Pre- Calculus

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  1. calculus

    calculus. suppose dR/dt= (d/R)^(2) and P(1) 4. separate the differential equation, integrate both sides
  2. Calculus

    Use the second fundamental theorem of calculus to find F'(x) F(x)=The integral from 0 -> x^2 (Sin(x)^2)dx
  3. Calculus Help

    Use calculus to find the area A of the triangle with the given vertices. (0, 0), (3, 1), (1, 8) A = ????
  4. pre-calculus

    It has been discovered in a certain state that the relationship between the number of snow shovels demanded varies linearly with its price. When the price per item was $ 38 ,2200 items were demanded; When the price was $ 49 , 2125 items were demanded. Determine the price per ...
  5. Pre-Calculus

    I'm having trouble with this question. The number of horse-power H required to overcome wind drag on a certain automobile is approximated by: H(x)= 0.002(x)^2 + 0.005(x) - 0.029, [10 is less then/equal to (x) is less then/equal to 100]. Where x is the speed of the car in miles...
  6. pre-calculus

    It has been found that the supply of lamps varies linearly with its price. When the price per item was $ 94.67 ,64 items are supplied; When the price was $ 134.67 , 124 items are supplied. How many lamps are supplied when the price per item is $ 118.00 ? What is the lowest ...
  7. Calculus, bobpursley!

    This has to do with my last Calculus problem. I need help on it..The part I replied to after you answered the question.
  8. Calculus

    The area is bounded by y= x^3, x= 2 is rotated around the x-axis. Find the volume using calculus.
  9. math, calculus 2

    Use part 1 of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find the derivative of g(x)= integrate from 9x to 4x of ((u+4)/(u-1))du
  10. Pre Calculus 12

    Im on the chapter of permutations/combinations/fundamental counting principle need help with 2 questions 1. emma is arranging her books in piles on her desk. she has 5 math books, 3 english books, and 4 science books. how many ways can she arrange them if she wants to keep the...
  11. Pre-Calculus

    The Hotel Ventor has 400 rooms. Currently the hotel is filled. The daily rental is $ 600 per room. For every $6 increase in rent the demand for rooms decreases by 7 rooms. Let x = the number of $ 6 increases that can be made. What should x be so as to maximize the revenue of ...
  12. Calculus Precalculus

    Answer the calculus question about Point P, 45 mph, etc. It is ALREADY posted on here.

    the fundamental theorem of calculus, f(x)=∫(0,x) t^3+2t^2+2dt, and find f"(x). my answer was: f'(x)=x^3+x^2+2 f"(x)=x^4/4 + 2x^3/3 + 2x it said its wrong.
  14. calculus

    Find the arc length of the graph of y = x from x = 0 to x = 3 using calculus.
  15. calculus

    I need help with this calculus problem. H(S)=S/(1+S) If F 1/2, -1/2 & (a+1)? I can't figure out what this mean /?
  16. calculus

    Why do we end up with f(x) instead of f(t) on the second fundamental theorem of calculus?
  17. calculus

    Use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find G'(x) if: /x² G(x)= / cos t dt / 1
  18. Pre-Calculus

    Approximate the greatest real zero of the function g(x)= x^3-3x+1 to the nearest tenth. I know that there is a zero between -2 and -1, and another between 0 and 1 but do not know how to find it to the nearest tenth. The only example shown in my book uses a calculator and mine ...
  19. Honors Pre-Calculus

    It is known that when a car with wheels of radius 14 in. is driven at 35 mph, the wheels turn at an approximate rate of 420 revoulutions for minute. Show how to obtain this rate of turn. If you ride a bicycle a distance of 5 miles in 15 minutes at a constant speed and if the ...
  20. statistics

    In 1980 (before the era of in-vitro fertilization), there were 3,612,258 births in the United States (according to the U.S. Census Bureau), of which 68,339 births were to twins and 1,337 births were to triplets or more. What was the probability of having multiples (twins or ...
  21. Pre-Calculus(Trignometry)

    There are 3 airports, A , E and G. G is 200km from A.E is 160 km from A From G the bearing of A is 052 degrees. From A the bearing of E is 216 degrees. What's the distance between A and G? 360- 216 = 144 144-52 = 128 144-128 = 16 a^2 = b^2+c^2-(2*b*c)*cos(A) a^2 = 160^2 + 200^...
  22. Calculus 1

    Use the fundamental theorem of calculus to find the area bounded by f(x)=3 square root of x+2x and the x-axis between x-=0 and x=1
  23. Calculus AP need help!

    Use Part 1 of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find the derivative of the function. If f(x)= ∫(4,x^3)√(t^2+10) dt then f '(x).
  24. Pre-Calc

    This is the last question on my pre-calc homework, I looked through the textbook and have no idea how to do this. Use the Law of Sines to solve for all possible triangles that satisfy the given conditions. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE. Round your answers to one ...
  25. Pre-calculus

    The sum of the first two terms of an arithmetic series is 13 and the sum of the four terms is 46. Determine the first six terms of the series and the sum of the first six terms.
  26. Pre Calculus

    A bank teller is counting the total amount of money in a cash register at the end of the day. There is a total of $2600 in denominations of $1, $5, $10 and $20 dollar bills. The total number of paper bills is $235. The number of twenty dollar bills is twice the number of $1 ...
  27. pre-calculus

    List the possible rational roots of each equation. Then determine the rational roots. 6x^4+35x^3-x^2-7x-1 The answer in the back of the book is: -1/3 and 1/2 I know that I'm supposed to use Descartes rule of signs. I found that there was 1 positive zero and 3 or 1 negative ...
  28. consumer math

    The Mannings file a tax return showing $125000 in earned income, $3288 from interest income, and they have a tax credit of 1% of their earned income. They claim 5 exemptions of $2500 each, one head of household exemption of $10500, pre-tax medical deductions of $125 weekly, ...
  29. Calculus

    I need to take a college calculus class. Can someone direct me to a site which might help me get a good start? Thanks in advance.
  30. calculus

    Use the fundamental theorem of calculus to evaluate the following integral ∫^π/2 **the bottom is zeroe. |cosx| dx
  31. Calculus

    Use any calculus method to determine extrema, intervals where the function is increasing or decreasing, asymptotes,and points of inflection for y = -x^4 + 2x^3 - x + 2
  32. Calculus

    Find the derivative of the following function using the appropriate form of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. intergral s^2/(1+3s^4) ds from sqrtx to 1 F'(x)=?
  33. Calculus

    Integrate e^(-x^2/2) dx What branch of calculus is this? Is this differential equations?
  34. calculus

    Find the limit of this calculus problem.? (5x-3)/(ln(5+4e^(x)) x=inf
  35. calculus

    How can we verify area of square and rectangle by calculus ?
  36. Calculus

    How can I efficiently study for a Calculus test with 8 sections?
  37. calculus

    Can I have a website of Beginner calculus books?
  38. Pre-Calculus

    Two cards are drawn from a standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability of drawing 2 queens or 2 red cards? (4/52)(3/51)=1/221 ---drawing a queen (26/52)(25/51)=25/102--drawing a red card (1/221)(25/102)= 25/22542 drawing a queen or red card Is this correct?? Thanks for ...
  39. Calculus AB (AP)

    Hi, I have a calculus test tomorrow and I understand how to complete all of the problems, but I am unsure behind the reasoning of taking two derivatives. Can someone please explain the following: 1. g(x)=e^(f(x)) g'(x)=e^(f(x))f'(x) 2. f(x)=Integral from 0 to 3x of the square ...
  40. Pre Calculus 30

    1.How many positive three-digit integers can be made from the digits {3,4,5,6,7} if digits may be repeated? 5x4x3=60 2.In how many ways can all of the letters of the word HEXAGON be arranged if the arrangement must start with a consonant and end in a vowel? 4x3x1x2x3x4x5=1440 ...
  41. Pre calculus

    1. Reference angle for -280 degrees? I do not understand why you add 360???? 2. Theta=? If reference angle =60 and theta terminates in quadrant 3. What does terminate mean? Please show work and explain why. My priority is to understand the concept ... 3. Exact value for sec ...
  42. Pre Calculus.

    Can someone check my answers please!!! Simplify (tan ^2 theta csc^2 theta-1)/(tan^2 theta). My answer: 1 Simplify ((cos x)/(sec x-1)) + ((cos x) /(sec x +1) My answer: 2cot^2 x Find a numerical value of one trigonometric function of x if (tan x/cot x )– (sec x/cos x ) = (2/...
  43. pre calculus

    If you are driving down a 10% grade, you will always be 10% below where you would have been if you could have driven on flat ground from where you started. Suppose you descend to where you are 20 feet below your starting point. What concept does the “grade” relate to, and ...
  44. Probability (Pre-Calculus)

    A class is given a list of eight study problems from which five will be part of an upcoming exam. If a given student knows how to solve six of these problems, find the probability that the student will be able to answer: (a) all five questions on the exam. (b) exactly eight ...
  45. pre-calculus

    (tan^2x-9)(2cosx+1)=0 Find one period 4cos^2x-4cosx+1=0 find all angles and name 8 angles 7sin^2x-22sinx+3=0 find all angles and name 8 angles 2cos^2x-7cosx=-3 find one period sinx(2sinx+1)=0 find one period

    . Sam won $150,000 in the Michigan lottery and decides to invest the money for retirement in 20 years. Find the accumulated value for Sam’s retirement for each of his options: (a) a certificate of deposit paying 5.4% compounded yearly (b) a money market certificate paying 5....
  47. Pre Calculus

    For a vector $\bold{v}$, let $\bold{r}$ be the reflection of $\bold{v}$ over the line \[\bold{x} = t \begin{pmatrix} 2 \\ -1 \end{pmatrix}.\] [asy] unitsize(1 cm); pair O, V, R; O = (0,0); V = (3,1); R = reflect(O,(2,-1))*(V); xaxis(-2,4); yaxis(-3,1); draw((-1)*(2,-1)--2*(2,-...
  48. pre calculus

    Cot 495 degrees... a) -tan 135 degrees b) -cot 135 degrees c) cot 135 degrees d) -cot 315 degrees
  49. calculus

    hello here, Please can i get direction on website to practice calculus (both differential & integral) objectives based online. thanks.
  50. Calculus

    How do I determine the area of a region bounded by a function and the x-axis if given y=cosx and interval is [0,ð/2]. This has to do with the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. Thanks in advance!
  51. Calculus.......plz help! =)

    Use any calculus method to determine extrema, intervals where the function is increasing or decreasing, asymptotes, and points of inflection for y = -x(x+1)^3
  52. Pre-Calculus

    At time t hours after taking the cough suppressant hydrocodone bitartrate, the amount A, in mg, remaining in the body is given by A=13(0.82)^t. a) What was the initial amount taken? b) What percent of the drug leaves the body each hour? c) How much of the drug is left in the ...
  53. Pre-Calculus

    The cost of sending a package overnight is $14.40 for the first pound and $3.90 for each additional pound or portion of a pound. A plastic mailing bag can hold up to 3 pounds. The cost f(x) of sending a package in a plastic mailing bag is given by the following function, where...
  54. Pre-calculus-ck answers

    Identify the graph of the equation 4x^2-25y^2=100. Then write the equation of the translated graph for T(5,-2) in general form. Answer: hyperbola; 4(x-5)^2 -25(y+2)^2=100 2)Find the coordinates of the center, the foci, and the vertices, and the equations of the asymptotes of ...
  55. college pre-calculus

    simplify: square root (4/3)-square root (3/4) A. 2-sqaure root(3)/2 square root (3) B. square root (7/12) C. square root (3)/6 D. 2/square root (3) which answer? this is what i got square root (16/12)- square root (9/12)= square root (7/12)
  56. College Algebra/pre-calculus

    The Pointless Pencil Company purchases a new stamping machine for the production line that cost $8000. The equipment will be replaced in 10 years at which time its salvage value is expected to be $1000. Write a linear equation giving the value, y, of the machine during the ...
  57. Pre Calculus 12

    Graphing trigonometric functions A sinusoidal function has a maximum at (2,10) and its next minimum (5,-2) find an equation that represents this situation A sinuosoidal function has a zero at (5,0) and its next minimum is (7,-4). find an equation that represents this situation...
  58. Pre calculus/ Advanced Functions

    Samuel is investigating the rate of change of the function f(x) = cos x on the interval xE[0, 2pi]. He notices that the graph of f(x) passes through the x-axis at pi/2. He also determines the instantaneous rate of change at x = 0, pi and 2pi by inspection. Based on this ...
  59. pre-calculus

    y=tanx -2π≤x≤2π y=cotx -2π≤x≤2π y=cscx -2π≤x≤2π y=secx -2π≤x≤2π
  60. Pre-calculus

    On a chicken farm, the poultry is given a healthy diet to gain weight. The chickens have to consure a minimum of 15 units of substance A and another 15 units of substance B. In the market there are only two classes of compounds: Type 1, with a compoistion of one unit of A to ...
  61. pre-calculus

    An urn contains 7 red marbles labeled (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) and 5 green marbles labeled (1,2,3,4,5) four marbles are pulled out at once. what is the probability. A. all four marbles are red B. more of the marbles are green than red C. both red and green marbles are present D. two of...
  62. Software Engineering

    Consider the following program (written in pseudo-code) begin x:= 0; y:= 1; z:= 1; while y <= n do x:= x+1; z:= z+2; y:= y+z; od sqrt := x; end Prove the partial correctness of the program with respect to the following predicates: Pre: {n>=0} Post: {sqrt2 <= n and n &...
  63. Pre-calculus

    You are given a pair of equations, one representing a supply curve and the other representing a demand curve, where p is the unit price for x items. 80 p + x - 380 = 0 and 84 p - x - 40 = 0 Identify which is the supply curve and demand curve and the appropriate domain. Put the...
  64. Pre calculus

    Your computer supply store sells two types of laser printers. The first type, A, has a cost of $86 and you make a $45 profit on each one. The second type, B, has a cost of $130 and you make a $35 profit on each one. You expect to sell at least 100 laser printers this month and...
  65. Pre-Calculus

    A ball is thrown up at the edge of a 364 foot cliff. The ball is thrown up with an initial velocity of 72 feet per second. Its height measured in feet is given in terms of time t, measured in seconds by the equation h=−16t2+72t+364. How high will the ball go? To get how ...
  66. Pre-Calculus

    Laws of Logarithms Without using a calculator use the change of base rule to evaluate 1. a) log(subscript8)32(hint use base 2) =log(subscript2 32)/log(subscript2 8) = 5/3 b) log(subscript36)1296. This one doesnt even give you a hint, so how do you know which base to use? Does ...
  67. Pre-Calculus (Check)

    Please tell me what I'm doing wrong... The side lengths of tops of three squares tables can be described as three consecutive integers. The combined area of the table tops is 677 sq in. Algebraically, determine the roots of the quadratic equation. (I'll use quadratic, but if ...
  68. Pre-Calculus

    For the function f(x)=12x^3+4x^2-27x-9 describe the end behavior. Find the real zeros of f and determine whether the graph crosses or touches the x-axis at each x-intercept. Use the zeros of f and test numbers to find the intervals over which the graph of f is above or below ...
  69. Pre-Calculus

    Use the CALC features of the TI to answer the following. Show what you put into the calculator & what CALC feature you used. Round to the nearest tenths. The equation h = 20 cos (π/4 (t-3)) + 23 tells how high above the ground a ferris wheel car is at any given time. h is...

    Which group would be more likely to approve of a pre-emptive strike to rid the world of a terrorist friendly country (government)? Today, the Republicans seem to be more in favor of a pre-emptive strike -- but I think we may see a change because almost everyone is tired of ...
  71. Spanish

    Answer the following questions what does pre viernes el pescado o el bonyo mean what does que co mis parlemis i duno mean? what does pre viernes la liche o el hugo mean in spanish? what does que te gusta comer parde e la guarso mean? I know some of these are spelled wrong, but...
  72. Pre-Calculus

    A population of 20 rabbits is introduced to a small island. The population increase at a rate of 60% per year. (A) Find a function of F(t) that represents the number of rabbits on the island after t years. (B) Suppose 100 rabbits were introduced to the island and G(t) is the ...
  73. Pre-calculus (Trigonometry)

    The rotating spotlight from the Coast Guard ship can illuminate up to a distance of 250 m. An observer on the shore is 500 m from the ship. HIs line of sight to the ship makes an angle of 20 degrees with the shoreline. What length of shoreline is illuminated by the spotlight...
  74. calculus

    Calculus A, Evaluate the following integral : ç (x^2+3x-2)dx
  75. Pre-Calculus

    Need help with this question, don't get it. Given the relation x^2+3x=y^2-2y, what is the new relation if it has undergone: A. vertical expansion by 2 B. Horizontal expansion by 3 C. Vertical compression by 4/5 D. Horizontal compression by 1/5 E. Reflection over yaxis, ...
  76. Pre-Calculus

    A rectangular garden with an area of 250 square meters is to be located next to a building and fenced on three sides, with the building acting as a fence on the fourth side. Let x be the length of the side parallel to the building. 1. Find T(x), the total amount of the fence ...
  77. Pre-Calculus

    Hi! I have three questions that I need checked over just to make sure I understand it. Thanks! :) 1.) What is the slope of the line that passes through (5, 8) and (-2, 6)? My answer: -2/7 2.) If Segment AB || Segment CD and the slope of Segment AB = 1/2, what is the slope of ...
  78. Pre-Calculus

    I need help with this problem: The bearing from the Pine Knob fire tower to the Colt Station fire tower is N 65 degrees E, and the two towers are 30 kilometers apart. A fire spotted by rangers in each tower has a bearing of N 80 degrees E from Pine Knob and S 70 degrees E from...
  79. Pre-calculus help

    I have two problems I am stuck on, if you could show me how to solve the problems it would be much appreciated. 1) Find sin 2x, cos 2x, and tan 2x from the given information. tan x = − 1/6, cos x > 0 sin 2x = cos 2x = tan 2x = 2) Find sin 2x, cos 2x, and tan 2x from ...
  80. Pre-Calculus

    The cup on the 9th hole of a golf course is located dead center in the middle of a circular green that is 70 ft in diameter. You ball is located 50 feet south, and 40 feet west of the cup. The ball follows a straight line path and exits the green at the right most edge. Assume...
  81. calculus

    Does anyone know of any free calculus websites? I'm taking a college class in the fall and would like to build my confidence since I am somewhat weak in math. Thank you in advance.
  82. Calculus Please Need Urgent3 :/

    Find the derivative of the following function using the appropriate form of the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus. F(x)= (s^2)/(1+3s^4)ds from sqrtx to 1 F'(x)=? Thank you so much guys!
  83. Pre-Calculus

    Please check: 1.Find polar equation of x^2 + y^2 = 10y r^2 for x^2 + y^2 and sin(theta sin for y =r^2=10sin(theta) 2.Find polar equation: y=5 r=5/sin 3.Polar equation is r=2costheta + 3 sin theta Find rectangular equation x^2+y^2 =x^2 + y^2 =2x+3y
  84. Pre-Calculus Graphs expansions/compressions

    Need help with this question, don't get it. Given the relation x^2+3x=y^2-2y, what is the new relation if it has undergone: A. vertical expansion by 2 B. Horizontal expansion by 3 C. Vertical compression by 4/5 D. Horizontal compression by 1/5 E. Reflection over yaxis, ...
  85. Pre Calculus

    Two forces with magnitudes of 150 and 75 pounds act on an object at angles of 30° and 150°, respectively. Find the direction and magnitude of the resultant force. Round to two decimal places in all intermediate steps and in your final answer. Having lots of trouble with this...
  86. law-major help?

    Hi, my friend and I both want to be lawyers. we finally talked after a long time of not seeing each other and we got on the topic of college. and majors. etc. i asked her what do u want to major in? she goes "history.. for LAw" i'm like you want to major in history law!? i was...
  87. Pre-Calculus

    Cost,Revenue,and Profit: Estimate the number of scanners that would produce a maximum profit when p is the price per scanner and x is the number of scanners. p= 100-0.0001x and the cost for producing x scanners is C= 350,000+30x and the profit for producing and selling x ...
  88. Easy Pre-calculus Questions?

    What is the value of x in the right triangle below? If needed, round your answer to two decimal places. 32 angle, 15 inches. A 10-foot ladder is leaning up against the side of a building so that the top of the ladder reaches the top of the building. If the ladder meets the ...
  89. Pre-Calculus-Trig

    A woman on the top of a 448 foot high building spots a small plane. As she views the plane, its angle of elevation is 62 degrees. At the same instant a man at the ground-level entrance to the entrance to the building sees the plane and notes that its an angle of elevation is ...
  90. pre-calculus

    the spread of oil leaking from a tanker is in the shape of a circle. If the radius r (in feet) of the spread after t hours is r(t)= 200 square root of t, find the area A of the oil slick as a function of the time t. You know that the area of a circle is A=pi*r^2. You're told ...
  91. Pre-Calculus

    This is application question. Bacterial Control. If t days after treatment the bacteria count per cubic centimeter in a body of water is given by C(t) = 10t^2 - 120x + 800 0 <= t <= 9 Thn in how many days will the jcount be a minimum? I got this result: 20(t^2 - 6 + 40) ...
  92. Pre Calculus 12

    Modelling with sine/cosine A Ferris wheel has a diameter of 30m. The bottom of the wheel is 1.5m off the ground it takes 3.5min to make one complete revolution. a person gets on ferris wheel at its lowest point at time = 0. write an equation that represents persons height ...
  93. Pre calculus

    A 100 foot tall antenna sits part way up a hill. The hill makes an angle to 12 degrees with the horizontal. In other words, if you were going to walk up the hill, you would walk at an angle of 12 degrees. To keep the antenna stable, it must be anchored by 2 cables.The distance...
  94. Pre calculus

    A 100 foot tall antenna sits part way up a hill. The hill makes an angle to 12 degrees with the horizontal. In other words, if you were going to walk up the hill, you would walk at an angle of 12 degrees. To keep the antenna stable, it must be anchored by 2 cables.The distance...
  95. Pre-Calculus

    Driving down Bald Mountain in Wyoming, Bob dean finds that he descends 1600 feet in elevation by the time he is 2.5 miles (horizontally) away from the high point on the mountain road. Find the slope of his descent (Hint: 1 mile = 5280 feet) After converting the miles to feet I...
  96. Pre-Calculus

    A corpse was discovered in a motel room at midnight and uts temperature was 82°F. The temperature dropped to 80.5°F two hours later. Given k is a constant for the object in question, S is the surrounding temperature, t represents the time and theta(of time) is the ...
  97. Calculus

    In calculus, the sum of an infinite geometric series whose first term is 1/20 is given by the complex fraction 1/20 _____ 1-r where r is the common ratio between the terms. Simplify this expression.
  98. Pre-Calculus

    1) For tax purposes a manufacturer is allowed to depreciate the value of a machine by 10% each year. If the original value of the machine was $10,000, what would be its value for tax purposes at the end of 6 years. (Assume the depreciation is computed at the end of each year...
  99. Pre-Calculus

    I posted earlier and didn't get an answer so I'm posting again-hoping someone could please check these two-I think they're correct Please check my answer: I think it's correct? 1.Find polar form of (-3,2) r=sqrt of (-3)^2 + 2^2)=sqrt (13) = 3.61 tan^-1(2/-3) = 33.79 180-33.79...
  100. CDA

    4. Signature software systems are primarily used by A. children and providers. B. parents and children. C. parents and other authorized individuals. D. parents and providers. 5. A software program features an electronic coloring book, in which children get to paint characters ...
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