Pre- Calculus

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  1. Discrete Math

    There are 150 students taking Discrete Mathematics II, Calculus II, and Physics I courses. Of these 51 are taking Discrete Mathematics II, 111 are taking Calculus II, and 63 are taking Physics I. There are 41 taking Discrete Mathematics II and Calculus II, 32 students taking ...
  2. Calculus

    A certain calculus student hit Mrs. Evans in the head with a snowball. If the snowball is melting at the rate of 10 cubic feet per minute, at what rate is the radius of the snowball changing when the snowball is 1 foot in radius?
  3. Pre-calculus (trigonmetry)

    The Bermuda Triangle is an unmarked area in the Atlantic Ocean where there have been reports of unexplained disappearances of boats and planes and problems with radio communications. The triangle is an isosceles triangle with vertices at Miami, Florida, San Juan, Puerto Rico, ...
  4. math

    65 men 75 women are enfolled in calculus. There are 30 business majors, 40 biology majors, 50 computer science majors, and 20 mathematics majors. No person has a double. If a single calculus student is chosen, find the probability that that the student is not a mathematics major
  5. Pre Algebra

    How do you subtract and add mixed numbers? Give an example of a problem so that I can show you.
  6. pre-algebra

    Solve the inequality- -7z<21 See my answers to Jill and Sarah. I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

    find the measure of an angle if the sum of the measures of its complement and supplement is 162 degrees.
  8. pre-cal

    can anyone please explain to me how to simplify this exponential expression??I got no idea...THANKS A LOT! [(-8x^6)/(y^-6)]^2/3
  9. Pre Algebra

    How can I find the area of the shape when it has three units? Heres how it looks: Thanks to who helps :)
  10. pre-algebra

    I need to know how to find the mean,mode,median and range of a set of numbers
  11. Pre-Algebra

    Find the differences between the following values: a) 217 and -198 b) 1 2/3 and 3/4 c) $o.59 and $1.25 What am I suppose to do?
  12. Pre-Algebra

    How do you find an equation if you only a have a graph. Like, its already graphed??
  13. Pre calc

    How do you write a quadratic equation in standard form for a given set of zeros?
  14. Pre-Algebra 7th Grade

    how do I simplify the following expressions by collecting like terms? x+2+x= x+x+x+4+8+x= 2x-9+x
  15. Pre-Algebra

    In a-c, explain what would happen to a figure if you transformed it using the given rule. a. (3x, 6y) b. (x+2, y+1) c. (2x, 2y +5)
  16. pre-algebra

    write the expression using only positive exponents 1.13^6 2.8^-9 3.xy^0 4.6g^-5 how do you do this? please and thankyou
  17. pre-algerbra

    what is the simplest form 8/22 16/24,9/21/,20h/24h using product of prime factors.
  18. Pre Cal.

    If cscè= -5/4 and 180degree < è < 270 degree, find tanè. (-3, -4) r=5 tan=y/x=-4/-3=4/3 Is this correct?
  19. 7th pre-algebra

    I need help understanding how to slove two step equations. Example -10 - k=-36
  20. pre algebra

    solve and check the following equation:I have no idea as to how to answer this. 69g-60=5g-2-g
  21. Pre Cal.

    Find the area between each curve and the x-axis for the given interval. a. y=x^4+5 from x=0 to x=5 650 b. y=3x^2+5x-1 from x=1 to x=4 97.5 c. y=4x-x^3 from x=0 to x=2 4
  22. Pre- algebra Math 6 th grade Gifted

    what is the sum of the numbers 1 to 1000? ans:500500
  23. pre calc

    Find two functions defined implicitly by the given relations: (a) 3x² - y² = 25 (b) y² = x
  24. Pre-Cal

    Find the maximum value of f(x) = -2x^2 + 12x - 14 Do i have to set this equal to o to solve?
  25. Pre-Cal

    Use the law of cosines to find the angle of Q between the given vectors. v=3i + j w=2i - j
  26. pre aglebra

    find the distances between the points H(15,-3) and G(-10,-1). round to the nearest tenth,if necessary.
  27. pre algebra

    express 56 novels out of 168 books as a fraction in simplest form
  28. pre algebra

    two number cubes are rollede. what are the odds of getting s sum less than 7?
  29. Pre Calc

    Complete the square to find the center and the radius of the circle: 3x^2+3y^2-12x+24y+15=0
  30. Pre calc

    Find the Domain of the function: f(x)=the square root of the entire fraction- x^2+6x-16 over x^2-2x-15
  31. Pre Calc

    Complete the square to find the center and the radius of the circle. 3x^2+3y^2-12x+24y+15=0
  32. pre calc - polynomials & factoring

    perform the opertaion and write the result in standard form... (2x^2 + 1) - (x^2 - 2x + 1)
  33. Pre-calc

    how many radians are displaced by the minute hand of a clock between 1:00 pm and 6:45 pm of the same day
  34. PRE CALC PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

    find the solutions of the equation that are in the interval [0,2pi) 2-cos^2x=4sin^2(1/2x)
  35. Pre-Calc

    Can someone show me how to do this please. I am stuck. find a number x such that e^2x – 12e^x =13
  36. Math/Pre Cal

    Find the sum of the geometric series 128-64+32-______to 8 terms .
  37. Math/Pre Cal

    Find the sum of the geometric series 128-64+32-______to 8 terms .
  38. Pre Calc

    f(x,y)=ln(5x^2-7y^3) Find ALL 2nd derivatives. fxx,fxy,fyx,fyy
  39. pre-cal **need help for test in the morning

    Find zeros: f(x)=12x^(3)-107x^(2)-15x+24
  40. pre algebra-math

    two fractions equivalent to the given factor: 1) 18/21 2)3/17 thank you so much if u helped me
  41. pre algebra

    Write a rule that expresses the number of quarts q of a liquid as a function of each of the following
  42. pre algebra

    I am in college the question is: Find the opposite of the given signed number 0.095.
  43. Pre-Calc

    Find the area of the region between the graph of y=1/x, the x-axis, and the vertical lines x = 1 and x = 4.
  44. Pre-algebra

    State a definition of a polynomial in the x. Give an example of a monomial, a binomial and a trinomial. Thank you.
  45. pre-calc

    True or false: Perpendicular lines have slopes that are reciprocals of one another.
  46. Math

    How would I draw an age appropriate graphic organizer on snow for a Pre K classroom?
  47. pre cal

    Given triangle ABC, A = 120, a = 8, b = 3; determine B to the nearest whole degree
  48. English Comp

    I need help on how to write a compare and contrast essay on the topic of pre-school
  49. Pre-Calc/Math

    Prove identity: (sec x/csc x) + (sin x/cos x)=(2/cot x)
  50. pre algebra

    Determine the radius of the circle given its area. Use 3.14 for π. A=3.7994 ft^2
  51. interior decoration

    What is pre-shopping? A cold call is a ? The primary purpose of qualifying clients is to?
  52. Math ( Pre Calc)

    Find all real and imaginary roots of the polynomial equation 3x^4-x^3+4x^2-2x-4=0
  53. pre-cal-please help

    find the mid point of the line segment joining the points P1 and P2. P1 = (3,5) P2 = (-4,7)
  54. Pre-Calc

    I have to solve these using matrices by hand. Can someone please help me? 2x-3y-2z=4 (1/4)x-(2/5)y+(3/4)z=(-1/3) -2x+1.3y-3z=5 Thank you so much! :)
  55. Pre-Algebra

    Simplify the expression. Write the result using positive exponents only. (-2x^3y^-4)(5x^-1y)
  56. pre calc

    How long would it take from 3000 to get to 8000 at 8% interest at compounded quarterly?
  57. pre algerbra

    Please solve the system with the elimination method. Explain each step as it is performed. 5y = x 2x - 3y = 7
  58. Pre calc

    Write the equation in standard parabola form? x^2+ 4xy +4y^2 +5root5 y+ 5 = 0 Thanks so much!
  59. Pre-Cal

    For given functions f and g find formulas for a)f o g and b)g o f. Simplify results as much as possible. f(t)= t-3/t+6 , g(t)= 1/(x+6)^2
  60. pre cal

    how do you determine the the quadratic function if the problem gives you a graph with the line has points of (-3,5) and (0,-4)?
  61. pre-calculas

    find the LCD and solve: x+3 12x + 4 1 - 2x ____ + _________ = _______ 3-x x squared - 9 x + 3
  62. Pre Calc

    Solve the following inequality in terms of natural logarithms (ln). (e^6x)+2 is less than or equal to 3.
  63. Pre alegabra

    There are 14 nickels, 10 dimes, 6 quarters, and 22 pennies, what's the probability I will pick a dime from the jar?
  64. pre cal

    f as a function of x is equal to the square root of quantity x plus two; g(x) = 8x - 6 Find f(g(x)).
  65. pre cal

    Confirm that f and g are inverses by showing that f(g(x)) = x and g(f(x)) = x. f(x) = x2 - 3 and g(x) = square root of quantity three plus x
  66. Pre-Calc

    Find the zeros of the function algebraically. Show all work. f(x)=x^2-8x+15 ---------------- 10x
  67. Pre-Calc

    Find the zeros of the function algebraically. Show all work. f(x)=x^2-8x+15 ---------------- 10x
  68. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    am i correct? What is the axis of symmetry for the graph of y=2x^2-4x+2? x=? the line goes through 1? x=1
  69. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Help me please. Solve the equation: (x-3)(x+2)=0 Enter the solution with the lowest value.
  70. Pre-Calc/Trig

    Describe the end behavior for function by writing a limit expression. f(x)=2x^5-x+7
  71. math

    what is the answer to the famous farming exression, from creative publications pre-algebra with pizzaz
  72. pre-algebra

    how do you rewrite rational numbers -0.56, -2.3,2.11, I do know where to start I'm a mom trying to help my son with his homework
  73. Pre-Calc/Trig

    write an equation of the conic section: a hyperbola with vertices (0,-6) and (0,6) and asymptotes y=(3/4)x and y=(-3/4)x
  74. algebra

    I an taking a pre test and I can't figure this question out at all--- 56x^7+21x^4+63^3
  75. Pre-Cal

    Confirm that f and g are inverses by showing that f(g(x)) = x and g(f(x)) = x. f(x) = (x-7)/(x+3) and g(x) = (-3x-7)/(x-1) I got to the point where f(g(x)) is plugged in but how would I simplify it? (((-3x-7)/(x-1))-7)/(((-3x-7)/(x-1)+3)
  76. pre algebra

    2. 2x^2+8-4x+3x-6x^2+7 a. -8x^2-7x+15 b. -4x^2-x+15 c. 4x^2+x+15 d. 8x^2+7x+15 3. 4x^2+8x-11x+6-5x^2+2 a. -x^2-3x+8 b. -x^2+3x+8 c. x^2-3x+8 d. x^2+3x+8 can u please help me out with these questions steve or damon or ms sue. pls help me
  77. Physics

    a 475 kg pre-stressed concrete beam is to be raised 10.0 m in 24.0 s. how many kw of power is needed to for the job
  78. Pre Calculas

    Need help Give an example of an exponential function that goes through the point (0,4) .
  79. Pre-Calc

    What is the standard form of the equation of the parabola that has a vertex at (4, 3) and passes through the point (-4, -2)? Is it f(x) = -5/64(x - 4)^2 + 3?
  80. Pre-Cal

    Sin^2xcosx+4sinxcosx+3cosx=0 I'm not even sure where to start. Help please
  81. pre-cal

    Find the zeros, if any exist. Round your answers to two decimal places.
  82. Pre-Algebra

    A basketball team won 14 out of 20 games. What fractional part of the game did they win?
  83. Pre-Calc

    Write the equation in standard form of the circle which passes through (-2, 16) and has x-intercepts -2 and -32.
  84. Pre calc

    estimate, correct to three decimal places all the zeros of the polynomial p(X) = x^4 - 4x^3 +5x -1
  85. pre cal

    This is like the preceding problems except that your answer is an algebraic expression. x2+2sx+ =(x+ )2.
  86. Pre -algebra

    the scale of a map is 2cm:15km find the actual distance for 2.1cm
  87. Math pre algebra 0096

    multiplying by 1 to find an expression equivalent to (10/13) with a denominator of 104y Thank you for your help.
  88. Pre Algebra

    Point A(8,–10) is reflected over the y-axis. Write the coordinates of A’. (-8,-10) (8, 10) (8, -10) (-8, 10) My answer was B. Am i right?
  89. pre-algebra

    please help to write the inequality for this problem. the difference between a number and 10 is at most 27.
  90. Pre-Algebra

    Find the lateral area of a square pyramid with the base edge as 8 m and the height as 22 m.
  91. Pre-Calc

    cos^3 = (1/2 cosx)(1+cos2x) Please make the left match the right.
  92. Math (pre-calc)

    36^(2x+4) = (square root of 1296)^x Solve for x I'm really stuck on this one too, thank you for your help
  93. Pre calc

    Perform the indicated operation and simplify the result Tanx(cotx-cscx)
  94. calculus

    Find the length of the curve given by the equation y= intergral from -pi to x of sqrt(cos(t)) dt for x between -pi and pi. I think I know to do this- at least part of it. I am using the fundamental theorem of calculus and the arc length formula, but I don't know how to find ...
  95. Pre-Calculus

    Hi! I need help with these two. Here's the link for both pictures. 1.) Determine the intervals over which the function is increasing, decreasing, or constant. Write your answer in interval notation. Link for photo: file:///C:/Users/Cynthia/Downloads/Save.PNG 2.) Determine the ...
  96. Calculus

    At a certain factory, output Q is related to inputs u and v by the equation Q= 17u^2+(16u+17v)/(u+v)^2 If the current levels of input are u= 10 and v = 25, use calculus to estimate the change in input v that should be made to offset a decrease of .7 unit in input u so that ...
  97. calculus?

    Hello can u help? I need a solution to calculus problem I have $500.00 to spend on fencing for a garden. The fence for the street side costs $30.00 per foot and the other three sides cost $10.00 per foot. what dimensions will give you a rectangle for the largest possible area...
  98. Financial Data and Choosing stocks

    Now that you’ve analyzed a company based on its financial statement, let’s compare two companies. Choose two related companies to answer the questions below (for example: Toyota & Honda, Apple & Microsoft). Questions: 1. What two companies did you choose? How are they ...
  99. Pre Calculus

    ok I appologize for my stupidity... I'll answer your question... ok instructions to this problem In problems 77-88, use properties of the trigonmetric functions to find the exact value of each expression. Do not use a calculator 85. sin(-pi/12)csc( (25 pi)/12 ) book dosen't ...
  100. Pre-Calculus

    In the Adirondack Mountains near Tupper Lake, New York, forest fire observers used fire observation towers for over 70 years. The people who staffed the towers reported forest fires and smoke sightings. As many as 57 towers were used by the observers; however, in the early ...
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