Pre- Calculus

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  1. pre-algebra

    You are traveling to your mother's house that is 234 miles away. If you are currently twice as far from your home as you are from your mother's house, how far have you traveled?
  2. Pre-Algebra

    One hundred nautical miles equals about 185 kilometers. To the nearest kilometer, how far in kilometers is 290 nautical miles?
  3. Pre-Calc

    2. The polar coordinates of a point are given. Find the rectangular coordinates of each point. a. (5,(π / 4)) b. (-2,(π / 6)) NOTE: I tried to do these myself and got that: a= (4.99,0.27) b=(-1.99,-0.11) Which I know these are wrong, so I don't know how to do them..
  4. pre cal

    Determine algebraically whether the function is even, odd, or neither even nor odd. f as a function of x is equal to 14 times the cube root of x
  5. Math Pre-Algebra

    Simplify the Expression(-8/15)+(1/15). Show how to simplify in steps, using a property of operations for each step. Explain the property you use in each step. Can you help me please?
  6. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    is this the correct formula for me to solve this? A bacteria culture has 2,000 bacteria. The number of bacteria increases by 5% each hour. How many bacteria are there after 12 hours? 2,000*0.05^(12-1)
  7. pre algebra

    Wren bought a baseball card last year for $2.25. This year the price dropped to $.45. What was the percent of decrease in the price of the card A. 120% B. 500% C. 80% D. 400% A?
  8. Pre-Algebra

    A mat is 3w inches wide and the frame is w inches wide around a 16in x 48 in poster. Type an expression for the amount of frame material needed.
  9. Pre-Calc 20

    A rectangle has a diagonal of 18cm. The diagonal creates a 60 degree angle at the base of the triangle. Write an exact expression for the base and the height of the triangle.
  10. pre calc

    Katie is watching a helicopter flying at an altitude of 5 miles. If the angle of elevation is pi/3 , the distance between Katie and the helicopter is approximately miles. NextReset
  11. Pre-Cal

    If g(x) = tan (5x2), then g ′(x) = ? I've worked this problem out like four times already and I keep getting a complete different answer..So I think I'm doing it wrong. These are the answers I have gotten while doing this problem. g'(x)= cosx^2 5tan g'(x)= 2cosxtan^2
  12. Pre-Algebra

    At a halftime show a marching band marched in formation. The lead drummer started at a point with coordinates (-2,-5) and moved three steps up and 1 step right. Write a rule to describe the translation. What were the coordinates of the drummers final position? Please help
  13. Pre-Algebra

    Can someone show me how to solve this problem step by step?Here is the problem, 26cm/s= m/min,how to solve it by convert rate suing dimensional analysis.
  14. pre cal

    The yearly attendance at a local movie theater is 82,000 and grows continuously at a rate of 5.1% each year. What is the approximate attendance at the movie theater in ten years?
  15. College pre-algebra

    how do I simplify the following expressions and show my work? 6+5[(12 div. by2)+5]. (4div.by2)+8(5-3)to the second power. -8-72Div.by9x4to the second power + 11.
  16. Pre algebra

    Tasha has a savings account which earn 8% interest. If she has $1400 in her account, how much interest will she earn in one year? I got $112.00 but it doesn't look right.
  17. pre calc

    f(x)=-3x+2 a) express the slope of the secant line of each function in terms of x and h. b) find msecant for h=.5, .1, and.01 at x=1. c) find the equation for the secant line at x=1 with h=1.01 I got -3 for a but don't know how to do the others becaus a does not have x or h in...
  18. pre algreaba

    Justin wants to use 188 ft of fencing to fence off the greatest possible rectangular area for a garden. What dimensions should he use? What will be the area of the garden?
  19. Pre-Algebra

    how would I go about doing this problem? a (division sign) 4.9 = 8.33 Since this equation has a division would I solve it? Can I still do the original subtract and add method?...
  20. Pre-Calc

    If tan theta equal - square root of 22 divided by 11 and pie/2 is less than theta and theta is less than pies, what is the cos of theta in simplified rationalized form
  21. pre algebra

    the length of a rectangle is 6 cm more than its width. if 3 cm are taken from the length and added to the width, the figure becomes a square with an area of 64sq cm. what are the dimensions of the original figure.
  22. Pre-Calc

    Find the vertical asymptotes, if any, of the graph of the rational function. Show your work. f(x) = (x-4)/(x(x-4)) How would I show my work? the x-4 cancel out and I am left with 1/x. The vertical asymp. is x= 0
  23. Math (pre-celc 12)

    Write an expression for the x-values where the the maximum in the expression occurs: y=6cos((2pi/14)x)-2 I know that the maximum occurs every 14 units if you start at 0,0. I'm stuck after that.
  24. pre algebra

    14 is what percent of 200 100/200 =x/14 read as 100% is to 200 as x% is to 14 solve for x by cross multiplying x=7 check it .07 times 200 = 14 vola!
  25. Pre algebtra Help Please!!

    Determine which two equations represent parallel lines. (a) y = 5/7x + 4 (b) y = -7/5 x – 8 (c) y = 9x + 11 (d) y = 9x – 4 which have the same slope? which have the same slope?
  26. Pre Algebra

    Find the missing length, when the perimeter is 9x+11. They give me 2 lengths: 2x+3 and 3x+1 how could I find the missing length x? would I add 2x+3+3x+1? and then subtract the total by 9x+11?
  27. pre-algebra

    In a number square, the sum of the numbers in each row, column, and main diagonal is the same. Find the sum of the number square. a 7 2 1 5 b 8 c 4
  28. pre-algebra

    it takes 1 cup of liqiud fertilizer to make 7 1/2 gallons of spray. How much liquid is needed to make 80 gallons of spray?
  29. Pre-Algebra

    The length of a rectangular jewelry box is 5 inches more than twice the width. The perimeter is 28 inches. Find the length and the width.
  30. Pre Algebra

    Four numbers are drawn from random tiles numbereed 0 through 9. What are the odds of drawing numbers 1 through four in any order?
  31. Pre-Cal

    how do you find the vertex using two points, when no equation is given and neither points are the vertex? what formula can i use to find it?
  32. Pre algebra

    mr. and received a discount of $87 on a new electric stove. the discount was the result of a 1/4 of sale. what was the sale price of the stove?
  33. Pre algebra

    A number multiplied by itself and then by itself again gives -1,000. What is the number? Please show the solution step by step
  34. Pre-Calc

    Determine the one sided limit of f(x) s x approaches -2 from the right side. F(X) = (x^2-2x+4)/(x^3+8). I do not know where to begin. Should I plug in the one side limit?
  35. Math pre algebra

    Write .00025 in words? Is it zero and, twenty five hundred-thousandth(s) Or Twenty five hundred-thousand
  36. Pre-Calc

    Evaluate the two trigonometric functions using its period as an aid. 1. cos (9pi/2) = ? Ans: 0 2. cos (-9pi/2) = ? Ans: 0
  37. Pre-Algebra

    Use properties of equality to simplify each of the following expressions so that you can simplify them in your head. Identify the properties used and describe how you used them. 1. 4 • (–3) • 5
  38. Pre Cal

    The intensity of light decreases by 4% for each meter that it descends below the surface of the water. At what depth is the intensity of light only 20% of that at the surface?
  39. Math

    you have exactly $50.00 to spend on taxable groceries. they charge 4.3% sales tax on food. What is the most you can spend on food, pre-tax?
  40. Pre-Cal

    Simplify the expression 1/tan^2x+1 tan^2x+1 = sec^2x = 1/sec^2x I am not sure what 1/sec^2x is equal to
  41. Pre Cal

    which of the expressions are identical? a) cos^2x b)(cosx)^2 c) cos (x^2) d) (sinx)^-1 E) sin^-1 x f) sin (x^-1) g) 1/ sin x
  42. Pre Cal

    find the domains of the following functions: a) f(x)=x^20 b) g(x)=1/(x-3) c) h(x)=1/(4x^2=21x-18) d) k(x)=sqrt (4x^2-21x-18) e) p(x)=1/sqrt(4x^2-21x-18)
  43. Pre-calc

    I am given the graph of y=f(x) and I am asked to sketch the graph of y=-2f(-x). How do I move and/or rotate the given graph?
  44. Corporate Finance

    1. TexMex Products is considering a new salsa whose data are shown below. The equipment that would be used would be depreciated by the straight-line method over its 3-year life, would have zero salvage value, and no new working capital would be required. Revenues and other ...
  45. Roots and Pre-cal

    Find the roots of the function f(x)= x^2 +2x+2 a)-1 + sq root of 2 and -1 - sq root of 2 b) -1 + i and -1 - i c)-1 -2i sq root of 2 and -1-2i sq root of 2 d)-1 +2i and -1-2i The i's are in italics but I can't .make them in italic here for some reason completing the square: x^2...
  46. pre- algebra

    Juanita lost her tennis racquet. She bought a new one for $30. This is $6 less than three times the price of her old one. How much did she pay for her old racquet?
  47. Pre Algebra

    This is about Reasoning Strategy... It says this: 3a. What is the y-intercept of the trend line? 3c. Write an equation for the trend line in slope-intercept form. I don't really know what they mean? Please help me.
  48. Pre Cal

    Solve 4sin^2 x + 4sqrt(2) cos x-6 = 0 for all real values of x. My answer: (pi/4)+2(pi)k, (7pi/4) + 2(pi)k Solve 2cos^2 x-5cosx+2=0 for principal values of x. My answer: 60 and 300 degrees
  49. Pre-cal

    1) Find two values of Q that satisfy the equation. Give your answer is degrees and radians. Do not use a calculator. a) sec Q = 2 -pi/3 and 60 degrees Is this correct? b) sec Q = -2 This one I do not know how to find.
  50. pre-algebra

    Sam has no more than $250 to spend on ceramic tile for his foyer. The rectangular floor in his foyer is 5ft. by 8ft. What can he spend per square foot on ceramic?
  51. Math Pre Algerbra

    How did the teacher get this answer for this problem? Okay so heres two questions... first 24/4(2) = 12 and i believe he said he didn't use the (2) but... when i ask a question about a question like that they use the 2 like this 9*3 - 2(5) = 17
  52. Math Pre Algerbra

    How did the teacher get this answer for this problem? Okay so heres two questions... first 24/4(2) = 12 and i believe he said he didn't use the (2) but... when i ask a question about a question like that they use the 2 like this 9*3 - 2(5) = 17
  53. pre calc

    A rock is dropped form the top of a cliff. It takes 12 seconds to hit the ground. What is the height in feet of the cliff?? How fast is the rock moving when it hits the ground?
  54. pre-calc

    a ship leaves port and sails for 2 hours north east and than 3 hours north west. If the speed remains constant, what course should the ship take home?
  55. pre algebra

    robin is making bows to sell at her mothers yard sale she will use 3/4 foot of a ribbon and 2/3 of blue ribbon what is the ratio of the length of the blue ribbon to the red ribbon
  56. Pre calc aesthetic quadratic stuff

    two numbbers have sum of 9 and product of 20. What singlevariable quadratic equation in form of ax^2+bx+c=0 can be used to represent the product of the two numbers
  57. Pre-Cal: Domain (cont.)

    I figured out problems 1-7, arithmetically (thank you all for the help on that) But not number 8: f(x)=5/x , g(x)=7/(x+7) #7). Find (f/g)(x) Answer ==> [5(x+7)]/[7x] #8). Find the domain of (f/g)(x). (enter your answer using interval notation)
  58. Pre-Algebra

    A radio signal travels at 3.00*10^8 meters per second. How many seconds will it take for a radio signal to travel from a satellite to the surface of Earth if the satellite is orbiting at a height of 3.54*10^7?
  59. Pre-algebra

    Use a proportion to solve the problem. 34% of 83 x/100=34/83;40.96 x/100=34/83;2.822 x/83=34/100;28.22 x/83=34/100;56.44 I think it's either c or d because a and b arn't set up correctly according to how you're supposed to set up a porportion.
  60. Calculus

    Integrate: x/(9+x^4)dx
  61. Calculus

    lim--h>0 f(x+h)- f(x/h
  62. Calculus

    If a, b, and c are digits for which 7 a 2 -4 8 b =========
  63. Calculus

    If a, b, and c are digits for which 7 a 2 -4 8 b =========
  64. Calculus

    What is the derivative of e^cx ?
  65. Calculus

    integrate: (x^2 + 1)^k dx
  66. Calculus

    What is the derivative of t^3/3
  67. Calculus

    The derivative of f of x f(x) = x^3 + 19 ; x = 8
  68. calculus

    Integrate: dx/(2x^2 + 4x + 7)
  69. calculus

    derivatives. f(x)=(1/-7x^12) f'(2)=? f'(-1)=?
  70. calculus

    if dy/dx= (1+lnx)y and if y=1 when x=1, then y=
  71. calculus

    how do you integrate x^2/(9+x^6)
  72. calculus

    how do you integrate x^2/(9+x^6)
  73. calculus

  74. Calculus- please help

    Let f(t)=(t^2+3t+8)(2t^2+6). (a) f'(t)= (b) f'(4)=
  75. Calculus

    Find (fg)'(1) if f(1)=1, g(1)=2,f'(1)=3, g'(1)=-3
  76. calculus

    (f o g)(3x^2) << question ...f=4x-10 g=2x^2
  77. Calculus

  78. calculus

    how to simplify: ((9^x * 3^2 * (1/3^-x)) - 27^x ) / 3^(3x) * 9
  79. calculus

    If f(x) = x2 / (4 + x), find f ''(5).
  80. Calculus

    If d/dx(f(3x^5))=9x^4 Find f'(x)
  81. calculus

    what is the derivative of 1/x??
  82. Calculus

    differentiate y = (x + 2) / (x^3 + x - 2)
  83. Calculus

    how do I know if the series ln(n)/(2n) is DV or CV?
  84. calculus

    how do you integrate dx/(x^2*(x^2+4)^1/2)
  85. calculus

    what is the derivative of 4(x^2-1)^-1/2
  86. calculus

    what is derivative of (1-2x)^-1? is it -1/(1-2x)^2 ?
  87. Calculus

    What is the lim(x-3/x^3-27) x->3
  88. Calculus

    f(t)=5^x sechx f'(x)=?
  89. calculus

    solve 2^3^x = 4.2^5^x
  90. calculus

    Differentiate y = xe^x Thank you!
  91. calculus

    differentiate y = ln(e^x + e^-x)
  92. Calculus

    what is the derivative of If y = x^m and y'= mx^(m-1) y" = ?
  93. Calculus

    If xy=4 and dy/dy=3 then find dx/dt when x=4?
  94. Calculus

    f(x)=(x+3), h(x)=(3x-5) Find g(f(x))=h
  95. Calculus

    F(x)=5e^x - 10 / 24e^x + 12 f^(-1)(x)=? a=? b=?
  96. Calculus

    What's the derivative of (x-1)(x-7)^3+10?
  97. calculus

    find dy/dx of y^3-xy=-1
  98. calculus

    find f(x) f'(x) = (x^2-1)/x^(-1)
  99. calculus

    find y' of x^2/3=y^2/3=1
  100. Calculus

    f(x) = 6e^(-5x) ln(x), find f'(3)?
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