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Earlier I posted a qustion about ordered pairs and I was asked to re-post the answer when I get it. 2x - 3y= 12 These are the two I had: (9,2) and (12,4) I found this one: (15,6) -MC

Pre Cal.

Find three geometric means betwee -sqrt(2) and -4sqrt(2). A: 2, -2sqrt(2), 4 Is 6 sqrt(2)+ 6 + 3sqrt(2)+... a convergent series? A: Yes. Is 1 + 3(1/2) + 9(1/2)^2 + 27(1/2)^3 +... a divergent series? A: Yes. Are these right?


Find f X g , g X f , and f X f f(x) = 3sqrt x-1 g(x) = x^3 + 1 For f(x) the 3 is little above the sqrt sign. My answers were: f(g(x)) = 3sqrt x^3 + 1 -1 g(f(x)) = 3sqrt (x-1)^3 -1 f(f) = 3sqrt x-1-1 My teacher said these were wrong. Please help. I do not know how to correct ...


1. Find the equation for a quadratic function whose vertex is (2,5) and whose graph contains the point (-8,15). 2.What are the x- and y- intercepts for y=2x^2+x-6 Plesee explai. I want to learn to learn how to do them.

Pre-Algebra B

A Venn diagram with two circles is drawn. Each circle has a diameter of 10 cm. The overlapping area is 20 cm^2. Find the total writing area within the diagram.


The salaries ( in thousnds of dollars) of the managers of five local hardware stores are 50, 70, 60, 80, and 90. What is the difference between the highest paid and lowest paid managers?


Please help-I'm stuck really bad What are the roots of the equation x^2 - 4x + 3 = 0 I think I was suppose to use b^2 - 4ac so it would be -4 - (-4)*1*3 = 12 so the roots would be 12 and -12 Thank you for any help you can provide


Calculate the exact values of the cot(theta) and sin(theta) for the acute angle theta if sec(theta)= the square root of 6. Thank you so much!


if (0,-7) lies on the terminal side of angle theta in standard position, find each value sec(theta) , cot(theta) and sin(theta)

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A set of 500 values has a normal distribution. The mean of the data is 24 and the standard deviation is 2. Find the range about the mean which includes 50% of the data.

math pre-calc h

It says which expressiion is equivalent to sec T + csc T / 1+tan T a. sin t b. cos t c. tan t d. csc t I'm not sure what to do first to find it out.

pre algerba

For the past 4 weeks, you have saved $5 per week. You know have $65 in your savings account. Write an equation that represents your balance A after t weeks.


I am having trouble with a pre-cal problem. If you could explain how to do it that would be great! ((3^3)^(cosx+2/3sinx))^2cosx+3sinx all divided by ((3^sinx)^13)^cosx = x


David must choose a number between 49 and 95 that is a multiple of 4, 6, and 8. Write all the numbers that he could choose. If there is more than one number, separate them with commas.


A ball is thrown upward with an initial velocity of 4ft/sec from a height of ten feet. what is the maximum height that the ball will reach. h(t)= -16+vt+s


A point on the terminal side of an angel theta is given. Find the exact value of the indicated trigometric function (-1/5,1/2 ) find cos theta


What is the scale factor in the following dilation? The red triangle is the pre-image. 3 one-third 2 one-half I can't provide image but does anyone know what I'm talking about?

Math (pre-celc 12)

In how many ways can a school president, a vice-president, and secretary be chosen from 21 students? I'm not sure to find this answer since there is no order in which they are chosen.

pre algebra

The ball game took in $1,920 one Saturday. The number of $12 adult tickets was 15 more than twice the number of $5 child tickets. How many of each were sold?

pre algebra

which inequalty statment is true? a. 8 < ã78 <9 b. 38< ã78 <40 c. 77 < ã78 <79 d. 6.083 < ã78 <6.085


Establish the identity. sinx + cosx/sinx - cosx = 1+2sinxcosx/2sin^2x-1

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1)f(x) = -x + sqrt 4 - x^2 Find f(-2) -(-2) + sqrt 4 - (-2)^2 = 2 + sqrt 4 + 4 2 + sqrt 8 = 4.828 Is this correct?

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how do you work out cot squared feta - CSC squared feta?

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Find solutions on interval 0,2pie (cosx/1+sinx) + (1+sinx/cosx) = -4

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sin 20 pi cos 9 pi cos 13pi/2 sin(-17 pi0 are all of these undefined?

8th grade math

If the formula D(x,y) = (.7x,.7y) is applied to pre-image point (5, -7), what is the image point?

pre algebra answer check

The probability that you will win a contest is 76%. What is the probability that you will lose the contest? 24%

Pre-calculas Math

how to find the exact value of: cos(9*pi/12)*cos(5*pi/12)+sin(9*pi/12)*sin(5*pi/12)


The length of a kitchen is 1 1/4 inches. The actual length is 20 feet. What is the scale of the kitchen


What do we mean when we say the modern world? When did it begin? How is it different from the pre-modern world?

Porportions (Pre-Algerbra)

2/3 = 12/x A)x= 18 B)x= 12 C)x= 36************** D)x= 8 22 miles/ 55 hours = 12 miles / H hours A 48 B 30 C 45************** D 22 6/11 = 84/x A) x=40 B) x=120********* C) x=254 D) x=154

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Verify the identity: sin x/tan x + cos x/cot x = sin x + cos x

pre cal 11

the sum of the first n terms of an arithmetic series is Sn=2n^2+5n. Determine the first 3 terms. Help!!!

us history

What groups fought against the taxes and acts? Which group was most responsible for the actions taken against the Brits? Are you asking about the pre-Revolutionary period in America? Please clarify your question and we'll try to help you.


Find the standard form of the equation of the ellipse. (Remember center is midpoint between either foci or vertices) (1) 9x^2+4y^2+36x-24y+36=0 (2) Vertices: (0,5)(0,-5) Passes through the point (4,2) Centered at the origin


Alecia deposited $500 in a savings account at 5% compounded semiannually. What is her balance after 5 years? Can you please show me step by step how to do this problem. The choices are $650.00 $640.04 $670.05 $897.93


Grete Waitz won the New York marathon nine times. The rate at which she ran during her last victory in 1988 was 26 miles in 148 minutes. To the nearest hundredth, what was the unit rate for her last race?

Pre Algebra

I have to design new dice for a board game. I have to use two standard cubes each with six faces and number then in such a way the the probability of rolling the numbers 1-12 are the same

pre ap chemistry

you will need to explain in detail how to make 100.0 ml of a 0.500M CUSO4.5H20(s) SOLUTION. BE SPECIFIC about the measurements you would make and the type of equipment you will use . write out steps


A penny is dropped from the top of Bank of America building. How long does it take to reach the group? Assume the back is 1024 ft high. My work so far: -16t^2+0t+1024 t=8 sec Is this correct? Thanks!

Pre-Cal (Help Plz)

The question I've been trying to figure out is asking me to explain how the graph of (g) is obtained from the graph of (f). The graphs are as followed: - f(x)= x^(2)-4 - g(x)= [x^(2)-4] (Note: the Brackets represent absolute value symbols around the expression for g(x))

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Produce graphs of f that reveal all the important aspects of the curve. Then use calculus to find the intervals of increase and decrease and the intervals of concavity. f(x)= 1+(1/x)+(5/x^2)+(1/x^3) find the interval of increase. find the interval of decrease. find the ...


which product equals 3t-12? What options do you have to choose from? Without that information, we cannot help you. Give us the options with your reasoning for your choice, and we will be glad to give you feedback. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.


Can someone show me how to answer these questions step-by-step? Thanks! Solve the equation for y in terms of x 1.2x + 7= y 2. x- 2/3y= 3 3.-12x + 3y = 48 Give any three ordered pairs that are solutions of the equation 4. -1/4y - x =0 5. 5x - y= -5 -MC

pre algebra

I have a problem and I would like to know how to work out the problem to get the answer. Write an algebraic expression for each phrase product of m and n -2 What are the steps in working this out?

pre-algebra B

Milli tosses a coin and a six-sided die.The numbers on the die are 1 through 6. What is the probability that Milli will toss a tail and roll an odd number?

Pre Algebra

A consultant traveled 9 hrs to a meeting. The return trip took only 8 hrs because the speed was 10 miles per hr faster. What was the consultants speed each way?

Honors Pre-Cal

We're reviewing and I forgot how to do this. Given y=x2-4+3 (x2 is x squared) a)write in standard from b)find vertex c)find equation of the axis of symmetry d)find the x-intercepts e)find the y-intercept

11th grade pre ap physics

An athlete whirls a 7.00 kg hammer tied to the end of a 1.1 m chain in a horizontal circle. The hammer makes one revolution in 0.9 s. What is the tension in the chain?


A mirror is in the shape of a paraboloid. If a light source is 6 feet from the base along the axis of symmetry and the opening is 12 feet across, how deep should the mirror be?

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a 6 foot person is standing x feet away form a 10 foot lamppost. What is the distance d from the base of the lamppost to the end of the persons shadow, espressed as a function of x.

Pre-Calc-Please check my answer

Please help-I'm stuck really bad Thank you for any help you can provide What are the roots of the equation x^2 -4x + 3 = 0 x^2 - 4x = 3 x^2 +2(-2)x + -2^2 = -3 = -2^2 x^2 + -4x + 4 = 1 (x + -2)^2 = 1 qrt (x+-2)^2 = sqrt 1 x+-2 = plus or minus 1 therefore x=1 x=3 roots are 1 and 3

Pre Algebra

The temperature was 72 degrees F. At midnight a cold front moved in dropping the temperature 12 degrees F. Write a number sentence to show result. I need help! Thanks to anyone helping.

physics pre-ap

A(n) 1100 kg car is parked on a 4 incline. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Find the force of friction keeping the car from sliding down the incline. Answer in units of N


find the inverse of the following function. Find the domain, range,and asymptotes of each function. Graph both functions on the same coordinate plane. f(x)=3+lnx

Pre Algebra

In the given right triangle, find the missing length. The triangle has 24m on the right and on the left is c and at the bottom is 10m. a. 28m b. 26m c. 25m d. 27m


a rectangular yard is to be enclosed by a new fence on 3 sides and by an existing fence on the fourth side. the amount of new fencing to be used is 160 feet


a rectangular yard is to be enclosed by a new fence on 3 sides and by an existing fence on the fourth side. the amount of new fencing to be used is 160 feet

8th grade pre algebra line segments

It's asking me to use a grid and lengths of line segments to give a geometric argument but I'm not sure what that means or looks like.

pre calc

A 50 gram sample of radioactive strontium will decay to 32 grams in 18 years. a. Find an equation that will model how much of our sample M will remain after t years.

Math (pre-celc 12)

BC Place has 16 gates. In how many ways can you enter and leave the stadium by any gate? I'm not sure if this this is a combination or a permutation. I think it's a permutation and my answer is 256 ways. Thanks for the help.

pre cal

Simplify the following expressions. Your answers must be exact and in simplest form. (a) log8(8^−5x−10)= (b) 12^log12(−5+7q)= (c) log4(64^k)= (d) 3^3log3(10−10log3^3)=

Pre algebra

A fair charge an admission fee of $6 for each person. Let C be the cost of admission (in dollars) for P people. Write an equation relating C to P. Then graph your equation using axes


If a pilot wants to travel 400 mph at a bearing of 80, what should he set his speed and bearing to counteract a wind blowing at 50 mph coming directly from South?

Pre Calc!

Two ships, one sailing at 30 km/hr and the other at 45 km/hr, left port at the same time. Three hours later they were 120 km apart. If you had to find the angle between their courses an equation that could be used to solve this problem is:

Biology - Help!

Based on your knowledge of eukaryotic gene regulation, what series of events would explain the generation of the "pre-activated" state for the full set of B-globin like genes (epsilon, gamma, delta, and beta) in the earliest embryo?

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Find the fourth roots of − 1/2 + (square root)3/2 i Write the roots in trigonometric form. A - w 1=cos(35°)+isin(35°) w2 =cos(125°)+isin(125°) w3 =cos(215°)+isin(215°) w4 =cos(305°)+isin(305°) B - w1 =cos(40°)+isin(40°) w2 =cos(130°)+isin(130°) w3 =cos(220...

Language Arts

What is the simple predicate in this sentence? Branches buried in the mud are food for the winter. a. are b. buried c. for I thought it was buried, but when I submitted the answer for a pre-test it said it was wrong and I'm a little confused.


prove or disprove cos(x-y)=cos(x)-cos(y)

Calculus 2

Calculus 2. Tom and Mike have a bet as to who will do the most work today. Mike has to compress a coil 200 feet. It takes Mike 250 lbs to compress the coil 10 feet. Tom needs to pump water through the top of a cylindrical tank sitting on the ground. The tank is half full, has ...

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Let P be the point on the unit circle U that corresponds to t. Find the coordinates of P and the exact values of the trigonometric functions of t, whenever possible. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION.) 4ð = ( , ) sin(4ð) = cos(4ð) = tan(4ð) = cot(4ð) = sec(4...


A box is formed by cutting squares out of the corners of a flat piece of metal, and folding the sides up. What size cuts should I make to a 14in. by 20in. piece to get a volume of 270in cubed?

Pre cal

If Joe invested $7000 at x% and $13,000 at 3% more, find x if the income from both investments is $1190 I'm thinking that the equation would r something like 1,190=(13,000)(.03) but please correct me if I'm wrong. Thank you for your assistance.

Pre Cal.

Given that x is an integer between -2 and 2, state the relation represented by the equation y = 2-abs(x) by listing a set of ordered pairs. Then state whether the relation is a function. I think it's: (-2,0) (-1,1) (0,2) (1,1) (2,0)


Describe the conditions necessary for the two circles, where circle a has a larger radius than circle b, to have no points of intersection, while each circle is entirely in the exterior of the other circle.


1) Solve the equation exactly for x: log3 x - log3(x-3) = 2 I got 1 as an answer. Is this correct? 2) Find the cotangent of the base angle of an isosceles right triangle. sqrt3 / 2. Is this correct?


Tee Ball is similar to baseball, but the field is a diamond 40 ft square. The pitchers mound is positioned 25 ft from homeplate. Determine the distance from the pitchers mound to 3rd base.


Can someone please be kind and show me the steps on this? Thanks Find the equation of the circle centered at the origin in the uv-plane that has twice the circumference of the circle whose equation equals (u-5)^2 + y^2 =9


Suppose you consider a rectangular garden of 36 square meters with whole-number side lengths. What’s the dimension of design that has the least perimeter? What’s the dimension with the greatest perimeter?


(Check my work?) 1.) Use arrow notation to write a rule that describes the translation of a point from (5,6) to (6,11) A.(x,y) -> (x + 1, y + 5) B.(x,y) -> (x - 1, y - 5) C.(x,y) -> (x - 1, y + 5) D.(X,y) -> (x + 1, y - 5) 2.) Point A(6,-2) is reflected over the x-...


if the helicopter is moving forward at 30 mph and drops 400 feet in the elevation while the vehicle is moving 48 mph, how does the angle of depression change after 10 minutes?

Math Pre-Calc/Trig

If 11 square meters of tile are available to make a rectangle whose width must be 6 meters less than its length, what would be the dimensions of the rectangle?

Honors Pre- AlgebraMath

Winona needs to average 5.8 points from 14 judges to win the competition. The mean scores from 13 judges were 5.9. What is the lowest score she can get from the fourteenth judge and still win?


Two boats leave at an angle of 25 pie/36 radians, one has a speed of 100km/hr and the second has a speed of 65 km/hr. How far apart are they after two hours?


if the pre image of a figure is located at (4,2) (-3,-3)(0,8) and it is reflected in the y-axis followed by a translation of 3 units left and 6 units down where is the new image locate give vertex coordinates

Pre calc

evaluate the expression under the given conditions. cos(θ − ϕ); cos(θ) = 5/13, θ in Quadrant IV, tan(ϕ) = − square root15,ϕ in Quadrant II Anyone know how to do this I have never been this confused in my life


Urban Community College is planning to offer courses in Finite Math, Applied Calculus, and Computer Methods. Each section of Finite Math has 40 students and earns the college $40,000 in revenue. Each section of Applied Calculus has 40 students and earns the college $60,000, ...


Hi, I have online homework for calculus and I have to input two equations that will describe this graph. I have an image but Jiskha won't let me link to any websites... if this is allowed the URL to the image of the graph is img145/1787/80193630 .png ...

Pre Calculus 30

I'm having a hard time understanding the fundamental counting principal and I don't even know where to start on some of the questions.Here are a few questions I'm having trouble with. 1.Andrea, Brian, Carol, David, Emmalee, Floyd, and Gloria are to stand in a line for a ...


how do you solve this: the square root of a+4 plus the square root of a-3 equals 7

pre calc

True or false: a. |3x-5|=|2x+4| if and only if 3x-5=2x+4 or 3x-5= -(2x+4) ______ b. |2x+7|=-4 if and only if 2x+7=4 or 2x+7=-4 ______ how do you do these and what's the answer? thanks

pre calc

list the positive ientegers between -3 and 7 list the integers between -3 and 7.


1)find f(g(x)) f(x) = x^2 + 2x g(x) = 1/x x^3 + 2x Is this correct? 2) solve: 3^x-1 = 10 ln 3/ ln 10 = .264 Is this correct? I am not sure how to do these. 3) Solve: 3^x+2 - 4 = 12

Pre Calc

From a committee of 6 people how many sub-committees of 3 can be formed, and with 7 people and with 8 people and with n people?


how do i solve this equation algebraicly solve the equation 1+25cos(x)=25sin^2(x)

Pre Algebra

equations of the system Ax-4y=9, 4x+By=-1 explain how to find the values of A and B,then find these values


1. Find the polar coordinates of (8, –8) for r > 0. 2.Find the rectangular coordinates of (9, 150°)


State the domain and range for each function. y=2x^2/(x^2-1) domain: ? range: ?

pythagorean triple

Pre-algebra which set represents a pythagorean triple? a. 60,70,100 b. 18,24,30 c. 10,14,17 d. 10,20,30

Pre Cal

Simplify the expression in a+bi form. (3+i)(5-2i)(4-7i) a. 67-145i b. 75-123i c. 53-145i d. 61-123i


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