Please help find the rational roots of f(x)=4x^4 - 3x^3 + 2x^2 +x - 3 another is f(x)=-3x^3 - 2x^2 + x - 1 I tried but still confuse please help really really need help Thank you very much!

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  1. Algebra

    x^3 -5x-6=0 can you please tell me how to solve this algebraically? I tried using grouping method x(x^2-5)-6=0, I'm not sure what to do next.
  2. Math

    How do I say the number 0.0016 and 0.0028? I've tried looking online but I'm not sure if they are correct. Please help me, thank you!
  3. Math

    There was an equation I was stuck on; 5x-3(x+2)=-12 solve for x. I tried working on it and got left with 5x squared is = to -6 but didn't know what to do after that? Please help
  4. MATH!!!

    I tried to multiply the equation by a then b then c... I don't know please help by showing the steps I am very lost Determine a+b+c 25/84=1/a+1/an+1/abc
  5. Math

    I’ve tried to solve this problem multiple times, but I can never get the right answer. Can someone please help? 3(3/7)^-2 + 2/3
  6. Social studies plz answer any plz

    1. Why did the interaction between the settlers in Texas and the Mexican government develop and change over time 2. How did Manifest Destiny impact the US governments position on the Texans request to be annexed? 3. Why were northern states against the annexation of Texas? 4. ...
  7. web design

    What are good coding practices? How can these be integrated into the learning of how to code in XHTML? What effects will it have on a web page if container tags or stand-alone non-empty tags are not used when coding in HTML? I am so new to the internet please can someone help ...
  8. math

    still stuck on simplififying 3x^3+5x^5...please assist
  9. College Algebra

    I need a little help with this problem. P(x)=2x^4-17x^3+47x^2-58x+24 (A) Find all possible candidates for real zeroes. I got +-1, +-2, +-3, +4, +-6,+-8, +-12, +-1.5, +-.5, and +-24. Then I have to find all real zeroes. I tried all of the possible candidates and none of them ...
  10. math

    9.A 10%,100-day note was dated 20 september 1992.the maturity value of the note was $3083.33.If the note was discounted on 17 november 1992 at 12%,FIND i) the maturity date of the note = 29 december 1992 ii)the face value of the note $3083.33 = (1+0.1(100/360) = 1.0278 = 3083....
  11. math

    9.A 10%,100-day note was dated 20 september 1992.the maturity value of the note was $3083.33.If the note was discounted on 17 november 1992 at 12%,FIND i) the maturity date of the note = 29 december 1992 ii)the face value of the note $3083.33 = (1+0.1(100/360) = 1.0278 = 3083....
  12. *Math*

    139 of CanTexh Supply's employees belong to a union; the remaining 248 employees are not union members. What percent of employees are in the union? (((please help, i have test tomorrow the first thing in the morning!!!:S))) i tried it myself but can u check if its rite if not ...
  13. Math PLz Help

    I need help figuring out this problem I have tried everything but cannot get the answer. I have to find the coordinates of a qualiteral using vwxy after a scale factor of two Here are the The coordinates V (6,2), W(-2,4) X(-3,-2) Y(3,-5) PLease help me find the coordinates ...
  14. Calculus

    The function f(x) = 5x sqrt x+2 satisfies the hypotheses of the Mean Value Theorem on the interval [0,2]. Find all values of c that satisfy the conclusion of the theorem. How would you use the MVT? I tried taking the derivative, in which resulted in 5sqrtx+2 + (5x/2sqrtx+2) ...
  15. Criminal Justice

    Hello, I have been looking for data on how many minorities are executed in Texas, but I cannot find a reliable source with the data broken down by groups. I have found sources given me the total but not broken down by race. I have tried government cites but I guess I am ...
  16. algebra root

    can i get help with this please what does it mean type of root Determine the number and type of roots 2X(X+2) =-2
  17. Math please help

    I am looking at this question and I'm completely spacing how to do it I am looking in my book and I still have no idea how I do it. Explain how to write a function rule from the table below. Then write a function rule. |X|2|4| 6| |Y|1|0|-1| Please help Thank you
  18. Calculus

    Use integration by parts to find the integral. Round the answer to two decimal places if necessary. (x+4) ln x dx between 3 and 0. I tried this problem two different ways and got two different answers 1.63 and 3.89. which one is correct? Please.
  19. Calculus

    Suppose you have a rational function that its denominator is (X-c) and numerator can be any function. Suppose you need to find the limit of this rational function given as x goes to value c. Can you always say that for this problem the limit does not exist?
  20. math

    Suppose you have a rational function that its denominator is (X-c) and numerator can be any function. Suppose you need to find the limit of this rational function given as x goes to value c. Can you always say that for this problem the limit does not exist?
  21. math

    which statement is false? A: 3.648 reapeating=is rational B:-3 2/13=rational
  22. math 9th grade

    if xy is rational must either x or y be rational
  23. algebra

    I have to simplify this please help how to solve the problem involving rational algebraic expressions 3 over a+2a over 3a=11 over 15
  24. college algebra

    use the rational zeros theorem to find all the real zeros of the polynomial function,. use the zeros to factor f over the real numbers. f(x)=11x^3-x^2+11x-1 please show all work
  25. discrete math

    1)prove that if x is rational and x not equal to 0, then 1/x is rational. 2) prove that there is a positive integers that equals the sum of the positive integers not exceeding it. Is your proof constructive or nonconstructive? For 1) use the definition of a non-zero rational ...
  26. Health

    What are the short term effects of Cocaine: When someone consumes this substance what effect will it have on their body, mind, and behavior? Please answer ASAP I really need the answer... and please don't give the website for me to find the info, I don't have enough time to do...
  27. Abnormal Psychology

    I have to create a timeline that displays the development of abnormal psychology. I have not been able to find any resources. I tried the link from the 2014 post and it no longer works. Can you please provide a location for me to go to?
  28. Algebra 2

    I need help!!!! I have a paper entitled Study Guide and Intervention: Multiplying and dividing Rational expressions? I don't get the examples, and I just don't understand it. Help please MOre detail needed, sorry. What exactly do you not get
  29. math-rational equations

    how do I solve 5/x-3+3/x+3=7x/x^2-9 please explain in detail, I am having trouble once I get to the part where I need to simplify. I have so far the LCD is x^2-9 then the equation changes to (x^2-9) 5/x-3+(x^2-9) 3/x+3=(x^2-9) 7x/x^2-9 or (x+3)*5(x-3)*3=7x after this I'm stuck...
  30. Science

    Glass bricks are used where people want light allowed through, but still have privacy. What do the bricks do to make this happen? Please help I have searched everything and can not find the answer.
  31. math - please help!!

    A lighthouse bears 40 degrees from a ship. After the ship sailed 10.8 miles on a course 130 degrees, the lighthouse bears 334.67 degrees at the ship. Find the distance from the second position of the ship to the lighthouse. Please!!! Lend me your genius minds and help me. I ...
  32. algebra

    what are rational expressions? Why must we always be mindful of the final value of the denominator in a rational expression? For example, consider the rational expression 3x/(x2 – 16). What values in the denominator must we be mindful of? Explain why.
  33. please help with math

    There exist irrational numbers a and b so that a^b is rational. look at the numbers √2^√2 and (√2^√2)^√2 a) use similar idea to prove that there exists a rational number a and an irrational number b so that a^b is irrational b) prove that if 2^&#...
  34. organic chemistry

    whats the difference between inorganic chem and organic chem? im really confuse because mrs. white told us inoraganic is about ionic bonds while organic is about covalent bond. what is the difference between the twooo? please help me
  35. Algebra

    23. The ___ axis represents the independent variable. X? 21. Name the set(s) of numbers to which 1.68 belongs. a. rational numbers b. natural numbers, whole numbers, integers, rational numbers c. rational numbers, irrational numbers d. none of the above I'm not sure 27. The ...

    Sarah has a rectangular corral for her horses. She wants to put new rail fencing all around the corral. What total lenght of fencing will she need. Description of the corral: in my book it is square and around the square is a length of 28m and inside the square if you go ...
  37. Intermediate Algebra

    What is the meaning term rational expression. In your word and examples explain how to divide rational expressions
  38. Criminal Justice

    How is criminal behavior explicable according to rational theory? What crime control stratagies are effective according to rational theory? How could crimes like this be prevented according to the rational choice theory?
  39. math

    How can you tell if a number is rational or irrational? a) 3.215 (there is a line drawn over the 15) b.) square root 10 c) 0.143639854024 d)4.312 can you please explain what i need to look at to tell which is which?
  40. Environmental Science

    Can someone please help me with this question because when I post this question earlier, some lady or tutor just gave me some links on where to find the answer and I had already did that and still couldn't find an answer? Here it is. Relate the Fourth Principle of Ecosystem ...
  41. Maths

    Write down the equation whose roots are: i) two more than ii) the square of iii) three times as much as the roots of the equation 4x^2-x+2=0
  42. Physics

    A 44.0-kg woman stands at one end of a 148 kg raft that is 6 m long. The other end of the raft is 0.5 m from a pier. (a) The woman walks toward the pier until she gets to the other end of the raft and stops there. Now what is the distance between the raft and the pier? in m ...
  43. calc: relative error

    The circumference of a sphere was measured to be 77 cm with a possible error of .8 cm. Use differentials to estimate the maximum error in the calculated surface area. Estimate the relative error in the calculated surface area. please help me..thank you! Area= 4 PI radius^2 dA...
  44. persuasive speaking

    i am struggling with the need, plan advantage format for public speaking. i've already consulted my textbook and notes, i still am not understanding the material. is there any websites i can consult to find this format/an explanation? i tried googling it already. thank you.
  45. pre-calculus urgent

    The first term of an arithmetic sequence is 6, and the tenth term is 2. (a) Find the common difference d. d = Find the 100th term of the sequence. a100 = (b) Find the partial sum of the first ten terms. S10 = how do i do this, there's an example I tried following but it did ...
  46. Calculus

    Which of these rational functions has a ) horizontal asymptote? a slant asymptote? no vertical asymptote? r(x)= 2x-1/ x^2-x-2 = 2x-1/ (x-2)(x+1) s(x)= x^3+27/x^2+4 = (x+3)(x^2-3x+9)/(x-2)(x+2) t(x)=x^3-9x= x(x-3)(x+3)/x+2 u(x)=x^2+x-6/x^2-25= (x+3)(x-2)/(x+5)(x-5) I do not ...
  47. Math

    if a number is not a rational number, then it is______. A. an integer irrational C.whole number D.a radical My best answer is B. Can you check please @Ms.Sue
  48. college algebra, Please help!!

    How can the graph of g(x)=3square root x+3 be obtained from the graph of g(x)= 3 square root x? A. shift the graph 3 units right b. shift the graph 3 units up c. shift the graph 3 units down d. shift the graph 3 units left I am having problems with the square roots. Can ...
  49. college algebra, Please help!!

    How can the graph of g(x)=3square root x+3 be obtained from the graph of g(x)= 3 square root x? A. shift the graph 3 units right b. shift the graph 3 units up c. shift the graph 3 units down d. shift the graph 3 units left I am having problems with the square roots. Can ...
  50. college algebra, Please help!!

    How can the graph of g(x)=3square root x+3 be obtained from the graph of g(x)= 3 square root x? A. shift the graph 3 units right b. shift the graph 3 units up c. shift the graph 3 units down d. shift the graph 3 units left I am having problems with the square roots. Can ...

    Can someone please check my answers, it would be really helpful. Thanks to everyone that does! 1:3w-10w(1point) 13w -7w -7 7w** 2:y+1.2y+1.2z(1point) 2.4yz 1.3y+1.2z 1.2y(to the power of 2)+1.2z** 2.2y+1.2z 3:6r+r-5r(1point) 2r 1r+r** 0r 7r-5r 4:5x+2(x+6)(1point) 7x+6** 7x(to ...
  52. maths

    If the roots of the eqn 1/(x+p) + 1/(x+p) = 1/r are equal in magnitude but opposite in sign, show that p+r=2r and that the product of the roots is equal to (-1/2) (p²+q²)
  53. maths

    If one of the roots of the eqn ax²+bx+c=0 be reciprocal of one of the roots of a1x²+b1x+c1=0 then prove that (a a1-c c1)²=(b c1-a b1)(b1 c- a1 b)
  54. Sqare roots

    which two square roots are used to estimate the square root of 47? I'm confused I don't know what this means.
  55. Geometry

    The measure of an angle SUT is twice m<RUS. if m<RUS=(18x-8)degrees and m<TUS=(4x + 16) degrees. Find m<RUT. This is an acute angle. Please help. I have tried figuring this problem out a million and one ways. Thanks
  56. Calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the graph of f at the given point. f(x) = x + (4/x), (4,5) I tried using the limit process a lot, but it didn't quite work. If possible, please use the limit process. Thanks a lot to whoever answers this question.
  57. chemistry

    Cl2O2 (g)---> 2ClO (g) Time [Cl2O2] (M) 0....... 6.60*10^-8 172..... 5.68*10^-8 345..... 4.89*10^-8 517..... 4.21*10^-8 690..... 3.62*10^-8 862..... 3.12*10^-8 Determine the value of the first-order rate constant. For this question, you need to graph it on excel in order to...
  58. math

    solve by the substitution method. 8x+5y=-46 -4x+y=30. What is the solution set, because i have tried to figure this out for 20 minutes, please help
  59. Mathematics

    I have the polynomial x^2+2x-8 and when I tried to factor it, I just ended up confusing myself. Can anyone please help make sense of this?
  60. Hard math

    Solve by using the multiplication principle -2x> 1 over 9 I have tried this problem and can get no where with it can someone please help me????
  61. algebra 117b

    Are these factorable Beecause I tried and could figure it out can you please help me thankyou x^2-4x+-32, x^2+14x+41,4x^8x7-12x^6+8x^5
  62. Math

    How to divide 150 by 3.6 please tell me with steps I tried it several times but can't seem to figure it out!!!
  63. Math

    Can i get some help on -2/5 x -1 1/4 please tried doing this multiple times but i keep getting weird answers that don't match up at all.
  64. Rational Zeros

    List all possible rational zeros for the polynomial below. Find all real zeros of the polynomial and factor f(x)=2x^4+19x^3+37x^2-55x-75
  65. READ THIS!

    Please answer my question that I posted at 6:10 quickly because I have to in a little while!!! Your answer is posted. However, you're still going to have to do the math to find the equivalencies. If you'd like to post your answers, we'll be glad to check them. We do not do ...
  66. maths PLEASE HELP

    how to work out partial fraction decomposition when given 1/x(x^2+1) and 2x-1/(x+4)(x-3) if you could give me an idea of the formula and what changes i need to make to the formula when the denominator changes that would help and please use idiot speak because the text books ...
  67. Algebra

    I'm really stuck on these 2. Can you please explain the work clearly so that I can understand and find the answer easily, if already not given. Need help with these 2 please-- 19. Nancy invests $100 in one account for 10 years at a 9% interest rate compounded annually, and she...
  68. math

    the curve y=x^2 - 3x - 4 cross the x-axis at P and Q. the tangent to the curve at P and Q meet at R. the normals to the curve at P and Q meet at S Find the distance RS?? please help i have honestly tried and have had no luck :)
  69. math

    the curve y=x^2 - 3x - 4 cross the x-axis at P and Q. the tangent to the curve at P and Q meet at R. the normals to the curve at P and Q meet at S Find the distance RS?? please help i have honestly tried and have had no luck :)
  70. PRE-CALC

    I am given the rational function: f(x)= (x^3 - 1) / (x^2 - 4) I found that the domain is all real numbers except x= plus or minus 2 , I also found that the x intercept is x=1, however I do not get how to find: the y-intercet , or identify the Horizontal, vertical or slant ...
  71. English

    Please help me I am still having trouble with subject complements
  72. science

    is the Paricutin volcano in mexico still active?? please help me!!
  73. math

    i have a test tomorrow and im still not sure how to do this. can you please help me? p={a,b,c} Q={a,c,d,f} Q-P=?
  74. apchemistry

    I tried to figure this out with my standard reduction potentials sheet, and tried to find a sulfate ion for the first part, but I don't think that is the answer...any help is much appreciated
  75. algebra

    Use the rational zero theorem to list all possible rational zeros for the given function f(x)=x^3-4x^2-19x-14
  76. Algebra

    1. Simplify the rational expression State any excluded values. 7x-14/x-2 A.x B.7;where x≠7 C.7;where x≠2**** D.0 I know its between B and C but I'm not sure what the -->≠ is really asking me for but I think the answer is C, please help
  77. Math please help

    A square is constructed using the hypotenuse line AC of right triangle ABC as a side, as shown below. Find the area of the square if AB = 5 and BC = 9. I tried to approach this by finding the hypotenuse, which i found was 10, then i used that to find the area of the square ...
  78. English- I need the title

    I have a poem : "When the dark Of a Spring Interrupts, There is one Who will serve". I tried to type the poem in google to find the title but it came up no matches. Could someone please tell me the title of this poem or at least who wrote it?
  79. Math 102

    What number must be added to the numerator and subtracted from the denominator of 10/23 to obtain a fraction equivalent of 6/5? Please provide step by step, this is a word problem for rational expressions. Thank you
  80. Math: please check

    There are 30 fish in a pond. We know that 13 of these fish are males, 4 of these males are salmon, and there are 8 salmon in the pond. What is the probability that a randomly chosen fish is a salmon, given that it is a male? I think they are just asking about salmon and trying...
  81. maths

    If x²+px+q=0 and x²+qx+p=0,(p not =to q) have a common root. Show that 1+p+q=0; show that their other roots are the roots of the eqn x²+x+pq=0.
  82. Maths

    If k>0 and the product of the roots of equation x to power 2-3kx+2e power 2logk-1=0 is 7 then sum of roots is?
  83. Chemistry

    Please Help!! I don't know how to balance this redox equation! I've been trying to solve this for hours and I'm getting nowhere Fe(s) + HClO4 (aq) --> H (g) + FeClO4 I tried balancing and I got these Fe(s) + HClO4 (aq) --> H2 (g) + Fe(ClO4)3 and 2Fe(s) + 6HClO4 (aq) --&...
  84. algerbra

    could you please double check my work question:find the roots of the equation 2x^2+8x=12 by completing the square. leave answer in simplest radical form. work and answer: c=(b/2)^2 c(4/2)^2=4 2x^2 +8x=12 divide everything by 2 x^2 + 4x=6 x^2+4x+4=10 (x+2)(x+2) square root of (...
  85. 7th grade science

    can some one give me an example of commensalism and mutualism in the deciduous forest in the united states? I think commensalism symbiotic relationship in which one species benefits and the other species is neither benefited nor harmed. Is that like maybe a squarrel living in ...
  86. Physics

    A crate of potatoes of mass 23.0 kg is on a ramp with angle of incline 30° to the horizontal. The coefficients of friction are μs = 0.78 and μk = 0.35. Find the frictional force (magnitude and direction) on the crate if the crate is at rest. I don't understand why I...
  87. Economics

    Hi, Please I researched so badly, I need help to find information about Cybernomics issues and solutions. Please can you help me. Give me a site I can go to that will have information concerning Cybernomics. Please Thank You.
  88. algebra

    i need you to check my answers for the following questions: use the table to answer problems 1 to 4. the table lists the commuting times for 5 people. write each ratio in the form a/b, and then as a decimal. tell whether each decimal is a terminating or a repeating decimal. ...
  89. algebra

    Find all rational zeros of the polynomial function P(x)=x^4 + 2 x^3 - 13 x^2 + 4 x - 30. Enter the rational zeros in a comma separated list. If there are none, enter "none". -3| 1 2 -13 4 -30 -3 15 -6 30 1 -5 2 -10 0 so (x+3)(x^3-5x^2+2x-10 so 5| 1 -5 2 -10 5 0 10 1 0 2 so (x+...
  90. Math

    Which statement is false? A. The number zero is a rational number. B. Some irrational are also rational numbers. C. Every irrational number is a real number. D. Every integer is a rational number Is the answer C?
  91. Math 222

    find the domain of each rational expression in set notation. x^2-36 divided by 3x 7w-2 divided by 16w^2-1 Then do both rational expressions have excluded values in their domains? If yes, explain why they are to be excluded from the domains. If no, explain why no exclusions are...
  92. math help me!!

    is square root of 56 a rational number? explain uranswer using what you know about rational and irrational numbers. thnx alot!
  93. Math 111 (College Algebra)

    Rational number or irrational? And why? I have been challenged in my college algebra class to determine whether or not .12122122212222122221222221... (continuing forever)is a rational number or not. I need to prove one way or the other. I am lost! :-( I know that rational ...
  94. Math

    Is .121221222122221... (the pattern in this number continues forever) a rational number or irrational number? Why? (my research is listed in a previous question post, but I'm stuck!!! Please help!) :-)
  95. maths - geometry -yr11

    HI guys. find the equations of the lines represented by 4x^2 - 5xy - 6y^2 + 11x + 11y - 3 = 0 I am lost. What two lines are they asking for? And is there a general formula/appraoch to simplifying the duel equation with powers to 2? I tried turning the x^2 and y^2 into squares ...
  96. Chem-HELP

    Can you please help me with these questions. I tried looking up information online and in my textbook but I could not find sufficient information to help me. 1. What is an aliquot of a sample? 2. What is the filtrate in a gravity procedure? 3. How full (the max level) should a...
  97. work (physics)

    a 25 kg object is accelerating from rest to a distance of 6 m in 4 seconds across a level floor. The friction is 3.8 N - what is the total work........ i started off by trying to find fa but it seems to give me an absurd answer.. maybe if u could help me by telling me the ...
  98. mathematics need help

    If the ratio of roots of x² + bx + c = 0 is equal to ratio of roots of x² + qx + r = 0, then 1. r²c = qb² 2. br² = qc² 3. b²r = cq² 4. rc² =bq² plz show step
  99. business

    what is the example of institutional advertising? I have tried to find it, but i couldn't. someone please help me. Here's the definition: (Broken Link Removed) A good example is the ubiquitous McDonald's arches. Even very young children associate these arches with McDonald's.
  100. Math

    A theatre company allows a group of 10 people to buy theatre tickets at a price of $28 per person. For each person in excess of 10, the price is decreased by $2 per person for everyone down to a minimum of $10 per person. What number of people will produce the maximum revenue ...
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