1. math

    whats the integral of e^(3sqrt(x))? i think i'm supposed to use substitution but i don't know what to substirute, i tried u= x^(1/3) but it didn't work out, please help!
  2. Math

    I came up with no solution for this equation. Could someone please let me know if I am correct? If not, I will try again, but I have already tried it 3 times. [x/(x+5)]-[5/(x-5)]=(x^2+25)/(x^2-25)
  3. Algebra

    I need help with math 116 week8 quiz I have tried everything please help me I am failing this class thank you in advance
  4. math grade11

    for -2 < x < +3 and f(x) = 3x^2 - 6x a)determine the domain and range of f(x) b) the eqn of f inverse if f(x) is further restricted to 1 < x < 3. i don't know how to these problems i tried everything please help me
  5. socials please check

    how many time zones are there in canada? My options are: a.) 5 b.) 10 c.) 7 though i tried answering this and i got 6? what is the correct answer
  6. biology

    can you give examples of analogous structures????? please i have tried about 4 differet websites and no one has helped
  7. Math

    Prove the identity csc^2x = 2sec2x / sec2x - 1 Sorry i really tried. I got : LS = 1 - (cos^2x/sin^2x) but that's it. please help
  8. chemistry

    Determine the number of moles of H in 4.70mol H2O. Please help I tried different ways to do it and I got them all wrong.
  9. math

    If a 40 m rope is cut into two pieces in the ratio 3:5, how long is each piece? I tried it but I checked it and it was wrong, please help.
  10. Math

    3/4, 1/4, 1/12, 1/36 what is the next number in the sequence? I tried using 36 as common denominator but that seems wrong. Can you help me get the answer and explain how it was done. PLEASE HELP
  11. english

    8 - 10 paragraphs on The Odyssey part 1. PLEASE, I WONT TAKE THIS FOR GRANTED. god bless. i tried but i cant read it very well
  12. chemistry

    I tried using the answer you provided but the online system I am using is not taking this as a correct answer. This is the answer you provided: AgCl(s) + H2O(l) ==> Ag^+(aq) + Cl^-(aq). PLEASE HELP!! Thanks My original question: Write the equation for the dissolution of ...
  13. Science Paper

    I am writing a paper on wind power. In this one paragraph I have to write about How wind power works. Well all the websites I have been confuse me so much. Can someone please give me a short summery of How wind power works? Thank you!
  14. Algebra II-please check

    Write the polynomial in simplest form with roots 4, 5i and -5i(multiply it out so no parentheses remain (x-4)(x+5i)(x-5i)(NOT SURE ABOUT THIS ONE) (x-4)(x^2-25i^22) (x-4)(x^2+25) x^3+25x-4x^2-100 x^3-4x^2+25x-100 Is this correct
  15. math

    I still need to show my work for the days and years please help me. Thank you.
  16. Maths

    Allan buys a used car for his daughter by paying a 20% deposit and $275 per month for 4 years. If the car has a cash price of $10 400, find the flat interest rate (p.a.) correct to one decimal place. I got 14.7% but the answers say 58.7 could someone please help. What is did ...
  17. spanish

    can you please explain the question and answer choices. i tried, but i don't get it "¿Qué pensó tu padre del programa que vimos en la televisión anoche?" "_____ que el programa era demasiado violento." a. dijo b. decía c. digo d. dijeron what program do you think your dad...
  18. science

    this is the 40th year that man has landed on the moon. what progress has been attained since man landed on the moon? please please please please please please hElP

    I'm really sorry, i'm preparing for O levels, so i have a lot of maths questions to ask... please excuse me... Question: Find the value of k for which a-3b is a factor of a^4 - 7a^2b^2 + kb^4. Hence, factorise completely. How do i even find k??? Please help thankyou!
  20. computers please help

    Hi i'm taking a intro to technology class and we have this assignment where we take different types of computers and find information. but i'm stuck. i need to find the speed of the motherboard for all of them. here's a list of them i have find for: 80386Dx, 80386SX, 80486DX, ...
  21. Math

    Find the discriminant for the quadratic equation f(x) = 5x^2 - 2x + 7 and describe the nature of the roots. discriminant is 144, one real root discriminant is -136, two complex roots <--? discriminant is -136, one complex root discriminant is 144, two real roots If a ...

    i don't know how to start this problem. i don't like cos and sin. im so confuse. 1.f(x)=sin(sin(x)), find f'(x) 2.f(x)= 4sin^4x, find f'(x). this problem i couldn't find it in my math book. i never see it before. because of sin exponent 4 -->sin^4
  23. Physics repost

    Suppose you wish to make a solenoid whose self-inductance is 1.2 mH. The inductor is to have a cross-sectional area of 1.2 10-3 m2 and a length of 0.048 m. How many turns of wire are needed? Can you please clarify this for me. When I first post it my reponse was: # turns= # of...
  24. Math

    Can someone please explain this problem to me? A tangram is a geometric puzzle made from seven pieces that form a square. A) If the area of the entire square equals 1 unit, label each piece with its rational number area. B) If the area of piece (a) equals 1 unit, label each ...
  25. Math 8R - HW Qs. Check

    Topic - Logic In the clues below, each variable represent a different digit ranging from 0-9. Determine what digit each variable represent g+g+g = d (3+3+3 = 9) j+e = j (2+0 = 2) g (to the 3rd power) = d (3, to the 2nd power = 9) b+9 = d (6+3 = 9) f-b = c (7-6 = 1) i+h = a ...
  26. Math (calculus)

    Prof gave us this question to practice but I do not know how to solve it. If you know please provide step by step with the answer so I can understand it. Thank you very much :) Suppose a rocket is launched from the ground with 10 seconds worth of fuel. The rocket has an upward...
  27. Math

    Hello, I have trouble doing this problem: Sarah can bicycle a loop around the north part of Lake Washington in 2 hours and 40 minutes. If she could increase her average speed by 1km/hr, it would reduce her time around the loop by 6 minutes. How many kilometers long is the loop...
  28. Math

    Is there any one who knows if I am right? Do not solve, show possibilities of Descartes's rule of signs for roots. 4x^3-9x^2+6x+4=0 f(x)=4x^3-9x^2+6x=4 - + + one change =4(-x)^3-9(-x)^2+6(-x)+4 - + - + three changes Positive Negative Imaginary 2 1 0 1 2 0 3 possible roots
  29. Math- Rational Functions

    1. Some rational functions have asymptotes, others have holes, and some have both. Explain how you can identify, without graphing, which graphical features a rational function will have. Can someone explain this thoroughly ? I don't understand. thanks in advance.
  30. Chemistry Drbob222

    Dr. Bob222 Please don't get frustrated with me, I'm really trying to figure this out... UGH!! I'm starting over again... Please advise... . Consider the following chemical equation: TiCl4(g) + 2Mg(l) → Ti(s) + 2MgCl2(l) 3.54×107g of TiCl4(g) were reacted completely and ...
  31. Algebra

    Bob and Ray are describing the same number. bob says the number is a positive even integer less than or equal to 20. Ray says the number is divisible by 4. If bobs statement is true, and Rays statement is false what are all the possible numbers? PLEASE HELP I need the answer ...
  32. English

    When is greatness is a bad thing. Please don't say when it is misused. I need a good answers please. Thanks in advamce. I don't understand your first sentence. Please clarify and repost. Please note that we don't do students' homework for them. Once you have come up with a ...
  33. BIO 100

    Provide at least two ways the use of this biotechnology could benefit socity and two ways this biotechnology could be harmful. My topic is agricultural and environmental uses. I have tried to look for answer but can't find the answers to this question. Please help me ...
  34. Calculus

    I am so lost, I have no idea what to do next. Find the equation of the tangent line to the graph at the indicated point f(x) =x^2 +x ; a=-1 I started out using f(-1)= (-1+h)-(-1)/h but i am so lost on what to do next. I have tried to look at examples in the book, but i do not ...
  35. Square Roots (Math)

    Which two square roots are used to estimate √47?
  36. Math

    1. Given the following polynomial: 2x^2 + 7x - 15 = 0 Check all that apply.  The value of the discriminant is 169.  There are 2 real roots.  There are 2 irrational roots.  The graph intersects the y-axis twice.  The parabola is directed upward.  The axis of ...
  37. Algebra

    Find the LCD for the given rational expressions, and convert each rational expression into an equivalent rational expression with the LCD as the denominator. 3 5 ----, ---- 84a 63b 4b 6 -----, ---- 75a 105ab Can someone here help me I do not understand this at all need help! ...
  38. math

    A boat's crew rowed 12 miles downstream, with the current, in 1.5 hours. The return trip upstream, against the current covered the same distance, but took 4 hours. Find the crew's rowing rate in still water and the rate of the current... The crew's rowing rate in still water ...
  39. Algebra

    If a number is not a rational number then it is a? 1.an integer 2.an irrational # 3.a whole # 4.a radical I believe its irrational but that seems to easy? Please help
  40. maths

    the sum of 3rd and 5th terms of an a.p is 38 and sum of 7th and 10th terms of an a.p is 83,find the a.p. please help all questions please help please.
  41. math help

    okay can someone set this up for me and help me understand it please.I tried it but i am clueless please show me how to solve this? The number of banks in the United States has dropped about 30% since 1992. The following data are from a survey in which x represents the years ...
  42. Physics-repost, sorry, I still don't understand :(

    A forearm with a mass of 1.2kg supports a ball with a mass of 5.44 kg. The forearm is 0.050m long; it's perpendicular to the arm is 0.35m long, the center of gravity is at 0.15m from the elbow. Find the force exerted by rhe biceps and the force on the elbow joint. I know this ...
  43. math

    find the lcd of this rational algebraic expression 4/x+2,2/2-x,3/4-x^2 another rational algebraic expression you will also find the lcd 5/y+5,3y/2y+10,2/y+10
  44. chemistry

    calculate the density of NO3 gas at 0.970mm Hg and 35C Take 1 liter. calculate n in PV=nRT then, density= mass/volume= (n*molmassNO3)/1liter. I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO IT COULD U PLEASE EXPLAIN What don't you understand about PV = nRT and how that fits your problem. ...
  45. Algebra

    I am stuck in exponential growth and decay. Here is an example. Can someone tell me how to do this step-by-step please? Here it is... The population of Mexico has been increasing at an annual rate of 1.7%. If the population of Mexico was 100,350,000 in the year 2000, predict ...
  46. math

    Suppose C is the elliptic curve y^2 − x^3 − a = 0 where "a" is a rational number. Suppose P = (p, q) is a point on C with rational coordinates. Suppose further that L is the tangent line to C at point P. Let Q ≠ P be an intersection point of C and L. Then Q has rational ...
  47. Use the rational zeros theorem

    Use the rational zeros theorem to list the potential reational zeros of the polynomial function. Do not attempt to find the zeros. f(x)=6x^4+9x^3+30x^2+63x+28
  48. Pre-Cal

    Evaluate the following. Show you work: A). tan^-1(tan(5π/6)) B). cos^-1(cos(-π/4)) Can someone please show me the steps to evaluating this problem. I've been working this for 2 hours today and all of last night, I still can't seem to figure it out. Please leave notes...
  49. Math Problems

    Hi! Someone was helping me with these yesterday but I really didn't get anywhere because I was still confused. So if someone else could help me, that would be great! Thanks! Directions: Write out the partial fraction decomposition of the following rational expression. 1.) 3x^2...
  50. math

    You have a difference of squares (x^2-3)(x^2+3) One of these factors to two real roots, the other to two imaginary roots. You have a difference of squares (x^2-3)(x^2+3) One of these factors to two real roots, the other to two imaginary roots. Let g(x)= x^4 - 9 wat are the ...
  51. Algebra II

    I need to rewrite this with rational exponents. (√3mn)^9 I have no clue of what I need to do. Can someone please take me step by step?
  52. math

    Division of rational numbers find each product 1. 1/3 * 7 A. 1/21 B. 2 1/7 C. 2 1/3 D. 3/7 I think it is B 2. -7/9 * 3/5 A. 18/35 B. 7/15 C. -18/35 D. -7/15 I think it is C 3. 1/3 divided by 5/6 A. 2/5 B. 5/2 C. 2/15 D. 5/18 I think it is C 4. 2 1/8 divided by 34 A. 51/32 B. 1...
  53. English

    I'm writing a Precis of a book and it asks to to put the literary period and country I tried to look but I still don't really understand. Thanks
  54. Math 222

    Please help me solve these two Rational Expressions? Sorry my addition sign does not work on my keyboard, so that is why I am using the word "plus". 1). g^2-6g-55 __________ g 2). k^3 plus k ___________ k^2 plus k-42
  55. Math

    The graph of a rational function has a local maxima at (-1,0) and (8,0). The complex number 2+3i is a zero of the function. What is the least possible degree of the function? I know The correct answer is 6. I need help with the explanation please.
  56. please help

    Suppose Tyler sprayed around the house for ants. Which formula would be used to find the number of ants still alive after a certain time if the number of ants was changing exponentially? a. a = P(o.56)^t b. y = mx + b c. a = x d. a = P(1.23)^t
  57. intermediate algebra

    factor completely Z^2-18Z+81-25x^2 I have tried this one several times and just can't seem to get it. please help
  58. sra JMcGuin spanish

    Hi - hope you have a very happy holiday! I tried to make all of the changes - please review thank you
  59. math

    Simplify and evaluate using distributive property of multiplcation 3x-4(2x-5) I've tried many ways and can't come up with the same answer as the teacher. help please?
  60. math

    hi, I need help with these questions: factor 9(y-1)^2-25 16x^2+76x+90 3x^2-27(2-x)^2 -p^2q^2+81 please help. i tried to do it but I did not get it. and if you can kindly also explain the steps. i would appreciate it. Thanks.
  61. chemistry

    Please i tried to give this answer on a quiz but it was not accepted. To name this alkane: CH3CH2CH2CHCH3 with a substituent of CH3 on 2nd carbon.
  62. ms. sue please help

    a girl worked 12 1/2 hr last week and earned $50. What was her hourly rate of pay? how do you do this, ive tried on a fraction calculator and cant get the answer.
  63. geography

    What types and forms of caulking are available for insulating homes? please help i tried searching them up but each website had different info.
  64. math

    how is GCF and LCM different? im in 4th grade and i tried to understand but my mum said shes not sure so please i need help
  65. Algebra 1

    {3x+y=-9 {-3x+-2y=12 What is the y-value of the solution to this system of equations? A. -7 B. -3 C. -2 D. -1 I tried them all and I must have did something wrong because none of them worked. Help please!! Thanks.
  66. Chemistry

    Calculate the empirical formula and molecular formula of a compound that contains only carbon, oxygen and hydrogen and has a molecular mass of approximately 90. g/mol. Upon combustion of 12.0g of the compund with an excess of oxygen, the yield was 1.2 g of water and 5.87 of ...
  67. Pre-Calc

    I know about Descartes Rule but I don't really get how to figure this out-Please check my answers- I don't get this one find number of possible positive and negative real roots of f(x) = x^4-x^3+2x^2 + x-5 I think there are 3 sign changes so there are 3 positive but I get ...
  68. Math(Geometry)

    To Lauren - Ms. Sue, Monday, September 28, 2009 at 10:24pm What post? What is your question? In addition, your "name" can not be HELP ME NOW!!!! No one appreciates being screamed at to help you now! Using all caps online is like screaming at us. To Lauren - HELP ME NOW!!!!, ...
  69. Science

  70. maths

    Sachin and rahul attempted to slove a quadratic eqn. Sachin made a mistake in writing down the constant term and ended up it roots (4,3). Rahul made a mistake in writing down coefficient of x to get roots (3,2) the correct roots of the eqn are:
  71. Physics

    A 1.8 tonne railway truck moving at a speed of 3m/s up a steady incline comes to a stop after 45m. If the sum of the friction opposing the truck amounts to 80N What is the angle of elevation of the slope? I found Fg using m*g THen I tried using v^2=u^2 + 2as to find the ...
  72. Math

    When does the square root of "n" represent a rational number? a. n is a perfect square b. n is a positive integer c. n can be written as a ratio d. n can be any real number Which is it and please explain.
  73. pre-algebra

    what number sets does 0.125185623 belong to? I really don't get the concept of number sets such as integers, whole #'s, rational,and irrational. Please help!
  74. Chemistry

    Please help. I have tried this a few different times and have come up with the same answer. What is the pH of the solution if 0.01 of HCl is added to a buffer containing 0.013 mol of RCOOH and 0.035 mol of RCOONa (source of RCOO-)? Ka = 2.7E-5 so far i have tried the following...
  75. Math

    There was a 6 square foot piece of wrapping paper for a birthday present. It takes 3 3/8 square feet pg the paper to wrap the present. How many pieces of 6 square foot paper are needed to wrap 3 of these presents? Please help me. I tried dividing. Please anyone!
  76. math

    I still don't get it. I asked someone and they said that the answer was 111. ok, i got it but i still don't understand how to do it since i still have many more problems. could someone please thorougly explain to me in steps how to do a problem like: 12 1/2% of _____= 11 or ...
  77. Science

    Can someone please answer this for me, thanks: Can an object be moving and still be in equilibrium? Explain.
  78. Re:Career

    I still need one more job from my previous question please and thank you

    Can you answer Shanta's question from 11;36. I still can not get it. Paper due today.
  80. math

    solve by the quadriatic formula, Im still trying to figure how to do this can someone please help me. (5x+1)^2 + 13=0

    when an ice cube would still transfer heat to another object it is in contact with.
  82. Chem-Help Please!!!

    a correction needs to be made to the calculations for real gases as compared to ideal gases. apply these corrections and calculate the real pressure expected for 5 mole of nitrogen in a 1.5L container at a temp. of 20C. Note: I tried to find right formula for this but couldnt...
  83. Chemistry

    How much carbon dioxide is produced upon the complete combustion of 17.3L of propane (approximately content of one 5-gal tank)? Assume that the density of the liquid propane in the tank is 0.621 g/mL. Can you please list the steps! I am really confused! I tried many ways but I...
  84. Math - potential zero

    List all possible (or potential) rational zeros for the polynomial below. Find all real zeros of the polynomial below and factor completely over the real numbers. Please show all of your work. f(x) = x^4 - 7x^3 -3x^2 + 19x + 14 Help
  85. Algebra

    Please help! |x+1|-3 > 8 Solve the absolute value inequalities. Please, please , PLEASE! and thanks.
  86. potential rational zeros

    list the potential rational zeros of the polynomial function, do not find the zeros. f(x)=x^5-5x^2+4x+3
  87. Math URGENT!

    the roots of a tree are 1/8 of the tree. they are 0.87 m. how tall is the tree? my answer: 0.87 x 7 = 6.09 m please check if my answer is right thanks :)
  88. algebra

    help me please im confused Consider the quadratic expression X^2 + 4x + c = 0. For what range of values does the equation have two complex roots? what am i doing here can someone show me step by step so i can at least try to do the other problems i have
  89. MATH

    1. Rosa, Roberto, Andrea, and Inno find an estimate for square root 10. Who has proposed the best solution? (1 point) Rosa: "Use square root 9 and square root 25 to estimate." Roberto: "I will use square root 4 and square root 9." Andrea: "It should be square root 11 and ...
  90. English 2

    'Use the resources of the internet to find out about one African kingdom of your choice. Focus on the period from about A.D. 300 to A.D. 1600. After you've decided on a kingdom to research, write about the history, religion, art, music, daily life, economics, the political ...
  91. algebra

    In a canoe race, a team paddles downstream 480 m. in 60 s. The same team travels up stream in 80 s. Find the team's rate in still water and the rate of the current. Please show how the equation is set up to solve
  92. roots

    what root goes in this blank? i can't figure it out. She wore ________sox at the beach. argyll bobby crew (none of which are roots, however; sorry) =( How about "no" (root of "nothing")? I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.
  93. Algebra II

    Solve 2x^2=3x+2 by graphing. If excat roots cannot be found, state the consecutive integers between which the roots are located. I don't have an answer but I made a table and plugged in these values for x respectfully: -1/4, -2/4, -3/4, -1, 0 Thats all I have
  94. Math

    I understand how to do these kind of problems except this one. Write the equation that has the given roots. Roots: 3 with multiplicity of 2, -5, 0 with multiplicity of 4. By the way I understood the help that I got earlier, but this problem seems to be more confusing.
  95. physics help please!!!

    The tires of a car make 63 revolutions as the car reduces its speed uniformly from 94.0 km/h to 58.0 km/h. The tires have a diameter of 0.88 m. What was the angular acceleration of each tire? And If the car continues to decelerate at this rate, how much more time is required ...
  96. Math

    Consider the polynomial f(x) = 2x^3 – 3x^2 – 8x – 3. (a) By using the Rational Zero Theorem, list all possible rational zeros of the given polynomial. (b) Find all of the zeros of the given polynomial. Be sure to show work, explaining how you have found them.
  97. Algebra

    Consider the polynomial: f(x) = 2x^3 – 3x^2 – 8x – 3. (a) By using the Rational Zero Theorem, list all possible rational zeros of the given polynomial. (b) Find all of the zeros of the given polynomial. Be sure to show work, explaining how you have found them.
  98. Pre-algebra

    Sonia is creating a visual diagram to show the relationship between rational numbers and whole numbers. She draws it to show that some whole numbers are rational numbers and some are not. Is this correct? Explain why or why not All numbers are rational right?

    what good websites are there that help with science and maths revision? I have tried Google but there is nothing that has interested me. Also the websites, which are a good source of revision i.e. Bite size etc. Are already what I am using. I have asked around but there no one...
  100. MATH

    Please help graph rational numbers on the number line: point A -.60, point B- 1/4, point C -.4 point d -7/8
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