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  1. Physics

    . A weightlifter lifts a 76.0 kg barbell 2.60 m 20 times in 1.50 minutes. What is his power output (a) in watts and (b) in hp?
  2. Physics

    Show that the x-component of the tension force Fc in terms of its magnitude Fc is given by -0.3420 Fc
  3. Physics

    A body is thrown vertically upward with initial velocity 9.8m/s what height it will attain ?
  4. physics

    on a trip a car covers 42.3 miles in 40.0 minutes. find the average velocity in m/s and km/hr
  5. physics

    a pendelum in a fathers clock measures .90m from the support to the centerof the bob
  6. physics

    a body of mass 40kg walk to a step in 40. find the kinetic energy
  7. physics (motion)

    the initial velocity of a particle is u (at t=0) and acceleration f is given by at.which relation is valid: (a)v=u+at^2 (b)v=u +at^2/2 (c)v=u+at (d)v=u
  8. physics

    Which of the following sets of forces acting simultaneously on a particle keep it in equilibrium?
  9. physics

    what is the resultant of two 65N identical one acting easterly and the northerly
  10. physics

    A tank has a length of 0.18 m, a width of 0.78 m, and a height of 0.44 m. If it is filled with water, how many kilograms does it weigh?
  11. physics

    A tank has a length of 0.18 m, a width of 0.78 m, and a height of 0.44 m. If it is filled with water, how many kilograms does it weigh?
  12. Physics 2

    the microwave protion of the spectrum has wavelengths ranging from 1 mm to 1 m. find the corresponding frequency?
  13. physics

    Compare the work that a 22-kW car engine does in 60 seconds if its efficiency changes from 100% to 75%.
  14. Science

    What is the formula used for finding the gravitational pull of a particular mass in physics?
  15. Physics

    How is the Sky Screamer at Six Flags an example of Newton's First Law?
  16. physics

    A standard 1 kilogram weight is a cylinder 48.5 mm in height and 52.0 mm in diameter. What is the density of the material?
  17. Physics

    Find the attractive force bet a 50 kg girl and a 60 kg boy, if they stand 2.00 m apart.
  18. Physics

    A baseball goes from zero to 37 m/s in 0.177 m/s. What is its average acceleration? Answer in units of m/s^2.
  19. Physics 11U

    can a initial velocity from the average acceleration formula (Aav=Vf-Vf/t) be negative?
  20. physics

    When sand is poured on a rotating disc what happen to its angular velocity ? explain
  21. physics

    What is the pressure exerted on the ground by a cube which has a weight of 600N and a side of 1m2
  22. Physics

    A swordfish swims at 2.46km/h.How far has the fish traveled after 2050s?
  23. physics

    Calculate the distance Michael will travel if he maintain an average speed of 9.4 m/s for 2.2 seconds.
  24. physics

    Calculate the distance Michael will travel if he maintain an average speed of 9.4 m/s for 2.2 seconds
  25. Physics

    If a car increases its speed from 5 m/s to 25 m/s over 40 seconds. what is the acceleration? Give the unit.
  26. physics

    Find the final speed of the train assuming no friction. Answer in units of m/s
  27. physics

    A plane cruising at 247 m/s accelerates at 28 m/s 2 for 8.7 s.How far will it have traveled in that time?
  28. physics

    draw the following position vectors, find the displacement and present it on diagram. di=2 m df=5m di=3m df= -4m
  29. Physics

    A 700 kg plane is traveling at 90 m/s at an altitude of 1500 m. What is the total mechanical energy?
  30. physics

    Which parameter of a projectile depends on the horizontal as well as the vertical component of velocity of projection?
  31. Physics

    gazelle traveling 200 m/s is launched at a 40 degree angle with respect to the horizontal.
  32. Physics

    1) Please describe the typical path(s) for hurricanes. Is this part of the pattern of convection?
  33. physics

    if a load 1kg streches a cordby 1.2cm.what is the force constantof the cord?
  34. Physics

    How fast is an object traveling after 3seconds if its terminal velocity is about 35 m/s.?
  35. physics

    Calculate the momentum of a 0.1 kg rifle bullet traveling 500 m/s. Answer in units of kg•m/s
  36. Physics

    What's the difference between Inertia and Impulse? Because the definitions sound really similar.
  37. Physics

    A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20 x 104 km/hr. How high does it go?
  38. Physics

    How can you demonstrate that water is denser than ice without weighing them? What is the principle involved?
  39. physics

    Two point charges, each 6*10-5 C, are separated by 30 cm. What is the electrostatic force produced by this arrangement?
  40. physics

    How much work is required to accelerate a 0.145 kg baseball from rest, to a speed of 38.7 m/s?
  41. physics

    A person can jump to a height of 1.5m on surface of earth. Find the velocity with which he jumps.
  42. physics

    What is the distance from the earth's center to a point where your weight would be 1/25 of what you weigh at the surface?
  43. Physics

    How fast would a 4.8 kg object slide down a frictionless incline of 10.3 degrees?
  44. Physics

    A car slows down from a speed of 24.0m/s to rest in 9.0s, How far did it travel in that time?
  45. physics

    What percentage of the takeoff velocity did the plane gain when it reached the midpoint of the runway?
  46. physics

    state the precision of the measured quantities 1. 353g 2. 6.00cm please explain
  47. Physics

    If a 65 kg sprinter can accelerate from a standing start to a speed of 12 m/s in 3 s, what average power is generated?
  48. physics

    How much work must be done to stop a 1070 kg car traveling at 111 km/h?
  49. Physics

    How do I find the recoil velocity of the earth immediately after the popper popped?
  50. Physics

    A car speeds up from 12 m/s to 20 m/s in 6.4s.If its mass is 1200 kg,what force must its engine provide ?
  51. physics

    What happens if we use water instead of kerosene in joules calorimeter experiment
  52. Chemistry and physics

    What causes a red glow when the iron and sulphur mixture is heated?
  53. physics

    What is the force a rock exerts if it's mass is 36,000 kg and the acceleration due to Gravity is 9.8 m/s2
  54. Physics

    Which object had more potential energy when it was lifted to a distance of 10 meters?
  55. physics

    Find d electrostaticforce of a q1 to other ur answer as magnitude n direction
  56. physics

    a stone is thrown upward with a speed of 24.0m/s how fast is it moving when it reaches a height of 13.0m?
  57. physics

    A body accelerate from rest at (2m/s square) calculate its velocity after travelling 9m
  58. physics

    What is the force on the charge located at x = +8.00 cm in Figure 17.40(a) given that q = 5.00 n C and a = 7.00? (The positive direction is to the right.) N
  59. physics

    If a bicycle moves 20m what is the angular displacement in degrees, revolution and radians?
  60. Physics

    what is the mass of the toy truck if the force of friction holding it in place is 18.5N u= 0.2 at 30 degrees
  61. Question

    Are there any physics teachers on this site that can help? I've posted many questions on here but none of them get answered.
  62. physics

    an aluminium sphere of 20cm diameter is heated from 0¡ãc to100¡ãc. what is the change in its volume?
  63. physics

    Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction for tyre rubber on the road surface.
  64. Physics

    What is the fundamental frequency on a 5 m rope that is tied at both ends if the speed of the waves is 24 m/s?
  65. physics

    A spaceship has a momentum of 20,000 kg·m/s to the left; its mass is 500 kg. What is the magnitude of its velocity?
  66. physics

    A man walks 5.0m due east and then 10.0m N30oE . Find his resultant displacement
  67. Physics

    90.0g of copper (c=390J/kg*oC) at 80.0°C are added to 270g of water at 20.0°C. What is the final temperature of the mixture?
  68. physics

    find the no. of electron which must be removed from a conductor so that it requires a charge of 3.2 microC
  69. physics

    A 3 kg book is lifted 5 meters above the floor for 250 seconds. What is the work done?
  70. Physics

    What is the significance in the observation of discrete spectral lines in the emission spectrum of hydrogen??
  71. Physics

    Would a feather have more air resistance than a lump of lead?
  72. Physics

    what is the northward and eastward components of a 550 kph velocity of an airplane going NE?
  73. physics

    A stone is dropped from a height of 4.5m.What will be the distance travelled by it during the last second of its fall?
  74. physics

    A golf cart has an acceleration of 0.4 m/s². What is its velocity after it has covered 10 m starting from the rest?
  75. Physics

    What distance does Anna covered by running on a circular track of length 500m?
  76. Physics

    The speed of a train increased from 20 mi/hr to 30 mi/hr in a distance of 500 ft. Calculate the average acceleration in ft/s2
  77. Physics

    A 2000 kg starts from rest and gains a velocity of 20 m/s in 5 s. What force wad applied on it?
  78. physics

    The sensitivity of a galvanometer of resistance 990ohm is increased by 10 times.The shunt used is??
  79. physics

    How long does it take the horse to cover the first 35.0 m of the race? acceleration is 3.00m/s^2

    two equal masses of 12kg each are 2m apart. WHat is the gravitational force between them?
  81. physics

    velocit of gas molecule is 3m/s at 1000k. at what temperature velocity becomes 12m/s?
  82. Physics

    how much heat is needed to vaporize a 400.0 g of liquid water at 310.0 K?
  83. physics

    At what angle with the north would he have to walk? Answer in units of ◦ .
  84. Physics

    prove the following rules if true or false using Boolean algebra (a)A+AB = A+B (b)(A+B)(A+C) = A+BC
  85. physics

    a 2.00 * 10^5 kg lunar landing craft is about to touch down on the surface of the moon
  86. physics

    vander waal b for oxygen is 32 cm3/mol compute the diameter of o2 molecule.
  87. Physics

    A tennis ball is thrown up in the air. It stays there for 12.1 seconds how fast did you throw it?
  88. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically and reaches a height of 25m. What was it's initial velocity?
  89. Physics

    A stone weighs 34.0 N. What force must be applied to make it accelerate upward at 4.00 m/s2?
  90. Physics

    A stone weighs 34.0 N. What force must be applied to make it accelerate upward at 4.00 m/s2?
  91. Physics

    If a sprinter accelerates from rest at a constant rate of 2.0m/s/s how fast will they be running after 4.0s?
  92. maths lit,physics,life science n tourism

    i don't know which career to choose can you help me ?I'm doing grade 11.
  93. physics

    what is diffraction? When does it occur? Which waves will defract more when passing through an opening?
  94. Physics 3

    A golf ball is hit at 42.0 m/s at an angle of 20° with the ground. How far away does it land?
  95. Physics

    Calculate the momentum of a bullet moving with a velocity of 1000m/s ,if it has a mass of 0.01kg
  96. physics

    It takes 2.75s for the rock to hit the water at 54.45mph, how high is the bridge?

  98. Physics

    a 100 N chandelier hangs from the ceiling on 8 chains. What is the tension force on each chain?
  99. physics

    a car is uniformly decelerated from 90km/hr in a time of 10 sec calculate the 2 acceleration
  100. physics

    a mass if 10kg move with a velocity of 4ms-1find it kinetic energy.
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