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Pre algebra

On the map 5 miles corresponds to 2 inches. How many miles correspond to 7 inches?

pre algebra

what is the domain of the function below? f(x)= -x^2 + 11 thank you choices are: 1. (- infinity, 11) 2. (-infinity, infinity) 3.(-11, 11) 4. (11, infinity)

Pre Algebra

Simplify: 1: (-12xy2z)(3xy) 2: -12xy2z divided by 3xy 3: 2x(2x - 5) 4: -2x(2x-5) Please help!

Craig - baloon - calculus moved up

Posted by Craig on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 7:54pm. t: 0 2 5 7 11 12 r'(t): 5.7 4.0 2.0 1.2 0.6 0.5 The volume of a spherical hot air balloon expands as the air inside the balloon is heated. The radius of the balloon in feet is modeled by a twice-differentiable function ...


Can anyone help with the following problem please...Thank u so much Let f(x) =|9x|. For the area above the x-axis and between the lines x= -9 and x=18 a. draw and label a sketch with the area shaded b. find the area of the region in the xy-plane under the graph of f(x)

math pre cal

Your industry currently employs 3,800,000 workers. If this labor force is growing expotentially at an annual rate of 2.3% how long will it be before the number of employees reaches 5,000,000?


An investment firm has a job opening with a salary o $30,000 for the first year. Suppose that during the next 39 years, there is a 5% raise each year. Find the total compensation over the 40-year period.


I do not know how to solve for y to get the inverse of this question: The number of elephants in a park is estimated to be P(t)=7500 1 + 749e^(−0.15t) where t is the time in years and t = 0 corresponds to the year 1903. Find the inverse of P(t). What is the ...


The displacement from equilibrium of an oscillating weight suspended by a spring and subject to the damping effect of friction is given by y(t) = (1/4)e^-t cos6t, where y is the displacement in feet and t is the time in seconds. Find the displacement when t is equal to 0. ...

Pre- Algebra

Please answer as soon as you can I need help figuring this out :) Which number is greater than 5.5 x 10^-7 and less than 5.5 x 10^7? A. 1.8 x 10^-12 B. 6.7 x 10^8 C. 5.2 x 10^3*** D. 3.9 x 10^-3 If you know what the answer is can you, if at all possible, explain how you got ...


Hi there i am having some problems trying to do my calculus homework and i really need help on how to show the step to proof the volume of a sphere which is V= 4/3pirsquare. But I have to use triple integral to proof the volume of a sphere. Please help me and give me some good...


write an inequality with the same meaning as -5 ¡Ý y would that be -5 ¡Ý 5 ?? This looks like greek to me. my sign changed when I posted my question, I had -5 is equal to or greater than Y my answer was Y= -4 but i think i got it now it should be Y= -11 not -4 right ? -5 &...


I am trying to get the polynomial; x^7+2x^6+3x^5+4x^4+6x^3+6x^2+7x+8 divided by; x^5-2x^4-3x^3+5x^2+2x-3 into a partial fraction form so that I can create a system of equations to solve for. So far, after dividing I have (x+1)(x-1)^2, and (x^2-x-3) as factors along with an ...

trig (pre-cal class)

Suppose è is an acute angle of a right triangle. For this function, find the values of the remaining five trigonometric functions of è. Round to four decimal places. sin è = 0.1 cos è = tan è = cot è = csc è = sec è =


A website is offering a savings account that pays 33% compounded continuously. How much interest would a deposit of $3,000 earn over 15 years? (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) I used f(t)=Pe^rt and got 1000e^-0.045t I don't know what I did wrong. Thank you.


Complete the table assuming continuously compounded interest. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) Initial Investment== ? Annual % Rate== ? Time to Double== 11YRS Amount After 10 Years== $1600 Using formula A=Pe^rt ?

pre cal

Given f(x)=x^4-7x^3+18x^2-22x+12 A: list all possible rational zeros B: Graph f(x) C: Find all zeros D: show f(x) in factured form thanks I can't figure it out. Can skip B... thanks


evaluate the trigonometric functions by memory or by constructing appropriate triangles for the given special angles. a) csc 30 degrees b) sin pi/4 = sqrt2 / 2 I just do not know how to find csc 30 degrees.

pre calc

the longest side of a triangle is 34 feet. the measures of two angles of the triangle are 40 and 65 degrees. find the lengths of the other two sides using law of sines and cosines


Marissa has budgeted $65 for her monthly cell phone expense. If her plan with her wireless provider is $15 plus $0.25 for each minute, how many minutes can she talk on her cell phone in a month and not exceed her budget?

medical billing

The Local School District Has Asked Your Clinic To Submit a Proposal To Do Pre Employment Physicals FOr 60 Bus Drivers What Financial Or Accounting inFOrmation Do You Need To Submit The Proposal

black history

I have been searching for days my son is in the pre k and has to do a report on Jackie Johnson. I cant find anything other than some news reporter can someone help me WHO IS JACKIE JOHNSON?


Tropical storm Alpha has winds of 50 miles per hour. Write and solve an inequality to find how much the winds need to decrease so that the storm is downgraded to a depression.

Pre-Cal (polynomials)

Look at the right end behavior of each function )\(as x -> infinitey). what about the function determines whether its graph wil point up or down on the right-hand side?

Pre Cal

An airplane leaves an airport and flies due west 150 miles and then 230 miles in the direction S 39.67 degrees W. How far is the plane from the airport at this time to the nearest mile.


Find the function that is finally graphed after following transformations are applied to the graph of y=ãx in the order list 1. shift down 8 units 2. reflect the x-axis 3. reflect the y-axis

Math (Pre-Cal)

There is exactly one triangle the length of whose sides are integers in arithmetic progression and whose area is 156 square units. Find the perimeter of this triangle.


Which of the following examples would show a negative trend? height and weight of students test scores and height of students outside temperature and heating bill none of these


on a graph there are 3 points, (-3,0) (0,2) (1,0) now, by using transformations, y= f(x)+1 is the answer: (-3,1) (0,3) (1,1) ?? and also y= -f(x-2) (using original points) is it (-3,2) (0,0) (1,2) or is it (-3,-2) (0,-4) (1,-2) ?? im not sure in what order you have to reflect ...

pre cal

Write a polynomial function of minimum degree with real coefficients whose zeros include those listed. Write the polynomial in standard form. 3, -13, and 5 + 4i Urgently need help

pre algebra

1. what is the sum of 5/6 + 2/3? a.1 1/3 b.1 1/2 c.1 2/3* d.1 3/4 2. sylvia has 6 1/2 boxes of chocolate to share at a family picnic. if she gives each person 1/3 of a box, how many people can receive chocolate? a.13* b.17 c.19 d.21 my answer=* please explain how you got your ...


The two equal sides of an isosceles triangle are each 24 centimeters. If each of the two equal angles measures 60, find the length of the base and the altitude. (leave your answer in radical form).


Change of Base Formula logb x = loga x/loga b to evaluate log14 41. (Round your answer to three decimal places.) i need a step by step preview please


A kite flying in the air has a 12 - ft line attached to it. Its line is pulled taut and casts a 10 - ft shadow. Find the height of the kite. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.

Pre cal

A parallelogram has sides of lengths 7 and 4, and one angle is 55°. Find the lengths of the diagonals. (Round your answers to two decimal places. Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.)

math help please

if the pre image of a figure is located at (4,2) (-3,-3)(0,8) and it is reflected in the y-axis followed by a translation of 3 units left and 6 units down where is the new image locate give vertex coordinates


Posted by Paul on Friday, February 19, 2010 at 3:57am. I have the function f(x)=e^x*sinNx on the interval [0,1] where N is a positive integer. What does it mean describe the graph of the function when N={whatever integer}? And what happens to the graph and to the value of the ...


Suppose that f has a domain of A and g has a domain of B. (a). What is the domain of f + g? (b). What is the domain of fg? (c). What is the domain of f/g? Is there a mathematical rule or theorem for this type of question?

Pre Algebra

I need help. This eguation is solving equations with variables and integers. 5x=-25 I need help getting how to do this equation. The other set ups I get but this one just seems to confuse me big time. Please help 5x=-25 multiply both sides by 1/5 to get x=-5

College pre calc

Use bionomial formula to find the coefficient of the t^2 m^8 term in the expansion of (3t+m)^10. I got so far this 10C8 x 3^2 x t^2 x m^8 It tell me the next step is here =45 x 9 x t^2 x m^8 where did the 45 come from?? It doesn't explain that to me! The answer is 405 by the ...

pre-calc college

a certain type of fencing comes in rigid 10 foot long sections. Four uncut segments are to be used to fence in a garden on the side of a building. what value of x will make the garden as large as possible?


How are the following terms related to the process of transcription and one another? Eukaryotes, Prokaryotes, membrane-bound nucleus, introns, exons, precursor RNA (pre-mRNA), mature RNA, heterochromatin, euchromatin, and structural gene.

Pre Cal

An airplane travels due west for 2.5 hours at 340 miles per hour. Then it changes course to S51°W. Find the airplanes distance from its point of departure and its bearing, after a total flight time of 4.5 hours.


an airplane flying due east at 400 km/h pasess over an airport 12 minutes before a second plane flying south 30 degrees west at 500 km/h.if the airplanes are at the same altitude how fast will they by seprating when the seccong pane is over the airport.?When will they be the ...

Pre-Calc (Circles)

Describe the conditions necessary, where circle A has a larger radius than circle B, for the two circle to have no points of intersection, while circle B is entirely in the interior of circle A.

math, Calculus

Need help with these calculus questions, would really appreciate it. Heres a link to the question sheet, i scanned it and put it on since I'm not sure how to type it up. Would really appreciate the help thank you!!!

Pre Algebra Math

Hi I rlly need someone to check my answers ASAP, and I need help on number 5, im totally fried >.< I can't get any attachments up, but any of you took the Polygons and Angles Quiz? Pretty plz with cherries on the top I need help!


Hi, Well, I have a test tomorrow and I was hoping that's someone could maybe help me? I don't understand probability... Here's a question I don't understand: Find the probability of tossing three coins and getting only two tails. Can anyone help?

Pre Algebra

How could I solve this problem?: A lot measures 60ft by 100ft. The house on the lot measures 30ft by 50ft. What is the area if the lawn? This is about reasoning strategy: Use multiple strategies


A set of data is normally distributed with a mean of 16 and a standard deviation of 0.3. What percent of the data is between 15.2 and 16? I had: 16-t(0.3)=15.2 and 16-t(0.3)=15.7 which came to 0.497-.341=0.156. rounded off I came up with 16%. What did I do wrong?? Thanks

physics pre-lab

By trial and error with your calculator, find the angle theta for which sin theta and theta differ by 5%. This calculation must be done in radians. When you have found theta, express it in degrees. plzzz help thanx


The radioactive isotope of Carcon (^14C)has a half life of 5730. What is the decay constant of ^14C? If we start with a sample of 1000 carcon nuclei, how many will be left in 22920 years time?

Mathematics: Pre-cal

Consider a rectangular bathtub whose base is 12 ft^2. At what rate is water pouring into the tub if the water level rises at a rate of 0.9 ft/min? Please show steps. (I want to know how)


A box with a square base and an open top is constructed from 5400 cm^2 of cardboard. Find the dimensions of the largest possible box. I know the answer is : base lenght - 42.4 cm height- 21.2 cm please help me, thank you so much :)


Find the effective rate of interest for 5.25% compounded quarterly. I don't know how to solve this. Would I use this equation A=Pe^(rt) But still I don't know because even if I put the given info into the equation I still need P and A


Use an inequality to solve the problem. The equation y=0.04x-0.40 can be used to determine the approximate profit,y, in dollars, of producing x items. How many items must be produced so the profit will be at least $1402?


Find the slant asymptote, if any, of the rational function. Do not graph the function. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list of equations. If an answer does not exist, enter DNE.) f(x) = x2 − 2x + 15 _____________ x + 7


can you help me with the Lesson 9: Operations and Applications of Scientific Notation Connections Education 1205070 M/J PRE-ALG - T1 Unit 2: Rational Numbers test.What is the product of (5.1*10^3)*(3.2*10^3)? (please express your answer in scientific notation.)


An ant starts at the point (3,0) on a circle of radius 3 meters and walks counterclockwise a distance of 6 meters around the circle. Find the x and the y coordinates of the ants location. Round to the nearest hundredth.

Algebra Readiness (Pre-Algebra) B

Find the surface area for a cylinder with a height of 20 and a radius of 6. Use 3.14 for pi and round to the nearest whole number. 180 ft 720 ft 433 ft 135 ft I thinks it is 720 ft.


Naron is learning for pre-second semester examination. He divides 8 hours per day for learning science, mathematics and literature with the ratio of 2 : 3 : 1. Find the number of hours he studies each major.


The diagonal and the longer side of a rectangle make an angle of 43.2. If the longer side is 12.6cm, find the length of the shorter side.

Pre-Cal(Please help)

Find two functions f and g such that (f X g)(x) = h(x). (There are many correct answers.) h(x) = 4 / (5x + 2)^2 = My answers were: f(x) = 4 / 5x, and g(x) = 5x + 2 Please explain. These answers were wrong and I do not know how to fix them!!

Pre-algebra HELP ME PLEASE

A triangle has side lengths of (x+4), (4x-8), and (2x+8) units. If the perimeter of the triangle is at least 88units, what is the minimum length of each side of the triangle?


After earning interest the balance of an account is $420. The new balance is 7/6 of the orginial balance. How much interest was earned?

Pre-Algebra (Check my answers)

3. 5 • 3n (1 point) 15, 30, 45, 60 5, 15, 45, 135 *** 0, 15, 45, 135 15, 45, 135, 405 4. Use the function rule ƒ(x) = x • |–1|x. Find the output ƒ(2). (1 point) 4 3 –2 *** 2

pre algebra

tom rests a 32-foot ladder against the wall the ladder forms a 61degrees angle with the ground. how high up the wall is the ladder?


Explain the basic method(steps) for graphing a linear equation. Can you give an example of a linear equation and show me how to graph the equation?

pre calc

You are three miles north and two miles east of a cabin. On what bearing must you walk to reach the cabin? How far are you from the cabin ?

Pre Calc

evaluate the trigonometric function of the given quadrantal angle. tan 1400° cos 9π cos 13π/2 sin (-17π)

pre algebra

Tell whether the events are independent or dependent. Then find the probability. You roll a 6 on a number cube. Then you roll again and roll a 2. Independent???

pre cal

Suppose you inscribe a square in a circle of radius r. Thus all four corners of the square lie on the circle. The area of that square is ?


Determine dy/dx if: (i) Y= sqrt x^sqrt x (ii) Y= xarcsin(x) + sqrt(1-x) Please show all steps. Thanks 1) 2) an antiderivative of arcsin(x) is xarcsin(x)-sqrt(1-x^2); are you certain the second term is ...


5. Click on the Show Chart link to the right of the company name and description. Select the monthly share price graph and take a screen shot. Include the screen shot in your submission. Describe what has happened to the share price in the last year I chose the Company Avon, ...

HELP! pre-algebra

i have a word unscramble that i need help with i have to turn this word in unscrambled so this is the word scrambled: Seprororpit p.s. please relply asap thnx :]

pre algebra

in vanessas coin bank there are 4 times as many quarters as nickels, 2 fewer dimes than nickles and 15 pennies.the total amount in the bank is 5.80. how many of each coin are in the bank


You have $60 in your wallet and want to buy some new CDs. If the CDs are $11 each, what number of CDs, x, can you buy? Write and solve an inequality. Then explain your answer.

Math Pre-Calc 12

A box has a Square base. The Perimeter of the base plus the height is 120cm. What is the max volume of this box, and what are the dimensions of the this maximized box.


A right triangle has an area of 21 m2. The dimensions of the triangle are increased by a scale factor of 4. What is the area of the new triangle? A. 42 m2 B. 84 m2 C. 168 m2 D. 336 m2 How would I solve this?


I noticed I misspelt a few words. I'm posting it to you again. 1) During the long reign of Queen Victoria artists reacted differently to the new world shaped by the Industrial Revolution. 2) In particular, some grew/were (?) dissatisfied with Victorian materialism and found ...

pre calc

you are 7 miles north and 4 miles west of a far are you from the cabin? on what bearing must you walk to reach the cabin?


A football team gained 4 yd, lost 2 yd, gained 11yd, lost 8 yd, and then lost 9 yd. Find the net gain or loss.


for the given functions f & g find the specified value of the following functions and state the domain of each one. f(x)=2+6/x; (g)x 6/x a. (f-g)(3)= what is the domain of f-g? b. (f/g)(6)= what si the domain of f/g?

math,pre algebra

Apples sell for 1.29 a pund and there is an average of 3 apples per pund.About how many apples would you expect to get for 5.00


Write an Integer to represent each situation. 1- 1,240 feet above sea level. 2-16 degrees below zero 3- a withdrawl of $490 4- 2-point penalty ina video game I do not understand your question. You have already provided integers.

pre calc

Find an equation of the cubic polynomial f(x) = ax3 + bx2 + cx + d that passes through the given points. P(0,-4) Q(1,-8) R(-1,-8) S(2,-2) Ive tried this every which way and i cant seem to get any of these..i know your supposed to plug it in and all but its just not working for...


Complete the table for the time t (in years) necessary for P dollars to triple when interest is compounded continuously at rate r. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) R=2% t=? tried to plug in as A=Pe^rt since continiously 3=e^.02t ? then take the ln of both sides? (...


A ball is thrown straight up at 46 feet per second from about 6 feet above the ground. How long will it take for the ball to reach a height of 39 feet?

pre calc

A radioactive element decays exponentially according to the function Q(t) = Q0ekt .If 100 mg of the element decays to 25 mg in 12 days, find the half-life of the element. please help

Math pre algebra

Australia's population is approximately 2.5×10^7. The area of Australia is 2.95×10^6 square miles. What is the approximate average number of people per square mile in Australia?

Pre Cal

Let P be the point on the unit circle U that corresponds to t. Find the coordinates of P and the exact values of the trigonometric functions of t, whenever possible. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) 9pi/4 Looking for sin, cos, tan,cot, csc, and sec

pre calc

I have a few problems from my homework that I am having trouble with. #1 Find the difference quotient of f foreach function f(x)=1/(x+3) I got -2x+6 #2 Express the area of an isosceles right triangle as a function of the length x of one of the two eual sides Thanks

Help me anyone - Pre-Calc

A farmer uses an irrigation sprinkler system that pivots about the center of a circular field. Determine the length of the sprinkler if an area of 2340 square feet is watered after a pivot of 20°. P.S: The formula is A=1/2 theta r^2 Please help me. Thank you.

pre-calc help !!!!!!!

#1 cos x+sec x=2 #2 (1+tan x)^2= 2 tan x+2 #3 cos^2x-sin^2 x+1=cos x please show all work & thanks

Pre Algebra

The ratio of the length of a rectangular field to its width is 10:7 if the width of the field is 70 meters find the perimeter of the field.


sin(arctan(-4/3) okay so i made arctan(-4/3) = x so im solving for sin(x) and x= arctan(-4/3) so then tanx = -4/3 and now im stuck i don't know what to do after that

Pre-Calc Help!!!

Prove the identity. (show your work please) tan(x − π/4)= (tan x − 1)/(tan x + 1) Thank you!

pre algebra

a community has 1316 females. if 47% of the community is female and 16% of all the females are left-handed, how many people are in the community?

Pre Algebra

Please help! This is due tomorrow... I don't understand how "Counting Outcomes and Theoretical Probability" works! There's a question that says: You toss two coins. Find P (one head and one tail). Please help!

pre calc

an earth satellite in circular orbit 1250 kilometers high makes one complete revolution evry 90 min. What is it linear speed? use 6400 kilometers for the radius of the earth.


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