Pre- Calculus

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  1. Pre-Calculus

    I posted this question about an hour ago, got a response but still confused. Use the Law of Sines to solve for all possible triangles that satisfy the given conditions. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE. Round your answers to one decimal place. Below, enter your answers ...
  2. Calcuslus-Calculus-Calculus

    A rocket arises from its launching pad with a velocity given. By 0.1 h m/s ,where h m is the height reached by the rocket at that time.the rocket is obserrvved from 2000 m away from the launch What rate is the distance of the roocket from observer channging when the ...
  3. Maths (Calculus)

    A current i = 50sin 100πt mA flows in an electrical circuit. Determine, using integral calculus, its a) Mean Value b) RMS Value each correct to 2 decimal places over the range t = 0 to t = 10 ms I need to do this two way so I was thinking of using the trapezoidal rule and...
  4. biology

    List 5 functions of protein in the body. Thanks in advance. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "protein functions" to get these possible sources: (Broken Link Removed)
  5. calculus-add

    (2y-1)dy/dx=(3x^2+1) given that x=1 when y=2 plz show step thanks 2) (a)find the general solution of the equation (x-2)dy/dx+3y(x-1)/(x+1)=1 b)given the boundary condition y=5 when x=-1,find the particular solution of the condition given in (a) a little help would do thanks i ...
  6. Algebra/Pre-calculus (Quadratic Equations)

    A theatre company allows a group of 10 people to buy theatre tickets at a price of $28 per person. For each person in excess of 10, the price is decreased by $2 per person for everyone down to a minimum of $10 per person. What number of people will produce the maximum revenue ...
  7. math-calculus

    30/x^2-25 = 3/x-5-2/x+5 i be left with 30 = 3x^2-75-2x^2+50 i not sure what to do? i use the quadratic formula? math-calculus - Steve, Saturday, January 7, 2012 at 3:38pm First, you have to simplify properly: 30/(x^2-25) = 3/(x-5) - 2/(x+5) 30 = 3(x+5) - 2(x-5) You were ok ...
  8. pre calc

    Is there any complex numer that is equal to its conjugate? a+bi=a-bi????? precalc 11th grade a+bi=a-bi ---> 2 bi = 0 ---> b = 0 So, the imaginary part has to be zero.
  9. Pre Cal

    How Much must be invested now, at 3.75% interest, compounded monthly to have $37,500 in 22 years? thanks
  10. Pre Algebra 7th Grade

    How do I simplify the following expressions by collecting like terms? 2x-9+x=? 6x-4j+3y=? 4x+15+2x-x+9+? j-k-j+3k= 5r+3r+4rt= 7yz+yz=
  11. pre- algebra

    Use the digits 1-9 in order. Insert operation signs and grouping symols to get a value of 100.
  12. pre cal HELP

    lim (x+x^2)/3x x->0 i need to factor it first then find the limit and the answer is 1/3. I just don't know how to work it out.
  13. math, pre-statistics

    Two dice are rolled. What is the probability that result is not doubles?(Round to the nearest thousandth)
  14. Pre-Cal.

    Which of the following results in the graph of f(x)=x^2 being expanded vertically by a factor of 3 and? reflected over the x-axis? a. f(x)=1/3x^2 b. f(x)= -3x^2 c. f(x)= -1/x^2 +3 d. f(x)= -1/3 x^2
  15. pre calc need help

    Find the indicated function value. Do not use a calculator. tan 180 degrees
  16. Pre-Algebra

    Need help with this- If the surface area of a sphere is 64pi what would be it's radius and volume? formula:: V= 4/3*pi*r^3 [i think] Thanks -MC
  17. random

    is there a good website where i can purchase educational or any sort of videos for pre-k and kindergarten kids to watch ? please help me thanks
  18. 10th grade Pre APworld history

  19. Pre-Cal

    Solve 5sinx=-4cosx for 0 less than or equal to x <2pi answers to nearest hunderth of a radian
  20. Pre-Cal

    1)(1-cos^2x)(csc x) ? Is this equal to sec x? 2) Expand: log7 3 sqrt x / x^2y 3) Find and simplify: f(g) F(x) = x^2 + 2x g(x) = 2x x^2 + 2x(2x) = x^2 + 4x Is this correct?
  21. Pre-Cal

    Identify the following features of the graph of g(x) = (3/2)^x+2 A) Asymptotes B) Intercepts C) Increasing or decreasing I really do not know how to find these
  22. help plz

    2}select the best definition for the word senile. a.pre-eminent b.priority c.old age d.clear
  23. computers

    Write an algorithm, in English, to solve the following problem. Be sure to include pre- and post-conditions!
  24. pre-Algebra

    The Downtown Theater has 1 ticket window. In how many ways can 3 people line up to buy tickets? _____
  25. pre Algebra

    Sam traveled 570 miles in 8.5 hours. Find the unit rate to the nearest hundredth.
  26. pre algebra

    find the volume of each solid. if necessary round to the nearest tenth. cube: side 8.5inches
  27. pre algebra

    two number cubes are rollede. what are the odds of getting s sum less than 7? is the answer 15 correct ?
  28. Pre Calc Trig

    Verify the following: tan( a + p/2) = -cot a a= alpha and p= pie since I do not have that button.
  29. pre calc

    Determine between which consecutive integers one or more real zeros of f(x) = –x3 + 2x2 – x – 5 are located
  30. 8th grade pre-algebra

    how to use a grid and lenghts of line segments to give a geometric argument
  31. Pre-Calc

    I am stuck solving this problem, any help please..Many thanks find all numbers x that satisfy the given equation ln(2x) ------- =2 ln(3x)
  32. Pre Algebra

    I need help figuring out simple interest and the balance of an account. Example P = $525, r = 6%, t + 9 years
  33. Pre Algebra

    I need help figuring out simple interest and the balance of an account. Example P = $525, r = 6%, t + 9 years
  34. teaching

    hello. i need help starting a pre-iep outline. i have never seen one before. thank you.
  35. pre algebra

    Two 6-sided dice are rolled. Find the odds of rolling s sum that is a prime number

    does anyone have the spartan pre-lab images/info they'd like to share? :)
  37. pre calc

    find exact solution algebraically and check it by substituting into the original equation. 2(10^-x/3)=20 logtiny4(x-5)=-1
  38. pre-algebra

    Given the linear equation y=-5x-2. Find the y-coordinates of the points (-1), (-2), and (1). Please show all of your work.
  39. Pre-Calc

    x<log(lower number=6)144 I know you would do log144/log6, but I'm not sure if the sign is switched or not.
  40. Pre-Calc

    Can someone explain how to graph polar coordinates on a TI-84 Plus calculator-I can't find the directions anywhere Thank you
  41. pre cal

    Find f of g of h and state the exact domain. f(x) = sqrt x g(x)= e^x - 13e^x/2 + 42 h(x) = 2x I need help on this one bad! Please help!
  42. pre-algebra

    When a baseball is hit it comes in contact with the bat for 0.001 seconds.Write that as a negative exponet?
  43. Early Child Educationand After-School Day Care

    Whi are pre-primer programs desinged for?
  44. Pre-Calc

    Solve the multiple angle equation in the interval (0, 2ð) tan2x=-1 Do i have to divide the 2 to the other side?
  45. pre algebra

    Find the amount of simple interest earned in 3 years. Principal: $460 Annual rate: 3.5%
  46. Pre-Algebra(7th Grade)

    I don't know how to do area on a shape if it has missing numbers.. .also i need help on division with decimals...
  47. Pre Algebra

    If you have 256 ft of fence for your yard. The lenth is 12 feet longer than twice the width. What are the dimensions?
  48. Pre-Cal.

    use the complex zeros to give fully factored form, the first factor needs a x in it : (-3) (-2i)(x+2i)
  49. Math (College Pre-Cal)

    For given functions f and g find formulas for a)f o g and b)g o f. Simplify results as much as possible. f(x)= x+7/x-13 , g(x)= 1/x+1
  50. Pre-Cal

    If I have -30degrees in the 4th quarter of a graph, how do i figure out the positive equivalent of that angle?
  51. Pre cal

    determine the function f whose graph is given the vertex is (3,-13) and the y intercept is -4 how whould i work this out
  52. Pre-Calc

    How would you go about finding all the solutions of the equation. I just don't know where to start. 2cos2theta-root3=0
  53. pre cal

    For a normal curve, what percentage of values falls beyond two standard deviations from the mean?
  54. Pre-cal

    Simplify: A) log(x+1)+3logx B) 2log4np-3log4p C) 2ln(3x)+ln(5x)-ln6xy D) 22log10+log1000-log1
  55. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Use Descartes' rule of signs to describe the roots of the polynomial function. m(x)=x^3+3x^2-18x-40
  56. pre calc

    Use the derivative of f(x) = 6x7 + 7x6 to determine any points on the graph of f(x) at which the tangent line is horizontal.
  57. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Go over this with me please, I forgot how to do it. Solve the polynomial equation. 15x^3-119x^2-10x+16=0
  58. Pre-Calc

    Through how many radians does a circle of radius 1 foot rotate if it rolls 10 feet down the road?
  59. pre-calc

    Solve the system of equations using matrices. Use Gaussian elimination with back- substitution. x+y+z = -5 x-y+3z = -1 4x+y+z = -2
  60. pre-calc

    Solve the system of equations using matrices. Use Gaussian elimination with back- substitution. x+y+z = -5 x-y+3z = -1 4x+y+z = -2
  61. pre cal

    Can you simplify (2x^-4 y^-1 times 2y^4 z^-1)^-2/ 2yx^3 z^0 I got the numerator to be 16x^16 y^17 z and then divided by the denominator to get 8x^13y^16z
  62. Pre-algebra

    Explain why the point-slope formula cannot be used to find the equation of a line that is parallel to y-axis?
  63. 8th Grade Pre-algebra

    3. Select all of the numbers that are correctly written in scienctific notaton A)42 x 10^5 B) 1.1 x 10^4 C) 7.0 x 20^4 D) 6.01 x 10^-4 E) 18.0 x 10^3 4. Simply (2.0 x 10^4)(3.0 x 10^3) A)6.0 x 10^7 B) 6.0 x 10^12 C) 6.0 x 10^5 D) 6.0 x 10^43 5. (7.0 x 10^6)+(2.0 x 10^6) A)9.0 ...
  64. Pre-Calc

    Solve for 0 <= x < 2pi. csc^2 (x) = 4 I know one answer is pi/6. Would the others be 5pi/6, 7pi/6, and 11pi/6?
  65. Pre-Calc Question

    I may be missing something obvious here, but why is an expression such as sqrt-4 always simplified as 2i and not -2i?
  66. Pre-algebra

    PLEASE SHOW ALL STEPS 15-(4m-5)=32 I am just so pleased with this website I love it soooooooooooo much
  67. penn foster child care

    A pre schooler should drink ____________ ounces of milk each day
  68. Geometry

    Triangle XYZ is the pre-image with vertex X(-6,-4). Given the algebraic rule for the composition,t(3,5) R(270 ,cc) , what are the coordinates of X’?
  69. Pre algebra

    Write each of the following expressions without using absolute value. |x−y|, if x<y I reall don't get this please help
  70. Math

    And which situation what do you need a percent less someone to solve a problem? 7th Grade Pre Algebra
  71. pre cal

    Find the sin(Θ) of an angle in standard position if the terminal side passes through the point (4, -8).
  72. Pre Cal

    Given: b = 600, B = 11°, C = 75° in triangle ABC; find a. (Round the answer to the nearest whole number.) a =
  73. Pre calc

    Solve the given equation cos(θ) − sin(θ) = 1 I got the answer to be 3pie/2 and 0 but its wrong can someone help Thank you
  74. pre-algebra 1

    Write 6.92 x 10 -8 in standard notation. A. 0.000000692 B. 0.0000000692 C. 0.0000000069 D. 0.00000692 Please help, i have no clue!!!
  75. Pre-Algebra

    I would like to have my multiple choice answers checked. 3w-10w A.13w B.-7w*** C.-7w D.7w y=1.2y=1.2z A.2.4yz B.1.3y+1.2z C.1.2y^2+1.2z D.2.2y+1.2z*** 6r+r-5r A.2r*** B.1r+r C.0r D.7r-5r 5x+2(x+6) A.7x+6*** B.7x^2+12 C.7x+12 D.7x(x+6) -3m+3m(m+6) A.6*** B.-6m+6 C.6m+18 D.18
  76. pre algebra 1

    Write a rule for the linear function in the table. x f/x 1 -7 2 -10 3 -13 4 -16 A. f(x) = -1/3x – 4 B. f(x) = 3x + 4 C. f(x) = –3x – 4 D. f(x) = x – 7 have no clue, would like some help
  77. pre - CALCULUS

    The wind chill factor represents the equivalent air temperature at a standard wind speed that would produce the same heat loss as the given temperature and wind speed. One formula for computing the equivalent temperature is 𝑡 W(t) = {33 − (10.45+10√𝑣...
  78. Calculus III

    I'm supposed to find the expression 'y', when (x^2+100)y'=23 When y(10sqrt(3))=0 Also, I have to find the indefite integral of xsqrt(19x-7), using integration tables in the back of the book "Calculus of a Single Variable, 8th Edition." Tables are in appendix B I used the ...
  79. calculus

    express in sinx 1 1 ---------- + -------- cscx + cotx cscx - cotx and express in cosx 1 + cot x ------- - sin^2x cscx = 1/sinx so what do i do w. that extra one on the top!?? im so confused cscx Your fractions aren't lining up. This question is also not calculus. Please do not...

    1.) The cash flow per share for the Timerland Co. was $0.18 in 1995 and $4.04 in 2003. Write a liner equation that gives the cash flow per share in terms of the year. Let t=5 represent 1995. Then predict the cash flows for the years 2008 and 2010. 5.) The University of Florida...
  81. Pre-Calculus

    A drug is administered every 6 hours. The kidneys eliminate 55% of the drug over that period. The initial dose is 210 mg. Repeated dosage is 70 mg What is the “Difference equation”? Find the first seven terms of the of the solution sequence. Round to two digits each ...
  82. Pre-Calculus

    A drug is administered every 6 hours. The kidneys eliminate 55% of the drug over that period. The initial dose is 210 mg. Repeated dosage is 70 mg What is the “Difference equation”? Find the first seven terms of the of the solution sequence. Round to two digits each ...
  83. pre-algebra

    ok Relation between two quantities expressed as the quotient of one divided by the other? please help this is puzzling
  84. preschool

    how painting will support the communication and intellectual development of the children in pre school setting. need some help thank you.lisa
  85. Pre Cal

    Let the line X-2Y=15 and the circle with equation X^2+Y^2=50 intersect at the points A and B. Algebraically find the coordinates of A and B using the information given.
  86. Pre Calc

    lim x approaches 0 [1/x *((1/(sqrt(1+x))-1)] It will be easier to understand if you write it out.. How would I algebraically do this? (The answer is -1/2) Help please?
  87. Math - Pre Algebra

    $1280 at 13% compound annually for 3 years Use the formula: B= p(1+r)n Please help me I need the answer for tommorow
  88. Pre-Algebra

    Can someone show me how to turn this into an equation? I mean like 'y=x-z' -2x+ y > or equal to 2 Did I say what I needed to get right? -MC
  89. Pre-Algebra[URGENT]

    How would I solve this? Change 18.35 into a mixed number. Reduce your answer to lowest terms Thanks -MC
  90. pre calcalus

    a circle with 4 inch radius, find length of arc when intercepted by central angle of 240 degrees
  91. Pre Cal

    Find the manitude of each vetcor, and write each vector as the sum of the unit vectors. Choose either one (2,6) or (4,-5) Thank you
  92. pre calc

    1. For the following functions listed below: (a) f(x) = -2cosx f(x) = 0.25sinx (b) f(x) = -3sin(2x+3)+7 f(x) = sinx + 4 Find : (i) the amplitude (ii) the period
  93. Pre-Cal

    Find cos(2x) if sin = 7/25 and x lies in quadrant 1 My answer was 336/625 but this was wrong. I do not know how to figure this out.
  94. Pre-Cal(Please help)

    1)(1-cos^2x)(csc x) ? Is this equal to sec x? 2) Expand: log7 3 sqrt x / x^2y 3) Find and simplify: f(g) F(x) = x^2 + 2x g(x) = 2x x^2 + 2x(2x) = x^2 + 4x Is this correct?
  95. Pre-Cal

    Find the values of Q in degrees and radians without the aid of a calculator. a) cotQ = sqrt 3 / 3 b) secQ = sqrt2
  96. Pre-Cal

    Test for symmetry with respect to Q=pi/2, the polar axis, and the pole. r=6 sinQ I know I have to replace (r,Q) with (r,pi-Q) (r,-Q) and (-r,Q) so would that be (6,pi/2)? I do not know how to find the Q.
  97. pre algebra

    the kiel family has an annual income of $46,ooo. If they buget 6% for missions, how much will they give to missionaries each year?
  98. child care

    I'm doing a lesson plan on diversity for pre-school children and i was wondering what it means when it says sensory expirences?
  99. Government

    I'm in Pre AP civics.. can you help me with my essay question? Please? :) How is the constitutional principle of federalism reflected in the formal amendment process?
  100. pre ap physics

    what is the force excerted on the surface of a bowling ball that has a diameter of 32cm immersed in water to a depth of 555m?
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