Pre- Calculus

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  1. Pre-Calculus

    (not sure how to type square root of) square root of 3x - 4 = (x-4)^2-3 Normally, I either take the square root of both sides or I square both sides. Since one side of the equation is square root of 3x-4 and the other side is (x-4) squared - 3, I am confused on how to go about...
  2. Pre-Calculus

    Big Bob is trying to shape up for the summer. He begins on the first day of his exercise program with 3 sit ups. Each day he will do 4 more sit ups than the day before. On what day will Big Bob do 115 sit ups?
  3. statistics

    Pre study scores versus post-study scores for a class of 120 college freshman english students were considerated. The residual plot for the least squares regression line showed no pattern. The least square regression line was y = 0.2 + 0.9x with a correlation coefficient r = 0...
  4. Pre-Calculus

    74. Road Grade When driving down a mountain road, you notice warning signs indicating that it is a "12% grade." This means that the slope of the road is -12/100. Approximate the amount of horizontal change in your position if you note from elevation markers that you have ...
  5. Pre-Calculus/Trig Check please and help

    Could someone please check the first one and help me with the second one. I'm stuck-Thank you 1.What are theroots of the following polynomial equation? (x+2i)(x-5)(x-2i)(x+8) = 0 I think the roots are -2i,5,2i,-8-you take out the roots as opposites of what are in the equaion ...
  6. Pre Algebra

    “A pre-algebra book is 8 1 half Click for more options inches by 9 1 fourth Click for more options inches. Determine the perimeter of the textbook. Describe the steps you took to solve this problem.
  7. pre-calculus

    An open box is made from a square piece of material 36 inches on a side by cutting equal squares from the corners and turning up the sides. Use your calculator to find the maximum volume this box can hold. I got the equation 4x^3-36x^2+1296x = V But when I put it in the ...
  8. Pre Calculus 12

    The height h, in metres, above the ground of a car as a ferris wheel rotates can be modelled by the function h(t) = 18cos(πt/80) +19 what is the minimum height of a car? do i like subtract 19 from 18 ? what is the maximum height of a car? do i add the 19 to 18? how long ...
  9. Pre-Calculus

    A person flying a kite holds the string 4 feet above ground level. The string of the kite is taut and makes an angle of 60° with the horizontal (see the figure). Approximate the height of the kite above level ground if 500 feet of string is payed out. (Round your answer to ...
  10. pre-calculus

    Almonds cost fiver per pound and cashews cost nine per pound. How many pounds of almonds should be mixed with the cashews to make 10 pounds of a mix that sells for eight dollars per pound?
  11. Pre-Calculus

    The period T (in seconds) of a simple pendulum is a function of its length l (in feet), given by T(l) = 2pi sq root of l/g, where g = 32.2 feet per second per seconds is the acceleration of gravity. Express the length l as a function of the period T. If T=2pi*sqrt(l/g) then do...
  12. pre - CALCULUS

    Use Cramer's rule to determine if the system is inconsistent system or contains dependent equations. 2x + y = 8 6x + 3y = 24 A. system is inconsistent B. system contains dependent equations b ?
  13. Statistics

    In Professor White’s statistics course the correlation between the students’ total scores before the final examination and their final examination scores is r = 0.9. The pre-exam totals for all students in the course have mean 275 and standard deviation 50. The final exam ...
  14. Pre Calculus

    If you are riding on a Ferris wheel that is 60 feet tall and it takes 5 minutes to make a one revolution, what is your linear velocity? A. 0.62 feet per second B. 0.31 feet per second C. 37.68 feet per second D. 3.14 feet per second E. 9.42 feet per second
  15. Science 7R

    Tomorrow I have a science test on circulatory system and is there a practice test THAT IS ON 7TH GRADE SCIENCE REGENTS LEVEL!?!? please i really want to do well on the test if take a pre-test thanks ;) btw --- i'm going over my notes for the test just that i want to take a pre...
  16. Science(pre-med)

    In pre-med we are making powerpoints about the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovasculary syemstem and the respiratory system!! So far I finished the cardiovasculary syestem and i am wondering is the Anatomy of a organ the structures that it is composed of, and also is the ...
  17. Pre calculus

    Okay, I'm really fuzzy about my log and exponential chapter. For example, solving some exponential equation such as e^3x-7 x e^-2x=4e I assume I start this equation by taking the natural log of both sides, but how will I know just by looking at an equation weather I need to ...
  18. Pre Calculus

    He needs two adjacent rectangular enclosures - he has 300 feet of fencing. a. find a function that models the total area of enclosures with respect to the width of the enclosures. b. write your function in vertex form using the vertex formula. c. what is the largest area that ...
  19. Pre Calculus HELP!?

    The length of a day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is given by the sinusoidal function, f(t), which represents the number of hours of daylight t days into the year: f(t)= 10+2.8sin(2pi/365)*(t-1.35). How many hours of daylight are there on the 100th day of the year? Round the ...
  20. Pre-calculus

    Consider an open-top box constructed from an 8.5 × 11 inch piece of paper by cutting out squares of equal size at the corners, then folding up the resulting flaps. Denote by x the side-length of each cut-out square. a) Draw a picture of this construction, and find a formula ...
  21. pre-calculus

    Josh fires a catapult 18 ft above the ground with an initial velocity of 25 ft/sec. The misslie leaves the catapult at an angle of degree theta with the hoizontal and heads toward a 40 ft wall 500 ft from the launch site. If the missle is fired at a 20 degree angle, does it ...
  22. Math: pre calculus

    a barn is 150 feet long and 75 feet wide. the owner has 240 ft of fencing and wants to construct two adjacent outdoor pens of identical size along the long side of the barn using the barn as one side of each pen. the owner wants the pens as large as possible. what are the ...
  23. Pre-Calculus

    Phil Dawson is a professional place kicker for the Cleveland Browns. On average, he kicks the ball at a 41 degree angle with an initial speed of 70 feet per second. For future reference, goal posts are 10 feet high in the NFL. a) Write parametric equations to model Dawson's ...
  24. Pre-Calculus

    Phil Dawson is a professional place kicker for the Cleveland Browns. On average, he kicks the ball at a 41 degree angle and with an initial speed of 70 feet per second. For future reference, goal posts are 10 feet high in the NFL. a) Write parametric equations to model Dawson'...
  25. english

    Hi. I know this might be kind of a stupid question, but I was wondering if a predecessor follows something or is before it? I thought it was after, but the dictionary definition makes it seem like it is before. Is it before because of the pre? Thank you for using the Jiskha ...
  26. pre calculus

    Double Angle Formula. If the double angle formula for cos2(u) = 2cos^2(u)-1, then write the double angle formula for cos2(u) in terms of sine.
  27. English

    Can someone explain to me what does pre released title essay test mean,i dont get it and in my assessment shows that i have pre released title essay test.Please someone tell me what is it.Thanks
  28. Pre-Calculus

    I need help on these problems they are from my study guide and i don't have a clue on how to do these 3 problems and if anyone can show the steps and somewhat explain the steps so i can do it myself next time. 1.) sin25‹cos35‹sin‹35 The answer is ã3/2 2.) tan10...
  29. pre-calculus urgent

    Please help me here as well to clarify more my understanding. Let a1, a2, a3, . . . be a geometric sequence with initial term a and common ratio r. Show that a1^2, a2^2, a3^2, . . . is also a geometric sequence by finding its common ratio. Given that the ratio for a1, a2, a3...
  30. Pre calculus

    In other words, if you were going to walk up the hill, you would walk at an angle of 12 degrees. To keep the antenna stable, it must be anchored by 2 cables.The distance from the base of the antenna to the down point DOWN hill is 95 feet. Ignore the amount of cable needed to ...
  31. Math: Pre-calculus

    A rancher wants to build a rectangular pen with an area of 180 . Let W be the width of the pen and L be the length of the pen. a) Find an equation for the perimeter P in terms of W and L . b) Use the given area to write an equation that relates W and L . c) Find the pen ...
  32. pre-calculus

    A company plans to manufacture a container having the shape of a right circular cylinder, open at the top, and having a capacity of 24pi cubic inches. If the cost of the material for the bottom is $.30 per square inch and that for the curved sides is $.10 per square inch, ...
  33. Pre Calculus

    A cylinder shaped can needs to be constructed to hold 200 cubic centimeters of soup. The material for the sides of the can costs 0.02 cents per square centimeter. The material for the top and bottom of the can need to be thicker, and costs 0.06 cents per square centimeter. ...
  34. pre calculus

    The population of foxes in a certain region over a 2-year period is estimated to be P1(t) = 300 + 50 sin(πt/12) in month t, and the population of rabbits in the same region in month t is given by P2(t) = 4000 + 400 cos(πt/12) . Find the rate of change of the ...
  35. Pre-Calculus

    f(x) = 7x^3 + 8x^2 - 3x + 8 Find f(7) using synthetic division, and list the numbers in the bottom row of the division. My answer: The numbers in the bottom row are 7, 58, 403, and 2829. The answer is 7x^2 + 58x + 403 + 2829/x - 7.
  36. pre-calculus

    Express the edge length of a cube as a function of the cube's diagonal length d. Then express the surface area and volume of the cube as a function of the diagonal length.
  37. Pre-Calculus

    If you solve the following system of equations by substitution, which statement is true? x = z x - 2y + z = 6 2x + y - 2z = 1 A. You can substitute z for x into the second and third equations. B. You can substitute x for z into the second and third equations. C. Both methods ...

    Use Gaussian elimination to find the complete solution to the system of equations, or state that none exists. Show your work. 4x-y+3z = 12 x+4y+6z =-32 5x+3y+9z = 20 ...... I NEED HELP WITH THE OTHER TWO PLEASE :) 4 -1 3 | 12 
1 4 6 | -32 
5 3 9 | 20 1 0 0 
  39. pre-calculus

    The Hotel Florence has 550 rooms. Currently the hotel is filled . The daily rental is $ 700 per room. For every $ 14 increase in rent the demand for rooms decreases by 7 rooms. Let x = the number of $ 14 increases that can be made. What should x be so as to maximize the ...
  40. Pre-Algebra

    Hi has anyone done lesson 10: Geometry Unit Test Essential Algebra Readiness (Pre-Algebra) B Unit 1: Geometry i really need help has anyone done it please if u have please help!!!!
  41. pre-calculus

    a cliff is 125ft high. the angle of depression of a ship from the top of the cliff is 14.6 degrees. determine the distance of the ship from the foot of the cliff. so the angle to the right of the 90 is 14.6 and the side opp. that is 125ft. how do i find the x. wat function ...
  42. Pre-Calculus follow up question Reiny

    Determine the number of triangles that can be formed with the given information. and if it forms two possible triangles solve all unknown angles and sides Angle A=116 degrees a=10 b=11 but if you add 81.4 (measure of angle B) plus 116 (measure of angle A) you get 197.368 which...
  43. pre-calculus

    two gears are connected by a belt. the large gear has a radius of 20cm while the small gear has a radius of 10cm. if a point on the small gear travels at 16 rpm (revolutions per minute), find the angular velocity of the large gear. Tip: first find the velocity of the belt
  44. pre-Calculus

    Make a conjeture about the symmetry of a) a product of two odd functions b) a product of two even functions c) a product of an odd function and an even function
  45. Pre-Calculus

    The Period T, in seconds, of a pendulum depends on the distance, L, in meters, between the pivot and the pendulum's centre of mass. If the initial swing angle is relatively small, the period is given by the radical function T=2pi(sqrtL/g) where g represents acceleration due to...
  46. Pre Calculus

    As x increases from p/4 to 3p/2, the value of sin(x) : A.increases throughout the interval B.decreases at first, then increases C.increases at first, then decreases D.decreases throughout the interval E.none of the above please explain why the answer is as it is, I don't ...
  47. pre calculus

    2. Graph the following function using transformations. Be sure to graph all of the stages on one graph. State the domain and range. y= -2 lxl +2 For example, if you were asked to graph y= x^2 + 1 using transformations, you would show the graph of y= x^2 and the graph shifted ...
  48. Pre-Calculus

    You are given a pair of equations, one representing a supply curve and the other representing a demand curve, where p is the unit price for x items. 466p+90x−2390=0 and 484p−22x−978=0 Determine the revenue function. Revenue function R(x)=? I got (-90x/466...
  49. Pre-Calculus

    The base of the fish tank below has a length of 40 inches, a width of 20 inches, and height of 1.5 feet. The tank starts off with a water depth of 7 inches. You then add water to the tank at a constant rate such that the water level increases 1 inch every 2 minutes. Wirte a ...
  50. pre calculus

    a satellite is launched to take pictures during its orbit. its low and high points over the surface of the earth are 119 and 122800 miles. Find the polar equation if the center of the earth is the focus. assume that the earth has a radius of 4000 miles. Then find how far away ...
  51. Pre-Calculus

    Composition of Functions f o g(x)=f(g(x)) --> I know that this is eqivalent to f(g(x)) Given f(x) = 2x+1, and g(X) = 3x+1 find:f o g(x)=f(g(x)) This is what I did, but I don't think Ive solved it correctly f(g(x)) = f(x-3) f(x-3) = 1(x-3)-3x+2 =x-3-3x+2 f(g(x)) = -2x-1 The ...
  52. Pre-calculus

    The angle of elevation from the end of the shadow to the top of the building is 63 degrees and the distance of 220 feet. 1) Find the height of the building to the nearest foot 2) find the length of the shadow to the nearest foot If 0 degrees </= 360 degrees, solve the ...
  53. Pre Med Major

    Hi. I am an accounting major. Is there anyway I can finish my accounting degree and still finish the pre med requirements in 4 years? Can an Accounting major become a MD? I know about MCAT and everything.
  54. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities where you are asked to find the maximum value of f(x,y)=x+y. Answer: an optimal solution 2)Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities: Answer: an optomal solution
  55. Pre-Calculus-check answers

    Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities where you are asked to find the maximum value of f(x,y)=x+y. Answer: an optimal solution 2)Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities: Answer: an optomal solution
  56. Pre-Calculus check answers

    Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities where you are asked to find the maximum value of f(x,y)=x+y. Answer: an optimal solution 2)Describe the linear programming situation for this system of inequalities: Answer: an optomal solution
  57. Pre-Calculus

    I need help-I do not understand. The question is this: Write 2x+y=5 in polar form. By following the example in the book I get: 5sqrt5/5=1/sqrt5*sqrt5/2. I do not know how to proceed but the answers I have to choose from are: a) -sqrt5=r cos(theta-27 degrees) b) sqrt5=rcos(...
  58. Calculus Pre Test Monday Part 3

    The height, in metres, of an object that has fallen from a height of 180 m is given by the position function s(t)=-􏰀5t^2 􏰂+180, where t 􏰃>0 and t is in seconds. a. Find the average velocity during each of the first two seconds. b. Find the ...
  59. Pre-Calculus

    It has been found that the supply of golf clubs varies linearly with its price. When the price per item was $ 76.00 ,32 items are supplied; When the price was $ 90.25 , 70 items are supplied. What is the lowest price above which golf clubs will be supplied ? So I know the ...
  60. college pre-calculus

    4x^2+4y^2-16x-24y+51=0 is the equation of a circle. where is the center of the circle and what is it's radius? A. center (2,3) radius=1/4 B. center (2,3) radius=1/2 C. center (-2,-3) radius=1/4 D. center (-2,-3) radius=1/2
  61. Pre-calculus

    A surveyor standing 62 meters from the base of a building measures the angle to the top of the building and finds it to be 38°. The surveyor then measures the angle to the top of the radio tower on the building and finds that it is 45°. How tall is the tadio tower?
  62. Pre Calculus

    1. A rectangular box has a square base, four sides, but no top. It has a volume of 20 cubic feet. Let A be the surface area of the box, and L the length of one side of the base. (a) The volume is measured in cubic feet. What units are convenient to use for the area A and the ...
  63. Pre-Calculus

    The amount of force required to compress a spring is inversely proportional to the distance that it has been compressed. For one certain spring, it takes 5 pounds of force to compress it from its natural length of 18 inches down to 12 inches. How much force would be required ...
  64. Pre-Calculus

    Two lookout towers are situated on mountain tops A and B, 4 mi from each other. A helicopter firefighting team is located in a valley at point C, 3 mi from A and 2 mi from B. Using the line between A and B as a reference, a lookout spots a fire at an angle of α = 42° ...
  65. pre calculus

    32% of a particular radioactive substance disappears in 227 years. Part 1: Find the decay constant. Your answer must be correct to five decimal places. Part 2: Determine the time T in years required for 93% of the substance to disapper. Your answer must be correct to two ...
  66. Pre-calculus- URGENT

    Convert the rectangular coordinate (-8,i (square root of 3) into polar coordinates. How do I do this?? I tried every way I knew of to convert the y coordinate (i (square root of three)) to polar form, but it didn't work. I think that the polar form of the x coordinate is ...
  67. Pre-Calculus

    Suppose a daredevil attempted to jump a canyon, using a special rocket built for the stunt. Suppose it was launched off a ramp shown in the picture. The ramp was 325 feet in length and rose vertically 225 feet. (a) Calculate the measure of the angle of elevation that the ramp ...
  68. Pre - CALCULUS

    For the data set shown by the table, a. Create a scatter plot for the data. (You do not need to submit the scatter plot) b. Use the scatter plot to determine whether an exponential function or a logarithmic function is the best choice for modeling the data. Number of Homes ...
  69. Pre Calculus 30

    1.How many positive integers five-digit integers end with the digit 0? 9x10x10x10x? what number would represent zero 2.Using the digits {1,2,5,6,7,9} and not allowing repetition of digits, how many positive three-digit integers can be made that are larger than 500? 9x5x4 3....
  70. Pre Calculus

    The logistic growth function P(t)= 160/ 1 + 9e^-0.165t describes the population of the endangered species of elk "t" years after they were introduced into the habitat. a. How many elk were initially introduced into the habitat? b. How many elk are expected after 6 years? What ...
  71. Pre calculus

    You have a wire that is 71 cm long. You wish to cut it into two pieces. One piece will be bent into the shape of a square. The other piece will be bent into the shape of a circle. Let A represent the total area of the square and the circle. What is the circumference of the ...
  72. Pre Calculus

    Use one of the identities cos(t + 2ðk) = cos t or sin(t + 2ðk) = sin t to evaluate each expression. (Enter your answers in exact form.) (a) sin(17ð/4) (b) sin(−17ð/4) (c) cos(17ð) (d) cos(45ð/4) (e) tan(−3ð/4) (f) cos(7ð/4) (g) sec(ð/6+2ð) (h) csc(2ð &#...
  73. Pre Calculus

    Use one of the identities cos(t + 2ðk) = cos t or sin(t + 2ðk) = sin t to evaluate each expression. (Enter your answers in exact form.) (a) sin(17ð/4) (b) sin(−17ð/4) (c) cos(17ð) (d) cos(45ð/4) (e) tan(−3ð/4) (f) cos(7ð/4) (g) sec(ð/6+2ð) (h) csc(2ð &#...
  74. child care

    hi im doing my assignment in child care level 3 and i need to answer this question ,(describe ways that parents may participate in a pre school's activites to promote their children's learning and development) and (discuss how a pre school can encourage parents to participate ...
  75. Pre-calculus

    An expedition walks 4 kilometers from camp on a bearing of 30 degrees, then turns and walks 10 km on a bearing of 160 degrees. Find the magnitude of the new location relative to the beginning location using vectors. -> if you can, can you possibly show how the triangle ...
  76. Pre-Calculus

    A machine worth $ 11000 new and having a scrap value of $ 10995.6 is to be depreciated over a 4.4 -year life. Find the function that describes straight line depreciation for this situation. At what time will the machine be worth $ 10997.8 according to this model? So I know ...
  77. Pre-Calculus HELP!!

    The length of a day in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is given by the sinusoidal function, f(t), which represents the number of hours of daylight t days into the year: f(x)=11+2.2sin(2pi/365)t-1.25).How many hours of daylight are there on the twelfth day of the year? Round the ...
  78. Pre-Calculus-Trig

    Two surveyors, Joe and Alice, are 240 meters apart on a riverbank. Each sights a flagpole on the opposite bank. The angle from the pole to Joe (vertex) to Alice is 63 degrees. The angle from the pole to Alice(vertex)to Joe is 54 degrees. How far are Joe and Alice from the pole?
  79. Calculus

    How do you simplify vectors? 1)AB + BC + CD 2) BC - FE - BA + DE - DC Calculus - Steve, Tuesday, September 22, 2015 at 11:39pm AB+BC = AC so, AB+BC+CD = AD BC-DC = BC+CD = BD See if you can use that idea to rearrange +/- terms so the ends line up in order Calculus - Anonymous...
  80. pre-calculus

    In the following exercise, find the smallest interval for theta [from this point on i will denote theta as '*' for ease of typing] starting with * min= 0 so that your graphing utility graphs the given polar equation exactly once without retracing any portion of it. r= 4sin(*) ...
  81. pre calculus

    You are building a (rectangular) pool in your backyard. It measures 30m in the north-south direction and 25 meters east-west. (Some pool!) The bottom of the pool is a slanted plane so that it's 1m deep along the southern edge and 10m deep along the northern edge. (As I said, ...
  82. pre calculus

    Question 1: Explain why the equation of the line y=5 has a slope that is undefined. Explain in words or mathematically. Question 2: Given any circle, the coordinates of one endpoint of a diameter is (3,-2). If the coordinates of the center are (2,-4), find the coordinates for ...
  83. pre-calculus 11

    The question is the roundtrip flight from Edmonton to Toronto covers a distance of 5400km in 7.6 hours. The speed from Edmonton to Toronto was 95 km/h faster than the speed from Toronto to Edmonton. What was the speed of the plane from Toronto to Edmonton? If i set up my ...
  84. pre-calculus

    st andrews golf course in st andrews scotland is one of the oldest courses in the world. it is an 18-hole course that consists of par-3 holes, par-4 holes and par-5 holes. a golfer who shoots par at the old course at st andrews has a total of 72 strokes for the entire course. ...
  85. Pre-Calculus

    A car manufacturing company (the Company) can produce a car for $3000.00 and a truck for $5000.00. Suppose "C" cars and "T" trucks are sold to the dealer at mark-ups, respectively, of 20 and 30 percent. If the Company made a profit of $27 million on sales of $137 million in ...
  86. Pre-Calculus

    Hello, A projectile is launched straight up from the ground with an initial velocity of 320 ft/sec. a. When will the projectiles height above the ground be 1024 ft? For this I got 16 seconds b. When will the height of the projectile be at least 24 ft? I am not sure how to ...
  87. Pre-Calculus

    A rectangle is bounded by the x-axis and the semicircle y = √36 – x2, as shown in the figure below. Write the area A of the rectangle as a function of x, and determine the domain of the area function. A = all real numbers except x = 36 all real numbers except x = 6 0 &...
  88. pre-calculus 11

    I have f(x) + 1/ x-c this is the question and I am told for the function with a vertical asymptote at x=1 Mr. Reimy was kind enough to provide this information comparing it to y = 1/x for the first interpretation the graph of y = 1/x would simply be translated vertically by c ...
  89. Pre-Calculus

    Exponential Functions A=P(X)^t/n A-final amount P-initial amount X-growth rate t-time n-number of growth periods The teacher had this question as an example and did it however i do not understand one thing: The Ebola virus double every 30 min. If there are currently 2000 ebola...
  90. Pre-calculus

    Complete the table assuming continuously compounded interest. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) Initial Investment: Annual % Rate: Time to Double: 8 yr Amount After 10 Years: $1700 I don't understand how to get in the initial investment of annual % rate given only ...
  91. pre calculus

    A projectile is fired straight upward from ground level with an initial velocity of 320 feet per second. (Assume t = 0 seconds corresponds to the time the object is fired. Use 32 feet/second2 as acceleration due to gravity.) (a) At what instant will it be back at ground level...
  92. math-calculus

    1.For any function y+f(x), express dy/dx using limit notation. Give a clear explanation for your given answer. you probably meant to type y=f(x) By definition dy/dx = Limit (f(x+∆x) - f(x))/∆x as ∆x-->0 The explanation of this equation is the whole basis ...
  93. pre-calculus urgent

    The first term of an arithmetic sequence is 6, and the tenth term is 2. (a) Find the common difference d. d = Find the 100th term of the sequence. a100 = (b) Find the partial sum of the first ten terms. S10 = how do i do this, there's an example I tried following but it did ...
  94. Pre-Calculus

    A window has the shape of a square surmounted by an isosceles triangle. The sides of the square are length x. The The perimeter of the window is 90 inches. Thus, the perimeter of the triangle is x+2y. So, 90 inches = 3x+2y. (a) Write an equation for the area of the window in ...
  95. Pre-Calculus

    The formula D= 5e ^-0.4h can be used to find the number of milligrams D of a certain drug that is in a patient's bloodstream h hours after the drug has been administered. When the number of milligrams reaches 2, the drug is to be administered again. WHat is the time between ...
  96. pre algebra

    molly paid 8% in sales tax on her holophone,a phone that shows the person you're talking to in 3D. if molly paid $416 in sales tax on the phone, what was its pre-tax price?
  97. calculus

    Can someone please tell me what the word "WHOLE" AND "IRRATIONAL" MEAN IN CALCULUS? THANKS
  98. Math:Calculus

    Use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find the derivative of g(x)=1/(1+t^5)dt in the interval 1 to x.
  99. Calculus

    Use fundamental theorem of calculus: Int(pi/2_pi) of e^(sin(q))*cos(q)dq
  100. calculus

    Use the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to find G'(x) if: G(x)=∫ up(x²) bottom(1) cost dt
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