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molecular biology

How did O'Donnell show that the sliding clamp complex actually slides along dsDNA providing processivity to DNA Pol III? I think he took dna, a primer, and one radioactive dNTPs, added Pol III that was isolated, ran a gel, and the conclusion was that it was processive because ...


what is a Convention Bump


does anyone know what the ap exam for gov and pol is like?


filibustering is that a word?


Article III of the Constitution establishes that

POL 201

I need answers for week 2 quiz.

pol 2901

In republicanism, the state is viewed as a (Points : 1)

POL 201

The idea of original intent claims that


i don't get the difference between an interest group and a PAC...


An inactive substance or simulated medical procedure is called a

POL 201

The federal system can be thought of as a marble cake because

POL 201

For Max Weber, the bureaucracy was the highest form of rationality because

pol 201

The Virginia Plan proposed all of the following except

POL 201

The Mayflower Compact was a type of early constitution because (Points : 1)

physical science

what is the temperature of a winter day at the north pol (-40.0 C)in fahrenheit and kelvins?

pol sci

does anyone know how many terms Rep. Howard Berman has served in office? i couldn't find it.

pol sci

What does it say on the California State Flag and What is the significance and symbolism of the words?

POL 201 American National Government

When the President vetoes a bill he (Points : 1)

POL 201

Separation of powers entails three distinct branches of government so that

pol 201

In Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court located the right to privacy in the


In Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme Court established the principle of constitutional review by


Im really sorry to bother you again but im on my last word and i cant find it Party Regulars

Pol 201

Question 4.4. Liberalism rests in a conception of equality whereby the government (Points : 1)

gov and pol

i cannot for the life of me find the number of employees in the dept of labor and education in 1960 online!!! please help!

pol sci

how many terms has state senator fran pavely serve? is it 1 or 1 ( in progress). i believe she was elected in 2008

pol sci

what impact is the California dream act( ab 131) going to have on us citizens or legal immigrants?


The various cases with regards to religious freedom are concerned with excessive entanglements between government and religion. This means

pol 201

he source of the supreme court’s authority is based on which of the following? A. Moral suasion B.judicial activism C. concurring opinion D. dissent


A circular pol is to be built in a back yard. The yard forms a 40ft by 60ft rectangle. The pool will have a diameter of 29ft.


The process of representation through consensus building can best be characterized as (Points : 1) taking bold legislative action. partisan mutual adjustment. incrementalism. political grandstanding.

pol 125 - American National Government

what extent the war on terror justifies the President's indefinite detention of "enemy combatants" without the possibility of the minimal judicial review protected by habeas corpus?


In federalism, the national government (Points : 1) is subordinate to the states. shares power and authority with the states. can force the states to do what it wants. can choose the states’ governing officials.


if an acrobat who weighs 800 N is clinging to a vertical pol using only his hands, neither moving up nor down can we determine the coefficient of static friction between his hands and the pole? Explain your answer.

POL 201

The federalists argued that a Bill of Rights was not necessary because? A. All basic protections were contained in the Constitution. B. the anti-Federalists were being irrational. C. it impedes the authority of the government. D. it would take too long to ratify.

POL 201

_______ is core to the notion of “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” in the Declaration of Independence. (Points : 1) Human agency Pure unfettered liberty the idea that government may never restrict citizens’ liberty the concept of American exceptionalism

Social Studies 7R Help!

I have this chart it look like this Issue Thomas Jefferson Alexnder H. Pol. Party Republican Federalist I'm in: Type of Economy under issue i wrote for federlist: support manufacturers what did the republican supported? please help

POL 201

If Americans were said to have a positive liberty to work, then the government (Points : 1) may not prevent one from working. is required to provide jobs to those that cannot find jobs. may never pursue a policy that leads to unemployment. must prohibit discrimination in the ...

POL 201

Those who attended the Constitutional Convention believed that (Points : 1) England was an evil society. America had made a great mistake in fighting the revolutionary war. British institutions of government were good but they became corrupt. America would only achieve ...

pol. science

"The Bill of Rights was intended to limit the powers of the national government to infringe on the rights and liberties of the citizenry." Explain this statement and describe, showing a thorough knowledge of historic events, how the principles in the Bill of Rights have been ...

POL 201 History

Under the "necessary and proper" clause, Congress may? A. Do as it pleases B. Not do anything unless it has been enumerated C. Do that which is necessary to exercise its enumerated powers D. do that which is necessary even if it violates the basic tenets of the Constitution I ...


swimming lessons at the local park district swimming pol cost $18.00 for 3 weeks of lessons. What is the best estimate of the total cost for 8 people to take swimming lessons at the pool?


Policy making in the United States is made through incrementalism because (Points : 1) the Constitution prohibits grand sweeping steps. the Madisonian system prevents grand sweeping action. incrementalism is more efficient. incrementalism produces the best possible policy .

intrest groups-gov and pol

Define the term "dirty dozen" i found two definitions online is it : The US state department hit list of the 12 most wanted in Saddam's regime, including his sons Uday and Qusay, or The list of the twelve most persistent organic pollutants (POPs) banned at a United Nations ...

POL 201

Q:An independent regulatory authority, like the Federal Reserve Board. A)is subject to legislative oversight. B)operates independently of both the President and Congress. C)takes orders from the President. D)engages in partisan politics Q:A clientelist is often appointed to be...

POL 201: American National Government

An appellate court that hears an appeal on a money laundering case from a district court....(Points : 1) A) is not concerned with guilt or innocence. B) can only send the case back for retrial. C) is concerned with whether proper legal procedures were followed during the ...

POL 201

Despite the greater federal authority in the federal relationship, federalism is still important for all the following reasons except that: A)it provides the best means of developing a vast country because it allows for experimentation. B)it may stimulate the interest of the ...

pol 201

Should the Supreme Court's power of judicial review be strictly limited by a constitutional amendment? In answering either question, clearly state your position (thesis) at the beginning of your post. Define important terms and explain your position fully. Consider pro and con...

POL:201 american national government

Theodore Lowi suggested the remedy for cumbersome bureaucracy was (Points : 1) returning to juridical democracy. delegating even more authority. reducing the size of government. throwing money at the problem. Question 10. 10. The authority of agencies in the Executive Branch ...


Irina asked five of her students how many of the five of them had studied the day before. Pol said none, Berta said only one, Ona said exactly two, Eugeni said exactly three and Gerard said exactly four. Irina knew that those students who had not studied were not telling the ...

Pol 201 American National Goverment

Please help The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation were dramatized by all of the following except My ANSWER is (D) (A) the Newburgh Conspiracy. (B) Shays’ Rebellion. (C) the absence of a centralized authority. (D) the absence of a single currency. Impeachment can be...

pol science

Locate indiana state’s constitution and examine the major elements and articles of the constitution. Review its contents and functions. Search for information about the judicial, educational, and social service systems offered in indiana state and the funding sources for ...

POL 201: American National Government

4. An appellate court that hears an appeal on a money laundering case from a district court (Points : 1) is not concerned with guilt or innocence. can only send the case back for retrial. is concerned with whether proper legal procedures were followed during the district court...


Please help The weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation were dramatized by all of the following except My ANSWER is (D) (A) the Newburgh Conspiracy. (B) Shays’ Rebellion. (C) the absence of a centralized authority. (D) the absence of a single currency. Impeachment can be...

environmental sciences

Hi there, I am an arts student who, due to signing up for classes very late in the semester, has been stuck with an environmental sciences course. This course was just fine until I got our final assignment, which is a Water Quality Index lab. The math in it is just plain scary...

Principle processes of flotation separation of Pol

Direct Preferential Flotation Definition of this method is: separate various helpful minerals in proper order. With its feature of high flexibility, it can adapt the change of ore grade, especially for sulphide ore of high grade. Xilin, Fankou, Lechang lead-zinc dressing plant...

POL 201 American National Government

1) Presidents often seek to control the federal bureaucracy by doing all of the following except: a) filling the top echelon of executive organizations with political appointees who share their values. b) assigning members of the White House staff responsibility for monitoring...

pol week 2 quiz

The basis for national power lies in (Points : 1) the Interstate Commerce Clause only. the Supremacy Clause and the Treaty Clause only. the Treaty Clause and the Interstate Clause only. the Interstate Commerce, Supremacy, and Treaty Clauses. Question 2. 2. In Cooperative ...

POL 201 week 1 Quiz

Question 1.1. In John Locke’s social contract, we (Points : 1) submit to the absolute authority of the sovereign. donate all our property to the aristocracy. can rebel against the sovereign whenever we want. exchange our absolute liberty for political freedom. Question 2.2. ...

POL 201 American Government

Got 10/10 Question 1.1. The trajectory of cases from Marbury v. Madison demonstrate that the Supreme Court (Points : 1) ✓ A- had to stay within the confines of public opinion. B- always had supreme authority. C- was afraid of the states. D- needed to manage public ...

POL 201 Week 4 quiz help

Question 1.1. The Judiciary Act of 1789 established all of the following except that the Supreme Court would (Points : 1) have one Chief Justice. have five associate justices. sit in two sessions each year. determine how many federal districts there would be. Question 2.2. The...

POL Week 4. Answer check

Question 1.1. The Judiciary Act of 1789 established all of the following except that the Supreme Court would (Points : 1) *A) have one Chief Justice. B)have five associate justices. C)sit in two sessions each year. D)determine how many federal districts there would be. ...


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