Pre- Calculus

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  1. Calculus

    Find the slope of x^2-16xy+y^2=1 at (1,1). Is this -1?
  2. Calculus

    Find dy/dx at the point (-3, 1) for the equation x = y^3-9x^2+5.
  3. Calculus

    Find the dot product of: <-1, 7> and <2, ¾>.
  4. Calculus

    find the angle between u=7i+2j and v=-4j
  5. calculus

    if y is a function of x and x=e^t/(e^t+1) show that dy/dt=x(1-x)dy/dx help me plz
  6. calculus

    how do you work out what ||u||2 is when you are given u:<-1,7> and v:<6,4>
  7. Calculus

    Find dz/dy for the following : z=(e^xy)+2ycos(xy-1)
  8. Calculus

    Convert to Polar: y/x = 4 A. r = 2 B. r = 16 C. Θ = 76 D. Undefined
  9. Calculus

    How do I find the limit of x/x as x approaches 0?
  10. calculus

    limx--->0 3sin 3x/4x would it be 9/4
  11. Calculus

    Differentiate each 1. Y= 1/x + 3/x^2 + 2/x^3 2. Y= x^5(1+ x)^5 3. Y= 4-x^2 / 2x+3 Can someone help me I'm lost
  12. Calculus

    M = log(E)-11.4/1.5 How do you express E in terms of M?
  13. Calculus

    What is y=-18x+13 in standard form?
  14. Calculus

    Solve the inequality |5+(2/x)|<1 solution is (-1/2,-1/3).
  15. calculus

    evaluate the integral. from 0 to 4π t^2 sin(2t) dt
  16. Math - Calculus

    Compute the sum: 81 ∑ (2i-1) i=1
  17. calculus

    y=-sin^2 (1/x) find the derivative
  18. Calculus

    Find the anti derivative for 4/(x^2+1)
  19. Calculus

    consider the function f(x) = 9/x^3 -10/x^7 let F(x) be the antiderivatice of f(x) with F(1)=) then F(x)=
  20. Calculus

    reflexive property of ellipse
  21. Calculus

    let f(x)=1x f(x)=1x and g(x)=x2 +5x.g(x)=x2 +5x. find (f⋅g)(x)(f⋅g)(x) Can someone help me with this I dont know how to do this
  22. Hellpppp calculus

    Solve by elimination. 0.1x + 0.3y = 1.5 0.6y + 0.2x =-1.2
  23. Calculus

    Given dy/dt=4y and y(2)=450. Find y(8).
  24. AP Calculus AB

    Suppose f(x)= x^5 - 10 and let h(x) be the inverse of f. Find h'(22).
  25. AP Calculus

    Find x. lim (sin(x))^x x-->0
  26. Calculus

    What is the Taylor series generated by g(x) = x^3-2x+2 at a=5?
  27. Calculus

    Find dy/dx for implicit differentiation y^2-xy+x^2=7
  28. Calculus

    Find f. f ''(x) = −2 + 12x − 12x2, f(0) = 9, f '(0) = 14
  29. Calculus

    Find f. f ''(θ) = sin(θ) + cos(θ), f(0) = 4, f '(0) = 2
  30. pre alegra

    A product that cost 2,000 increase by 5% in June. The new June price of the product increased by 5% on December 1st. How many dollars did the product increase by Dec 1. I don't have a clue! Can you please help
  31. pre calc

    the hour hand of a clock is 5 inches long and the minute hand is 6 inches long. Determine the distance between the tips of the hand at 11:40 p.m. please help i don't understand how to do this. if you work it out this will help alot
  32. pre algebra help

    An apple falls from a 28 foot tree. The height of the apple, in feet, after t seconds of falling, can be found using the polynomial 16t 2 + 28. Find the apple's height after 0.5 second.
  33. Pre ALgebra

    If a pizza with a diameter of 12 inches costs $10.99, based on area, about how much should a 15-inch pizza cost? (Hint: Be sure to use the area of the pizza in your proportion, not the diameter.)
  34. Pre-calsulus

    a twin-engine cessna is heading on bearing of 35 degrees with an air speed of 180 mph. if the wind is out with a bearing of 90 degrees at 40 mph, then what is the bearing of this course? what is the ground seed of the airplane?
  35. Pre Cal.

    1. Use half-angle identity to find the exact value of cos165. MY ANSWER: (-1/2)sqrt(2+sqrt(3)) 2. Solve 2 sin x + sqrt(3) < 0 for 0<= x<2pi. MY ANSWER: (4pi/3)< x < (5pi/3) 3.Write the equation 2x+ 3y-5=0 in normal form? (-2sqrt(13)/13)x - (3sqrt(13)/13)y + ...
  36. children's literature

    With pre-school children, a first step in engaging children in the reading process is to read stories in which characters are faced with a decision to be made and in which there is: A. no clear-cut answer. B. no solution. C. a set of choices provided. D. an obvious solution. i...
  37. Pre-AP Physics

    A flatbed truck is carrying a heavy crate. The coefficient of static friction between the crate and the bed of the truck is 0.47. What is the maximum rate at which the driver can slow and avoid having the crate slide against the cab of the truck?
  38. Pre-Calc

    Workers are designing a TV receiving dish in the shape of a paraboloid of a revolution, the factory sent them a paraboloid that is ten feet across at the opening and three feet deep. What is the best place the receiver can be placed for the best reception?
  39. Pre Cal

    An open box is formed from an 80cm by 80cm peice of metal by cutting four identical squares from the corners and folding up the sides. Express the volume of the box in terms of x. Then describe how you could find the maximum possible volume.
  40. Pre-Cal(Please help)

    Use synthetic division to show that x is a solution of the third-degree polynomial equation, and use the result to factor the polynomial completely. List all the real zeros of the function. x^3 - 28x - 48 = 0 Value of x = -4 Please help!!Thank you
  41. Pre-Calc/Trigonometry

    You place a cup of 205oF coffee on a table in a room that is 72oF, and 10 minutes later, it is 195oF. Approximately how long will it be before the coffee is 180oF? Use Newton's law of cooling: 1 hour 25 minutes 15 minutes 45 minutes
  42. Chemistry Pre-AP

    What volume of oxygen gas can be collected at 0.565 atm pressure and 48.0◦C when 42.9g of KClO3 decompose by heating, according to the following equation? 2 KClO3(s) ∆−−−−→2KCl(s) + 3O2(g) MnO2
  43. Pre-Calc.

    You want to make an investment in a continuously compounding account over a period of 20 years. What interest rate is required for your investment to double in that time period? Round the logarithm value to the nearest hundredth and the answer to the nearest tenth.
  44. Pre-calc Math

    A tree on a hillside casts a shadow c = 210 ft down the hill. If the angle of inclination of the hillside is b = 21° to the horizontal and the angle of elevation of the sun is a = 51°, find the height of the tree. (Round your answer to the nearest foot.) ________ft
  45. pre-algebra

    Justin wants to use 376 ft of fencing to fence off the greatest possible rectangular area for a garden. What dimensions should he use? What will be the area of the garden? A. 89 x 99; 8811 ft B. 92 x 96; 8832 ft C. 94 x 94; 8836 ft D. 93 x 95; 8835 ft thinking the answer is d...
  46. Calculus

    Hi, I have a calculus question that I just cannot figure out, it is about volume of cross sections. I would very much appreciate it if someone could figure out the answer and show me all the steps. A solid has as its base the region bounded by the curves y = -2x^2 +2 and y = -...
  47. Calculus

    Hi, I have a calculus question that I just cannot figure out, it is about volume of cross sections. I would very much appreciate it if someone could figure out the answer and show me all the steps. A solid has as its base the region bounded by the curves y = -2x^2 +2 and y = -...
  48. precalc

    I'm terrible at pre calc, could someone tell me if the solution set for log subscript 2 x + log sub 2 (x-1)=1 is the solution -1? Using either the elimination or substitution method is the solution set for 4x + y =11 and 2x -y = 7 is the answer (3, -1)? Kudos! Yes.
  49. pre cal

    A boat has passed directly over a submarine as pictured below. The sub is running at a depth of 588 ft, and the angle of depression from the boat to the sub is 35 degrees. Find the distance, x, from the boat to the submarine.
  50. pre algebra

    Application of percent Alice earns a monthly salary of $315 plus a commission on her total sales. Last month her total sales were $9640, and she earned a total of $1182.60.What is her commission rate?
  51. Pre cal

    From a point A is 8.20 meters above level ground,the angle of elevation of the top of a building is 31degrees 20 min and the angle of depression of the base of the building is 12degree 50 min. Approximate the heighth of the building
  52. Pre-Algebra

    Suppose you roll two number cubes and pick a letter of the alphabet at random. Find the probability you roll 2 even numbers and pick one of the vowels a, e, i, o, or u. A. 7/104 B. 5/104 C. 1/6 D. 1/104
  53. Trig/Pre-Calc

    A bird is flying 30 mph in a direction 30 degrees south of east. Affecting the flight of the bird is a wind blowing from the northeast to the southwest at a speed of 10 mph. What is the resulting speed of the bird?
  54. Math Pre Algebra

    Find the simple interest. $900 deposited at an interest rate of 3% for 5 years. $1,348 deposited at an interest rate of 2.5% for 18 months.
  55. Pre-algebra (DESPRATE NEED OF HELP!)

    A triangle has side lengths of (x+4), (4x-8), and (2x+8) units. If the perimeter of the triangle is at least 88 units, what is the minimum length of each side of the triangle?
  56. pre-algebra

    jack brought 3 items that cost 25 dollars each, and five items that cost 40 dollars each. what was the total cost, including 5% sales tax?
  57. Math -- Calculus

    Some years from now you are working for a book publisher. Your boss asks you to give him a formula that will tell him the length and width of a book page that contains A square inches of printed text, a left margin of L inches, a right margin of R inches, a top margin of T ...
  58. Physics

    A 6090kg space probe mobing nose-first toward Jupiter at 105m/s relative to the Sun, fires its rocket engine ejecting 80 kg of exhaust at a speed of 253 m/s relative to the space probe. What is the final velocity of the probe? I should have gotten 108m/s Can you show me the ...
  59. Physics

    Three identical balls, with masses M, 2M, and 3M are fastened to a massless rod of length L as shown. The rotational inertia about the left end of the rod is: That's the layout below. Would calculus be needed in this problem (intergration) because then Im in trouble. I know ...
  60. Pre-Algebra

    I don't really know how to find what the lenght of the hypotenuse is. - If the length of leg #1 is 5, and the length of leg#2 is 12. What is the hypotenuse?
  61. pre-calc

    prove the identity: (tan theta)/(csc theta) + 1/(sec theta)= sec theta
  62. pre cal

    Q1: Find the length and midpoint of segment PQ given P(3,2) and Q(-1,4) Q2: The midpoint of AB is M(1/2 , 6). Given A(3,7), find the coordinates of B.
  63. Pre-Algebra Adv.

    Find the change in temperature or elevation. 1) From -16 degrees C to 23 degrees C 2) From -47 degrees C to -38 degrees C 3) From 9 degrees F to -12 degrees F 4) From -16 degrees F to -27 degrees F
  64. pre-algebra

    Explain how to write a function rule from the table below. The write a function rule. X 2,4,6 Y 1,0,-1
  65. Pre calc

    Vector A has magnitude 23 units and direction, counterclockwise from east, of 5.8 degrees. What is the value of its x component to 1 decimal place? Its y component? This problem seems easy enough but I keep getting the wrong answer using the law of sines. Is there another way ...
  66. pre calc

    (-9x^3-6x^2-x+3)/(2x^2+5x+2) I have figured out the equation for the slant asymptote = (33/4)-(9x/2) but this next ? is throwing me off. I have tried graphing and everything and it doesnt seem to work. What is the smallest value of x at which f(x) intersects its non-vertical ...
  67. Pre Calc

    simon goes to the playground to play on the swings. The length of each swing is 1.75m. What is the distance travelled on one swing, from max height to the next max height if the central angle of the swing is 1.4 rad?
  68. pre algebra

    Mr Chee deposited $80 into his checking account. Then, after writing a $23 check for gas and a $90 check for his child's day care, the balance in his account was $67. How much was in his account before he made the deposit? How would you solve and check the answer?
  69. Pre-Algebra

    Can someone please help me answer these two questions? I have already answered one, and need it checked. Give any three ordered pairs that are solutions of the equation: 1. x-y=6 (12,6) (10,4) (15,9) 2.-3x - 2y = 0 ??? 3.2x- 3y = 12 I have only one ordered pair for this: (9,2...
  70. Pre-Algebra

    Please help me. Thanks It's Pythagorean Theorem: A boot leaves port and travels 18 miles north and 15 miles east. How far from port is the boat? I have drawn a picture, 15² + 18² = c² ²= squared. Thanks... meh please someone help mewith this, thanks.
  71. Pre-Calc

    Write a Sinusoidal function for the following. A ferris wheel is 100 feet in diameter and makes one revolution in 45 seconds. If the rider needs to walk up a ramp to get to their seat that is 5 feet above the ground, write the model for the rider.
  72. Pre Algebra

    A customer at the ring toss booth gets eight rings for two dollars find the constant of proportionality and write an equation relating the cost to the number of rings. At the same rate how much would a customer pay for 11 rings? for 20 rings?
  73. creative play

    Teachers who adjust the physical environment for children with disabilities need to: A. be knowledgeable about the disability. B. emphasize a child's disability. C. adapt only indoor equipment and materials. D. purchase expensive pre-made materials and equipment. A?
  74. Pre-Algebra

    How would I make a frequency table with these numbers?: 465,599,567,529,243,250,268,319,294,316,325,364,358,237,270,534,479,614,283,575,591,555,508,609,584,304
  75. Curriculum Development

    I have a question that I need help in answering. Miss Sanchez lives in Washington,D.C. She was planning fied trips for her pre-school class. Which one of the following field trips would NOT be an appropriate choice for her students? A. Going to the National Mall to see the ...
  76. pre-algebra

    Nineteen members, or 38 members of the ski club are going on a ski trip. find the total number of members in the club.
  77. Pre-Calc Help!!!

    Find sin x/2, cos x/2, and tan x/2 from the given information. cos x=− 4/5, 180° < x < 270° sin(x/2= cos(x/2)= tan(x/2)=
  78. pre alg

    jane is standing next to a tree. the tree casts a shadow that is 11.2 ft long. she is 5.6 ft tall and her shadow measures 3.8 ft. How tall is the tree?
  79. pre-alg

    point E is located at (-2,2) and point F is located at (4,-6). what is the distance between points E and F? A.)Square Rot of 52 B.)Square Roots of 28 C.)10 D.)Square Root of 20
  80. Pre-Algebra

    Given a cylinder and a cone with the same base and the same height Cylinder: r=4 ft and h=3 ft Cone: r=4 ft and h=3 ft What is the volume of the cone in cubic feet? A. 12 π B. 16 π C. 36 π D. 48 π
  81. Math

    The after-tax price of a shiny new car is $19,000. If 8% sales tax was charged, what was the pre-tax price of the car?
  82. pre calc

    The front sprocket off a bicycle is 12 centimeters and the rear one is 5 centimeters. What is the linear velocity of the chain around the back sprocket? if the bicycle has tires that have a 38 centimeter diameter, how fast is the bicycle moving?
  83. pre calc

    The front sprocket off a bicycle is 12 centimeters and the rear one is 5 centimeters. What is the linear velocity of the chain around the back sprocket? if the bicycle has tires that have a 38 centimeter diameter, how fast is the bicycle moving?
  84. Pre Algebra

    Carol has a collection of 100 stamps. The graph shows the percentage of stamps she has from each country. How many more of Carol stamps are from Italy then from England. A. 22 stamps B. 25 stamps C. 47 stamps D. 3 stamps Please help me I'm a little bit confused!!!!! @Ms. Sue
  85. pre-calc

    a farmer wants to make a rectangular enclosure using a wall as one side and 120 m of fencing for the other three sides. a) express the area in terms of x and state the domain of the area function b)find the value of x that gives the greatest area. my teacher didn't explain how...
  86. pre-algebra

    Wel-min makes a square quilt that has an area of 100 square feet.It has 25 square blocks, each the same size. What is the legth of each side of a block? A-2 feet B-4 feet C-6 feet D-10 feet
  87. Calculus

    Find the derivative w/ respect to x: g(x) = ln(sec(x))
  88. Calculus

    find anitderivative of 30sqroot(x+4) What is the derivative of (x+4)^(3/2) ?
  89. calculus

    how can I calculate this deriivative: 1/(sin(x-sinx))?
  90. Calculus

    Problem 49. Find the critical values f(x) = (4x^2 - 9) / x
  91. Calculus 2

    Find the length of the spiral r=a(Theta) on [0,Pi]
  92. calculus

    If 4x^(2)+5x+xy=4 and y(4)=-20, find y'(4) by implicit differentiation. I got y'=(-8x-5-y)/(x)
  93. calculus

    calculate the indefinte integral (x^2+2x+3)/(sqrt of x)
  94. Calculus

    If A=125e^-kt and A=200 when t=3, find the value of k.
  95. Calculus

    Find the coefficient of the x^2 term in the expansion of (3x - (2/x^2))^8
  96. Math

    Find dx/dy by implicit differentiation x^2y+y^2x P.S: It's calculus
  97. Calculus III

    (24cos(8x))/(1+(sin^2(8x))) Integrated from (pi/16,-pi/16
  98. Calculus

    Average Value of a Function f(x) =(1)/(X-3)^2 in the interval [0,2]
  99. calculus

    find the conjugate on z times w if z=[3,120] and w=[-1,-15]
  100. calculus

    find the (conjugate of z) times (w) if z=[3,120] and w=[-1,-15]
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