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  1. Physics

    Describe the acceleration time graph of a car traveling forward and applying its brakes.
  2. Physics

    How does the conservation of mechanical energy explain why a planet in an elliptical orbit changes speed?
  3. physics

    A 1300 kg sports car accelerates from rest to 90 km/h in 7.0 s. What is the average power delivered by the engine?

    A race car's velocity increases from 3.6 m/s to 32.4 m/s over a 5-s time interval. What is its average acceleration?
  5. Physics

    At a spot in the ocean, the surface irradiance is 7.8*10^16 photons and k=.14 m^-1. At what depth does the euphotic zone end?
  6. Physics

    What's the tangential acceleration of a freely swinging pendulum when it makes an angle θ with the vertical?
  7. physics

    How much energy is produced when the sun converts one kg of hydrogen into helium?

    Didn't mean to ask but i was really curious and didn't get an answer from researching.Why is physics necessary in becoming a dentist?
  9. physics

    Good job "Drwls", your answer to my bowling ball question worked. Way to go!
  10. physics

    What is the frequency of the microwaves in a microwave oven? The wavelength is 12 cm. I have to give the answer in GHz
  11. Physics

    A positive and a negative charge, each of magnitude 1.0 10-5 C, are separated by a distance of 12 cm. Find the force on each of the particles
  12. Physics/ optics

    An object is located 25cm in front of a +6.00 lens, where is the image? is it real or virtual?
  13. Physics

    In a hydrogen atom, if the radius of the orbit of the electron is doubled, then its energy will ... >> Increase by a factor of 2??
  14. physics

    pls what is the formula for calculating period given gravity, mass and length of the material
  15. Physics

    What is the difference in blood pressure between the head and feet of a person of height 171 cm?

    If the current in a 100 mH coil changes steadily from 25.0 A to 10.0 A in 375 ms, what is the magnitude of the induced emf?

    What is the inductance L of a 0.40 m long air-filled coil 3.2 cm in diameter containing 10,000 loops?
  18. physics

    what is the most important element for creating a magnetic field. and why? Moving charges..... right?
  19. physics

    do all electrons ejected from a metal surface have the same kinetic energy?
  20. physics

    How much work must be done to increase the speed of an electron from 0.200c to 0.210c? In (MeV)
  21. Physics

    How many electrons must be removed from an electrically neutral silver dollar to give it a charge of +2.0 ìC?
  22. physics

    if the piston is in thermal equilibrium but the it is pushed inward, can there be a change in temperature(increase) even if Q=o
  23. Physics

    What is the strength of the magnetic field a distance of 1 meter from a wire carrying a current of 1 A? B=MoI ------ 2(pi)r Mo=4(pi)x 10^-7 I=1 A How do I know what r is?
  24. physics

    Hi, How can you charge an electroscope negatively? Is it by using a positively charged rod? Can someone please help me? Thank you :)
  25. physics

    Suppose a rock fell off a cliff. After 5 seconds, its speed well be 100 m/s
  26. Physics

    What is the centripetal acceleration of a skater moving with a tangential speed of 2.0 m/s in a circular path with radius 2.0 m?
  27. physics

    A constant net force of 1500 N gives a toy rocket an acceleration of 2.5 m/s2. what is the mass in kg?
  28. Physics

    If a tuning fork puts out a tone at 440 Hz, what is its wavelength in air at 25 degrees?
  29. Physics

    If a tuning fork puts out a tone at 440 Hz, what is its wavelength in air at 25 degrees?
  30. physics

    An automobile driver puts on the brakes and decelerates from 30.0 m/s to zero in 15.0 s. What distance does the car travel?
  31. Physics

    a runner moving at a speed of 5.60 m/s rounds a curved track with a 60.0 m radius. what is the runners acceleration?
  32. physics

    A plastic bobber just barely floats in water. If it weighs 2N in the air, what is its volume
  33. Physics

    While riding her bicycle, she goes from a full stop to 9m/s in 3 minutes. How fast is she acclerating?
  34. physics

    please shelp me with this problem what is the stopping potential (V) if the wavelength of the incident light is 400 nm??
  35. Physics

    if you push a wall with a force of 50N, the work you do is...... (a)500J (b)5000J (c)50J (d)zero
  36. physics

    how high must a 2 kg basketball be thrown so that the top of its arc, it has a potential energy of 160J?
  37. physics

    The space shuttle traves in orbit at 210000 km/hr. How far will it travel after 5.0 hrs?
  38. physics

    if you jump upward with a speed of 2mls, how long will it take before you stop rising?
  39. College Physics

    What is the work required to move a proton 1 cm along the 7 volt equipotential line?
  40. physics

    In the ideal case of zero resistance, a ball rolling on a level surface will accelerate
  41. Physics

    Absolute temperature is proportional to the average kinetic energy of the atoms. True or false?
  42. physics

    A car travels in a straight line for 4.5 h at a constant speed of 61 km/h . What is its acceleration? Answer in units of m/s2.
  43. physics

    By how much does the speed of a vehicle moving in a straight line change each second when it is accelerating at 4 m/s2?
  44. physics

    8. Before you drop a ball held at a height of 5m with a weight of 20 N, what is its gravitational potential energy
  45. physics

    Is it possible for a frictional force to increase the mechanical energy of a system? If so, give examples.
  46. physics

    what is the speed of a ball after it has fallen freely from rest through a distance of 12 meters
  47. physics

    a 10-kg bos slides down a frictionless ramp with acceleration 3.6 m/s calculate the weight anlge? f ?
  48. physics

    If a spring has a constant of 20N/m how much potential energy does it store if it is compressed 2m in joules? <3
  49. physics

    What average power is required for a runner with a mass of 80 kg to reach a speed of 8.2 m/s during a time of 1.8 s?
  50. physics

    4. What force is needed to push a 15 N object up a 20° incline at constant speed when the coefficient of friction is 0.30
  51. physics

    4. What force is needed to push a 15 N object up a 20° incline at constant speed when the coefficient of friction is 0.30?
  52. Physics

    Calculate the tangential speed of the earth around the sun (assuming a circular orbit).
  53. Physics

    A 1200 kg sports car accelerates from 0m/s to 27m/s in 10s. What is the average power of the engine?
  54. Physics

    a circuit contains a 9v battery and two 1 ohm bulbs. what is the voltage drop across each.
  55. physics

    What is the quantum particle of the electric field? Answer a. The proton. b. The electron. c. The photon. d. The neutron.
  56. Physics

    A 1300 sports car accelerates from rest to 90 in 6.5 . What is the average power delivered by the engine?
  57. physics

    does each of the two lenses used in a microscope produce a magnification of the object being viewed?
  58. physics

    calculate the impulse necessary to stop a 1500 kg car travelling at 90km/hour
  59. Life...

    Do i need to take precal and physics in highschool to become a nurse, dentist, or doctor?
  60. physics

    why does the filament of a bulb does not melt though it heats more than 3400 degree celcius
  61. physics

    --------------------------------------- A rugby player of mass 82kg is running at 6.0m/s. How much energy will be needed to stop him? ---------------------------------------
  62. Physics

    .17 kg hockey puck initial velocity 21 m/s stops 62m away. what is coefficient of friction?
  63. physics

    A rotating cylinder about 16 long and 6.2 in diameter what angular speed must it rotate?
  64. physics

    A hunk of cast concrete with a weight of 10 N will float if it displaces 10 N of water. True or False

    Calculate the radial acceleration of an object on the ground at the earth's equator in m/s2, turning with the planet.
  66. physics

    at time t=0 the driver starts to brae determine how long the bus takes to stop
  67. Physics

    Calculate the radial acceleration of an object on the ground at the earth's equator in m/s2, turning with the planet.
  68. Physics

    What is the force necessary to accelerate an object with a mass of 115 kg and and an acceleration of 6 m/s2 (squared) east?
  69. physics

    which object will have higher inertia a rock of 20kg or a hollow ball of 22kg
  70. physics

    A yo-yo of radius 10 cm and mass 1 kg is dropped from rest. What is the instantaneous torque on the yo-yo if I hold the string with my fingers?
  71. physics

    i have two kinetic energies and my homework asks for the ratio, K2/K1 Do i just divide them?
  72. Physics, PLEASE HELP!!

    A long jumper jumps with the initial velocity of 12.0 m/s at an angle of 20 degrees. what is the displacement of x?
  73. physics

  74. physics

    A force of 3000 N is applied to a 1500-kg car at rest. (a) what is its acceleration? (b) what will its velocity be 5 s later?
  75. physics

    How would the use of dark matter affect the earth and universe? Explain possiblities
  76. physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a speed of 27.6 m/s. How high does it rise? Answer in units of m.
  77. Physics

    As the temperature of an object becomes higher, what happens to the average wavelength of the radiation it emits?
  78. Physics

    does a baseball thrown at 100 miles per hour have a lot of force?
  79. physics

    find the force of a toy jeep if the mass is 50kg and is traveling at 4 m/s and the radius is 50 centimeter
  80. physics

    what force is acting on a circular platform rotating opposite of a person standing on the edge?
  81. physics

    a ball moves with a constant speed of 4 m/s around a circle of radius 0.25 m. what is the period of the motion?
  82. physics

    A projectile is launched straight upwards at 45 m/s. Three seconds later, its velocity is A. 75 m/s B. 30 m/s C. 15 m/s D. zero
  83. physics

    How high must a 2.0-kg basketball be thrown so that the top of its arc, it has a potential energy of 160 J?
  84. PHYSICS!!!

    By how many decibels does the sound intensity from a point source decrease if you increase the distance to it by a factor 6?
  85. physics

    how much work is being done if a 100 N box is lifted 3 meters off the ground???
  86. Physics

    If a clock says 10:30 am and the second hand rotates 960 degrees what time would it be?
  87. physics

    the period of revolution of a satellite is 90 min. Find the radius of the orbit assuming an acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s.
  88. physics

    Describe how the energy from a rotating flywheel can be transferred to moving parts of a child's toy.
  89. physics

    explain examples of physical laws used during the Apollo 13 mission to get it home
  90. physics

    a mass 3 kg is dropped from a 20m high stand how long does it take to reach the ground?
  91. physics

    a mass 3 kg is dropped from a 20m high stand how long does it take to reach the ground?
  92. Physics

    How much force is needed to make a 1,400 kg car moving at 35 m/s come to a stop in 5.2s?
  93. Physics

    How much force is needed to make a 1,400 kg car moving at 35 m/s come to a stop in 5.2s?
  94. physics

    How can I calculate exactly where a marble will drop if it is rolling of a table with very little friction??
  95. physics

    the frequency of yellow lights is 5.00 x 10^14 Hz. if it travels through space (where v= 3.00 x 10^8m/s) find the wavelength of this light.
  96. physics

    if a man weighing 80 kg falls from 20000 feet , what would be his weght when he hits the ground?
  97. physics

    a 150g-iron ball at 95 Celsius is dropped into a cavity in a block of ice
  98. Physics 112

    Two point charges, +3.18 µC and -6.40 µC, are separated by 1.32 m. What is the electric potential midway between them?
  99. science (physics)

    thank you for your help! my question is :how do you find the magnitude of the electric field that will balance the weight of an electron?
  100. physics

    A 7.9 kg object undergoes an acceleration of 2 m/s2. What is the magnitude of the resultant force acting on it? Answer in units of N.
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