Please help find the rational roots of f(x)=4x^4 - 3x^3 + 2x^2 +x - 3 another is f(x)=-3x^3 - 2x^2 + x - 1 I tried but still confuse please help really really need help Thank you very much!

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  1. Physics

    The system starts at rest. A mass of 20kg (m1) is connected to a pulley of uniform mass m=5kg and radius 10cm and a mass of 30kg (m2) hangs on the other side of the pulley hanging 2m above the ledge Find the tension of the strings I tried to find the acceleration by finding ...
  2. english

    can someone please help edit and improve this paragraph? In 1976, communist leader Mao Zedong died of Parkinson’s disease. Parkinson’s disease is a disease that attacks the central nervous system. It affects movements and often causes people to shake uncontrollably and ...
  3. calculus

    The region between the graphs of y=x^2 and y=2x is rotated around the line x=2. The volume of the resulting solid is ____. Please help. I've tried this problem so many times but i keep getting it wrong. I thought the outer radius would be (2-0) and inner radius is (2-x^2) ...
  4. Physics

    When a 34-m-long metal pipe is heated from 13 °C to 39 °C, it lengthens by 2.56 cm. Determine the linear expansion coefficient. I tried to start by taking the difference of temperature times the length of the pipe and finally divide 2.56 by the number i got before but it ...
  5. To NEO LOUIS - Math

    I've removed your very complicated post, for which you have supplied no thinking on your own. Please repost when you can demonstrate that you have tried to answer all these questions -- and/or when you ask specific questions about your assignment.
  6. Organic Chemistry

    can you please help me with naming the following benzene? i have tried several times. it is a benzene that has 2 substiuents - a ethyl on the 1st point, and an Iodine on the 3rd. i put: 1-ethyl-3-iodobenzene but it keeps saying it is wrong?

    How do you print a doubled sided A5 booklet using Kodak 5217? I've tried the internet ...practically all websites!! has anyone got any insights?? •Printing ANYONE?? - asap!!, Monday, November 4, 2013 at 12:38pm PLEASE
  8. Chemistry

    H(f) Cl= 121.3 kj H(f) C= 716.7 H(f) CCl4= -95.7 calculate the average molar bond enthalpy of the carbon-chlorine bond in a CCl4 molecule. I have tried to figure it out and keep getting the wrong answer. Please help!
  9. accelerated 7th grade Lang. Art

    please fill in the blank please please there will be a list of words below 1) We need large sums of money tp keep our school system going, but we are getting only a(n)__________________ if funds from the state. List: alight barren disrupt dynasty germinate hurtle interminable ...
  10. math problem check

    would some one please see if I am correct with these problems 1.Add. write the answer in simpliest form. 3/11 + 9/11 + 1/11= 13/11= 1 1/2 2. Subtract write the answer in lowest term. 19/24 - 7/24= 12/24 = 1/2 3. Victor owned 9/10 of a family business he sold 2/5 of the ...
  11. history

    which belief was held by most Progressives? a. the government should own American industries b. Houseing and health care should remain private c. the government should protect agricultural interests d. the government should intervene in unfair business practices i'm not sure ...
  12. physiology practical

    what affect can happen on the blood pressure and the heart rate when you drag or clamp the common carotid artery of the rabbit? and why? PLEASE please answer fast cause i have presentation tomorrow, please need help urgent!
  13. English

    Where reading the poem "LEGAL ALIEN" by Pat Mora . We have to find the rhythm,meter, and assonance . I cant fimd any of that in the poem . Please tell me what each one of them are in the poem .. Reply ASAP please
  14. pharma

    i m studying pharm.d(p.b).i m confuse about my project.give any idea
  15. math

    Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined 9 divided by 8w + 9
  16. Algebra 2

    Find all numbers in which the rational expression is undefined: -22/15w
  17. Math

    How do you find the vertical and horizontal assymptotes of the graph of the rational function? f(x)= 3x^2-5x+2/6x^2-5x+1 f(x)= 2x+3/(ãx^2-2x+3)
  18. Math 117

    Find all numbers for which the rational expression is undefined.6/2v+9
  19. Algebra

    Find all the numbers for which the rational expression is undefined: -24/25v
  20. algebra

    Find all numbers for which the rational expression is underfined 1.-14/25v 2.s^3-9s/s^2 -64
  21. Algebra

    Find the horizontal and oblique asymptotes, if any, for the given rational function G(x)=(x^4-1)/(3x^2-3x)
  22. Algebra

    Find the horizontal and oblique asymptotes, if any, for the given rational function G(x)=(x^4-1)/(3x^2-3x)
  23. Math

    Find the restricted values of x for the following rational expression. x^2 + x + 6/8x^2 − 8x
  24. it

    Can someone please help me with this. I need some understanding on how to 4] Use IPO for analysis [4] Use Pseudo Code to show your design solution. I am not sure how to do this or how or what to do. Please help me better understand this. Please
  25. math please help!!!!!!!!!

    Express the fractions 1/2, 3/16, and 7/8 with an LCD. A. 1/4, 3/4, 7/4 B. 1/32, 3/32, 7/32 C. 4/8, 6/8, 14/8 D. 8/16, 3/16, 14/16 I think its b, but im really bad at math. can someone please help me out? I have to finish this by 12:15 so I can be on time to volunteer at the ...
  26. English

    I need a timeline of the 1910 poems done by George Bacovia, René Schickele or Gustav Sack. Can anyone please give me a timeline of their publishing works from one of these authors. Or maybe another author in specific, I tried looking at Wikipedia but no timeline shows up.
  27. Math ; please please help.

    1. Explain in detail how to determine the value of the independent variable in a quadratic relation if the value of the dependent variable is known. Please check my answer - You would substitute the value for the dependent variable, then you would solve for the independent ...
  28. help asap please

    I am trying to find what I need for this Checkpoint tonight and can not find it.. PLease help me... I am so frustrated.. If I have recently posted this I aplogize. Consider that in recent years several states have abandoned bilingual education, but advocacy groups have argued ...
  29. College Math

    Find the missing side. Approximate the answer to three decimal places when appropriate. Possible answers are: (A) 10yd, (B)31.623yd, (C) 20yd, (D) 400yd. Can you help me? I have done this so far. 180-15-25=140. I have tried everything that I know of to get the answer but I'm ...
  30. English

    Rewrote This because I added more of my ideas: Is the main conflict in Return of the soldier between Chris's desire to return to the past and his responsibility to the present, between Jenny and Kitty or is it between two other opposing forces? I must write an essay about this...
  31. Math

    Choose the best description for the real number 34/5 Irrational, because it is a fraction Irrational, because it is a repeating decimal Rational, because it is a fraction Rational, because it is a terminating decimal
  32. Math Help!!!

    1. Which of these numbers can be classified as both real and rational? ½ -1.016879413894 Square root of 5 0.89089908999 2. Which is both a real number and an integer? Square root of 7 0.15 -15 1/3 3. Which is an example of an irrational number? Square root of -16 Square root ...
  33. Math

    What do you do to check if a number is rational or irrational? In the explanation use a rational and irrational number.
  34. math

    If a number is not a rational number, then it is _____. (1 point) a integer a rational number a whole number
  35. Math

    Assume k is a constant. the function g(x)= x4- 6k(x2) + 6k2 + x has at least one point of inflection a- if and only if k>0 b- if and only if k >= 0 My answer: g'(x) = 4x3 - 12kx + 6k2 g''(x) = 12x2 - 12k = 12(x2 - k) k has to be greater than 0 to make g''(x) have any ...
  36. World History / SS

    I am having trouble finding the answer to the following homework question. Can someone please assist me so I can get on the right track? Since world war ll, the European imperial countries have: A. Tried to reestablish their former empires especially in Africa B. Continued to ...
  37. calculus help please

    hi what is lim as x reaches one of the function x/LN(x) is it one or does the limit it not exist. hi what is limit as x reaches one of the function x/LN(x) is it one or does the limit it not exist. Have you tried graphing it? That will tell you if the limit exists. yes it says...
  38. Chemistry(difficult)

    A moon rock collected by a U.S. Apollo mission is estimated to be 3.70 billion years old by uranium/lead dating. Assuming that the rock did not contain any lead when it was formed, what is the current mass of 206Pb per 1.185 g of 238U in the rock? The half-life of 238U is t1/2...
  39. English

    The frog blew himself up too much because he wanted to look bigger than the ox. Am I bigger than him? No, you are still smaller than him. ------------------------------- In the last sentence, what is the meaning of 'still'? Is still the same as 'much, or 'far' emphasizing the ...
  40. physics

    The width of the doorway is 83 cm, and the speed of sound is 343 m/s. Find the diffraction angle when the frequency is each of the following. (a) 4.8 kHz If theta is the diffraction angle. Sine(theta)= lambda/slit width where lambda = wave length so you need to find the ...
  41. Social Studies Please Help

    1) What conclusion can you draw about the comparative advantages other countries have in farming over Japan and the Koreas? 2) What conclusion can you draw about the government's influence on daily life in North Korea? Explain your reasoning. My answer: North Korea has an ...
  42. physics bobpursly help still having trouble

    A satellite in a circular orbit around earth with a radius 1.019 times the mean radius of the earth is hit by an incoming meteorite. A large fragment m=60 kg is ejected in the backwards direction so that it is stationary with respect to the earth and falls directly to the ...
  43. English

    Could you please check these sentences for me, please? Thank you. 1) This morning we met an American couple living in Munik. They had an eight-year-old girl and were very friendly to us. 2) Their daughter does the same ski group course as our son (also she is in the same group...
  44. Pre-Cal

    I've been trying to work this problem out for the past week and still havent managed to get to the answer. jeans unlimited sold 6000 pairs of jeans in october at an average of 44$ each. The company president decides that she must increase the company's profits by increasing ...
  45. Physics - Satellites

    Could someone please tell me the advantages and disadvantages of satellites in an equatorial orbit? Please DON'T tell me to go google it because I already have and cannot find it.
  46. info. please

    Ms. Sue where can I find a cuban story to relate my work. Please let me know. It is difficult for me to do the korean-american. I trying to see if I could do the Cuban-american
  47. physics

    please help find the resultant of these two vectors: 2.00 * 10^2 units due east and 4.00 * 10^2 units 30.0degrees north of west please show me step by step how to do this thanks for any help!
  48. Math(Please check)

    Find f X g , g X f , and f X f f(x) = 3sqrt x-1 g(x) = x^3 + 1 For f(x) the 3 is little above the sqrt sign. My answers were: f(g(x)) = 3sqrt x^3 + 1 -1 g(f(x)) = 3sqrt (x-1)^3 -1 f(f) = 3sqrt x-1-1 My teacher said these were wrong. Please help. I do not know how to correct ...
  49. chemistry

    hi Dr Bob..can you please help me with this chemistry problem? I got problem dealing with the chemical formula.How i want to find the number of moles of 2g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2.6H2O???please help me.Thank you
  50. calculus

    can someone please help me find all the zeros of the following polynomial. write the polynomial in factored form. f(x)=x^3-3x^2+16x-48 can you please show all work
  51. art-please help

    I have spent a lot of time researching and I can't find this. I wrote a paper about the mona lisa and the last supper. I need a sentence from each that tells how they reflect or define the dadaism period. Can someone please help with one or point me in the right direction. ...
  52. History NEED HELP

    Queen Elizabeth I - 1558 - 1603 Did she support or contradict the principle of tolerating other ideas or cultures? Explain why. 3 examples please This is the only question I couldn't find answers to in my textbook. I have to write an essay and include my answer to this in it....
  53. Math

    what you have learned about rational expressions and their applications, and then consider how you might apply rational expressions to your daily life. Explain this application, and discuss what the equation might be. Did the study of these types of equations help you to ...
  54. Math

    Graph and identify the coordinates of a rectangle with a length of at least 5 units and a width of at least 2 units. Each vertex of the rectangle must be in a different quadrant. Two of the points must have rational coordinates that are not integers. I'm not sure what to do. ...
  55. Chemistry. Please help!!

    Calculate the final temperature when a 18.7 gram sample of ice at 0 degrees C is placed into a styrofoam cup containing 113 grams of water at 71.6 degrees C. Assume that there is no loss or gain of heat from the surroundings. Heat of fusion of ice = 333 Jg^-1 Specific heat of ...
  56. ASAP

    can someone please make up an address and a phone number that i can use for my brochure? please. please. ASAP
  57. Algebra-Please help me

    Could you please show me how to solvethis: x+6/4x^2 + 3/2x^2 = x + 4/2x^2 Please show me the steps-I don't even know where to start and I have 30 of these for homework Thank you
  58. science

    please give me a diseases of the blood.give me full answer,my teacher asked please help me please thank you.
  59. Math PLEASE HELP!

    4^2-(2•2^4) i got -16 if i'm wrong please explain. i also got -240 doing it a different way, PLEASE help!
  60. Physics

    On a spacecraft, two engines are turned on for 666 s at a moment when the velocity of the craft has x and y components of velocity V0x = 3485 m/s and V0y = 5690 m/s. While the engines are firing, the craft undergoes a displacement that has components of x = 4.48 * 10^6 m and y...
  61. English

    Please find these sentences whether these are correct or not. If not please explain. 1.Neither of these roads----lead----to the railway station.(lead, Leads) 2.Many of these roads--were--- damaged by the earthquake.(was, were)
  62. calculus

    find linear approximations for each of the following and put a bound on the error of the estimate. 1. (7.985)^1/3 using f(x)=x^1/3 and a=8 2. (.9997)^100 using f(x)=x^100 and a=1 please help explain please too
  63. MaTh

    Debbie traveled by boat 5miles upstream to fish in her favourite spot> Because of the 4-mph current, it took her 20 minutes longer to get there than to return. How fast will her boat go in still water ???? Please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  64. English

    Writeacher, could you please check the last two paragraphs I posted. I need to check everything for tomorrow. There is still one more paragraph after those and then we will have finished! Thank you for your invaluable help!
  65. Math

    2x(5*2-3) > x(3-5)-2(x-1) the answer I have got is x > 2/18. Can someone please tell me if this is the correct answer? 2x(10-3) > -2x - 2x + 2 20x - 6x > -4x + 2 18x > 2 x > 2/18 correct! sorry! simplify x > 1/9 Thanks i thought it was right b/c i tried to...
  66. word problems

    a m group charges $1500 for each performance, plus 20% of the total ticket sales. After a concert, the group received $2,980. How much money did the sales raise? I tried everything but i don't know how set the problem up please help..
  67. algebra

    can you help me find the roots of the polynominal of 5x^2 -x.... I also need help in finding the factorization of x^2 - 15x + 56 help in solving the the equation x^2 + 30x = 1000....thank you
  68. precal 2

    find the cube roots of the complex numbers -4square root 2(1-i) and write them in both the standard and trigonometric forms.
  69. algebra 2

    I'm having troubles understanding how to find the directrix,focus and roots of the parabola y=x^2-5x+4. If you could explain it to me so I understand for myself I'd appreciate it.
  70. Science

    In which part of the plant would you expect to find cells with the most chloroplasts? A.leaves*** B.roots C.xylem D.cambium
  71. Physics-Dr. Bob cannyou look at my work-I'm still

    had this question last night for Dr. Bob-A fox sees a piece of carrion thrown from a nest 14 m high and goes to get it. Carrion is thrown 1.5 horizontal velocity. Fox is 7. m from base of tree. What is mgnitude of fox's average velocity if it grabscarrion just as it touches ...
  72. English

    I can't find a good example with "except" followed by the gerund. I tried to include the other examples myself. Can you please check them? Thank you. 1) She missed having an accident. Is the sentence possible? 2) She approved of his leaving for Paris. They discussed enrolling ...
  73. Calculus

    solve (Z^2)+5=-4/Z^2 how do i solve it?? the answer is +2or-2, or, +or -i. but i really don't know how to get this answer.i tried to multiply both side by Z^2, but i think it just made it more comlicated and i didn't get the right answer at the end...can someone please explain...
  74. Math

    Is 1.256 rational or irrational? Rational*** Irrational
  75. English

    Ms Sue, could you please check my sentences, please? I still have a few doubts. 1) How long is it since you (last) played with the band? Since last year. Or just last year. 2) How long ago did you last play with the band? A year ago. When describing a picture in a book, would ...
  76. Healthcare

    I need some help with this question. I have tried and I am not still understanding. My assigned role is caregiver and I have to compose a list of perspectives on health for my assigned role.
  77. Science

    I have read my article and still I am unsure of the correct answer. Which layer of the Earth contains liquid rock called magma? I think it is the core, but my mom thinks it is all three layers. Please Help
  78. History

    How was the conflict in Afghanistan different from other conflicts in the region for the united states? All I can think of is that it was the starting point of the war on terrorism, it was costly to move troops into, and it is still ongoing. Can someone please help?
  79. Social study

    Which of the following contributed to the decline of the Mughal Empire? Aurangzeb tried to force Hindus to convert to the Muslim faith. Tamerlane invaded. The emperor became a Hindu. Shah Jahan was overcome by grief after his wife's death. please help as soon as possible
  80. Chemistry

    What mass of benzene(C6H6, molar mass=78.11g/mol) is required to produce 1500 kJ of heat according to the following reaction? 2C6H6(l)+15O2(g) -> 12CO2(g) +6H2O(g) delta H= -6278 I must have tried this so many times. Can you please show me how this is done. Thanks
  81. Math

    Which statement about the product is true 5.643 x 4.6666666.....(Repeating) A. The product is irrational B. The product is neither rational nor irrational C. The nature of the product cannot be determined D. The product is rational***
  82. Calculus

    The function f(x)=(x^4)-(10x^3)+(18x^2)-8 is continuous on the closed interval (1,8). Find the absolute minimum and maximum values for the function on this interval. Please help me!!! And please show your work so that i understand!! Thank you!!
  83. English

    The frog blew himself up too much because he wanted to look bigger than the ox. Am I bigger than him? No, you are still smaller than him. ------------------------------- In the last sentence, what is the meaning of 'still'? Is still the same as 'much, or 'far' emphasizing the ...
  84. Math

    I have to use the numbers....24-12-7-2 and use any combination of division subtraction multiplication and addition to come up with a final sum of 24. I have tried every combination i know of. please help
  85. science

    1.scientists who capture fish from depths of 1000m or more for study have to bring them to the surface in pressurized containers. why do they do this? 2.a car of mass 600 kg has four tyres each of surface area 0.005m^2. determine the pressure exerted by each tyre on the ground...
  86. alg.2

    Solve for x... square root x+16=2+square root x+4. I tried doing this problem and got 7/3. and i know that is really wrong. can anyone please show me the steps to doing this problem. thanks:)
  87. calculus: Rational Functions

    I do not understand how to complete rational functions: ie: As x (arrow) -3, f(x) (arrow) ?. Our book sucks and our instructor is little help. Thank you.
  88. Algebra II-Please check

    Please help-What is the equation of the ellipse with foci (0,6), (0,-6) and co-vertices (2,0),(-2,0) Please explain the steps because I have 5 to do for homework-Thank you-I'm really stuck on this I thought the answer would be x^2/4 + y^2/40 = 1 but that can't be because the ...
  89. Algebra II Please check-

    Please help-What is the equation of the ellipse with foci (0,6), (0,-6) and co-vertices (2,0),(-2,0) Please explain the steps because I have 5 to do for homework-Thank you-I'm really stuck on this I thought the answer would be x^2/4 + y^2/40 = 1 but that can't be because the ...
  90. Geography

    I need to write about the river tees AND about the source to mouth. Please please help me :( I have to redo do it by monday and I can only use the computer for 30 more minutes! Please F'ing help ME.
  91. Math

    I posted these 2 questions a couple of days ago and although the help I received would have been more appreciated if it didn't come with an underhanded comment, I did see where I made my mistake with the first question, however I would like to know with the second question, ...
  92. math URGENT!!

    the midpoints of the sides of a triangle are (1,1),(4,3),and (3,5). find the area of the triangle. please answer and show how u did it step by step please!!!!
  93. Calculus Help Please!!!

    Use implicit diff. to find dy/dx of each of the following. In the following x,y and (a) are all variables. Show step by step please! Thank you! 1) y^2 = x^2+a^2 2) y^2+ay = x^2+ax+a^2
  94. Physics

    A simple Atwood’s machine uses a massless pulley and two masses m1 and m2. Starting from rest, the speed of the two masses is 4.1 m/s at the end of 7.6 s. At that time, the kinetic energy of the system is 86 J and each mass has moved a distance of 15.58 m. Find the value of ...
  95. Math!!!!

    Determine the value(s) of 'K' that will give (k-1)x^2-5x + 10= 0 two imaginary roots. k so the thing I know is that the discriminant is d<0 so do I solve for k? I know I would use this formula: b^2-4ac but how would I get into a formula I can work with would I times the x^2...
  96. cal3 please help!

    Use Lagrange multipliers to find the max/min values of the function f(x,y)=xy subject to the constraint: x^2/8+y^2/2 =1 so I compare the gradient vectors of both f(x,y) and the constraint: <y,x>=L<x/4,Ly> resulting in y=Lx/4 and x=Ly now how do i solve for L x and ...
  97. Calculus (Please Check)

    Show that the equation x^5+x+1 = 0 has exactly one real root. Name the theorems you use to prove it. I.V.T. *f(x) is continuous *Lim x-> inf x^5+x+1 = inf >0 *Lim x-> -inf x^5+x+1 = -inf <0 Rolles *f(c)=f(d)=0 *f(x) is coninuous *f(x) is differentiable f'(x) = 5x^4...
  98. math please help

    Inverse Trigonometric Functions please explain this to me in mathematical steps please how to solve sin^(-1) (-1/2) this equals - pi/6 i know that sin^(-1) domain and range switch from original sin but i don't know how to apply that... i need an mathematical explanation or if ...
  99. Calculus

    Given the function: f(x) = x^2 + 1 / x^2 - 9 a)find y and x intercepts b) find the first derivative c) find any critical values d) find any local(relative) extrema e) find second derivative f) discuss the concavity g) find any inflection points Please show me how u got this!
  100. Calculus

    Given the function: f(x) = x^2 + 1 / x^2 - 9 a)find y and x intercepts b) find the first derivative c) find any critical values d) find any local(relative) extrema e) find second derivative f) discuss the concavity g) find any inflection points Please show me how u got this!
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