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  1. Physics

    Initial velocity is 21 m/s, the angle is 40 degrees, 20 meters away from the wall. How long is the ball in the air for?
  2. physics

    Calculate the extension that would be produced by a 20N force if 15N extends a spring by 3cm
  3. physics

    with what velocity must a ball be thrown in order to achieve the height of 50 ft.? and how long will it stay in the air?
  4. Physics

    Leroy, who has a mass of 72 kg, is skateboarding at 5.9 m/s when he smacks into a brick wall and comes to a dead stop in 0.2 s.
  5. physics

    What is the relationship between the coefficient of friction and the time that it takes the object to reach the bottom of the ramp?
  6. physics

    how much work is done by the upward force of your head on a 50 N rock that you carry horizontally across a 10 m room?
  7. physics

    A construction crane's cable lifts a 49.5-kg box upward with an acceleration of 1.30 m/s2. Find the tension in the rope. N
  8. Physics

    A volleyball is served at an angle of 35 degrees with an initial speed of 5 m/s. What is the maximum height reached by the ball?
  9. Physics

    A football is kicked at an angle of 40 degrees with an initial speed of 7 m/s. What is the horizontal distance traveled by the ball?
  10. physics

    What design aspects of the snowmobile make it particulary useful for travel over ice and snow?
  11. physics

    a force of 10N acts on an object and raises its speed from 0 to 5 m/s in 10s.calcuate the average power.
  12. physics

    In a uniform magnetic field, can an Amperian loop ever have a non-zero value
  13. physics

    A wheel has turned through 120 revs in 10 s after starting. find the angular acceleration.
  14. physics

    A solid of relative density 1.25 is found to weigh 12g in water find its weight in air
  15. Physics

    A dragster's top acceleration is 60m/s^2. If it accelerates for 3 seconds from the starting line, how fast will it be going?
  16. physics

    a body projected with velocity 30m/s an angle 30¡ã with horizontal maximum height attained by he object is.........?
  17. physics

    At 7.15 cents per kilowatt-hour, what does it cost to leave a 75.0W light burning 24.0 hours a day?
  18. physics

    A 25HP electric motor turning a 1800 RPM will produce how many foot pounds of torque?
  19. Physics

    1. A cannon ball M = 10.0kg with V = 2.4×102m/s is broken into 2 parts, if m1 = 6.4kg with angle 37° and m2 with 53°, what is the magnitude of v1 and v2?

    Tin melts at 232 under standard atmospheric pressure. Express this temperature in kelvin
  21. physics

    a cyclist moves around equilateral triangle6kn/h10km/h,12km/hfind average speed?

    Determine the resulting temperature when 1kg of ice at 0 Degree celcius is mixed with 9kg of water.
  23. physics

    A boy drops a mango from a tree it falls without rebound wat happens to its momentum
  24. Physics

    An arrow is shot horizontally with a speed of 20 m/s from the top of a tower 60 m high .The time to reach the ground will be???????
  25. Physics

    Steam of mass 11.0 g at 100°C is added to 126.7 g of ice at 0.00°C. Find the final temperature of the system.
  26. physics

    Mechanical energy is the difference between the kinetic and potential energies of an object. true or false?
  27. physics

    a person covers a distance of 31 km and displacement 3 kms and time 25.5 min calcuclate average velocity
  28. Physics

    What is the tension in a 1-meter string that is spinning a 0.5-kg rock in a horizontal circle 3 times per second?
  29. physics

    You have a mass of 60 kg and run up some stairs that are 5 m high in 6 seconds. How much power did you produce?

    'show that a 2.5m length of wire with cross section area 0f 1.0mm and resistance of 0.75ohms has a resistivity o f 3.0 ×10-7'
  31. Physics

    If a man weighs 900 N on the earth, what would he weigh on jupiter, where acceleration due to gravity is 25.9 m/s^2?
  32. physics

    damon,reiny,steve,ms sue.plz get a solution 2 my question please itz urgent!!!
  33. physics

    light from the sun travels 1.5x10km to reach the earth .how long does it journey take in minutes?
  34. physics

    A bicycl rider starts from rest and moves with uniform acceration of 1.5m\s^2 it is velocity reachs 7.5m\s of a distance .......
  35. physics

    A 2000-kg car starts from rest and gains a velocity of 20 m/s in 5 /0s. What force was applied on it? What formula/s will I use?!
  36. Physics

    From what height must water fall from a dam to strike the margine waves w/ a speed 30m/s.

    what is the central acceleration of an automobile driving at 40 kph on a circular tracks having radius of 30m?

    Calculate the centripetal force on a 2100 kg carrounding a curve of 175 m radius at a speed of 60 kph.
  39. physics

    Results for: In An Ideal Transformer, The Voltage And Current Are 220V,2A And Those In Secondry Are 2000V, IA. The Value Of I Is?
  40. physics

    How much heat is needed to convert 1.0kg ice at -5celsius to steam at 105 celsius?
  41. physics-heat transfer-urgent pls

    Calculate the energy absorbed when 8.5g of ice is melted at 0 Celsius. thank you
  42. Physics

    What are three different kinds of automatic switching devices? What are the conditions that cause the on/off action of the switch?

    compute for the density of a brake fluid used in a car which has a volume of 600cm^3 and a mass of 100 g?
  44. physics

    Suppose the horizontal sweep of an oscilloscope takes 80ms how many cycles of a 100 Hz wave will be shown?
  45. Physics

    A race car moving at 35 m/s is uniformly slowed to a stop in 50 s. Find 1) acceleration, and 2) stopping distance.

    What is the force of attraction between two masses 5kg and 8kg at a distance of 60cm apart.
  47. physics

    Power applied to a particle varies with time as P=(3t^2-2t+1)W. Find the change in kinetic energy between t=1s and 4s.
  48. Physics

    An object initially at rest experiences an acceleration of 9.8 m/s^2. How much time will it take to achieve a velocity of 58 m/s?
  49. physics

    a body travels from rest with acceleration 8ms find its velocity when it has covered a distance of 100m
  50. AP Physics

    What is the minimum work needed to push a 1025 kg car 290 m up a 17.5° incline with zero friction?
  51. Physics

    mike is skiing downhill at a 25 degree angle. if his weight is 350N assuming there is no friction what is his acceleration

  53. physics

    a 4200 kg helicopter accelerate upward 3m/s^2. lift force is exerted by the air on the propellers?(g=10m/s^2)
  54. Physics

    How fast must a plane fly at a latitude of 41.9° so that the sun stands still relative to the passengers?
  55. Physics

    How many coulombs pass through a wire that carries a current of 3.2 A for 5.0 h? I=Q/t Q=It Q=3.2*5*60 Q=960 I am told this is not the correct answer.
  56. Physics

    What would be the average velocity of an object falling 1.25m from the rest, just as it strikes the ground?
  57. physics

    an object takes 0.35 seconds to hit the floor, what height did it fall from? is the way to calculate it h = gt^2 / 2 so would it be = h = .5 * 9.8 * 0.35^2
  58. Physics

    Wat direction will the Electric Field Lines be in a parallel plate capacitor containing a dielectric ?
  59. physics

    2)if a curved of radius 50m is banked at 30 degree will a car travelling at 60 km/hr along the curve will safe?
  60. physics

    A stone is projected vertically upward with a speed of 20 m/s. a. What is its velocity at the end of 2s? b. What is the height reacted after 2s?
  61. Physics

    Calculate the speed with which a swimmer enters water if she slides down a frictionless ramp that is 2.6 m high
  62. Physics

    How long it takes a car at 20m/s to come to a stop without friction, obstacles, or breaks ?
  63. Physics

    Find the range at an arrow that leaves a bow at 45 m/s at an angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal level.
  64. Physics

    What is the magnitude of the momentum of the 0.057-kg tennis ball when it travels at a speed of 29 m/s? Earth is the frame of reference.
  65. physics

    calculate the maximum working current of an appliance rated at 2.4kw with an operating voltage of 240v
  66. physics

    calculate the maximum working current of an appliance rated at 2.4kw with an operating voltage of 240v
  67. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity of 30m/s. Determine the maximum height reached
  68. Physics

    What is the total time of flight of an object projected vertically upwards with a speed of 30m/s? (g=10m/s^2
  69. physics

    When the ray of light travels from air to glass slab and strikes the surface of separation at 90 degree , then it ..........
  70. Physics HW Plz help

    Why can't most objects like an apple travel at speeds above the speed of light?
  71. Physics

    How much work is required to bring a 1000 kg racing car traveling at a speed of 60 km/hr to rest?
  72. Physics

    A boy sliding down a frictionless plane inclined at an angles 35° with the horizontal. What is the acceleration of the book?
  73. Physics

    the current in an rc circuit if the resistance is 20 ohms the capacitance is 0.002 farad the emr is 12e^-10t
  74. Physics

    Q1. What is the working principle of the loudspeaker. Q2.Explain the following:- 1.Beat 2.Shock wave 3.Mach effect.
  75. Physics

    A brick has mass 10kg and dimensions (10*5*20)cm Find the maximum and minimum pressure it can exert on ground

    A cell phone emits signs in approximately 750 Mhz. Which is the wavelength and energy of this radiation
  77. PHYSICS-

    Given a plastic rod and fur,explain how you would charge the electroscope positively and negatively.
  78. Physics

    An engine works between the two temperatures 200 C and 120 C. Calculate its efficiency in percentage?
  79. Physics

    An object of weight W hangs by three ropes as shown above. What is the value of the angle @ if T1 = T2 = W? ____________ \@ @/ T2\ /T1 \__/ |W| a) 15 b) 30 c) 40 d) 45 e) 60
  80. Quick physics help

    you hear a thunder 4 seconds after you see the lightning. how far away is the storm?
  81. physics

    What is quantity of heat required to melt down completely 1kg of ice at 30 degree celsius
  82. Physics

    A period pulse travel a distance at 20m in 1•00sec,if it's frequency is 2•0×10.calculate the wave length
  83. Physics

    What is the longest wavelength of light that can be absorbed by a hydrogen atom that is initially in the second excited state?
  84. physics

    an object undergoes an acceleration of 10m/s2 starting from rest. find the distance travelled by it in seconds
  85. physics

    a particle starts moving from rest with uniform acceleration . it travels a distance y in the next 2 sec
  86. Physics

    The distance between any two points in a thermometer is 10cm.mercury level is 13 cm .temperature in Celsius?
  87. University of jos,physics

    A man walks 3m north then 4m east.calculate his displacement from the starting point.
  88. Physics

    how many coulombs must be on one object for it to be repelled with a force of 6.0 N by a second charge of 2.0uC at a distance of 1.0 m?
  89. Physics

    In general, what conditions with observable effects make magnets interact with non-magnet materials?
  90. physics (Simple harmonic motion)

    X(t)=0.142sin(2t+0.19) b) Find the travelled distance by block at t2=3.5min [37.963m].
  91. Physics

    A rocket is ignited and gone up. After that it returns to the ground. How to draw a displacement time of the same ?
  92. Physics

    If a bullet is shot at velocity of 400 m/s and hits a copper plate, how much heat will be produced?
  93. Physics

    A bean jumps off a table and when it reaches have its height it has a speed of 10 m/s, how high does it rise?
  94. mathematical physics

    Using Green's Theorem evaluate the integral ∮c(xydx + x^2y^2 dy) where C is the triangle with vertices (0 ,0), (1, 0) and (1, 2).
  95. physics

    how large a fore (in newtons) is needed to accelerate a 5 metric-ton vehicle from rest to a speed of 10 km/hr in 4 s?
  96. physics

    A plane flies at 150m/s at 35 degrees east of north. It encounters a wind from the west blowing 26 m/s.
  97. physics

    How can the LIGO gravity wave detector achieve a measurement accurate to 1/1000 of a proton's diameter
  98. Physics

    What is the centripetal acceleration of an automobile driving at 40 km/h on a circular track of radius 20m? Help ASAP please!!!
  99. physics

    Calculate the velocity time graph of a body at rest is given an initial uniform acceleration.
  100. physics

    Calculate the velocity time graph of a body at rest is given an initial uniform acceleration .
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