Pre- Calculus

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  1. Pre algebra

    Sara bikes 4/5 km in 2 min. Write and simplify a unit rate that represents the distance sara bikes in 1 min.
  2. pre-algebra

    the two triangles are similar. what is the value of x. Be sure to explain your steps 10 inches 4 inches and 20 inches x inches I'm not sure how to find X
  3. Pre-Cal

    use a graphing calculator to obtain the graph of the function. What do you observe about its asymptotes? g(x) = 4 [x-2] / x + 1 My answer was there are two horizontal asymptotes. My teacher said that there are two asymptotes but she wants me to find the equation for them. I do...
  4. Math; Pre -algebra

    How many 3 letter arrangements can you make while making the first and the third letter one of the 21 constants and the middle letter one of the 5 vowels {a,e,i,o,u} . {two such arrangments to use are KOM and XAX?
  5. Pre-Algebra help PLZ!!

    Hassan deposited $7,500 into a bank account. At the end of 3 years, the account had earned $900 in simple interest. What rate of interest did the account earn per year?
  6. Pre-Cal

    Recursive Sequences: find a formula for: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 It looks like the Fibonacci sequence. Take the first two numbers and add them to get the 3rd. take the 2nd and third to get the fourth...etc. yeah, but how would i write that into a formula?
  7. Pre-Algebra

    Tell whether the question is potentially biased. Explain your answer. If the question is biased, rewrite it so that it is not. Questions: Don't you think the rising cost of concert tickets is ridiculous? Do you support the mayor's proposal to limit crime in the city?
  8. Pre-Cal

    If the interest on a long-term Canadian(3/8%) investment is compounded continuously, how long will it take the value of an investment to triple? (Give the answer correct to two decimal places.) Got 19 years--its wrong, can't find reason. Thanks.
  9. pre-calc

    two observers 3 miles apart and facing each other find that the angles of the elevation of a balloon in the same vertical plane with themselves are 28degree and 31 degree respectively.find the distance from the balloon to the observer located at the 31 angle?
  10. Pre-Calc.

    Write the standard form of the ellipse x^2+4y^2+6x-8y+9=0 I'm not sure how to start it, I think I need to set it equal to one because eventually it needs to end up equal to one but I'm not certain. I know the answer is (x+3)^2/4 + (y-1)^2/1=1 but have no idea how to get there...
  11. pre cal

    Find the exact values for the lengths of the labeled segments a, b and p drawn in green, red, and blue, respectively. Note that r=9 is the radius of the circle, and s=8 is the arc length from the point (9,0) around the circle to the indicated point. *i found everything but P?
  12. Pre calc

    An equation is given. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer. Round terms to three decimal places where appropriate. Find All solutions of the equation 2sin(theta/3)+ square root three =0
  13. Pre-algebra

    Mr.davis works for $2,400 per month plus a 10 percent commission on his total sales.he wants to earn at least $3,000 next month. Which inequality can be used to determine the amount of sales,s,he needs to meet his goal?
  14. Pre-algebra

    Mr.davis works for $2,400 per month plus a 10 percent commission on his total sales.He wants to earn at least $3,000 next month.what inequality can be used to determine the amount of sales,s,he needs to meet his goal?
  15. math

    Resource allocation podunk institute of technology’s math deaprtment offers two cources: finite math and applied calculus.each section of finite math has 60 studnets, and each section of applied calculus has 50. The department is allowed to offer a total of up to 110 ...
  16. Pre-Algebra

    help me calculate this - my 6th grade nephew has this question for homework and I'm at a loss. The combined age of 2 people is 91. Person A is two times as old as Person B was when Person A was as old as Person B is now.
  17. Pre

    A) List two examples of pairs of numbers that share a common factor. B) List a variable pair with a common factor. C) Why do u think ab+ac is called "simplified form"? I don't really what they are asking me to do... ummmm, anyone help me?
  18. math, pre-statistics

    On a 3 day vacation to Seattle the local weather forecaster predicts a 60% chance of rain everyday.What is the probability that it will rain everyday of the vacation.(round to the nearest thousandth)
  19. synonym

    1}select the synonym of the word flamboyant. a}ordinary b}plain c}extravagant d}conventional 2}select the definition for the word senile. a}pre-eminent b}priority c}old age d}clear help plz:)
  20. Pre Algebra

    What are the length and width of a rectangular dog pen with a perimeter of 38 feet where the length is 2 feet less than twice the width? Write and solve a multi-step equation for the problem.
  21. pre calc

    My teacher asked for the EXACT VALUES of sin(pi/6) cos(pi/4) csc(pi/3) I have to figure it out without a calculator? Also, if I was to do with it with a calculator, would csc be typed as 1/sin?
  22. Pre-Calc

    A farmer is making a pig pen next to the barn. He has enough materials to build 50 feet of fencing. a)what is the largest area he can fence in? b)what are the dimensions of the pen with the largest area?
  23. pre-algebra

    The number of cells in a lab sample triples every 4 hours. Write an expression to represent the number of cells after 24 hours. I think it might be x cubed times 6
  24. pre algebra

    robin is making bows to sell at her mothers yard sale she will use 3/4 foot of a ribbon and 2/3 of blue ribbon what is the ratio of the length of the blue ribbon to the red ribbon explain how its 2/3 to 3/4
  25. Pre-Algebra(please help ASAP!!!!!)

    how would I go about doing this problem? a (division sign) 4.9 = 8.33 Since this equation has a division would I solve it? Can I still do the original subtract and add method?...
  26. Pre-Algebra

    The layer cake has both vanilla and chocolate frosting. What percent of the surface area of the cake (not including the bottom) is chocolate? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.
  27. Pre-Calc help

    - Determine the​ quarter points of y=2−3cos(4x−π) (Type an exact answer using π. Type ordered pair) TEACH ME HOW TO GET THE ANSWERS AND THANKS!.
  28. Calculus

    Posted by hey on Monday, August 10, 2015 at 11:28pm. A man 5.5 ft tall walks away from a lamp post 10 ft high at the rate of 8 ft/s. (a.) How fast does his shadow lengthen? (b.) how fast does the tip of the shadow move? Calculus - Reiny, Monday, August 10, 2015 at 11:43pm make...
  29. Criminal Justice

    Create a checklist that may be provided to the officers involved in the operation so they may have a reference reminding them of what they must do to properly process a defendant in a federal investigation. The checklist should include processing requirements and the mandated ...
  30. Pre-Algebra

    I'm stuck on these two problems; can someone show me how to solve them step-by-step? Thanks 1.A baseball diamond is a square 90 ft on each side. How far is it diagonally from home plate to second base? 2.An equilateral triangle has sides 10 units long. Find (a)the height and (...
  31. History

    Chinese "communes" were: A. Communist Party committee cadres. B. urban districts established by Mao Zedong. C. the modern equivalent of the traditional cottage industries in pre modern China. D. agricultural communities containing more than thirty thousand people. answer D
  32. Math (Pre-calc)

    I need to know how to solve this for my review questions. Thanks! The wheel on a racing bike have a radius of 14 in. How fast is the cyclist traveling in mph if the wheels are turning at 280 revolutions per minute. find the exact value of the expression. Sin(2pi/3)+ tan(3pi/4)
  33. calculus

    Differentiate y=lnx You ought to have this memorized. y'=1/x for y= ln x dy/dx = 1/x This is the most basic and fundamental of log derivatives. If you are studying Calculus, and the topic is logs, I fail to understand why you asked that question. IS there a website that can ...
  34. Pre-algebra

    Transform the formula. The area of a triangle A can be found with the formula A=1/2bh where b is the length of the base of the triangle and h is the height of the triangle. Solve the formula for h.
  35. pre-calc

    Two nonvertical lines have slopes m1 and m2, respectively. The lines are parallel if ___ and the ___ are unequal; the lines are perpendicular if ___.

    On an NBA team the two forwards measure 6'8" & 6'6" and the two grounds measure 6'0" & 5'9". how tall a center should they hire if they wish to have a starting team average height of at least 6'5" ?
  37. world history

    most sages of the aial age took which of the following views of human nature? a. it's neither good nor bad b. it's essentially bad c. it's pre-determined d. it'sd essentially good
  38. world history

    Most sages of the Axial Age took which of the following views of human nature? A. It's essentially bad. B. It's neither good nor bad. C. It's pre-determined. D. It's essentially good.
  39. PRE-CALC

    A biased coin has a 0.4 probability of landing on tails. The random variable X, based on a single toss of the coin, is defined as follows: X = 0 if heads appears; X = 1 if tails appears. What is the mean value of X? A) 0.7 B) 0.5 C) 0.4 D) 0.3 E) 0.6
  40. pre algebra 8th grade(0, 0.3), (1, 0.5), (2, 0.7),

    Candice wants to buy a sweatshirt that costs $39. She also wants some T-shirts that are on sale for $16 each. She has $150. Write an inequality to find how many T-shirts she can buy. I think it is 39 + 16t = 150 Thank you.
  41. Pre cal

    If a ball is hit with an initial velocity of 110 feet per second at an angle of 45 degrees from an initial height of 2 feet, how far will the ball travel before it hits the ground?
  42. Biology

    One of the differences between Cambrian animals and pre-Cambrian animals was the appearance of ___________ such as antennae as Cambrian animals evolved. Can somebody help me I literally have no clue.
  43. history

    what aspects of post-Civil War industrialization presented the greatest contrast to pre-Civil War industrialization?
  44. Pre-Algebra ... again :-(

    How do i go about finding the integers of a product and quotient ... like, product of -20 whose quotient is -5 ..... thanks again
  45. Pre-Cal

    1) Verify the identity cos^2 B - sin^2 B = 2 cos^2 B -1 I know that cos^2 B - sin^2 B = 2 cos^2 B -1 by the double angle formula but I do not know how to show this.
  46. pre algebra

    a used laptop computer sells for $696. that is a 40% reduction from the original price. what was the original price of the computer?
  47. Pre-Alegebra

    IF the scale model of an 82 inch long table is 10.25 inches long, what is the scale used to create the model?
  48. pre-algebra

    Terry has 43 dollars in a checking account.If terry writes a check for 62 dollars what is the new checking balance?
  49. Pre-Algebra

    Identify the underlined place in 83.5851. Then round the number to that place. A. thousandths; 83.58 B. hundredths; 83.59 C. hundredths; 83.58 D. thousandths; 83.59 A?
  50. PRE CALC

    Use matrices to solve the system. (If the system has infinitely many solutions, express your answer in terms of c, where x = x(c), y = y(c), and z = c. If the system has no solution, enter NONE for each answer.) 5x+2y-z=2 x-2y+2z= -1 3y+z= -17 ive done tons of these but this ...
  51. Pre Algebra

    1.Which of the following numbers is rational? A \frac{4}{5} B √27 C 4.02002000200002... D √31 2.What type of number is shown below? 0.3133113331... A repeating decimal B rational C irrational D terminating 3.Select all the rational numbers from the list. 1 √2 2 8....
  52. Calculus II

    Does anyone know of a very good website that can teach me to better understand the disk, washer, shell method to finding volume of irregular figures (solid of revolution)using of course, integration techniques (such as when to recognize integration with respect to y or X for ...
  53. Pre-Calc-Please check answer

    1.Write 4+6+8+10 in sigma notation: I came up with sigma in the middle 3 on top j=0 on the bottom 2n+4 to the right of the signma sign 2. Find the 10th term of the sequence -1/5,-1/20,-1/80 this was a geometric sequence so I said a(subscript10) = -1/5*1/4^(10-1) =-1/5*(1/4)^9...
  54. Pre-Calc-Please check answer

    1.Write 4+6+8+10 in sigma notation: I came up with sigma in the middle 3 on top j=0 on the bottom 2n+4 to the right of the signma sign 2. Find the 10th term of the sequence -1/5,-1/20,-1/80 this was a geometric sequence so I said a(subscript10) = -1/5*1/4^(10-1) =-1/5*(1/4)^9...
  55. Precalc

    The figure shows the pre-image and first iteration for a set of transformations. If the iterations are carried on infinitely, the resulting fractal figure will have dimension given by Dimension=(LogN)/Log(1/r) It tells me to find N and r... What should I be looking for on the ...
  56. Pre-Calc

    Convert Q = 2e^8t to form Q = ab^t Round all calculated values to three decimal places Q= my answer I got 2(2.980.9579)^t I don't think this is correct. I took 2e^8t and tried solving for just e^8 then tried to convert... It turned out messy
  57. Pre Calculas

    If you deposit $5,000 in an account that pays 5% interest compounded annually, how much money will you have in your account at the end of 15 years? Write an exponential function that represents this situation. I got 1,500,000 but im not sure if i did it right and im stuck
  58. Pre-Calc

    I have two questions how do you solve cos x=sqrt2-cosx on the interval of [0,2pi) and how do you verify sin^2(theta)/1-cos(theta)=1+cos(theta) without negating it to equal 1?
  59. Pre- algrbra

    What property is c to the seventh power x 1= c to the seventh power?
  60. Pre-Calc

    How do I simplify (tan x/(1 + sec x))+((1 + sec x)/(tan x))?
  61. Calculus

    Please look at my work below: Solve the initial-value problem. y'' + 4y' + 6y = 0 , y(0) = 2 , y'(0) = 4 r^2+4r+6=0, r=(16 +/- Sqrt(4^2-4(1)(6)))/2(1) r=(16 +/- Sqrt(-8)) r=8 +/- Sqrt(2)*i, alpha=8, Beta=Sqrt(2) y(0)=2, e^(8*0)*(c1*cos(0)+c2*sin(0))=c2=2 y'(0)=4, c2=4 y(x)=e^(...
  62. trig/pre -calc

    hello, i don't quite understand how to do this type of problem: 1. find the exact value of sin (pi/3). even more confusing is 2. find the exact value of csc^-1 (1). i would appreciate any kind of help! thank you!
  63. pre calc

    a salt shaker is sitting 4cm from the center of a lazy susan. phoebe small spins the lazy susan through an angle of 120. how do i set this up to find how many radians the shaker turned?

    Given the following finite sum 1/(1*2)+1/(2*3)+1/(3*4)+1/(4*5)+....+1/(n(n+1)) a) Find the first 5 partial sums b) Make a conjecture for a formula for the sum of the first n terms c) Use mathematical induction to prove your formula
  65. Pre-calc help!

    A vector has x component -7.9 and y component 10.5 What is the direction of the vector to the nearest tenth of a degree? I tried doing tantheta=10.5/-7.9, however I keep getting a negative angle less than one degree which I hope is not right. Help!
  66. pre calculous

    solve each equation algebraically and check it by substituing into the orignall equation. 50e^0.035x=200 3LN(x-3)+4=5 Method of your choice by solving. logx^2=6 Logx^4=2 2x-2^-x/2=4 e^x+e^-x/2=4 500/1+25e^.3x=200
  67. pre calc

    use an appropriate half-angle formula to find the exact value ofthe expression. tan22.5 write the product as a sum sinxsin5x write the sum as a product sin2x-sin7x
  68. pre - algebra

    maria had $123 she spent $35,loaned $20 to a friend and received her $90 paycheck how much does she have now? so you would do 123 -20=103 and then 103 - 20=83 and 83 + 90 =wich is 173 so that would be the answer right?
  69. combusion -science

    the reaction order with respect to C4H10 =.15 and the reaction order with respect to O=1.6 , the pre exponential factor =4.16.10^9 . the activation energy =125000 kl/kaul. write out an expression for the rate of butane destruction
  70. Pre-Algebra

    Carpet Masters charges $9.50 per square yard to clean a carpet. If you have two rooms with an area of six square yards each, how much will it cost to have the carpets cleaned?
  71. Pre cal

    A box with a square base and no top is to be made from a square piece of carboard by cutting 8 in. squares from each corner and folding up the sides. The box is to hold 7200 in. How big a piece of cardboard is needed?
  72. Pre-Algebra

    A back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot showing the points scored by each player on two different basketball teams is shown below. What is the median number of points scored for each team?
  73. pre-calc help

    Solve the given equation. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list. Let k be any integer. Round terms to three decimal places where appropriate. If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) 5 sin^2(x)- 21 sin(x)+ 4 =0
  74. math

    Hi, How do I improve my math skills? I can't calculate in my head (I.e 2x43), I would actually have to write it down to solve it. I took pre-calc, calc and didn't have problem understanding. I don't know what is wrong. what should I do?
  75. Math (pre-celc 12)

    I'm not sure how to solve this equation algebraically: 38=20sin((2pi(t))/36)+22 I know the answer should be about 5.3 since I graphed it. I can get as far as removing 22 from the right and then removing 20 from the right by dividing by 20. To get 0.8=sin((2pi(t))/36)
  76. Pre-Algebra

    Can I have someone check this please? I wouldn't want to do the whole page, then find out I had done them all wrong. :( [Percents of Change] A $100 digital watch is now $72 Decrease, 72/100 = negative percent. 100/72.00 = .72 .72 - 1 = 30%? Thanks. 30% is my final answer, ...
  77. Pre-Calculus

    How can this identity be proved/verified? cscx-sinx=1/(secxtanx) I have tried starting on both sides of the equation to get to the other. By starting on one side of the equation and manipulating it to make it look like the other side, the identity will be proved. However, this...
  78. pre-calc

    A statement Sn about the positive integers is given. Write statements Sk and Sk+1, simplifying Sk+1 completely. Show your work. Sn: 1 ∙ 2 + 2 ∙ 3 + 3 ∙ 4 + . . . + n(n + 1) = [n(n + 1)(n + 2)]/3 Sk: 1 ∙ 2 + 2 ∙ 3 + 3 ∙ 4 + . . . + k(k + 1...
  79. calculus

    find f(x,y+k)-f(x,y)/k when f(x,y)=x^2y+2xy^2
  80. Calculus

    If a, b, and c are digits for which 7 a 2 -4 8 b ========= c 7 3 then a + b + b = _______ (A) 14 (B) 15 (C) 16 (D) 17 (E) 18
  81. calculus

    how do u find the inverse of 2^-t/4
  82. Calculus?

    If a, b, and c are digits for which 7 a 2 -4 8 b ========= c 7 3 then a + b + b = _______ (A) 14 (B) 15 (C) 16 (D) 17 (E) 18
  83. Calculus

    (1 - x)^4 * (2x - 1)^5 its a derivative how can i solve this?
  84. calculus

    Find f(4) if S (0 to x) dt=xcospix.
  85. Calculus

    Minimize S=x+2y with xy=2 and both x and y > 0
  86. Calculus

    Find the derivative of f 0f x. f(x) = x^2 - 8x - 17 at x = 4
  87. Calculus

    Find the derivative of f 0f x. f(x) = x^2 - 8x - 17 at x = 4
  88. calculus

    f(x)={4x+5 if x<3 17 if x=3 2^x+4 if x>3 determine if f is continuous at x=3
  89. Calculus?

    how do you expand Ln abs(ã7 x^3+2x^2)
  90. calculus

    Let y = sin(x^2-3). find dy.
  91. Calculus

    How do we integrate xlne^x .
  92. Calculus

    How do we integrate 1/lnx.
  93. Calculus- Help please

    I don't know how to do this, so I can't graph it. f(x)= 1/x-4 Thank you for the help.
  94. Calculus

    How do I take the integral of (9t^3 - 3t^2 + t)/3t?
  95. Calculus

    Let f(x)=7x/x–6 Then f'(9)= And after simplifying f'(x)=
  96. calculus

    what is the integral of x^(2)arctan(6x) dx?
  97. Calculus

    What's the derivative of y=400(2)^(x+3)
  98. calculus

  99. Calculus

    Let a=8, f(x)=|x-8|/x Is the value of the limit 0.
  100. calculus

    what's integration of (tanx)^5?
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