9.60 D $98.60
  40. Pre Calc

    Write an equation to a polynomial function that has the following properties: Fourth degree equation Lead coefficient is -2 Two negative real roots and one positive real root The positive real root has multiplicity of 2
  41. pre ap math

    a toy rocket is launched from a platform that is 48 feet high. the rockets height above the ground is modeled by h=-16t^2+32t+43. find the maximum height of the rocket find the time it will take for the rocket to reach the ground.
  42. Pre-Cal

    The 1st year and 3rd year periods for these accounts are the lengths of time that you must keep the money in the account.(you pay a penalty if you take themoney out before the term is up.) Why might an investor choose a CD with a shorter term rather than a longer one, even ...
  43. Pre-Algebra-math

    Mr.Jones bought 20 yards of fencing to make a pen for his dog, the pen will be in a retangle shape fencing comes in 1-yard sections,he want the biggest space possible for his dog to run. What are the dimensions of the maximum space of the pen he can get??
  44. pre algebra

    a typist works from 10am to 6pm making $120 for the day. after typing from the end of page 8 to the end of page 50, find the number of pages per hour. find the rate of pay in dollars per page
  45. Pre Algebra

    Complete the table (Was in a table form!) Scientific Notion /// Standard Notion 1. ________________ = 62,000,000 2. -3.05*10^6 = ___________ 3. ________________ = .00000089 Simplify 4. (9.8*10^2) * (5*9*10^7) 5. (7.2*10^-5) / (4.3*10-3) My Answers:- 1. 6.2*10^7 2. -3,050,000 3...
  46. Accounting

    Given the following information for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2001: Product sales: 28,189,612 Service sales: 11,688,793 Cost of goods sold- products: 10,633,956 Cost of goods sold- services: 5,869,106 Operating expense: 14,904,460 Pre-tax operating income: 8,470,883 ...
  47. calculus

    Find f'(x): f(x)=3(2x^25x+1) I am not sure if the 5x is multiplied to the 2x^2 (I got f'(x)=90x^2) or there is a typo.
  48. calculus

    can someone explain to me the steps to solve this problem? find the derivative: (3x^2+7)(x^2-2x+3)
  49. Calculus!

    What is the velocity of an object dropped from a height of 350 m when it hits the ground?
  50. Calculus

    How many zeros are at the end of the product of the first fifty positive integers?
  51. Calculus

    Pls help solve this problem if sqrt(y)=(arctan)tan-1(x), show that (1+x^2)dy/dx((1+x^2)dy/dx)=2
  52. Calculus

    Find the limit. Use L'Hopitals Rule if necessary. lim (x^2+3x+2)/(x^2+x) x -> 0
  53. Calculus

    find the limit. use L'Hopital's Rule if necessary. lim (x^2+3x+2)/(x^2+1) x -> -1
  54. Calculus

    Minimize S=x+2y with xy=2 and both x and y > 0. Can somebody explain to me in words and numbers how to do this problem.
  55. Calculus

    Determine whether the given orderd pair is a solution of the system ( -2, 1) X/3
  56. Calculus

    The slope of the tangent to the curve (y^3)x+(y^2)x^2=6 at (1.2) is??????????? Is the answer -1/2 or positive, or am i completely off?
  57. Calculus

    Find the slope of the tangent line to the graph of f at any given point f(x) = -2x + 6 at (2,2)
  58. Calculus III

    Derivative of Inverse Trigonometric Functions f(x) = sin(arccos(4x)) What is f'(x)?
  59. Calculus III

    Derivative of Inverse Trigonometric Functions f(x) = cos(arcsin(2x)) What is f'(x)?
  60. Calculus

    Prove the identity and give its domain. 4sinxcosx+sin4x=8sinxcos^3x
  61. calculus

    find the modulus and the argument of the following complex numbers: 15-4i and a-ai where a is greater than 0
  62. Calculus

    prove: if z is a complex number 1/2= the conjugate of z of the absolute value of z squared.
  63. Calculus - Anti-Derivatives

    How would you find the Integral of (cos(x\8))^3, defined from -(4 x pi)/3) to (4 x pi)/3)
  64. Calculus

    Area of rectangle = xy = xã(4r^2 - x^2) Take the derivative. I am having trouble with the algebra.
  65. calculus

    Let f(x)=–5x(x–5). Then f'(–1)= And after simplifying f'(x)= Hint: You may want to expand and simplify the expression for f(x) first.
  66. Math (Calculus)

    y= x^(2x+1) find the derivative of the function using natural log
  67. calculus - (derivatives)

    Find the derivative of the function f by using the rules of differentiation. F(x) = 3 ã x
  68. calculus

    Which of the following is a representation of the domain of the expression: h(x) = 12x + 3 / 2- square root of x
  69. calculus

    Can anyone please explain to me that how can I find the discontinuities of the following function? f(x)=[(x+1)(x+2)]/(x-3)^2 THANKS A LOT~!
  70. calculus

    Evaluate the following limit lim x--> 2 Square root over x^2 - x/2x - 3
  71. calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point. y = 3x^2 - x^3, (1,2)
  72. Elections

    Calculus / Graphical, Numerical, Algebraic: Teacher's Guide with Answers
  73. calculus

    Show that the curve given below has no tangent line with slope m1, where: y = 4 x^3 + 8 x - 6 m1 = 7
  74. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the function, xy-x-12y-3=0. Is the answer -14,I got this from 1-1-12=0, which solves to -14.
  75. Damon

    Thank you so much for all the calculus help! I felt more prepared for the exam!
  76. Calculus

    Find the limit of (10^x - 5^x)/x as x approaches 0 without using l'Hospital's rule
  77. Calculus

    consider the following function: f(x)=sqrt(50-x) find the linear approximation of f(x) at a=1
  78. calculus

    consider the following function: f(x)=sqrt(50-x) find the linear approximation of f(x) at a=1
  79. 12th grade calculus

    let f(x)=x^2 1. show that the line tangent to the graph of f at the point (1,1)is y=2x-1
  80. calculus and geometry

    how close does the semicircle y=radical(16-x^2) come to the point (1,radical3)?
  81. Calculus

    limit as x-> 0 (1+sinx)^(cscx) How do I show that this is indeterminate? Can I say that 1^(1/0) = 1^infinity?
  82. Calculus

    What methods can I use to prove that the limit as (x,y,z)--> (0,0,0) of a function of 3 variables does not exist?
  83. calculus

    i am struggling with the concept of optimization. does anyone have any hints on how to solve these problems???
  84. calculus

    what is three times the square root of the third derivative of x cubed. where x=y-2 and y=8
  85. calculus

    find the relative extreme of f(x) = 3x^4 - 10x^3 + x - 2 using your calculator. explain how you did it.
  86. calculus

    Use integrals to prove that the volume of a sphere of radius R is equal to (4/3)(pi)R^3
  87. calculus

    what is three times the square root of the third derivative of x cubed. where x=y-2 and y=8
  88. calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the following curve at the point (0, 4). xe^y+ye^x=4
  89. Calculus A

    Find the derivative of this function: y=sin(cosx) Any help would be appreciated.
  90. calculus

    7. f(x)= 6x^3- 9x^2- 360x - 5 What interval is it decreasing? What 2 intervals is it increasing? What is the local max?
  91. CaLcULus

    (5x-4)e^(-2x) How do you find the critical point I don't understand how to take the derivative of e^ to a negative?
  92. Calculus

    Determine the area of the region enclosed by the limaçon r=5+2sin(theta)
  93. Calculus

    How do I find the frequency of this oscilliating spring. A= 10cm displacement t= 1s h(t)= Acos2ðft
  94. Calculus

    Is the function F(x)= the square root of 1-x^2 continuous at x = 1? Give the reason for your answer.
  95. Calculus

    Use logarithmic differentiation to determine the derivative of the function defined by f(x)=x^5(x-3)^9/(x^2+2)^4
  96. calculus

    find the point(s) on the graph of y = (2x4 + 1)(x - 5) where the tangent line slope is 1.
  97. Calculus (Thanks a bunch!)

    Simplify the following expression 5lnx - 1/2 lny + 3 lnz
  98. calculus

    Which of the following is the same as 4 ln2x? a) ln8x B)8lnx c)ln8 + lnx d)ln 16^4
  99. calculus

    find the domain and range of the function g(x)= 10+2x-x^2 (all under radical)
  100. calculus

    n(x)=x^5+xe^x, find the real zeroes using newton-raphson methodology.
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