Pre- Calculus

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  1. pre-calculus

    What is the base of the function F(x) = b to the power of x if the graph has points of (1/3, 2)and another off the subject one if g(x)= log 7 x what is g(1/49)? If F(x) = 2 when x = 1/3, and if the fucntio is of the form F(x) = b^x, then 2 = b^(1/3) Cube both sides of the ...
  2. pre-calculus

    I am having trouble with trigenometric identities I cannot figure it out for example sin³x+sin²xcos²x, could I get the steps to figure it out? And also how to do the equations and proving of trid id's. Please help. Thank you
  3. math(Pre-Calculus)

    Evaluate the difference quotient F(x)= (x+h)-f(x) ----------- H A.) f(x)= 3x -1 so far i have done this f(x+h) = 3(x+h)-1 b.) f(x)=2X^2 + 3X i have done this f(x+h)= 2(x+h)+3(x+h) im not sure if my answers are right.. just need some advice if they are wrong and explain what i ...
  4. Pre-Calculus

    I'm having problems solving this and showing the steps: Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum, if either exists, for y = f(x)= x^3 - 12x + 12 -3 less equal to x greater than equal to 5
  5. Pre-calculus

    An airplane has an airspeed of 150 km/hr. It is to make a flight in a direction of 70 degrees while there is a 25 km/hr wind from 340 degrees. What will the airplane's actual heading be? Please Explain this Problem to me!!!!
  6. Pre-Calculus

    State the domain and range of the relation y = 2x + 3 My answer: y= 2x+3 y= 2(1)+3=5 domain: 1 range: 5 This is how my book showed me how to do it. I just wanted to make sure I did it right. If not could you please give me an example?
  7. Pre-Calculus

    convert to the alternate form to exponential form. a) 5^4=625 b) e^x=y c) log.001=x I really need help on these problems i have no idea how to do it? pls help me i need to study for it on my exam.
  8. Pre-Calculus

    Is it possible to factor x^3 - 9x^2 + 24x - 20 and solve for x by hand? I tried using the grouping method and got x^2(x-9) + 4(6x-5) but how can I continue solving for x? If I use a calculator I get x= 2 and 5 but is it possible to find this by hand? thanks
  9. pre-calculus

    A machine worth $10,000 new and having a scrap value of $1000 is to be depreciated linearly over an 18-year life. What will be the value of the machine after 9 years?
  10. Foundations and Pre-Calculus Math 10

    Find the radius of a cone with a height of 3m and a volume of 30m cubed. So far I have 90m cubed / 3m = pi(r^)3m/3m. Then I get stuck. Help! I'm really bad at math. ):
  11. pre - CALCULUS

    Solve the system by the method of your choice. Identify systems with no solution and systems with infinitely many solutions, using set notation to express their solution sets. x + y = -8 x - y = 14 A. {( 3, -11)} B. {( 3, 11)} C. {(x, y) | x + y = -8} D. ∅ B?
  12. Pre-Calculus

    The minute hand of a clock is 3 inches long. How far does the tip of the minute hand move in 5 minutes? If necessary, round the answer to two decimal places.
  13. Pre-Calculus

    Solve the equation on the interval [0,2pi). 2sin^2x-3sinx+1=0 (2sinx+1)(sinx+1) I don't think I did the factoring correctly. When I multiply it out to double check I get 2sin^2x+3sinx+1
  14. pre-calculus

    Which of the following is NOT a solution to cos^2x=3sin^2x? A.) 30 degrees B.) 60 degrees C.) 150 degrees D.)210 degrees E.)330 degrees
  15. Pre-Calculus

    1. Find functions f and g so that f[g(x)]=H(x) where H(x)=(1+x^2)^3 2. For f(x)=4x+1 and g(x)=x^2-2x-4, find (g-f)(x) 3. Determine f(x)=x/x^2-4 4. Determine the domain of f in f(x)=10-sqrt3-x
  16. Pre-Calculus

    Using the difference quotient find M-sec for h=0.5 at x=1. f(x)=2x+5 difference quotient-f(x+h)-f(x)/h
  17. Pre-Calculus

    Using the difference quotient to find M-sec for h=0.5 at x=1. f(x)=2x+5 difference quotient-f(x+h)-f(x)/h
  18. pre calculus

    If f and g are inverse functions and the point (-3, 5) is on the graph of f, then the point ____ is on the graph of g
  19. Pre-Calculus

    45. log b sqrt 7x 46. log b sqrt (3/y) Could someone please explain these?
  20. Pre Calculus

    A flare is launched straight up with a velocity of 200 feet per second. The function h(t)= 200t−16t^2 models the height h(t)of the flare are at time t. How many seconds will it take for the flare to hit the ground?
  21. Pre Calculus 12

    Identify the point on the unite circle coressponding to an angle of 300 degrees in standard position A (-√3, -√3/2) B (-√3/2, 1/2) C (1/2, -√3/2) D (1/2, -√3 ) I don't get how to figure this out :|
  22. Pre-Calculus

    Radical Functions Graph y=(x-3)(x+2) and y=√(x-3)(x+2). where are the x-intercepts of each function ?why? for the first one, i know that whatever is inside the brackets is opposite, so the x intercepts would be at 3, and -2. but the whole radical thing is it the same ...
  23. Pre-Calculus

    The graph of f(x)= (x^2 - 11x + 18)/(x-9) consists of a line and a hole. Find the equation of the line and the coordinates of the hole. I really have no idea how to do this. I tried factoring it and ended up with (x-2), but I don't know how that helps me. please help
  24. Pre Calculus

    solving exponential equations with exponents on each side 5^x =4^(x+1) They don't have common bases and now I am lost I thought I could just come up with a common base (in this case 20) and change the equation to 20^4x =20^(5x+5) However I am not getting the correct answer!
  25. Math (Pre-Calculus)

    Find an equation of the line containing the points (8,-6) and (8, -4) so far i've tried y-y1=m(x+x1) but currently cannot get the answer....T-T the answer is suppose to be x=8 plz show the work so i can study form it and do it myself the next time... thnx in advance
  26. Pre-Calculus-Trig

    A 40 foot high flagpole sits on the side of a hill. The hillside makes a 17 degree angle with horizontal. How long is a wire that runs from the top of the pole to a point 72 feet downhill from the base of the pole?
  27. pre-calculus

    The following rational function describes concentration in blood of a certain medicine taken once depending on time, find: A. the horizontal asymptote B. the vertical asymptote C. describe their possible meaning ( I only need help with C
  28. Pre-Calculus

    Find first differences for the sequence in order from a_1 to a_5. Determine whether or not the series is quadratic or not.(I used _ as a sign for a subscript) -1, -3, -1, 5, 15 A. 2, 2, 6, 10; not quadratic B. 2, 2, 6, 10; quadratic C. -2, 2, 6, 10; not quadratic D. -2, 2, 6, ...
  29. Need some ideas.... for a Pre-K class

    I am teaching a Pre-K class this summer and the theme for the next two weeks is Community History. What could I all my pre-k class to do that connects to this theme? I thought of helping them to construct houses or certain buildings using boxes and also make a large copy of a ...
  30. Pre-calculus-check answers

    Write the slope-intercept form of the equation of the line that passes through the point (-5,4)and has a slope of -1. Answer: y=-x-1 2)Solve the system of equations algebraically: 1/3x+1/3y=1 and 2x+2y=9 Answer: no solution
  31. Pre-calculus

    Write the standard form of the equation of the circle that is tangent to x= -2 and has its center at (2,-4). Answer:(x-2)^2+(y+4)^2=16 Is this correct? 2) Find the area of the region between the graph of y=x^3 and the x-axis from x=1 to x=4 Answer: 63 3/4 units Is this correct...
  32. pre calculus

    A state makes auto license plates that have two letters (excluding I, 0, and Q) followed by four digits of which the first digit is not zero. How many different license plates are possible?
  33. Pre-Calculus-Trig

    A pilot in a plane at an altitude of 22,000 feet observes that the angle of depression to a nearby airport is 26 degrees. How many miles is the airport from a point on the ground directly below the plane?
  34. Pre-Calculus-Trig

    A surveyor stakes out points A and B on sides of a building. Point C on the side of the building is 300 feet from A and 440 feet from B. Angle ACB measures 38 degrees. What is the distance from A to B?
  35. pre calculus

    Find the inverse of the following function. Find the domain, range, and asymptotes of each function. Graph both functions on the same coordinate plane. F(x)= ln(8-x) I am totally lost, somebody please help????
  36. Pre-Calculus

    The solution of the system of three inequalities is given by a polygonal convex set. 8x + 2y ≥ 36 -3x + 6y ≤ 27 -7x + 5y ≥ -18 The function f(x,y) = 9x + 5y passes through this set. What values of (x,y) give f(x,y) its maximum value? A)(-3, 2) B)(-3, 6) C)(9...
  37. Pre calculus

    A plane is headed due south with an airspeed of 190 mph. A wind from the direction of S 40 degrees W is blowing at 30 mph. Find the groundspeed of the plane, rounded to the nearest whole number
  38. Pre-Calculus

    Determine the balance A for P dollars invested at rate R compounded N times per year for T years. Round each amount to the nearest cent P= $1000, R=3% t=10 years N=A 2=? 4=? 12=? 365=? Compounded continuously=?
  39. Pre-Calculus

    So I'm given a general equation and am expected to get the location on the unit circle, the period, and the general solution to it. The equation is (3cot^2)2x-1 = 0. I've gotten it down to (cot^2)2x = 1/3 but I have no clue what to do next. Please help!
  40. pre calculus

    12. Use the remainder theorem to find P (-2) for P(x) =x^3+2x^2-x-7. Specifically, give the quotient and the remainder for the associated division and the value of P (-2). Quotient =? Remainder =? P (-2) =?
  41. Pre-Calculus

    Why does sin 30° = 150° (or sin π/6 = sin 5π/6)? Refer to both the unit circle and the graph of the sine curve.
  42. Pre-Calculus

    A wire from the top of a TV tower makes an angle of 49.5 with the ground and touches the ground 225 feet from the base of the tower. How high is the tower?
  43. Pre-Calculus

    From a point on the ground 25 ft. from the foot of the tree, the angle of elevation of the top of the tree is 32 degrees. How do you find the height of the tree to the nearest foot?
  44. Pre-Calculus

    You are given the value of tan Θ. is it possible to find the value of sec Θ without finding the measure of Θ? Explain.
  45. Pre-Calculus

    Find a numerical value of one trigonometric function of x if tanx/cotx - secx/cosx = 2/cscx a) cscx=1 b) sinx=-1/2 c)cscx=-1 d)sinx=1/2
  46. Pre-Calculus

    Three numbers whose sum is 15 are in an arithmetic progression. The product of the 1st two numbers is 2 more than the 3rd. Find the three numbers.
  47. Pre-Calculus

    Use a calculator to approximate two values of theta (0 <= theta < 2pi) if csc theta = 1.03. Round answer to two decimal places.
  48. Pre-Calculus

    Use a calculator to approximate two values of theta (0 <= theta < 2pi) if csc theta = 1.03. Round answer to two decimal places.
  49. Pre-Calculus

    Please check: 1.Find polar equation of x^2 + y^2 = 10y r^2 for x^2 + y^2 and sin(theta sin for y =r^2=10sin(theta) 2. y=5 r=5/sin 3. x^2+y^2 =x^2 + y^2 =2x+3y
  50. pre calculus

    For a given right triangle, side a = 76.4 feet and side b = 39.3 feet. What is the length of side c to the nearest tenth of a foot?
  51. pre calculus

    For a given right triangle, side a = 76.4 feet and side b = 39.3 feet. What is the length of side c to the nearest tenth of a foot?
  52. Pre-calculus

    Find the values of x in the interval 0<=x<360 that satisfy the equation x=arcsin squareroot of 2/2. Express your answer in degrees. 360 degrees - 45=315 degrees. Is this right?
  53. Pre-Calculus

    Same problem with this question The angle θ is in the fourth quadrant, and tan θ = -3/7. Point P is on the terminal arm of angle θ. Which is a possible coordinate for P? A) -21,9 B) 9,-21 C) -9,21 D) 21,-9
  54. Pre-calculus need help!!

    Quadratic Formula 1.) x+6/x=-7 2.) 4x/x+4 + 3/x-1 = 15/x^2+3x-4 3.) x+3/x - 2/x+3 = 6/x^2+3x formula: -B+ sqrt B^2 + (-4)(a)(c)/2a f u only wanted to use the formula it's not necessary though. please help me! it's going to pass tomorrow!! please!
  55. pre calculus

    solve the equation. give an exact solution, and also an approximate solution to four decimal places. 2^(9x-7)=7 My first step was to change it to log(base 2) 7 = 9x-7 i got 1.0897 Did i do something wrong or did i miss one question?
  56. pre-calculus

    solve the following logarithmic equation. Be sure to reject any value of x that is not in thedomain of the orginal logarithmic expression. Give the exact answer. log3(x+8)=4 The three actually drops down a little below the g. Can someone tell me how to do this?
  57. pre - CALCULUS

    Use the compound interest formulas A = Pert and A = P(1 + 𝑟/n)^nt to solve. Suppose that you have $11,000 to invest. Which investment yields the greater return over 10 years: 6.25% compounded continuously or 6.3% compounded semiannually? Show your work.
  58. Pre-Calculus

    The question is "Find parametric equations for the line with the given properties: Slope -2, passing through (-10, -20)." I don't even know where to begin, or what to do. Please help! This is an example problem, not the main homework problem, I just need to know how to do ...
  59. Pre Calculus

    The strength of a cable is proportional to the square of its diameter. If a 2-cm cable will support 800kg, how much will a 3-cm cable support?
  60. pre-calculus

    mark received a 3.5% salary increase. His salary after the raise was $36,432. What was his salary before the raise?
  61. Pre Calculus

    The population of a city is 127,000 and is decreasing by 2.4% each year. a. What will the population be in 10 years? b. Find when the population will be 95,000
  62. Pre-Calculus 12

    How do I solve the following question: sin(5x)cos(3x) - cos(5x)sin(3x) = 1 So far I got this: sin (8x) = 1 Please help
  63. pre calculus

    use given info about a polynomial whose coefficients are real numbers to find the remaining zeros. Degree: 6 so I know there's at least 6 zeros:-5-isqrt7, 13 + 2ni, -5 - 3i (where n is a real number) any ideas??????
  64. Pre Calculus

    The revenue and cost equations for a product are R=x (50-0.002x) and C= 12x+ 150000. Where R and C are measured in dollars and x represents the number of units sold. How many units must be sold to get a profit of at least 1,650,000
  65. pre calculus

    A rectangular parcel of land has an area of 4,000 ft2. A diagonal between opposite corners is measured to be 10 ft longer than one side of the parcel. What are the dimensions of the land, correct to the nearest foot?
  66. pre-calculus

    Verify the following: tan^2 - sin^2 = tan^2 x sin^2 Thanks.
  67. Pre-Calculus

    what is the range of each of these equations? 1. 4sin(3x-1)+4 2. -4sin(-3x+1)-4 3. 2sin(1.5x+.5)+2 4. -2sin(-1.5x-.5)-2
  68. pre-calculus

    How do I prove that sinx/sinx+cosx=tanx/1+tanx
  69. Pre-Calculus 11

    Can you simplify this further? 2∛3 + 5∛3/4 - 12√11 + 5√11
  70. Pre-calculus

    prove sin(x+y)+sin(x-y)/cos(x+y)+cos(x-y)=tanx
  71. pre calculus

    Given: u <-1, 7> and v <4, -3> Find: (u • v)(u + v) ________________________________________ <25, 100> <-25, 100> <-75, -100> <75, -100>
  72. pre-calculus

    triangle KLM has vertices K(0,0), L(18,0), and M(6,12). a. Write equations for the altitudes to the three sides of the triangle. b. Show that the altitudes intersect at a single point O, called the orthocenter of the triangle.
  73. Pre-Calculus/Math

    a slow growing population of animals increases with time (years). the size of the population is given by P(t)=100+0.6t^2-0.004t^3. how fast is the population changing after 10 years?
  74. pre-calculus

    im having trouble finding a general solution for sin2x+sinx=0 all of the examples our teacher gave in class seem much different and i'm not sure what to do. i tried to start by using the sum-to-product formula but now i'm stuck. any suggestions?
  75. english

    is pre-analyzed a word? We have pre-analyzed how they would end up if they think they are in love from comparing to Tom and Daisy.
  76. pre- algebra(MATH)

    I need help with pre-algebra solving equations by multiplying or dividing. Can you help me with this homework for free?
  77. Pre calculus

    For the equation 2x^2-5x^3+10=0 find the number the number of complex roots and the possible number of real roots.
  78. math: pre-calculus

    5. For the log function (h(x)=log(x+3)-8): a) Find the domain. b) Find the asymptotes. c) Find the x-intercepts.
  79. math: pre-calculus

    For the log function (h(x)=log(x+3)-8): a) Find the domain. b) Find the asymptotes. c) Find the x-intercepts.

  81. Pre-calculus

    Solve the system of linear equations and check any solutions algebraically. (If there is no solution, enter NO SOLUTION. If the system is dependent, express x, y, and z in terms of the parameter a.) x-3y+2z=21 5x-13y+12z=81 I have an answer but i'm not sure if it's right.
  82. Chemisrt

    What is pre-exponential factor for diffusion, because i have a problem with this equation. D=D0*exp[-Ea/R*T] where D=2*10^-13 Ea=2.9*10^-19 joules/atom T=1009 K How to find the pre-exponential ?
  83. pre-calculus

    What is the domain and range of log3 (1-x)? I will be happy to critique your thinking. To assist you, consider log (-4) log (0) log 25 Those are to the base 10, changing to another base just changes the numbers, not the function.
  84. Pre-Calculus

    Solve the equation 2x + 5y - 3z = -1. Write the general solution as a matrix equation. [x] [ ] [1] [y]= [ ] X [s] [z] [ ] [t] I'm supposed to fill in that blank in the middle, but I don't understand how to solve this if I'm only given one equation. please explain
  85. math

    In a survey to determine the opinions of Americans on health insurers, 400 baby boomers and 600 pre-boomers were asked this question: Do you believe that insurers are very responsible for high health costs? Of the baby boomers, 232 answered in the affirmative, whereas 192 of ...
  86. Pre-Calculus

    Given that SIN Theta = -1/sqrt(10) and theta is in quadrant 4, find sin2theta and cos2theta. I'm not sure how to properly square the -1/sqrt10 and keep an exact answer other than decimal. Otherwise, my final answer is 1.632455533
  87. Pre-calculus

    a) A particular ball always rebounds 3/5 the distance it falls. If the ball is dropped from a height of 5 meters, how far will it travel before coming to a stop? Explain the reasoning. b) Prove that if a1, a2, a3, ... is a geometric sequence,then ln(a1), ln(a2), ln(a3)... is ...
  88. Pre-Calculus

    Find the equation in standard form for the hyperbola that satisfies the given conditions: transverse axis endpoints (-2,-2) and (-2,7), slope of one asymptote 4/3. I found the distance of the transverse axis to be 9. For the formula, I have a=9/2. I need help finding h, k, and...
  89. Pre-Calculus

    How do you work this problem. I cannot find an example in the book to illustrate how to work it. Find the value of tan(a-b) if cos a=-3/5, sin b=5/13, 90<a<180, and 90<b<180 Thanks for any help
  90. Pre-calculus

    Find the value for c for which the system is consistent and dependent. 3x + y = 5 4.5y = c + 9x Find the minimum value of f(x, y) = y – x + 1 for the polygonal convex set determined by this system of inequalities. x > 0 y > 0 2x + y< 4
  91. pre calculus

    The graph of a one-to-one function is shown below. Draw the graph of the inverse function, f^(-1) , and submit it to the Dropbox. Please show your work
  92. Pre-Calculus need help in an Hour before test

    y=f(x+5/2) I timesd x+5 by 2 to get rid of 2 at the bottom and timesd y by 2. Then to get rid of 2 from y i divided it, and i got this. y=1/2f(x+5) however my teacher got y=f(1/2(x+5)) what did i do wrong?
  93. pre calculus

    janet worked on a garden shaped like a triangle with a base that is 5 m less than twice the height. If the area of the garden is 90 m^2, how long is the base and the height?
  94. Pre-Calculus

    What is the equation of the line passing through (4, 2) and perpendicular to the line passing through the points (9,7) and (11,4)? Here's what I did: (7-4)/(9-11) = -3/2 y-2= (-2/3)(x-4) y-2=(-2x/3) + (8/3) y = (-2x/3) + 14/3 but the answer key says that it's y=(2x/3) - (2/3) ...
  95. pre-calculus

    given x = 1,110 degrees Find sinx, cosx, tanx, cotx, secx, cscx, without using a calculator. Each result should be a fraction. No decimals involved... I don't even know where to begin, i missed a class, so please explain the work fully, Thanks kenny
  96. Pre-calculus

    A rectangular package to be sent by a delivery service can have a maximum combined length (y) and girth (perimeter of its cross section) of 300 inches. Assume that the width and height are the same (x). Find the equation for the volume of the box in terms of x alone as an ...
  97. Pre-calculus

    A rectangular package to be sent by a delivery service can have a maximum combined length (y) and girth (perimeter of its cross section) of 300 inches. Assume that the width and height are the same (x). Find the equation for the volume of the box in terms of x alone as an ...
  98. pre-calculus

    Steve, The following rational function describes concentration in blood of a certain medicine taken once depending on time, find: A. the horizontal asymptote B. the vertical asymptote C. describe their possible meaning ( I only need help with C). f(x)=x/x^2-100 Sharon
  99. Pre-Algebra

    How do you solve this Pre-Algebra problem: $1.25x + $2.25y = $916 x + y = 560
  100. Pre-calculus

    Find the quotient 3[cos5pi/12+isin5pi/12] divided by 6[cospi/12+isinpi/12]. Express the quotient in rectangular form. I worked it out as: 1/2[cospi/3+isinpi/3] =1/2(1/2+1/2i) =1/2+1/2i Is this right?
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